Is Maplestory 2 one of the biggest wasted potentials in MMO history?

Is Maplestory 2 one of the biggest wasted potentials in MMO history?

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>>508948230Just make a pre Big Bang server nexon no one wanted a maple 2 you dumb gookshitters

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>>508948230It never had any potential to begin with, unless you are talking about porn.

>>508949220Fuck yiu the instruments, house builder,Being able to upload content to the cashshop being able to use gold to buy cashshop money the customization was good and how you had tons of colours and could dye your stuff they used the cube world pretty good The actual gameplay sucked but it had some cool stuff

>>508948230You would've never played it even if it were a good game. And MS2 is only shut down in Global & JP. KR & CN are still going on because they have the market for it. NA & EU gamers are limp dick

MMO are trash, they all deserve death


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>>508949486>the instruments, house builder, being able to upload content to the cashshop, being able to use gold to buy cashshop moneyNothing new in the industry, and MP2's way to deliver them wasn't that interesting either. The game was old even before it was released, and the mediocre gameplay didn't help either. The whole thing was just a quick cashgrab to get some of money wasted in its development back before shutting it down permanently.

>>508950385Name one other online game with those where there is other stuff and they aren’t the focus

>>508948230>Regular non-raid dungeons have a weekly lockoutWhat would possess someone to make such a fucking stupid decision? If you rolled poorly on your loot you were just fucking hard stuck item level wise and couldn't participate in most of the end game content. It was unironically better to just make a new character and level them to the cap for another roll than to wait a week.

>>508948230It was great for a short time and then they censored the user created content because there were too many Pepe clothes and MAGA hats. That is when it cut it's own head off. Then the heart exploded when they had to remove the loot box style content. They didn't have a backup plan so they just shit the bed and the game announced that it was closing like a month later. Pathetic.

>>508948368based and prebbpilled

>>508950542>where there is other stuff and they aren’t the focusThat isn't the case for MP2 either, unless you are implying that the horrible combat somehow was the main focus (it certainly wasn't the dev team's main focus, at least).But to answer your question: Second Life, and the main focus is e-fucking while a goblin watches it.

>>508948230All they needed to do is give us some fucking MP potions and combo potions ... oh yeah, and not have done what they did. Something better would have been nice.

>>508948230never heard about it

>>508951061I want actual game not fucking second life killyourselfI know the instruments was ripped straight from mabinogi but I like maple more

One thing I appreciate about the game is it gave me a reason to look up some basic music lessons. Having my custom gear sell on the market is a nice bonus too.

>>508950632>the MAGA hats killed the game>not the the fact that it was a shit half-baked sequel that departed from what made the first game memorableRent-free btw.

>>508951768>I like Maple moreHonestly why? Mabi has more of pretty much everything than MS2, it's cuter with a lot more to do. If there was a spiritual successor or something to Mabi without the insane p2w I'd be all over it.

>>508949220>>508949486>Focusing on the instruments and the house builder>Not the fact that MS2 had the potential to be a unique ARPG game that wasn't just a Diablo 2 or 3 cloneJust imagine it:>Keyboard/stick controls which allow for significantly more precise movement, while mouse controlled ARPGs have to rely on a path finding AI to control the player which limits game design>Open world exploration, rather than an incredibly linear path through the game>MMORPG interactivity with other players, rather than just being a single player game with a multiplayer economy>Other goals and achievements to focus on rather than just making a build that farms bosses/maps the fastestMS2 had great potential as an ARPG game, the issue is that the developers designed the game like it was an MMORPG and a shitty Korean one at that.

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>>508951768MP2 is as much of an "actual game" as SL2 since nobody remembers them for their gameplay (including you).

>>508950632It wasn’t the meme hats retard it was people posting hentai on those bullteinboards all of the place and on the side of their houses and stuff

>>508951981I mean I like the actual Maplestory more but because I only played mabinogi few times I never really understood what I was doing but I did also like maple 2 more probably the famiality with maple sense I played maple a lot growing up

>>508948230Go fuck yourself retardmaplestory sucks

>>508948230More like the biggest wasted time, but clearly lasted longer than fucking Bless Online. So id say second worst.

