>"As a result of some prank (?) by someone else...

>"As a result of some prank (?) by someone else, he has been stuck in the body of a woman"What kind of fucking "prank" is that?

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>>508938727As a prank I wanna marry girl Terry and have some kids with her

That's a funny prank

a really funny prank haha I wish my bros did it to me for a good laugh haha

the funniest ones

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>You will never live in a world where magical pranks can feminize you into having the body of a beautiful biological woman.

>>508938727A fetish magical pocket dimension created by Kukri were the tournament takes place according to the story.

>>508938727Sounds like a funny prank to me

>>508938727>your everyday American guydo Americans really...?

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>>508941516>he doesn't know about the burger ability to prank their bros No wonder Euros are obsessed, they can't play funny pranks on their bros

One that I'd like to be pulled on me.

>>508938727>your everyday American guy is a tranny

god i wish i were pranked

>>508941617>ywn prank your best bro by turning them into a beautiful woman>ywn support them as they get used to thisr new body >ywn eventually develop a loving relationship with your best friend haha but who want to do that, r-right?

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>>508938727>As a result of some prank (?) by someoneOR SOMETHING


>>508938727hehe that's a really funny prank

>>508938727Just a prank bro

>>508942096thanks, now I'm sad

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>>508938727PRANKED Terry is cute.

>>508946706>I'm super popular among the boys too>"IT FEELS NICE!"every tiem

>>508938727I wish i'd get pranked like that

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Pranked Rugal soon

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>>508947754You forgot Zero Clone.

>>508947754>they made Zeroko an official thingWell, in mobage terms of official, but hey, it got acknowledged.

>>508948270alright, thanks

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oh dear

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>>508947754Chang is adorable


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why don't more games have canon genderswaps?

>>508938727If it's a prank against his own volition why would he dress up in skirts and g-string?Is he gonna suck dick too just to go on with the prank?

>>508956481>Is he gonna suck dick too just to go on with the prank?It would be pretty funny, haha.

>>508956481They don’t dress themselves up

How much would this affect normal life? Imagine trying to convince people that you are still you.

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>>508956809Depends on your friends and family, i think the whole legal shit you would have to do would be more annoying.

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Imagine getting pranked and turning into an ugly woman

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>>508960437I hate when that happens to me

>>508950117I want this to happen to terry pregnancy is a great thing

>>508960437Is she not wearing any panties?


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>>508946706How in the fuck does being allergic to something gives you a sex change?


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>>508938727Ha ha. Boy I'd hate for that to happen to me. Ha ha never lol


>every TF genderbend doujin/manga is gay as fuck where the girl (guy) just gets into vanilla shit with some other guyWhere the fuck is my yuri genderbend/TF

I swear this isn't porn

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>>508946706I would kill myself if this happened to me. If there is one thing in life I'm absolutely certain is that I love being a man and having a penis, and don't see myself on any other way. And that's ignoring all the social and legal issues.

>Turn in to a girl>Nothing changes because im a socially retarded autist

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>>508961605in the trash where yurifags belong

>>508961674ass is fat


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>>508961726>t. A literal gay

>>508947754>Female Mr BigAww yeahyoutube.com/watch?v=_TkANl0GELM

a jewish prank

>>508947754ms. big looks like a true anal queen

Too bad Girl Terry doesn't get any more art these days.

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>>508958278>i think the whole legal shit you would have to do would be more annoying.I don't think you've been paying attention to the media m8.A man can change your gender on the fly by mere statementHave you not been seeing all those "legally" female transwomen dominating women sports in the recent years?

Would you date your friend if they turned into a girl?

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>>508962473I don't have any friends. But if I did, yes, as long as they're cute,

>>508962379I don't care about that shit, these modern times are a sad joke.

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>>508962473No. That's unironically homosexual>But he's a biological woman nowIt doesn't matter; it would be the same as fucking a tranny or your male friend crossdressing

>>508962728why would you have sex with them?why would you ever have sex


>>508962726>that imagebegone predator tranny

>>508962726>That picTrannies trying to groom innocent people again like the predators they are.

