Why was the atmosphere in GTA 3 so weird?

why was the atmosphere in GTA 3 so weird?

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define weird

>>508947459Look in a mirror

>>508947459super dreary and cold. it's kinda hard to put my finger on but something is just strange about it. I like it tho it's definitely super unique

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>>508947335Color palette maybe? Always lousy weather?

>>508947335Because it was a 2d series jumping into 3D so it's rough around the edges.

>>508947335cuz you shot the moon with your sniper rifle, twat

>>508947335How often are you going to make this thead? (check the filename and hash)

>>508947923i was shocked to find out theres a blue sky when i looked up on my latest playthrough

>>508948043>cuz you shot the moon with your sniper rifle, twat

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it's the only gta with a white main character excluding trevor

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>>508948043fucking this


>>508948565what do you consider tommy, niko, and michael

>>508948781>italian >slavic >cuckold


>>508948565Gta 1/2/L

>>508947335city felt cold and unwelcoming, complete opposite of "comfy". You know, how when you move to a new place, and everything feels off, uncomfortable, but after you learn the place you get used to it and even start to like it? That's not the case for Liberty City, it forever remains a place you don't give two shits about.

>>508947335I agree, GTA III has a unique tone I can't put my finger on. It's like a bad dream that isn't unpleasant enough to be a nightmare. Mundanity mixed with surreality.

>>508947764when was the first time you played it?I mean I've been playing it since release roughly so everything is obscured by nostalgia.But the world is very grey and the story is pretty much just mute2 revenge where all you do is burn bridges.You make 0 friends you start nothing all you do is burn bridges and make enemies.So that's kinda bleak

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lots of game have this tone, its because back then games were fucking lifeless and you notice it more nowadays because of what we have.

>>508949768>when was the first time you played it?IIRC back in 2003 when my friend brought his PS2 over. The disc he had was also fucked up so it kept freezing every 10 minutes. I remember replaying that first mission over and over again, those sirens, that 8 ball hands are messed up quote, that DJ STRETCH ARMSTRONG IS NOW IN YOUR WORLD WORLD WORLD WORLD sound byte. the atmosphere stuck out to me even back then.

>>508950121weirdly enough I used to play it over at a friend who had illegally downloaded it but somehow we couldn't save the game.So every time we would have to start from square one.leading us to cheat and speedrun our way across the islands.anyway coming back to the Atmosphere, back in march someone posted an article that went on about how Gta3 was special Because it was mundane and I do believe that has a lot to do with it.all the games that came after tried to sell you a gta game but through a specific lens or weaving a specific narrative but that wasn't the case in 3.it's an article from VICE though and I'm too lazy to put it in a notepad or whatever.vice.com/en_us/article/43yydp/grand-theft-auto-iii-was-special-because-it-was-mundane

>>508949768probably when it came out ,actually it was my older brother who bought it but i did play more than him actually. I remember ddoing missions but never succeed to finish the game or going past the second city. I would always do some cheat code,take the banshee near the beach and kill people.Still remember the mission when you put a bomb or something in the car at the pizzeria and then you would did the same thing in gta sa

Would the atmosphere count as Cyberpunk?

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>This is Head Radio, a Love Media Station. Just one of 900 radio stations, 300 TV stations, four networks, three satellites, ten Senators.always makes me lel

>>508947335>game set in America made by Brits in the early 2000sYou really can't expect much else from the era.

>>508947764>super dreary and coldthis. I got GTA 3 after I had started Vice City and I actually felt depresed. Had to go back to Vice City


>>508951625>dark in OP's image Nah if it had sunshine and rainbows then maybe.

>>508947764play 2 and you'll understand why 3 is what it is

>>508951625Grand Theft Auto 2 is more or less the only one in the series who has a shot at that title.

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>>508952336śmh ṫbh fámthat ain't cyberpunk

something about it is peak early 2000s

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I always liked the atmosphere, I actually like it more than vice city. It's best played on the ps2 though

>>508947764>super dreary and cold.So pre-9/11 NYC.


