Death Stranding

I wish I could enjoy a game this unique again. Sequel when?

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triggered brainlets in 3...2....1....


>>508943062>generic tps with empty open world Damn how did Kojima think of that?

>>508943062In a place and time called your dreams

>>508943596Comfirmed for not having played it. I don't see why I should value your opinion.

>>508943062I'd settle for a massive overhaul to the BT encounters (more variety, more danger) and simple structures like a half ramp (scalable to a full size if you upgrade it )

>>508943596>tps>you never shoot

>Sequel when?probably not. It ended on a satisfying note.We need mods to improve game-play though

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Sequel just feels unnecessary when everything is tied up and the game achieved what it set out to do. Spiritual successor maybe, but I really doubt anyone would have balls for that since Death Stranding is pretty much a joke to most people.

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>>508943994Sounds good. The BTs being too weak was one of my biggest gripes with the game. If BTs would be more dangerous the game would improve immensly imo.

>>508943062You're playing the sequel. Do you rike it?

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>>508944387>but I really doubt anyone would have balls for that Kojima does because he cares more about actually making a game he wants to make instead of following trends, which is why Death Stranding ended up being such a unique experience.

Ive been actually thinking about making strand-like game.

>>508943062>wants unique game again>WHERE IS MY SEQUELlol

>>508944824I haven't had enough of Death Stranding and want more of this unique experience I can't find anywhere else

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>>508945124i'd rather have kojima do some other new wacky stuff next

>>508943062>what a great unique experienceWhy would you want a sequel then? Wouldn't it be better for Kojimbo to make something new? A sequel to DS also wouldn't really make any sense plot-wise.

>>508945124I feels like the foundations for an incredibly wonderful world construction/traversal genre. I haven't had my fill of the universe either, but I do NOT want Kojima to get sucked into making endless sequels and not getting to explore his other creative ideas. In a perfect world I'd just want him to have had more time to develop the first one, really bring their a-game when it comes to scenario crafting and enemy types, go full ham on the story like he did with a few more padding to add the entire united states as indepth as the rest of the game and then move on to something fresh.

>>508943558Jimmy bros btfo

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>>508943596>he hasnt played it/v/ in a nutshell right here

>>508943994This, and then I'd give the game a 10 instead of a 9

>>508943062go outside and take a walk boom same concept.

>>508946364I don't live in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world as a deliveryman just delivering stuff together with my BB so no, not really. Games are also pretty differrent from real life, I doubt fighting a real war is the same as playing CoD.

>>508946364Get it? Because it's a walking simulator HUEHUEHUE

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I want death stranding, but with a randomly generated world (like minecraft). This world has randomly generated outpost placed throughout it, so you can deliver forever and always go to new places. It would be a 10/10 game.

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>>508947879I want a character creator and then I'm satisfied. At the very least 3 men and 3 women archetypes with face swaps.

>>508947879This, but also increase the effect/permanence of player paths, and allow for pavement of sufficiently traveled paths.

fun game

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>>508948195the baby should be made in character creation. when it grows up it becomes playable character.if you play long enough you're going to have whole village worth of babies that you've grown

>>508948692I like this idea a lot That would've been pure fucking kino if the game opens up after credits roll as a fully multiplayer free roam,

>>508943062One of the best games I've ever played, made all the better from the sweet salty tears of raging robofuckers.

>>508943062Very excited for it to come out on PC soon to play with my wife.

Best game I played this generation, I get why some people wouldn't like it, but I think it gets way too much shit from complete retards just regurgitating the same opinion over and over because they don't like kojima (I don't even blame them for not liking him but let the game stand on its own)>>508943596this is the first game that really makes me think you should have to complete a game before you start talking shit about it>>508944581we're in the prequel rn. chinks are going to cause the first voidout though not the US>>508945757yes as much as I loved this game I don't want a sequel. let kojimbob keep doing weird new shit

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>>508943062Just finished it, watching the credits.That ending, man.Lou. ;_;I can't wait to do it again on PC.I would like a prequel that revolves around Cliff and John.Probably my favorite characters next to Sam, Heartman, and Mama/Lockne.

