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Hello, I'm having a bit of trouble with black dragon kalameet and I'm wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me defeat him. This is my first time playing so sorry if I die.

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Go home to your mommy.

Post your platform, dingdong.

did you talk to the giant?

>>508939310platform, wl/sl?

>>508939310By the way this is Dark souls prepare to die edition on PC.>>508940086yeah and he shot down the dragon

>>508939310Why do you only have 10 estus

>>508940174then just hit him bruhwhat level are you? i have a char but im on ng+ haven't played in at least 3 years, i don't know if you'll be able to summon me

>>508940461I'm soul level 67, I always manage to bring him down to little more than half but I have trouble dodging his attacks

>>508939310have you done everything else in the game? the DLC is mostly meant as an endgame right before gwyn

>>508940174PtDE? Good luck lmao

>>508940795I recently beat ornstein and smough and I made it half way through the duke's archives, should I just focus on the base game and then return to the DLC?

>>508940714Try to stay in front of him to trigger his dragon breath. Then run up and hit the side of his head while he's stuck in his animation. Staying underneath him is too dangerous.

>>508941234Depends, how far along has your weapon been upgraded?

>>508939310What version you running? If remastered, I have a character just chilling at Oolacile and I'll hope on to help

>>508941365>Staying underneath him is too dangerousOh that was the mistake I was making, when I would roll to dodge his swipes I would end up under him.>>508941498yeah I'm using the black knight's halberd+5, I really like this weapon.>>508941214what's wrong with the Prepare to Die Edition>>508941634I'm on Prepare to Die Edition on PC

>PtdEI'd help you, but I don't think I have any characters in your level range unfortunately.>>508941234>should I just focus on the base game and then return to the DLC?Yes. Kalameet and Manus are pretty much the hardest bosses the game has to offer. Just be sure not to beat the final boss Gwyn, because you can't go back to the game without starting NG+ (and you'll loose access to Oolacile).

>>508941803>what's wrong with the Prepare to Die EditionIt's just not very active.

>>508941803>what's wrong with the Prepare to Die EditionNothing, but the multiplayer is completely dead.

>>508941803Ah damn, I don't have any characters very far in the game in PtDE. Sorry dude.

>>508942020remaster is on sale for 15.99 humblebundle

>>508939310Turn the sound off for the dragon, when he does that high pitch bullshit it always fucks up my timings.

Is PtDE dead because remaster is active?

>>508941889Ok I'll put the DLC on hold for now thanks for the help.>>508941979>>508942020When I was in anor londor I kept getting invaded in the area with the giant blacksmith and also in the oolacile township I didn't even have a chance to rest at a bonfire. Are those popular PvP spots?>>508942214I would buy it but I already spent sometime playing this so I don't want to go through half the game again.


>>508942464maybe you can keep your save

>>508942214Well I'm not paying 16 for a worse version of the game I bought over 5 years ago for 5 bucks.

What's your soul level OP

>>508939310use darkwood grain ring ez pz

>>508941889That no-turning-back cucked me so hard on my first playthrough. Bad experience.

>>508942464>Are those popular PvP spots?Yes.

>>508942615is it ? is mp ?

Ok thanks for all the help and suggestions guys, I'm going to put this fight on hold for now and go to seath.

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>>508942961good luck OP

>>508942961Try equipping a weapon.

>>508942961Good luck anonAnd a bit of advice, put on the ring of sacrifice before entering the fog door

>>508942464>Are those popular PvP spots?IIRC anor londo and township were the dedicated PvP spots, along with Darkroot garden. Though I'm surprised you're getting invaded frequently, when I tried playing it a while ago I had trouble getting invasions at all (across several characters with different levels).>>508942575I doubt it, since there's are actual engine change (like physics being tied to framerate).

Is this thread now the Dark Souls Thread?

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Sometimes Holla Forums is alright

>>508943236my only idea really was to see if there was a save editor and save edit your character into the new veranyway anons I just bought dark souls remastered. My friend wants me to play it. I did not think you can play with others?

>>508943716>I did not think you can play with others?What?

>no crossplayembarrassing

OP here, I made it to the crystal caves, any tips for seath? This area is really beautiful.

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>>508939310I can help you but not now, OP; if you're up to it make this thread in 3.5 hours.

>>508944015sorry was busy with shit so I was not clearI did not know you can play with others in dark souls? I thought it was just pvp? My friend wants me to play with him.

>>508945002Get some curse resistance.

>>508945002Just buy a bow and snipe that asshole.

Ok I beat seath on my first try, he was really easy. I think I got him bugged or something because all I did was run to the right and hit his right tail over and over, he never attacked me.

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>>508945191There's tons of multiplayer in dark souls, both coop and pvp.In dark souls 1 the matchmaking only depends on your level, so as long as you're within ~10 levels of each other your friend should be able to "summon" you to his game to help him.>>508945913Congrats, even if it was bugged I don't think you missed out on much. I don't remember Seath's fight to being interesting, except for the immortality crystal gimmick.Go to New Londo ruins next

>>508945104If you want you can drop your steam id and I can add you.

