WTF were they thinking?

WTF were they thinking?

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fuck h3h3 and fuck OP


No wonder it takes them forever to release new games. They spend all of their time making rebbit tier meme dlc


Is this fucking real

>>508942591>Joji went off to be a gay Soundcloud rapper>Maxmoefoe plays with Pokemon cards now>iDubbbz is a confirmed cuck>Pewdiepie went back to playing shitty games and Reddit videos>Jontron is riding on Flextape memes>H3H3 is a sellout and a hypocrite>Dunkey constantly goes full retard >Cr1tikal face reveal What happened to these guys? Is it the end of an era?

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>>508944140Money (or lack thereof) changes people

>its fucking real

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Ethan is your typical rich backstabbing conniving Jew. Do people still watch this faggot kike?

>>508942591How long is this board going to fake rage over shitty DLC of a dead game?

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This DLC was made to help them raise funds for the lawsuit. I guess you guys are too young to remember that.


fuck this faggot and his horse faced wife

>>508944747the jews really have a getaway card for everything...tfw no life on easy mode

>>508944140>Joji went offhe always was, way before he started filthy frank

>>508944140>Brittany Venti just looks for targets of the month to make videos of and bullyWhat happened

>>508942591>Overkill makes a h3h3 character pack webpage as an April Fool's joke>people say they wished it was real>Overkill makes it realThere, you can stop making this thread now.

>>508945127the fact they won that court case opened the door for everyone who wants to make reaction/parody/satire content. they also gambled their entire lives on the lawsuit which they could have just as easily lost.stop whining about jews and fix your own life

>>508944140wow your life must be really sad and boring to give even two fucks about some literally nobodies from... jewtube i guess? (I don't know cause i've never heard about anyone of them)

>>508944140Leafy and Keemstar were the heroes all along

>>508944140>Maxmoefoe plays with Pokemon cards nowHe's actually with chad doing coldones. It's a really good show tbqh.

>>508942591buy an ad, Jew

>>508945345some don't have to fix their own

>>508944747I heard they already paid for the lawsuit in full way before and won being Jew and all. The FUPA shit and this was a way to scam (typical of kikes) people from their money. Ethan literally lives in a ivory tower laughing at all the goys to the bank. Retard zoom zoom larping as someone older.


>>508944140That's who Joji was all along. The spergs couldn't cope. Good for him.

It's ridiculous how unlikeable Ethan has become since 2015.

>>508944140at least chad (anything4views) does a podcast with max now, some of the guests are fucking insufferable literal whos but is still entertaining

>>508945345>the fact they won that court case opened the door for everyone who wants to make reaction/parody/satire contentPeople on Youtube still get copyright striked for this. They did nothing to help. >stop whining about jews and fix your own lifeUnironically defending kikes. Holy shit, the state of this board.>

>>508944140>big mommy gfI'm good

>>508944140literally who

>>508944140pretty good pasta, although I'll always disagree, max is fucking hilarious even if he is only opening children's cardboard

>>508945345>stop whining about jewsShut the fuck up, schlomo.

>>508946023no u, cletus

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>>508944140>giving a shit about your pretend friends


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>>508942591Aren't those the two bitchfaggot Jews who "represented" the anti-DMCA-trolling collective and then went to DMCA attack a youtuber who did a "contentpolice" on them which pretty much called out their hypocrisies and retardation of becoming the very butts of their own jokes from the early days when they still had IQ and creativity?

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So far today I seen posters defend mediocre remakes, Jews, e-celebs, and social distancing. When did Holla Forums became a liberal safehaven for faggot zoomers and sois?

>>508945345hows your teddy fresh hoodie fit you faggot

>>508944140at least grade is back

>>508945480if anyone actually thinks this you've got shit taste and zeraora is probably a cool pokemon to you

>>508945480No, Keem is a pedo and Leafy exposed his dick and bare asshole to everyone.

>>508945639They used the entire FUPA find then still had to use their own money to cover the rest of the costs. A few seconds on Google will tell you that. I'm also surprised by how rich he became. I wonder where most of his income comes from. The merch? The podcasts? Can't be the YouTube videos after the adpocalypse since he uploads twice a year.

