Spongebob Rehydrated

twitter.com/THQNordic/status/1263158333458038785Patrick trailer up, new footage of Mermalair and Kelp Forest god every time i hear bfbb Mermaid Man i die inside

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>>508939614the virgin FF7 remake vs the Chadttle for bikini bottom Hydrated

>>508939078>kelp forest is not the abyss from dark souls anymorethank fucking god

Arf bump

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I vaguely remember this game and I think it was pretty fun. I'm still so put off by the neon lighting in some of the levels but the first level in this trailer looks nice.


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inb4 schizo poster derails the thread

>>508939078>spongebobKids need to fuck off.

>>508942358Spongebob aired in 1999

>>508942963Stupid kid.

not gonna lie hype aside this fog in every stage is off putting

>>508944064this. turn the damn fog and saturation down.other than that, it looks alright

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>>508943179shoulda used this pic, user

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>>508944064same, i'm really liking this, but get rid of the fog. it looks awful in some levels (sand mountain, dutchman's graveyard and kelp forest).

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here's a screenshot gallery I made, in case any of you lads haven't seen it yet:imgur.com/a/AWCHFrF

>>508942358Spotted the kid.

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>>508945139this game's visuals are such a mixed bag. some areas look perfectly fine, some really don't. then again, I guess that was the case with the Crash & Spyro remakes as well

>>508940106KEK. Zoomers think we're exaggerating. They'll never understand what it was like to play through that shit on a CRT, which made things look considerably darker than today's washed out LCDs. I wandered around in the kelp caves for hours struggling to find the last stone tiki hidden in the darkness.

>>508946134I'm not a fan of some of the darker richer colors that can be a bit of an eyesore, like the purple mountains. But the increased draw distance and LOD does wonders for levels like Downtown Bikini Bottom where you can have the entire level visible at once at full detail.

>>508946134>this game's visuals are such a mixed bagso are the animations. some look good....meanwhile, Patrick's belly-flop animation has him go from up in the air to under the robot within a few frames.but I'm sure they're polishing stuff like that. I hope.

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>>508941862Why is not liking something and explaining why you do so terrible but endless positivity and circlejerking okay?

wtf this actually looks coolbut what are the chances it will actually have a lot of creative good humor like old spongebob and isnt just shit like the newer stuff

>>508947570>what are the chances it will actually have a lot of creative good humor like old spongebobRehydrated's a full remake of an existing game, user. the original 2003 BfBB game captured the writing, humor, and soul of early SpongeBob super-well.

>>508947570>shit like the newer stuffif anything, Rehydrated uses the oversaturated colors from the newer seasons. The original Battle for Bikini Bottom game had a nice, muted color pallette

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>>508947137based esl

>>508939078looks like trash

>>508948257That was a pretty understandable post though.

>>508948152why did they change such a good thing?

>>508948898.....do you actually wanna know?>Stephen Hillenburg wanted the show to end with the 2004 Movie>Nick wanted to keep the money train rollin'>Stephen gave the reigns to Paul Tibbit>Paul drove the show into the fuckin' ground, as he was showrunner from 2005 to 2015>nearly everyone else that worked on the show with Stephen from 1999 to 2004 gradually left in 2004/2005 to work on their own shows (like Chowder and too many other shows to list)>more new writers and storyboards gradually joined the show's crew that just weren't as good

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did anyone watched what they did with kamp Koral?I want to kill these faggots

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>>508950389>anyone watched what they did with kamp Koral?....yes, I have seen the terrible teaser images as well, ESL-user.

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>>508950389there was some pretty decent discussion about it last thread (unless something new popped up about it).i really hate what they've done.

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the good news is that Camp Coral's only gonna be a 13-episode mini series on Netflix. If it was a full-fledged show on TV, I'd be a little more upset

>>508950629>>508950702>>508950773this makes me really sad.like :(

I ask this every thread, but: who are you maining?

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>>508949623didnt some of the original writer come back recently? i heard the newer seasons arent as bad as the previous

>>508952854hillenburg came back for i think 9 10 and i think some of 11 and yeah they were "decent"

>>508952854yup. ever since Paul Tibbit retired as showrunner, Vincent Waller picked up the slack and has made the show (decently) better from 2015-now. Vincent's gotten some older writers to come back, like Kaz Prapuolenis

>>508952854Stephen came back to work on the show from 2015 up until his death in 2018

>>508952726krabs mainly but also squidward if his moveset's good (he's already ranged and i love ranged characters).

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>>508952726I hope we get a Horde Mode trailer within the next month. looks pretty simple, but I'd like to know more about it

>>508948595Americans are stupid, they can't read English.

>>508953010>>508953182>>508953318worth watching any of them? i stopped after the first movie

>>508946161>They'll never understand what it was like to play through that shit on a CRTPlaying darker games on a CRT screen is something I will never miss. I remember playing some game on the N64 called BattleTanx or something and like half the levels were set at night so you'd have to turn the brightness on the TV all the way the fuck up in order to barely make things out.

