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Previous Thread >>508855039>Post references and names in one post>Keep it vidya origin, no OCs>No shitposting, bumping requests or misusing Loomis and other artist names>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>When posting a delivery PLEASE don't forget to link to the anchor post.>Have funPost your art to the booru for anons to find later in case they miss a delivery or if it is NSFW:vidyart.booru.org/ (current)vidyart2.booru.org/ (backup)Also, to those uploading, if you know who the subjects of the picture are, please tag them!NSFW Deliveries (excluding loli/furry content) should also be posted in>>>/i/611748For NSFW Deliveries that go against the rules like loli/furry try these sites:catbox.moe/ or imgur.com/Want to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills? Visit the /ic/ sticky>>>/ic/1579290Drawing Books and drawing programs:mega.nz/#F!vp5hQCbQ!oCNGOUgaVeK1pHs3qasJDQ>NO AZUR LANE!

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Anchor Post.

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>>508939957Requesting cute lolis being cute


>>508939957>>508854767Real Previous Thread

Requesting some art of Harry and Kim hanging out on the balcony. Preferably, dark or somewhat dreary apart from Harry acting goofy.

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Requesting Umihara Kawase as a hentai mahou shoujo

Attached: Umihara Kawase.jpg (3888x3368, 1.61M)

Requesting a stockings wearing Ashley having fun speaking to one of her girlfriends or having phone sex.files.catbox.moe/wdhs3j.png

Attached: Ashley Phone.png (1243x721, 921.97K)

Requesting Doshin the Giant as a Colossus.

Attached: Doshin the Colossus.jpg (1276x1541, 300.63K)

Requesting Mario wearing a baby harness on his chest, with Mallow strapped in it

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Requesting humanized King Olly.Preferably flamboyant and sinister.

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Requesting Blaze the cat "dressed" like Belladonna, if you catch my drift.

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Requesting Crash, Jak (Maybe Daxter too if you like) And Nathan Drake pointing and laughing at Joel.

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requesting luca thighjob

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Requesting wholesome art of Crash and Cortex's wedding.

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Requesting the coffin dance meme but with the Gungrave Overdose characters Juji and Billy carrying Grave's coffin weapon and Grave lead them.

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>>508942076Requesting cute and lewd femboy Crash.

requesting kat and raven from gravity rush with king cai on a leashthe idea being a hypothetical scenario in a never-ever gravity rush 3 where they find cai and try to watch over him

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BUT THAT AIN'T TOO BADTHAT'S MY BOYyoutube.com/watch?v=X7NJf4JiZw4

Requesting Ferdinand in Imperial Uniform (LOGH). Optionally shouting>"I AM FERDINAND VON AEGIR!"in yellow subs.

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Requesting Trials of Mana, but they're in a Trials game (the motorcycle ones)

Attached: __riesz_and_angela_seiken_densetsu_and_1_more_drawn_by_pyz_cath_x_tech__69fc3f551c0015ea4e40ca87df74ba35.jpg (1254x1771, 2.25M)

Requesting Captain Falcon with a full beard, helmet either on or off. Bonus if he's older and has some gray streaks in it.

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Requesting Jill as a cam girl. Maybe with some clothes, lingerie and nylons strewn around.

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Requesting origami shy gal.

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Requesting Seymour butts

>>508943017This one?

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Requesting Jade being a stealthy ninja with her camera.

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>>508939957Requesting this with Reimu

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>>508943187Sure why not

Sitting in a chair and reading the book "war and peace"

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Requesting this meme with Samus and Waluigi

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>>508943456Make Simon Belmont the guy in front of them too.

Requesting Samus as a brainwashed housewife

Requesting these two characters from Yokai Watch 3 on vacation in a tropical resort.

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youtube.com/watch?v=ihYsJpibNRUCan we agree that future where AI only needs idea guys to make amazing art pieces is fucking amazing?

Requesting Angela's mom in Angela's archmage costume!

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>>508943907Will AI be able to make scornography?

Requesting Dana in belly dancer garb. (Ys VIII)Alternatively her regular outfit but with some of its overdesigned clutter removed would technically qualify too.

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>>508943715Just commission sealguy

Requesting American Psycho Kefka

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>>508939957Requesting Sig from Puyo Puyo wearing a reverse bunnysuit based on his 20th Anniversary outfit (With ladybug pasties, even) and fucked in a full nelson positionFull reference with full nelsonfiles.catbox.moe/jdbf15.