>>508952028>the strangers house actually has the right camera angel and feel of actual MaplestoryThey really couldn’t make the whole game like that? And the diablo feeling combat pissed me off never liked diablo and sure as hell wasnt playing Maplestory to fucking play a chibi skined diablo and why did they remove beginners and job advancements and the skill book system they had that lifeless talent line tree pissed me off those faggots I was hoping it was going to be like return to early maple but better but that would have been to much I guess :/

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>>508948230>someone lands an enchant>me: grats>*entire guild has a fucking breakdown about how it's not them*i don't miss this game

Just saw the Death of A Game episode of

>>508948230Too much focus on social shit and not enough GAMEPLAYI played all the way to max until I realized that there was nothing to do except grind the same shitty dungeons over and over again for a chance to get a piece of loot with +1% damage over what you haveI realize this is the case for a lot of MMOs however, but the grinding in MS was just not fun

>>508952905>joining a guildNo way fag to many literal faggots and trannies playing it didn’t want to deal with that advanced Faggottry and nuuu you can’t say that wahhhh or whatever so many gay ass UwU soft fags

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Official PreBB MapleStory 1 fucking when?Why is Nexon wasting their opportunity to drain >now adult old MapleStory players

>>508953525Probably never and they will ruin it with some bullshit class like few months after anyway it would just eventually become numaple again

I'll replay Maplestory 1 if:>They remove all jobs besides the base ones from beta + pirates>They adjust PQs to be the best source of experience all the way to max level>They remove and rework all maps so that walking between towns is expected (by making taxis either non-existent and specific town teleporting scrolls an alchemist-job only item). >They remove cubes and any "additional effects" on items not a part of a boss-set. >They rebalance the game so 9999 is the damage cap again and every boss is adjusted to this>They rebalance the game so secondary, and with some builds, tertiary stats are necessary again>They allow MP recovery to occur while walking (fuck MP management in general anywhere besides a boss battle)>They make shop permits purchasable through mesos (I don't care if remote merchants remain cashshop only)There are a few other things but now I'm just getting sad. I remember fighting Himes and seeing Crow was the biggest deal. Or how icies made you the envy of all thieves in kpq.

>>508953196That is why I don't play MMOs anymore. I guess I'm just not the target audience of these games, even nostalgia baits like MP2.

>>508948230MS2 was dogshit from the starti want MS1 with its god-tier artstyle and fun grinding back

>>508954643I like to make people mad in them

>>508954443>making taxis either non-existent and specific town teleporting scrolls an alchemist-job only item). That’s just tedious faggotry even the very beginning it had taxis you feggit literally no one would play with that

>>508948230the social aspects in this game were the best i've ever experienced in an mmo. being able to create and furnish your own home and invite others over to jam together on custom made musical's just a shame that the other parts of this game didn't really do much to compliment this. and many people focused too much on min-maxing everything which just takes away all the enjoyment that could be had.

>>508949714except PSO*fixed

>>508949514>Go to China (Macau) a few years ago>Go to a convenience store for a snack>See their gaming magazines on the racks>Literally every one of them was focused on F2P mobile and PC shitWhat a miserable existence.

>>508948230>Wastes your potential two timesNothing personal, Novice.

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>>508955628In the beginning people also walked everywhere. It's only tedious now because the game propagated a competitive culture wherein people had to be one of the first to go to X or grab Y, essentially making the maps that didn't make it to a grinding guide non-existent. Not to say competition is bad, but the lack of resources for these high-demand areas always made players feel they needed to hurry to locations or they'll miss out.I don't want those items to disappear completely, but make it so that they're just slightly more difficult to get while also making the travel between cities and locations actually worth going to.


