Say bye bye to the stickers

You can relax now

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>>508939689This doesn't confirm there is no Stickers.Doesn't show us whether that shoe was removed.The weapons tab has tons of open space. Room for stickers.

>>508941239If stickers are back, they might work in the way badges worked in 64 and TTYD. Remember Power Bounce? That was a separate attack from a simple jump.

>>508941521No. I'm fully sure you just have a non-expendable shoe and Hammer so you can't soft lock like Sticker star. And the rest of the space is for 1 time use stickers.

>>508941740Another thing I noticed that lends me to believe it's more classic is that it said "Boots" and not "Jump" like in sticker star. Boots could be upgraded in 64 and TTYD, and guess what we see in later footage? "Shiny Boots" which is kinda like super boots in a way.

>>508942508Only because they are calling attacks "Equipment" now.

>>508939689Like it matters at this point, it's still color splash 2 and I'm still gonna pirate it, fall asleep and delete it.

>no exp>no party members (I know about the toad pic but still need about them actually attacking)>relaxlol no

>>508942508Apparently there are equipment tabs in the battle menu, and weapon shops. It would be interesting if different equipment worked as the badges instead, which might explain the need for so many coins. I would prefer them to not be one time use, but for the love of god at least make the game where you aren’t fucking discouraged from fighting

>>508939689Does this look like good combat to you dipshit?

>>508943713>>508943551this combat could be interesting if it introduces things like having to rotate spiked enemies out of the way of a line of enemies you choose to jump on.It could also be interesting if there are tiles you need to be wary of, like buffs to enemies, or hazards.I'm trying to remain optimistic but if this game is more of color splash or sticker star I'm fucking done with paper mario I think. This is the last chance for the series to redeem itself at least somewhat.

>>508939689That's great, now return it to being a RPG, work partners into the game PROPERLY, and get rid of this special snowflake turning battlefield shit and we'll be square. I'll then buy your game.

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>>508944458if you post an anime pic your opinion doesn’t count

>>508944767Nice attentionspan I guess, glad you invalidated any point or opinion you might've had then by providing nothing to the discussion.

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>>508939689Here is the soul reason why this game is another Sticker Star instead of a Thousand year door.If it had Thousand year door type game play and mechanics the trailer would have been nothing but flaunting those mechanics and gameplay.Since it tried it's hardest to make what we saw questionable. It means they are trying to trick you into thinking they are a good PM instead of another Sticker Star.This is Sticker Star 3. Because they didn't flaunt the gameplay.

>That + Gear at the bottom corner of the attack list>GEARBOYS I THINK BADGES ARE BACK, OR SOME SORT OF EQUIPMENT

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>>508945887No, Modern Nintendo has a habit of showing things through months.We didn’t know about Mario Odyssey’s capture mechanic until E3

>>508946467>Through months.It's out to buy in less than two.They told nobody this game existed because they knew if they had to tell anyone specifics about it than they wouldn't buy it again like Color splash.

>>508945887Modern Nintendo has been revealing games where the basic trailer comes first and then reveals the rest later.They didn’t tell you about Mario Odyssey’s Capture Mechanic and Luigi’s Mansion 3 Character Ghosts until much later for example

>GEARAYO HOL UP, ARE BADGES BACK?The fact that Attacks, Items and GEAR are separated options sounds very fucking promisingAlso the fact that while you can buy more time, you can’t buy Ring Limit, that’s a really good fucking sign

>>508939689Looks to me like it'll still have the same problem Sticker and Splash had where you can one-shot every enemy in the First Turn nearly everytime.Yeah you could do that in PM64 and Door too, but you had to be at like 1-5hp to do it so you were playing dangerous.Wheel mechanic could get boring too.

>>508939689those menu's are too big to not have some kind of extra attacks and the game doesn't have a FP gauge for normal special attacks so what the fuck are they for? just shitty clunky UI design on IS's part?

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even if stickers are back the gameplay looks neat , like they might be attacks where you attack more than one lane , moving the circles to line up more than one lane or by moving a circle you disorder other lanes . It could become into something really neat to strategy with .

I think we still need to see more of battle scenes, honestly.