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Requesting Joanna Dark in the nitty gritty side of being a government agent. Doing something like staging someone's suicide or clearing evidence while appropriately dressed including gloves and a hairnet

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>>508940038>>508668191sorry no titty

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>>508941826Luca is cute! Cute!

Requesting Isabelle as the public speaker for the "Democratic" Nook Islands Republic.

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>>508944870Excellent work

>>508944870Alright bros wrap it up time for the next thread

>>508944870what ia the deal wiht every character being drawn as sailor moon? not that i complaining.

>>508944870furry shit

>>508944870that's a smol forehead

Requesting a slightly milfy-looking Mikoto in lingerie lying or sitting on a bed in a confidently alluring pose, as if she's begging the viewer to join her in bed.

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Requesting Tesse staring at her cum-filled pussy and blushing.

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Requesting this picture/scene with vidya characters.

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In a one piece swimsuit

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>>508944870fuck you>>508945806it's another shitty twitter meme for artists to be complete sellouts on, like bowsette

>>508944870I don't understand this meme.I like Sailor Moon but why this simple scene? This is nothing special.

Requesting lewds of Orphea (in her slacker look).

Attached: Orphea Slacker Skin HotS.jpg (3000x1362, 492.13K)

Requesting Kanbaru from the monogatari series, Z1 from Kancolle, and Elizabeth from persona lying on a bed cute/sexily looking at the viewer in their sleepwear. I don't have a pic of Elizabeth in any sleepwear but i'd think she'd look good in a silk nightgown.ORsomething wholesome and nice with the three of them, I just want a good pic with all three of them

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>>508944870Looks nice!!

Remember to draw more bitches(male)!

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Requesting epic stage 4 battle scene with John Morris or Eric Lecarde from Castlevania: Bloodlines versus a group of skeletons with steelhelmets.Some good music: youtube.com/watch?v=L2l7ZC8i1Ck

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>>508946234This, why are "artists" so soulless now?

>>508946551But who?

Requesting my MMO character from the game "Mabinogi" wearing her Long Battle Maid Outfit, floating or very slowly falling on a dark space/black colored background, being surrounded and illuminated by the light of shiny, colorful music notes floating around her.Character Reference: i.imgur.com/fdxo87C.pngAlternatively, relaxing and playing fancy instruments like pic related.No lewd allowed, it will be ignored, instantly rejected and sealed away.Please and thanks!

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>>508946792>soullessIronic given your vocabulary lacks humanity.

>>508946931one of these boys

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>>508947041And you lack any form of originality


Requesting fusion, outfit swap or the two double-teaming an user.

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>>508947179I love battle network and I'd rather not lewd either of them.

Requesting the new Zoologist npc from Terraria going into heat, pinning down and rutting this busty version of the Nurse with her huge fox dong doggy style during a blood moon. Could have the Nurse cursing her out to get off but ultimately being overpowered.files.catbox.moe/re0bb9.jpg

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>>508944870Cute bandicoot

>>508947179Classic or X is the better Megaman stuff.


>>508939957Requesting Shuten Douji buttjob.

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>>508939957Requesting this Iroha but with updated proportions and new look in general.

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>>508947435All right, how about Sora or 9S?

>>508947287pot meets kettle from someone that spouts buzzwords, nigger.

>>508946265I'm pretty sure people just want to draw Sailor Moon. Someone did the redraw and people followed suit. It's a dumb meme because there's no significance to the shot but I get where it's coming from at least.

>>508947748cross requesting user putting shuten BACK TO HER GENERAL

>>508947876Everyone are sheep

requesting tharja accidentally hexing herself in a way that physically she can't resist taking cock in every hole and getting coated in cum but mentally she's still herself and furious at all the men taking advantage of herbonus points if noire is implied to be involved in the accident

Attached: Tharja_(FE13_Artwork).png (418x900, 403.1K)

>>508946425Nazifag please. It's really fucking obvious. Fuck off

>>508947876For zoomers this is already very "special" because "hur dur it's retro" and they don't grown up with this.

>>508947748This but male version.

>>508948263But millennials remember it far more than zoomers would recognize it and said young millenials were the man fan base of the original western run.>hur durstop being a parroting faggot.

Requesting Rayman on a date with both Olympia and Sibylla

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/r/ bound and gagged Liz Bandicoot in her classic outfit.

Attached: Liz_Bandicoot_bondage.png (2364x1632, 2.49M)

>>508948170im not nazifag, im just a guy from /a/ who likes all 3 of these girls

Give pokegirl requestLewd

>>508948746A thread reminded me that Girahim existed, so I'm gonna request him being a flamboyant fag

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Haven't seen much new shygal art around and that breaks my heart. Please draw more shygal.