>>508953803there are a few decent ones scattered here and there until vincent waller took over, from that point onward it's all crap

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>>508954417>until vincent waller took over, from that point onward it's all crapSeason 9b and 10 were a glimmer of hope.then they started doubling-down on wacky expressions every 5 seconds.Season 11-present have some decent episodes....on occasion.

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>>508955216man that animation style is soulless


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spongeBump. it's ironic that yesterday's Rehydrated thread didn't have new footage to talk about, yet it got to around 250 posts.we gotta keep this thread alive with discussion, SpongeBros

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>>508956321>we gotta keep this thread aliveok.tell me about your worst SpongeBob childhood memories, anons.

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>>508956918nice.which font did you use? Krabby Patty or the one from the SuperSponge files?

>>508957323The former

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>>508939078whats the framerate gonna be on consoles? this shit ran at 60fps on my ps2

>>508957373gotcha. while that fan-made font is pretty gud, feel free to use spongeboytt1.the font's easily downloadable. people ripped it from that leaked SuperSponge dev disk

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>>508951114>implying it wouldn'tI really hate this shit because is beyond retarded, Squidward design looks retarded and generic and plankton + Eugene where in their 50s on the original show,they should be staff of the camp of something not kids again,they could make this shit with just patrick and SpongeBob?>>508957373it's a shame that still sold millions,I would never get why is the Nintendo fanbase so retarded with the Switch >pay online>overpriced ports>drift that it's real and they even know about it

>>508955216>eyes bulging out instead of just angling out (they should be going from | | to

>>508958039>the disk showed that the devs played countless SNES games for reference>Super Sponge still ended up being a pile of "meh"

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>>508949623You guys remember that time Stephen Hillenburg fucking died and Nickelodeon greenlit a spinoff series right after knowing he wouldn't approve of it if he was alive?

Do people really think this is gonna turn out good? Theres way too much monkey paw shit people are just blindly accepting


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>>508958930>the disk showed that the devs played countless SNES games for referenceand yet they decided to get rid of the food items for health and just said "fuck it it's now like sonic". at least the gba port kept the food items.>>508959359>gary and patrickKILL IT

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>>508956521This scene was and still is disgusting

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>>508956521The Splinter.

>>508956521"That" toenail scene can rot in hell and so should the fuckheads who put it on TV.>>508960135Wait who does the large blue eye belong to?


>>508960135nobody:resident evil enemies:

>>508950702>Squidward>The nerdNo way.>Mr. Krabs>That youngCome on.

>>508961145nobody knows yet, sorry lad

>>508961145They're targeting 60FPS on all platforms, even Switch.


>>508952726Gary, SpongeBob, or Patrick>>508952854Yeah, some of them came back. Hillenburg was a producer until he passed too>>508953803Yeah, here's a list of recommendations:>My Leg!>Doodle Dimension>Moving Bubble Bass>The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom>Mimic Madness>Big Birthday Blowout

>>508965068throwing in my recommendations too:Patrick! The Game (9b)Bulletin Board (9b)Krusty Katering (10)Spin the Bottle (11)No Pictures Please (11)Farmer Bob (12)

>>508955216>Season 11-present have some decent episodes....on occasion.the show's still a mixed bag/a gamble on wether or not an episode is good, but it's a massive improvement from the show's "dark ages" (2006-2014)

>>508965572That's a pretty good list user, I like a lot of those episodes too.I'm almost done with season 11, just finished ChefBob yesterday, and I'm hoping to finish up what's aired of season 12 before Rehydrated is out. I've been slowing down a bit because the main reason I started the series from the beginning was to get ready for the new movie, and it got delayed, so I'm not in much of a hurry to get caught up.

From what I can tell the more recent "good" episodes are a different kind of good than the first 3 seasons. It seems more focused on wacky facial expressions, and I don't hear nearly as many actual jokes. It also seems like they're struggling to have their own ideas for writing. I appreciate the references to older episodes, but it feels like they are relying on them too much from the episodes I have seen from season 11.

I'll also throw my hat into the ring that the second movie is actually pretty good until they get to the CGI part.

>>508966361I see what you mean by that and I agree. I think the callbacks are mostly to act as course correction since in seasons 6 and 7 the episodes just got really bland/lifeless and felt detached from the early stuff most of the time.>>508966672Agreed, it's a fun watch, but I don't mind the CGI parts. I like how the pacing keeps its momentum even when they go on land and how their superhero forms either reference past episodes or aspects of their character.

throwing my suggestions in too, haven't really watched much from 8+ so can't really give any.>shell of a man (4)>the lost mattress (4)>not normal (6)>fear of a krabby patty (4)>patrick smartpants (4)>krusty towers (4)>once bitten (4)>krabs a la mode (5)>spy buddies (5)>the donut of shame (5)>the krusty sponge (5)>roller cowards (5)>squid's visit (6) (only just for the concept, spongebob's kinda weird in this one)>squidward in clarinetland (7)>the bad guy club for villains (7)>enchanted tiki dreams (7)

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