Nintendo always trying to reinvent the wheelPeople just wanted more TTYD combat with maybe some new twist or element like they do with the shitty Pokemon games

>>508939689the sticker/card system never bothered me, as long as the new system works, I'm fine with it

>>508944458>game isn'T a carbon copy of TTYD mechanics thus it is trash

It will be another mediocre game that takes a half-measure return to form and therefore only be half as good. It will get mediocre 7.5/10 reviews. Everyone will pretend it's good but really they know it was not and they were cheated out of a good PM game for the 4th time in a row.There is no point in trying to emulate what made 64 and TTYD great by only carrying over a few traits but leaving out the rest. Just give us a proper RPG already.


>>508943551based on the screenshot of "shiny boots", i'd say upgradeable equipment, like buying new items and such a la the mario and luigi rpgsStill, I'm expecting the story to be shit tier and not as good as TTYD or Super Paper MarioBaby steps I guess

>>508947693you should never listen to people . like ever. Even if you listen to one group , another could get dissapointed with it.How about fuck everyone? ill do what I want if you like it good if you dont , well , fuck off , who cares.

>>508947983People defend CS on the basis of its writing, music and dialogue but NOT its gameplay. If it had TTYD's gameplay it would have gone from a 7/10 to a 9/10.Why are you so opposed of something like TTYD when IS have proven time and time again they can't carry out that order and make games anywhere near as good as the first two?

>>508948171You definately will be spending money on something other than gear, look at the crazy amount he has already and thats like the start of the game.

>>508948294I dont think he is opposed to the idea of TTYD but more like he isnt opposed to the idea of Nintendo changing stuff.

>>508945887Or maybe the game is not TTYD, but also not SS.

>>508948652We shall wait and seeGeneric partners, weird combat system (but at least traditional), generic plot from what we've seen.I'm 5/10 excited for it.


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>>508948891Yeah I am not exactly sold on it either, but I also don't care to write the game off simply for not being like TTYD. It's not what I wanted out of a new Paper Mario game, but hopefully it'll still be good.

>>508948891With how you get into combat. It one or the other.If the combat was SRPG grid it would an entirely new game.But it's not. They just added a Puzzle wheel to each encounter so you can get initiative or attack boosts.It's just Sticker Star. Again. For the third time.

>>508949658Meant for >>508948652

>>508947693Well for starters Nintendo doesn't develop Pokemon, nor have any influence in it's development.Second, mixing things up is how Nintendo has come up with some of their greatest games. It obviously doesn't always work, but when it does it's amazing.Why would you want any franchise at all to become the same thing over and over and over like Call of Duty or such?

>>508950315Really just blame it on the husk of a company called Intelligent Systems.

>>508950315>nor have any influence in it's development.wrong, TPC is under nintendo and decides the direction for the franchise

>>508950315Because fuck you that's why.I'm giving the benefit of the doubt to this game but I'm not excited for it.

>>508950567TPC is under Nintendo and Game Freak.Co owned. Co created. Now it's own Identity.

>>508949658>If the combat was SRPG grid it would an entirely new game.>But it's not. They just added a Puzzle wheel to each encounter so you can get initiative or attack boosts.>It's just Sticker Star. Again.I really don't see how the puzzle wheel being a thing implies that it's just Sticker Star again.

>>508939689Ok that combat system looks interesting, now give me some partners and I will pass from cautious to reasonably optimistic

>>508939689Holy FUCK that UI is absolutely abominable

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>>508951202What? You don’t like mobile game grids?

>>508950315>nintendo fanboy advocates for changejesus christ

>>508948294>CS>7/10That shit is a 4/10 at best, how the fuck can you rate a game that has dogshit gameplay 7/10?

>>508939689But will it have xp? And why is there only HP and no ressource gauge?

>>508950881It's just a pointless gimmick. It adds nothing to the game other than making fighting tedious because you have to go through that shit every time you fight.and in Sticker Star and Color Splash's combat was tedious because you never had to fight.