Attached: luka-larocque-wolff-final001.jpg (1920x976, 214.38K)

>>508947041>>508947774What a fucking stupid thing to seethe about. You do realize that MILLIONS of people are using that exact same word, right? And that's all it is at the end of the day, a word to use. There can be other words, but "soulless" is the most common one because it's the one that drives the point home the most.Yet, here you fucking are, defending the 358,527th person to draw the exact same fucking pose and face for nothing more than internet clout because you're a legitimate retard who finds comfort in monotony. You agree with selling people's souls for e-fame by drawing some shitty pop culture icon because you have no ambitions or personality beyond "I jack off to anime and get mad when I see a word I dislike". Go back to watching thinly stretched out anime like Eizouken or Pop Team Epic, you fucking stupid nigger.

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>>508948987didn't mean to reply

>>508948976Leaf lazing around topless

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>>508948586I'm a proud 90s kid.Requesting vidya characters as a cool 90s kid.

>>508948991Man I remember when shygals were the in thing, there wasn't a single thread without them, the art request thread was bumpin' with new shygal art and people didn't even need to request for shygal art, it was basically making itself.why can't we go back to that time man

>>508949053Agreed 100%

>>508948987He looks really GAY. Well, I like gay stuff but he is really that kind of gay-gay when you know what I mean. :^)

>>508949053Idk it's like playing a skill based video game, if you do it well you style on everyone and get the high score.

>>508949053>You do realize that MILLIONS of people are using that exact same word, right?And there's millions of niggers bix nooding and killing eachother by the millions too, guess that's cool now.> There can be other words, but "soulless" is the most common one because it's the one that drives the point home the most.No it's not, you might as well should call a game 'based' and it would have the same impact because you obviously mean what you say, but you aren't saying anything.If it was truly ambition and personality, than you wouldn't have so many. If 'soul' and 'soulless' were worthy arguments, you wouldn't have so many shitty bait threads that involve them as the main argument that people will buy at face value, because the retarded drones on this site want to save face and or play devil's advocate.

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>>508948976may getting facefuckedtits swaying

>>508949529he's pretty gay

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>>508948976Gardevoir dressed up as a shygal :)?

>>508948976Mallow with a (green-haired) hairy pussy.

Attached: Mallow_SM.png (408x797, 139.39K)

>>508949746Is this sexual harassment?

>>508948976Dahlia wearing a bikini and sweating bullets while sitting over a trainer (posting again 'cause I wanted to elaborate more)

Attached: Platinum_Dahlia.png (1060x630, 738.46K)

>>508949587You missed the point entirely, and on top of that, you decided to ignore what I had to say about Nickleflick being another Twitter whore in favor of, once again, crying about a fucking word. Good job bumfuck, now please kill yourself.

Attached: 1575613598325.jpg (1331x1190, 64.99K)

>>508948987I've been making some requests with him.Namely an outfit swap between him and Sylvando.

Attached: Maximum Flamboyant.png (1955x1672, 2.45M)

>>508949053try to have some self control instead of being a pissbaby online about shit that doesn't matter, user

Attached: autism.gif (639x649, 331.12K)

>>508950189>waah I dont like artists drying for fun>this fad is soulless, I.E. I don't like itthere I saved you like 5 posts of autism caused by lurking and forming a stupid rhetoric. I'm sorry mematic warfare made you retarded.

>>508948459>male shutenI kinda want to see this.

>>508946234>>508946792Why are Holla Forumsirgins mad over the same FoTM art fads is we’ve had for years

>>508950413>drawing for funYeah I'm sure they are drawing for fun and not doing it to amass 4,000 likes in a single day to inflate their egos, h-haha

>>508949053Fucking based.

>>508950608because 2016 happened

Requesting Tiny Tina showing off her hairy armpits.

Attached: Tiny_Tina.jpg (1920x1080, 166.08K)

>>508948976Acerola using the ghost type move "Lick" on the enemy trainer's dick.

Attached: 1234.jpg (849x1030, 101.92K)

>>508944870Kill yourself

>>508950680Yeah this is why I hate people who stream or speedrun or take fighting games seriously.It's all just ego stroking bullshit.Real people play games and don't care what people think or play tryhard like dark souls.


>>508950680What good is being an artist if you're the only one that views your art. There's honing a skill and then there's applying it to the real world. Heaven forbid people use networking to try and land a career in the hobby they like.

