Tencent now owns the System Shock franchise


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>>508936281Nightdive still owns the rights

What happened in Tiananmen Square?

How does tencent have so much money

>>508936706Chinese Government money

>>508936706superior asian business instincts

>>508936706Its amazing what you can do when minimum wage isnt a thing.

>>508936281The reality is that Tencent owning a stake in something just barely matters. You can see it with Fortnite, Path of Exile, League of Legends. They didn't change after Tencent owned them, they just got a radically different chinese client. Tencent also owns a part of Platinum Games and I'd be surprised if they changed anything significantly.

>>508937352>They didn't change after Tencent owned them...are you for real? they all turned to shit.

>>508936281>Happy to announceI'm sure you are happy about getting that second fat check.I wonder if they realize they still have to reimburse the thousands of people that payed them to make the game.

>>508936498Tencent doesn't make video games. They fund them and in doing so own the company that makes them.

>>508936281chinks are really going to take over the world huh?

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>>508937632>turned to shitthey were always the same lol, you can't ascribe one change in Path of Exile to Tencent's involvement. This is even more evident when their chinese client is so different and none of it carried over to the international client including having stuff like an auction house and p2w pets.

>>508937352>The reality is that Tencent owning a stake in something just barely matters.You don't actually believe this...right?

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>>508936281>Tencent now owns the System Shock franchise

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>>508938075>going to>hasn't seen the dominance of Tik Tok in social media>hasn't seen Hollywood appealing solely to chinese consumers>hasn't seen the big data industry being led almost exclusively by Chinese firms and Wall Streetthey already have the world taken over

How long until Tencent buys 4chan?

>>508938131refer to >>508938082

>>508936281I don't particularly care who owns it as long as they at least try to make use of it. System Shock has been in limbo for so long and Tencent keeps buying up a bunch of IPs and companies only to sit on them.

>>508938326Hopefully Japs wake the fuck up and start """liberating""" Asia once again so we avoid that.

>>508936281>inb4 epic exclusive

>>508938326They already own shares user. What do you think 4channel is for? Advertisers? lol

This is worse than it just staying dead forever

>>508936281The tweet immediately after that one explains Tencent is funding the project, not buying the IP. The situation is already bad, stop trying to make it even worse, mongoloid.

>>508939087Yes, we should have western developers own the company. That's worked so well before. It's the... Chinese that appeal to SJWs?

>>508936281I can't wait for the mobile game.

>>508939290Then maybe they shouldn't have wasted all funds brainstorming then.If the project got so bad that it had to bailed in by tencent, then there was no chance this game was going to be good in the first place as often goes with trouble development.

>>508937352>they just got a radically different chinese client

>>508939087Well you'll probably get exactly what you want. Tencent does fuck all with the things they buy. I'd rather them releases a completely shit game that permanently shuts the book on the series than these endless waves of teasers and leaks that amount to absolutely nothing.

>>508936518Lots of things happened in Tiananmen Square because China is a real civilization with thousands of years of history unlike US.

>>508937352Too kek tencent is buying stake in major corporations in literally every single industry that is usually dominated by Americans. They have so much in the movie industry Vidya is next. You can't seriously think them constantly buying stake in large corporations isn't alarming

>>508936281oh no....dammit.


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>>508936281NIGHTDIVE STILL OWNS THE SYSTEM SHOCK IP.twitter.com/pripyatbeast/status/1263176573827420160

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>>508936706League of Legends paypigsSame reason why Valve has a shit ton of money

>>508938326soon I hope fuck this website

>>508939987Ok then what does Tencent have to do with System shock? They don't make video games. they give people money to make video games and own the companies that make the video games.

>>508939639Is this is your first time? Even with mobile games this is what they do. For example, in Azur Lane JP and Global, the game is uncensored with all the lewd shit while the chinese client censors some bikinis.In PoE this is also the same case, where it censors the gore


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>>508940184>they give people money to make video games and own the companies that make the video gamesAnswered your own question. Good job retard.


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>>508940184You mean like whatever a fucking publisher does? All they care is that your project nets them profits.

>>508939771Do you think it's fucking surprising since they're making money hand over fist?They've blown western companies the fuck out with their business strategies and there's no reason for them to stop.

>>508940308So they own System shock. Got it.

>>508936706subhuman country running on exploitation+cheap products+cutthroat business practices+companies buying from them to cut costs

>>508936281Why the fuck are people allowing China trade still? There should be a global ban on trade with China.


>>508939716Yes, China is a real civilization with thousands of years of history and culture that has suffered massive territory loss over the last 70 years and has been isolated to the island of Taiwan. That user was clearly asking about the current country occupying Tiananmen Square whose history (which began in the 50s), culture (pure concentrated sociopathy), and writing system (simplified script) is completely different.

>>508940609Read OtherSide's announcement, they're "Taking System Shock Forward" as in funding 3, not owning the franchise.

>>508939987Well no shit they do. Everyone already knew that and those who didn't have a room temperature IQ.

>>508940609Are you blind or just stupid? >>508939987

>>508939716>unlike US.Dare I say, obsessed?