>>508950315>Why would you want any franchise at all to become the same thing>why should street fighter be a fighting game?>why should halo be a fps?>why should f zero be a racing game?>why should dance dance revolution be a rythm game?>why should a grilled chesse sandwich have cheese?>why should a door open/close?Yeah, you are retarded

>>508948294>Color Trash>7/10Hell fucking no. When your combat is not only unnecessary but a fucking chore, you don't deserve anything above a 4/10. ISIS managed to make Shitter Star's combat worse for fucks sake.

>>508951412Having dogshit taste, duh

>>508951595>It's just a pointless gimmick. It adds nothing to the game other than making fighting tedious because you have to go through that shit every time you fight.But even if the mechanic is genuinely 100% thoroughly pointless, that still doesn't mean the rest of the mechanics are just Sticker Star again. That leap of logic just doesn't make sense.

>>508951595If they add depth to the puzzle mechanic it could be good. Not holding my breath though.That's basically the one thing I'm waiting for. Will this game have depth? We'll see.

>>508950556But user, IS made the original PM, door, Tetris attack, etc. they have produced many good titles.

>>508951701pretty much theres no reason to keep trying to reinvent the wheel especially after 2 whole failures

>>508951717>>508951412Truthfully I've never played CS because I know it's a game I will not enjoy but everyone who claims they has says it's a 7/10. It probably is worse but I'm not in a position to say otherwise because never bought it. Just know it apparently has fun writing and the same pointless battle system sticker star had.

>>508951972they used to most of their good staff were moved to other projects

>>508951972The team behind Sticker Star and the new games is mostly different employees than what they had on TTYD and 64.

>>508939689>You can relax now

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>>508952121>>508952129But didn’t they make the new fire emblem? I swore everyone loved that.

>>508943585frankly, i'll be discouraged from fighting by how sluggish every single flavor animation is. from spinning the ring and getting a "great lineup" to the game conveniently letting us know it's mario's turn, battles look like a fucking drag even in the best case scenario.

>>508948171Did you play Color Splash? Shiny boots are just premium versions of the boot stickers.

>>508952214>I swore everyone loved thatYou're on nintendoGAF where unfinished animal crossing games are touted as the second coming of jesus.

>>508947983yeah.yes.why is this so hard?

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>>508952005The people rating CS anything above 5/10 are Wii U fags with buyer's remorse pretending this heaping pile of shit is anything worthwhile. The combat, which is one of the main draws of the Paper Mario series got brutally massacred. If you haven't seen the clip of the guy getting softlocked fighting a common enemy I suggest you look it up.


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>>508941239if that were the case, then in this battle the player could only attack twice for the whole thing. doesn’t make any sense

>>508951842Doesn't make it not.We know next to nothing about it. But because they neglect to inform us it's safe to assume it's garbage. Because if they were going back being TYD or 64 levels of Quality they would have screamed that shit to the heavens instead of showing us next to nothing.They are hiding the bad so you buy the game.

>>508952121Shhh, don’t present those facts to sticker stars apologists, they get easily triggered when confronted with reason

>>508947983>Carbon copy of good game = Good>Carbon copy of bad game = BadNot hard to understand


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>>508951901The Depth is "You have X amount of moves before you fail. Succeeding equals Attack boost".That's the depth. They will just randomly Scatter the enemies on the board and thats it. So unless you like doing a fucking sliding puzzle every time you fight. Avoid combat like the plague. Which if really is another SS/CS than this gives yet another reason to avoid fighting. since Fighting would be pointless outside of a boss battle.

>>508952214most of the work on it was out sourced thats why it was good

>>508951972Yeah. Ages ago. Very possible the people that made it shine long since left.Also entirely different Directors and Producers on TYD/64 and SS/CS.

Color Splash didn't have this amount of shills defending it. What happened?

>>508952650Tutorial battle or Boot and hammer are non-expendable as well as the weakest attacks.


>>508953286people are starved for games since there's nothing after xenoblade for 2020

>>508939689This seems to be a tutorial battle or at least in the very early game yet Mario has over 1000 coins. This game is looking really bloated.

>>508953286Tbf that game bombed so hard nobody considered it worth to defend it, but here comes new Nintendo stuff and ofc the fanboyism dictates that it must be defended with claws and teeth, personal preferences be damned

>>508952005You literally have to select a card sorting through your deck by touching the gamepad, color the card by painting it via the touch screen and then flip it with the gamepad onto the TV screen. For every single move you do. It's probably the worst battle system ever.

