Tell me, Hermione. If the our series was so great, why are there no good Harry Potter games?

Tell me, Hermione. If the our series was so great, why are there no good Harry Potter games?

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>Harry Potter is completely forgotten>Game of Thrones is completely forgotten>LoTR is still the gold standard for fantasyThe difference between hacks and legends.


>>508950060>Because I've been blacked Harry

>>508950306fucking based

>>508950060Did we ever learn anything else about that supposedly leaked Harry Potter RPG? I've never read the books and watched maybe 2 or 3 of the movies when I was younger but the idea of a bully type RPG set in Hogwarts sounds fun as fuck.

>>508950306speak to any white woman under 40 and you'll see that harry potter isn't forgotten at all, it's usually the only books they've ever read

There are good games, you just haven't looked hard enough, retard.

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>>508950060because the strength of the harry potter series was in the narrative and world building and people who are making a harry potter game are usually hacks who cant write worth shit. If Harry potter had a well defined magic system and was more action oriented instead of wowing the reader with spectacle and world building maybe it would make for a better game, but it would certainly make for a worse franchise.

>>508952831Whose been gay all along this week Rowling

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>>508950306Harry Potter world mechanics were poorly definedGoT just subverted itself out of existenceLoTR was a fun story with a rich well defined worldIts almost like you have to be an actual freak like tolkein to manage making a series that is basically a wellspring that most fantasy stories draw from.

>that harry potter rpg that never came out

>>508953024ur dad :^)

>>508950060Because it was just generic garbage.

>>508953250You can play it on minecraft

Which is the best Harry Potter game on PC? I played CoS and PoA on console, but my understanding was that the PC versions were different.

>>508952346>>508953250Last thing I can find about it is a article from march saying it would be in the 1800's and there is allegedly 8 classes for your wizard and a morality system. Warner Bros were quick to take shit down but never said anything else about it, either ded or it's going to be a next gen title.

>But Harry, what about "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets™ for the Nintendo Gamecube™?"

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I'm surprised someone hasn't posted the shitty mobile game with the bully snek


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>>508954156anon, I don't think anyone who plays that considers it a good game, they're just in it for the waifus

>>508952346Schreier claimed it was going to be announced at E3 on twitter when E3 was canceled.

I'm surprised nobody's posted the copypasta yet


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The first 3 PC games are fucking great what are you talking about? The fifth one was also freaking cool.


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>>508950306It really is, isn't it?And it has some pretty solid games too.Tolkien was an absolute genius.

>>508953495The first three are the ones that are different from console versions. They are all worth it.

>>508950060>why are there no good Harry Potter games?you serious nigga?

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>>508952480>speak to any white woman under 40Why on earth would I ever do that?

>>508950060How could anyone make a good game based on one of the dullest franchise in the history of movie franchises? Each episode following the boy wizard and his pals from Hogwarts Academy as they fight assorted villains has been indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the gloomy imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use of special effects, all to make magic unmagical, to make action seem inert.Perhaps the die was cast when Rowling vetoed the idea of Spielberg directing the series; she made sure the series would never be mistaken for a work of art that meant anything to anybody, just ridiculously profitable cross-promotion for her books. The Harry Potter series might be anti-Christian (or not), but it’s certainly the anti-James Bond series in its refusal of wonder, beauty and excitement. No one wants to face that fact. Now, thankfully, they no longer have to.>a-at least the books were good though"No!"The writing is dreadful; the book was terrible. As I read, I noticed that every time a character went for a walk, the author wrote instead that the character "stretched his legs."I began marking on the back of an envelope every time that phrase was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. Rowling's mind is so governed by cliches and dead metaphors that she has no other style of writing. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Harry Potter by the same Stephen King. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are reading Harry Potter at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to read Stephen King." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you read "Harry Potter" you are, in fact, trained to read Stephen King.

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All the good games came out ages agothe series was a pretty good set of rpgs for a while

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>>508955101first time ive ever seen this, what kinda game is it most like?

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>> was ok


>>508955280it's a sport game in which you play the quiddditch and world cup. It's fucking cool

Is it true that Dumbledore was gay for shota Harry?