>>508937352They bought those companies because they were already doing what they want, milking an addicted fanbase while injecting light agitprop. China is very concerned about their bored and horny young men.

>>508940642China has such a large economic presence that cutting them out will turn the world to ruins. Not only that, but several of the most powerful countries are indebted to them.

>>508936706Chinese deep state monies, just like Xiaomi, Huawei, alibaba and pretty much every other chinese multi billion company

>>508936706There's just simply more money going around in the Asian industry than there is in the West. Rockstar have to claw their way through to make GTAO the most successful entertainment product in history by attaching it to a high profile, expensive blockbuster title. Fate/Grand Order pulls similarly record breaking numbers just by existing. The investment:return of the models which are popular in the region is very different, and much more favourable to revenue-generation.With that in mind, consider how much Tencent has their fingers in with netcafe-fond regions.

>>508940642Maybe stop being fucking poor? Actually buy your own fucking goods and stop pirating shit? These devs wouldn't have problems getting funds for a System Shock remake if the previous games were actually top sellers. Why do you Platinum had to court China? Because all their games sans Nier Automata flopped and nobody was buying them

>>508940264Yeah thats my point dumb fuck.

>>508940505>They've blown western companies the fuck out with their business strategies and there's no reason for them to stop.Getting illegal funds from the government is not a business strategy

Tencent has far more resources than Starbreeze ever had, so hopefully this will mean good news.>>508940184And? Publishing a game doesn't need to come with a hostile takeover or buying company shares. You just invest in a specific product with no further strings attached.

>>508941000Ok so what's the problem? Chinese got their own version and International gets their own version? Nothing changes for you, a person who will play the international version.

>>508936518Nothing apparently

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>>508939716China has had it's culture scrubbed and rewritten like ten times in the last thousand years. To say all of China's history is "their" history totally misses the mark.

>>508937352>play Warframe all the time>Tencent buys stakes in it>game goes starts being even more shit right afterwards

>>508940642Listen to Shlomostein, all your trades must go through kikes, and you must fight their competition, the Chinese.

Fucking Boers are taking over the gaming industry

>>508938326>how longit’s already started

>>508941367>even more shit>more shithmmm... almost like nothing changed and the trajectory stayed the same. Even more so since you're so retarded you don't even know Warframe is not owned by Tencent at all.

>>508939389Not "appeal to", but they do care about it being the political status quo in this country. If you want to ascribe greater meaning to it, they find it very valuable that "racism" is such a poisonous and vilified accusation in the anglosphere. Look at the turn their diplomats took a couple weeks ago, they've loosed it often and aggressively.

>>508940982If they are successful, any company will attract new "talent" and "direction" with an increased focus on profits and thus hollow out their existing IPs. This is the catch-22, success in this industry almost always equals a decline in vision.

>>508936281Looking glass all work are Arkane these days and you bitchmade idiots panned Prey. You don't deserve anything.

>>508937352Tencent recently killed the chinese webnovel industry. They bought up 50% of the industry and forced every author to sign a ridiculous contract that gives them no rights at all while the author has to pay all fees. This resulted in the chinese quitting enmasse and basically a creative outlet has been destroyed by tencent just because they own everything. Tencent is malicious because when they grow to get a big enough share of the market, they'll start to ruin things with every bad thing you can think about.

>>508941276Not in the same obvious way china does it. Europe and USA literally have a several court cases and juristical restrictions due to giving contracts to Airbus and Boeing even when there is literally no competition. Meanwhile China literally gives tax money to porxy companies like Tencent to buy up any competition and nobody gives a fuck.

>>508941367Warframe was always a janky prototype that DE tricked people into kickstarting. Tencent just gave Steve more money so that he can implement more of his shitty ideas.

>>508939389China dont give a shit about your culture war and would be fine with pozzed garbage as long as it makes bank, but now you have pozzed + Chinese shits dictating censorship and creative focus

Why does the market obsess over IPs instead of encouraging original productions?That is quite literally all it would take to prevent faggot corporations like Disney, Tencent, Luxottica, etc... from owning large percentages of an industry.You can cry all you want over Disney skirting copyright laws, Tencent's hostile takeovers, or Italians smelling worse than the French, but in the end it's ALWAYS the market that causes this shit.THE MARKET ITSELF IS CAUSING MONOPOLIES BY SHEER VIRTUE OF IGNORANCEDo yourself a favor and start mentally berating every faggot who participates in allowing this garbage. Shame exists for a reason, but not if this safe space jerk off existence that companies are actively taking advantage of continues.I mean Goddamn, Lex Luthor is delivering packages filled with random, pointless garbage directly to your house in record time. You just gonna sit there, blaming a corporate amalgam when he decides to start mailing anthrax to you?Ignorance isn't a point of view, niggers. Choke on your own bile.

>>508936706LoL, chinese, chinese LoL, etc.

>>508937963that makes no sense

>>508936706Because information is the most valuable thing an individual or group can hold. It's the same reason why Alphabet (Google) is worth blllions upon billions even when they have "failure" after "failure".Tencent is an information company.

