Monster Hunter

Exterminate all Raths.

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>>508938547OP's name is Steve, you just know

>>508938547they are cool but too obnoxious to fight as melee

>>508938547Rathalos in any form was a mistake

>>508938547Mh switch when?

I want to get back into the game but I need to look forward something, fug

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>>508938992This, their design is cool but fuck flying monsters

>>508938992Los kind of is but frankly, CC evened the ground a lot, it was worse in the other games given how you were completely dependant on flashbombs to do anything until fourth gen allowed playing off ledges and uneven terrain.

>>508941484They really shouldn't have nerfed flashpods in IB or gave them some kind of replacement

>>508941956And yet IB Silver Los is by far and away its worst incarnation.The hellfire thing is sorta neat on paper, giving it a powered up state, but the way it winds up working is that it just does nothing but fly and vomit fire everywhere.Also 2nd gen Los of all varieties were complete jokes and were piss-easy with both hammer and GS.

>>508942015I dunno, maybe they thought that flashpods weren't all that necessary for Flying Wyverns now that the claw exists, but it honestly doesn't help that much for flying monsters.

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What are the chances of one of Capcoms announcements to be World 2 or whatever theyre gonna call MH6.

I just did the Silverlos advanced village quest in XX and want to die.

I like fighting Rathians, but loathe Rathalos

>>508938547How come the expansion didn't sell much?

>>5089425812nd gen monsters in general are a complete joke, still doesn't change that Los was a flying cunt that made you wait until he got at the very least in range for some weapons to bring him down, IB silverlos doesn't have the absolute cancer that is the world tour either so for me it will always be better than previous Los incarnations.

>>5089429431) because they always do2) because even casualborne is too hard for average shitter and they keep crying all the time

>>508942943Not every normie that bought the game is gonna be interested in an Expansion, also expacs typically get less than 50% attachment rate anyways

>>508942943It did.

>>508941484The only flying monster that are fun to fight are the ones that only fly while they're doing certain attacks, like Yian Garuga. The ones that fly while idle or moving around like Rathalos or even Legiana are annoying at best and complete cancer at worst.

>people sre still complaining about legiana

Flying Wyverns were a fucking mistake

>>508945960I feel really bad about Legiana. Such a cool design and concept but _he's barely a monster.Tempered HR Legiana dies in 50 seconds to PRE DLC HR gear.MR Legiana is just... empty. Like _he has nothing going on for him. He just exists for a couple of minutes then he dies.

>>508938992[laughs in SnS backhop]

>>508938547I want a Rath to impregnate me

>>508948223Yea but then you get shrieking and the fucker reminds you that all legiana of every stripe should be eliminated with extreme prejudice.

>>508948223Yeah, MR Legiana feels like it exists solely so it can be called by Shrieking during its fight, Legiana is great design-wise but i wish the fight was better.

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>>508949134Legiana always felt like a middling fight imho. It's like it's just kinda there in world and then unless you were a bowfag it just stopped being a thing after like two or three fights.

>>508948537>being filtered by screechy legiana

Play XX ( Citra ) with me !

>>508950079Can you even play that online with others?

>>508948537Shrieking is anti-fun defined, I have no clue what they were thinking with that thing.

>>508942943The install base for Iceborne is NOT, in fact, the 15 million people who bought World; rather, it is the portion of that 15 million who bought World AND got through high rank, which is something closer 7 million. With consideration to that, Iceborne's 5 million sales seem to be a pretty decent attachment rate.

>>508948537What's supposedly that bad about Shrieking?It just has more ice and a supertelegraphed high damage flip, not sure what the big deal is.

>>508950183Yeah I'm playing it with a friend. Duoing Hub quests. We got a worldsperm guy from the mhg to play as well but he barely shows up so. There's a discord community for Citra XX but it's full of east asian who can barely speak english so meh.