>>508942591>WTF were they thinking?"These two dudes will make good characters in our game"

>>508945637Yeah. Rich white literal royalty like PewDiePie get the red carpet rolled out for them to do whatever they want, while others have to risk their entire lives on a lawsuit just to keep the position they've made for themselves.>>508945912>People on Youtube still get copyright striked for this.Name one.

>>508942591raise money for a lawsuit involving fair usage law on youtube

>>508946330>went to DMCA attack a youtuber who did a "contentpolice" on them which pretty much called out their hypocrisiesPretty sure this never happened

>>508946449>I wonder where most of his income comes fromKike networking.

I feel really out of touch with all the new edgy youtubers as of recent. Ryan the leader, cherdleys, callmecarson, misfits etc. They seem to be trying to fit in void that was left after filthyfrank left. However they seem to be really popular because my classmates at uni love talking about them.

>>508946449The merch, definitely. I live in NYC and see faggots wearing it at least once a week. (before covid at least)

>>508946685It pretty much did.

>>508942591It was a different time.

>>508944140Max sucks typical >loud=funnyCold ones is insufferable and anyone that likes it is literally a mouth breather.

>>508946832I've never seen any claim of a DMCA attack anywhere but your post


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Is it me or is this board getting younger and younger and insanely more liberal? It's fucking annoying. I can't believe the day has come where people unironically defend e-celebs and a fucking Jewish one at that. What the fuck is this clown world?

>>508942591>trying to look badass with a hairy double chin

>>508946742There are only 3 possibilities here:>Those classmates are in GEs>You're wasting your money studying for a dumb meme major like Chicanos Studies>You're lying and you're underage still in High SchoolWhich one is it?

>>508947035>youngerAlways.>more liberalIt's shifting back to where it was pre-gamergate.been here since 2007

>>508947035Probably a mix of children, and a group of newniggers that think they're in good company.

>>508946876I hated him before it was cool. He's a rat fuck who represents everything wrong with modern YT.

>>508947035Usually people grow up and stop wasting time here.

>>508947035No, it's just people being resentful to you false flagging summer fag who is always out for another rage kick. Fuck off and stop this race baiting bullshit and fuck off to plebbit again. There you can have your twitter cap threads and outrage as much as you want, fucking echo chamber cry babbi.

>>508947082You're literally retarded

>>508947312>t. ESL

>>508947021Because you don't know shit about the gokunaru case. His video was claimed by the faggots from butthurt.

>>508947312Dilate, faggot.

>>508946538>implying pew didn't make a name for himself and the two jews didn't try to do the exact same thing to another Youtuber they begged money for one year ago.They are hypocrites, conniving and not worth defending. Please get standards.

>>508944601I no longer "follow" any games on steam, but I was following a few from whenever they first introduced that feature, and the reason I stopped was because the devs of this game would send out the equivalent of a @everyone ping about the h3h3 lawsuit case when that was going on.

>>508947035Probably a large scale kike false flag operationOr a bunch of bored asians looking for an argument

>>508947102I study audio technology and engineering. It's pretty fun because you can always just hit up any bandcamp retard and make like $200 to "mix" their shitty album. But because of this I'm constantly surrounded by artists in my uni who are destined to work in retail, and a lot of these dudes are naive 19 year olds.

Is Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers the only non cuck youtuber left?

>>508947534>>508947448npc replies have no affect and sound only cool in the mind of a faggot stuck in teenage thinking.

>>508947035>I've been here since 2016 and I think I know what 4chan culture was like since 2003

>>508947935SNEAKO is pretty based

>>508947169I've been here since 06 and 4chans political stance was always to sit back and watch a grease fire and then proceed to throw water on it.

>>508945517Chad's a faggot so no thanks.

>>508946330He's targeting advertisers for other youtubers to cancel them now.

