The same game over & over & over

the same game over & over & over

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>>508950664Sorry, but you can't make crossbows look cool, bows for everyone.

yep. still copying Krauser using a bow in RE4 mercenaries mode from 2005

sony fans will defend this

the same game over & over & over

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I'm an xbot but even I can see this is retarded. Several games have now and arrows doesn't make them the same game. God of four and last of us 1 are similar thought same story beat of reluctant dad and child tags along

>>508952045>b-b-but Nintendo!!!!everytime.

>>508951893The samurai can stay, I don't care about the others

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

>>508952045The only difference is it has the same title, and you basically know what your getting. >>508950664 is a bunch of "different" series, copy pasting the same mechanics. Neither is creative, but one isn't trying to do anything but take nintendies fan boy money.

>>508952357>I'm an xbot>xbot>on Holla Forumssure you are

>>508952629>The same mechanic... shooting arrows ?

>>508950664Its called pandering to your audience, and Sonys audience are creepy 30 year old men who don't actually like videogames

Don't tell OP about games where you shoot a gun.

>>508952629I never thought I'd see someone actually defend the new super mario games. console wars truly turn people into monsters

>>508950664The bow section in GoW is like 15 seconds at most. Atreus uses a bow in combat but you never aim it, its basically just an abilty to stun enemies.

>>508950664>four games with bowsJesus fucking CHRIST, how the fuck are we letting the games industry get away with this? Like, holy shit dude, BOWS, they ALL have BOWS this is fucking OUTRAGEOUS. god fucking dammit I'm so mad about bows

>>508952045I'm pretty sure I heard that these games are made to test new hires at Nintendo. These aren't "mainline" Mario games.

>>508950664You don't have to use a bow in Horizon.You can use grenades and a missile (sort of) launcher

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funny thing is that it's pretty hard to be good at shooting arrow

>>508952598but what if it's fucking boring?

>>508952750>>508952842Didn't say they were good or I played/owned them, and yet you think I'm defending them. It's a soulless attempt by nintendon't to take peoples money, but under the same series title.

>>508950664What is up with the video game bow autism? It feels like every game from 2012 to 2019 had a bow in it or was focused on having a bow

>>508953206nah, only the sony exclusives.

>>508950664Almost like this type of game sells really well

>>508953347Like Kingdom Come?

>>508953390Define really well?They don't even outsell some of Nintendo's weakest first-party.

>>508950664No different than GUN or SWORD of any kind. The thing about weapons is if you havent seen it before its probably retarded and inefficient. If you see a weapon a lot theres a good reason

>>508952798>Sonys audience are creepy 30 year old men who don't actually like videogamesMega 64

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I don't understand why Sony doesn't just put everything into TV & Movies. Are video games more profitable?

>>508953610They all sell around 10 million. Zelda, Mario and Pokemon do better but they're the biggest franchises on Earth. Animal Crossing is fucking inexplicable to me tho desu

>>508953856>good graphics mean it's a movie gameGod the cope is absolutely palpable

>>508953856Their video game(Playstation) divisonis literally one of their only profitable areas.

>>508953938womensame market for paper mario

>>508950664the same game over & over & over

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>>508954182>linear>story doesn't branch>cinematic experience>over the shoulder>gameplay is shallow and usually one or two button used maxyea definitely not a movie game. Someone post the pasta.

>>508950664What are good and fun archery games? Or games with good archery in them?

today i will remind them

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>>508954395You just described RE4.

Remember when it was military shootans instead?

>>508952629>and you basically know what your gettingand tendies still buy it in droves, proving that "the same game over & over & over" is not actually a dealbreaker for them.

>>508950664Whats the point of this image? They have bows therefore they're the same game?

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>>508954612I spent way too much time in skyrim perfecting trick shots.

>>508954395Moviegame is a worthless buzzword.>gameplay is shallow and usually one or two button used maxReally shows that you haven't played any of the games OP posted. Opinion discarded.

>>508954898at least those were fun


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>>508952846Facts are irrelevant. What matters is xbots and nincels need an outlet to cope

>>508954773State of Decay was better than both of this in every way.

