Serious Sam 4

>don't have to constantly stop for cringe glory movies or chainsaw ammo refillsETERNAL ZOOMERS BTFO

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>>508944682>PC / Stadia only for a whole fucking yearPC Wins again haha lol trannys btfo get fucked redditor consoel cucks!>unlisted videos from the store pageHigh IQ play.

>>508944682Lmao people dont even want to shitpost about the gameZero hype

Serious Sam 4 looks like it's going to be seriously great. But holy shit, coop limit of 4 players is outrageous.

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>>508944682Is it bad that at a glance I saw Naruto and Goku Black in this thumbnail?Now I kinda want to see a mod that makes all the enemies Jump characters so you can kill Sasuke with a minigun

Just bought first encounter since it's on sale right now. Haven't played SS in forever.

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>>508945886There's no point when not even 64 people will use stadia.Hopefully there'll be some way to get 64-man games working on steam.

>>508945968>this is your brain on tacos

>>508945886Quite a kick in the nuts. Funny that they'd drop the player count so low considering their anniversary TDM servers they hosted a few weeks back were mostly at capacity.

>>508945525>bullets are now fast projectiles instead of hitscan>those alt firesI'm rock hard

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>>508944682Lol who fuckin cares about this walking backwards simulator?

Honestly, Serious Sam is more fun than Doom ever was. And yeah, I mean every Doom, but definitely Eternal. Every second I spent with Eternal I was imagining playing something better.

>>508945886In memoriam of the coop limit, we're doing a TSE modded campaign. Get in here,

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>>508944682There's no reason to try and pit Serious Sam against Doom. They go for completely different things.

>>508946514not having the the chest tattoo resemble popuko's face in some stupid way was a missed opportunity imo.

>>508946190Yeah but only because the devs participated. No one plays fucking PVP in Serious Sam.

>>508946735yeah this goes for good things while zoom eternal goes for gay things lmao

>>508946850I played for about 45min and saw one blatantly obvious dev, the rest all looked like your typical mix bag of slavs.

What's the best SS game to play? I haven't played any of them.

>>508946735only because they ruined doom

>>508945525>It will be harder than 3 and will go 100% serious since the early game

>>508944682looks great


>>508947184HD TFE and TSE are the apex of the series. BFE is also decent. SS2 is a total fucking meme. They should all be on sale for scraps, so might as well pick them up.Protip, if you own both HD games, you only need TSE installed. You'll be able to play TFE content on it.

>>508946982And people wonder why SS threads have been invaded by shitposters.

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Croteam once again producing vidyakino

>>508945525>That serious music videoHopefully we will be able to mod the OST

>>508944682Look at all that hot and sexy color bros.

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>>508946735Besides, in the end Painkiller wins.

>That map that looks like the beginning of Talos PrincipleGod bless Croteam

>>508944682say that 30 or 40 more times, maybe it will gain credence

So if we can have over 100k enemies at once, this means there will be a section with 100k+ suicide bombers at once.100k+ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs at once.I do not think I'm ready for that.

Serious Sam has literally always been bad

>>508948309>don't have to constantly stop for cringe glory movies or chainsaw ammo refillsETERNAL ZOOMERS BTFO

>>508945886What the fuck is up with that? I was looking forward to LAN this with my friends. Oh well.. Fuck consoles.

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>>508944682Can I ride or enter that flying chtuluh?

>>508944682>hold Mouse 1>beat gameYawn.I'll stick to Doom Eternal that requires actual thinking and involvement with the gameplay instead of something that plays itself.


>>508945525Very nice Thanks

>>508944682I have seen no indication whatsoever that this will have VR support, so I'm leery of needing to wait until a re-release comes out also at full price when I can do VR/co-op with flatscreens on the previous games in the meanwhile.

>>508949430They will probably sell VR as another title or DLC.They are not immune to the current market.

