>PETA Bullies Blathers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons>In a TikTok video posted by the organization...

>PETA Bullies Blathers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons>In a TikTok video posted by the organization, we see 8 PETA members screaming “EMPTY THE TANKS” at museum caretaker Blathers, as well as slogans such as “Fish are Friends”. I can't believe this is real. They do know it's a video game, right?twitter.com/peta/status/1262729784762798080?s=20

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>>508939796>submit fish to museum>scream at blathers to free the fishesBased PETA

>>508939796But how did Blathers get the fish? Even in a game, they constantly fuck up.

>fish belong in the ocean Way to discriminate against freshwater fish.

>>508939796if peta ran the museum they'd put down half the fish

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Wait a second how did those fish get in the tanks? That means Peter had to actually fish all of them up it’s not a little hypocritica wait a second how did those fish get in the tanks? That means Peter had to actually fish all of them up. That’s kinda of ironic.

>>508940502>That’s kinda of par for the courseFixed

>>508940502>>508940621On their Twitter they claim to be raiding random people islands, it's much worse. Imagine opening your gates and PETA comes through.

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>>508940770thats why you line your entrances with doghouses with "do not euthanize" signs next to them

>>508940770>raiding islands>I just press the power button and they are forced out.

>>508940770Oh no, it's retarded.

>>508939796its nice to see that people don't fall for the wendy's tier "relatable" bullshit they keep trying to pushthey're clearly trying to latch onto zoomers for a new source of income since all the retarded boomers that donate to them are slowly dying but its not takinghopefully these dumbfuck retards go broke and we can stop seeing their half-assed attempts at "protests" by latching onto fucking bideogames. seriously how long have they been fucking doing this? has it actually made a point or just been edgy outrage advertising for their donation channels

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>>508940770>"Does anyone want to check out my island that I worked hard on?">PETA members come to your island just to scream at BlathersI just wanted to show off my cute beach hangout.

>>508940770i thought you couldn't put custom designs on other peoples islands

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>>508940770Visitors can't even place down custom art like signs on other islands. The 'raided' person is literally one of them.

>>508939796You could just tell which ones are the fat ones in real life.

>Invite them over>"You guys like nature, right? Then water my fucking roses."

>>508939796This isn’t even activism. They aren’t even real fish. What is the fucking point

>Killing animals kills us all.Ironic since PETA kills tons of animals.

Peta = CIA

>>508939796>Fish are friendsWasn't "fish are friends not food" a thing said by the sharks in Shark Tale, and it was mostly surface level shit they said for PR and were still eating fish? Really, really fitting for PETA actually.

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>>508939796Why should I care?

>>508942402Finding Nemo you clown. Not that Will Smith CGI ripoff.

>>508942402I think it was Finding Nemo with the group of Sharks trying very hard to control themselves

Why don't we just kill every PETA member?

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>>508942532Never ask that question again and decide for yourself.

>>508942773>>508942831It's been literal years since I've seen either movie, my bad. Point still stands.

hes a bird though

>>508939796>only protest for the fish>completely ignore bug AuschwitzFucking hypocritical faggots

>>508939796If only I could develop a biocrop that would be consumed exclusivley as a "animal rights meat replacement meal" that would enact full cellular breakdown on anybody who ate it. Maybe I could clear PETA and Vegans out in one night.

>>508942000All of them?

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>>508939796PETA is a false flag operation to keep compassion-based animal welfare from progressing rather than easily managed eco-psychopath misanthropic philosophy, change my mind

>>508943256Keep supporting the maniacs who'd have you in a breeding factory if they could.

>>508943745Hot take, can't immediately dispute

Lol. I worked on a fuel dock and one day two women walked into a bait shop and bought a couple bags of fish. I asked them what they were doing and they replied “freeing these fish”. I held my tongue until they dumped the fish into the lake and informed them they just killed those minnows because they’re conditioned for the temperature and water in the tank. They just stared at me

>>508939796why didn't the government throw these faggots to the wild?,they clearly want that,it should be a lawn

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>>508939796>Peta screaming at a virtual owl>They think it will change somethingYou’d think years of evolution would make people I don’t know, smart?

>those peta shelters in tenessee I believe it was that euthanized literally over 95% of the dogs they received>investigators found still warm corpses hastily buried near the shelterif you really care about animals there's a lot of better options than peta

>>508939796it's not real you dumb fuck inbred retard. peta has always sustained on drama, all they care about is donation money for their execs. you're intentionally giving them views and free press

>>508939796>they can't do anything but instead, they need to bully a kids gameAs if Japan cares for these faggots.

>>508941751You can't. PETA is full of idiots who barely understand anything. You also can just close the gates and then they are all gone the moment you read their shirts.

>>508943665You just know that they fucked.


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>>508944109They don't think it'll change anything, PeTA is one of the most widely known corrupt charity organisations in the States, they only ever stay relevant by doing stupid ass stunts like this so babysitters react to it on twitter and they're talked about for a day or so, its a complete scam

>>508945645Don't worry, user. Eco terrorists that get trapped on a ship for months and get all of their money scammed by the captain are showing those darn Japanese that fish are friends too!

>>508945901Isabelle seems pretty based to me.

>>508940770>We’re raiding islandsYikes dog. That’s going to be a report to Nintendo from me.


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why does anything related to Nintendo attracts so much autism?

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>>508940770What the hell can they even do on your island lolThey can't "free" anything

>>508939796>spreading the news>sharing their linkyou fell for the oldest trick in the book...

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>>508946432do you know where you are rn

>>508946432Kids game.

>caring about peta aka money laundering charity #207>caring about Tranimal Crossdressing

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>>508941727does peta pay people to do this? because i would pretend to be an animal spaz if i get to play nintendo for money

>>508946606yeah, not a Nintendo forum or Twitter you fucking retard

>>508946690They're probably just volunteers that they've indoctrinated

>>508945901Wtf is map rights?

Funny considering that the museum only displays fishes you donated. That means some PETA member had to go fishing. A practice that they find harmful.