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>>508947764Yeah it was depressing kinda like an ingles grocery store. Cold, unoccupied and dreary. I’m guessing you’ve never been to a midwestern town?

>>508947764Its based on nyc which can be a nasty shitty ugly cold brown and grey town.


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Its because of trash flying around.


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>>508951752Same. I like 3 now, but coming right after VC it felt like hell.

Also, pretty much all of the characters are cold sociopaths. No one is genuinely friendly so that adds to a depressing tone. There were happy, friendly people in all other gtas

>>508952462GTA2 was absolutely supposed to be a near-future cyberpunk.en.wikigta.org/wiki/Artwork_(GTA2)

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>>508953242>>508952462wasn't GTA 2 set in the near future?

>>508947335>That moonDAWN OF THE THIRD DAY

>>508953215yeah I promised myself I'd play through 3 some time but I still haven't years later


>>508952883God I wish I was young again playing this.

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>>508947335Is this worth playing still?

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NOBODY touches my girls

I might be reaching a bit here but there it's a very individualistic vibe to the game.And the bleak cityscape and it's rude inhabitants kinda tell you that you can just go ahead and go on that rampage, they're all jerks anyway

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>>508954716if you like challenges, I swear to god, the most difficult missions are on this GTA in all the series

>>508954717there's a new high on the street goes by the name of SPANK

>>508954716Yeah, it's looped around from being so dated compared to the rest of them that it now feels like a fun arcade version of GTA. Only played it at my friends house as a kid and just bought/beat it for myself a few years ago.

>>508954716yes, it has a lot to offer. dont let nostalgiafags tell you its bad simply bc of the san andreas meme

>>508954716Still a great game, there will be some bugs and it's a bit frustrating at times but its more GTA then GTA V in every way.

>>508954716Still better than gta v

>>508954716The M16 fires faster than an MG42.

>>508955546That gun is an absolute unit.

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reminder that the dodo flies like a glider, you don't just tap the nose down like a retardyou have to balance going down with gaining speed and altitudealso the tank flies better

>>508947335>why was the atmosphere in GTA 3 so weird?Because R* is a British company, and Brits tend to put a heavy emphasis on realism and cynicism over Hollywood-esque fetishisation and fantasy. NYC is and was renowned as being a truly rootless, doggy dog and bleak place for everyone but the lucky few.

It's a shitty early 3D game that the PS2 had a lot of trouble rendering and dealing with. That being said, it's not 'GTA 3" that's 'dreary', it's the incredibly limited polygonal graphics and low resolution textures designed for a limited 480i display.

>>508947335this was pre-realism for GTA. the world and characters are stylized. by San and Andreas they had mostly abandoned stylization.

>>508955767Thank you for this revelatory information no one asked for.

The sound of rain hitting your car can still give me goosebumps.I remember times in my life that where the same flavour of dreary as this virtual city and it kinda felt like the game was preparing me for it.>>508954716it is pretty archaic but keeping that in mind it wouldn't be a waste of your time to play around in Liberty.>>508955647surpassed only by the HS 010 from E.Y.E and the Monkey gun from future perfect in it's brrrrtness

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>>508954716trying to finish itgame is hard, quite fucking hard

>>508956161There was no such thing as "realism" in that age user. This was as realistic as it got on a console city game then.

>>508955945>doggy dog


The mystery of the 7 Ramps.

>>508953242This sort of low tech cyberpunk is my fucking jam. Anything else with this aesthetic? Kingpin Life of Crime is kind of similar as well.

>>508955945you are a diamond dozen, user

>>508956662that's just wrong. gta3 is deliberately stylized to be comic book esque. many games at the time were attempting to depict realistic visuals.

>>508956932the Lain "game" for ps1

>>508956957Look at mercenaries on PS2, a "realistic" game.

GTA3 still holds up today by being incredibly Arcadey.

>>508949768I want a nearly silent Claude to be a protagonist again as a The Driver type character

Yup. I've been drinking again.