>>508936281looking forward to the shovelware mobile spinoffs

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>>508941923that's the problem I have with them, they are subsidizing shit games

>>508941635>Warframe is not owned by Tencent at all.based retard

>>508940793Yeah~. Except they legally own the rights to the System Shock 3 and 4's Websites.Tencent owns OtherSide now. and in turn. Owns System Shock.

>>508936281I don't get the big deal. It's been known Otherside have been looking for funding ever since Starbreeze imploded. Nightdive licensed Otherside to make SS3, so it's not like the game can suddenly go in a completely different direction.


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>>508941708In...China.So who gives a fuck.Meanwhile POE2 despite being 70% owned by Tencent still manages to give Diablo 4 a run for its money.

>>508942191information as a noun isn't the most profitable thing, it's information as a verb


>>508938750>Hopefully Japs wake the fuck up and start """liberating""" Asia once again so we avoid that.Well they tried 70 years ago and dumbcuckistan got pissed so...

>>508942347jesus you are fucking retarded manim sorry for whatever accident caused your brain damage.

>>508942157Yes it does it's very simple. Tencent is a publisher they don't directly develop games. They invest in studios who actually develop games and provide funding. It's kind of low how LJN was responsible for so many shitty games in the NES era but never actually developed games they just bought up movie licenses and hired 3rd party studios to create those games for them. I don't know how you can be such a brainlet to not understand that.

We should look to exclusively western companies like EA, Activision-Blizzard, Naughty Dog, and CDProjektRedAll very based companies Holla Forums loves

>>508942347>Tencent owns OtherSide now. and in turn. Owns System ShocOtherSide doesn't own System Shock though. They're just making the sequel.

>>508942692And they are so bad at it too that they couldn't even invade beyond China's beaches, got fucked hard in south east asia, and only made real success in the Philippines and Korea, but also got BTFO when they tried invading Mongolia because of throat singing. Made even worse that for some reason the IJA and the IJN hated each other's guts.

im happy that tencent saved another franchise and soon we will be able to play system shock game if tencent didnt bought SH game would be in development hell for years and we would get another duke nukem forever

Cool, guess that means more free games for me.

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>>508936281Something about a maniacal AI controlling and monitoring everyone must appeal to them.

>guys it's okay! tencent doesn't actually own system shock! they're just funding the studio that's making the game!How does this change anything? You Tencent shills are just arguing semantics because you have no real argument to justify System Shock getting CHINKED. I hope you enjoy playing a game that's CCP-approved.

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SamSho 2019 was funded with chink money and it turned alright.

>>508943279If it means that Shodan is now a cute anime girl, then fine by me.

>>508936706literally an arm of the chinese government being used to buy up all american media ip

>>508941708>destroys chinese webnovel industrywtf I love tencent now

>>508936281Everyone knew the game was gonna be shit when they started going off about SHODAN's complex motives and how people would be upset. So the game is gonna be even more shit now or something? Who cares?

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>>508941708So the webnovel authors should just go to the other 50% of the industry that's not Tencent.Besides, Chinese webnovels are absolute shit. It's all xianxia crap.

>>508938326Hopefully soon. Hiro is a hack and belongs in a camp.

>the chad tencent funding new system chock and new platinum ips they can keep>Holla Forumsincels screeching

>>508936281Ah, another non-canon fanfic

>>508941329No, that's a weird fucking narrative that I hear repeated over and over again. Totally not the case, you have all that old shit standing there, available for you to see. I don't know where this narrative is coming from

>>508943279What it changes is that if Nightdive don't like how SS3 is shaping up, they can pull the license and stop the game getting made. So Tencent doesn't have free reign to do whatever they want with the franchise.

>>508940869If you see somebody seething about China, you can safely assume it's a mutt. Why would anybody else care which totalitarian power tries to control the world with military force and anti-free speech policies?

>>508943495>So the webnovel authors should just go to the other 50% of the industry that's not Tencent.That's literally what is happening right now with their games department. Indie devs are now flocking to japanese and western publishers to fund their games because the restrictions in china is so tight. Case in point, that FPS game where you play as a girl that Xbox showed.

>>508943640>chad tencentAre typing this with or without their guns pointed to your head and while your family is being hauld to a gas chamber currently because there's a potential they have the coronavirus?

>>508943691Get Xi's dick out of your mouth. You're as bad as retards thinking native american culture is theirs because they were born there 20 years ago.

>>508936281Ok, and?

>>508939716Yes Chinese women have a long history of exclusively fucking white men

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>>508936281>tencent buys deus ex

>>508943951Don't forget to order your burger at mcdonalds.


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When will we nationalize all chinese investment in retaliation for the kuronevirus?

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>>508943279How does Tencent publishing the game change anything? Did you actually expect it to be a good game?

>>508938075lmao video games. don't tell the Americans how much real estate China is rapidly buying up

>>508936281BASED TENCENT ACTUALLY FUNDING IMMERSIVE SIMS!Americans, what do you have to say for yourselves? Letting the franchise such as this wither away. Sad

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>>508938075Not with their paper tiger armies

>>508944117Wasn't that in Japan?

>>508941130>no strings attacheda publisher controls how the videogame ends up.>>508940793doesn't matter if they don't own the IP, they're still controlling SS3.look at Runescape, went to irredeemable shit in 2016, same year they got bought by the chinks. even after they sold them there's no coming back because everyone with talent already left the team.

