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Screenshot thread

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>>508946369 Why does Link leave chemtrails on the sky?

>>508949279to give the gerudos autism and turn the freakin zoras gay

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>>508949994>>508950109you just KNOW

Big Pneumaes. Also, will Nintendo ever get rid of their shitty jpeg compression or what. Shit definitely look better from a capture card.

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>>508946369>>508949994Why this game looks unfinished? It's all so barren, washed out. Every screenshot of this game reminds me of just a green heightmap with a few trees scattered around.

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farming sim

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I'll post some

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>>508950637It's a tech demo for the sequel

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>>508951446Yeah. It's gotten quite good in recent updates.


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>>508951398>>508951236emulator screenshots should be forbidden..

>>508951708Is that so? Didn't see that in the OP anywhere.

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>>508950637it was literally nintendo's first ps3 tier open world game

>>508950637literally rushed as fuck because their team has never made such a free-form gameplay zelda game or an open world game in their career. They kinda said that most of the developing time was making the engine and framework, and that's why the next Zelda game will be kino as fuck with tons of content because they already have the framework of the game and are probably going to go for 80-90% of the same dev time which most of it will go into refining the gameplay, fixing bugs, and most importantly adding more content.Still, even as barren as it is, BotW is still one of the best open world games in the market.

>>508950569Can we emulate XC2 on a toaster yet?

>>508951618holy shit that rock link stands on looks like a beutiful painting!!

>>508951847BotWs artstyle is actually great and really fitting for the game, a shame the Switch sucks so much.

>>508952185A shame in general that Ninty doesn't make games for PC.

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>>508946369There’s my screenshot.

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>>508952335lmao this is how emulator fags play the game wtfthe default game looks ugly as fuck but this is some next level retardation

There is a disturbing lack of Sekiro in this thread.

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>>508950637To me, the only place that seems unfinished is this

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>>508952451>emulator fags play on emulators

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>>508952075Not even on a NASA tier quantum computer, despite the obligatory "playable in 3 months!" I read for over 2 years.

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>>508952710that emulator fag crushes the values and redshifts the entire pile of shit and posts it like it's supposed to look good

Why's there always an autist sperging out when someone emulates botw?

>>508952584imo this is how fog can be done in open world's and look good, the botw fog looks way too excessive I can't ask it to look as good in other ways since it has to run on tablets but the fog is horrible

>>508953045That's what autists do.

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Sure I'll post some

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>>508952817Ah well, I still need to finish XC1 and X first anyway. >>508952862Looks alright to me, it's not as washed out as the vanilla version and the colors are a lot more vibrant. Check your autism.

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>>508953463you're fucking retarded look at the crushed horse and looks at how the entire image is red shifted

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>>508953575The horse isn't crushed, do you understand how perspective works? Yes, the color palette is shifted, if you don't like that you can modify it however you want or not at all. Stop being autistic please.

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>>508954021>do you not understand how perspective worksthe most retarded post I've read today crushing values has nothing to do with perspective

>modded L4D2

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>>508954021don't ask anything of the autist

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>>508954447this looks like something from the render pipeline isn't enabled

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Astral Chain is one of the best looking switch games

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>>508952335It's funny how so many of the games nintenbros say the shitch is worth buying for only look presentable when emulated

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Here's some nice blue for autistanon.

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>>508954681I need to replay it, game was a lot of fun, good gameplay with excellent art direction and music. God, I hope Astral Chain 2 got greenlighted.

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Alright, last one

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>>508946369Which N64 game is this?

>>508950637Its on the switch.

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>>508950237nice, a classic.which version are you playing here?

>>508950098System shock 2?

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>>508952007I will never get enough of the seething. Botw is so fucking good.

>>508956690Blue Burst on Ephinea server


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>>508957003Pretty comfy

>>508957003does this area actually run at a stable fps on cemu?

>>508957131this was a legit answer though


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>>508952016>rushed>6 years in development

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>>508952335I understand not liking the washed out palette, but this looks like dogshit. I'd post one of my screenshots but image posting got rangebanned seemingly for my entire country.

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>>508953419This looks pretty cool. What game is it?>>508953724Love the atmosphere.

>>508957475Yeah, it's why I come back to it every once in a while.>>508957569I get a solid 60fps at 1080p with bumped up LoD. Running a Vega64 with 1600x. Do watch a YouTube guide on how to use the settings to optimize your performance though.

