Name and sexier, cuter, and more charismatic female character. Pro tip: you can't

name and sexier, cuter, and more charismatic female character. Pro tip: you can't

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>>508949776Sayaka from Ape Escape.


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I love Reisen!

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Sure I can!Exhibit A: My WifeKing.

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>>508949776>budget chun li

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>>508949776Too bad she's taken.

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>>508951110*better Chun Li

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>>508952465>All animals are poniesIdiot


>>508949776What is her character anyway? Airheaded moeblob with big tits?

>>508949776too generic

>>508952672what else could you possibly ask for, nigga?

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>>508952864As someone who generally dislikes moeblobs, something else.

>>508952932i assume you like strong woman then. that's fine. I like 'em too

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>>508952295Yep, am thinking BASED

>>508952465This character is on MLP?

>>508949890True dat

>>508952295>Game has an actual honest to god combo trail upload/download feature>I can literally lab a combo and send it to my friend for him to practice, or download some pro's combos to see if I can do them This stupid fucking pony ass game has no right to be this good.

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>>508950496The original Lara was a treasure. Shame those retarded male feminists couldn't see it.

>>508953038Now you're speaking my language

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All fucking moeshits must fucking die.


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>>508952295>>508952562>>508952563>>508953109Mods said it belongs in /mlp/, deal with it.

>>508949776Show me her feet


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>>508953281my nigga. post some more please

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>>508949776>literal incel pandering trash

>>508953235She was pretty bland, generic and underdeveloped. But since she is an Anglo heroine, it couldn't be any other way. Anglos and North Europeans in general are REALLY bad at making interesting characters.

>>508953231i want the a great fighter with all these bells and whistles and great netcode!

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>>508953998>bland and genericOkay faggot, name one other female character who was exactly like Lara then.


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>>508953998Unnatural hair colour and nonsensical outfit don't make a character interesting.

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>>508954364It's not just that they're gay. They're being mind-controlled by twitter trannies into believing sex is bad. All these low testosterone beta males who spam the meme will eventually become trannified themselves.

>>508953998She was basically a gender bent fusion dance between James Bond and Indiana Jones. Not terribly original sure, but it worked really well for a vidya in my book. Games are more about the experience than "muh story" or "muh characterization" anyway and are often intentionally "bland" to serve more as a self insert. Think "Link" from Legend of Zelda, he's named that for a reason.

>>508954785This is evidenced by all the people who have gigachad images saved on their computer. It's just reaction images they say, but soon they'll have nothing but pics of buff men on their computer and that's what they go full homo or end up hitting the gym regularly

>>508955037But Gigachad is not real, it's just a photoshop of a regular person who's girlfriend did it on purpose.

>>508953373Based Lizbro

>>508953529So the mods dictate what you think?

>>508952672she is based on a folklore legend about a farmer helping a wounded crane, that crane shapeshifted into a beautiful girl who swore to serve the farmer by giving him infinite rice and weaving the most beautiful clothes with her feathers so he could sell them and live a happy life with her as wifeuntil the farmer peaked one a night and saw the crane in her real form, he had promised to not peek but curiosity got to him, so the crane bid him farewell and left him forever leaving only a parting gift

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>>508954667damnI wish those times didn't end

>>508955456oh geez nigga, why... i'm crying... for real...

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>>508949776And who might this semen demon be?

>>508949776Way too easy.

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>>508956310Iroha from Samurai Shodown

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>>508956047don't worry, iroha has a much happier ending, the moral of the tale is to keep the promises you make

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>>508953529Mods are gay

>>508956310she is not a semen demon she is a bird that just happens to be able to turn into a girl to please (You)

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>>508956560that's great. i feel much better now

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>>508956731>that shadow perfectly placed where a fat areola slip would be

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>>508949776She's 15>>508949949She's 10>>508950007She's 8>>508950957She's 16Fucking pedos I swear.

>>508957081Do you have a problem with pedophiles, friend?

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>>508957081>drawings have agesDid your mother drop you when you were a baby?

>>508957081Mate, it's a fucking bird. I think the age is the least important issue

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>>508957264>Ages are on their wiki>Noooooo drawings can't have ages it's wrong!Pedo cope

>>508957248Not as long as they're in jail

>>508949776>perfect handfuls of plump titty>curvaceous hips, thighs, and ass while not being flabby and comically absurd>naturally feminine and charming

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>>508957391There are no living beings harmed. Not sure how that's pedophilia.

>>508953231>Pony autists invent that GLaDOS voice program just to do pony voices.Who would have thought a decade later they'd actually prove themselves useful.

>>508957391Serious user. IT'S A BIRD!

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>>508949776the ryona in this game is sadly underwhelming

>>508957545I love you, Angelafren.

>>508957391>>508957347Just to let you know she spat in those rice balls.

