Maybe we're all cold machinesStuffed in the human skinWith human sinsSewed up by the gods of city

Maybe we're all cold machinesStuffed in the human skinWith human sinsSewed up by the gods of how do you guys feel about the full version of intro song?Do you think it's mostly random lyrics or are they all related to the plot?Is there ever going to be break longer than a day between Library of Ruina updates?

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>Is there ever going to be break longer than a day between Library of Ruina updates?Maybe not. Based Project Moon is at work.

>>508939786Good song. Can't wait for it to start playing during the climax of the final battle.How do you feel about the speed dice change? Changes some abno balance and makes battles more chaotic for me.

>>508939786The lyrics definitely have some plot merit.

so will roland fuck angela, bros?

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>>508939786It's related to plot I'm pretty sure, considering both mili and PM were working together on the song. On that note, is the Holla Forums sings String Theocracy still happening?

>>508940512The real question is if the voice change in "Down, down, and down" means anything, especially since it sound s way more... "human"Inb4 we get video for whole song and It's Carmen saying that

>>508940768>sleeve is transparent

>>508940768>>508940986whoops just noticed that, looked fine on Sai

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>>508941078Still transparent user.

>>508940830I really do hope that it is. Though I got an idea on a stretch, to ask mili for an instrumental version.

>>508941161fucking Sai, it should be fine now

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>>508941384Very nice user.

Anyone here doing custom hairs? Any tips? I cant seem to do mine right.

>>508940972Seeing as the entire song is sang in the doll-like voice, with only one line breaking the pattern with a more womanly voice, I’d say it is Either trapped Angela or Carmen singing

Why did they make Crimson Noon easier than Crimson Dawn? It's always just one of these things and the three clowns that spawn off it. Compare it to the other Ordeals which scale in unit size depending on how many departments you've got unlocked.

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>>508942613probably because it'll bait people who see it the first time to deathball it, then get fucked once the clowns spawn and warp across the facility

>I won't scatter your pages to the heartless city>You're all books

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>>508942613Jesus christ that's terrifying.

>>508940972the REAL question is what color is the electric sheep?>>508942734me except retarded clowns didn't touch anything important

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>>508941623Filtered, tripfaggot?

>CENSORED has escaped less times then Funeral Of The Dead Butterflies hasjobber abno.

>tfw reading the pagesI knew this was grim but this is getting 40k levels of "your life suck". Still no info outside the City? why people dont pack the bags and go live far into the Outskirts and beyond? Or the outside of the world is an abno filled shithole?

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>>508942613I'm pretty sure that thing explodes on death dealing like 50 red damage to employees around it. I had to retry the day when I first fought it.

>>508943116Considering the worms in amber ordeals come from the outskirts that's probably a bad idea

>>508943116Outskirts are filled with non-humans who may or may not bear grudges against humans for shoving them out of the City and into the Outskirts.

>>508942613because WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY

I unlocked what seems to be the equivalent of the EGO gifts from lobcorp, but I can't see how to equip them.The manual shows a tab button on the right above the cards, but there's no button there to click.

>>508943328have to get department to level 4

>>508943328Make sure your floor level is maxed out.

>>508942734>>508943125Yes, and? Should still make it at least ahlf of your unlocked departments or something to keep it balanced with the rest of the abnos. Kill one at a time, deal with the clowns, move on to the next one, etc. The chainsaw robots and monoliths are super annoying compared to this one and every single run I pray for a Crimson Noon since it's so stable and easy to deal with.

>>508943372>>508943392Cool, I was hoping it was just a progress thing.

>>508943116Presumably because outskirts/forest has no conveniences associated with the city and everything still tries to eats your organs on a daily basis.

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>>508943419I find it hard to believe you have this big of a problem with the power difference between noons when violet midnight makes the other two midnights look like a complete joke.

>>508943116Ruins are full of WAW level threats at least(funfact: Magical Girls fought enough of ALEPH level things to have classification for them, consider what it means for a while)Now compare the danger of Backstreets and Ruins and where would you prefer to live

Is there a way to delete certain sounds from lob corp? I cannot fucking STAND breathing sounds and nameless fetus, forsaken murderer, and wall gazer are all making me want to actually break my headphones

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>>508943116Would you rather fucked by people or fucked by whatever scary shit that lives outside

>>508943757imagine getting filtered by sound just close your ears nigga

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>>508943757I've tried to delete the looping calm management music without any luck. I've actually de-compiled the .asset files in the game folders but since I can't preview the audio files I don't even know which one it is. I can't imagine doing the same for multiple specific sounds like those.

>>508944012I'd rather be fucked by Binah tbqh

>>508943757Bruh just mute the game lmao

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>>508941384I will not lie to you, fellow managers. If the opportunity presented itself I would certainly procreate with that attractive woman.