>>508957305This. GTA III has surprisingly good gameplay.

>>508954859>>508956646>play it for the first time a month ago>a fucking GTA game ends up being the hardest game ive played all year

>>508956763This one is going out to lightweights sleeping in the basements

>>508954716yesjust do the ambulance missions before pissing off the mob, though

I can't believe how much better it looks on the original Xbox. the PS2 was a piece of shit.

>>508955437gta5 is such a good on paper, but god its soulless.


>>508957690Same. At this point I'm so cuddled with stuff like regenerating health, cover-based shooting and not losing all my shit with each death, I completely forgot how unforgiving the early 3D GTAs are.

>>508956161I'd say all 3 sa vc and gta3 are stylzed

>>508947764idk why, never played the game but this picture reminds me of the feeling i get while listening to pic related

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>>508957690you know rememberespresso2go

>>508949768You stay pretty good friends with 8Ball

>>508958115>dead>spawn at the hospital>go in a police car to get a shotgun for free in case of>kill people and kill cops to get a hand-gun and more shotgun ammo>three stars,steal the ambulance to recover health ,time to escape

>>508954716when you piss the mafia off they carry shotguns that can 1shot a car so watch out for that

Wish the PC version had all the screen effects the PS2 version. As I recall only the PS2 version has all the effects in place.

>>508958712all of the pcversions of gta is fucked. gta sa has missing/fucked up textures and some other minor shit


Were there any great radio tracks? I can recall almost every track in VC and SA but when I think of III all I remember is talk radio and LA DONA E MOBILE, QUAL PIUMA AL VENTO

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>>508954716I 100%ed it in January, story playthrough should be easy, don't try 100% unless you're prepared for moments where you just have to suck it up and try again a lot of times.

>>508958712there are some pretty easy to follow guides for that shit with the silent patch

>>508958265or the mission where you had to go from payphone to payphone on a fucking timer, and this was before they indicated you if the target location was below or above you.


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>>508959305All of MSX

>>508959305Flashback FM has She's on Fire and Push it to the Limit.

>>508947335it was their first 3d game as far as I know, so naturally they weren't experts


Ah, I remember playing this game with my cousin as kids. Motherfucker is a junky now, a complete fucking psycho, but we had some damn good times with GTA 3.I never noticed that atmosphere you guys are talking about, maybe I was too dumb to feel it.

>mfw trying Kingdom Come for the 5th time without an M16seriously just wait until you've done arms shortage and can get one.

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>>508958265>that mission where you have to blow up the trucks>if they get spooked they just hit the gas and never stop and there is no way you can kill them

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>>508958215Love this album, wish I could my hands on his earlier work from the 90s.


>>508959305literally al i listened to for III was Lazlo IF THAT IS YOU REAL NAME


>>508958578>Driving calmly through town>Suddenly my car just explodesThis was more hilarious than infuriating.

How's the OG Xbox version?

>>508959869royce 59 actually made a track specifically for that station. wish rockstar did more of that. hard to feeel muh immersion in the other games when realworld cities are being namedropped

>>508959665The core programmers on GTA3 had previously made Space Station Silicon Valley (as DMA), while Rockstar had published 3d games before, including Smuggler's Run, Midnight Club, and Oni.

>>508958145VC definitely, SA to a lesser extent. but definitely by 4 it was gone

>>508959665Monster Truck Madness 64 was their first.Wild Metal Country, Midnight Club, and Smuggler's Run also all predate GTA3.

>>508959710I didn't really pay attention to the atmosphere of games much as a kid either but I guess I still felt it in some way because I never liked any GTA much after 3 and I think the atmosphere is why. As long as a game is still fun to play, I'd rather have a great atmosphere over marginal improvements to gameplay and an atmosphere I just don't care for.

>>508960031It's okay. Didn't seem remarkable when I played it and neither did the other GTA Xbox ports.

I actually lived in Brooklyn when GTA III was new, so it just seemed normal to me.But seriously I hated living in the city.