>>508950659>high damagenot really

>>508942581you're actually insane if you think the metal raths are worse fights in Iceborne than in previous games

>>508950672Is it easy to get it going?I swear I had to jump through some weird hoops at times when playing P3rd on PPSSPP and using Hamachi.

>>508951106Playing multiplayer on citra is easy as hell. You can host or join a public room and it virtually acts like ad-hoc wifi network the 3ds uses.Running XX properly is a bit more tricky. If you don't care about 60fps you can just use the official citra build, otherwise you need a custom build to run it well without stutters.

>>508951009Gold Ian is fine.Silver Los is some pure cancer that is beyond unfun with any sort of melee weapon and a gun only mitigates how shit the fight is.I'll grant you that Hyper Silver Rathalos was probably just as cancerous as IB's Silver Los, but it was a million times less annoying in 4U and 3U, P3rd Silver Los was a bit of a joke and FU metal Raths were just recolours.

>>508949820>filteredHardly. I just hate doing the monster hunter equivalent of chasing around a soon to be headless chicken that also calls in its butt buddy and tries to stay out of conventional reach to drag out the inevitable.

>>508951342Huh, easier than I thought.I'll definitely have to keep it in mind, thanks user.

>>508950659See>>508951438As a fight it's not hard, just annoying and time consuming because there are mechanics in place to drag out the fight's length unless you're using ranged weaponry or relying heavily on the clutch claw to fight a monster with a lot of "get the fuck off me" moves while airborne.

>>508950970>The ice flip isn't high damage

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i can’t make it anymore anons... we’re never gonna get alatreon, are we?

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>>508951853medium at worst

>>508952000In June, probably. They sais some languages were gonna get simplified dialogue so I don't think they're delaying it indefinitely

>>508951778>As a fight it's not hard, just annoying and time consumingYou can say this of all fights though.What do you want, everthing to be a joke like Radobaan, that just implores you to hit him and has a gorillion stagger points to make the fight even more of a joke on top of no offensive capabilities and low HP?I seriously don't get you people.

>>508952000hopefully we won't

I think Glavenus is my favorite monster, he hates Rathians for some reason right

>>508951391>I'll grant you that Hyper Silver Rathalos was probably just as cancerous as IB's Silver LosYeah, about that.I got to the end of HR in GU the other day and tried hyper silverlos' quest. After 40 minutes of nonstop whaling on the cunt, he finally got me with one those no-startup fireballs for 80% of my health and triple carted me. After that I decided ti check out his quest on kiranico, and apparently he's stronger than than the G4 Silverlos. In a HR7 quest.What the fuck.

>>508952237>JuneJapan's looking to extend its lockdown through June, so realistically July or even August.

>>508952237I hope so, i think that worst case scenario we might get Alatreon on July.>>508952945They've been shown fighting each other ever since the original intro to Gen in which a Glav fucking decimates a Rathian for no reason.

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>>508953049Welcome to hypers, hate your stay

>>508953261>Glav fucking decimates a Rathian for no reason.rathian encroached into its territory

>>508953049I am seriously convinced that they didn't even playtest Hyper Silver Los and Gold Ian. Just slapped on some stat modifiers, upped its speed for no good reason and then went "yeah, people will love this".And then ensured that you needed the hyper scales for all the gold/silver weapons.

>>508952945>he hates Rathians for some reason rightHe's just thot patrolling.

>>508952351I really can't though is the thing. No monster I've fought seems quite as persistent in padding out fights with such specific mechanics. The raths fly and can call on eachother yeah, but even azure and silverlos seem to spend less time airborne or at least don't spam moves that dislodge you from any part of their bodies, the raths also don't really call to eachother or really show up to back eachother after a dungpod unless the "oh fuck I'm about to die" call goes out. Regular legiana meanwhile just shows up whenever and tries to take potshots out of camera view until you dung it for about 30 seconds of peace. Even with monsters where dung doesn't really help like teo and luna one will usually fuck off to a different zone and you wont have to experience the other for most of the fight after that. It's the aggressive tuning up of these mechanics that bugs me.