>>508957347This reminds me of that ecchi anime with the ninja that stole other women's titties.

>>508957391>Ages are on their>Birthdate: UnknownYou were saying?

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>>508949776she's the best but I'll never buy her game on ps4

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This character is so fucking thick that fanart is often smaller than her in-game proportions.

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>>508957997Waiting for a Steam release myself. Fuck EGS and Tencent.

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>>5089580842B be seething

I'm seriously considering dropping 3D and just become a coomer


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>>508952295Is she supposed to be their Rarity?If so, she has my vote.Rarara >>>>>> all whores in this thread

>>508958084Where are the doujinshis at

>>508958195Meanwhile I'm here playing SSVI on my PS2

>>508958453Lucky you, you still get the superior super.

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>>508958302do it. "real" women are good-for-nothing trash

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Lets see her armpit game

>>508958998*connoisseur of sexiness

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>>508959240this one is not very appealing. the ass is fat, which is great, but her upper body is too muscly and her head too small. She looks weird

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>>508957545>he thinks it's a competitionThe curvature of BOTH of these women

>>508949776I dunno about sexier or more charismatic but my wife Kat is quite literally the cutest girl that's ever been in a video game.

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>>508959449shut up fag


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>>508949776For me, it's Hela.

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>>508959583whoa, nigga. take it easy. it's just some friendly feedback for the artist in case he reads it

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>>508959867Shut up, fag.

When is this shit out on PC

>>508960067Ask Epic Games / Tencent.


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>>508960213Not the webm I had in mind, but it will do.

>>508958195>TencentWhat the fuck did they do now?

>>508960341You DARE?!

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>>508960480dabbing on pc kek

>>508960640I think user meant this one.

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>>508960950I figured as much but degrading mom- I mean my goddess like that...

>>508960213>>508960640She looked so fucking good in this movie. I was genuinely impressed.

>>508961135Shame it was otherwise hot garbage

>>508949776Quick! Stop me from buying her game on Switch! (No PS4 or Epic Games) This is your last chance!

>>508961312DO IT FREN

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>>508961312Switch sucks. Get it on PS4, nigga

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>>508961312>not gettin it on PCenjoy your shit show.

>>508961572high test

>>508961751It's still being held hostage by Stadia, then it will be held hostage by EGS. Shit sucks.

She's a bird?

sigh.. this thread was decent for a little while until the irohafags flooded this thread.

>>508961879Yes >>508958814

>>508961312switch is gay

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>>508961879Tsuru no Ongaeshi

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>>508962109birb is not for abuse!

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Superior Bird

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>>508961936>thread with iroha on the OP>WTF IROHA FANS ARE FLOODINGsex have

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>>508962249Borderline granny tits in the new sequence, what were they thinking?

>>508962372>can't turn into a bird completely>latest game sucks>90% of fans play the gacha trash

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>>508962372HAHAHA NO

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>>508962465>NOOOO A SINGLE JIGGLE IS ABSENT FROM THE SPECIAL SHE IS RUINED AND UNPLAYABLElmao you never played a single samsho game in your life stop pretending

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>>508952551Who's this?

>>508962507>can't turn into a bird completelyUh, okay?>latest game sucksHow's your girl's game doing?>90% of fans play the gacha trashHey, it's something

>>508962630I played the first 2 in the arcades, kiddo. Back when they still existed.

>>508949776Oh look, another FOTM coombait character no one will give a shit about in a month.

>>508962723Where'd my image go?

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>>508961936Yeah, why can't we have a nice IROHA thread without IROHAfags posting their fucking IROHA pics.


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has anyone itt actually played samshoiroha looks like shit in game

I love Iowa!

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>>508963887she is actually top tier according to streamersmy copy arrives next week

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>>508957081>saber>16She's 35 by the time she became a servant retard

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>>508949776tits too small and ass too flat

>>508964335Not sure if I can take bandwagoners' word for it.

>>508949776you faggots didn’t knew about her one month ago


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>>508963887>has anyone actually played samshoNo

>>508964751Alas, that's what I get for being a drone during the PS2 era.


>>508965234queen's gate

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>>508964685then wait one week until I get the game and I can tell myself, but why would you believe me instead since I'm an irohafag shilling her

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>>508965720She looks fun to play either way. I never gave a shit about tiers anyway, I play who I like.

>>508963887Had a character crisis until they added my boy Wan-fu. They can add as many big titty subs as they want I ain't switching.

None of you cared about her a month ago

>>508966202What about if they add back Sieger?

>>508957081>15/16>PedoBoy, that must have meant that literally everyone 100 years ago was a pedophile then.

>>508959852For me, it's literally every girl in MUA3

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>>508966737wtf why couldn't she look this good in the movie?

>>508962372Nyo is cute but she doesn't have the bunda I'm looking for

>>508966289It means more art of her for those that did