>>508952883remake when?

Find me a better intro. You can't.youtu.be/xzH7h465MMM?t=15

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>>508959786>that mission where you have to take a car containing a corpse to the crusher>you're being chased by Mafia Sentinels and you're on a fucking Manana

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>>508955546free aiming it would blow cars up in like 2 secondsused to fuck that blue camo faggot up when he thought he could steal my car

>the more missions you complete the more the world hates you to the point almost everyone wants you deadI still loved it

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>>508960325>neither did the other GTA Xbox portsI was actually jelly as fuck of my Xfag homie because GTA looked better on his HUEG and had custom tracks. I'm pretty sure the piss filter on the PS2 version was worse

>>508960141>>508960284Well, in any case, it was one of the first 3D openworld games so it deserves some slack.Vice City was a massive improvement upon the atmosphere, even though their actual models & graphics didn't get better until GTAIV

>>508947335Because you played the PC version which doesn't have PS2's awesome effects that completely changes the tone, unless you download recent mods, which you didn't.

>>508947764It's New York City as designed by some chumps in Scotland who have probably never been there.

>>508954716Yep. Just lock the framerate to 30 on pc, or else you will get various bugs.

>PEEG DOG come to our special place, Silent Hill.>-Maria

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>>508960791>Portland Island>Guaranteed death>Staunton Island>Stay the fuck away from the construction site>Shoreside Vale>not guaranteed death but the most boring place from the three islands

>>508947335They had to switch the tone of the game mid development cuz 9/11

>>2001, Driving around the hillside area of Shoreside Vale in a Landstalker, thinking that the Countryside will NEVER EVER be better represented in a Videogame.

>>508960995This kind of sums up the vibe, actually. Now that I remember I used to think that The Getaway would give me III vibes for some reason

>>508952908New York in general is nasty shitty ugly cold brown and grey. Yeah, there's the mountains way upstate, but outside the city, you've got primo Rust Belt material. Everybody from IBM to Ithaca Gun pulled up years ago and left nothing but broken concrete and dreams- and Superfund sites.

>>508960410totally unnecessary. just play the upscaled ps4 version

>>508960791its so unique, meanwhile in any modern open world game everything basically quiets down by the end in III it all just gets worse

>>508960471based intro

>>508961602Upstate NY is one of the best places to see extreme wealth disparity. Closer to the city you have insane property values and perfectly manicured suburbs and exurbs, but the young people are being forced out and the only ones who can stay are either living with their parents or with roommates. Then you have shitholes like Potown where you're not sure if guys are section 8 or squatting.

>>508952883>You will never be a 5 years old playing GTA III in your living door in underwear ever againTime sure flies.

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>>508959616youtube.com/watch?v=pMl8CraRBk0SOUNDS A DA LIBERTY CITY'S FINEST!

>>508961883>Then you have shitholes like Potown where you're not sure if guys are section 8 or squatting.Hah, my old man was raised in the Hudson area and got the hell out as soon as he could. Still have a cousin that lives there, put in the effort to get a concealed carry permit in NY of all places, and sends me weekly collages of all the shell casings and used needles he finds.

>>508961595First time I played The Getaway I asked my mom why did the people spoke so weird.

>>508957904Doing the ambulance stuff with no pause screen map was some NES levels of difficulty, my god

More importantly, what did>my mother is my sisterMean?

>>508958215This is really good. Thanks user

>>508962527Incest. His father had sex with his own daughter, the man sister. Hot btw.

The art direction is just very gloomy, the color palette, the weather, the audio, and then the NPCs just seem weird too. And that mission where you fight waves of drugged up suicide bombers. The other games feel a lot more grounded in reality, GTA 3 just feels uncanny. It's very unique>>508951625I actually remember Mike Pondsmith saying something like "GTA 3 is pretty much cyberpunk without the high tech", which sounds a bit silly but I can sort of understand what he means


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like an user mention before, the first two GTAs had a weird vibe too so GTA3 has these leftover vibes of some kinda futuristic-ey alternate universe.