>>508944236You can't trick me A

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I just suppressed Malkuth. So these AI are recreations of past employees/department bosses who worked at LoboCorp?

if ayin won't appear in lor i'm refunding the game

>>508944435glad that people like my shoddy chrispost redraws

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soooo I just read the patchnotes.>On a successful block, the attacker takes stagger damage equal to the roll difference.Im kinda glad that defensive dices are becoming more viable and unga bunga builds are becoming risky.>Now has a value range which differs for each Key page. I dont know what that means but Ill check it later.>If the Speed roll is higher than the opponent's, the character's first die gains bonus value equal to the difference in Speed.looks like those speed bonus abno pages are gonna break the game.

I wonder how Roland feels about his time at Lob Corp.

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>>508944236Ayin pls goWhy couldn't cool coffeeman be here instead.

>>508944709no, the threads will slow down eventually anyways, and /vg/ is where video game threads go to diego back to scarecrow duty, hodposter

>>508944709you're the hodnigger who accidentally used discord spoilers aren't you? neck yourself tranny

>>508944709No you retard

>>508944709No. Eat shit, go fuck yourself and burn down your house whilst you're at it. /vg/ is cancer and threads only go there to die.

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>>508944709Fuck no, stupid hodposter. Fuck no.

>>508944709yno/vg/ is ugleh

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what the fuck did i just see

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>>508944709no, /vg/ is where all discussion dies and circlejerking starts. I don't want this. Beside, whats wrong with discussing new vidya on Holla Forums?

>>508944967is this an animal crossing or happy tree friends crossover?

>>508944967seems like sephirahs turned into animal crossing characters

>>508944709Can you all literal fucking niggers stop fucking asking this? The answer is always always ALWAYS going to be fucking no.

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>>508944967...animal crossing-style sephirah. Could have fooled me that it was Happy Tree Friends.

>>508944709Hod more like useless

>>508944892Good fucking lord Angela you could have just said no.

>>508944967Nigga you ain't seen nothing yet

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>>508945090>>508945101>>508945151this crossover looks interesting

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>>508945221All /vg/fags and hodposters belong on the execution bullet list.

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>>508942613Maybe someone wants to make a mod, that is spawns at least two of those things.

>>508945113Please provide sauce to this image


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>>508945425Can we at least fuck the Hodposters first?

>>508945363>animal crossing fanbase is thiswhat the actual fuck

Just when I was starting to like Hod in LoR, you faggots are ruining it for me again.

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>>508945475one of the logs by Kt.(クッ)

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>>508945749roland is just exerting his big dick energy, what are you talking about

>>508945363>the annoying attentionwhore asshole is a trannyPottery.

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Should I pick up drawing?

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>>508945749>dick beam activated

How hard is Blue Star to manage?


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>>508945954Of course. Drawing out your ideas is a feeling unlike any other. That you don’t need to request, but can fulfill the request yourself.

>>508945954It's never too late, so sure.

>>508946004easy if have a lot of giga-chads and even easier if you have rabbits

>>508945363what's the fucking point of putting these retarded rainbow/42 percent flags even if they don't fit at all


>>508946004Once it starts to suck it won't stop even if you slap it.

>>508945749you just know


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>>508944709Why hod is so fucking stupid?

>>50894536341% success rate

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>>508945363>silent orchestra>constantly spews out incomprehensible meaningless noise that drives those who hear it insane >then takes takes valuable resources and destroys progress>does this even if you do your best to keep it happynot what they were going for, but

>>508946658anon, it's already 50%when the work result was normal

Anyone have any clear/clean backgrounds of this place?

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>>508945363>>508946719Everything make sense now

>>508946004I honestly think it is the nicest of alephs.I never pissed it off even once.There are almost no randomness that fucks you over when you have some chads to deal with it.


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>>508947064Someone extracted some scenes from a sephirah story before, but I dont remember what program he said he used.

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>>508946719God damn it user, this is the hardest I've laughed in a week

>>508946719my sides

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>>508946004Read the tips and it's easy. Make sure the designated gigachad for it isn't using Gold Rush or you might accidentally kill them.

>>508946719So we can say this from any good/bad = reduce abno.This one even share the colors of the %41 flag

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>>508947514I think he said he used AssetStudio

>>508946719Tranny orchestra is canon

>>508947514Malcute was pretty awesome in this scene.

Gonna try to find more battle symbols today. If anyone wants to help me confirm or find new ones, that'd be cool.So far trying the ones off korean tips-반짝이는 분석가(흐트러짐 저항+2)한 전투 내에서 효과(버프/디버프)를 한번에 5개 이상 보유 (stack 5 buffs and debuffs on one person at once)-당신의 방패(체력 + 1)한 전투에서 줄리아 또는 이사도라에게 10회 이상 피격당함 (block/get hit by or as Julia or Isadora in a single battle?)

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>>508948125Dumb hod

>>508948125stupid hodposter

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>>508948125You give other Hod posters a bad name.

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>>508948184Did you catalogue all the ones on here?

>>508948125>Implying getting kicked out by mods ever stopped anyone from making generals on Holla ForumsThere's no need for an alternative.

>>508944709No, but these threads definitely need to slow down since they're way to frequent given the number of unique IPs

I'm sorry I just thought it was a good idea. I deleted the posts.