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>>508957262Are you ok dude?

>>508958365>bumped up LoDwdym by this, do you mean the higher res textures in the graphics pack options ?and to what did you set it to exactly

>>508959041Yeah, that's what I mean. I think I have it at -4?

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>>508959320eh it makes little difference imhohave u tried disabling the fog with the mod, i have it at 30% and it makes LOD so much nicer

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>>508959041>>508959320LoD isn't for textures, it's for terrain geometry detail over distance (i.e. how far away terrain can be before it switches to a lower-poly model)

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>>508960327most overrated game of all time

>>508960327that ain't right

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I wish I could enjoy BotW again. Every time I see screenshots I feel the strong urge to play the game again, then I remember there's pretty much nothing to do after 100 hours. I discovered everything there's to discover and I'm not even bothering to finish all sidequests and shrines because they're shit anyway. I hope the sequel will have more interesting shit to discover.

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>>508960727heheh, monkey

>>508958359>>508957268Astral Chain

Is this the BotW Cemu thread?

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>>508961476I guess so

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>>508948001what game?


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>>508961523>>508961476Does CEMU make the game look worse or is it a mod pack?

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>>508961848>>508961476>>508961523>that oversaturationholy fucking shit do you anons seriously play like this?!?

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>>508949397 That's it. I'm voting Ganon.#MakeHyruleGreatAgain#LockHyliaUp

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>>508962290I like some color in my games, user.

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>>508962159shaderpack with pants-on-head retarded color settings resulting in crushed blacks

>>508962687Is this the only modpack for CEMU? Why do I see this so often?

>>508962649so do I but these image look like absolute vomit, it's like the complete opposite extreme from the default pale palette of the game. Do something in between the two, don't just crank up saturation and contrast to the max.

>>508962649This looks like horse shit. What the fuck did you do to it?

>>508962807there's many different packs, most can be heavily customized. It's just 1 user posting his personal setup over and over; possibly for (You)s

>>508959892no the lod option changes mipmap levels and shouldn't be touched

>>508961986filename my dude

>>508962649The problem is that CEMU has quite a few graphical problems so people need to crank up saturation/contrast too high

>>508963078what are you talking about?mipmap is a separate pack entirely

>>508962952I agree it looks like everything is overtaken by one color that's pushed way too far>>508963162why do you make things up?

>>508963224the option called lod bias impacts mipmaps

>>508963386are you sure?that's not what it did when I tested it

>BotW nig is back>more not playing the game and posting screenshots>da grafiX!!!>just an oversatured over sharpened messPC Fags back at it again.

>>508963524100% I tested it by doing comparison screenshots, also googled it and also discussed about it here everything confirms what it does

>>508963601is there another LoD datapack then?as I swear I used one that actually did control LoD, and looking up the LoD Bias pack that is not at all what the pack I used did

the cemu screenshots don't look bad at all to me.Does someone want to post their own setting screenshots for comparison?

>>508963934>Does someone want to post their own setting screenshots for comparison?I would if it weren't for the fucking rangeban. Seriously, a month of this shit now. Fuck Hiro.

>>508963927there's also something that was called grass distance or something too lazy to check but it doesn't increase the grass distance like the name might suggest, instead it changes grass size there's no real lod mod for the game, at least wasn't two months ago when I researched how I wanted to mod the game

>>508946369what cellphone game is this? looks fun.

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BotW looks the way it does because the designers stylistically created a "comic book" cel-shaded limited detail world that spans to the horizon with fog, haze, shade effects, blocks of coloration, etc.The whole game was designed with the limitations and ideas of a water color world in place. Ergo; the game's polygons and textures were created with the ideas of a sort of hazy, water colored world. The landscapes and far off vistas are supposed to look like blotches of paint and smeared canvas with perhaps minuscule water droplets also obscuring the painting or image. Everything up close is designed to look like it's on the page of a pulpy manga/comic book and the backgrounds are supposed to look like lightly shaded hues reminiscent of picturesque paintings. The entire game, it's environments, all of it's textures and lighting effects are blended together by designers who spent 5 years on the game with a Wii U graphics engine. They COULD HAVE said "Monolith Soft, we want your realistic over the top Xenoblade Chronicles X shit in BotW"They didn't. They don't. That's never what Zelda will be. It doesn't matter how much you fucking over saturate the image or try to "remove" atmospheric fog. you're not improving the aesthetic at all by removing artstyle and over sharpening other areas.

nintendo games are fucking disgusting and made for incels

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>>508964213read this explanation a million times the issue is that it looks bad, a shitty CGI anime is supposed to look like hand drawn anime too but doesn't, never once does it look like a painting

>>508946369I played botw on cemu years ago. Was thinking of giving it another try so is there a new standard for emulating it? I remember it used to be complicated getting all the shaders right.