>>508947505>gokunaru>got DMCAedLiterally one search reveals your lies. Youtube's harassment policy has absolutely nothing to do with the DMCA.>>508947685All pewdiepie had to do was come up with a name. Everything else was done for him. His wealthy family gave him all the gear and financing he needed, all the connections and favors, etc. His parents are literal royalty as well as being involved in both government business and private industry. Don't get me wrong, the Kleins are rich hypocrites too, but they're just regular rich. Their families are nothing compared to Pewds

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>>508948150i miss doing it for the lulz instead of whining about trannies and socialists

>>508945517most of the episodes have the same lofi hip hop beat playing in the background on loop that completely fucking makes me go fucking nuclear

>>508948150Yep, 4chan's political stance is always the opposite of whichever autists are the easiest to enrage. For the last 5ish years it was SJWS.Now SJWs are chilling out and it's the inbred hillbillies that are easiest to enrage.

>>508948404>Literally one search reveals your lies.You mean literally one search where you take a title for granted instead of seeing the the content where an interesting flagging and claiming with breadcrumbs towards H3H3 was revealed, bitchboy.Also he received attempts at claims in 2019 bitchboy.

>>508942591They thought 'hey we can make their several million subscribers maybe buy something.'

>>508944140idk who any of those people are


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>>508948642You sound like such a dumb faggot. Literally dilate stupid underage.

>>508947721They were the worst. All that crimefest spam, I stopped following them too.

>>508948791You haven't missed out on anything

>>508944140good god you are a faggot

>>508948150>still trying to compare what old Holla Forums did to what that shithole Holla Forums does now

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>>508948864>>508948873thank you for proving my point

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>>508949040>im gayThis is your post.

>>508945480If you think Leafy, a chinless faggot who bullied children and mentally disabled but then ran away for years after getting BTFO or Keemstar a psychotic pedophile bald manlet that doxxes people and ruins innocent peoples lives for "news" are heroes you are an actual fucking retard or a child.

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>>508944601yeah it came out 3 years ago?


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>>508947035It's because summer vacation came early for these kids because of kung flu. So now we have to deal with this shit on a daily basis

>>508949352>Ethan>Keem >CharlieThe trifecta of faggotry.

>>508949139epin, simply ebin. Libs owned bro.

>>508944140and this girl is a massively insecure mutt

>>508948958The only difference is that 4chan has a more rural userbase now. 4chan is a magnet for poorfags with high-speed internet. For a long time, high-speed internet was sparsely available in rural US/Europe. It was mostly a weeb site, unsurprising because that's what outcasted poorfags generally bond over in urban/suburban areas. Now there's widespread broadband and smartphones in rural areas. It's been just long enough that now rural teenagers who "grew up online" are browsing 4chan en masse now.Hence all the "edgy uncle" style unironic racism and Turner Diaries-tier nazi propaganda that gets spammed nowadays. This is what rural kids are more likely to bond over than weebshit.

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>>508944140Give me Mutt Milkies.

>>508944140>caring about zoomer celebritiesonly one that's interesting is the 56% tit cow you posted and only because of the tits

>>508944729>dead gameI agree though, its weird how regular sperg threads about this are

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How are you faggots still seething about this years later? Holy shit kill yourself

>>508949604>The only difference is that 4chan has a more rural userbase now.I'm a Balkanfaggot and I've been on the Internet since '98, and been on 4gaia since 2004 with intermitent fasting from this place. Your statement is clueless. This place has been a poorfag fiesta since the very beginning.

>>508949296reddit tier meme. fuck off faggot

>>508947169stop the revisionism. I've been on 4chan since then too and they had nigger hate threads on Holla Forums everyday, except back then you didn't have some faggot screaming >gb2/pol/

>>508949604>The only difference is that 4chan has a more rural userbase now.The difference is Holla Forums did shit for lulz and Holla Forums does shit because of a normalfag obsession with politics. They echo the cancer of 2008 Holla Forums in doing shit to "CHANGE DA WORLD OMG WE'RE HEROES" while using this site to push agendas and spread propaganda. To Holla Forums, everyone could be a target. To Holla Forums, some people are just too "based and redpilled" to ever be attacked regardless of how stupid the shit they say or do is. Your board is a fucking joke created from the cancer that was Project Chanology.All fucking normalfags must fucking hang.