>>508939796pretty much the same thing Holla Forumsyps do on this board all fucking day lmao

>>508947124The right to be sexually attracted to children aka a fucking pedoI wish I was kidding

i love my wife

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>>508946796This is four leaf you retarded fucking filthy summer swine piece of shit If you're posting here and you don't know the entirety of 4chan is maximum autism just fucking do a favour to yourself and leavecolossal fucking faggot

PETA fucking kidnaps pets to euthanize, they are EVIL

>>508939796I think the fact that Twitter even enables PETA's bullshit by, not only allowing them to have an official Twitter account, but giving them a checkmark on top of it all is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

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>>508940770>"We're raiding islands to free fish."Literally nothing they can possibly do would cause the fish in the aquarium to be dumped back into the ocean. It would literally just be a handful of complete fucking mouth-breathing retards standing inside your museum screaming at themselves while you just walked around your town or did shit.

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These retards are still around?

Team Plasma at it, again.

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>>508947176>>508947232Seems on par with trans rights.I mean they are the ones wanting to make anyone at any age, especially kids, on the pills and scalpel ride because "oh they turn out better looking lmao."

>>508944109We've come so fucking full circle that we have people that legitimately believe that the Earth is flat. I think the government needs to start allowing for these people to be put down for mental retardation.

>>508947989PETA literally made that shitty Pokemon fan game around the time Black and White released, if you recall.

>>508947623>but giving them a checkmark on top of itFucking anyone can have a blue checkmark, just send them a bunch of identification that you're the real deal and you get labelled.Of course, since this is only useful for businesses or up-coming projects it's a great way to spot a flaming faggot once you see one. It's basically Shitter's equivalent to tripfags.

>>508940770>raiding random children games for political shitAnd this is why nintendo still use friend codes.

Peta are so fucking cringey people intentionally distance themselves from animal rights movements, if I didn't know any better I'd say they were controlled opposition

>>508948290I know, and they even support Team Plasma.

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>>508947232>>508947176How does the acronym work?

>>508947232>>508947176It's not as fucked as a concept as it seems. Most of them are simply people who are attracted to children and can't really do anything about it. If the attraction itself is stigmatized a bit less, it could theoretically make it a lot easier for them to get the psychological help they need. The problem is that there are a bunch of sick fucks who simply take advantage of such a thing, and use it to groom minors.

>>508948675Minor Attracted Person.

>>508939796They're right though

>>508939796>TikTokSo PETA is full of pedophiles?

It really is a genuine shame that PETA's the most (in)famous animal organization around, considering that it gets treated so lightly by everyone because of the harm they've done. Literally everyone knows they're a bunch of scumbags, so I genuinely don't understand how they haven't been arrested and put into mental hospitals yet.

>>508941935Kek, bunch of liarsHow embarrassing

>>508948896you are overestimating how many people are constantly onlinego ask a random normie on the street about peta, they've eaither never heard of them or just think they're a "nice animal rights organization" with absolutely no knowledge of the fucked up shit they do

>>508939796This is fucking stupid, and im vegan. ill do whatever the fuck i want in video games cause its not real life lmfao. shits annoying. Im behind PETAs irl work though. Shit on me all you want, i know where I'm posting, but innocent and intelligent animals who can suffer dont deserve the constant torture they get just so humans can get their little happy feel

>>508949126>Supporting an organization that mass-kills animals

>>508946796>not a Nintendo forumAre you sure?

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>>508939796I thought cyber-bullying wasn't a thing? Isn't that what the anti-SJW/Alt-Right crowd on 4chan claims?

>>508949126How can you "support PETAs irl work" and claim to care about animals when they're literally responsible for more animal euthinasia than any other org, at least in the US?

>>508949126>Pronounced Vegan>Supports PETAAre you a tranny that lives in California, too?

>>508949361>actually listening to Holla Forums

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>>508949126Anon, I'm vegan as well, but trying to make people feel bad about eating meat doesn't make anybody vegan. It just makes people hate vegans. I spent years putting off converting to veganism, because of it. Let people decide for themselves.

it's pretty much what Uganda Knuckles did but somehow is being done completely seriously.Like, this would just be top-tier trolling if it was anyone besides actual PETA doing it.

It's fine because it's funny

Bullying blatters is based. WHat faggot hates bugs and sticks dinosaur bones in his ass?

>>508949376>>508949254Fact check your shit. I know exactly waht youre talking about and its bull shit smear campaign run by a lobbyist group. ill drop some links in case you actually give a fuck about animals. petakillsanimalsscam.com/https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/PETA_Kills_Animals>PETA Kills Animas is a front group operated by Berman & Co. Berman & Co. operates a network of dozens of front groups, attack-dog web sites, and alleged think tanks that work to counteract minimum wage campaigns, keep wages low for restaurant workers, and block legislation on food safety, secondhand cigarette smoke, drunk driving, and more.PETA Kills Animals describes itself as "a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the full range of choices that American consumers currently enjoy" according to its website.[1] In reality, CCF is another Berman front group that runs media campaigns opposing the efforts of scientists, doctors, health advocates, animal advocates, environmentalists and other groups for restaurant, alcohol, tobacco and other industries.Many shelters wont euthanize (even though the problem should be prevented in the first place) . just because PETA euthanizes when other shelters wont (thus keeping their numbers low) doesnt make them evil fucking bird brains. >Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanizedaspca.org/animal-homelessness/shelter-intake-and-surrender/pet-statistics>in 2014 PETA euthanized 2,455washingtonpost.com/national/religion/at-petas-shelter-most-animals-are-put-down-peta-calls-them-mercy-killings/2015/03/12/e84e9af2-c8fa-11e4-bea5-b893e7ac3fb3_story.htmlthats 0.001%

>>508949326>shit from 5 years agotry again nerd

>>508950157Anon, Blathers doesn't have an ass. Owls have cloacas. Blathers sticks dinosaur bones in his cloaca.

>>508939796Remember when peta had a campaign to change "fish" to be "sea kittens"? Some weird motherfuckers in that org, but 40 year old white woman kind of weird.