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>>508961676>Imagine bleeding for 5 days every month>Imagine having to bath regularly because your vag smells like death>Imagine having a haunted vagina because you had to have an abortion after being violently raped by a fat ugly bald fuck that pinned you down with his huge stomachWomen got it hard


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>>508962728>fucking a female>the same as fucking a male

>>508963189What does she see in TaroHe's not even a character beyond being the guy Mai falls in love with

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>>508962726This post was brought to you by the trannycord cultists.

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>>508961605>>508961860Bara is straighter than Yuri m8

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>>508938727God I fucking love genderbend doujins where the girl hangs out with her old friends and the guys just grope and fuck her until she loves the cock. Reminds me of this friend of mine, whiny little guy but if he was a girl holy fuck

>>508963371What was the point of Mai anyways?

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>>508963931Blazblue is all fetish shit

>>508963792That's because you're a woman

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>>508963931cute owl

>>508942096sounds like twitch dot com would be right up your alley

>>508938727The kind of prank you do with your bros

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>>508961605Because it only works on repressed homosexuals to begin with

>>508956809It would be a pain in the fucking ass, but the people around me have very long-running inside jokes that I know I'd be able to convince them quickly.Coworkers might be a little difficult, but my autism would probably leak and they'd say "Yeah that's probably him lol"

>>508963792It's not gay if she was a guy

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>>508962728By all rights fucking a real woman would be gayer than fucking your fem friend

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>>508956809I'd miss my muscles.

>>508962726nice gaslighting attemptback to >>>/lgbt/

>>508956481>Is he gonna suck dick too just to go on with the prank?Haha, could you imagine? How silly, that would be wrong, haha.

>>508962675>become very tan girlyes please


>>508963792It cannot be possible to be this wrong, then again this is Holla Forums

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>>508963864>Reminds me of this friend of mine, whiny little guy but if he was a girl holy fuckWhy not just put a dress on him if your that afraid of it being gay. You already want to fuck him afterall

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>>508938727Is he okay?

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I guess this is the Yuri thread now...

>>508965009Why would you do that?First fuck them all then reveal the truth that they're all gay

>>508961149If you're allergic to nuts you have to turn into a girl or you die

>>508962379>>>Holla Forums

Girls should really kiss girls all the time.

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>>508966441>Who the fuck are you, where the hell is user, and why are you in user's room>

>>508962726This pic isn't even true. not even in a shitposting way. This is just sad

>>508938727>What kind of fucking "prank" is that?Loki turned a dude into a chick in that one manga for a prank

>>508946706he he

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>tfw established character gets pranked

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>>508965257>I'd miss my muscles.You gay or something?You've got tits and ass to play with now.>>508965726Bara is straighter cause you can atleast still talk about guy things.All women interests are gay

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>>508963139you'll fit right in

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>>508967037there's not a single feminine thing in that pic, the very definition of gay

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>>508961694>Turn in to an abomination>no one likes me because i'm as disgusting as beforehere, i fixed it for you

Imagine turning into a girl as a prank ha ha

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>>508967163Literally nothing wrong with any of those. What's your point?

>>508961605 e-hentai.org/g/1618074/352db679a8/

>>508967425imagine getting pranked by a girl who turns you into a girl so you could become her yuri lover and you accept, just for laughs though hahaha any doujins?

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>>508967565no need to get bent out of shape over trannies. we're all friends with the same goals

>Terry>Zero>Clone Zero>Yashiro>Chang Koehan>Mr. Big>Billy KaneAlright, who should they prank next?

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>>508967754me and my friends

>>508967623I'll take it

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>>508945256eroe's hentai is the ultimate straight fantasy and it sickens me that trannies could latch onto it to excuse themselves at cutting their dicks with a cleaver

>>508946706Tell me that the trap gets viciously dicked

>>508946706>>508966960>that typeset quality drop

>>508938727leave it up to nu Holla Forums to turn an excuse to show tits and ass into something gay

>>508967818Maybe one day. Also, I forgot to list Iori.

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>>508965949I'm not gay and it's not the same thing

>>508965251That's a terrible post, because it assumes womanly things are literally gay, while they're just shit at most.