>>508938075Yes. And you can thank Capitalism for it. Turns out when you centralize global production to one country because you're too much of a stingy nigger to pay domestic workers a living wage they accure immense wealth. And since in Capitalism countries and nations do not matter to the Capitalist, the one with the most wealth has the most power.

>>508944306Chinese women need to get closer to BWCCan you blame them when Chinese "men" all have one inch dicks?

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>>508944117>overpowered by a womanOH NO NO NO ASIAN BROS WE GOT TOO MICROCOCKY

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>>508936281Honestly probably better than otherside owning the franchise.

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>>508936281Never forget to also aim your hate toward boomers for being the ones who sell everything out to China.

>>508943961I mean, he's not partly wrong. While chinese culture did change a hell lot over the centuries due to various outsiders imposing their influence on them (mostly northern steppe tribes), the fact is that the local han chinese still manage to assimilate these outsiders into the fold where the would be invaders are defeated in a cultural war, the same way that early turks and mongols would later converted into islam and became the modern turks you see now. Mao have tried to erase chinese history, but their icons still live on thanks to other sinophiles, mostly notably the English, putting in a lot of effort to preserve them.

>>508944718YOU JUST KNOW

>>508944505>Yes. And you can thank boomers for itFixed, dickhead.

>>508944284>Did you actually expect it to be a good game?It's system shock, faggot. Kys

>>508944505>>508944505>stingy nigger*jewThe reason why republicans are now suddenly crying about muh China is because republicans are even more blatantly ran by Jews and Jews realized they’ve fucked themselves by giving the chinks so much power through selling us goyim out to themHow is this not completely obvious to everyone by now?

>>508945092I bet you think the new VMTB game is going to be good too huh?

>>508944505nietzsche's old complaint about symptoms being mistaken for causes never stops being applicable

>>508936706government funded investment company

>>508945065Defending the rich will never make you rich user. You are worthless vermin to them. You exist to consume and your labor exploited.

>>508944117This nigga is ugly as shit. Now imagine someone who is actually good looking

>>508945118They shouldn't have been lazy slackers depending on cheap labor then. And this shit will continue.>move factories out of china>place them in india>india becomes fucking rich>india now starts buying everything and imposing their rules on everybody>NOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN

>mutts unironically trying to play the blame game and say that any other country is bad

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>>508945442She'd have pulled the pants down in the street

>>508936281Not like SS3 had any chance of being good with otherside behind the wheel.

>>508936281this is the future of western "gaming." weebs always win, baby!

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>>508945092>series is good>therefore every game in the series past or present has to be goodFucking retard. The company behind it has never released a good game. Their previous game was miserable flop. All the shit they've said about this game have made it very clear it's gonna be shit.Kill yourself retard.

>>508936706gacha money

>>508944794I expected Underworld to be a simple good proof of concept, but reading the reviews it was a disaster. Is it updated and fixed to some degree? I know nothing about it.Also i agree, the "old-school" gaming grampas who try to ride kickstarter for past glory all seem to have failed at their quest or mishandled it. System Shock 3 would be an ambitious project and i doubted a bunch of used-to-be's who did who knows what for the last decade could pull it off on a shoe string budget.

>>508945527Cool photoshop dipshit. Communism will destroy the world. Almost happened with Chernobyl, now China is bound to do something retarded.

>>508945437Boomers ARE "the rich" you idiot.

>>508945462We shouldn’t have let big nose tribe parasites control us and sell us out to slant eye tribe parasites in the first place

>>508945437defending the poor will never make you virtuous either, quite a lot of them are actually worthless vermin and always will be. lose this same obsession with the material that the greedmongers have.

>>508945798>mutt education

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>>508944481These things aren't mutually exclusive. Tencent can exert control because they're now providing the money, but Nightdive can also exert control as the licensor of System Shock.

>>508945527why can't they all be bad?

>>508945892You're stealing our memes I see. Damn, how fucked would the world be without us?

>>508939716>literally invent exams to give citizenry class mobility and strengthen government bureaucracy>citizens become class mobile>power centralizes outside of the court>purge intelligentsia>repeat ad nauseamOr>power centralizes outside of the court and legitimizes>people recognize the dynasty is failing>everyone dog-piles to prop it up despite it being a futile effort>millions of people die>repeat ad nauseamChina has such a cyclical history and I find it amusing that people think the nation isn't the same as it was, just gift-wrapped for a new centuryIt's only inevitable that these bugs will fall prey to their own ignorance, get balkanized and force fed republican ideals so they can be good boys like Taiwan, but not before they taste every flavor of dick America has on tapSure, America may yet fall and prove to be lightning in a bottle, but I would liken it to Enrico Dandolo bodying the pompous Byzantines, yet another victory for the chad mercantile republicsHell, if it goes to hell in a hand basket and our nation tears itself apart, China will never have their revenge and they'll be left to cry about their humiliation foreverMaybe we could dump some drugs on them and just wreck it all like the Brits, they're just gonna throw their money around like lecherous criminals to secure any unsavory investments wherever their little bugman hands can get them?Fine, parachute in all manner of injectables, edibles, smokeables, get them stupid and shut down their production, hell, we could probably cripple the nation with cheeseburgers if we wanted to, they're already getting sick from eating too much fried chickenI swear on the very ghost of Commodore Matthew C. Perry that the Chinese nation shall be opened and their homeland sissified whether they like it or not and before the century is over, Chinese mouths shall be stretched wide for American cocks and hamburgersGod, I hate chinks

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>>508938075>goingThey already did

>>508946052>our memes>a finnish meme parrodying a jap memeMutts are unironically retarded.