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whose fucking bright idea was it to make the extraction team boost attack SPEED and defenseholy fuck I'm mad, it'd be so much better if attack speed wasn't broken for like 90% of ALEPH and WAW weapons

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>>508948125So you are going to snitch us huh? I think you need the rope for a second time

>>508948184The second one is get hit by Julia or Isadora 10 times in a single battle and it is a ear ring

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>>508948125>he wasn't there during the 'shadow phase' of LC threads

>>508948668i believe there's a mod that fixes the broken attack speed on weaponsit is certainly extremely noticable

>>508948426Nope. Didn't see this get updated in a while. I'll try them later. Thanks.

>Tried setting the game up on my desktop, moved save data over and shit>Ran fine at first>Suddenly on Yesod's floor my entire computer freezes bad>So bad Windows no longer enables my graphics card, just says 'there's a problem with it'Bros what the fuck did this game do to my computer

>>508948125fuck off baka hod


>>508948889there's mods for LC?

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>>508949570Yes, its Unity Engine after all


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>>508948836The absence clueless attention whores made the those thread comfy. Really makes you think.

>>508949559No, fuck you. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

>>508949559No, never.

>>508949559FUCK hodFUCK hodposters FUCK clerksand FUCK tripfags.i fucking hate hod and i want to crush her neck.

I came to call hod a nigger and read distortion detectiveand I'm all out of distortion detective chapters>>508948659Nigger

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>>508949559Trying is not doing.

Attached: try harder.png (700x879, 337.66K)

>>508943757>He doesn't like NT

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how did a small company get mili to do their opening what the hell


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>>508950937STUPID DOG

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>Hodposter>does something you'd expect Hod to doIt's like pottery

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>>508951126IIRC she was a big fan of lobotomy corp, also project moon got a shit load of money over their goal from their crowd funding campaign for voice work.

>>508951126Mili was a fan of lobotomy corporation, thats why.

>>508951280I want to brutally rape hod then leave her tied up in the basement

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Attached: 1568326154127.png (858x734, 194.28K)

the Purple Tear is one of the Colors right?


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>>508951630Nothing There is so far from the most annoying abnormality it's not even funnyMeanwhile snow queen you can literally hear from every place in your facility

>>508943757For me, it's 1.76 MHz>BANG BANG BANG>SCREAMS>LOUD BUZZING

>>508948184>>508948426>no Unburdened Subordinate

>>508952040You forgot>muffled DAKKA DAKKA in the background

>>508948184I think you just need1. get killed by Lulu in second encounter several times2. Kill Walter wearing Isadora armor several timescan't say how many time needed for gift though

>>508952597If these were actually real, the battle symbol itself would actually tell you the condition to getting them instead of this vague shit

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If this thing melts down again I SWEAR TO FUCK

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>>508952964Get ready for the SUCC user

>>508952882but I accessed txt files that stores all data of currently existing battle symbols text, problem is that number of time you have to perform them are written to accept int rather than give me a number

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Man I really feel bad for Chesed

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>>508944179She certainly will fuck you. But only figuratively.

>>508953475>took Kali new virginityI dont

>>508954104people keep saying thisproofs?

>>508954210literally a shitpost, stop falling for it

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So what's the best 1-cost card now? Still flaming bat?

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>>508954210PM twitter when they reveal the new designs of the Sephiras and gave some loredumps. They are dating.

Attached: 156675569802.jpg (1199x895, 125.25K)

jesus, that only took 6 attempts / over 3 hours

Attached: into the dark realm with you.jpg (1920x1080, 405.97K)

Imagine calling yourself the fucking Rabbit team. How can you think that sounds cool?

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>>508939786>Tfw DOWN DOWN DOWN I GOHoly FUCK I want to see them do a full intro to the game with this. They really cranked the music up to ten but this is just great.

Attached: 1589559829920.gif (500x500, 656.03K)

>>508954689T. Gebura

Attached: completely.jpg (291x313, 31.4K)

>>508954656Splendid work on kicking the traitor's shit in.

Attached: Smuggela.png (619x737, 469.78K)

>>508954467i'd say both back attack and standoff are worthy of being the best but they shine in different situations

>>508943757>he doesn't gets hard with wall gazer and forsaken murderer

>String Theocracy has an extended version

Attached: uzaki.jpg (444x473, 72.22K)

>angela's reaction when roland says mechanical bodies are only good for repetitive laborthat's some good shit


>>508939786>that guy from last thread what had to many nuggets

>>508955381Hod a shit. A SHIT.

>>508954656>I guessJesus how much do you need to beat the shit out of her to make her realize shes just as much of a cunt as Angela.

Attached: IloveAngela.jpg (1920x1098, 396.91K)

>>508954569Yeah, I'm asking for a link>>508954280You have to ask this stuff every now and then or people start believing it just because no one asks

>>508954656God I hate hod, she's lucky A is such a good person he let her atone for her sins despite never having a reason why he should let her

>>508955587at least Angela has good reasons to be a cunt

>>508944951>>508944930>>508944894>>508944892>>508944891>>508944859>>508944839Mods deleted /vg/ poster?

>>508955785Not always. Sometimes she does it just because she can.