>>508953286shilling for nintendo has gone through the roof since the wii u flopped, now people feel the need to defend every crappy game nintendo pushes to keep the sales going

>>508953429>Boot and hammer are non-expendable as well as the weakest attacks.My money is on this

>>508953772Because either in CS or SS there was a point where you would be soft locked if you didn't have a hammer or spike boot sticker/card when you went to fight.

>>508948294I honestly found CS lacked much more than gameplay, honestly the gameplay isn't even the most important thing (super has bad gameplay but it was still at the very least solid)>world isn't interconnected, makes exploration more boring>no real reason to repaint everything>humor is very randomly placed and too self-referential/meta, few jokes are built up/fleshed out properly>enviroments are lacking, few areas are interesting to actually explore>side characters are mainly a joke, largely because they are visually bland besides a select few, npcs lack individuality and diversity (the good kind)It was a slog to go through in most forms, sometimes I chuckled at something random, but I had no emotional attachment to the experience otherwise.

>>508953286I think at least some of it is naive/stupid people who genuinely think that this time will be different and the game will be good.

>>508953429I mean, the default attacks in the original paper mario games were always the weakest of all the attacks, so not sure what your point is

>>508950315Change should only happen if its legitimately stale. There were only two PM games with the formula people ask for, and even then TTYD changed things up to make it fresh. Those two PM games were recieved better critically and from users than the other ones, change can be good. In this case its a mistake

>>508954462You could upgrade them in the first two, You could get new boots and hammers to make the basic attack stronger Badges to give you the ability to do things your base attacks didn't used to do on default. I'm sure your boots and hammer never change. You have to use "Equipment"stickers or cards for actual damage numbers.

>>508954462Why did the weakest attack kill four enemies in a row? It's just push x to win fight like sticker star and color spash. The combat looks like trash and so are you if you defend it

>>508939689>No actual RPG mechanics that make battles and replaying the game fun in the first place?Pass

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>>508953286The Switch-era happened.

>>508954831because they got an attack bonus for using the gimmick and lining them up dumbass

>>508954670>generic fuck jrpg but with qte spam>not staleNeck yourself.

>>508947387Maybe attack items like fire flowers get grouped with attacks, while mushrooms and shit are grouped in items?

>>508948294A game that offers nothing for actually playing it besides more self-aware meta humor cutscenes is not even close to being a 4/10.

>>508955247Oh wow you're right that looks great, I love "put the round peg in the round hole" puzzles in my combat. Shut the fuck up toddler.

>ttyd autists trying their hardest to hate this gamelmao

>>508954670Gradual change is alright. It's evolution. It's normally improvements on systems the fell through to make the game better.Drastic change are terrible. It's Mutation. It's Normally completely new mechanics or systems that over shadow or outright replace fan favorite gameplay as well as more than likely pulling the same flaws from previous games.TYD was Evolution. SS was Mutation.

>>508955604trust me its not hard if you have half a brain, idiot tendie

>>508955790>*crying baby noises*

>>508955965who are you quoting, the target audience of this toddler's game?

Not sure if anyone has mentioned the possibility of this, but what if partners are summons? If they were, I'm wondering how they would work, like, a single attack or buff like in most RPGs, or maybe they would give you some sort of perk when you rotate the stage around. Either way, I hope the partners do something in battles in general.

great, no stickers. still has the shitty LINE THEM UP XD gimmick, generic single partner (that is just fucking folded paper, look just like the sticker star crown bitch) and sterile segmented levels and world.

>>508956110>*temper tantrum intensifies*

>>508956260>he can only come up with one jokemust be arguing with IS's writer

>>508956253>segmented levels and world.source?

>>508956517>scared >of >"reddit" >spacing

I'll remain optimistic. But I won't get my hopes up TOO high.