>>508950306Christian vs atheist writingThough I will say the original Harry Potter run is still loved by women. And the first song of ice and fire book is still great. I guess they where good at beginning and worlds but shit at concluding them cause the final message is always hallow.

>>508955151is this a pasta? seems like your vomiting up other peoples arguments in one awful mess. Harry Potter is like pizza rolls, not gormet but still pretty gud>>508955195oh god i remember playing this as a child and not getting anywhere with it

>>508955797PLEASE lurk more.

>>508955797>is this a pasta? seems like your vomiting up other peoples arguments in one awful mess.yes it's an old meme from /lit/ which is posted on literally every board whenever harry potter is brought upalso I was obessed with the gbc game as a kid, it's almost certainly why I love rpgs today

>>508950060>ctrl+f>"lego">No result foundFuck you niggers.

>>508950060witch trainer silver was pretty good desu senpai

>>508955346Is this guy normally full of shit or what, I know jack shit about him.

>>508955971It's not bad or anything it's just the same as all the other lego games.Also the harry potter ones in particular were notorious for game breaking bugs, it was literally unplayable for many people on pc years ago and even when they ported them a few years ago you still have a small handful of gem-ending bugs

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>>508956107He's as retarded as any other journo 95% of the time but 5% of the time he's an actual journalist.

>>508950306Hairy Pooper is still a semi-popular franchise, especially among gook women who flock to the UK. GoT is and was pop-culture overhyped trash.LoTR is a literary masterpiece, both the time period it was written in and the man who wrote it only add to it's legend.


>>508955346>Rocksteady's next gameLiterally all I care about. This is tragic news.

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>>508956107I recall when the reveal trailer for Fallout 76 came out he was talking about how it was going to be similar to something like rust, so he isn't completely full of shit.


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>>508956197anime Harry Potter stuff unironically gives me vertigo, these 2 things were not meant to be mixed

>>508950060>>508956459>Implying again.

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Holla Forums has the best Harry Potter threads

>>508956423They could just do some livestream event to announce this shit.

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>>508955745I don't think JK Rowling is an atheist

>>508956459PC was okGBC/GBA were goodPS1 was u dun it naowas ps2 the same as ps1?

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>>508956660>>508956446>>508956197>>508950060>not blackUm, sweetie. Your images are racist.

>>508955151reddit is that way --->

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>Emma watsons ex got her to cosplay hermoine when they were dating >he fucked prime hermoine pussygood god

>>508956909oh shit doe that's beyond hot

>>508956852PS2 was it's own game that came out about a year after the CoS game. It was fantastic.

>>508956820Wasn't, she was raised in 99.9% white Britain and wrote a story in which the values and norms she believes in are very clear. No sex before marriage, properly educated, ordered and well mannered society. She only changed her tune come the Twitter era.

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>>508955151>"No!"my favorite meme

>tfw no Hufflepuff gf

>>508956637WB is seemingly run by incompetent people. We at least have an idea of what other companies are planning for their own "E3" at this point but no word from WB. Wouldn't be surprised if their marketing department was nonexistent given how badly WB Montreal fucked up the promo for the new Batman game.

>>508956632Yeah, you'll never see any comparable ones once cops bust your door down

>>508950306>Dragonball is still going


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>>508957231Slytherin gf is best.

>>508950060Do you think there were any special ed classes for students who weren't good at magic?

Is the Merula game still going?Is she still top bully?

>>508957798i think so, they realized she was popular and did some shit with her

>>508953250>gameboy harry potter 1 and 2 existsfucking zoomers cant use google

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>>508957610>Not being a snek boi with a Hufflepuff gf


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>>508956423Rocksteady don't make good games though.>>508956909What a fucking Chad

>I took a bludger to the head. Woke up in hospital a week later.Imagine the CTE. You'd probably see former Qudditch players going into Chris Benoit murder-fugues, except with magic capability.

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>>508955151Still don't understand why in this pasta Atlus Shrugged is even remotely high tier.