>>5089543953 of those games in the OP are open world where cinematics take up less than 1% of the game and you almost never have control taken away from your character. COOOOOPE

>>508954395>>gameplay is shallow and usually one or two button used maxkek the fact that you're willing to say such retarded and insane lies to push your meme brainwashed narrative is actually sad

>>508954612I enjoyed kingdom come deliverance archery. Pretty comfy walking through a dense forest and illegally hunting animals .

>>508955438>open world rust cloneyuck

>>508950664The truth

>>508953047I was surprised how much I liked SMBU on the switch

>>508952374>Does it every generation>Let's focus on Sony doing itEverytime

>>508952629>copy pasting the same mechanicsYeah, remember that time you were setting up a trap for a giant robot tyrannosaurus in TLoU so that you could rip its rocket launcher off, and use it against him? I think it was between that part where you slashed up a bunch of undead with your chained weapon's combo and that part where you followed a fox to a shrine.

>>508953938>Animal Crossing is fucking inexplicable to me tho desuComfy appeals to people moreso than edgy tps. Then again, Snoy hates everything that isnt an edgy tps

>>508955321It's a bow thread now.

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>>508950890crossbows are much cooler retard

The game that made me realize the bow meme was when crysis 3 added in one and had it in all the marketing for literally no reason at all

>>508956380>take something that requires skill and finess>automate it so that any fuckwad could pick it up and use semi-effectivelySure is cool to use something you know was made specifically because you suck at using such things.

>>508954314>botw is the only one with a stamina meter and where you can climb every single surfacenintendo stay winning babey

>Snoy still stuck in the 2013 bow and arrow phase

>>508956380Singlefire crossbows are lame compared to bows. fully automatic crossbows on the other hand are awesome.

>>508956764>where you can climb every single surfaceThat is untrue though. Why are you lying?

>>508956764You mean just like every shovelware open world survival game that exists?

2 years later, Holla Forums still hasn't recovered.

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>>508950664>one of the most important weapons ever madeITS THE SAME GAME REEEEEE

>>508952750action game (with more or less steath mechanics)

>>508952045>comparing a series across generations >meanwhile all four of OPs games are on one console

>>508956203youre using non-gameplay-specific elements to say that the gameplay of each game is different. all ps4 games are literally the same lol, a different paintjob doesnt change that.

>>508952045No shit Sherlock, lots of common features in games of the same franchse.

>>508957386>God of War>StealthAre you mentally handicapped?



>>508957224this is the game Holla Forums was most wrong about, i had a blast playing it

>>508957479>non-gameplay-specific elements to say that the gameplay of each game is differentSo like OP using a cutscene of a character you aren't even in full control of using a bow to support his claim that all games that use bows are actually the same.

>>508950664So? I played Doom as a kid and here I am playing Doom 30 years later. Who gives a fuck. If it works it works.

>>508957386god of war has no stealth mechanics what so everHorizon has stealth mechanics but once you start fighting they fall by the way side as its extremely hard to go back into stealth

>>508957224wasnt 10/10 since atreus turning into a petulant murdering faggot at the drop of a hat was dumb9/10 though

>>508957636maybe there is a reason why i put "stealth" in brackets, no?

>>508957636He doesn't actually play video games, just like the other 99% of shitposters

>>508957479>GOW2018you literally only use the bow twice in the game in the first 10 minutes, and its only for cutscenes>HZDa game literally focused on bows with different ammo that can be used to strategically take down machinesgo ahead, keep repeating memes

>>508958398what was the reason? to express youre a fucking idiot?

>>508958398what the fuck are you even talking aboutdid you play the game?

>>508950664nintendo has not innovated since the nintendo Wii and you are bitching characters use bows in ps4 games?

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>>508957726ARK: survival evolvedConan Exilesthe foresthonestly my biggest gripe with the game is that it borrows too much from the jankfest that is the open world survival genre. It's so tacky.

>>508958545>>508958628because i am aware that its not a stealth game but its an action similar to the other ones you retard

>>508958718what's survival about breath of the wild?