Attached: 1537666772377.jpg (500x375, 46.17K)

>>508950931Artists should get real jobs instead of doing libtard shit like art for hire.Art should be done for free and with spirit and soul.

>>508950905He looks amazing!!! Now i wanna see more male Shuten.

>>508951059This>>508950931Eat shit

>>508950883>It's all just ego stroking bullshit.THIS! I like gamers with soul they play for fun and are good in this game because they play it often or really love this game.

>>508951059>>508951146>thinks artists in a post baroque era, in a digital era should stay starvingretarded. Imagine wanting all your favorite games and projects fucked over retrospectively with this retarded mindset. Literally anything involving animation, design etc.

>>508950905huh.good shit.

Where's all the artists and deliveries? I've been off this board for a while and there's literally a single delivery for a request a thread ago :/?

>>508939957>tranny bowser

>>508951136Some Fate girls are very hot as sexy boys. As example male Jack or male Tamamo.

>>508951146>>508950883>>508951229>THIS>basedChrist dude, it's like a horseshoed npc.


>>508950931If you need a shitty meme to generate clout and get your name known out there, then chances are you're not a good artist. See this pic for example.>>508951284>people get paid to draw bandwagon shitGood logic retard.

Attached: Capture.png (598x379, 241.98K)


>>508950883>fighting games seriously.t.got double perfectedYou say it like FGCtards don’t enjoy playing competitively for the most part

>>508950847butthurt about being overshadowed



>>508951558>people dont scout social media platforms for talentit's 2020 you fucking retarded boomer Yes, gaining tracting on a social media platform will get you noticed more, doing fads and joining in trends, which even classical artists have done proves this works. >All the naked men and biblical references in the enlightenment Yeah, totally original and not a growing trend.

>>508950807>>508940038feel free to re-request, shes cute files.catbox.moe/yegr78.png

Attached: aceeee.png (829x587, 187.6K)

>>508951059>Art should be done for free and with spirit and soul.This!!!

fucking autistsgive me something to shit out in mspaintit'll be low quality since I never draw, probably just outright bad, but shut the fuck up about your stupid bullshit

>>508951747You are literally the one coping here.

Requesting an animation of Princess Peach naked being prone boned for infinite 1-Ups. Preferrably in a side view like this:rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1428864

Attached: 1589350392123589.png (338x338, 62.19K)

>>508951818>>508951229Who the fuck types like this?

Attached: 1584252251378.gif (240x266, 3.86M)

people dont realize how long good art takes to make

>>508950680Why not both?>>508951889Draw Kirby

>>508951810Wew, thanks user. I will request again but this is fuego

Requesting younger Palla stripped down to her spats & fucked.

Attached: PallaFEH.png (2400x1965, 3.91M)

>>508951980ESLs, user.

>>508951980nigger face:^)


>>508952071>>508952092 >>508952118checks out

>>508951810man you wok fast


>>508951980Why are you surprised with weirdos typing like faggots in the drawthreads >Creepy! >Scary!!!!>D.va SUCKS!Etc>>508951810That’s lewd.


Attached: SamusNinjaSketch.png (2000x1600, 507.47K)

>>508952029No. draw Ashley!


Attached: kh.png (1350x1800, 382.1K)

>>508947041The soulless is immunized against all dangers:one may call him talentless, cringe, sellout, Calarts, it all runs of him like water off a raincoat. But call him soulless and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: 'I've been found out.'

>>508952348D.Vafag(s) are gone.

>>508952378Hell yeah, that's nice!!!!

>>508952378Now that's a lewd keyboy.

>>508952378god damn I love that posethanks a lot man

>>508952493it's like you guys are filling out based boy bingo sheets.

Requesting shantae sailor moon

Attached: 1542660180843.jpg (2184x1550, 637.41K)

>>508952378Hey can you draw her but with big tiddies

>>508952029merry chrysler

Attached: korb.png (511x409, 18.71K)

>>508952792Dedede >>>>>>>> Kirby

Requesting you draw something really mundane and stupid like this BEEG Yoshi but make it zoom in and out and bounce around like a minus8 gif

Attached: Screen_Shot_2018-04-24_at_1.33.44_PM[1].jpg (800x450, 19.73K)

>>508952792That Kirby looks cute!

>>508951805Except people within the Enlightenment painted those things because they had genuine belief in the biblical references they constantly mapped out in their works, and not to mention it was also a time of extreme scientific and philosophical growth.That is what you're comparing to some retarded Twitter e-whores ranging from 14 to 25 drawing an anime girl's face over and over again.Also to note, there's a minimal correlation between art skill and attention, so if you think whoring yourself on trends works then you're even more of a mongoloid than I could ever imagine.