>>508945913Nope that's his fight. You're gonna notice a dip in quality after Anor Londo of you haven't already. Still some great shit, but just wait for Demon Ruins > Lost Izalith > Bed of Chaos

>>508946437ah okay , I used hate series but today I woke up wanting to play it and it was on sale.

>>508945913kinda late at this point in the game but consider installing dsfix

>>508946524>I used hate series>never played it before

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>black knight halberdYou're a shitter OP. But we are a cut from the same cloth as well. It dropped for me as well and it was my only companion until I beat Ornstein and Smough soon after my data got corrupted, making me lose my entire playthrough.Then I found true love.

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Comfy thread

>>508946437>In dark souls 1 the matchmaking only depends on your level, so as long as you're within ~10 levels of each other your friend should be able to "summon" you to his game to help him.The remaster works like DS3, it's also based on your equipment. It also has the password system though so you're able to do co-op either way.


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>>508946616yeah I just got dsfix today, helps a lot with performance. I don't know how I managed to beat ornstein and smough without dsfix it was like playing with a 4 second delay.>>508946870What's wrong with the black knight halberd is it a cheese weapon? I just found it by pushing that black knight off the cliff in the dark root basin.I'm going to go clear out the tomb of giants since I already got through the catacombs a long time ago.

>>508946692No I had played Dark souls 1 and 3.I played a good amount. But now I want to beat it

>>508946440Let me check first if I have a character on the PTDE on Oolacite and within your soul level or we won't do anything.

>>508946981Ah, didn't know that. I don't really like the equipment matchmaking from DS3, but it makes sense they'd reuse it in the remaster.I still think they should have tried to improve Soul memory instead of dropping it completely after DS2. It completely falls apart in the late game, but for the first half of DS2 it works excactly as intended.

>>508947226It's "woman", not "boy"

>>508947517>I played a good amountAnd you never realized there's coop?Did you pirate the game?

>>508948008hmm I bought 3 maybe pirate 1 can not remember. I bought one today cuz my friend wanted me to. I thought it was just pvp

Ok the Tomb of Giants is fucking awful I can't see shit even with this lantern, also I killed Patches by accident and I saved the lady in white. I'm guessing this area leads to Nito.

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>>508947970...No, please replay Metal Slug.YOU'RE MINCEMEAT

>>508947703I'm soul level 70 nowThis place fucking sucks

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>>508948335>I killed Patches by accidentYou monster>I saved the lady in whiteShe'll be waiting for you in the undead church selling some neat miracles. But more importantly, check on Petrus if he's still alive. He might do something stupid.

>>508948820put the lantern in your left hand smart guy


>>508945913>first time player>BKHHmmmm

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>>508948820Tomb of the Giants is honestly the worst area.Fuck the darkness and fuck those Skeletons that walk on all fours.You might wanna a bring a divine weapon to Nito's fight FYI.Good luck with Lost Izalith when you get there.

>>508948943I found he in the church but she mentioned that petrus ditched her in the tomb I and when I talk to him he sounds like a schizo, is this like the thing with the fire keeper where the yellow armour guy kills her?>>508949329what's BKH?

>>508949793I used to hate Skeledogs but then I discovered what a Great Club can do to them and now I love TotG.

>>508939310nice bait fag

>>508949329BKS dropped for me on my first playthrough and carried me the entire game.

>>508947289BKH is what speedrunners use, it's a very good weapon, especially for how early you get it.

You wanna pirate and play online? Well now you is in spanish but:-first link is the game-mega is the crack to play online-then dcsm to see who you are connected to and if you have low fps it saves you from the game kicking you's for low spec losers like me (I have a dual core intel hd graphics 4gb ram and it runs at 25 30 with dsfix)So for the retards out there.Get the torrent, install the game.Copy the things inside the prophet folder to where the game is.Then the online crack.Then dsfix (and edit it)Then start steam (the real steam)Then play the game. Remember to turn off AA in the options or you'll crash.I finished oolacile and now I stay there to invade people

>>508948820Well, I do have a SL84 character with the entire world unlocked. The bad thing is that it is a melee character and I haven't played Dark Souls since 2018.I'm still teleworking but I think I can give it a try now if you want.

I'f you're in dscm ill help you fren

>>508951549Sure i'll just warp to oolacile and you can put down your summon sign near the dragon boss entrance>>508951569what's dscm?

>>508952250dscm is the dark souls connectivity mod. I play a pirated vrsion but I hav to open steam for it to work so I'm not sure if I play with legit steam users or all the nodes are pirated like me

>>508952250Symbol set.

>>508952768is this you?

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>>508952917Ahahaha yeah

>>508952980you just fell off

>>508953389Yeah, sorry. Symbol up

wholesome thread, we need more like this and less bullshit

>>508953389And I fell again; something must be off with my controller. I'll switch for the other controller.

>>508953581>>508953389Whats your steam name I wanna see if you're in dscm to invade you

Lole, I like this thread.I wish I could play Dark Souls for the first time again.