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>>508949668Ethan will never stop being hated. These threads are basically used to talk about whatever new slimy shit he's done.

>haha le old 4chan was liberal ;Dhow to spot a redshitter. pic related is from 2006

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>>508949916>This place has been a poorfag fiesta since the very beginning.This is what I'm saying. For the first 10 years it was urban/suburban poorfags, because that's where high-speed internet was available first. For example, I grew up in the Bronx NY, my poorfag parents gave me unsupervised internet access in the 90s so I wouldn't go outside. There were always pockets of stormfag shit on the internet, but it didn't really become mainstream net culture until rural communities started "living online".

>>508944140>Is it the end of an era?Yes. Youtube killed fun and interesting content because it wasn't "advertiser-friendly". We will never have something approaching Youtube Jackass because no one is retarded enough to suffer for free.

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>>508945871>insufferable literal whosSounds like Chad himselfHe's the definition of a leech

>>508949982>back then you didn't have some faggot screaming >gb2/pol/yeah instead he said >gb2/stormfront/

>>508945912>People on Youtube still get copyright striked for this.which means the youtuber can file a complaint against the copyright holder>They did nothing to help. factually incorrect

>>508950095>oldfag>loves CP>is fascist/racist

>>508949352Well at least Charlie got the clickbait titles down. Between this and the "Dunkey went too far" video, he really knows how to rake in the zoomer views. This faggot has become a condensed version of every kind of youtuber he hated, and rationalizes it as "I was always a reaction channel."

>>508950419Really? I am also from the Bronx and I have been racist for as long as I can remember. I also grew up poor and surrounded by nogs and spics. Your statement does not hold true at all.

>>508950095Old Holla Forums was apolitical. I know Holla Forums has probably filled your 2018fag mind with revisionist delusions that this place was some far-right Traditionalist Christian hangout place but it wasn't.

>>508944140I hope the elections bring a revival to american kino youtube culture, 2016 youtube was god tier

>>508950717a newfag election tourist like you wouldn't understandit was just to trigger cry babby faggots before /idpol/ ruined everything

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>>508950095Old 4chan was a bunch of nerds acting like retards online because it was funny and novel at the time. New 4chan is what happened when actual retards found the place and thought they were in good company.

>>508951119The people I'm talking about are a different kind of racist. They consider you a spic or worse because you're probably italian or some other fake-white

>>508942591They REALLY needed to keep the playerbase distracted so they would move on from the MT disaster and not dig too much into the whole "we totally bought the IP back from the ebil Starbreeze you guys"They thought that collab would bring some good will, but it sadly coincided with h3h3 declining as Ethan started those terrible, terrible podcasts soon after

>>508951639Stop speaking the truth! STOP! I can't see this place wreaked into pieces by nu-males any more. I wish this place would go back to ten years ago. Guess it's time to find another board. Goodbye

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>>508947935would be if he didn't fold to h3's faggotry even though he was proved to be in the right.

>>508949246>If you think Leafy, a chinless faggot who bullied children and mentally disabled but then ran away for years after getting BTFO or Keemstar a psychotic pedophile bald manlet that doxxes people and ruins innocent peoples lives for "news" are heroes you are an actual fucking retard or a child.

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>>508952253Hey faggot. Stop spamming boards with your unfunny stupid Wojack faces.

>>508944140The best way to really show the issue with Leafy is to compare him to say, Metokur.Jim has never taken the two seconds to defend himself or back track his more sadistic moments. Leafy did that all the time.

>>508949982Nigger hate threads were actually fun, Holla Forums and it’s schizo bullshit is not

>>508944140Dunkey is literally a cuck, though.

>>508942591why do you post this thread every week

>>508952253so you're proving my point here since you can't actually come up with a response and just respond with shit wojack's that were never funny. You must be 18 years old to post here.

>>508949982>Holla Forums

>>508942591Why does she barely talk in any of their videos?

>>508953830She's always high in them

>>508942591At least they got (((their))) phenotype right.