>>508956157>it's not 'GTA 3" that's 'dreary', it's the incredibly limited polygonal graphics and low resolution textures designed for a limited 480i displayVice City is exactly the same in that regard, but nobody would call it dreary

>muh mapeasiest way to tell if somebody never actually played the game until way latereveryone had the physical map to look at

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>>508952883THERE HE IS

>>508963319>our fucking parrot ate half the mapcouldn't stay mad but still.

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>>508963319>that giant stadium you couldn't even get into unless you crashed the dodo inside it, then there's no way out

>>508964178kekwhy the fuck was there a stadium in the game

>that mission where you deliver people to a factory where they become canned food

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>>508964259City Decoration. It wasn't textured inside.

>>508947335is there a better game which captures early 00's feel?


I hated how in LCS they had helicopters in the game, but you still couldn't fly them without using a hard to pull off glitch. Like, what's even the point? Just make them flyable already.

>>508947764>>508947335there's a reason why nobody gives a shit about GTA 2 or 3 and why Vice City is considered GTA 2 and San Andreas is considered GTA IIV

>>508964720I hate you and I hope you die. Painfully.

>>508964308legit felt a little sick after that

>>508961169In my restless dreams I see that place...Luigi's Sex Club. You promised you'd take me there again some day...but you never did.

>>508964889Now this was a long time ago when I last played this but didn't you hear the meat grinder and people screaming too?

>>508947335weird? you mean perfect right?

>>508964720Yeah, the reason being they’re too young to have played them on release.

>>508947764GTA 3 is a creepy game.The atmosphere feels like it's a dead town with few people and the gray and brown filter added to the classic gangster atmosphere.

>>508965238those things don't negate each other.

That one mission were you break out the chinese guy from prison was hardcore.

>>508961668Emulators is where it's at my negro. They can't pull the soundtrack if the rom's been on the internet for almost 20 years. Fuck WMG and FUCK Hollywood.

>>5089497688ball tho

>>508961883I live in the Capital Region and I remember the first time I went to Poughkeepsie for a concert at the Mid Hudson Civic Center. It was the afternoon just outside the venue and it was fucking deserted. Some real eerie Silent Hill shit. That place is such a fucking dump which is a shame because the rural areas in the Hudson Valley and New Paltz are really nice.

>>508964472Not quite as early obviously but 4 aged really well as a snapshot of post 9/11 but pre-smartphone America. I think you can even hear the housing crisis jokes creep in by the DLCs. Wish there was a decent Sopranos game as that also captures the same time frame as 3 and 4 perfectly. Them getting excited over the new DVD players makes me tear up a bit everytime.

Timecode step inside the zone, out to the whole Moving Shadow Crew, goes out to the robots like the Scott, out the Gav, hang tight the Julia - your time! 101.1 MSX FM in your manor, right across the border. Shout out to the Dan, out to the Terry - your time rude boys. Out to the email crew msxfm at movingshadow dot com! Yeah you’ll get a direct link up with us, phone line crew, 07747 114 553, get your shout dedication. All across Liberty. All Liberty City massive, south east north and the west, yeah spread across the airways, sound of the 101.1, killin’ other stations dead. The Liberty City’s finest! The groove that sounds the best, MSX FM no contest... show them mister Timecode!

>>508948897Michael is also Italian.

>>508948565don't post Trace Lane in a GTA thread

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>>508965051>>508964308GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME ARSE

>>508965374I like how Love is a Ghoul but it is handled with enough mystery to not make a big deal out of it.LCS kinda shat the bed on that side arc.

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>>508964472Tekken 4.

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>>508964720>nobody gives a shit about GTA 2 or 3I like 3 the best out of all of them. It has my favorite cast of characters.

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youtube.com/watch?v=glX4vQwlTPY bruuuuuh this fuckin vid

>>508947335It could be the soundtrack. It wasn't until Vice City where the devs could get big names for licensed music. The first handful had a charming array of obscure artists featured on their radios.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx0H4qx1CvY

>>508965917There was a suggestion before GTAIV that he might appear again in Liberty City. His magic box having sent him across dimensions.