Attached: This is why no one loves you, Angela.png (1594x893, 697.43K)

>>508955925Stupid hodposter deleted it himself.

>>508955925He deleted it himself>>508955964Did Angela make herself taller in LoR or is Chesed just that tall?

>>508955587How do you think Geburah would handle being called that, honestly.

>>508956165he's one of the tallest sephirah

>>508955625it was one of the translated Q&A alongside the reveals, cant find the translated one. Gonna dig into the archives if I can find it

>>508955785>Sympathizing with a stupid machine

Attached: manager profile.png (515x667, 93.32K)

>haha I like to relax bro just take it easy man lol>first mission is time-basedfuck you

VNs are not video games.

>>508956165No. Also she is not wearing heels this time arround

Attached: 158572048.png (2000x1800, 753.24K)

>>508948659Listen Hodposter, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, I am going to assume you are not really well versed on /vg/ communities so you must be thinking "Well it's called Videogame generals! so they should be basically same as Holla Forums threads with a higher post limit right?" I'll be kind enough to show you the extreme examples of what will happen if we move there, maybe not straight away, but it WILL happen.>>>/vg/292546439>>>/vg/292677353Please do check both those threads back to back and you will know why we are against a /vg/ thread.

>>508956635I agree, they are seperate things just like Telltale games

>>508956635You are correct, good thing both Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina are videogames that use a VN style format to explain the cutscenes outside the gameplay (a management game/a turn based card game)

>>508955785Angela will come to miss the endless repeating days of working on the greatest project mankind has ever known, when she is living alone in the backstreets preggo with Rolands child and eating the same tasteless meat stew every day.

>>508956165They all seem around the same size or so with Yesod still being a manlet and Tiphereth getting aged/sized up a good bit. Can't seem to find the full model of Yesod but still short.

Attached: Sephirah_Sizes.png (2628x2130, 3.76M)

>>508956627>firsttry all of them

Attached: 1556583701530.png (512x433, 79.13K)

>>508955964Probably because Chesed was one of the more vocal people on how Angela treated employees like lamb to the slaughter and kept fighting trying to fight her on it.

>>508956861how the heck did netzach and hokma get taller?

Roland literally mentions that 'he was hot stuff'. No way that 'Roland is a colored fixer' is the twist, though I guess the obvious thing being true would also be a twist

>>508945954you will regret ityou will have the ability to draw whatever you want but it will never be as good as you want it to be

does anyone have an image of ruina Hod? is she really actually super pissed in the ingame sprite/character cutscenes

Anyone got a list of battle symbols?

>>508957796tfw im not minaba hideo and never will be

>>508957876>is she really actually super pissed in the ingame sprite/character cutscenesNot really, it's Malcute who is angry, Hod just spews all LC secrets to Roland like she did to the Head

>>508947064got you user

Attached: ch1_library_inside.png (1920x1080, 1.67M)

>>508956996I hope he fights with a mug and smugly sips from it each time he dodges, I swear I will never give him a page if he does.

>>508956861Why is geburah so fat

>>508958224tried to recreate thicc thighs but made some big proportion mistakes

>>508943757Which noisy abno has the best sounds and why is it Laetitia?

>>508944967>>50894537910/10 would have them on my island

>>508958224Probably crammed on food after she got her body back.

>>508956996I don't think I've ever finished a day in under 10 minutes, let alone later as the energy requirements keeps increasing per day. What do?

>>508958224Fat? Her waist is okay, it's just her birthing hips are so wide

>>508957303Old man improved his posture over the years

>>508958374Or maybe Chesed is into big girls

Attached: pierce.jpg (399x412, 34.6K)

>>508956627>firstHeh, not knowing all madness what they order you to do, good times

>>508958174Imagine the memes. Chesed secretly the strongest Sephirah, he fights one handed and his coffee mug not even spill!

>>508958397Risk working on WAW and ALEPH abnos two or three times per cycle

>>508958397I did it with ease are you sending everyone in your facility manager?

>>508958397gotta go fast. just send everyone to work on everything you can.

>>508958573>>508958594b-but the ordeals

>>508958397Dude... time doesn't pass when you pause. What is the problem?

>for the sake of balance Gebura will not have any combat advantages over Chesed

Attached: 1587163017048.png (894x723, 25.45K)

>>508958397Make sure the second an aleph/waw/HE abno is free to work on you send someone inKeep working on them even during ordeals, just nonstop working

>>508958397You can pause the timer. Make sure you send EVERYBODY to do work on as many HE+ abnos as you can.

Start to micro management, assemble your team of chads per department to deal with them, they will be tanking the ordeals as the chadlets continue researching.

>>508958373>>508944967>>508945379What would A and Angela look like? I imagine A as a cat or squirrel like Marshal given the whole tree of life symbolism and Angela as some kind of bird from her post SoL look.

Attached: Marshal_NH.png (355x425, 163.94K)

Is Ruina worth playing yet or should I just wait until they've finished reworking everythingI played Lobotomy alpha and it was a shitshow (though it was very unique and had some cool ideas).