>>508946735yeah since doom was never good

Are you really so narrow minded that you want all fps games to be the same? I enjoy the RPS/fast paced style of shooter that doom eternal had, and I'll enjoy more of the kite massive hordes serious sam style too.

Can I join the fight too?

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>>508950772I suppose so.

>>508950276>if you don't like eternal or glory kills in particular you want all fps to be the same as ssbit of a stretch don't you think m8

>>508951789>Doesnt like CoD>Doesnt like doom 2016>Doesnt like doom eternal>Doesn't like halo>Doesn't like X or Y or anything elseI mean yeah its a bit of a stretch cause most people here just want to bitch and moan about stuff no matter what stuff that is, but still. It's tiresome.

>>508951994>>Doesnt like doom 2016>>Doesn't like haloBZZZT WRONGyou could've just asked, user.

>>508944682Dont have to reload, because not pewpew is hardDont have to think, everyone come to meHaha me too smarty

Shut the fuck up about DOOMif you toddlers need to shitpost do it somewhere else

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>>508944682Only thing worrying me is the "new" glory kills

>>508944682>>508945525That looks terrible. What's with the talos principle assets everywhere?

>>508952536No one played Talos Principle so it's fine.

>>508948309>don't have to constantly stop for cringe glory movies or chainsaw ammo refillsETERNAL ZOOMERS BTFO

>>508944682Finally the king is back.

>August 2020it will be an early access, doesn't it?

I hate crates

>>508954985>inb4 sam4 has lootboxes

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>>508952702Talos' been extremely successful. It's been released on just about everything.Here's some old indicators of the PC version alone.

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>>508954813No. Why the fuck would you even think so?It's been in development since 2011.

>>508944682What's the best entry for someone completely new to the series?

>>508955163So was Bannerlord or Sui Generis.

>>508944682SS has always been the worst "old school" fps series

>>508955225Second Encounter.

>>508955431Yes, and were any of those made by based slavs?

>>508955225the first one

>>508955447That's not Redneck Rampage>>508955556They're almost neighboors

>hey look i'm pretending to care about serious sam to spite the doom audience!

>>508955516>>508955561Thank you

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>>508955163Bannerlord was only in actual development for like 2

All the games are on sale. Do i buy the massive bundle with every game/dlc for $26 or do i only pick the best shit. In that case what is the best stuff.

Why are doomfags mad about serious sam? Doom hasn't been a classic FPS since DOOM 2 and serious sam has always been its own thing.

>>508956742Is just false flag.Like you did there.

>>508955086Don't contradict me infront of my friends.

>>508956721i got Serious Sam HD Gold Collection + BFE Gold Edition for way cheaperbut that's without VR

>>508945341nobody buys niche fps on console

>>508957102Complete pack has double D XXL, Random Encounter, and Tormental in addition to the stuff included in gold collection + BFE. So I guess the question is are those games any good?

>>508956742>Why are doomfags mad about serious sam?why are you trying so hard to force a controversy? its entirely possible that the people who like doom also like serious sam.its almost like you can enjoy more than one series of games.

>>508955163More like this is finished ss3

>croteamno wonder why this game is so based. only thing that is keeping me from buying (or preordering) is, is there a focus in the game? I know it is open world this time but surely it must have some progression and mission stuff?

>>508944682So do you still just back pedal, strafing in circles on the big featureless flat plain they call a level while the enemies run directly at you?

>>508944682looks pretty bad

>>508957491not open world, open level


>>508957361those aren't fps so i don't care

>>508956742Doomfags seethe they don't have 16 player native will firebomb Croteam if it's actually hardcoded 4 players.

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>>508957935Someone earlier insinuated it's probably just some forced parity from jewgle for the sake of the Stadia version. It'll probably be easy to change with a mod, and I wouldn't be surprised if Croteam themselves patches this out of the PC version after the stadia exclusivity deal ends.