Draw the monster you want in the next Monster Hunter as free DLC.Yes, this can include frontier and Online monsters.

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>>508953734My boy Chammy

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>>508954358>more kushit skeletonskys

>>508955114the skeleton isn't what matters, the execution is what does.

Tonight's the last night for Safi for me because I'll be busy all day tomorrow, anyone want to get a group going?

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>>508953734You first, nerd.

>>508942943>outsold almost every single mh>not much


Any PCbros need help getting into IB or something? I'm bored.

>>508956063sure, let me turn on my gameboy

>>508956358Don't feed him, he's just gonna devolve into the mandatory dlc loop again.


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>>508956389>>508956063Yeah sure. PC Room. Any takers?

>>508956052Nothing ever made on kushit skeleton was good. Shit skeleton, shit executions.

>>508956865I guess I can torture myself a bit more if you need help with Safi, hope you don't mind me using my alt though.

>>508956865I'm dogshit at Safi but I'm up for it

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>>508957160>posts a proof of dogshit monster made on dogshit skeleton

>>508957148>>508956865>>508957134KbmKbN4QFWbpPC room. Safi is the target but if we don't get a full party we can do whatever.

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>>508956775The CC isn't really the issue in my opinion, the issue is that they give it to you then make monsters do a lot of moves that punish you for using it after IB drilled it into your skull to use the thing. By no means am I saying monsters should just sit there and let you latch onto them, but when you have maybe a 60 percent chance of being tossed off without a temporal or rocksteady and punished maybe things should be tweaked a bit.

>>508957520I'll be there shortly.

Has anyone solo-ed a Tragedy in Silver and Gold?I've spent hours trying to beat it solo because randoms aren't helping at all.I tried adept DB, ran out of time. Can't try it with my ranged sets because they literally kill in one hit and ignore Moxie.

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>>508957714>maybe a 60 percent chance of being tossed off80claw animations are literally made long enough for monster to be able to pull off a shake off move unless you mantle up or claw at the end of monster animation

Bought this game last week, having fun so far. Today i beat Nergigante, it was the hardest so far. Reminds me of old PSP ad-hoc days with my neighbor. I feel like it was harder back then though? Or maybe i've just got gud? I feel like MH unite from PSP was harder

>>508956775>use claw on rath>start fireballing>fireball animation goes off before the fling shot one>fall off>repeat untill he lands

Could any kind user who owns a game on pc tell me what is the FULL size of a game with Iceborne and with HD textures pack? Is it 80gigs (base and Iceborne) + 80gigs (textures)? Or 40gigs (base and Iceborne) + 80gigs (textures)? I can't find a specific answer in Google.

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>>508958173It's a mix of things. You've gotten better due to prior experience and the game is a lot smoother and more intuitive than before.

>>508958173world is easier than older games but its because of the controls and fluidity of the moves, most of the "difficulty" in older games comes from fighting with the controls, trash hit boxes, horrible camera controls and terrible animations

>>508958282Steam says it’s taking up 92.9GB but it’s also not a fresh install.

>>508958715>but its because of the controls and fluidity of the movessure it is worldsperm, not because of monsters having zero hp, overtuned armor and pathetic trip and knockdown thresholds along with knockdowns lasting forever

>>508958890Okay, I'll make it then with no problem. Thanks, user.

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HbG or LBG boys? Which is the superior weapon for genociding all of these faggot monsters?

>>508959426Shield HBG, become the immovable object while dealing maximum damage.

>>508958963Hey remember when the "old school" monster hunter community thought rajang would be a pushover then turned around and whined about him being utterly relentless and having few openings when he was first introduced to world? I sure do.

>>508959426do you want to have fun or do you want to be an assfaggot and sleep through the hunts?

>>508958173the screen being larger than 4 inches helps gameplay just a little bit user

>>508959779dont give him you's, let him seethe forever ignored

>>508959632>>508959780Are these the same answer?