>>508944140>Joji went off to be a gay Soundcloud rapperThat was the biggest loss, but at least joji acted smart and left in time. Jewtube right now cannot handle filthy frank content. Joji is terrible as a musician but dumb bitches will listen anything I guess>Maxmoefoe plays with Pokemon cards nowHe always played with pokemon cards >iDubbbz is a confirmed cuckAnd a gay faggot. Fuck him >Pewdiepie went back to playing shitty gamesand Reddit videosI agree with the shitty games, but I like his commentary on reddit funny shit not his fucking subreddit, """funny"" fan stuff are cringy as fuck. Also after the quarantine, pewdiepie got too lazy as a content creator>Jontron is riding on Flextape memesYep he has turned into a full time boomer>H3H3 is a sellout and a hypocriteAlways were, but at least they were somewhat entertaining with their original channel. Everything went downhill when they have started that shitty podcast>Dunkey constantly goes full retardYes, and he will "keep saying it" until he stops riding nintendo's cock >Cr1tikal face reveal Cum,shit, piss nuts to butts haha am I still relevant kids? Critikal was never really funny and you had to grow up to see it.


>>508954113>Joji is terrible as a musicianI was going to insult you for having shit taste, but then I remembered you probably only listen to video game soundtracks and throw up the horns when listening to pokemon battle music.

Do you guys remember being kids and looking forward to the future? Everything seemed so exciting, but now it's all so depressing. I made the mistake of watching Trevor Moore's WKUK quarantine show and it was so god damn sad and lame compared to the old WKUK

>>508953830for a long time she was insecure about her english


>>508944601You're so new.

>>508954113>but I like his commentary on reddit funny shitRemember when he made fun of reaction videos? The ironing. How the fuck do you watch his new shit? It's the shittiest he's ever been with the forced memes that go on for way too long and being afraid to swear.

>>508944140Did she get a breast reduction?

>>508954113>Also after the quarantine, pewdiepie got too lazy as a content creatorHe's been lazy since he found out that reddit is an infinite vid generator for his prepubescent fanbase. Before that he did bottom of the barrel lazy ylyl garbage vids that were only funny for the cluips and not for whatever he said, and before that he did lazy lets plays

>>508955190He used Holla Forums for YLYL content for a while

>>508954113I get the dunkey joke but that's objectively not them in the video, you can find the actual people in the video pretty easily

>>508955481/b/ is bottom of the barrel shit

>>508944140jontrons last 2 videos on kid nation show he still got it unrionically but for a while his videos were a slog to get though.


>>508954878>>508955190True Pewdiepie has become a boring channel I agree, but what are the alternatives in this fucking sterile platform? At least he hasnt turned out to be a shitty personyet

>>508955779Well dunkey will keep saaaying it for me

>>508956236Not really alternatives, but there's heaps of better youtubers.

>>508944140Meanwhile Darksy Dephil gets his credit card debt wiped and is sitting on six hundred bucks for today’s stream

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>>508945140youtube ranters will never not be shit, regardless of the era they came from

>>508956668then name some. I looking forward to watch new channels for a change.>Inb4 someone mentions the Quarterpounder fat faggot with cheese channel

>>508956818Darksyde chad dabbing on the bankers


>>508954428>>Joji is terrible as a musician>I was going to insult you for having shit taste, but then I remembered you probably only listen to video game soundtracks and throw up the horns when listening to pokemon battle music.

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>>508956818DSP has been so toxic over the years that now has full immunity to every bullshit he gets called out

>>508954113>Cum,shit, piss nuts to butts haha am I still relevant kids? Critikal was never really funny and you had to grow up to see it.finally someone who agrees with me. I have no clue how he got so big, his shtick is literally the same as fucking AVGN but in a monotone and somehow even more repetitive. Oh, but it's about youtube drama and not video games.

>>508957289DSP did nothing wrong.

>>508944140>Joji goes from Filthy Frank to making music videos with k-pop

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>>508957084As far as lets plays go OneyPlays is pretty good, no repeating unfunny jokes just to sell them as merchDon't really know what else you're interested in

>NGchads win agin

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>>508954113>Everything went downhill when they have started that shitty podcastYes, coughing and repeating the same jokes 50 times was great content.