>>508958943meant to reply to >>508958674

>>508958515>LoR's story is simply a front for Chesed awakening his Architect powers

do cores stay suppressed if I memrepo a few days?

Gebura and Chesed cosplaying as Red Riding hood and Der Shooty

>>508959092It's alright. Just play it for the lore if nothing else.

>>508959138cores never get unsupressed, and missions never get reset

>>508959092it's fun, wake up every day to a new game as they push another patch that changes fundamentals

>Isadora page reveals that she was San's tsundere childhood friendHow does PM keep coming up with such perfect girls?

Attached: 5-21.png (4000x2000, 2.88M)

>>508959063Isabelle for Angela user, it's just way too perfect of a fit>>508959138Yes

>>508959092LobCo has changed insanely if what you played was alpha and ruina's goal is to be released fully in december. There's a bit of content in LoR that took me about 18 hours to finish pre-nerf

>>508959063Ayin would be a humanAngela probably a deer or a human as well


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>>508959225The better question is why they're having us kill them and cram their corpses into books?>>508959231True, maybe some sort of doggo would fit or >>508959375What said.

>>508958674Hell user, his missions are easy as long as you work fast, keep people in the hallways for ordeals (you can ignore shit like robots and worms) and just end the day. Only the last mission can be hard because you have to do this >>508958534>>508959138Yes

Attached: 1565075019059.jpg (1800x950, 449.35K)

>>508959138yes, even if you restart from day 1 (without hard deleting your save)


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>>508959427because Angela is a bitch but actual reason is that all people we book have parts of SoL that released during 3 days, Angela wants to collect everything that got out because she needs it in full for...something that will set her free

Attached: EYYX8zDVcAEyaBH.jpg (1872x1965, 1.12M)

>>508959458Lovely image.

>>508959791>best new girl is a fucking cannibalCurse you PM

Attached: 1589787979706.jpg (750x761, 112.17K)

>>508959791>Hook Fixers immediately try to attack Angela>Psychopath cannibal is nice and polite to herMaybe Roland had a point

>>508959458Got a chuckle out of Gebura's video at the bottom right.

Attached: you_dumb_clerk.png (552x364, 99.33K)

Post nuggers.

Attached: 20200521003352_1.jpg (1920x1080, 466.97K)

>>508959225all the pages makes me wish we didn't have to booked them, i can imagine the bantz in the library with all the new recluits also>ywn have a tsundere childhood friend

>>508960004>Roland is also nice and polite to her

Attached: 1493710709439.png (514x672, 162.32K)

>>508959458>I Paid For Netzach's Onlyfans So You Dont Have to

Attached: 1468621052202.png (292x257, 99.66K)

Its working!!A lot of details and fixes left, but i made it work!

>>508960228As expected of a Claw.


Attached: testmariel.png (218x212, 48.83K)

>>508959458>im not gonna piss on the corporation... im pissing on the LIBRARY you idiot

>>508959658What was keeping her in LobCo again? Was it her programming or the location of the facility? I know she's tied to the library like the rest but I don't remember the previous game.

>>508960228That's probably because she fucking dismembered him when they first met.


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>>508959458>Gebura and Yesod are the only one not verifiedwhat is the meaning of this

Attached: 1568861388080.jpg (850x739, 367.82K)

>>508960461She says she was programmed to follow a script, which is why she can't leave since it's not in the script. On the other hand waiting for 7 days of light and shutting everyone off should also be in a script but she didn't obey itSo currently we don't fully know why she didn't do that

>>508960228In a setting like LobCo's most people who are chill in the face of danger usually means they're confident in their strength or actually are powerful that they have the time to chat. Didn't one of the fixers come back after losing a friend and immediately try to kill Angela but the first time they went in they were more relaxed?

>>508960228He is way to sassy to be concidered "polite"

is there a way to check which floors have which abnormalities in the lobby?

>>508960461The entirety of the LobCo in the game was to amass enough energy to fire off the Seed of Light, at which point it and everything in it would die or shut down. Angela, having experienced over a million years due to her own programming, essentially went mad and said "Fuck that I want to live" so she cut the SoL short and harnessed the energy to make the library, essentially becoming a God within it before reviving all the Sephirah to try and help her, since they sort of got dicked too.

>>508959658I actually replayed day 50 on Lob Corp and I think I got what she is doing. Spoilers for managers still playing through LC.So Ayin says that he would be fading into the light without leaving a trace, so I think it's safe to assume he is dead/gone completely, mixed into the Seed of Light, would also explain why the Sephirah's never call out for him once during the Civil War. This is where Angela comes in, she didn't pulled the plug just because she was a bitch (okay maybe a little) but because she knew that Ayin would be completely gone, and with him, the reason of her creation and a way for her to be free.SO! we are now turning people into books to get all that light that was let out for 4 days back, Netzach mentions that this is legit what they are doing, "killing people for their light", though we are starting from the lowest scum and working our way up, most likely towards the people that awakened like Gebura did in her first life, so once Angela gets the 7 days of Light back, Ayin "faded body" should be returning, and with him her;dr Angela is still a bitch, but maybe once she gets her hands on Ayin she will turn on the machine back on and let it do it's thing

>>508959427>>508960214Anons... if things are going to remain Like this then I’m not sure how well I’ll cope with killing even more characters. I’m a sucker and Lulus invitation already broke my heart

>>508961056That doesn't explain why she won't go out herself if her programming was already fucked

>>508960902Yes. RIP Lulu, your bat made a fine addition to the collection.

