Pre-Halo Bungie Thread

Any Myth, Marathon, or Pathways into Darkness fans on Holla Forums? The first two can be played with modern engine enhancements while the latter can be emulated pretty easily.

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My personal favorite of the three franchises would be Myth which is still unmatched in the RTT

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People suck off Halo's lore when its just a mishmash of their previous games with extra space opera mixed in. Sad!

>>508940534Myth and Myth 2 are fantastic, too bad Myth 2 killed computers.

>>508939917Marathon Durandal has SUCH great atmosphere, I just love it. I know I've found the exit to a level, and kept exploring the area anyway just because.

>>508941663>too bad Myth 2 killed computers.It didn't. The reason that was a big deal was because they found it before release but it was already on its way to store shelves so they had to pay to recall everything and patch it. Which is very expensive for an independent company. It would only wipe everything if you are one of those retards that installs everything to your root folder anyways. In a sense it killed Bungie because the game's success couldn't make up what they had to pay to keep bugged copies from releasing in the wild.

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>>508939917Marathon-fag here. Shit is great.

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>>508940534Bungie were such fucking weebs it's not even funny.

>>508942204>>508942086>Never write fiction ever before>Make one of the most interesting sci-fi worlds ever made>Disappear never to be seen againWhere the fuck did Kirkpatrick go?

Marathon deserves more props for having mission objectives rather than key hunting to get to level exits.

Reminder that in an alternate world Halo was a Myth style RTS.

Would post the Gherrit White terminal but that one is >words words words

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>>508942239I think those cutscenes were actually animated by a japanese studio. All the ingame art and concept art is fantastic as

Attached: 1-Box_Front_lower.png (800x555, 753.31K) you want to dive down the rabbit hole of autism that is Marathon lore

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For anyone interested in playing the first two games I packaged up my install with all the cutscenes and plugins downloaded to play the first game in 2's engine with TFL's original only thing you need is something that plays quicktime cutscenes and since quicktime player is no longer supported by Apple for Windows, I would recommend getting actually play Myth: The Fallen Lords with the original interface, go to Preferences>Interfaces> and select TFL Interface, select the TFL style gesture arrows and selection boxes (Optional), and when starting a new game select Magma - The Fallen Levels v2 and enable TFL gameplay. This will give you a virtually identical experience to playing TFL in its original engine but with better modern compatibility and support as Project Magma for TFL is no longer supported. The only thing missing is that you will no longer see the opening cutscene of Myth 1 as the initial cutscene for launching the game is for Myth 2. I would recommend just watching it on youtube here only other thing I would recommend is checking out the manual as it has a very well written prologue which sets up the tone of the game perfectly TFL Manual.pdf

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>>508943115It's a requirement for classic Bungie


>>508943115>Still being updatedNeat.

>>508942406Founded Double Aught which worked on Marathon Infinite but folded before they ever made their own title and then he just seems to have vanished.

>>508943360If you don't trust the package. You can grab a copy of Myth 2 easily online and patch it with Project Magma yourself and get TFL through the tain.

>You will never play the Marathon title they said they'd make between Destiny and Destiny 2 that never materialized and all evidence of has been scrubbed off the internet

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>>508943949Do you really trust modern Bungie to make a new game in the series?

>>508940534bring it back ;_;

>>508943486Sauce by the>And in an effort to cater for the PC, one of Marathon's creators, Greg Kirkpatrick, has since started up a new development house by the name of Double Aught Inc, in order to code Duality for the PC. Yes you guessed it, when Duality is completed, it will join the ranks becoming yet another member of the 3D first person shooter genre.>Double Aught Inc has emphasized to the Sharky Extreme crew that Duality should hold more than its own due to the implementation of an in-house propriety 3D engine and deeper approach to gamplay. Double Aught Inc's Chad G. Poland went on to state, "We're really excited about Duality. Not only is it going to be a great engine, but it's going to be a great game. We're working real hard to create a world that people will enjoy visiting, not just a hallway to kill enemies in. Character Development is also a very high priority for us. We've spent a lot of time designing models and personalities that the player will find interesting and exciting. If something bad happens to one, the player will be upset."A fully-fledged story is also being scripted and should be backed up with cinematics, in order to allow a 'dark' story to evolve- you know the drill by now. Obstacles will be plentiful and propped in along the route in order to hinder a player's progress. At the same time, you'll be fragging away and clicking that left mouse button more often than not. That goes for both single and multiplayer modes of play. Duality by name and duality by nature eh?

>>508944634I just wish Myth 3 wasn't so buggy and janky along with having so many poorly designed missions. The 3D graphics are so ugly as well.

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On one hand I wish Bungie never got bought out by Microsoft on the other hand they probably would have gone out of business by 2005.

>>508944407Only due to some dev's crippling autism and how they refuses to stop putting Marathon references into Destiny. And even if it was shit you could write it off as a doomed timeline or something.