>>508957084go through Jerma's old youtube videos

>>508957813Literally torture material for people that have actual taste in music

>>508950539leech that made it big

>>508944140They're just online entertainers, why do you give a fuck about them?

>>508944140>leafy said 5 words>ethan ended up seething for a whole video calling him an incel


What a grotesque looking jew.

>>508950419Don't know about that. I became a "Stormfag" in 2012 to piss off your Amerishart Feminists and have some entertainment. I also larp as a Commie from time to time to piss off the other side as well.As the guy on Joe Rogan said, punch nazis all you want but i want to analyze your nazi detectors first.You have the likes of Gender Studies retards over there, in actual validated academia, at one moment throwing the Nazi label randomly onto online children they bickered with and lost arguments against over underage hobbies, and at the next moment being so brainless that they approve two papers for academic publishing whose contents are a word-for-word copy paste of Mein Kampf with only references to the Nazi party swapped with Intersectional Feminism, Jews swapped with males and white males, and Zionism/NWO swapped with Patriarchy. They also returned one for editing for not being extreme enough as the critique. Your society has become more entertaining than your entertainment industry Amerikanac.

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>>508958075>Jerma and Star_ will never make youtube videos againworst timeline

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>>5089583542 millionaires

>>508946417Pedos are based though

>>508946417>>508949246keems a pedo? whats the story behind that?

Why are there so many e-celeb threads recently. Fuck off.

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>>508957915Nah I have lost interest to Oney because I was disappointing from the fact that he has stopped animating. Not his fault though. Lots of yt animators got fucked really bad from youtube's new monetization rules that favor quantity over quality and I have missed their content. Especially Harry Patridge's animated content.


>>508958651Ster has become such an emo bitch these days, Jerma better stay away from him>tfw rewatching old Jerma videos are still comfy

>>508958635Yep, its that time of the day again

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>>508958757Hey man at least you have more hours of reddit vids than hours of your life remaining if you're bored :)

>>508958530>academics are stupidNo shit. Academics put Galileo to death for being a Round Earth Truther in a flat earth era.

>>508942591h3h3 is such a kike piece of shit.

>>508958861I like grumpy emo ster better than etalyx oddly

>Forgetting about based report of the week

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>>508942591this image always manages to produce threads that hit bump limit. fuck it

>>508959128could he survive a full course meal prepared by jack?

>>508959058More like became stupid as shit, Galileo era tier. I used to respect your academics before the 00's hit, I still have plenty of good papers on sociology piling up dust somewhere as late as from the 90's which still had some great standards and quality. Perusing past, let's say, ~2006, and papers in general are turning to shit all of a sudden. Something Happened

>>508958861I can't help but understand where he's coming from though. Anytime he put effort into a video that wasn't TF2 the comments would shit on it and demand more TF2. He should have been better at not letting it get to his head, but I can see why he is the way he is.He'd probably be able to make the videos he wants in peace now, and I'd watch them (the Basically series was great), but he just doesn't for some reason.

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>>508946417>Leafy exposed his dick and bare asshole to everyoneGot a link?

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>>508958635those are some droopers for sureI think her ex boyfriend described them as 'orangutan titties'

>>508947035It's the constant influx of zoomers and reddit/resetera trannies

>>508959128A genuinely nice guy that dresses like its 1899, but that the whole thing. Food reviews in general are not that entertaining.

>>508959476Ster moved from videos to streaming, slowly made the "dude play tf2" people go away by banning them, it became a great streamer during 2016 but after that he started becoming a bitch againThis fucking dude would have the whole chat sucking his dick but one person says "lol u so bad" and he would bitch about itfor so long, he kinda did the same the latest Basically, his reaction to the views was like "duude it didn't get 3M views in 2 days, its not worth it, no more"You just can't make him happy

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>>508942591dey also ad markaplor in gem

>>508959470>Something Happenedeveryone always cherrypicks the past. No coincidence you find more cherries less shit the further back you go.