Attached: Capture6.png (594x395, 382.96K)

>>508952378He seems to be making a fist rather than a hole gesture desu


>>508952995Yeah I'm sure after the 4th male model fellatio marathon, Davinci came out of the closet and converted.

Attached: 35175558.png (308x308, 92.55K)

>>508952778whoops forgot my image!

Attached: Ybia.gif (165x217, 348.36K)

>>508952995Trendhopping whores deserve death

>>508953225Did that rapist furry Zaush animate this lmao

>>508952361this is really good and fuck the thirsty anons not giving you well-deserved (you)s

>>508952361This is pretty cool, user. Thank you!

There's a surprising lack of witch girl in this thread.

>>508952507Rage of the dragons requester sure, but I can bet that some faggot will say the line if you put her as anchor againGranted that cringe “X sucks!!!” Isn’t just her


Attached: baps.png (1350x1800, 398.97K)

>>508952995Left:soulless right: soul

>>508953640aw fuck, I'll take it, since I'm into cute futas anyway

Requesting Mia Fey on the toilet please.

Attached: 1589973888882.jpg (550x1100, 54.3K)

>>508953430Sorry, jasonafex, he's the furry pedophile rapist zoophile I was thinking of...

>>508952361Looks good but the Metroid needs a forehead protector

Requesting the Fallout New Vegas companions singing "The Longest Time" by Billy Joel

Attached: FNVcompanions.jpg (1720x1076, 2.48M)

requesting shiki from twewy bent over with her skirt halfway pulled down and getting fucked from behind with her arms restrained behind her back, with a mean expression

Attached: Shiki_Misaki_Artwork_1.jpg (500x1100, 92.91K)

Requesting Okatsu getting fucked by an Oni or Yoki.

Attached: Okatsu-[Nioh].jpg (3961x2558, 983.89K)

Requesting Ren Amamiya/Akira Kurusu getting fucked by an user. Reference image: files.catbox.moe/ch6ct8.jpg

Attached: Persona_5_Hero (2).png (386x906, 220.21K)

>>508951906something like this has existed since 2012eye.swfchan.com/flash.asp?id=118982&n=new 1UP.swf

Ahhhhhh its impossible!And for some reason cant make the game to show it.

>>508954328this but also she's obese

Attached: c41.png (1024x1082, 634.49K)

>>508949907Thats already in the booru I think

>>508954471I want to see this boy sucking some dicks.

There's not enough art in the world with Wolf without his eyepatch showing a scar goes through his eye and there's a cataract in it.

Attached: character_header_wolf_alt.jpg (700x235, 34.46K)

>He's a hunter x hunter snob faggotOf fucking course

Requesting Manah from Drakengard dressed in an expensive black fur coat, jeans and sneakers. Kinda like this imgur.com/a/DgpneBK but without the hat. Also, have her wear sunglasses that are kinda angled lower so her red eyes are partly visible like in the reference pic. Please and thank you.

Attached: MVN.png (934x934, 1.84M)

>>508952361Not OR, but nick work. Are you still taking sketch requests?

Requesting Kazooie in a banana suit, making a goofy/playful pose.

Attached: KazooieTooie1.png (340x392, 121.05K)

>assuming it's boogeymanShut up, nignog

Requesting bridal lingerie

Attached: BridalNailah_Neutral.png (1600x1920, 665.77K)

>>5089551161999 >>>>>>>>>> 2011

>>508955116>he’s a hunterchadSounds lovely

>>508955728Agreed for a select few scenes. But 1999 is missing the best arc and a fuckload of important scenes. It's incomplete.

Requesting futa fucking

Attached: image.png (960x891, 1.08M)

>>508955842True, this is sad there is something missing but in general the art style and soundtrack is more "dark" and mature.

>>508947401>2b>WhitemaneYou're man after my own heart.

>implying porn needs to be "soulful"That is the most retarded thing you literal children could ever possibly say, goddamn, eat some pods and wash it down with bleach.

Drawing huge tits is fun. Send huge tits requests.Also requesting coloring on this thing I drew.

Attached: Not Ripley - struggling tiddies.png (1016x1461, 241.86K)

>>508939957Requesting Red-Mage Ringabel unleashing his rose theme stand: "「Love's Vagrant」!" I have no style preference, the style can be however you like. The design of the Stand is flexible if you have a better design idea, all I ask is that its got a rose theme.