>>508949732Yeah i dont talk shit irl but this is the internet, grow a spine and stand up for something . If not when youre anonymous , then when the fuck else would you?

>>508950196You're a murderer of animals and you clearly hate animals and don't wish for them to live if you actually support and are brainwashed by PETA. Maybe you should convert to Spirit-Science, too.

>>508948858>TikTokOpinion discarded

>>508939796PETA are trollingThey have always been trollingThey have been trolling for a few decades and retards still fall for it

>>508950361There is nothing morally or ethically wrong about eating eggs, chickens always lay eggs and collecting and eating them causes no harm to the animals, unlike leather, dairy, eat, gelatin, cosmetic products. I don't buy mine from a factory farm so I'm vegan as I don't consume any animal products that cause harm, deal with it

>>508943256anon thats literally what Sºy is

>>508950427hahah try harder. Does it challenge your weak ass ego to know that someone is pointing out flaws in your half baked ethics? Im not even a hippie, i couldnt give less fucks about spirits and crystals and shit. Cold hard logic man - support for meat industry is support for unnecessary cruelty (not to mention the detriment of the fucking century to the environment)

>>508942402anyone else ever play this game? it was my guilty pleasure growing up, surprisingly great OST

imagine feeling guilty for participating in the circle of life

>>508950414I don't try to make the world hate vegans any more than they already do. You aren't doing anything for animals here. If anything you are probably going to make people eat more meat out of spite.

>>508950004There are more tigers in captivity than the wild. Condors were saved from the brink of extinction because of zoos and conservation efforts.

>>508950582That means you're vegetarian with restrictions you stupid fuck.Vegan is literally no animal products at all.I suggest you look up definitions for terms you use.

>>508950638>>508950196sorry you momentarily forgot how to read bro but ill help you out.>PETA puts a high proportion of animals down, Nachminovitch explains, because it ministers to those that many other shelters turn away, often because of the shelters’ ”no kill” policies.>PETA staff will drive more than 100 miles beyond Norfolk, at any time and in any weather, to help animals that are gravely ill, infested with parasites or too aggressive ever to be adopted, she said.like i literally said>Many shelters wont euthanize (even though the problem should be prevented in the first place) . just because PETA euthanizes when other shelters wont (thus keeping their numbers low) doesnt make them evil fucking bird brains.

>>508950707Eating one Impossible Burger at a restaurant doesn't make you a Vegan, the same way supporting PETA doesn't make you some kind of superhero that protects animals. You're just a cold-blooded killer and supportive of animals dying so people can't enjoy them. Murderer.

>>508950196Your next words will be, "all farmers are evil"

>>508949126>>508950196>>508950707>>508951095What's up, PETA?

>>508940770Beyond that why would you be playing a game and not even play a major part of it? I suppose you could catch and release bugs and fish to fill the catalog, but if you're not selling them you miss out on a lot of money too.

I don’t get PETA. Are they crazy.

>>508951039For creatures such as Rhinos, captivity is quite literally the one and only chance they have at survival, considering how many are killed every year for their horns, despite them being literally worthless and made out of keratin. PETA wants to pretend to be big boys, but they won't even step one foot into China to challenge the people actually hurting animal populations.

>>508951329It's literally required to donate things to Blathers in order to have the museum on your island, and further the game's "story".

>>508951073I've got a term here for you, it's called "faggot"

>>508951568Okay retard faggot.Go shove those organically farmed eggs up your ass.

>>508951325whats up faggot. suck a cow titty lately cause you cant find a real one?>>508951180nice assumption. Never had an impossible burger buddy but nice try!! Never said i was a super hero... but aw its cute youre trying so hard. > You're just a cold-blooded killer and supportive of animals dying so people can't enjoy them. Murderer. i admit this gave me a great laugh though, thanks

>>508951397They're murders that kill more animals than they've saved. Because death was more "humane"

>>508952158nah, see >>508951095>>508950196

>>508951738Not even him, just wanted to let you know

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So what's the non-evil version of PETA these days?

Going to go pet my dog and then eat a nice meal featuring animal based protein. Keep seething, fag.

>>508952269you can justify it all you want faggot, you're still killing animals that have no reason to die in droves while claiming it's whats best for them


>>508952290>>508950842>>508950707>>508950638>>508950582>>508950563>>508951738>>508951568>>508951095All me

>>508951397They LARP as animal rights activists, but they've killed far more animals than they've saved, and every once in awhile, they'll crawl out from the wood works to try and cause publicity stunts. The last one prior to Animal Crossing was the Super Bowl ad they had that got declined because they're a bunch of dumbass savage monsters with a bunch of animals, insects, and fish kneeling really awkwardly.

>>508952481Oh so you do care about animals that have no reason to die? You're halfway there buddy , keep the gears turning!! Also i suggest looking up what euthanasia is. Because it is far from "no reason to die".

>>508952653>NOOOOOOO not the heckin chickerinos!!!

>>508940770lmao based

>>508953203Thanks for the clear indicator that you gave up trying! also intelligent "livestock" animals die in the billions. billions. wrap that around your head compared to the miserable lives of just a few thousand animals euthanized (key: euthanized, put out of suffering).

PETA is filled with women that live with the shame of having sexually misbehaved, like having killed their child, and so they have to find a way to absolve their guilty conscience, this is why their actions make no sense. Many such cases.

>>508939796shouldnt they be concerned by cruel treatment of animals and ocean pollution by china? Why are they playing childrens games

>>508953718wow such redbill. man good woman bad

>>508951837>suck a cow titty lately cause you cant find a real one?Ya seethe?

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>>508953515>intelligentcan you prove those billions dying were all smart?

>>508939796Heh... they're ascribing human values like "freedom" to a dumb fucking animal that literally would eat its own shit and think nothing of it. These fish in tanks live better lives than any ocean fish.

>>508940770Holy molly

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>>508953865A slightly different response from what I was fishing for but I'll take it.