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>>508938075What are the jews going to do?

>>508946042Why would anyone, that isn't a mutt, give leeway to mutts and their obvious propaganda?Tencent gaining any grain in a game company doesn't instantly magically affect the game's quality out of the blue.

>>508946065You're already killing yourselves by becoming trannies though.

>>508946418Since Jews are always 2 steps ahead of everyone no matter what, despite having their plans publicly posted, its probably part of their cunning plan. Honestly not sure why nazi-cucks still pretend jews arent the ubermensch race, we should be giving them control to bring order to this shithole.

Look at me.I'm your SHODAN nao.

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>>508946065there's a lot of truth here, but your obsession with cock is lame

>>508946841The jews survived Rome, barbarians, the crusades, the mongols, the black death, the turks, the age of colonization, the french revolution, and 2 world wars. You can give them props for resilience.

>>508946532oh, so you are unable to think ahead

>>508945736The "fixing" is all lip service. They fixed a few of the more glaring bugs, but the game is still a buggy college students first unity project. Game didnt even have a save system until like 2 months inThe bugs arent even the biggest issue, everything about the game is wrong. Theres just... Nothing. Everything pitched in the kicstarter was a lie. Theres no RPG mechanics, no reactivity, npc interactions, nothing. It's like someone saw the halflife 2 gravity gun puzzle and was so amazed by it they tried to create an entire game based on that puzzle. and failed miserably because the project was a money laundering front to begin with. They spent more time making the mobile spinoff game(which was supposed to help "fund" underworld, lmao)

>>508946923Sounds good to me

>>508947249The other way around. The US is the cancer of this world, that keeps destroying nations. Both economically and through wars, both proxy and direct. So if anything, I'm looking ahead with optimism that the cancer that is muttland will dissolve. It has already fucked up my region enough as is, despite being more than just an ocean away.

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>>508938075you know it

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>>508946274>3rd worlders eat so much shit they now typhoid and ar littl>>508947689Nice try shithead. When your country fucks up(they all do) you'll come running to big daddy U.S.A like they all do to fix their problems and get money.

>Got my copy of SS in the mail today from LRGWhat should I expect?

>>508947793literally WHOgood thing they are irrelevant, the image of "I don't think about you at all" has never been more applicable to modern politics, europe is nearly as worthless as africa at this point.

>>508947848No, my country will run to big daddy Russia, to wipe out the remainders of the subhuman NATO occupants infesting my shithole of a nation.

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>>508948015africa is also owned by china

>>508936281America biggest mistake was outsorcing everything to china. But the biggest culprit of them all is that Germanic Nigger Bismark for supporting the Commie revolution. That's the moment when everything went to shit.

>>508947689Well, meet the new boss, not quite the same as the old boss. Your sibling's children won't be able to complain about chinks on the internet in the future though, since sino don't play that.

>>508948431You think chinks give a fuck about outsider criticism and don't have peer pressure inside chinkland itself from the people? You're either drinking too much CIA coolaid or are just trying to fearmonger with fake propaganda. Either way, you're doing a bad job at it.

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>>508948714NUKE IT KIM

>>508948714You should read some contemporary Chinese fiction, might help you to understand them a bit.

>>508947560Ah fuck, that is demoralising. The kickstarter trailer looked somewhat plausible. >The team at OtherSide included other Looking Glass Studios veterans, such as Tim Stellmach, Steve Pearsall and Robb Waters. Advisors include Austin Grossman, the lead writer of Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds and Warren Spector, producer of the original Underworld games.[3][4]>After the Kickstarter campaign, the game continued to raise funding on its website, going over US$932,000 with an estimated increase of more than US$60,000.[9] In August 2017, 505 Games announced that they will serve as the game's publisher.[10] That really is a head scratcher, was it really just to suck up money and run. Hard to believe from old developers who probably arent starving amateurs. But then again the results are amateurish, so what gives. Its even built on unity.

>>508947793>carefully cropping out source

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Asian bros....I don't feel so good...

Attached: 1588108430538.jpg (1440x2560, 645.74K)

>>508949002I know a fair bit about Chinese, because they're quite invested in Russia. And a lot of Russians live in China. So there's a lot of translated media from both parties, to one another. Luckily, as a post USSR yuro, I freely speak russian and can check upon both good and bad of chinkland through a neutral lens, not a Western propaganda one.

Attached: 1523811112243.jpg (2285x2217, 253.15K)


>>508949272>someone went out of their way to create these.Now thats depressing.