>>508958836>its an action similar to the other onesHorizon Zero Dawn focuses around taking down robot dinosaurs with a variety of ranged weapons by aiming at their weak parts. God of War focuses around melee combat with skills, combos and precise blocks/dodges.Again, are you mentally handicapped? Why are you talking about games you never played?

>>508956920This. Also one-handed crossbows are badass too.

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>>508950890Crossbows are fucking cool what are you on about?

>>508958836yeah you didnt play any oh those games

>>508950664Now post the one of all the bald, white space marines with firearms

>>508959573What about wristbows?

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>>508960358I find them crafty and useful, some however would find those who wield them to be even more pussies than marksmen.

>>508955196>>508955601>>508955723Notice how none of them countered any of the points being made.

>>508950664>>508952045>mfw PCfag and don't have to worry about shit like this

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>>508961237There are no points being made

>>508961491>Being that fucking blind

>>508961569I see it pretty clearly, his post revolves around a Holla Forums buzzword backed up by lies of someone who doesn't know anything about the subject matter such as the gameplay being shallow. I don't see why I should care about a post like that since it's clearly worthless. If you wanna prove how you're right you can go on and explain how Horizons Zero Dawn for example has shallow combat.

>>508950664its a bow, what do you expect, you aim, pull the string and shoot. theres not much else you can do.they probably shouldnt try to go for realism and instead go crazy-mode at some point, theres so much potential for crazy bow action if they lose the inhibitions of realism.Dragon-s Dogma comes to mind with all of its bow skills and abilities that can make a bow only run fun always

>>508962139Shallow means a lack of a diversity of gameplay styles, very few deviations between the existing gameplay loop and an over reliance on pre-existing third person conventions.>Generic third person shooting>Light stealth>Crafting system based on gathering resources from its predictable gameplay loopAll of these exist in Horizon. I guess the giant robot monsters are its unique selling point, but that's about it.

>>508963346There are many things wrong with horizon but the third person shooting is far from genericYou are talking out of your ass manJust admit you dont play games and stop

>>508953062you straight up have to use the bowwhat the fuck are you talking aboutits her primary fucking weapon

>>508950664you forgot nu-tomb raider

>>508963346>Generic third person shootingHere's Horizon Zero Dawn combat in a nutshell>Observe robot dinosaur, find out their weakness and walking path>Set up traps and figure out a general combat plan revolving around the weakness of the robot>Engage in fight, have a wide variety of weapons you can use for different situations>Wide veriety of enemies from crocodiles, birds and all kinds of terrestrial enemies (all of which also have their own elements, weaknesses etc which results in very different fights and ways to approach them)How is that generic third person shooting? Did you even play the game? Seriously people like you piss me off, you know absolutely nothing about the subject matter but still act like your opinion is worth a shit.

>>508956042>topic about Sony>b-but NINTENDOObsessed.

>>508964437You literally listed things that exist in countless other games. Do you even know the definition of "generic"? What I mean to say is that Horizon barely does anything to separate itself from the myriad other third person open world games that have come out this generation. The monster hunting isn't as good as MH; the third person isn't as good as... anything. The side quests are repetitive, the story is okay I guess? The presentation is just about the only thing I can give it praise since it genuinely looks good.

>>508960358>>508961121Draud was the opposite of a pussy

>>508965046Shouldn't be too hard to find a bunch of other open world games with the combat of Horizon Zero Dawn if its so generic.>What I mean to say is that Horizon barely does anything to separate itself from the myriad other third person open world games that have come out this generation.And you are wrong because the combat and setting is pretty unique. Just stop talking about games you never played, retard.

>>508950664you know how this goes on their meetings, they say "I have an idea for a game"and what they mean is they have a garbage story to tell, and bolt the cookie cutter The ConsoleGame gameplay to it


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>>508950664Generic Hollywood games are so repetitive...They don't even change the gameplay.

>>508961328because you have no games and resort to beggingall you have is kickstarted indies and Dota tier mobas, sad

>>508952045>NintendoGAF seethingGood one.

>>508952045>all these nintendo fanboys seethingNice.

>>508954773>TLOU>big locationslol

>>508952045>n-nintendo doesn't count!oh I am laffin at the butthurt replies.