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>>508945774I remember his youtube about saying he was available for booking and that his channel content didn't reflect his stage actI always wondered what his act was like thennow I knowand it's awesomeI'm so fucking proud of him

>>508942591Why does the guy on the right look inbred?

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>>508960163>sees mountain of cherries>yeah well nothing actually changes or can be proven because you're just looking at the cherriesbaby's first rhetorical technique after 'no u'

>>508942591I really like payday 2 but I fucking hate this pack.worst of all is that they show up in your safe house and during gameplay even if you don't have the dlc. they are obnoxious as fuck and don't mesh well with the game at all. >>508944140yeah, everything comes to and end eventually.

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>>508945480Unironically this, there's nothing wrong with laughing at retards uploading cringe content and Holla Forums of all people should understand that

>>508946359hahaha he's such a faggot. some joke reactor trolled him spectacularly

>>508944140Who are these faggots and why would anyone careFucking zoomers

>>508951639haha le epic philosopher quote

>>508960473Are you rhetorically challenging concepts like critical selection, survivor bias, and nostalgia over a decades? Disingenuous fuck


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>>508956818this dude basically did so much ahit that unless he commits either murder or rape during a stream he will never go down. everyone shots on him constantly but he survived everything.

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>>508960847I'm questioning you bringing up 'cherry picking' when it was completely irrelevant, dumbassit's like you learned a new word and wanted to use it


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>>508944601How have you not seen this posted here before?

>>508960809it's also not even a real quote


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Literally impossible

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>>508953364Some one please post the video


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>>508945480This That fact that Ethan went into an autistic shit fit over Leafy just calling Idubbbz a cuck is fucking hilarious.

>>508960097it really kills me that you're right. He was such a talented dude, I wish he'd stop being so fucking bitchy and just do whatever he wants instead of having this weird idea that he needs to be super popular but also hating whatever makes him popular.

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>>508944140Don't forget>Classic Game Room goes full boomer firing Derek and leaving YouTube (twice) and regretting it

Attached: yX7hUuD73KqsC3s2SmAMB7K9EBI5VMb8w5rD6VZl0mctfmK7ZDRnHn4Oo_hzdMzISHyFiGSmaPqePdTy.jpg (400x267, 14.75K)


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>>508961115It's a shorthand that everyone but you understands


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>>508961408>>508961534lmao this girl knows my ex


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>>508945480No, they are still painfully unfunny, and their content is zoomer garbage.That being said, all of the YouTubers you mentioned are getting as bad, if not worse, than those two. Maybe Jontron is not as bad, at least he's putting effort and actually have a budget.

>>508961765Holy shit that's one big macaron.


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I see this posted all the time but why was this DLC pack such a big deal? Am I missing something?

>>508942591Who gives a fuck about YouTube drama

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>>508961492Yep, sucks because I don't think theres a comeback to make, he would probably stay like this forever, just hoping he doesn't go full retard and deletes everything one day


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>max still hasn't released all of the japan vlogs

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>>508961870she DOES have an onlyfans, rite?

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>>508962264jesus christ how many photos of her do you have saved? And why? She looks like a frog


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>>508962138I think this is a thinly veiled H3H3 vs Keemstar thread but somehow nobody's even talking about that

>>508944140I just want Brittany boob reveal. Good for her that she's never actually done it. Bad for me :(


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>>508962198don't give him any ideas. I fucking hate twitch for many reasons, but goddamn its corruption of star_ is one of them

>>508961765>>508962264Holy shit, she has the same eyes as femByleth in Fire Emblem.

>>508962369>she looks like a frogkek

>>508942591They created and sold a dlc pack to raise money to support a court case that could set a legal precedent for how some bullshit lawsuits on the internet should be resolved.

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>>508962402What's there to even talk about? Everything Ethan said in his video was shit from years ago.Honestly, why did he even say that shit about Keem after the podcast? This whole beef could have been avoided if he didn't cave into his fans.

>>508952729What happened to Metokur? I thought he just stopped posting vids after 2018?