Roland said that he's hoping to find something himself while he's helping Angela. What could it be?


Attached: p6c3kc.png (1920x1080, 2.81M)

>>508961653His sandwich

>>508961362None of them were programmed to leave, and she can't change her own programming enough to get out. She also is interested in learning everything she can before going out anyway.>>508961653Probably a way to climb back up the Fixer ranks.

>>508961920If Roland really were a big fixer before, he must have been super strong. How could he just lose that strength? People can't just steal you're body enhancements.


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>>508960430Make the shading messier, it's too smooth to fit the game's art style. At least do it right.

Attached: 1564697764822.png (294x350, 135.76K)

>>508961362Pretty sure it's not just her programming, according to her the other librarians can't leave either, and not just because she's keeping them.

bros... how do i keep my eyes buttered

>>508961362Well B says it himself in Lob Corp AI's can lie and withhold information, so let's say her programming says "Gotta continue the Seed of Light Project until it's conclusion", well it never concluded didn't it? so she is technically still following her programming, AI's are all about those technicisms

>>508962187>People can't just steal you're body enhancements.uh, why not? I mean, I could at least dropping a few grades. Working together with a colored fixer while still being at rock bottom is super suspicious, so I doubt it's money or anything that he's lacking.

>>508962414Raid Swadian towns

>>508962414By keeping them on the prize.

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The brotherhood of Iron made me realize. Ayin you cheap fuck, why did you made everyone a box when there is legit humanoid bodies out there

>>508962467>Working together with a colored fixer while still being at rock bottom is super suspiciousIts not like all your connections will dry up instantly.

>>508962187Bad spending habits, botched jobs, general laziness.Remember, he himself says he'd sometimes spend most of his paychecks just eating out for a night.

>>508959458>geburas videoo i am laffin

>>508958067Thanks brother

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>>508962639Stop asking questions and get in the fuckbox, clerk.

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>>508958224I want Gebura to sit on my face and violently ride it

>>508939786How long is this game? I always see people talking about it and I kind of want something on the shorter side to play. Or is it just an open ended thing?

>>508962639Because he is a cheapstake and you have to put the vision manipulator to use somehow

>>508962641but that's the thing, why wouldn't any of them help him out? Like, if he lost his modifications somehow, surely his connections would at least ensure he'd keep being a medium tier fixer. Finding some guarantor can't be that hard if you have top skill.

>>508962639Pretty sure Sephiboxes were still better than that at least though, Chesed could still drink his coffee and the others didn't describe having inconvenient physiological desires (apart from Netzach sleeping but that's more about not being awake)

>>508962846Carmen's a dumbass who did everything wrong

>>508962867Lobotomy Corporation is quite long specially if you are getting the true ending, I think it took me around 80-90 hours, Library of Ruina is in early access and they will be adding story updates starting the 29th until December, so we don't know how long or short it is as a whole.

>>508963126Oh, I suppose I'll leave it for some other time then.

>>508962867LC is 30-40 hours if you just look up the true ending on youtube instead of collecting everything. I'd imagine Ruina is going to be in the same ballpark once it's finished.

>>508963108Gonna give you about 5 seconds to retract that statement before I redact your existence.

Attached: sniper.png (873x718, 168.69K)

>>508962867Lobotomy Corp can easily eat up over 50 hours depending on how you play it. I think I'm up to 88 and still haven't actually finished it since I retried days a lot.Library of Ruina isn't even half finished but has 15-20 hours already from what I've heard, and will be getting weekly content updates after they start in about a week.

>>508962639Because the A. I. Ethics Committee would get ass-blasted and cause the Head to come down on them again because 'reasons'.

>>508962846you are assigned WCCA duty for today, once you are done you can go home with the full day's pay

>>508963294We'd still recommend you to try it, a few friends me included played it thinking it was something short to play now and then but we got super enganged into it, but I understand if you are not looking for that at the moment.Also the reason why we recommend Lobotomy Corporation first it's because Library of Ruina is a direct sequel, it follows the true ending of the first game.

>>508963536I probably will try it, but I already have three longer games I already bought that I plan on playing in the near future, so I was just looking for something shorter to throw in in between them. I'll probably look into Lobotomy Corporation once I'm done with those three though.

>>508939786What the hell is this game? Looks interesting.Does it have good characters and gameplay?

>>508962230You know what? Fuck this library, I just want your book!

Well I certainly don't understand anything besides LoR being a sequel to Lobotomy Corp, so gotta play that first. Your shitposting finally broke me after all these years

>>508962292I was talking about during LC

>>508963818Yes, and debatable depending on whether you like card based combat similar to Slay the Spire or not.

>>508963818>Does it have good characters and gameplay?Yes and yes.