>>508953880waiting for a better comeback. try harder.>>508953931Are you serious? Fucking google it what the fuck do you think i am? Pigs are smarter than dogs. Cows cry constantly for their friends and babies when theyre taken away. Chickens can be taught to do tricks and track numbers.

>>508953718>PETA is filled with white women that live with shame

>>508947246rosie is NOT for lewd!

>>508954081maybe you should focus more on fishing for pussy, youre gonna need all the practice you can get incel.

>shilling for cowscmon now

>>508947232Why do they keep changing names? Wasn't there some other obscure term?

>>508953515Well then I hope you are getting a Stem degree in chemistry or biology to find a better alternative, or do you find the needs of the animals to be more important than the needs of the humans? And then should we force feed vegetables to carnivors? Maybe "euthanize" them so they don't pose a threat to other animals anymore, and what are you going to do when there is an overabudance of certain species of animals treating the environment? Pray it away?Surely you don't just scream at other people for eating meat but you must have thought of some realistic, feasible long term solutions for animals and humans alike?

>>508954413Now that's exactly what I was looking for.


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>>508951073>Vegan is literally no animal products at all.Because they cause harm to animals, cruelty free eggs are vegan, it sounds like you're vegan because its trendy instead of being considered with animal cruelty


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>>508942000Plz enlighten me

>>508954627You think im screaming? hah. im laughing this whole time buddy. And i got time so let's have at it. > I hope you are getting a Stem degree in chemistry or biology to find a better alternativeThe alternatives exist already. I go to the grocery store just like you. I just dont buy meat or dairy. >or do you find the needs of the animals to be more important than the needs of the humans?never said that. You've made a grave error assuming meat is a need of humans. Its not. Im not gonna provide all the sources for that, but spend 2 fucking minutes googling and youll see. >And then should we force feed vegetables to carnivors? Maybe "euthanize" them so they don't pose a threat to other animals anymore, What the fuck are you talking about? Carnivores eat their meat as usual cause theyre fucking animals , not people. they dont make ethical decisions and dont consider suffering. >and what are you going to do when there is an overabudance of certain species of animals treating the environment? Pray it away?Are you talking about livestock? Because as the demand decreases so will the supply. There wont be an overabundance of cows running around breaking free cause of the vegans lmfao. And aside from the ethical standpoint, we need to taper off this toxic industry because its massively contributing to global warming with pollution.Anything else?

>>508954256There can be such a thing as respect for life for livestock animals. You've been brainwashed into believing every single farm is some sort of Perdue Auschwitz where all the workers are stepping on chicken's heads and putting out cigarette butts on pigs snouts. You can respect the life of livestock and still know that your own is more important you condescending faggot

Why are vegans so arrogant and self-righteous?

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>>508943745but you are not wrong, the group is probably compromised of CIA

Put PETA in the tanks instead lol

>>508955436Unfortunately youre the one whos been brainwashed you bootlicking fuck. This took 2 seconds on google. sentientmedia.org/u-s-farmed-animals-live-on-factory-farms/>The new analysis uses data from the 2017 USDA Census of Agriculture, which was released on April 11, 2019. The most recent previous data available was for 2012, which showed around 98.66% of U.S. farmed animals lived on factory farms compared to the current figure of 98.74%. The analysis uses EPA regulations for what constitutes a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in combination with the USDA data on how many animals live on farms of various sizes.>“Most people are woefully wrong about where their meat comes from. 75% of US adults believe they usually buy humane products, yet only 1% of food animals live on non-factory farms,” said Sentience Institute’s Executive Director Kelly Witwicki in reference to a 2017 poll conducted by the group in collaboration with Ipsos Group.Next youre gonna tell me your uncle runs a nice pleasant factory farm? Where billions of animals stew in disease and filth and suffering? Fuck off with YOUR condescending shit. acting like you know what the fucks going on. "respect for life" , respect my motherfucking balls

>>508949126hello CIA

>>508955519Because we're right about something that seems obvious to anyone whos not a sociopath - torturing animals for pleasure is wrong. Just because you pay someone to do it doesnt make it okay. Do 10 minutes of googling and use just an iota of logic

>>508955846You live in a city, don't you

>>508955519Insistence on moral superiority. They honestly believe they're better people than everyone else, vocalize it, and then wonder why no one agrees

>>508956225HHAAHAHAH wow. BRILLIANT deduction. But yeah, im gonna assume youre gonna feed me some line about how im a spoiled city fag and dont understand the country life. I'm not pretending to talk about these small ass little farms, just like i dont give a fuck if you fuck your cousin, that's your business. but VAST MAJORITY of people live in civilization (fucking gasp) and make choices every day to support a cruel industry. Its that simple.

>>508956580How's being stuck indoors?

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>>508956413Nah i believe it because no one can use logic to prove me wrong. Intelligent animals dont deserve the cruel fate they get in the meat industry just for human's unnecessary pleasure and fucked up culture. I know exactly why you don't agree, and its because you lack critical thinking outside of what you were taught as a little kid.

>>508944020rude & mean.

>>508940770For fuck's sake can't these dumbshits fight more noble causes? They could go after the dog fighting rings, hell even go after unethical butchering done by people. Why waste their time on this shit?

>>508956756Doing my best to go for walks and get plenty of sunlight. it could be worse. Doing plenty of reading and vidya game backlogging. How about you user?

>>508956963I've been cooking more, experimenting with ground turkey and veal.

>>508956963I go out to my uncles nice pleasant factory farm and fuck my cousin outside

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>>508940770Do you think that they ever wake up in the morning and consider just staying in bed? They have lived their entire lives as colossal fuckups, they have to know by now that getting out of bed will just lead to more misery and failure.

>>508948685yes yes it is you fucking pedoif someone is attracted to children (and for some reason can't control it) and knows its fucked up they seek profesional help, not validation on twitter

>>508956106Proving his point...

You guys realize that this is viral marketed from them, right?

>>508939796basedBlathers BTFO'd

>>508940243PETA would actually throw freshwater fish in the ocean because they're crazy like that.

>>508940770How can an organization be so wrong all the time?