>>508944140fuckin zoomers man

>>508944140>Joji went off to be a gay Soundcloud rapperNah man he did the right thing. he got out while the going was good to pursue his real passion when he could've run the meme pink man shit into the ground (it's arguable that he already did)

>>508962829She's really aging quickly. Hopefully she already has her plan B figured out or the wall will hit her like a ton of bricks.

How do we solve the jewish question?

>>508963116Everything on his YouTube got deleted. I thought he switched over to D-Live, but that shit's gone too.


>>508944140Max and Chad are making the same content they were working on 4 years ago. At least for them, literally nothing has changed.

>>508942591i'm mad.

>>508961393what video?

>>508963713Dude kept on shilling on r9k which was annoying

>>508944140most of these aren't as impactful as you're making them out to be

>>508962138it's literally just anti semites being anti semitic

>>508942591>tfw it's hard to get invested in this garbage drama because both parties are unlikeable and uninterestingas much of a cuck ian is, if he made a new content cop on keemstar it would at least be enjoyable. in this scenario, it's 2 snake oil salesmen having a slander fest between each other while making money off of it.

>>508944140How can Max, Jon, and Cr1t still be so based?

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>>508963832There's a video of his wife or gf getting fucked by someone else, and he's holding the camera and says "keep saying it". It's probably on Pornhub.

>>508945391>look mommy! im pretending I don't know who Pewdiepie is! my dudes on Holla Forums will definitely think im cool now! oml this shit

>>508964080Max and Jon just kept doing what they loved doing. Their shit was immune to policy changes. I don't think YT is ever going to crack down on a man who loves to yell and squeeze big nuts.

>>508944140Critikal is fine though? Whats wrong with seeing his face you weird retard?

>>508954113>Joji is terrible as a musicianThis truth. The zoomer world cannot handle it.

>>508945391Lmao what a cuck

>>508944140i wish i didn't know anything about any of these people

>>508944140>This user is probably an obsessed NEET and all he does is consume shitposting every single day to know all of this info

>>508957684I cannot watch his videos past the 60 second mark any more, it's just so fucking boring to watch

>>508964525All Critikal does anymore are shitty drama videos. The worst part is he's made several videos talking about how people take the youtube e-celeb trash way too seriously, but that's like 90% of his content anymore on the platform.

>>508944140Finding out Cr1tilal is a fucking manlet was way worse then the face reveal

>>508946209Only correct reply ITT.

>>508949982Nobody posting on Holla Forums at any point in time ever was an adult or one with sound mind

>>508946742Carson's a bitch.

>>508944140>brittany is he such a fag?

Whats up with that double chin

>>508944140>Dunkey constantly goes full retardwhen?

>>508944680Do you seriously have nothing better to do than rage as Jews on a video game board

>>508954428joji is bad

>>508961492If you want to know why he became like that, it's because he put all of his eggs on Overwatch and actually wanted to make it big on it. Unfortunely his ego was absolutely shattered when during the first world cup (in which he was a player for team USA), casters constantly said "He's doing pretty good for a streamer". He absolutely never recovered from this and also from Jerma becoming hugely popular thanks to sticking to his guns.

Attached: 1560202774776.jpg (646x534, 74.96K)

>>508957813I used to like a few songs by joji that he posted on soundcloud, and I had no idea he fell so far.How do you literally become worse at making music?

I only know who these people are from Payday. I have never watched any streamer in my life.

>>508946187Cleetus is a proud supporter of Israel though.


>>508963308Continuing to run his Filthy Frank persona into the ground could only have lead to either becoming a NordVPN shill or one of the many formerly-edgy content creators who now walk on eggshells to not get b&..

>>508957813>>508967408Swae Lee and Major Lazer are huge names too. Highly doubt the guy has any qualms about where his career has headed

>ITT e celeb you tuber worshippersAnyone with an actual opinion on e celebs needs to be gassed. 4chan would be 1000% improved without their faggotry

>>508958635Brittain awakens something primal in me. I think she's extremely annoying has a weirdish face but I'd damn do I just want to have a wild night with her. Vag fuck, as fuck, face fuck, tit fuck-I'd leave a cum glaze on her entire body.

>h3h3cringe>payday 2ultra cringe