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>>508964324I think it looked okay in places but bad in others. Some scenes had a painterly look.

>>508963537Why do Nincels get so mad when faced with the fact that BotW is best experienced on PC?

>>508964324>never once does it look like a paintingYou're blind.

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>>508964367latest cemu on vulkan doesn't need shader cache to run smoothly, instead if a new shader appears, say for a rock, will appear a second too late the first time

>>508963537you can play on PC with the default washed out Switch graphics tho

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>>508964604>when faced with the fact that BotW is best experienced on PC?if you want 60 fps, I'm not going to argue. If you want the "better looking experience," it's on Switch on a 4k OLED screen.

>>508964612>put a green, almost sepia looking filter on some skyrim looking shit>call it a painting irony

>>508963934nobody complaining has actually played botw, of course they don't have their own screenshots

>>508964763Firstly, CEMU is a Wii U emulator. So it's not Switch textures. It's natively rendered at 720p with lower quality everything on Wii U's version. Switch has higher fidelity textures and renders at 900p natively.Secondly,>default washed out graphicsThat screenshot doesn't show any washed out graphics.

>>508964763technically, that's not true. CEMU is the Wii U version of the game which only supports limited RGB by default, whilst the Switch version of the game supports full range RGB.

>>508964773Emulator looks and runs better. The game just looks like shit on the Switch.

>>508964942switch has identical textures

>>508964824>on some skyrim looking shitShow me one screenshot of Skyrim that looks like that - the upclose features/textures and the background with the rocks and snow. You're going to end up showing me a super gamey looking screenshot where everything is clearly separated and doesn't run together.

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>>508964637Oh that sounds decent. Thanks.Any good iso locations? I remember originally getting it from some forums board. "dark" something?

>>508965115what you posted already looks fucking "gamey", which is why I drew the comparison to skyrim I can't post screenshots

Imagine a fucking mouth breathing drooling retard saying this doesn't look like a comic and looks like Skyrim. I don't even care i you play it on Cemu or not, just imagine how fucking RETARDED you have to be to say this doesn't look closer to a painting than Skyrim.

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>>508965341the latest public release has async shader compile, the one on their website

>>508964942>That screenshot doesn't show any washed out graphics.It makes night time look like night time

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>>508965449Switch looks pretty good compared to CEMU.

>>508965639That shit on the left looks NOTHING like night time. I dont' care if you use CEMU but please for the love of god stop deluding yourself in thinking whatever that is on the left looks good. All you've done is make the image look harsh and fucked up. It looks like daytime with cloudy skies in the background.

Scary times.

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>>508965449>>508965659something's fucked in the bottom one the map is blurred for no reason, isn't an actual issue in the emu eitherthough could be because that's an ancient version of the emulator, it's on 1.19 now

Only a brainlet would play BotW on PC. It looks like a beautiful painting on Switch.

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>>508965998I wasn't looking at the mini map. Just that Switch holds up pretty well inside buildings and up close.

>>508965819This is what real night time looks like

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>>508965449looks closer to a last gen video game than a painting so I'd say it's closer to skyrim desu

>>508966071>beautiful paintingNo one said this. An user said it's supposed to look like water colors in most of the environments. Not a "beautiful painting" >>508964213

>>508946369I miss when the early game wasn't watered down

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>>508951618>>508966071>>508966206obvious samefag

>>508965513Thank you.


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>>508966206No, that's what a blue shaded stylistic night looks like in a fake video game built to look like a picture and not even remotely close to did you think bright blue is what color night is in real life?