>>508939796>>508940770>wait for PETAphiles to enter museum>collect all furniture that depicts meat in some way from my storage>drop it all in front of the museum and call them Dog-killing Faggots on their way out.

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>>508956824good bait

>>508957282post pics of cousin pussy

>>508945901>>508954936BASED ISABELLE

>>508957427>>508957583Nice logical arguments boys! Sure showed the vegan!! you're proving MY fucking point you smoothbrains

>>508943745extremely basedvery redpilled

>>508947246blessed post

>>508956848This is the type of dumb shit that gets headlines and keeps them in the public eye. If they just pursued sensible causes then people would forget they exist and stop donating.

>>508957432and it's working

>>508939796>giving PETA attention>ever

Attached: PETA.gif (600x2239, 330.28K)


>>508957778I'm not here to argue, and by the looks of it, neither is you, which means you can only be baiting.

>>508942402the sharks were like an AA group trying not to eat fish but they ended up smelling blood and went berserk, but yeah that is pretty funny to think about.

>>508940770>Thanks for the tip

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>>508939796So they protest single fish being kept for reference and entertainment, but close their eyes on billion dollar tuna fishing industry. Fair enough.

Attached: 000_jl8q3.9c8bf085459.original.jpg (1160x773, 144.29K)

>>508957620want me to post the rest?

Attached: 1589282903148.jpg (600x882, 44.73K)

>>508954256>Cows cry constantly for their friends and babies when theyre taken awayBetter kill them then.

>>508957417That is exactly what I am saying. They should seek psychological help. The problem is finding someone willing to work with them is extremely difficult.

>>508958217I've been arguing and batting away these weak ass responses the whole thread. Do i need to say it again ? >Intelligent animals dont deserve the cruel fate they get in the meat industry just for human's unnecessary pleasure and fucked up culture.>torturing animals for pleasure is wrong. Just because you pay someone to do it doesnt make it okay.

>>508958520Do it

Attached: 1452646640371.jpg (342x496, 35.01K)

>>508955436>>508956225Dude, don't engage, that's either an ideologically possessed person or a masterbaiter. Neither of which deserves your time.

>>508958619>I've been arguingParroting something that someone else said isn't arguing.

>>508956848Cause their true beliefs are pants on head retarded nonsense that nature and man must stay completely separate and any animals to have any contact with people are corrupted and must be executed. Hence why their shelters kill so much.Of course this is clearly insane and would never get support so they mask it as "muh animal rights" to get more followers.

>>508958556you see the thing is, if you are JUST attracted to kids its literally not an issueI am attracted to women but you won't see me walking around raping them (and im a 22yr old virgin so its not like I can "get some" the legal way)if you are attracted to children and actually act up on it then you have other issues than being attracted to children cause you are a rapist

Why are vegetarians relatively chill but vegans almost always massive self righteous cunts?

Attached: thinking plague.png (99x79, 7.94K)

>>508939796I like how they protest video games all the time, but do they protest actual aquariums?

>>508958664I like how consistent and concise logic can only mean im possessed or bait. lmfao. Engage, pussy, see what happens>>508958805 I'm actually impressed you managed to literally just take the verb "argue" and run with it, as if it was anything close to my point for that post. If you want to talk about the rest of it, im here waiting bud.


Attached: 1589308278977.png (488x449, 227.18K)

Because its frustrating to deal with people who blindly accept the mass culture of a sick and cruel industry. We want things to change and soon. And im not a cunt irl, only online because why not

>>508959104The insane, like you, often see their actions as "consistent and concise logic". That doesn't mean it is.

>>508939796I don't agree with PETA but if you're not trying to eat a more 'vegetarian friendly' diet in 2020, you're an asshole, and that's just science.

>>508959330oops was meant for>>508959035

I wonder if it's fun being fucking mental. or does the severe retardation make it a bad time

Attached: 1153392575886.jpg (356x326, 24.88K)

>>508959338And those who cannot win an argument, like you, resort to logical fallacies like ad hominems and red herrings. Address my point about animal welfare or do yourself a favor and stop wasting your fucking time.

>>508959330>>508959442I can assure you that you're a massive cunt IRL.

>>508939796And just like real life they accomplished absolutely nothing.

>>508959614Oh thats cool that we know each other irl, i didnt realize! Lets hang soon bro, im trying to fuck your sister

>>508959330>"I'm actually a really nice guy"Yikes, literally mentally ill.

Didn't PETA try to organize a protest in World of Warcraft ~10 years ago and people attended to farm animals in the vicinity?

Attached: 1324809267405.png (428x510, 180.55K)

what difference does it make to a fish?They don't have anywhere to go or anything to hunt.

>>508959709I don't hang out with cunts.

>>508939796They do this stuff because it causes outrage and by creating outrage they receive media attention, and attention in general. Stop giving these attention whores what they crave so desperately.

>>508959330People aren't just "blindly accepting it", there's just not much people can do. Besides, it's not like it's impossible to buy shit from local places or whatever.

>>508942402This is EXPERTLY crafted bait.

>>508951552Can't you just donate fossils and bugs?

>>508959753>quoting something I didnt say. hahaha sure man. Your mom loves this mentally ill dick by the way. And its increasingly hilarious how 0 people have attempted to address the whole point im even posting. But ill include it again to give you a fresh start >Intelligent animals dont deserve the cruel fate they get in the meat industry just for human's unnecessary pleasure and fucked up culture.>torturing animals for pleasure is wrong. Just because you pay someone to do it doesnt make it okay.

>>508959330Well, it's not going to change soon. Meat is a huge part of human culture and has been for as long as humans have existed. I know it can suck at times, but that is the way it is. Nothing you say here on this image board is not going to change shit. All you are doing now is spreading the idea that all vegans always act like the way you are acting now.


>>508959587No you see I quite enjoy wasting the time of possessed people like you. It's fun watching you squirm. I have to go eat some chicken nuggets now tho.

No fish has ever died “ethically”. I don’t know why we should start giving them more rights than some people

What do you call people that like PETA alot?PETAphiles!