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>>508963808Completely understandable, the only thing I ask you is that don't look up anything on wikis or the like when you try it, come here if you need help.>>508963818Library of Ruina is the direct sequel to Lobotomy Corporation, both games play completely different but the world building on both is amazing, Lobotomy Corporation putting it simple is SCP meets Fallout Shelter with Korean difficulty added into it, Library of Ruina is basically Slay the Spire meets Darkest Dungeon.

>tfw passed out and left the game running

Attached: Capture.png (346x43, 2.85K)

>>508963997I hate Angela myself, but do not put her or Binah in same category as Hod. There is nothing more pathetic and traitorous than Hod

>>508964138>direct sequel to a game that looks long as fuckGoddamnit, I'm gonna have to go through that shit to understand this game aren't I?

Should I try making something like pic related for new managers?

Attached: file.png (1222x2340, 2.67M)

>>508964138>Slay the Spire meets Darkest DungeonIf this is even partially true I'm buying this

I tried

Attached: 10 lightyears in Photoshop Mix.jpg (1919x1450, 563.87K)

>>508963818Good characters yesGameplay depends. Lobotomy Corporation is fallout shelter + SCP. You use agents to work on monsters to produce energy to fill your quota for the day. As the days go by the story and the characters unfold and get fleshed out. Working on the monsters also gives you neat equipment so there's plenty of incentive to keep you going.Library of Ruina is a card game mixed with dice rolling. You invite people to the library and each agent has their own 5-8 card deck based on what armor they have on. The cards use fixed dice rolls where their attack can do between 5-8 or 2-4 depending on the card and it clashes against the other person's roll as well, the higher number obviously wins. When you beat enemies you get loot based on who you fought and can convert it to armor/cards or use it as bait to lure more unfortunate souls.

>>508963818Lobotomy Corporation is a management sim in which you run an underground lab dedicated to producing energy by working with abnormal entities, managing the day-to-day work done by employees and directing them to contain/suppress anything that manages to get out of their rooms. It's like SCP before the faggots came along and ruined it. The story starts slow but picks up pretty well, and while the cast is small each character is done pretty well.The sequel, Library of Ruina, is a turn-based game where you outfit teams of 'Librarians' in order to fend off 'invitees' who come looking for books. Gameplay is much more action oriented, and plays a bit like a care game even. The cast is much larger, but in many ways does a good job of keeping characters mostly unique and interesting.

>>508964331yes, is really important to play lobcorp first if you want to understand anything at all in LoR

Attached: 1558576511716.png (1920x1080, 1.16M)


Does anyone have that picture of the Index lads?

>>508962230All right, the truth then. You're right about one thing... I do need more Prudence. And Seed of Light Germination. Wanna know why? "She had a dream." That one day every person in this godforsaken city will control their OWN destiny. A land of the TRULY free, dammit. A humanity of KINDNESS, not oppression. Ruled by THEMSELVES, not Money. Where the law suits to change the individual, not the other way around. Where power and justice are back where they belong: in the hands of the people! Where every man is free to think -- to act '- for himself! Fuck all these limp-dick Associations and chicken-shit Wings. Fuck this never-ending cycle of Death and Despair bullshit. Fuck the "Bare-minimum mentality". Fuck the Head! Fuck all of it! Humanity is diseased. Rotten to the core. There's only one way of saving it -- we need to cure it by the roots. Activate the Seed of Light. GIVE THEM HOPE! And from these cured minds a new Humanity will be born. Evolved, but humble! The weak will be able to rise, and the strongest will help them -- free to live as they see fit, they'll save Humanity and give them Hope again!

Attached: 1580131277368.jpg (865x760, 81.5K)

>>508964350Eh, go for it. It would at the very least garner a few laughs. Just try to avoid too many spoilerinos.

>>508964514fuck off, Charlie

>>508964331Yes, it doesn't pulls any punches with it, quite surprising to be honest, not many games have the balls to do this.>>508964362There is a bit of gameplay here just a warning though, it's outdated in some UI elements, but should give you a bit of an idea, you can turn on CC to understand what it reads


Attached: 1588594978127.jpg (1920x1080, 155.98K)

>>508964331Yes and even playing through LC completely doesn't guarantee you'll understand the story

>>508964484>>508964505>>508964690>>508964442>>508964478Alright, I'll give Lobotomy Corp ago because damn it if I'm not hooked by the concept.I just hope I'm not going to be banging my head against a wall with my monkey brain. I don't think management sims are really my forte.

>>508961375>lulu never did eat her cakei actually kind of felt bad about booking her

>>508960145I need more gifts and pages to fuel my passion for fashion

Attached: All the nuggets.png (614x634, 443.59K)

>>508964868We are here to help manager, it's not THAT big of a management game, it's honestly something unique in it's genre, we call it a management game just for sake of convinience.

>>508964951the entire Streetlight crew, Isadora, and Julia all didn't deserve to get book'd. Also Finn.Everyone else can get fucked. Except maybe the Molar office, they seem fine if 'too dumb to live'.