>>508966303Fuck I loved Vindictus when it came out.>>508966350

>>508966454dumb falseflag

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>>508966587he's just revealing the game for what it is, which is not some fucking masterpiece painting like some drones like to say

The PC version is objectively superior. Why is that so hard to understand? You can still enjoy it on the Switch.

>>508966689>some fucking masterpiece paintingnobody actually said that

>>508966750I've seen this it's supposed to look like a painting shit posted at least a dozen times

>>508966689You're not revealing shit. You're cherry picking very obvious static images in very specifically placed open areas where nothing is but dirt.

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>>508966837it is supposed to, that doesn't mean it was necessarily achieved.

>>508966858it wasn't me and he's showing regular scenes of the game while you're trying to do the cherry picking, problem is that it doesn't look all that good even at its best


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>>508966689>>508966837It's supposed to mimic a cel-shaded manga/water color. There's a lot of examples of this. I dunno why you post zoomed in screenshots of rocks.

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>>508967015it doesn't look like watercolor at all

>>508966986>>508966656>>508966454>>508951618>>508966071>>508966206imagine getting this booty blasted over a video game. Just imagine for one moment

>There is no way BotW on the Switch looks better than on cemu, it's just cherrypi-

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>>508967015you can make it look this blurry in pc if it really bothers you that much

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>>508966974>problem is that it doesn't look all that good even at its bestBy what standard?

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>>508967192BotW is my third favorite game of 2017

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>>508967193Serious request, can you put this up in a higher res?

>>508967280well I opened google image search and looked at some water color stuff and it doesn't look like that at all


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>>508967193wish this game didn't have the weird haze everywhere

>>508967392You sound like a total fucking mouthbreathing idiot. There isn't ONE water color image it copies. It's the stylistic design of the game.

>>508967356your falseflagging is fooling nobody, especially since you do this every botw thread

>>508967356I've too played this game a lot and I hate how it looks, it's still nice to spend a few hours walking and thinking about stuff


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>>508967496I didn't look at one image, that's the point it doesn't give an impression of being a representation of watercolor painting


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>>508967392>>508967496>>508967647the specific style of painting the game is going for is called 'en plein air'

>>508967392Let me try to explain art design in a way you can understand.GTA 5 goes for realism. You can look up pictures of buildings in real life and see that they do a decent job trying to approximate that in a graphics engine.Wind Waker tries to copy cartoons. You can look up a cartoon and see that they may have been trying to make a cartoon.Or, to make it even clearer, a game like Cuphead is supposed to have a cartoon design and graphic quality. Can you see that?BotW tries to mix several different elements together to create a game that in no way attempts to approximate reality or "high fidelity visuals." What it does is blend together a mixture of cel-shading techniques to create a more HD version of Wind Waker, a more modern, painterly Wind Waker. You can zoom in on small issues, defects, complain about haze, and whatever all you want, but the game is supposed to be an otherwordly, unrealistic cartoon, with haze, and water color like aesthetic, with distance fog, undetailed shapes, etc.

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cant wait to play botw 2 on yuzu

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>>508967751>en plein airsource for this claim? seen it a few times but I've googled that stuff and it looks nothing alike


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>>508967867>source for this claim?Bill Trinen stated it whilst playing the game on Treehouse Live in E3 2016. I don't know the specific timestamp however and there's hours of footage.

>>508967832I understand what your point was you retard but it doesn't look like a fucking watercolor painting, IT DOESN'T HAVE THAT AESTHETHIC YOU BLIND FUCKthe color scheme doesn't remind me of 99% of watercolor paintings I see, neither do the shapes because it's rendering 3D models while watercolor paintings tend to render them very simplified through bold brushstrokes instead


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>He thinks BotW looks better on cemuEducate yourself. The graphics are deliberately " low"to emphasize the en le plair artstyle.

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>>508966656>>508966858>>508967193>>508967356>>508967668I dont get your point. You can make BotW look like this on PC if you want to, most people dont do it because it looks like shit tho.

>>508965639right looks better

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>> I think it's time to admit you're fucking blind.Artwork and the game are not going to be 1:1. They are inspired by the artwork.

botw fans are rabid manchildren

>>508968148You think you're being funny but the screenshot you posted is actually a really good example. The mountains in the distance are the style.

>>508968148>the graphics are bad on purpose guysThe fucking state of nintendies


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>>508968190anon just wants to shitpost loudly, not discuss anything