>>508960205Fish are fucking stupid most of the time anyway. they barely register anything going on around them besides obvious threats.

>>508959927It's actually quite simple if you're considering it. I go to the grocery store just like every one else. I buy some vegan frozen meals, pasta, rice, beans, soups like lentil soups, veggies, salads, occasionally some imitation meat. Drink onions / coconut / oat milk, take a one-a-day, get plenty of vitamins. Take a few minutes on google and you'll see its still a very practical lifestyle.

>>508959152damn, trannies really are /our'mam/

>>508959385Trying to shame people for their diets actually makes you the asshole. Imagine thinking that if you convince 100 people to eat less meat it would even fucking matter. Are you Mormon too?

>>508959330Honestly if anything, you are the one making animals die pointless deaths. People are always going to eat meat and animals are always going to be slaughtered for it. By leaving meat to rot, the animal died for nothing.

>>508959035because it can be pretty difficult to be vegan, so to cope they develop a supreriority complex to justify their difficulties. i'm not saying eating meat and meat production in general is right, but being condescending cunts only makes people despise vegans more instead of wanting to be vegan themselves.

>>508959152die pedo

>>508960065Do you not see an inherent contradiction here? Apparently I can represent an entire demographic as 1 person but you cant influence anything because youre just 1 person? It might not change soon if people are lazy fucks, but if they weren't it could change relatively soon. Don't give me that human culture bullshit, thats a bona fide logical fallacy. Appeal to tradition. Just because something HAS been done some way, doesnt mean it SHOULD be. Then there would be no arguments for social progress. >>508960090Cool man i had fun too, have fun with your tendies you literal child!

>>508960040>quoting something I didnt say. It's called reading between the lines, you autist.

>>508959152BASED and REDPILLED

Attached: 1588628531436.jpg (1795x2546, 3.21M)

>>508960583Nice hoops youre jumping through to reach that one. Animals die pointless deaths because there is a demand for it. Vegans simply decrease the demand (which has worked over the years btw, check the numbers and the grocery aisles) . >people are always going to stop right there, because that's a horseshit ethical argument. What people DO is not the same as what people SHOULD DO. People are always going to rape, murder, torture. Probably. But we should do our best to REDUCE that suffering to a minimum and encourage society adhere to those principles


>>508960869The logical fallacy is thinking that some minority fringe group can change culture just because you took the moral high ground. I’m not going to tell you that your feelings on the meat industry are wrong, because they aren’t. I will say that changing society is much harder than you make it out to be, otherwise we would also have solved racism and addiction issues. Cultural norms include the shitty parts too, and they’re just as resilient as any other part

>>508960869Oh nooo someone called me a child on the internet. They are tasty btw.

>>508961073Oof, i gave you a perfect lay up to respond to my actual point and again you missed. Keep trying buddy

>>508957987I don't care about Peta but people complaining about them euthanizing animals seems naive. Like what else do you expect them to do with them? Sending them to adopt shelters so they can be killed there?

>>508939796Does PETA still take animals from peoples' homes then kill them?


>>508961472When did they ever stop?

>>508961339It's worse than that

Attached: petaex.jpg (1200x2488, 414.33K)

>>508961307>implying any social change DIDNT come from a "minority fringe group". That's literally how counter cultures always start. But thank you for acknowledging my points on the meat industry. It's a start, and it was my start 8 years ago before i went vegan. Look, i'm not claiming culture as a whole is gonna change any time soon or be easy. I'm simply saying that acknowledging it is the first step, doing your part is the next step, and then the rest may follow. It's worth a fucking try when something is such a blatant injustice.

>tfw you have nostalgia for that peta mcdonalds flash game

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>>508939796How many times will people fall for this shit? They intentionally troll to get attention like when they asked the pet shop boys to change their name.


Attached: sample_1f06fca391a65caaebb67c49c6ac1e56.jpg (850x1119, 403.95K)

>>508939796The People Eating Tasty Animals are right. Those fish belong on the grill, not in a tank!

Attached: 1587433423741.png (1066x286, 13.68K)

Gentlemen, I've entered this thread to make an important announcement:Meat is delicious and I encourage everyone to eat it.That is all.

Attached: 1546330593021.png (700x443, 211.37K)

>>508961825I can understand killing feral cats

>>508957417>yes yes it is you fucking homo>if someone is attracted to their own sex (and for some reason can't control it) and knows its fucked up they seek profesional help, not validation on twitterPedophilia will be normalized and celebrated in the next 15-20 years.

Man, the day I become a Vegan is the day I lose all my incisors and canines and not any fucking time before that

>>508945901trannies are statistically likely to be pedos though

>>508949126>supports PETA, the doggy holocaust virgins>not Sea Shepard, the chad mercenaries fucking up nip and nigger fishing tripsdial 7 + 1


Attached: based department.jpg (410x598, 67.62K)

>>508962692>laughs in vegan

Attached: ffb078615a9c1cb43dba7498d69c7550.jpg (2048x1713, 658.54K)

Reminder that the only way to handle peta is with car bombs

>>508960869As far as almost everyone here is concerned, yes, you do represent the entire demographic. You might be able to change the opinion of people in this thread by not acting like a self-righteous twat, but you are never going to stop the world from eating meat.

>>508940215Basically the same thing they did at Silver Springs, falseflagging has always been part of their playbook.

>>508962931>gorillas aren't vegans retard

>>508939796>it's another "PETA REEEEEs over something popular to attract attention" event

Attached: tiresome.jpg (807x659, 36.66K)

>>508963073oh my bad they eat bugs sometimes too. i got rekt!! lmfao you fucking idiot. google it.The point is that teeth have as much to do with our ethical choices on diet as much as your dick has to do with your choice to be a rapist or not. >>508962973Lol fuck that my first post wasn't inflammatory at all. It was saying that this peta videogame bull shit was dumb and i stated my point clearly and neutrally. Then as expected, people come at me so i clap back. Im a vegan but i aint no bitch. My logic is sound and if it doesnt change your opinion it's your fucking problem that you have to live your day to day life with a shit brain that lacks critical thinking skills.

