Google making big moves

Google making big moves.

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I'm sure both stadia owners will really enjoy this.

>>508946501Wtf is stadia? is that Googles new phone\laptop or something?

>>508946501How to kill your game 101

>serious sam on consoles


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Stadia is still a thing?

Imagine dooming your game like that. How much money did Google pay them that it'll make up for the complete and total lack of sales?

>>508948528Croteam CEO joined Google.

>>508946501Kek, fucking stadia is still alive?

>>508948774>>508948493>>508946662Laugh now because after a few years Stadia will decimate consoles and PCs once it gets more games.

it's not fully exclusive lmao it's releasing on steam too which is where all their sales would've come from anyway

>>508948121Nobody plays SS games on console.

Stadiachads rise the fuck up!

>>508946501Welp. Guess this game is considered delayed. Oh well.


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>>508949193Everywhere but PC.

The game is going out on PC too, retards.

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When was the last game that was a timed PC exclusive?

>>508949338Stadia and PC are part of the same tribe.

>>508948995We're reaching levels of delusional hitherto never dreamed of.

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>>508948995uh-huh, any day now

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>>508946501I still don't know what Stadia is. I thought it was a meme platform/launcher like Steam.

>>508949876Worse.It's a streaming only console.


>>508950051>a streaming only consoleUnironic yikes.

>>508946501Is Sam tougher than Doom Guy? Like, he has half the body mass, but he seems to be talking on Icon of Sin size enemies. Never played the games though.

>>508948658Croteam board needs to pick a new ceo

>>508950262Sam gets legitimately seriously injuired and requires downtime to heal, Doomguy never ever gets even a scratch and keep going for all eternity with only his bare fists. Its not really comparable because they purposefully made Doomguy into a ridiculous powerhouse.

>>508948995Variety of games aren't the problem it's that the tech is wildly impractical for most people.

>>508946501Sure, a twitch shooter will save your laggy streaming service.

>>508949876>>508950051To my understanding it's a game streaming service? The idea is you sign up for stadia, buy games on it, and then you can play them on your web browser, your phone, tablet any device with an internet connection

>>508946501>Stadia>Kotaku articleWhy the fuck are you even here? You won't get any upvotes here

So it's coming out in August? Not that much longer to wait, pretty nice.>>508950612And the absolute dumpster fire of a business model, where you pay a subscription and also pay full price for games which are locked to Stadia only. Absolute garbage, who the fuck would want to pay full price for games which you can't even download and play locally?

>>508949338Just a heads up this is a 34 year old woman.

>>508948995Maybe one day, when extremely fast internet is the norm. WHo knows, mayeb Elon will pull off his Starlink and even saharan tribesmen can enjoy 4K streaming without browsing time. Maybe, in 10 years, 5 at best, not before.

>>508948121>shooter>on a consoleLOL!

>>508948774>stadia is still alive?No's because Alen Ladavac went to Stadia last year.

>>508950612>>508951365i think there's probably gonna be a big push for video game streaming sometime in the distant future since a lot of companies already salivate at the idea of people being completely unable to tamper with their game filesbut it ain't happening anytime soon

>>508948995>laugh nowwill do

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>>508948121Nobody buys Serious Sam on consoles. This is just tricking Google into giving Croteam free money.

>>508951191Yes, and?

Do people actually still play this franchise, even on PC?

Serious Sam games don't get releasd on console until about a year after their PC release anyway. Nothing has changed.

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>SS on console?

>>508951191You got the sauce my man?

>>508951365>>508950612Not only is streaming a very impractical method of playing games, the simple fact is that it's literally impossible to keep any games if the files aren't downloaded onto your PC. Remember the Scott Pilgrim game people liked? It's gone now, forever.Any exclusive Stadia actually gets is essentially held hostage and will disappear if Google decides to abandon Stadia or remove the game for any reason, which they have done before.