Attached: Red Mage & STAND.png (1936x1512, 1.98M)

>>508956112>dark" and mature.Opinion discarded



Attached: D6lPXnqWsAAjBkm (1).jpg (746x1200, 103.7K)

>based!>seething!>cope!this is starting to look like the shit drawthreads from Holla Forums. It's either paid trolls or the same faggots from there trying to cope a delivery by shitting on everyone else but their preferred artists.

>>508956562Literally not an argument, kiddo

>>508956393Well porn can be full of “soul”But it’s hilarious how fads work people into a shoot about “real artists” or what people should draw.

>>508956425Maki wardrobe malfunction

Attached: Maki_Sonomura_render.png (702x2338, 1.25M)

>>508956778Or just people being jealous cunts over the most stupid of reasons

>>508956778 eat some pods and wash it down with bleach bro

>>508939957But doesn't koppa die in that movie?

>>508956393Whose talking about porn?

>>508939957That's great

>>508956819Cope more

>>508953640Will you ever draw more mettaton?

>>508956425Zana from Path of Exile. Go ham with the artistic license and add as much cleavage and tits as your hear desires.

Attached: Zana,_Master_Cartographer_2_screenshot.jpg (284x486, 48.37K)

>>508956425clothing damag with bare tits

Attached: 1548894992491.jpg (768x1024, 600.56K)

Requesting Escort Water Hime swinging an anchor angrily or her just enjoying any type of fast food.Any cute, silly or cool idea is good though.

Attached: escort water hime ref.png (1572x2648, 3.48M)

Requesting Micaiah's pantyhose butt.

Attached: Micaiah Radiant Dawn.jpg (1192x1622, 249.53K)

>non-artists saying artists should work for free and get "real" jobs >throwing around nonwords like "soul" in a thread literally filled to the brim with coomer requestsTale as old as time, lol. Just ignore them, they're all tards.

>>508947750This but with more defined midriff and navel as well.

>>508957105Back at you, newfag

>>508956778I'm just tired of fast freaks

>>508957360Get a real job

>>508957565Get a better argument, child

>Just ignore them, they're all tards.

Attached: 400.png (882x758, 13.98K)

>>508957337Oh boy, the hot newfag maymay buzzword

>>508957623>child, kiddo, tardSeething lmao

Yes, you are

Doing meme art twitter trends is alright. I usually get a decent chunk of new followers and some new commissions for it. It's a worthy investment if you're decent (5k+ follower mark)You gotta post as quick as possible (within the first 4 hours of the trend) otherwise is not worth it.


>>508957891>says the faggot who can only say seethingWhatever, dipshit


requesting giga chad holding dakimakura pillow of 2b

Attached: sariya-asavametha-nier19.jpg (1920x2716, 724.71K)

>>508958180That doesn't even make any sense

>>508951059Doing anything for free in CURRENT YEAR+5 is a good way to go bankrupt and become homeless retard

>>508957738Shit, I’m about to start wojaking off now

>>508958228I need a A2 dakimakura......

Hey guys I want to dr->looks at thread>sees argumentOooooookayyyyyy..... No I think I’ll sit this one out, lol.


Attached: Thing-82-opt_tcm18-14298.jpg (247x149, 10.47K)

Requesting you draw something cute of my waifu. And if you miserable pile of secrets kill this one like my previous one, I WILL go full on dark lord and make you all suffer.

Attached: Mina_Hakuba.png (1192x1024, 844.11K)


>>508958356You dont draw

Requesting post-apocalyptic Hanako from Katawa Shoujo. The burns are from having her side facing a little too close to a nuclear detonation, and her clothes are mix of Mad Max: Fury Road and waterworld.

Attached: Hanako_References_Post_Apocalyptic.png (1841x743, 1.15M)

I need Ashley a dakimakura.........Requesting Ashley dakimakura style art.

Attached: Ashley(WWSM)0.png (1443x1055, 62.34K)

>>508958525>He doesn't trendhop Ftfy familia

>>508957178Maybe If I feel like it or I see a good request

>>508958525And you know thisssss.... how? Post proof, please. Oh, you can’t. I do draw, but I’ll take requests in the next thread without big arguments like this, lol.

>trendhopping That's gonna be a yikes from me dog

Attached: Cry more, faggot.png (1800x1578, 198.8K)

>>508958778Not him but you lack proof for the opposite aka drawing as well though.

Attached: 1459024979910.png (594x446, 409.55K)

Requesting someone uses Akari Ichijou's talismans against her to cause her to turn mindless/backfire on her

Attached: AkariLastBlade.png (2226x1024, 1.65M)

>>508958778How about taking the requests that were posted before this started?