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>>508952146Forgot to mention I really liked Deadman as well.What a bro.

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>>508950635My girl, too, loved this game. She watched me play it a bit and was getting into the story, she even watched youtube videos of the story of the parts she wasnt able to see me play the first time. We are planning on getting for PC as well, both to support Kojima and for inevitable mods

>>508943062I'm gonna replay it when it arrives on PC in less than 2 months.

I'm glad this shit didn't get big. We don't need more failed movie directors making wannabe movie video games.


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>>508943727>>508944027You're constantly using weapons during the 2nd half of the game. Why lie? The first half is walking sim the 2nd half is ziplining everywhere and occasional terrible gunplay. It sucks. Get over it.


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>>508943062I wish I could have enjoyed it the first time through, but I got really really tired of Fragile and her terrible voice actress.

>>508943062To be fair, Death Stranding was a unique experience but I did enjoy it. Atmosphere was great, story hooked you in, and gameplay really wasn't that bad. It was slow though but overall I liked it.


>>508951530Why did Kojima make a giant open world and put literally nothing in it to discover, AGAIN? How can you defend a game where the only gameplay is endless identical fetchquests in a world with no scripting, no events, no characters to interact with or places to find, nothing dynamic happening in the opening world? A completely static unreal engine map so devoid of content it shouldnt even be called a videogame. Fuck you and your cult of contrarian morons

>>508955039All the music in this game is great.Especially Lou's

>>508954909>Atmosphere was greatWhat atmosphere? It looks like something youd make in another games level maker. Did they even make original assets for this game?

>>508955267>That final trek to the incinerator what a great game

>>508945124Red dead 2 has a similar vibe. And if you play online its almost just delivery missions. When you have your own bar and you have to deliver alcohol you can take a "far" route. Same grinding xD

>>508955128woah buddy, you're the one coming in here with the contrarian opinion, cool off pal :) the game's world is engaging because of the scale and variation. simply traversing it gives some people an awe inspiring and rewarding feeling. If you didn't fine, but other open world games that have everything you listed can suck because they become railed experiences moving from one marker to the other with no actual sense of exploration or meaning

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>>508954704>The 2nd part of this long ass game has occassional moments where you have the option to use a gun therefore it's a tpsMan you truly convinced me. The whole time I thought the game actually focuses around traversing harsh environments and delivering stuff, but I was wrong.

>>508943062Mario in Unreal Engine is more of a videogame than this middling nothing

>>508955415Yeah, I just beat the game.Time for me to unlock all the stuff I missed and then wait for it to come out for PC and do it all again.I wish you were able to take Sam's hair out of the ponytail or give him short hair like in the photo.

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>>508955980This. If I cant bing bing wahoo and stomp some goombas its not a video game.

>>508955268>what atmospherestop embarrassing yourself, everyone can tell you know nothing about the game

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Been playing it for a week and fucking love it. I honestly can’t believe the hate it gets.

>>508956640I blame normies, Youtubers, social media, and "influencers".Those that hate on it wouldn't be able to appreciate it for what it is.

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You know I really thought it was a meme, but its true. If its not bing bing wahoo your mind just cannot comprehend it. Unironically 2deep4you get fucked.

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>>508957346What area is that in the top left?Didn't think the sky ever got that dark in game.

>>508943062>Sequel when?never because brainlets panned the game

>>508955128The open world isn’t something you explore for new items. It’s something you struggle through. The map is deceptively open in the sense that A lot of ground is inaccessible without building up structures.

>>508943062you could just try banging your head against a wall. gives the same kinda brain damage playing that "game" does

>>508955751Anon, there are straight up boss fights. Including a giant that you can’t punch or cord.

>>508957836When you arrive at Lake Knot City for the first time

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>>508955751not him but>ocassional>option to use a gun>when major and various story moments are the same shootout bullet sponges in form of le big monster, higgs, and cliff and soldiers, higgs into the big monster, and copy paste, all of them mandatory

>just got a starDo these do anything?>>508958754Oh right. Thanks.