>>508945093Speaking of which, why the fuck did the Halo MCC cut out all the Marathon references? You can't even select the logo as an emblem.

>>508945315Marathon and the logo is owned by Bungie. Though they apparently started replacing them with similar but "legally distinct" versions.

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>>508945684Found the replacement thing

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why does aleph one suck so much, when is it gonna get updated again


>>508939917I'm working on a total conversion for Marathon but I'm sure when it's done that only like 10 people will play it. Think LSD Dream Emulator but with Marathon gameplay instead. I love Marathon, but there's such little of it out there.

>>508945902soulless>>508946064use the github version if you want modern mouselook, they don't update the main page download for some reason

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>>508939917Marathon games got me into vidya and are still faves of mine. I wish the Aleph One devs had a good Windows/Linux-compatible editor, the modding scene is pretty barren unfortunately.

>>508946064It got updated not too long ago. It's in an okay state

>>508939917God Marathon was so fucking good. One of my greatest memories of growing up is me and my big brother playing Marathon 1v1 on our macs. We used the level editor too. You should've seen our faces when we figured out how to make teleports. We looked at each other like we discovered the cure for aids or some shit. There were no limitations in level design anymore. We made a map which was basically a big open circle space with a huge pillar in the middle. I teleported up to the top of the pillar stacked with weapons while he ran around in circles at the bottom labyrinth trying to flank me and make sneak attacks. The Marathon games had such great atmosphere, enemies and the weapons were satisfying as fuck to use. Dual wield shotguns blew my mind.

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Finally, a thread to post this.

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>>508946872Did you actually beat Myth 3?

>>508943949Did they actually say that or was it just the usual nudge-nudge references that they always do?

>>508943152anything else I should get for QoL stuff?>>508946210that sucks>>508946358>>508946651I kind of wish Marathon were a bit more popular so people could work more on aleph one and make TCs, but the question is how much popularity do you want it to gain

>>508947110It was essentially a timeline of their projects that wentDestinyBullshit add-onBullshit add-onMarathon (Didn't have a number or mention if it was a reboot)Destiny 2Bullshit add-onBullshit add-onDestiny 3 And so on. And now I can't find it despite having a vivid mental image of the list itself and it being in a magazine/website.

>>508947580Make a Marathon thread on /vr/ and it will just be shat on for not being Doom.

>>508939917In a huge Myth fan. I wish I could still play multiplayer but last I played in the PlayMyth days everyone was such an absolute pro it got a bit tiresome. Wonder if there are any servers left at all nowadays

>>508947076No, I tried the beta version of Myth 3 camping for Myth 2, but it was shit.

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>>508946547What do you mean by editor? If you're looking to make maps, shapes, sounds or physics there are tools to do so.>>508947790Marathon gets a good bit of conversation going in the Room/retro FPS thread. However, if you mention Marathon outside of it, you'll just be memed to death

>>508947850>Wonder if there are any servers left at all people online right now and they have a discord server where games are arranged. They also have an annual tournament.>>508947898I tried the beta version of the campaign as well but the spawns are fucked. I admire the guy's effort but he clearly gave up on it before working on balancing there's way too many Myrkridia spawns on the first mission with the trash units you have.

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>>508939917Marathon Infinity is one my favorite games ever and one of the best experimental narratives in video games

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>>508947584Marathon: Infinity was somewhat recently trademarked again by Bungie. It wasn't to reserve it either, as it had years left. I suspect we'll see an Infinity reboot within the next few years by a B-team within Bungie.

>>508949264Spaitial Outpouring is great, though it's easy to break levels and make them impossible to beat.

>>508949515Is it really? I haven't gotten too far past the area in the WebM. I'll try to keep backup saves.

>>508949717Yes, Toadal Number of Coats and Wingding Zone you can break by pressing switches too fast. I've also heard people say you can break Wholly Hannah but it's never happened to me. Enjoy the playthrough, it's a great TC

>>508947898post manual with prologue

>>508941663It only killed your computer if you installed straight to C:\ with no sub folder and then uninstalled it

>>508942239Is great how well animated are the cuscenes in both myth games, you don't see this anymore nowdays

>>508946872Sweet collection. I remember my Myth 2 coming with a Soulblighter figurine but I was a dumb kid who lost it immediately

>Better non-Doom retro fps discussions than /vr/Sad.

>>508953694generals are poison for discussion

>>508951087I’m not that user but I still have my TFL and SB manuals and could post if this thread is still going when I get home from work

>>508953972please do

>>508950049Thanks for the heads up!It has been really cool so far, great atmosphere.

>>508953969VRfag here, absolutely.>Went to /vrg/ to discuss virtual reality games>Nothing but degenerate discord drama, barely any games other than VRChat in sightI heard that Katawa Shoujo still gets threads, like, that shit came out in 2012 and isn't a live service time vampire game that is regularly updated with content, how the FUCK are people still talking about that ONE visual novel? I'm genuinely disturbed by the prospect of going there to find out.