You know what I want

Attached: 5 (1).jpg (1280x1848, 726.87K)

>>508947773Here is a quick sketch for something with 9S hope you like itfiles.catbox.moe/ws40ay.png

I wish sex was as good as it looked in hemtai.

>>508959535Hot!!!! I wanna cum in him!

>>508959535silly boy

>>508959578> Ahhh your thing is inside me, senpai!> "Uh, oh, (insert Japanese name for girl here-chan! You're so tight!> "Ahhhhh , senpai's big thing is inside of me and stirring em up! Ahhhhh it hurts!> "Ugggghhhhh gonna cum!> Cum with me, senpai! Let's cum together!Maybe without the subs.

>>508959712>!!!!Reminder this guy samefags gay requests>>508952593

>>508959886I'd still fuck him.

>>508959578it's kinda gross when you think bout it.

Requesting Petra being gangbanged, with body writing

Attached: 1564546889134.jpg (1774x2048, 344.13K)

>>508960010It looks less like a samefag and more like (You) making yourself stupid

>>508960074What the heck are you doing on 4chan

Attached: BluesClues_135748200-blue._V392940580_SX1080_.jpg (1080x743, 71.7K)

>>508959578This is why sex is fucking overrated. Fapping is much better. Srsly!And fapping is more safe. no STDs, no pregnancy, no relationship dispute.

>>508960010>Only I'm allowed to samefag my shitty deviantart artOk Nick

>>508949053Eizouken's enjoyable tho. Not everythng has to be shonen shit user

Attached: image.jpg (828x430, 30.59K)

>>508960736Okay gay mc faggot.

Requesting Smash Ultimate's Zelda wearing/modeling a pair of elbow-length gloves, like her previous Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess incarnations used to wear.

Attached: Zelda_-_Super_Smash_Bros._Ultimate.png (1000x1065, 909.54K)

Returning to the topic. Any fighting game requests? Wanna practice my poses.

Attached: 1589968207842.png (268x424, 257.56K)

>not a single person touting out the soulless buzzword does art of any kind Really makes you think...

>>508961106Can you please draw Eliza bent over, please.

Attached: Eliza.png (471x471, 300.52K)

Requesting Camilla from Wrath of the Righteous with a yandere face holding a knife and a puppy pelt

Attached: thiscrazybitch.jpg (600x887, 76.34K)

The trannies are fighting again lmao

>>508961113It's bullshit to try and make whatever they try to request look good

>>508952759Fuck I remember that article. Man as a kid and into teen years Nintendo Power was the shit

>>508961106Draw a post match illustration like the ones in Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact, with one fighter celebrating or looking cool while the looser is all battered and humiliated.


>>508961584Requesting this with Hoppou after defeating Shimakaze.

Requesting Kohaku's nice legs and cute feet. (Tales of Hearts)Preferred in any kind of cute and casual pose like in the reference.

Attached: Kohaku Hearts Legs.jpg (3217x3708, 1.56M)

>>508961740Yes! Hoppou is the best!

>>508961682Why do people do this, just naming a character isn't la request

>>508940038>>508941826I've been kinda experimenting with coloring so feel free to rerequestfiles.catbox.moe/hj9gsi.png

>>508961961Hello bushfag

>>508961998Chun-Li doing the Spinning Bird Kick then, jeez

>>508961106Mileena tango dancing with an user.

Attached: 277.jpg (1280x1363, 383.52K)

>>508961106Adon mid jaguar kick?

Attached: image.jpg (432x576, 30.32K)

>>508961106Sakura flipping her skirt open and showing her underwear off.

Attached: rival-schools-united-by-fate-project-justice-street-fighter-ex-sakura-kasugano-street-fighter-alpha-2-rival-schools-png-clip-art (1).png (910x1094, 102.31K)

>>508962296Why the jeez? You're the one at fault here. Don't get pissy like a small child, it just makes you look bad

>>508961584I like this one. Which two characters?

>>508962098no fan of the character but otherwise real nice job

>>508961106Ibuki perched like this. Masked or unmasked.

Attached: Ibuki.png (1069x712, 981.65K)

>>508962510Doing this. How big do you want her bulge?

>>508961106Sion from Melty Blood bending spoons with her mind, much like an Alakazam.

Attached: 008F9431-5BF0-49F4-8881-FFD8FF870D72.jpg (993x1249, 116.73K)

>>508962775Requesting one of them be Monika

Attached: image.png (570x1026, 390.18K)

Requesting a mermaid from FF in a shrine maiden Miko outfit or classic white robes since they were keepers of the water temple

Attached: 28-Pink_mermaid.jpg (479x319, 95.3K)

>>508963115That's not ibuki

>>508963115Not crazy big, but still noticeable.