>>508953042It will be like that if they fuck up.But that doesn't mean that the mechanic itself is a bad idea. You can imagine that the could vary things in a few ways:>Some enemies could move across different levels perhaps making it harder to determine an optimal lineup (depends on how enemies actually attack and how many enemy types there are)>Some enemies could cut the time down>You could vary the layout of the puzzle. Maybe it's not always a ring>How do bosses work exactly?These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. I'm not saying it's going to be good but the mechanic does have the potential to have depth. They'll probably fuck it up though.

i legitimately dont think the paper mario or mario and luigi series ever had fun gameplay.though obviously sticker star and color splash were worst in class

>>508956623>I'll remain optimisticGenuine question, why? What part of Paper Mario for the past 10 years has given you any reason what so ever to be optimistic? They've just shown time after time why they don't deserve the benefit of the doubt, I was dumbstruck at CS's reveal, and this one is just mind blowing.

>>508939689Chinese video says otherwise. No FP.

>>508941239Whatever the Shiny Boots are, they'll be in the Gear menu (now that we can see it in English) when you press + on the attack screen. That's all we can really assume from what we've been shown. I don't think anything has confirmed what's in the bag so it might be the paint/FP replacement, or a cap on how much gear we can carry if it's consumable.

>>508943585>Apparently there are equipment tabs in the battle menu, and weapon shops.we have any source on that?the stuff in the op is the same footage we keep seeing, just in english this time

>>508939689More optimistic for it now, if they brought back the stickers I'd have definitely not given it a shot.

>>508956823I would understand if you can avoid the puzzle on a preemptive attack. that most likely isn't the case.>All of that shit you saidI doubt that shit. That would be smart. IS hasn't been smart in like 15 fucking years.

>>508957064The "Gear" menu is accessible by pressing + when you choose an attack. It's in the bottom of that menu.

>>508957250What that Gear means is also up for debate.Could just be their version of stickers.We don't know because they refuse to go into any sort of detail.

>>508939689Wait, is that the Sonic Adventure jump sound effect?

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>>508957538Yeah I know it doesn't prove anything either way.


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>Say bye bye to the stickersJust like Color Splash did? They just named them something else.

>>508950315>Why would you want any franchise at all to become the same thing over and over and over like Call of Duty or such?That's literally what franchises are about, changing it to something else betrays what the franchise is and causes confusion, like what is happening right now.If they want to use the franchise's characters and stuff for something else, they should make it a spinoff instead of a new main entry.

>>508957839>on modelGoogle may be the 1984 overlord but at least it has some good taste.

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>>508947983Great bait

>>508957246Yeah I doubt too but I feel like they almost have to change the puzzle system at least to get bosses to work. Unless there are no bosses or bosses are super basic which...... Anyways I'm just pointing out that the mechanic has potential is all. They'll probably fuck it up.

>>508948175They already did that with color splash.Didn't turn out so great, did it?


>>508958923Probably the same as Color Splash's where only the A button is used for everything, the "Excellent" message and lack of button prompts visible at least suggests that.

brothis shit looks lit as FUCK my guyi cant wait


>>508959560Items and weapons are just separating stuff like fire flowers and mushrooms from the rest because so many people complained about having to shuffle and search through 90 cards.

>>5089532861. Switch is in a game drought since Animal Crossing and people are getting bored of that, so gotta take what they can get2. More people have a Switch than a Wii U.

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>>508958597My guess is if you fail to do the puzzle the enemies will just line up by themselves and you don't get a bonus or straight up get to go last.I don't expect to fight in the center of a Chinese checker board against like 20 separate enemies or anything.

>>508959560For Mushrooms, attack and defense ups, and possibly "Things" again.

Lack of FP worries me significantly.

>>508958597This actually raises my optimism (I was cautious before). I couldn't imagine how the ring mechanic could work other than displaying enemies in a criss cross pattern and moving the ring one slot to the right or left. Another user (possibly you) mentioned maybe a bob-omb partner could attack everybody in the first row of the ring with an explosion which would be cool. But again I feel like Nintendo will just fuck it up and make it trash. I am really getting worried with how they limited what we saw gameplay wise in the trailer. I think marketing is tricking people into pre-ordering it

>>508960057Would also say Switch games have been generally better than the Wii U games so far. Maybe that's why more people are hopeful for this game.

>>508960432Helps when half of them are ports/remasters of the only good Wii U games

>>508947983they can't handle anything creative.