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>>5089598740 atmosphere, just absolutely nothing going on according to Holla Forums

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>>508960361That’s because these days people don’t play games. They stream them. Death Stranding is boring to watch because the viewer isn’t sitting there thinking about how to best handle terrain or how to optimize their delivery or gear. They’re just watching someone else do it. Thanks to Twitch, the only way a game is received as interesting is if it has a lot of explosions and flashy lights.

>reach the timefall farm >see a memory chip on the top of a mountain near the sea>decide to go for it and start climbing>get to the summit, this starts>grab the chip and sit on the mountaintop staring at the horizonWhat is this feeling? Melancholy?Are there any more games that do random things like this?

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>>508957056Those who judge will never understand, and those who understand will never judge.

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>>508943062i really tried but i just couldnt finish itits not as deep as people pretend it is and the good moments it had were too far between the most monotonous shit you can spend time doing in a fucking video game the most fun i had were the hallucinations in the mirror, it should have been a better GAME

>>508962301you're just not smart enough. go play nintendo while us adults talk about mature and serious games don't need to be fun. art is more important than gameplay.

>>508943062>Those texturesHopefully the PC version will be better

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>>508962410>you're just not smart enough

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>>508961791Well said, user.

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>>508957056I think Kojima is calling out a lot of that culture with the “likes” and MULES. People get likes and it fucks up their brain chemistry, then they obsess over it. BB giving you likes is so fucking crazy and hilarious. I’ve been off FB for almost 10 years and I see all social media as a true plague fucking up humanity, I appreciate the sentiment in death stranding. He makes it clear the benefits of being “connected” but the modern culture of social media worship is definitely portrayed as fucked up for humans.

>>508943062It doesn't need a sequel. Everything is wrapped up. And frankly the storey doesn't warrant another go. I greatly enjoyed the actual gameplay but the cutscenes were double the length they needed to be and the story was a mess. A lot of good ideas but bad execution.

>>508961530>Are there any more games that do random things like this?Man I wish. Moments like these are why I love Death Stranding.>What is this feeling?Really varies. I remember finally making it through a rough as fuck timefall area, then continuing my way to my destionation. Shortly after when I ran down a mountain this started playing and BB laughed. It was fucking magical, never did a game make me feel this way.

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>>508963112Keep on keeping on.

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>>508943062There's just absolutely no reason to go back to it. I love it, but that's bit of a failure for an open-world game.

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>>508964694Eh I think the open-world was pretty well utilized, a big part of the game was figuring out your own unique routes and paths to your deliveries. Where it failed was combat.

>>508964694How come I played it 3 times then and still get the itch to play it again?

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>>508963603>tfw said this phrase a lot before>practically a catch phrase>play Death Stranding>now end up saying it 100x more than I ever did beforeMake it stop

>>508964694You wrong nig. I still thinkin bout those packages.....

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>>508964694damn i love troy bakers voice acting

>>508943062>tfw no games set during the actual death stranding event where you have to survive to the end of the wolrd and you encounter the first BT's and shit

>>508962708Yeah, social media is cancer.Thing is about the MULES is that they have an obsession with getting packages.The likes are empty which is the whole point.>>508966598Troy Baker hammed it up so much.He chewed the fat in every scene.I hope Higgs gets a Figma made.

>>508966601I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a DLC chapter about that, but the actual stranding didn’t seem to be the focus of the game. It seemed more about connections and relationships. Also abortion is murder.

>>508967357>DLC chapterKojimer is already startng to work on his next game or movie, Death Stranding is completed and finished

>>508967357If that's what you got out of the game you're either a secondary or the dumbest motherfucker on the planet.

>>508962708The best part is if he’s trying to make a statement, the players played right into it. All of the beautiful scenery in the game and everyone covers it up with meaningless like bait. On one hand, there’s a benefit to the like system. It encourages people to put up useful objects like the zip lines or bridges. Effort is rewarded. On the other hand, it creates a mess of people putting up obnoxious holograms in hope of attention.

>>508967585>main character is afraid of being touched>all of the cast is connected to everything in some way>BB Is connected to literally all of them>outcasts are in danger of dying and need to rely on others to survive>even the enemies rely on a connection to their home>hands everywhere, growing out of the ground, part of enemy anatomy>in the end Sam is no longer afraid of being close to people