Itt, GOAT first levels/missions.Pic related

itt, GOAT first levels/missions.Pic related.

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>>508948902Central Yharnam is the best introductory level From has ever made.

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>>508948902I know everybody here shits on Naughty Dog, but Uncharted 2 still has one of the best opening segments in a game of all time.


dull game, but the opening prologue is really damn cool

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>>508949538Only contrarians complain about Uncharted 2 - fantastic game

>"I may not always love yoooouuu...."

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>>508950231No it isn't. Gears ended at GoW 3. Fuck Turd Fergusson and the Cuckalition.


>>508948902AYO HOL UP

Only good part of the game. Rebecca is my wife!!

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>>508948902>0.1% of the military >80% of the story >25% of the soldiers in the battlefield online

>>508950969Who cares. Get over it.

>>508949149Fuck that game. I still can't get passed that area and I bought that game like 5 years ago.>In b4 get gud


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>>508951634i bet you cant even explain why you posted that

>>508952001>i bet you cant even explain why you posted that

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>>508951840does it have a name what is it

>>508950941What made this game polarizing because I liked it as much as REmake as a kid

>>508950969>>508951134>>508951634>>508952001WE WUZ SOLDATEN N SHIET

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>>508950231I don't remember much of 4, but the dream sequence in 3 followed by them getting fucked by the Lambent, weird tree tentacles and the Leviathan was pretty cool.

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>>508948902which battlefield is this


>MUH DIE AND KILL OTHER SOLDIERS BUT WE ALL MAN N SHITThe most cringe overused crap ever. Battlefield 1 campaign was dogshit on rail boredome with no good AI, gameplay or stories

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What is MGSV: The Phantom Pain?>tfw everything goes to shit after the hospital

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>>508953324>BUT WE ALL MAN N SHITIt's accurate. Read a fucking book,

>>508948902It was common for WWI soldiers to not shoot their enemies.Sometimes, when two groups met unintentionally, they would engage throw rocks and shout insults at each other despite have a rifle in their hand.The modern military has fixed this issue by training its personnel to shoot on instinct.It's one of the main reasons why many veterans commit suicide.

>>508950369Good choice. That entrance was magical.

>>508953886Its more that they trained them to shoot at human shaped targets first.

>>508951840Footfags are just getting ridiculous now.

>>508952001hit too close to home, sōy?

>>508953886they created practice targets shaped like a human silhouette to get people to break the taboo of cold blooded murder. Over time after enough exposure they would see everything as targets, even their own reflections in the mirror.


>>508953324Yeah but that first mission was fucking rad when the dude blows his whistle for a rally.

>>508948902one of the best demos of all time

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>>508950969>80% of the storyHarlem hellfighters are only the tutorial mission The British tankers get 4The Yank pilot gets 4The Italian gets 2The ANZACs get 3The Arab woman gets 3That's 1/17 if my math is right

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Can't believe no one has posted this yet.

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>>508955286You're missing the point, user. It was more than he wanted to see, which was none. You can't reason with Holla Forumstards.

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>>508955286Russian empire scout a cute.

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MGS2 Tanker is flawless

>>508951498ggggggettt fucking goood

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The scale just felt enormous. And it wasn't even the largest set piece in the game.

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>>508958704>>508950259>>508949538Why would "set pieces" that only belong in the shittiest action movies be considered good? Do you really get impressed that easily? The gameplay with all the magnetic platforming is shit.

>>508959274Is it fun? Then there you go.

>>508959274Because the setpieces provide the playground for the platforming, puzzles, and shooting parts.Sometimes they combine all three, which I find to be fun.

>>508959609>Is it fun?No.>>508959626So you're easily impressed, got it.

>>508952583I mean German colonial troops did fight in the war... not in fucking Europe though

>>508948902First mission in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, "Rising Threat". Absolute kino that I remember several times starting the game up just to play though this mission only.

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>>508951498More like get adequate. Thats fucking embarrassing dude.

>>508948902This scene was pretty dumb in retrospect. There were times when the English and Germans spared one another and got real close when they were taken prisoner sometimes. It was largely due to a shared ancestry and personal shared understanding, some even saw each other as brothers Henry Williamson was a prime example of that.It's just a video game I suppose.

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>>508960984your post is even dumber

I really enjoyed Hell on Earth. Some of the most striking visuals in the game. >bust through the double doors after the first arachnotron>this guitar riff cum everytime

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>>508949538It has a really amazing cold open that also functions as a tutorial. And then when you get to the train level later in the game you know some shit is going to go down.Originally the opening was supposed to start with the heist with Chloe and Flynn but they shuffled it around to the ending we get in the final game.

>>508948902This and the fighter pilot stuff were the only good bits, sadly

>>508948902Darksiders 2

>>508960984How does that make the scene dumb? Are you sleep walking during a fever dream?

>>508960984>shared ancestryDont pull that shit. A Yank, an Anglo, a Canadian, or a Frank didn't give a rat's ass that the Krauts shared halotypes. Like all men not wanting to die, they only cared that the other didn't want to kill them, and were more than willing to take prisoners because, in spite of all things, men still have a conscious. Yanks loved it when the Bavarians or Saxons transferred in because they weren't as keen on artillery and assaults as the Prussians.

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>>508960189The whole game is kino.

It was a cold and snowy day...

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>>508955002You wanna know how I know you're a virgin?

>>508952583holy shit is that real? i don't even play this shite but this looks quite depressing

>>508949990Vendetta's the 4th mission though...

Weren't there some cool brutal battles in kongland? Why not just add them there?