>>508960656Making your entire game Story and gameplay all centered around a gimmick is not creative.

>>508939689the combat looks like it has zero depth. How is anyone excited for this?

>>508947319>Looks to me like it'll still have the same problem Sticker and Splash had where you can one-shot every enemy in the First Turn nearly everytime.>Yeah you could do that in PM64 and Door too, but you had to be at like 1-5hp to do it so you were playing dangerous.This is just not true at all. If you played TTYD properly, getting the right badges and upgrading your partners and getting First Attacks, you would OBLITERATE enemies. Especially if you carried a couple fire flowers. If fights ever took you longer than 5-10 seconds in TTYD you were doing something wrong.

>>508947387>those menu's are too big to not have some kind of extra attacks and the game doesn't have a FP gauge for normal special attacks so what the fuck are they for?I think badges are going to be replaced with weapons. Like you might have a fire hammer or a power hammer or whatever. So there would be a reason to have more than one pair of boots or hammer to have different effects on your attacks.

>>508960830depends on what they do with it.

>>508960635Eh. You're half right. There have been some duds but Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Odyssey, Super mario maker 2, Ultimate are pretty great additions. Definitely better than the Wii U.contributions if my memory's right. The system design itself is also better.

>>508961178the fuck, i'm at boggle woods and i'm nowhere near obliterating enemies

>>508947387It's either badges (consumable or not) and the space could also be used for switching to partners in that specific turn. All that space is because you may have several.

yeah I'm sure Mario has 13k coins because there aren't stickers and consumables to purchase.

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>>508939689That ring mechanic still looks terrible

>>508953723>>508953652>Nintendo fanboys would blindly defend and buy anything from nintendo but doesn't count for the wii u and CS because?Sorry I can't make sense to your cognitive dissonance and retardation.

>>508961702>the fuck, i'm at boggle woods and i'm nowhere near obliterating enemiesHow? Use Koops line attack, it does 2 damage to each enemy. If you go into the battle hitting someone with a hammer then you usually beat all enemies by turn 2.

>>508961178The conditions in the Glitz Pit can fuck with this but yeah, put everything into BP after buffing FP a bit and it's piss easy.

>>508939689I just rewatch some trailers and in both Toad and Snifit town there are buildings with Hammers displayed upfront. Add that to the copious amount of money Mario carries tells me you will be buying hammers and boots very often. If they are consumable or not that's another story.


>>508961815>yeah I'm sure Mario has 13k coins because there aren't stickers and consumables to purchase.Every Paper Mario game has had consumables. This game has "gear" as well. We don't know what that means but we already know weapons are in. You may also be able to buy armor or something like badges.

>>508962227They probably aren't consumable because it could lead to someone being softlocked. What I'm guessing is that there will be many different options for weapons with different effects and different strength levels. So you will be buying a bunch of weapons constantly. I think this is gonna be the game's main form of progression.

Fine, but the problem now is that it still seems like, just like Sticker Star and Color Splash, that even the simplest battle takes forever to get through and offers you no reward since there's no RPG elements. Battling in Color Splash was a fucking chore regardless of whether there were stickers or not.

With everything we've seen I am starting to feel pretty confident they are replacing badges with weapons. So for example you could get the quake hammer badge that would hit all the enemies on the ground. In this game they would just make that badge a weapon you can use that has the same effect.

>>508952454Wii U owners hate Color Splash, that's why it sold like shit, Wii U has actually good games to play instead. The only people defending it are mentally castrated drones that may or may not have even played it.

>>508962851We haven't seen yet whether you get EXP from fights. So let us extend false hope at least until the first full gameplay.

>>508962851That battle was done in like 10 seconds, compared to color splash where you had to search the card you wanted, paint them and flick them onto the screen.

>>508961815there's an item store and a hammer store, and you use coins to give you more time on the clock for turns

>>508961969When they had standards, nintendo started to visibly suffer. The nintendo fans decided that it was better to lower their standards than witness their childhood company go under. Glad I could make that clearer for the retards in the room.

Is the Master Quest romhack for PM64 worth playing?

>>508939689I'm still not happy. All I wanted was a sequel to TTYD. You know, with partners you can swap between, badges, the works. I would have pre-ordered day fucking one.