>>508954913veg·an/ˈvēɡən/Learn to pronouncenounnoun: vegan; plural noun: vegans a person who does not eat or use animal products.Straight from google.Just because it doesn't cause harm, does not mean it is vegan. Get your definitions rightI'm not vegan you stupid fuck, quote the post where I said I was.

>>508940770We need to start hitting women again.

>>508963772I doubt we used our canines for dominance

>>508963782I mean you both have points. I know vegans who would have no problem if you were to get eggs directly from someone who you knew / or had them yourself. Most people don't though. Not to mention once you stop eating them they become kinda gross realizing its just sulfurey cholesterol loaded chicken periods

>>508939796PETA can’t actually be a real organization, it has to be some sorta of money scheme or some shit

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>>508964085I've lost so much faith in any good in humans that I believe it

>>508963782Okay>>508949126Go ahead and say "not me", I'll wait.

>>508963962Sure ill grant you that; "used", as in yes, at one point we probably evolved these teeth in order to be opportunistic omnivores. But now we go to fucking grocery stores so... those days are long gone. It is simply an ethical choice now. Support a cruel industry, or don't.

>>508964343ethics are fucking retardedWhat if grass felt extreme amount of pains everytime you stepped on it but you couldn't tell.Would you stop walking on grass?

>>508964320the second vegan poster is actually me. who also responded to both of you here >>508964061

>>508963772You defended Peta, that alone was more than enough for people to call you a dipshit. People don't hate Peta for being vegans. They hate them for everything else about them including the way they act, the way you are currently acting.

>>508964492What if i fucked your mom and became your new dad? shut the fuck up idiot.

>>508964061He does not have a point, since he is literally wrong.If you eat only eggs and no other animal products you are a fucking vegetarian, not a vegan.They are literally two different things.>>508964320here you go faggot retard dicksucker, that wasn't my post

Attached: fuckyouretardfaggot.jpg (1882x899, 206.27K)

>>508964650no you faggot

Attached: 1589332575082.jpg (541x437, 133.15K)


>>508964681>that wasn't my postThanks for the compliance, I knew you'd cooperate.

>>508964492The funny thing is they do. That fresh cut grass smell, that's a stress signal.

>>508964998exactlybut it doesn't matter because it's a plant

>>508964818Literally posted proof of that not being me you faggot.Don't you have someone's dick to take in your ass now?Or would you prefer mine, please bend over.

Attached: 300x300.jpg (300x300, 24.06K)

>>508943745They're so fucking awful at everything that any explanation other than this one sounds ridiculous

>>508964575Yeah ive gotten lots of insults and yet and no one could give a solid retort to my defense of PETAs irl message. (not this video game shit lol). Please dont ask me to go dig it up again i posted like 6 articles already up there if you follow the replies. >>508964681Look im vegan but there's still some nuance. The point is, that if the ethical basis of being a vegan is not to harm animals, then if they weren't harmed, its fine. You're talking about a vegan diet. in which case your right. Same goes for plant-based diet.

>>508939796I've seen PETA abuse animals and I've seen throw fits over fictional animals, but this might be the first time I've seen them do both at once.

>>508965063Oh, so plant rights don't matter, huh? What are you, some kind of Kingdomist?

>>508939796>PETArds think video games are real

>>>>>@508965067Nah, not gay like u mom lol.

Attached: 4897948964896.jpg (99x22, 981)

Why is PETA not declared a criminal organization yet?


>>508949361I mean you can always just boot them with a quick reset. Or block them in your museum and hold them hostage until they DC.

>>508959385Science has proven that farm equipment used to grow and harvest crops is more damaging to the environment than livestock farming.

>>508964998>>508965063HAHAHH i laugh every time meat eaters defend their logic by saying plants feel pain. They dont have a fucking nervous system. Evolving to produce a chemical is not intelligence or suffering. Its so ridiculous to claim that that is in any way a logical equivalent to the suffering of intelligent animals. and here's the real kicker, even if you're right, livestock animals STILL need to be fed plants.

>>508965564why should I care if they have intelligence if that intelligence doesn't matter.

This is not PETA's first run in with vidya. Along with >>508941541

Attached: Pokemon_Black_and_Blue.png (300x250, 164.47K)

Anyone who associates themselves with PETA unironically is 100% crazy. That should be a red flag to avoid them at all costs.

>>508965716wow don't hurt yourself from thinking too hard buddy. Someone shows up to your house fucks and kills ur dog and then says oh it didnt suffer because its intelligence doesnt matter. You'd have to agree right?

>>508958805That's wrong. If they make a logical argument it literally is an argument, regardless of if they are the ones who came up with the point or if they're defending it. I'm not for PETA at all but you dont need to resort to fallacies to prove a point.

>>508965192I understand your logic, but most vegans do not abide by even their own rules.You are assuming that most vegans follow a standard logic tree.Even if that were the case it would still be near impossible to even be a vegan without living in the woods in a hut.People forget how much is made with animal products.

Attached: vegan.jpg (600x509, 75.41K)

>>508965192They protest zoos despite them currently being the only thing keeping some animals from going extinct. They have campaigned against owning petsAre against sheering sheep, even though they need it to liveEncouraged people to give pets vegan diets that kill themDo I need to say more?

>>508966097fucking faggotgo back to re ddit or whatever fucking site you belong to because you clearly don't belong here

Attached: 1589853329683.gif (201x177, 1.15M)

I just hate the vegans who assert eggs are vegan-friendly.

>>508966097>Someone shows up to your house fucks and kills ur dog and then says oh it didnt suffer because its intelligence doesnt matter.No, because I don't support PETA and I don't want them in my house.

How the fuck is PETA even still a thing? How do they even stay in business? The only time I ever hear about them is when they do bullshit like this which everyone agrees that PETA is in the wrong and wishes death apon them.