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>>508956032They aren't, it's a glorified chatroom.

>>508956032Back when I was still into Destiny I tried to find some people to play with. It was just five guys or so completely ignoring the topic of the game and flaming each other over petty drama. It's always the same shit.

>>508953694I've tried making Myth threads on /vr/ but they are always on constant life support. I'm sure after an e-celeb makes a review of them they will finally get discussion but it's sad to see that people need games spoonfed to them to play.

>>508939917I've been sort of jumping between all classic era Bungie games recently and i find all mentioned games in the OP's post to still hold up quiet well. Also is it true that Pathways Into Darkness, Myth and Marathon are all somehow connected? Heard sometime ago that Halo:COmbat evolved was also meant to be set in the Marathon universe originally?

>>508939917Marathon sucks compared to Doom clones and Build Engine games. The gunplay is clunky as fuck and the level design sucks.

>>508958532It doesnt. Marathon 1's gunplay is considerably weaker than 2's though.

>>508959017>manual vertical aiming with no crosshair>clips of ammo with no manual reload>physics akin to a bouncing ballNo thanks.

>>508958393I don't think Halo was ever meant to be a Marathon game, it was initially planned to be an RTS game then became a third person shooter and then what it is now. Its plot is basically a mishmash of Marathon and Myth and Mjolnir mark IVs are referenced in Marathon as cyborgs.

>>508959257Still not seeing anything bad here. The game uses a proper magazine system instead of a magical ammo pool.

>>508958393Pathways into Darkness and Marathon... possiblyThe others appear to be their own separate things.

>>508952341The mission intros are the real heroes of the game. Talk about god tier storytelling.

>>508960326The soundtracks to Fallen Lords and Soulblighter are amazing. Marty has such a mastery of midi to create this lonely, longing feeling.

>>508959617The problem is you can get caught in an automated reload animation when you really shouldn't. And the feel of the weapons is bad, too.

>>508958393Pathways and Marathon are 100% connected. In Pathways an enigmatic alien race called the Jjaro contact humanity and inform them of the eldretch horror beneath Mexico. In Marathon: Infinity, you use the Jjaro's technology to bind the same creature into the sun of Lhowon, and you also learn in Marathon 2 that the Spht are creations of the Jjaro meant to build and maintain Lhowon. The lore is directly connected

>>508961072Myth 2's soundtrack is very

>>508962380I love the name "Soulblighter." It's so cool.

>>508962459It's objectively cooler than Soulcatcher (from the Black Company).

>>508961547The automated reload unironically requires you to git gud. Before the next fight, do you expend your remaining ammo so you have full clip, or do you risk having to reload in the middle of a fight? If you expend your ammo, you're wasting it. If you don't, you'll have a two second reload. It's a small but significant part of the gameplay loop that I personally enjoy.

>>508962248its also implied that both protagonists are the same person reincarnated

>>508942406He did what he wanted to do with the medium and got out

>>508962459I got a stuffed tiger on my 10th birthday and named it Soulblighter

>>508961547When you get two pistols, you can reload one while shooting the other. Just stagger your clips so one is always a half clip away from the other.

>>508942406He did an AMA on >leddit and basically said that he winged the story because Jason Jones didn't want to deal with it. It was all a happy accident that it turned out well

>>508945315The Pfhor logo is still in MCC as an emblem, for some reason, even though the Marathon/Durandal logo and Tycho logo were cutAlso the various incidental Marathon references in Halo CE-ODST's campaigns were left in, though in the case of CE and 2 they were not replicated in the Anniversary graphics, probably for legal reasons

As promised, Myth TFL prologue from manual 1/3

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>>508958393PiD and Marathon are set in the same universeMyth is its own thingHalo contains a lot of ideas and aesthetic choices recycled from Marathon, but it's a separate thing

>>508958393Oh, and forgot to mention that Destiny is also connected. The MIDA multitool lore card talks about this a bit. It's possible that Destiny takes place in a failed Marathon timeline, as you can see Deimos on Mars, implying the Marathon was never built. In the book of sorrows from Destiny 1, it also mentions the W'rkncacnter.

>>508965602the prologue is what immediately sold me on the series despite knowing nothing about the gameplay at the time

TFL prologue 2/3

>>508965849Fucking this up since I don’t have a 4chan pass anymore

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TFL prologue 3/3

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TFL front coverMy Soulblighter manual isn’t where I thought it was so I have to dig around for it

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>>508939917Marathon gives me motion sickness. Only game that has ever done that. Myth is good, though.

>>508966530Did you try disabling view bobbing?

So did the Deceiver die after killing Shiver?

Well shucks anons I know I have Soulblighter’s manual somewhere but I won’t be able to find it in time for this thread. Sorry guys

>>508968014It's all good I just like seeing the art when it's not a blurry scan.