Great videogame character designs.

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Nah, you’re just a thirsty weeaboo

I love Reisen!

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>>508944365(because you like anime)

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>>508944365moeblob dogshitvery that purple hair???10/10 my good sir

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>>508944018She's literally just gender swapped Ryu in a schoolgirl outfit.


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>>508944018>>508944603Love these. Marnie is good too.


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>>508944018>さくらが>んばるJapanese is great but I hate that they do shit like this

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Anime artstyle in video games is the WORST. I can’t stand any anime

>>508944018thank you for these Sakura's, OP. Keep em coming if you can


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>>508944018I like her best in V when she's graduated high school and looks more professional.

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>>508944018That's a clothing design. You wouldn't know who the fuck she was if she was full nudeCammy on the other hand...


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>>508946469Looks like a mf neo nazi


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It sad knowing cammy will never be this good again :(

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>bloomers now banned in schools because of angry soccer moms in JapanNancies are horrible no matter the culture


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My bias is infinite and 4laifu though.

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>>508945916You never played Street Fighter?

>>508948330Darkstalkers is cheating, they spent three whole months just doing the basic designs for that cast.

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>>508946398>You wouldn't know who the fuck she was if she was full nudeThere are mods for that, and yes, I can recognize her bush instantly.


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>>508944996kys trannie


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>>508944058Same energy

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This mf looks so cool

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>>508944018Crimson red hair and blue eyes look so good together.

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>>508951565I can't tell where the head, arms or legs should be. Is it even a person?

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>>508952370He's reclining on a chair

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My wife.

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Why is the art direction in Street Fighter so bad now?

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>>508953564Was Devilotte actually popular or someone inside Capcom really liked her?


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Tell me about this super-soldier Holla Forums. Why does shr wear the gauntlets?

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>>508953754it's more likely that the artist just really likes drawing her

>>508953363Because it's a series that was originally designed for 2D by some of the best 2D artists in the industry but is now being shoehorned into 3D by completely medicorce 3D artists.

>>508953754She's way more popular than the actual game she game from.


>>508955150So she wont catch a cold.


Not trying to hate but if Cammy was a modern day character everyone would try to shit on her design so hard.

>>508957228Yes, but she has been grandfathered in. She has a legacy.


>>508953363what you're saying you don't like the giga hands and feet and the weird claymation faces?

>>5089440184s Evil Ryu was cool

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>>508957228>everyone No just a handful of loud idiots who dont play video games.

>>508949802>looked up the

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>>508953207finally, a good character design in this shit thread

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>>508944018Nearly every character in Street Fighter is great.

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>>508944018Sakura beating up Chunners!

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>>508962045Chun Li is such a shit. She was cute in SF2 but then they made up all roided up and serious. Thank God Sakura came along to fulfill the cute girl niche of SF.

Bad thread, here is a top tier design stuck in a bad game

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>>508962186Even the developers bully her in the story mode nowadays.

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>>508962186She was cute in the anime, at least.

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>>508962725She's cute in most of her appearances, with SF3 being peak chun. Only SF4 and 5 have her "roided up".

>>508962925>She's cute in most of her appearances. No, after 1999 she looks like shit on almost everything, SF4, SF5, Marvel Vs Capcom 4...she looks like shit in all of them. Pic unrelated.

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>>508963486>SF4, SF5, Marvel Vs Capcom 4Already mentioned 2 of those, and using Infinite might as well be cheating because everyone looks like shit there.

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>>508963737Cringe. >>508962725>>508962045Based.

He's so based

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>>508962186But roided up girls are perfect for cute girls to defeat.

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My favorite maverick design of them all.

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>>508964669Heh that hand print on that ass.

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>>508964669Now imagine if all those guys in the crowd circled around Chun Li and starting wacking off on her battered and bruised body haha

>>508967706I bet it happens everytime Chun gets trashed by a cuter stronger girl.

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