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>great artstyle>fun combat>fantastic music>fantastic cosmeticsBut there's so much wrong, if the game was just dressup sim it'd be near perfect. But the gearing, dungeon, and world design are all awful.Gear, just like Maplestory 1, has random potential lines that are massively important to how strong you are. One belt with shitty lines is awful compared to the same belt with good lines. That in itself is fine, Diablo-esque games have done it successfully for decades. But the amount of gear that drops and the times you can change the lines are time gated.Dungeons follow the same trend as gear in that they are time gated to heck. You can do 30 dungeons a week and 6 of one raid, 15 times per day for the former and 3 for the latter. You mostly ran the same dungeon/raid every week the same dungeon/raid over and over. There is little to no incentive to ever run old content once you pass that gear level which is easy. Once you get to the endgame dungeons that's it, that's what you do.So you run your designated dungeons/raids and hope you get the gear lines you want. And if not oh well, try again next week. Same goes for enhancing gear which needed duplicate pieces to go from +10-15.Lastly there's world design. Every map is crafted wonderfully. They look very pretty and every map has 3 objectives to complete along with hidden treasure chests. That's a great start, but then they mess it up. Mobs were heavily reduced to be useless to farm. Meso drops and item drops in the world were few to none. Once you did your exploration goals there was no need to go back to maps. The game also had a housing system providing portals and buffs that incentivized you to only stay there when not actively playing. It made the world feel dead. World bosses were a thing but generally you only followed a specific train and they were killed very fast when people actually did them. It was boring, unchallenging, and not rewarding at all.1/2

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>>508957068No retard even as kid playing in like 2006 I took the fucking taxi all the time if I had the monies even played the non 4th job server and it had taxies the vip one to ant tunnel was Bascially always a thing was there when I was a kid shut the fuck up

>>508952967All the points on this video are retarded. Game shoulda had the big bad """""p2w""""" boogieman, cause clearly the other versions are still around.Guy bitches about the other versions when GMS2 was different from the get go. Thanks Reddit.

>>508957802Nigger I was one of the beta playing faggots and at the beginning people would always walk everywhere. On official release this still happened until they adjusted the taxi cost which killed any sort of adventure since it was difficult to acquire even a million mesos at the time. Just because you joined after all the exploration was already done doesn't mean people didn't do it


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>>508957802The only taxi anybody ever took was the black one since walking there was deadly

>>508957598With all those issues you get a playerbase that only logs in to do their dungeons, only stays in their houses for the buffs, and never actually socializes. Maplestory and MMOs as a genre should be built to be social. Maplestory 2 had a great foundation for that with UGC, emotes, multiplayer required content, mini games, etc. But none of it was built upon. Every patch was just another treadmill to grind and it was an awful RNG filled mess.A new player would login, see the empty world, see the empty mini games, see the massive confusing grind ahead and there's almost nothing that could make them not look the other way. The game had charm but the systems around the charm were boring and lifeless. If Nexon had copied the formula from MS1 and focused more on exploration, grinding the open world, hunting for gear, and socializing rather that sitting in solitude waiting for resets you could have a great game.The crazy thing is the pay to win aspects in the Korean and Chinese versions of the game allow you to skip the time gating to a degree. A player could actually catch up to veterans and they'd help fund the game at the same time. But the NA audience didn't want that and Nexon didn't have the brain power to rework the economy around those items not existing. So NA got the worst of the worst. RNG progression with no way to circumvent it, a cash shop that didn't fully support the title existing, and an isolated playerbase that would only log in 2 days a week.

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>>508958269>>508958120>t. Couldn’t afford 1k mesos to go from henesys to ellina

>>508948230Did anyone say wasted potential?

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>>508958848The loli fairy is naked!

>>508958848Used to play the fuck out of it and a shame we didnt get the see the rest of the new classes because they fucked themselves over by dong nothing but P2W updates rather than content and balance changes.