>>508949320lol, chapocel detected

>>508949097you can read the article if you want, it's not hard to findbusinessinsider.com/europe-abandoning-donald-trump-coronavirus-world-stage-turns-towards-china-2020-5

>>508936281>They took Hytale >Now thiswhelp...

Attached: hnilw.jpg (620x464, 37.05K)

>>508949528Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Attached: 1403214263230.jpg (481x956, 139.46K)

Why don't Asian girls find us attractive Asian Bros?

Attached: 1588225892339.webm (1000x562, 2.78M)

>>508937352yeah, nah, just a coincidence that stuff goes to shit soon as 10 pennies are involved.fuck you insect

>>508936281Tencent owning something doesn't inherently make that thing bad. It's more bad because they own fucking everything and honestly nobody should own as much as they do.SS3 will probably still be decent if the devs still have any idea of what they're doing.

Attached: wow groudon.png (1253x936, 274.91K)

>Whites get mad at blacks for all the BLACKED/interracial stuff>Instead of getting back at blacks, whites target asians instead with the same race bait shitpostingWhy?

Attached: c854280sample1.jpg (500x700, 295.62K)

>>508949320>post USSR yuroHow do you have internet in your shithole?

>>508944505power only lasts as long as complacency

>>508949743>user keeps posting nips to try and spite supposed chinks ITTHow much more reddit can you fags get to not know that all asians hate one another?

Attached: 1437653425365.jpg (473x480, 57.12K)

>>508938075They own Vancouver too.If they're clever enough to rip off, buy out and control companies then good for them.

>>508949861>honestly nobody should own as much as they do.why do you hate the free market? are you a commie?

>>508949861Only good post, ITT.


Attached: 1585966698782.webm (540x960, 1.92M)

>>508949909Ironically enough, my shithole has overall better and cheaper internet connections than the US and most of Europe. My country's been in the top 5 fastest internet providers in the world. Last time I checked we were third, I think.

>>508949320Ah yes, the objective russian press.

>>508949743oh damn

>>508940642No, western society can't function without plastic fake barf, PolyStation 4 and boots that fall to pieces after 2 weeks

>>508950074It's possible to not want monopolies and still not be a commie.

>>508948714>nk>nuking anythinglol

>>508950317Considering I can easily check it in multiple languages and still trust it over Western media? Yes.

Attached: 1513538805641.jpg (199x130, 5.87K)

>>508936706> Be CCP entertainment department> Have Chinese fake stock market literally give you money made from thin air> Take fake chinese ducats and trade them for things that actually have value> Western companies fall for it over and over and will eventually be overwhelmed

>Free market bad>Chinese gov funded maket goodWhy is Holla Forums like this?

Attached: 1564186232703.jpg (992x709, 167.76K)

>>508936281All Western publishers were avoiding the franchise like a plague, so I'm not surprised at this point that they decided to sell out to chinks. Still would've preferred for SS to not be revived at all.

>>508949665>business insiderI can see why you cropped it out tbqhPretty misleading article considering the one poll that has anything to do with China had 36% of 1500 germans saying it was important to maintain ties. Hardly "turning towards" China for leadership wanting to keep buying their cheap socks, and not indicative of all germans let alone all euros

Attached: 1589845408976.webm (288x360, 1.31M)

>>508950576only chinkoids would think those thoughts

>>508949872Dedicated Asian identity groups from Reddit are the ones spamming blacked shit. Many such cases.

>>508950279>Last time I checked we were third, I think.Third world? Yes.

Attached: Tetracorp.png (899x500, 514.54K)

>>508950490>> Have Chinese fake stock market literally give you money made from thin airIsn't the irony here that the only who can print money out of thin air is the US fed? Or did I miss something here and yuan became the world reserve currency?

>>508950776Haha, gottem. Hope you didn't waste all of your monthly bandwidth on that.

Attached: 1589181723242.webm (1280x720, 2.89M)

>>508942243System Shock gacha when?

>>508950976Calm down vladDon't be self conscious about living in a dystopian shithole its unbecoming

Attached: 1587953230398.jpg (1280x904, 295.39K)

>>508950470That makes two of us, paren. Sorry bucko, you may be from estonia or wherever, doesnt matter. Russian news spin bullshit. Russian people are suffering putins regime. And your small country is ready to be invaded by putins crony sleeper agents. Looks like brainwashing campaigns worked out.

>>508950979they're remaking Black Knight?awesome

>>508951101>mfw have HIV and spread it to western thots lusting for the BVC (big Vlad cock)Thas rite, amerishart. Your wife sucks well.

Attached: 1529753344442.jpg (501x641, 50.52K)

>>508941708That's only a problem when China can restrict access to new players emerging. In America, consumers can and will jump ship to better alternatives that become available, and China can't do anything to stop them.

>>508951205>Russian news spin bullshit.Do tell me.>Russian people are suffering putins regime.According to who? Haвaльный or Paдиo Cвoбoдa?>And your small country is ready to be invaded by putins crony sleeper agents. Any day now, bro.