>>508952801Devolver has grown considerably since they published Serious Sam 3. It's not out of the realm of possibility that they could've gotten a simultaneous multiplat release if Croteam hadn't been given free money.

>>508953410Mariellarose. She deleted her accounts and imgur so it's hard to find info.

>>508949338Dem’s some tits. Jesus Christ

>>508947979>Wtf is stadia? is that Googles new phone\laptop or something?Streaming service.Literally playing games through Youtube.

>>508948995god I hope not, I can't even play games with vsync on because the input lag is too noticeable

>>508950985I never got the game-on-a -hone gimmick. It's like watching a movie or a TV show on a phone. I use my phone for making calls, texting, and occasionally listening to music.Gaming on a phone is far too cumbersome, there's no feedback from the buttons that don't exist and your thumbs take up 60% of the screen so what's the point?God I hate Google.

>>508952141I'm starting to believe Alen joining the Stadia team was actually some sort of infiltration.

>>508954959Use a controller Also Stadia is shit but the idea was to get rid of the console entirely. Being able to play AAA games without needing any hardware just an internet connection and a phone or tv which everyone has. Game streaming will eventually become a thing and everyone is rushing to be the Netflix of it all

>>508946501Nice. I'm gonna subscribe to Stadia Pro just to flex on consies.

>>508955246>and everyone is rushing to be the Netflix of it allIt's funny how people were actually panicking about Stadia when they assumed it would be that. And then someone from Google clarified that you have to pay for the individual games and overnight Stadia went from a threat to a complete joke.

Even if PC was also excluded, Serious Sam isn't a series I rush out to buy day one. I can wait for it to leave its exclusivity deal.This isn't a Earth shattering move and I doubt most people care. They need to secure something bigger if they want to interest/piss people off.

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>>508946501>fps>fast paced oldschool fps>on a consoleWhy would you play that anyway?

>>508950262Huh? Doomguy runs fowards and smashes everything into pieces. Sam is always running backwards to kite like a pussy mage.

>fps on stadia

Imagine playing fast shooter on streaming platform

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>>508952801Industry changed a lot. Not releasing your game at the same time on everything is a pretty bad move unless you get paid by google or sony for exclusive time. Even with that it is only a guaranteed shortterm gain and will likely just hamper your series growth like what with SC to SC3 happened.

>>508953619>Remember the Scott Pilgrim game people liked? It's gone now, foreverI can redownload that shit on my PS3. There were voucher cards available in stores for years after its delisting too.

>>508949282kys nagi

>>508946501lmao no one would've cared about that cheap balkanshit duke nukem clone anyway


>>508948121>Playing Serious Sam on consolesHonestly though, i'm glad Croteam didn't take Epic's bribe money

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lmao eat shit the rest of the world with non fiber internet

this a weird move for sure, but who cares, the pc release is all that matters. They probably got some shekels from Google for this shit, good for them

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If you make comments on stadia videos you will always get a bunch of google shills turning up to defend this piece of shit. It's funny to see all the failed wannabe "influencers" who bet everything on stadia.

>>508946501>buy a stadia to play serious samno thanks i have all the other versions

>>508946501Serious Sam became a thing because it was a reaction from the Quake generation against all the "realistic" first person shooters aping Half-Life at the time. It has no reason to still exist

I see they took a page from the Epic playbook.>Our service is shit and nobody's using it, so we'll bait people into using it by holding games hostage.

>>508946501>A literal lag system>Serious SamWhat even is this? Serious Sam with even a spec of delay is beyond unplayable with everything going on. Hell i played SS1/2/3 on XBLA and the framerate dropping sometimes made it nearly impossible to clear shit on hard for me. Let alone if it was actually lagging full on.

>>508965838It's already on stream.>trusting kotaku >ever

>>508965609What if Half Life Alyx is a reaction against Serious Sam VR?

>>508950612>for most peoplemost people only care about the latest FIFA and have a reaction time triple their input latency

>>508965609How about "it's fun" as a reason to exist, you pretentious faggot?

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