>>508964073Did Super Paper Mario have EXP?


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>>508964567Yes, your score was your EXP so you were always trying to do stylish to get more points.

>>508964073It's probably safe to assume whatever is in the bag works like paint in CS, which could be an ok replacement for FP if it's not as prevalent as the paint was. But that still means no choice when leveling up.

>>508962589Hopefully by having partners they will also equip specific gear, which would mean more coins needed overall

>>508964462Yes but definitely get the Master Quest Junior romhack. I just made it to the start of the desert mountain and I am avoiding fights because I can get stomped by random mooks. The monsters stats have changed, the types of enemies in each battle has changed, the attacks the enemies do has changed and the bosses have also changed. The maps are also different in some areas.I am really enjoying it and had to give myself 20hp so I don't die after two battles with random enemies. I had to leave the Turtle tower and go back to town to fill up on items and then go finish the tower and fight the boss.

>>508945887I can believe this. Surely it got back to the nursing home of Japanese Nintendo executives that people didn't like SS or CS at all, but rather than change it and actually put effort in they'll just double down and obfuscate the features of the game.

>>508961037Weve seen one tutorial battle, I'm not sure that's a very fair call either way Mario rpgs have never had deep combat

I'm kinda excited for this game. I haven't played this series since Super Paper Mario.

>>508950315>Second, mixing things up is how Nintendo has come up with some of their greatest games. It obviously doesn't always work, but when it does it's amazing.>We have this formula that everyone loves, let's just change it for no reason>ok well people didn't like Sticker Star mate, what should we do now?>Let's do it again

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>>508952005>I haven't actually played it, but I'll just parrot other people's opinions for the sake of argumentdrink bleach

>>508965705I can't believe Holla Forums's contrarianboner has swung around to defending Nintendo not changing its formulas.

>>508961969>Nintendo fanboys would blindly defend and buy anything from nintendo but doesn't count for the wii u and CS because?Oh but Holla Forums did, mate. You have no idea just how hard Holla Forums shilled that piece of shit system. You should have seen the desperation.

>>508966170Are you white?

>>508964391You're not calling the Wii U standards, are you? As someone who owns one it is a colossal piece of unintuitive shit that is barely even an upgrade over the fucking Wii.

I liked PM64, should i play TTYD?

>>508966487If you're a heterosexual then yes.

>>508966487Nope. It's cringe garbage. This series outside of the first is cursed beyond reason

NoA knows people will be pissed and they're trying to hide the Sticker Star gameplay. Japan doesn't give a fuck what the people actually want.

>>508945887>the soul reason

>>508947983yes.fuck Ninty for erasing major mechanics and charm that made the game in the first place

>>508950315If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

>>508966487Play it. You probably will like it.

>>508966984Cry moar.

Actions take coins instead of FP. Instead of XP you also get coins. That's the reason the coin counter is so large and visible in battle. You don't level up. Ergo, it's not an RPG.

>>508965910Not everything is black and white. Holla Forums isn't one person and every franchise is different

>>508955515How is this different from warioware minigames, I know you fucks pray to that fucking game

I'm gonna pre-order it for the pins, but just return it before actually leaving the store. Free pins.

>>508967528Fuck you. You guys are hivemind-y as fuck.

Late into the thread but i'm just gonna hop in on the CS discussion and Origami King: I genuinely don't know what there is to enjoy in CS in the long run that's actually worth keeping on going: Combat isn't particularly engaging & Bosses especially are a disaster, the story may be generic but if there was only that, it'd pass: Mario is more about the voyage than the destination, but the voyage has nothing to it: Locales are for the most part generic, barely above the tired NSMB tropes, and the game doesn't even seem to believe in its ability to tell a story: It just wants to make jokes, jokes that either feel random or are blatant references, with no sense of subtlety or middle ground. How can anyone sit through more than 2 Chapters of CS and want to keep going is beyond me.I really hope Origami King at least tries to tell a story & actually believes in their game outside of a humor I personally find shitty. Some piece of dialogue in the trailer suggest it could be the case, but I'm still not sold yet.

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>>508967528Yeah, you guys are hivemind-y as fuck. Fuck you.