Attached: 1559300233580.gif (1350x1161, 2.83M)

>>508951506Unless Tencent also owns the alternate companies, at some point you're gonna get fucked because other companies can't compete with an international monster funded by magic chink tax money

>>50895127810cm is not big, Ivan

>>508951718Your wife says otherwise. Remember to raise her baby well.

America should have nuked China instead of Japan prove me wrong

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One thing is for sure, this changes nothing about this particular game. It was going to be irredeemable garbage anyway.

>>508950979The UK is the biggest cultural shit hole in the world. God I hope it burns down.

>>508952174Take that back m8. UK is based

Attached: 1584660569793.webm (720x1280, 2.93M)

>>508952140Nah. Japanese needed to be reminded that their place.

>>508939716This happened too right? Using ATVs to ground people into paste?

Attached: newflzdhh8211.jpg (2048x1399, 421.35K)

>>508950618Most euros don't give a shit about burger bickering to begin with. Can't say how most euros feel about China, but most people here definitely want US to fuck off. But let's be real, you need to hold onto your empire.

Attached: 1485851145261.jpg (480x359, 41.62K)

>>508936281it's over.

>>508952174>>508952294>>508950979>cherry picking What's it like being reminded of how we brutalised your shitty people every waking hour of every day? I've noticed it's always shitskins and slants that attack the UK like rabid dogs online, makes sense.

Attached: 43bdb69f1e0a9f92a7f8fc8e9aae62a3ccfdaa334e61e79ba202b9d8241c8f6e.jpg (1380x1085, 197.89K)

>>508949019My theory is the industry vets were given a check to attach their name on the product, hence why theyre "advisors" instead of any position with say in something.Not even saying this just to shit on the game(ok I am), I honestly believe the entirety of the game was made by single intern on his lunch breaks and never actually had a dev team. It took what? 7 years to produce the most barebones thing and nothing even worked right. The most hilarious part was when they tried to rebrand it as "more like theif than ultima" once people started calling them out

>>508952294Why is every UK woman an ugly slag

>>508952573Most Americans have wanted us forces out of Germany for the last 3 decadesUnfortunately limp dicked yuros are seemingly unable to defend themselves at all

>>508949272whitey here, what the fuck is wrong with these girls

>>508952859Your country never touched mine, faggot. It's such hilarious watching you UK losers seethe as your country is being outbred by mudslimes. I lived for a year in your nation and it was fucking awful.>Shit weather>Shit food>Shit houses>Shit public transport>Shit people>Shit women>Shit skins

Attached: 1589935627825.jpg (512x512, 54.78K)

>>508939987Thank god. I was actually worried for a minute there.

>>508952943>Unfortunately limp dicked yuros are seemingly unable to defend themselves at allWhy do you lie, Trayshuan? It's your government who literally says "no we won't pull out". Just like nips have been protesting against your occupying forces in Okinawa, but you just keep peer pressuring the countries into playing your way.Also, your army is a joke.

Attached: 1521493546704.jpg (532x646, 229.54K)

>>508952989Asian "men" are repulsive so they will go to any lengths to get a white guy or hell even a spic if desperate

Attached: 1588228429925.png (1164x637, 19.59K)

>>508936706Funding by the USA and Russia in order to form a covert superpower.Why do you think USA/Russia/China are constantly blaming each other of everything?Just to divert the poor dumb folk while they manipulate the world to their desire.

>>508950719This is why wh*toids have no racial allies, and the non-whites just team up.

>>508944306>chinese buying real estateYou can only lease land from governments, usually with very unattractive termination and emergency clauses.

>>508953343youre a fuckign ding dong bro. you got creamfillling in your brain

>>508953187Uh oh little baby yuro got triggered

>>508953146>Your country never touched mineName it then if you're so confident about it.

can someone tell me why all british women are ugly

>>508954331cause theyre british

>>508940642>There should be a global ban on trade with China.It'll all come crumbling down in about 60-100 years after China has exhausted all their natural resources, rendering their entire country and slave labour useless

>>508953187>army is a joke>still manage to oppress every other nation with itWhat does that say about the rest of the world?


Attached: 1583432990249.jpg (500x740, 270K)

>>508954092>>508954092Struck a nerve, eh?>>508954556>opress>every other nationThat's the thing, you do it with economic power. Not military. Look at Iran or NK even. You can only use underhanded methods like sanctions. Militarily, you can't do shit. This isn't even talking about the big boy league.

>>508954487China is in the process of buying all of Africa's natural resources so it'll be a long while before they run out of stuff.

>System Shock threads will now be constant shitpostingWhy must everything I care for die a horrible death.

>>508954556>>508954904Or even Venezuela for that matter.>that spectacular failure of an attempt at a coupAre burgers even trying?

Attached: 1403130173823.jpg (480x480, 61.89K)

>>508936281system shock cheap grindan mmo when

>shitskins and gooks are still posting about Britain Reminder that if frustrated insult slinging could alter reality you wouldn't be cooped up indoors in a nation your parents fled to in an attempt to escape their fellow subhumans. I'll make sure to colonise a couple of your women over the weekend, consider it a gift - improving your genepool.