>>508958305because it's a shitpost from /lit/ and atlas shrugged is like their boku no pico

>>508950060No breaking bad game yet, one of the best shows. Harry potter needed VN/puzzle/rpg style game where you make your own wizard and can experience the 4 different houses with *minimal* interaction with Harry potter and his friends. Great world but the characters are flat

>>508956107Good at leaks, worst at politics and discussionsHypocrite, but a useful hypocrite

>>508958264man what teh fuck even happened to that guy after year 1 he just dissapeared in the movies

>>508958819the movies aren't very goodpeeves doesn't even exist in the movies

>>508953816>Last thing I can find about it is a article from march saying it would be in the 1800's and there is allegedly 8 classes for your wizard and a morality system.Something tells me the wizard world had sexual liberation and LGBTQ right around that period in time.

>draco malfoy starts out as a promising rival/bully>immediately becomes a joke 2nd year and onwardJKR must have been bullied a lot as a kid. Shame she threw away a little world potential living out revenge fantasies through her writings

>>508958680Didn't he graduate? he was still in the second one


>>508958889Going through the audio books and honestly snape is still a tool and Dumbledore sounds like he's winging it.

If Harry Potter was an MMO, what would the raids be?

CS Lewis > Tolkien

>>508959467which reader? through middle school-high school me and my mom would listen to them and then when we got to the end of the series we'd just go back to the startsnape is always a tool, and he's still a dumb tool with his ""backstory""

>>508950306>GoT just recently ended idk like 6 months ago>forgotten alreadyJesus, how?

>>508957971with 2020 being the remaster era, where's my remaster of the gamboy color. that shit was awesome.

>>508959772got didn't end just the retarded fanfiction dideven normalfags hated it and it effectively removed it from the cultural zeitgeist with how shit it was

>>508958908Fuck off.

>>508958259>Rocksteady don't make good games though.Asylum - 92City - 96Knight - 87

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>>508950060Ps2 games for 1-3 were great, with 3 being my favoriteThat being said, I have a somewhat amusing story involving these games>This was back when blockbuster was still a thing and I was a child>Dad would let me rent one video game and a movie every weekend>I already had both Harry Potter 1 and 2 on the ps1, but this week I chose Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets for ps2>Holy shit that game was great, and such a difference from the ps1>Time comes to return the game>Switch the ps2 disc with my ps1 copy and return it>Nobody ever says anything, dad never gets finedI'm sure some kid was very confused one day

>>508960454>bamham good>reviewers good

>>508959734Stephen Fry, got it from a Holla Forums mega.

>>508950060Harry potter has no games not strictly based on the movies because rowling is a fucking cunt and is a jew when it comes to the ip. The closest thing we got was the mobile hogwarts mystery. Even that was like pulling teeth before development started.>never ever HP mmo where you start the same year as ‘arry>never ever grow and learn with harry and be the real mastermind in harry not being a fuck up>never ever be harrys unseen guardian>never ever romance cuties at hogwarts>will never be an asshole that even mcgonagle wants your head on a plate and expelled

>>508950306GoT is only completely forgotten because of the abysmal last season, it was great until they ran out of books to adapt

>>508960617Dunno how good he is, I found the old tapes and the guy we listened to was Jim Dale.It's probably ok though.

>>508960738This. 1-4 is peak TV. Then they decided the best thing to do was just blow the SFX budget instead of having long dialogue and political scheming.>>508960663Yep. She thinks games are a bad thing for kids, the movie games were essentially unavoidable merchandising.

>>508960586Arkham is one of the best trilogies ever made and that's widely accepted by both fans and critics. I'm sorry you just have to be a contrarian to fit in.

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>>508950060The first two Harry Potter movies have good games. Fitting since they're the only two Harry Potter movies with sole and actual magical whimsy to them.

The GBC RPGs were pretty good.

>>508950060That wii game tho... Exploring was so much fun.

>>508956146I bought the collection for Switch a few months ago when it went on sale (15$) but haven't played them yet. I heard they are fun and simple, what do you guys think? Anything to look out for?

>>508961172They're fun and simple, like I said lego games are all the same (but they're all pretty good becuase of that).I think in the new ports the only time I ever ran into a serious bug was in I think book 2 where you're going after aragog, some swamp drain fails to trigger or something and trying to leave hard crashes the game.