>>508957598>>508958434Literally all of fucking this. Using reddit & discord as their feedback channels and following advice from kms2 rejects only made it worse too.The world monster farming was probably nerfed to deal with bots, but who cares? Bots weren't all that much of an issue (plus they farmed materials) unless it really bothered you that you could let the bots carry you in dungeons and do nothing. (Which gets bypassed by using the party finder. etc.)I miss being able to make music and other stuff for the game. I dealt with the farming same dungeons and everything, but hell i know me and many others would have paid for rerollers & dungeon drop doublers as long as they kept improving on the game like the "New Leaf revamp"

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>>508958848God I miss old 2D MMOs, they were so simple and fun

>>508952028>your webm might be the only thing people remember about Maplestory 2crazy

Bros my trophies... What am I supposed to do with my 3000 trophies...

>>508948230All these sexy chibis are going to waste and it hurts

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>>508960271Surely there's a model rip


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I don't fucking care, when the hell is Mabinogi getting a proper sequel?

>>508961009Never. I heard they gave up on it and just stick with what they have. They keep updating the game with content or well, new story updates and shit. So I dont have high hopes for it.

>>508961009>>508961389not to mention they dumped Peria Chornicles which could have been seen as such. But they also got rid of Ms2 now; so you'll never see anything with custom content / many things to do anymore due to zoomers with their hypocritical f2p practices while also having the need for things to be instant.

>>508961009>>508961389>>508962151In the recent financial report they gave they said they want to focus on only their major titles. So basically Maplestory 1, Dungeon Fighter, and Kart Rider.They also have a game from an old EA Dice Exec in the works and some random mobile trash. But expect nothing of note for a while given their current plan.

>>508962575Dungeon fighter isn’t even on the nexon American site

The leveling / quests per area / exploring system is so much fun, its a shame that the servers are closing. Personally what kept me from playing more was the endgame content and the basic as f skill tree (seriously, who thinks that +1% damage increments are satisfying?)

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>>508960483I have access to a bunch of the models but no idea where to upload/what format. If anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful. Also wondering how possible it would be for someone to start up a private server.

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>>508962721I didn't say anything about NA. It's their global plan. Korea, China, Europe, NA, etc.All over the world baby.

For me it's Angelic Busta

>>508959214>all those richfags with double elemental swords and 10000 HP gear all around>those bunnies with nothing but defenses dishing out crazy damage 1v1>those untouchable and super tanky raccoons exploding everyone with AoE attacksHow do you beat that without paying?

>>508962819models-resource or just a mega here

>>508962923Wrong game retard

>>508949486>The actual gameplay suckedThere's your problem. If you want to make a MMO with shitty gameplay (read: all of them) work in the western market, you need at the very least a big franchise name behind it.

>>508962575Yep, no mention of MS2 at all in the doc. They canceled Kart rider a few times didnt they? But DFO was talked about a lot. Basically came down to "p2w" saves games, especially in Nexon's case and them now having a EA exec as their CEO. (I like how they talked about EA mobile football games..)The CEO came out saying how they shouldnt pander to Whales, but seems like the opposite objective if they shut down MS2 over no/low profit.

>>508963498Maplestory is a big name you fucking artard

>>508963153>models-resourceIt takes forever for them to approve anything. I'll give mega a shot and probably start a collection in google drive as well. Any specific characters I should start with? What format should I upload them in? The stuff I have so far is all obj, fbx, and smd.

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>>508962819Reddit's already working on a private server (even though they're the ones that killed the game to begin with..)

>>508949486Sharing designs is cool and all, but the way the shop was implemented encouraged people to steal designs. The community was really scummy.

>>508963769the EA guy is not the CEO, he's just the CEO of a company working on a new nexon game.

>>508963948it wasn't encouraged. People just did it anyways

>>508963813obj and fbx would be coolI don't have any particular character in mind since I missed out on playing the game, was mostly going to lurk the thread

>>508963948How could you steal designs

>>508963110Exactly.The skills and classes were fun and original. I loved how each one can counter different classes in PvP with certain skills , giving team fights a must for those skills. Bunny though was just too OP for PvP and yeah, Raccoon was 2nd place if not Dragon/Sheep with that dumb shield that scales with their MA.