>>508959779No because that never happened outside of your head

>>508960046Try both. HBG doesn't need shield, it’s simply the laziest option that works far too well. Ditch it and you’ll have more fun.

>>508960000quads demand silence - I obey

>>508960317>HBG>fun>HBG's beyond dogshit roll>funyou literally have to use shield on hbg just because that dumpster fire roll is unsalvageable

>>508960000Your quads cannot stop me from mocking retards on the internet>>508960264Just because 4chan(nel) was silent doesn't mean everyone was.

>>508958061they jacked up even further with at namielle. If you try to claw him outside of long animation (really only his water gun attack), he will always due the slide charge forward to throw you off. At least with other monsters, they have enough end lag on their animations to use the CC sometimes, it's not really the case with at nami. I suspect all future ats will be like this too.

>>508960540actually the hbg roll has a lot of ending lag on its animation but on start up, it has more iframes. Or at least, I find it easier to roll roars with hbg than other weapons. Slap evade extender on and you don't need a shield. HBG is much more about positioning.

>>508960696Nami and Kirin are the primary reasons I invested in minds eye, fuck getting tossed about because the game wants me to latch onto a constantly moving monster just so I don't bounce when I want to hit it.

>Disconnect during phase 3 because why the fuck not>Can't connect to the room anymore because too many attemptsHave fun with Safi, I guess.

>>508960926And the ending lag makes it absolute cancer

>>508961156>Can't connect to the room anymore because too many attemptswut?

>>508958037Why in the hell would you hurt yourself that way? I solo'd them 1 on 1 but fuck that.

>>508961483Game told me to kindly fuck off after a couple of times I tried to connect back.Now it tells me the session is full anyway so I guess I can't do much at all.

>>508961838Pretty sure that's not a thing. There's no limits on connection attempts. But if you d/c'ed from a room, you might not be able to get back in, because your previous connection hasn't timed out yet, and the game thinks you're still in, so you can't reconnect for a bit.

>>508962001Yes it is now in iceborne

>>508953734Great Maccau! To kick things off.>>508956286Was already working on it, you nerd.

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>>508962001It's a thing, it happened to me before because I was spamming join when trying to get into a room

>>508962657Shit, told myself I’d produce a crime against humanity if you delivered. Guess I gotta get started.

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>>508962934I'm looking forward to it.

>>508953734I played Gogmazios so much I pretty much mastered the fight with IG. Molten Tigrex armor and Crimson fatty IG and Bilborix, fun timesThe weapons were just so aesthetic

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>another stun simulator thread

>>508963968>edgy shit>but not eye-rendingly bad as safiWhy is safi such a mistake?

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>>508964687Safi's armor is 10/10 and I will defend it to the death, but I agree Safi's weapons are hit or miss. I like HH, Hammer and CB, not really a fan of the giant crab claw GS or the sectioned DBs. Thank gof for weapon transmog

Quality Capcom servers strike again.

>>508964964>liking safi HH or CB

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>>508964907AT Shara will be the greatest rap battle ever.

Remember when you get reunited with the Handler on the snowy fields in the Hoarfrost Reach but then a Barioth leaps onto her, impaling her with it's tusks and then you have to fight a Barioth variant with a dead Handler attached to it? I dislike the Handler as much as the next guy but that was just messed up.

>>508957520>cart once>suddenly I "lost" connection to host>room is full and can't rejoinRIP me, I'll try to not cart next time

>>508965551>then you have to fight a Barioth variant with a dead Handler attached to it?pukei is too big for that to happen

Here's your new deco grind target

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Fuck China.

>>508967331>amerifat is so seething it misses its shitpost thread

>>508961664chaos oil III gets 30% more affinity than chaos oil II. (total 60% affinity)You just can't play SnS without that.

>>508967934Wait, Chaos Oil III is locked behind that quest? Seems like i'll need to suffer when i unlock it then.

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