Requesting Hoppou lewds

>>508963226No, Ibuki is the one with the huge boobs. Got a request for her?


Requesting Marianne in a bunnysuit; looking super embarassed despite her great body filling it out quite nicely.

Attached: Marianne 3H.png (1200x1200, 837.39K)

>>508941236This user has some good taste. I'm proud of you

>>508963674>>508963070Not him, but that.Or peeping on guys at the hot spring.

Requesting Non-Conventional Linne Bondage like in the reference (She's short so have her stuck in a container or tight space or something)

Attached: linnebondage.jpg (1200x900, 105.37K)

>>508944870Nose is really weird

requesting buttjob

Attached: 1570840593606.jpg (966x634, 103K)

>>508949415Before the dark times...Before Aigis...

>>508964207Why peeping? She should just go in

>>508964593And rape all of them? Yeah right!

Requesting Carole dressed as Yang (right), including the metal gauntlets, while in a smug/angry fighting pose.

Attached: Carole and Yang.jpg (971x691, 145.62K)

>>508951059>Art should be done for free and with spirit and soul.I do free art for myself all the time, but you wouldn't like it.

>>508964278any advice?

>>508964732Or give them handjobs underwater?

>>508946792Artists here have never had soul. Name one who has that was actually good. I dare you.

>>508965096Depends if some ninja girl who also happens to be a huge pervert isn't too much of a freak out for them.

>>508959535Awesomesauce, man

>>508965365Perhaps. She wouldn't care about hiding it

>>508961740>>508962775If you don't mind but if you prefer something less kusoge then here are other ideas:Naked Snake vs Young Revolver OcelotHaggar vs AndoreA palico cat from Monster Hunter vs any monster from that game

>>508965241me of course

>>508965520Probably not.

>>508959535looking nice, thanks a lot

>>508962098Man, you shouldn't go all out with faces. Unless you know what you're doing, it can make the drawing uncanny or even downright creepy to look at.Love the effort though, you just gotta calm the fuck down with the face.

>>508956778I feel like this always happens mid spring to early summer around here. I might be wrong, but it feels like we always seem to get some real jokers coming in during this time and just stirring the pot.

>>508965617Damn right

>>508961106Some Chun in her Professional costume would be lovely

Attached: 010.png (500x500, 129.8K)

>>508958180>>508958372>Runs out of 4chan coolkid words and has to fall back on linking to old posts and posting shitty pictures.

Requesting Ly finally getting a growth spurt and suddenly feeling very self-conscious about still wearing a skinsuit.

Attached: 134632252676.png (404x574, 220.97K)

>>508966054Requesting her punishing delinquent Juri

Attached: jurihan-delinquent-schoolgirl-fan-artwork.jpg (1920x1200, 308.71K)

>>508965546Aww shucks. You're right. Keep up the good work.

>>508966248Ok kid

>>508966363Looks little bit like Ibuki from Danganronpa

>>508963115>>508963310Make it so there's a testicle bulge and then a dick bulge on top of that

>>508965054Hmm... I can't say it with confidence, but I feel like moving both the nose and mouth up higher on the actual snout might look less strange to me.

Requesting Toki getting her dick licked by a cute boy. Make her meat extra girthy please.

Attached: Toki.png (232x232, 69.83K)

>>508941236>>508964186Stop samefagging. Seconding makes you continue to look desperate and pathetic

>>508966576Free your mind and develop your own personality instead of spewing 4chanspeak and maybe people will like you more. Have a good day, little buddy.

>>508966873>her dick>herMakes no sense.

>>508966873That sillys, I AMS Toki!

Attached: Toki Wartooth.jpg (325x360, 17.45K)

>>508966961In that case that he isn't at least make sure you second a couple of minutes after the request is made. At most.Because hardly anyone is that stupid.

>>508967248No. Just don't do it ever. Problem solved

>>508966864that's what I just got done doing lolthanks a ton though

>>508966961But... I'm not =[>>508967248But the post were at different times, thought it was long enough to say something

Attached: but..i'm not.png (546x92, 6.15K)

>>508966873Male Toki??? Sounds good.

>>508967667Fair enough. I'm the second guy you replied to by the way.

>>508967092Ironic since you cant draw anything that isnt flavor of the month.

Poison butt

Attached: Poison.jpg (1451x1738, 200.18K)