>>508957935Co-op is a shit meme. If I wanted to play with friends, I'd play a dedicated co-op game like Overcooked or Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, or better yet just play a competitive game together as a team or against each other. And I am an EYEfag with 32 player co-op before you cry about Doom sourgrapes.

>>508959196>Hasn't played every mainline Sam game with 16 players.You must be real fun at parties.

>>508957491they said it was going to be more story focused this time around

>>508959297its fun once and then the novelty wears off. play EDF if you want that kind of silliness.

>>508944682Isn't serious sam kind of shit though? I've heard nothing but bad things about it until this thread

>>508959582Except EDF doesn't have 16p coop, you numpty. EDF's novelty wears off after the first day when all you do is start grinding for slightly improved versions of weapons you already have.

>>508959740do you even have 15 friends?

>>508960002As a matter of fact I do, and more.>>508957935

>>508960002No but I'm really promiscuous

>>508959582>its fun onceused to play 2nd encounter for hours with random assholes from the slums of eastern europe

>>508945525Oh boy I can't wait to circle-strafe around a big group of enemies until I shoot them all to death, over and over again.

>>508960619>i just described the gameplay, that means the game is bad

>>508960619>Oh boy I can't wait to circle strafe using monkey bars and portals around a big group of enemies until I shoot them all to death, over and over again.



>>508946735Forcing rivalries with games that only have surface level similarities is what Holla Forums does best.Just look at the Overwatch obsession in TF2 threads.


>>508945525>30fps preview videos of a fast paced shooterwhat's the FUCKING point?

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>>508961347>Just look at the Overwatch obsession in TF2 you want me to look at nothing?

Why are they using Serious Sam 3 footage to promote Serious Sam 4?

Did they make him less muscular?

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>>508961279ugh, don't remind me of how badly Id fucked up Doom

>>508964692Losing gains from running through so many levels.

Already looking like it'll be at least on par with BFE so I'm fine with that. TSE best game though.

>want to replay serious sam>four different versions on steam

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>>508965231if you're casual that likes ezmodo maybe

>>508965304Once you beat the games on mental x67 the word "casual" means nothing. It's the best version but if you want to signal a few balance changes in BFE make it too easy, feel free to stroke your hardcore guy pen.

It looks... bad. It doesn't help that it looks exactly like Serious Engine 3 with its whit lightning and materials. That engine was only appropriate for Talos.Croteam really peaked with TSE. It has been all downhill from there, including the remakes (but excluding TTP).I will still play it because there isn't anything like it anymore.

>>508944682So does this game have the same reloading that Serious Sam 3 had? Because that was honestly the worst part of the game.


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>>508944682I can imagine somebody unironically thinks this game will be in any way better than doom eternal.

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>>508964692no, he just farther away

>>508944682>constantly makes fun of zoomers>is just as, if not less mature than zoomersbaka. cringe desu famalam

>>508944682>spend entire game running backwards while shootingso this is the power of serious... sam....

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>>508966625It will be for sure (not like that's any difficult), since Croteam has already stumbled in the past and know better than to make an overdesigned mess "so the streams will look good".And before you >> me, I already completed it on UV. It's shit and 2016 is clearly better (I just played it again), get over it.

Is SS3 worth $6.37 on steam sale?

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>>508967129For the life of me I do not understand how anyone could prefer Eternal to 2016.

>>508967224SS3 is not worth -$6.37.

>>508967349bit rude don't you think

>>508952536Serious answer: talos was made because the devs liked a puzzle mechanic they made for SS4. So they halted development of SS and made talos out of its assetsIt's more that talos has SS4 stuff than SS4 having talos stuff

>>508967224Not really.

>>508965231>>508965304>>508966021I just bought First Encounter and this Fusion thing popped up in my library even though I didn't buy it. What exactly is it?

>>508967838It basically allows you to to play TFE, BFE, and TSE in one menu.

>>508945525>that reload animationbetter be purely cosmetic like in ss3

>>508967963>>508967838And in VR

>>508967349>>508967790What is your beef with SS3?