>>508966114No see, you're committing a fallacy here by overreaching on the definition. Vegans seek to reduce their impact as MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Do i step on bugs? sure. I even kill ants and cockroaches sometimes when theyre invading my room. Its unavoidable to do have your money find its way into a morally questionable pocket as a result of capitalism. GUESS WE SHOULDNT TRY THEN? Nah fuck that, do your best and dont buy any products that clearly label their animal products.

>>508966112It's not them making an argument, it's them repeating an argument. Big difference.

>>508966097You really can't compare something that was bred to be a companion to something that is literally bred to be eaten.

>>508966558The definition is literally>not use animal productsThere is no overreach.Most things contain some animal products.If you do not consume meat you are a vegetarian.And if you reduce your use of animal products that does not make you a vegan. It just makes you a person that uses less animal products.

Jeez boys not all at once there's only one of me. >>508966168zoos are not sanctuaries. Some of those conditions are horrendous. Fuck the pet thing, yeah thats dumb. Dogs can have vegan diets, cats cant. and this took 2 seconds on google >For starters, sheep don't need to be sheared. Without human interference, sheep would produce just enough wool to protect themselves from temperature extremes. Instead, modern breeding and farming have created a gruesome and deadly profit-driven industry.Nov 16, 2017>>508966262thats the best you got? i've been here since you were in diapers zoomer>>508966450lol way to avoid the point. Intelligence matters. hows that? care to respond?


Attached: 1589282903146.jpg (249x203, 10.77K)

>>508966315They are if you care about animals well being, not if you're vegan because it's a cool fad dietIf you think eggs can't be vegan in spirit you don't actually care about animals and are gatekeeping

>>508966969yeah sure thing that's why you write text like some normalfag

Attached: ok.png (1024x625, 632.42K)

>>508966510donations from real boomers, yuppies dumb and rich enough to buy inNever underestimate the volume of those in America.

>>508955846>said Sentience Institute’s Executive Director Kelly Witwicki in reference to a 2017 poll conducted by the group in collaboration with Ipsos Group.>sentientmedia.orgSurely a poll made by a fringe group will reflect reality

PETA will never accomplish anything, despite being seen as a generally 'left-wing' cause. They constantly are attacking the meat industry, which trickles down into fast food, supermarkets, etc. A lot of fingers in that pie. And while many businesses will offer veggie, or even vegan options, they'll not go far enough to destroy their profits for ideological reasons.

>>508967041So then drinking milk is ok in spirit?>if you care about the animal's well beingUhuh. Eggs are cool because instead of getting sent to the slaughterhouse the chickens just spend their lives crammed in tiny coop cages shitting and eating all day. So much better for them.

>>508940495VINDICATED I am selfishI am wrongI am right, I swear I'm rightSwear I knew it all along!!

>buying product in order to protest against it

Attached: raised_eyebrow.gif (800x800, 921.08K)

>>508967273This. It's pretty much the same reason KKK still is around, it gets talked about and there's stupid people.Even if you like KKK you have to agree they're pretty shit at managing anything

>there are unironic vegans in this thread

Attached: varg punches out your shit.gif (498x498, 2.68M)

>>508958154>Source: dude trust me, I'm totally not PETA

>>508967085what is it with democrats and sucking chink dick?

>>508966563Nah im making arguments left and right. It would actually require some mental effort if everyones arguments werent so fucking regurgitated and braindead .>>508966951and im starting to think you are literally autistic. vegans acknowledge its damn near impossible to meet a criteria that strict. Does that mean veganism just poofs out of existence? Now its just a slippery slope fallacy. None of what you said implies that we still shouldnt aim to be vegan by not buying any animal products, insofar as we can avoid it. >>508966629Yeah you fucking can. Farm animals shouldnt be bred. Pigs are smarter than dogs and all farm anials can suffer greatly, and do. From an ethical standpoint of inflicting suffering, its a completely valid comparison. Im not saying we saying we should take cows out for walks and shit lmao. Obviously theyre not dogs

>>508954798biggest issue with this site is that seemingly all their info comes only from virginiaI guess other states don't have laws making shelter info like that viewable.also>pics of all the dogs that got dumpster'dshame, they looked like nice dogs and popular breeds too like corgis

>>508948685YES THE FUCK IT IS.they are just trying to PCifly the fucking stigma of sexual offenders.

>>508967590The KKK is probably a psyop by now.More alphabet agents than actual racists.

>>508948785Wow. That's a huge PR spin.

>>508948685>most of them are simply people who are attracted to children and can't really do anything about itPeople that are like that don't go and publicly label themselves like that as if it's a badge of honor

>>508967679>Nah im parroting left and right

>>508967502No milk is not okay because to get milk you have to impregnate a cow against it's will and then take away the calf, thats obviously harmful to both animals and both are known to grief and enter depression from the separationChickens lay eggs all the time regardless of pregnancy so it's a false equilavency>Eggs are cool because instead of getting sent to the slaughterhouse the chickens just spend their lives crammed in tiny coop cages shitting and eating all dayYeah okay coastie, try visiting the country some time not every egg comes from a battery cage, plenty of people keep chickens and allow them to roam freely you ignorant buffoon, maybe YOUR eggs do come from inhumane conditions though

>>508956848they tried before but they never have been backed up by actual scientists and enviromentologists. They ended up killing lots LOTS of rescued animals because they couldnt fucking take care of them

>>508967550If PETA pirated the games would that make them cool in the eyes of Holla Forums?

>>508939796>They do know it's a video game, right?It's a publicity stunt. They aren't trying to actually free any virtual fish, they're just using something that is trendy and popular to get attention from retards like the people in this thread who help them go viral by making fun of their intentional stupidity.

>>508967632Probably just me. >>508967354Is it that hard to accept? Most farms are small farms, but most animals (vast majority) exist on the shitty factory farms. Im not gonna keep googling different sources for you, look it up faggot>>508967085>>508967038great arguments faggots, really fucking great>>508967643Nah just did the minimal amount of googling

>>508948685Ok pedo.

>>508968158>great arguments>while being an obnoxious faggot that just ignores anything peoples say

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