Comfy vidya settings thread

Comfy vidya settings thread

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Before everyone wants you dead you should have make a save on each island.

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ACB's Villa Auditore at night, modern day.

this game was peak comfy back in the day

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>>508950016holy fuuuuck, i miss 1.6 old days man

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>>508952337It's a shame I can never get past the game's terribly designed UII just fucking hate it and to this day I'd erase it from existence to get the stomping land back.


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San Andreas still gives me fond memories of younger days.

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>>508953009oh no spooky!

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this entire game

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>>508952223jesus christ this pic ruined me and thew me into a deep nostalgic depression

>>508953135the end or is it?

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I find high school settings to be peak comfy imo. Favorite is pic related.

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>>508953669I find the dorms comfier. The school grounds get creepy at night. Like when you're sneaking around for a mission, and you forget the clock is ticking and you fall on your ass asleep.

>>508954161My nigga, talking about ultima. I just bought dungeon siege on steam to play the remakes of V and VI

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summer time is the best time for games with great water. Will have to replay mario sunshine and odyssey soon

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>>508955832>comfy>CJ's mom's ghost floating around in his house

>>508956374>CJ's Mom's Ghost, also known as Beverly Johnson's Ghost, is a false myth featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

>>508947492Personal favourite. The entire area leads up to the Arreat Summit and your fight with the ancients to prove your worth, the entire thing is peak soul and

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sunless sea was really comfy

>>508958728What is it about snow that makes it comfy af?

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>>508947492The entire Realm is.

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Every time I turn on my VR headset, the "menu" is Outset. The only problem is that it's really comfy and it sometimes makes it hard to open a game because VR games are still mostly shit

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>>508960513it really captures that sanctuary in the middle of a horrible world feel


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>>508953669This game is cozy as hell, especially in the Winter chapter


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Lots of nu-video games in this thread. Let's bring it back to the old-school!

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>>508955084Oh shit, me too yesterday. But I'm a little apprehensive that the devs added stuff to the lore that wasn't (and couldn't be really) in the original.

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>>508962394ok boomer

>>508962394Banjo is quintessential nu-vidya.

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>>508962417muh sera

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>>508962690it looks great but I could never force myself to go past the initial zone for some reason. does it get better later on?

>>508962417>That fraps watermark with overall low quality of pictureWhy do I feel nostalgic for that?

>>508962905because of all the soul user

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>>508947492all these boomers posting their low poly garbage

I replay KH from time to time just to go back.Nothing comfier than chilling on a paradise island with your best mates and your cute crush.

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Is it cheating to say SWG planets? Naboo, Dantooine, Rori



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>>508963953for me its yavin 4, great beaches and woods. really loved that game.

>>508964056the long dark


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who /cossacks european wars/ here?

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>>508960982dude that looks fucking gigantic, what did that run on?

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>>508963616soulless comment

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Motherfucking JumboOr any MH village or town minus everything past 4G

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Might be a bit of an odd one out but the multiplayer maps in Red Faction 1I would blast tunnels with my cousin as far the the limit let us and when we succeeded it felt cool.and I just made burrows when playing them alone cause no other game let you do that until Minecraft honestly.

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the only ass creed that made sense

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>>508965058nice, I have to reinstall it and play the restored content mod one of these days also why is kreia such a cunt?

>>508962875I used to play pirated halo when i was a kid, i didn't even have internet back then, once i finished the campaign i messed around the multiplayer maps on my own, now the sight of any of those maps brings back a feeling of an uneasy loneliness, i was always afraid that i would see someone or something, it was really eerie

>>508962585Too much feels man. '90s were a magical time.

>>508965082That's not II.

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>>508965136is it retarded to pick up wow classic just to relax and fish in the moon light with my tauren druid? I hate dealing with people

>>508965730>is it retarded to pick up wow classicyes

>>508960431which mod?

>>508964157Comfy but I could never go back. The dub would make me hate it now.

>>508965058did you ever play pic related too? it could be comfy at times

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>>508965815fair enough :(

>>508965559somehow the texturing of this game is more vivid that quite a lot of things that is being released today.but maybe that is in part because we played the sims as children and the mind has a more tactile association to things.but seriously I can pretty much tell you how that kitchen table in the Noobie house feels like around the edges or the tiles and the carpet.

>>508960352I think is all that idea of staying cozy in bed, blanket and heat while outside it's everything so silent

Storm raging outsideGeth mysteryCorporate intrigueYep I'm thinking it's comfy

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>>508947492Which has a better atmosphere?

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>>508952618Holy Fuck. Is this Socom Bravo 3 for PSP ?

>>508952523I wish I was good at Rainmeter or something so I could turn this into a nice desktop or something. I just want to melt into a comfy, melancholy tableau instead of living in real life.

>>508961949i can hear the music

>>508967030this one

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>>508967030Obviously the original.

>>508961007so fucking comfypic doesn't even really do it much justice

>>508967030I like the 3DS version more.Always found it weird how drab the N64 kokiri forest was.

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>>508967420This but unironically.

Thief series cityscape is comfy if you're a nightowl

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>>508952073Yeah. Real shame about all the bugs.

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>>508967030I have a lot of these if you guys want em. Most aren't in a 2-in-1 "comparison" format though

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>>508949323It makes me feel all fuzzy inside when I see others post my webm.

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>>508967923Tried to take both of these in the morning. The original game handles "morning" lighting much much better I think.

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