>>508960663>mmo bound by the events of the booksi want a single player rpg set at some other time so the writers can do whatever and it's not 24/7 established character fanservice wank. like hogwarts mystery but not a p2w phone game.

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>>508960663Man HP rpg of any kid would be based>will never know first wizarding war firsthand

>>508959772The books are not finished, but they never will be. Dude is in terrible health and could die any time. The show fell out of favor for botching the final season. The writing was already getting shit, but the last season was just awful and a huge let down. The majority of the fan base I dont think liked it, at least not the most vocal. I think the only people who enjoyed it are absolute casual morons who only ever liked the show for fights and shock value. The first 4 seasons are still absolute top tier television. Season 5 being the turning point, but mostly only being problematic from the Dorne arc, it still gave us some memorable moments. Season 6 was a bit janky, but still gave us the catharsis of Ramsey dying which ended up being pretty satisfying. 7 was where I think even most casuals realized it was getting kind of nuts. Mostly the beyond the wall arc being insanely dumb. But people still accepted it because some cool shit happened. Season 8 was a dumbster fire except maybe the 2nd episode where they all just chilled before the battle. Only time I had any fun watching the final season.

>>508961504>I think the only people who enjoyed it are absolute casual morons who only ever liked the show for fights and shock parents and their friends are pretty big normalfags and even they hated themthey even had a big viewing party with themed snacks and goblets to watch it and you could feel the disappointment in the room as the last episode continued on.

>>508960998Without that hack Martin doing the work for them 10 years before filming ever began, I don't think they could write dialogue that isn't just ripping off Joss Wheldon.I'm more worried that the next book is pretty much just the TV script since Martin decided to say 'fuck it" (either literally or from passing away).

>>508950060Gb games were pretty good as I remember

>>508961706Your parents sound like complete fucking retards

>>508961504>I think the only people who enjoyed it are absolute casual morons who only ever liked the show for fights and shock value.Even the casuals who only watched it for fights hated it. The big final battles were pathetic.

>>508961829They're normalfags, normalfags do that shit. Especially when they're like 65 and have a bunch of friends who are 60-70

>>508961785>>508961504Hasn't he said that if he dies before finishing the books he wants everything burned rather than ghost written?

>>508960738I was the fucking nerd complaining about them making too many changes from the books by the start of season two though.

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>>508950060Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

>>508950060Is that one RPG that leaked a while back not a thing?

>>508961504The quality died with Stannis


>>508950306>Harry Potter completely forgotten god i wish

Goddamn, I loved flying around Hogwarts yards with broomstick in CoS

>>508958889would love to see the footage of rik mayall screen testing for peeves

>>508950306can't be a blessed christian man especially an (anarcho-)monarchist one

>>508955151gets me every fucking time

>>508955151This pasta still nails people. Holla Forums‘s overwhelming newfaggotry is such a sad site

>>508950060>If the our series"No!"

When it's a terrible "game".But, they know it's a shit cash in, and play it for laughs. It's rammed full of innuendo and suggestive stuff.

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>>508964716Hufflepuffs we ride together we die together

>>508964716>harry's tiny armkek

>>5089521105 Jewbucks have been deposited into your account.

>>508950060>imfuckingplying that Chamber of Secrets and Sorcerer's Stone games weren't good

>>508955151The Great Gatsby is a joke.

>>508950060Harry Potter's a solid 6/10.

>>508950306Dangerously based

I still can't believe there's no Malazan video game

>>508960738That and goerge is taking a literal decade for the next book.

>>508961504>tfw there will never be a show as good as breaking bad ever again

>>508950060the worst part is the setting would be perfect for a standalone game where you play through the 5 years at school from a chosen house at the beginning, with an overarching story, and different side quests and companions depending on your house. It doesn't even need harry potter in it, the school setting is primo opportunity but no one has done it other than porn games.

>>508950306Tolkien was a legend. Some fat fuck and wine aunt could never beat him.

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>>508961932after what happened to Dune, he's 100% right to want that