>>508953827it's ok I got him half way down but he killed me

>>508953827Done; symbol up.

Dragon is ded gentlemen

>>508954245WE DID IT!Thank you user!

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Someone is having fun on Holla Forums?

>>508955036You're welcome.

>>508939310try to parry or backstab


>>508955036Nice job OP. Did you kill Manus yet?

>>508955770No but i'm heading there now, I already saved that wolf from the humanity monsters

>>508956271whats your soul level right now

this thread is alright.

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>>508956619>360s in airclassic

>>508955036I didn't actually think you were gonna get any help. Kinda nice to see this.

Fuck this guy holy shit! This is honestly a real cool boss, I like how you need to use the silver pendant to block his magic.>>508956394I'm soul level 72

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>>508958603>I like how you need to use the silver pendant to block his magic.meanwhile I was so overpowered when I got to him I just healed through anything he pulled off

>>508958603Are you Funk?


>>508959246Just checking the dcsm list and that's the only 72 I see in oolacileOh well

>>508959376>Wanting to invade the poor guy, probably with a glitched weapon What an asshole

>>508959678nothing wrong with a little fun pvp

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>>508959376i'm in anor londo right now with the giant

Is there a mod like Cinders for DS2?

I made it back and I'm going to try this again.

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>>508961189are you asdkzx?

>>508959678I'm level 90 with the murakumo also first playthrough

For fuck's sake what is wrong with new players. PUT POINTS INTO VITALITY. It makes the difference between surviving a hit to continue the battle and dying and wasting time having to restart it all over, it should be such an obvious thing. I lost track of how many times I got summoned and the host got reckt within 10 seconds, even greatshield wielding niggas.

I did it!>>508962047yeah

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>>508962802Just don't get hit lamo

>>508963087based and redpilled

>>508939310You're alright OP, glad you're having fun and threads like these still pop once in a while. I started the Remastered version recently to play DS1 properly. Initially had the Prepare To Die edition and only made it as far as Darkroot Garen/Blighttown kept fucking about in these areas. DSfix ran like shit for some reason and afterwards I played like 300hours of Dark Souls III. Now with the Remaster I want to properly finish the first one and also give the second a try. Currently just reached Anor Londo, the place looks impressive. Would be cool to have a bro explore the place with me as well.

>>508963087Nice. Rest of the game is gonna seem easy from here though.

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>>508939310What rings u got bithc?

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>>508963497Ring of Favor and Havel so I can fastroll with full Elite Knight and Baemore

>>508963087nice imma invade you, also that means the pirated version is connected to the one that bought the game so that's fun

>>508963681>nice imma invade youHe just beat the area boss though

>>508963426Pls i beat manus on my first try just by using estus and hitting him. Granted I had 20 because kalameet was hard but


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>>508963937We're talking about Dark Souls user, that isn't Dark Souls

>>508963878I can stalk him over dscm and then invade him and then have him summon me and then become friends

>>508963937Is this sekiro?

>>508964065It's obviously Lords of the Fallen

>>508964149>Mistaking Code Vein DLC 2 for LotFLmao.

>>508964878I didn't get the dlcs DON'T JUDGE ME

>>508964878That's Remnant.

>>508964045I stopped playing for now, if you want you can drop your steam id and I can add you.

Thanks for the help guys, I'm going to take a break now and I might start a thread later.

>>508964878>>508965527>not recognizing nioh2delayed pc poor beggers I swear

>>508964878It's Ashen, dumbass. Code Vein is the Monster Hunter ripoff

>>508965578I already added you to favorites in dscm breh asdazx, we can play blind together tomorrow then. I just finished oolacile too, and only killed nito in the main game for the lord souls.

>>508965578I'm treus btw, but we may have horrendous lag, we'll see

>>508947289All Black Knight weapons are really good but I think that it's unfair to guilt trip a first time player or really anyone for using a weapon that just happens to be effective.I had a Black Knight Sword drop off the undead burg black knight on my first run but didn't use it because I liked how the Claymore looked better.

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>>508965976I'll be playing again in an hour or two so if you want we can pvp for a bit and then co-op some bosses.

>>508966631Sure. Get dscm to see who are you connected to if you want

>>508966597>get a Black Knight Greatsword from the one on top of the tower next to the bridge>get all excited about meeting the stat requirements>find Zweihander once I unlock the shortcut to Firelink and do some more exploring around the graveyard, decide to use it until I meet BKGS's requirements>actually end up falling in love with Zweihander's moveset because the pancake R2 let me trivialize so many enemies>don't actually feel like using BKGS by the time I get the necessary statsZwei-chan is love, Zwei-chan is life

>>508967341I just really liked how in Souls the real life weapons are as powerful as the more fantastical ones and generally speaking I vastly prefer weapons and armors that are more down to earth. Although the Black Knight weapons aren't particularly egregious when you compare them to something like Code Vein or Lords of the Fallen, I still preferred more using weapons like Claymore or the Zweihander.In Dark Souls 2 I think I went for the Bastard Sword and DS3 went back to play more with the Claymore.

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