>>508948368Same shit with tree of savior.All you had to do was make RO2 with sharper visuals, more hats and more classes/skills/zones. That's literally all they had to do. And they managed to fuck THAT up.

>>508964078This. I didnt even bother to learn xml edits, etc. i noticed a few of the UGCs i made/help make were in the rips though.

>>508963950>new nexon gameDead within 2 years

>>508964184You could take a design from one server and use it in another.There was also an exploit to just rip every design from the store.Neither were actually encouraged

>>508948230Was unironically my favorite game I played in 2018. Everyone else hated the game for all sorts of reasons but I fucking loved it. I almost cried when they announced that the servers were shutting down. Fuck Nexon.

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>>508964184People were ripping UGC designs, some were uploading everything online. And to begin with, a lot of it was just stolen fanart printed on a shirt. You could literally upload something someone else posted, and yours would show up first because it was more recent.

>>508964672Thats to much over my head

>>508948230Not really, there was no potential to begin with, it wasn't a good game, and had nothing to do with the original maplestory.

>>508964726>Fuck Nexon.First time?


They should just remarket maplestory 1. Hopefully MS3 will go back to its 2d roots

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>>508964660>Waiting for Kartrider Drift because I loved the first one>tfw it'll also die in 2 years

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>>508964821Nice I don’t think I ever bought anything from the store anyway

>>508952028>same fucking webm every single timeMaple Story never good

>>508964821I remember buying a super-pretty ToS shield, but I got a refund because it got taken down.

>>508965094I just want a direct upgrade to MS1, make the same game with new classes, new world, fix all the problems of the old spaghetti code, etc.MS2 is so different that it's not even maplestory anymore.

>>508965157MS3 is never happening after this blunder they will just keep adding retarded classes and jobs to Maplestory one until it dies

>>508965435Remember last time they tried that?Big Bang was awful

>>508966019Cubes were awfulBig Bang was good

>>508965435I remeber Big Bang no one liked it

all of these people want to play old maplestory but can never get past level 21 in a server like phoenix or legends. you don't like the game, you miss your childhood. fuck off from my game you normies

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Anyone still playing on West before the servers shut down? I never really got a chance to run through any dungeons

>>508966405I got to level 150 pre big banggrinding was my childhoodnow I play BDO and continue to grind

>>508966405Ironically this, I don't see how anyone can grind past lvl 30 without friends.

>>508954443You have never leveled past 150 in current Maple and it shows.

>>508966479Message DuskRunner and tell him "brap lord sent me"

>>508966405old maple sucks that's why, nobody wants to grind mobs with 0 aoe and no range for weeks and months just to level up on a server with no community, the game needs to be huge for that type of shit to be worth anyones time, if you're not a literal legend just for being a high level then there's really no point.

>>508966603>not playing gms and getting your 8k legionat least F2P players actually make progress in GMS unlike BDO

>>508964404Trickster was a prime example of p2w, but damn if it didnt have soul.


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>>508966946i like both>there's really no point.and that is the beauty of online games; in the end, there's no purpose in what you're doing. so stop pretending you enjoy the game in every MMO thread

>>508966981I'm not f2pOver 4k spent on BDOAlso like 20k+ hours easily spent on the game a lot of it actively.Playing games where your time is rewarded is great, even better when i can use my wealth to get even better

>>508967071>playing rebootjesus fucking christ how low can you go? fucking retard, no wonder you hate the current game you played the 2 year trial version

>>508967304But I play KMS.

>pvp mmos

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>>508967071what is it with ms2 players and this fucking retarded turtle


>>508967909to kill my self

bye ms2

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>>508967161There's only no point when there's no one else on the server, stop playing dead rehashed pre-bb shit and you'd realize that.

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I actually liked MS2 more than MS1.

>>508967487They fuck bulbasaurs