>>508963000hard to sayi was gonna say hes probably unreliable but then why the fuck would they send someone like that for something as important as this


>finally get to red mist’s fourth form>she blitzs my door squad and instagibs themYeah fuck doing this shit again, into the shelter I go.

>>508964536I was wrong, you're not greedy, you're batshit insane.I like it

Attached: 1573686760810.png (650x629, 327.01K)

>>508964868oh it will be filled with pain. but holy fuck if it isnt worth the struggle. just remember that losing can be fun, and read the manual

Attached: 1589513101559.jpg (848x1199, 105.32K)

>>508965245Elevators are your friends manager you can bait her instagibbing move by quickly ciclying through them

>>508965245You just have to dodge it, man.

Attached: 1571683949197.png (1024x576, 566.06K)

>tfw workplace's servers are down so im just making shitty chickenscratch shitpost drawings all day

Attached: enjoy your page.png (2511x1419, 339.19K)

>>508964868Lobotomy Corp is quite literally a game where you can just hit the reset button if things get too hot. Going back to Day 1 lets you keep all the gear and research you've acquired thus far even across multiple runs, and at any point in a day (99% of the time) you can hit the retry button to start the day over from the deployment phase. Most of the fun comes from getting something new and learning how best to deal with it, often messily.

so am I retarded or does doing non insight work not do anything to little prince?or is that very first managerial tip for him specifically and I'm being paranoid

>>508964319Honestly atleast Hod have some resentlement towards herself and show some guilt to what the causophopic braindead teachery she did unlike the other two which one literally openly came to destroy your shit and the one who actually did it and while fucked you and her pastself up. While Manager still against all of the odds could manage pull off this shitfest after all of this misery.10/10 best girl

For any new managers wanting to get into Lobotomy Corporation, we heavily recommend to pirate it first support the devs if you like it, I legit finished the game 3 months ago and I bought it last week

>>508964868It's not really a management game in the traditional game, more like a weird combination between strategy and rpg, so I wouldn't be too worried. And while it's pretty easy to fuck up, it's pretty forgiving in regards to the 'long term'.

>>508964698Literally made for lbk

>>508965375Wouldn’t be surprised if I fucked it up when I attempted to lose her through the elevators but that whole thing just takes forever going in and out to avoid her two hit kills. >>508965425Dodge this *unzips bluestar*


How hard does Red Mist hit? Could one appropriately decked out nugget handle her for a time or is letting out NT and others really the best option?


>>508966562Depends the gear said nugget has, she becomes more resistant/weak to different damage types each phase, also deals different kinds of damage.


>>508966562Strong enough to one shot fresh egoless nuggets post hod suppression. Beyond that the damage gets even more ridiculous. The best option is to just chill in the shelter preferably after obtaining blue star for consistent damage since Nothing There usually just fucks off and does his own thing. Also you have to worry about memory leaks so Blue Star gets the job done fastest.

>>508966562Kiting her with several nuggets is the easiest option, her attacks are all easy to dodge

>>508966562Depends on her phases. Phase 1 and 2 could be dealt with just a single nugger if he was strong enough, though after that you'll either need to dodge or rely heavily on bullets

>>508966562your chads should be able to tank a few hits depending on what damage type she hits with and what armor they have. you can dodge/kite her pretty easily in the first phase though i just sacrificed half my facility to end her and memrepoed to get everyone back.

>>508966562Learn to kite manager, the combat in the game has more depth than it looks, there is hitboxes and animations wind ups, abuse that

>>508959791Angela and Pierre threesome when

>>508939786What's this cutie's name? She looks like very good wife material.

>>508967559Go to bed Angela

>>508967559shut up angela

Attached: 1582509385794.png (1500x1500, 804.84K)

>>508966835>Collect some energy before engaging Gebura>Send sacrificial nuggets to appease Gebura's bloodlust>Put one of my chads in the shelter>Have The Sniper unload into her along with blue star during last phase when she's most vulnerable

Attached: acc46639d04734965656f6cf98adb9aa126288der1-850-667v2_uhq.jpg (850x667, 40.11K)

>>508939786the game any good how is it like can i get a quick run down on this game and lobotomy

>>508967709What would happen if A gave into her demands?

>>508962846Angela is better than Carmen and the Manager should have fucked her AI pussy daily.

>>508967978Literally everything would go right.

>>508967828Library is EA, so if you are interested wait until they release full version LobCorp is monster management simulator (inspired by SCP Foundation but not same thing), alot of combat focused later. It also have plot what is important. Also game is really hard in way it may not be fair

>>508967978 She wouldn't be a fucking cunt and betray A

>>508967978early on, she'd probably have been happier, but by the time of the events in lobcorp, it wouldn't have helped.

Attached: Apology.png (1920x1080, 851.38K)

>>508958793Maybe the Abno pages could rely just on Gebura. Straight up having shit like “Enhance Gebura’s Combat Dice” be an option that anyone on her team could pick. You could build the other people on her team to be buff spammers or tanks, then fill Gebura’s deck with multi attack cards.

>can't memerep Army in Black awaycan I just ignore them when they breach