What the fuck was her problem?

What the fuck was her problem?

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>>508949064Spreading deathcancer

>>508949064No one to mating press her.

>>508949064Her new voice actor is cringe

>>508949064She needs a good dicking

>>508949064she doesn't have her own game

Would she still be as beloved a character if she wasn't sexualized?

>>508949064She's a cat pretending to be a bat

>>508949440Did they drop Karen Strassman? I love Karen Strassman's voice but Lani Minella is the only person who needs to voice Rouge.

>>508949805I wanna say no, but there are people who still makes OCs off Blaze the Cat. Sonic fans are fucking weird, so who knows.


>>508951484fat fine, boob just slightly too big

4kids made her boobs go away.

Rouge is the first "furry" character I've ever drawnWhat ya think Holla Forums? Even if just a doodle

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>>508951112I don't understand how Lani Manilla sounds bad in other roles but great as Rouge. Did the Adventure voice cast just have a godly voice director?


>>508951819The most difficult thing is to nail her proportions and the head. You did a great work and I hope you draw some more bat tats

>>508949064deliberating gemstone fetish, she's got more rocks inside her than crack addict

>>508951828No, they were just told to look at a picture of their character and make the voice they imagine in their head come out of their mouth.And for some reason it worked.

>>508951819Now I wanna see how you draw her thighs

>>508951819I'm cool with it. Personally, Rouge is the only "furry" character I've written a lewdfic for.>>508949064pastebin.com/n7Y9diDdCheck it out, she fucks a human

>>508952217>Check it out, she fucks a humanBased

>>508951819same, actually. see>>508951484

>>508952217>she fucks a humanyes and?

>>508952324Why doesnt this fag just mike his """"rouge"""" an OC or something

>>508952781his faces are so far away from the original models that its an entirely different character at this pointi don't mind different proportions but at least keep the actual fucking facial features else just make your own stupid bat chick. i'm tired of what is borderline OC characters muddling up search results

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>>508952196I extended the drawing just for you, user.I think I overdid the thickness though

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>>508951828You know Lani has something like 600 credits?

>>508953708>I think I overdid the thicknessNO SUCH CONCEPT EXISTS

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>>508952616>yes and?And that's the point of the story I wrote. I'm confused what else you need to be told here

>>508949805Yes. Bat characters are always cool.

>>508953708>I think I overdid the thickness thoughNo, you didn't. It looks much better nowyou got a blog btw?


>>508952781it basically is since it is also an aged version of rouge

>>508953708nonsense. the thiccness is just right

>>508949064Well thats not going to stop her

>>508951819I liked it that was a fun drawnthread

>>508949064Someone ate her.

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>>508957397i'd love to eat her, if you know what i mean

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>>508953708Now this is a dlc expansion I can get behind it really adds more to the game.

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>>508957560She'll eat you too.

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>>508958478Its okay I have extra lifes>>508958478A man a culture

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>>508957397She looks too weird with a snout

>>508953708now give her a gut to match :>

>>508960304Huh... I dont know if I should do that one though.

>>508960776What if I said "please"?Please?

>>508961259Alright, you make a convincing case.Sorry about how it came out, she looks more pregnant than anything else lol HMFA ofcYes I've been clearly corrupted, how can you tell?

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>>508953708Can you draw her in her Riders outfit if you can?

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>>508962038Only ONE FUCKING EVENT I am still mad

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>>508961853Haha, I got you with my special MAGIC WORD. Now to use another magic word.Thank you

>>508962038Im still surprised they gave her such a Cardio Bunny outfit.

>>508961853good shit man

lol imagine if she had a penis

>>508961853Oh shit you actually did it.

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>>508962637Ok, this is the one I'm not gonna draw, sorry user.

>>508949064Fun character stuck in awful franchise. Feel the same way about Knuckles, Blaze, Eggman and Tails.


>>508963263of sperms

Hey, drawanon. Can you draw tails? I really want to fuck him. If not, could you consider Blaze?

>>508963417Tails is cute but Im not really into gay stuff.I'd draw Blaze but I kinda have to go. Maybe if the thread was made in like I dunno... 6 hrs from now or something wink wink

hmofa is based


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>>508963810>Tails is cuteY'know you want it.

>>508963810Can you post it on the Sonic thread on /trash/ if this one disappears? This kind of threads always lighten some red lights

>>508965140No, man. pleaseI mean he is cute in the wholesome kind of way

>>508963810don't forget her itty bitty kitties tiddiesand her thicc cat ass

>>508961853Fucking saved.

Blaze is better anyway

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>>508949064More importantly, what was her fucking problem?

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>>508967234I'd bury my face in Blaze's pubes

>>508965682Come on. You know he is cute, you've admitted that much. There is no harm being done in just one "cute" drawing of tails, if it makes you feel better. He was meant to be a girl from the start.

>>508967374Overconfidence and greed for pretty shiny rocks