>>508965685I'm a complete stranger to NY and its area but what exactly are the shitholes and places to avoid there?


>>508952883The BEST radio station in any GTA game. When I finally played this last year it blew me away.

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>>508966345For me, it's MSXyoutube.com/watch?v=eMkdtMQH7WM

>>508952883Weird, dystopian electronic music really set the mood of this game. The reggae about vampires and hollow, lifeless classical station also contributed.

>>508959305msx, and while its not music chatterbox is always good shit

>>508966596>Weird, dystopian electronic music really set the mood of this gameM8, this is english dnb. Wtf are you on about?

>>508965832>TownleyDoesnt sound very italian to me..


>>508958265I didn't find this mission too bad if you use a bazooka to wipe them out.I heard the TV show missions were the hardest but they were optional.

>>508960471I love that shit, but LCS manyoutu.be/IwUdOhbYlOc?t=17


>>508966727I'm not British so I've never heard of it before. This particular playlist sets the mood for a dreary, rainy cityscape where nothing good is going to happen. Rise FM is sort of its counterpart in that it accompanies the actiony parts of the game.

>>508965832you realize his name is an alias cause he's hiding?

>ctrl+f: rise>0 resultsI am disappointed, Holla Forums.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn7ku4_zOWg

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>>508960767>free aiming it would blow cars up in like 2 secondsIt took me until literally the last mission of the game to notice that the bullets had an offset relative to the crosshair. When I noticed this wiping people out from range got so easy.

>>508967101The trailers for this were fantastic."It's OVER for guys like you and me. Men of honour, we're finished!"

>>508962087fuck man

>>508964720>IIVhow autistic are you?

>>508966272>It has my favorite cast of charactersThis, the Law & Order guys really sold every cutscene. They arent stupid cartoon characters like later GTA games.

That fucking mission where you had to shoot down the dodo then get back to shore. Fuck me that was a bitch.

>>508955220>a fun arcade version of GTAit should have never stopped being that

For some reason, the only things I remember from GTA III radio are this:youtube.com/watch?v=wP9qAi6vfNIAnd that talk segment where Lazlo is talking to the redneck and says "Wait a second, don't you think-" "No I don't, never!" I'm not complaining.


>>508953369Yeah, "three weeks into the future" or something like that. I wish Rockstar would do a fleshed-out version of that retrofuturistic thing, insane gangs at all.

>>508965627has any music been pulled from 3 yet?

>this starts playing>youtube.com/watch?v=YaI0aaYAb0wwat do?

>>508967481I'M THE KING

I was really young when I first played III but I found it pretty unsettling. It was the mission where you pick up a car with a bloody corpse in the trunk, not to mention driving all those people to the dog food company and listening to them get ground up>>508966508MSX and Rise were the stations that really gave it that cold otherworldly atmosphereyoutube.com/watch?v=Mn7ku4_zOWg

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>>508967168Why did GTA 3 have so much SOUL?

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>>508958035it really was

Did we ever find out what the mission that got cut from the game last minute because of 9/11 would have been like? I know the original plane flightpath got uncovered(it used to fly through all of the map, even getting close to buildings at times) but I don't recall finding out about the mission.The original PAL release also had the NYPD cop car colours still in the intro that also got changed for the same reasons as above, and a mission had dialog altered to refer to terrorists as "madmen" instead for those interested.

3 always was the best atmosphericly. sa had a few good locations, vc was too... well it achieved what it was going for. but 3, you just cant top


I played Driver and Urban Chaos before GTA III so 3d driving/walking in an open environment wasn't new to me but they really upped their game after 2. Almost felt like a late 90s version of Taxi Driver. Also it was still low on licensed music and it felt more like a subtle satire and interpretation of New York instead of the in-your-face stuff that happened later. I like GTA IV as well (for different reasons) which has it's own serious tone as well.