Attached: 098280480b7f2505d842826a8a5a19fa50de771ad0a4b8ac1a6b071aa1dc3392.jpg (1027x1200, 117.51K)

Let's be honest for a moment.System Shock 3 won't be bad because of Tencent, it'll be bad because no one in the industry is capable of making a System Shock game anymore. Whatever we get will be consolized to hell and back.

>>508936706Tencent is literally a cell of the Chinese government. They are the real-life equivalent to the Shinra Electric Company.


Attached: crying7.png (261x215, 19.13K)

>>508955024Except africa is in the process of killing every non-black in the country, I doubt they'll give their shit to some slant-eyed fuckers for long


>>508938075>>508944563If I get a cute Chinese GF I literally don't care, fucking enslave my country China

>>508936706I mean it's literally an arm of the chinese government buying your shit to take over the american youth.>>508943431damn already been posted how am i supposed to get my 0.05 cents now?


Attached: Douglas-MacArthur-1945.jpg (1240x1600, 1.2M)

>>508955475>Africa>country>only consisting of nigsNot that user, but come on, son. I'm guessing you meant South Africa.

Attached: 1521743168625.png (480x698, 648.79K)

>>508944563I hate women so much

>>508955734Why do mutts constantly post this limp dicked cuck? Is he honestly the best they can offer?

>>508939389Chinese people are soulless insects and this is visible in their products. He's right, I'd rather the series have ended in 1999.

>>508951673They legally can't because of anti-monopoly laws.

>>508936281Fuck no

Attached: 1583084669278.png (1207x805, 1.41M)

>>508936281I don't play System Shock, but I'm so glad the Twitter users are flaming the developer for this decision. I was thinking a lot of the users would be deflecting the criticism of Chinese takeover, but I'm glad no one is falling for that bullshit.

>>508937352>They didn't change after Tencent owned themPoE turned to complete shitLoL was always bad but somehow got worseFortnite's BR mode killed Unreal tournament so EAT SHIT.

>>508956090>Bribe gov or make a sister companyGG EZ NORE

>>508942549It will happen here too, dipshit.

>>508939716>Lots of things happened in Tiananmen SquareAbsolutely nothing happened there, and if it did how could you tell?

Attached: We don't know.jpg (480x360, 10.39K)

>>508944794This was fucking awful. Tencent might not do as bad.

>>508945193>>508945593If Spector's working on it, I'm interested. There are almost zero other games coming soon that I care at all about.

Why keep creating these bait threads over and over? Tencent doesn't have a say in game developement.

Attached: 11111.png (600x125, 14.16K)

>pre 2015>make some haha jokes about China owning US through money>nobody gives a fuck and just the usual EU vs US bants continue as always>fast forward to the past 3 or so years and you have daily anti-China threadsFeels like a collaborated effort at pushing an agenda. A lot of the language and argumentation used is either vague as fuck, or presented from an angle that doesn't show the full story.

Attached: 1355715614466.jpg (680x449, 120.02K)

>>508947008>lamethe word you're looking for is "gay"faggotry is common amongst the hateful

Is this going to literally install SHODAN on your computer?

>>508956750Yeah I just can't imagine why people could have a problem with China.


>>508941708When was this?I'd like to know if there are actual decent CN novels before a time, or if they're all crap to begin with.

>>508957810If Tencent ever makes an OS to compete with Microsoft we'll have two gaming AI's in our computers.

>>508943951this >>508944146 is a code for yes

>>508936281You know what?If I have the choice, I'd rather give money to the fucking chinese than most of today's western publishers.

>>508936706The same reason everyday Americans don't have money.

>>508954904>Militarily, you can't do shit.Tell that to general salami lol

Attached: 1578067716906.jpg (538x400, 59.98K)

>>508936706League of Legends mostly. Path of Exile and some minor income from Fortnite.

>>508944117>niggers cuck whites>whites cuck asiansHow long until sheboons start lusting the SAC so the circle is complete?

>>508954904>That's the thing, you do it with economic power. Not military.Just because we don't use it in literally every situation doesn't mean we can't.In fact, we toppled Saddam in like a fucking month.The U.S. doesn't take well to fighting guerillas because we're generally not willing to commit fucking genocide.

nice does this mean ss3 is back on the menu?

we've been warning about chyna for decades

>>508936706Western Investors have money too, it's just when they put it to use we get things like Overwatch League.



Attached: 1589803292052.png (480x561, 92.89K)

>>508959272How do you go from THIS to that?

Attached: 1578037158869.png (657x671, 476.93K)

>>508960379Talk shit get hit.

>>508936706Gacha revenue

>>508959272How many of your terrorist faggot troops died afterwards, though? I think at least around 20 by now, and that's just what your government confirmed.Also, what do you think freshly baked burgers that fell out of the sky smell like?>>508959715>In fact, we toppled Saddam in like a fucking month.Yeah, it wasn't a coalition effort and an against a crumbling regime at the time.>The U.S. doesn't take well to fighting guerillas because we're generally not willing to commit fucking genocide.Lol, that's why your country accounts for the most civilian kills in every war partaken in modern history.

Attached: ScreenHunter-1102.jpg (2010x1835, 128.48K)

>>508960828> Lol, that's why your country accounts for the most civilian kills in every war partaken in modern history.You mean only for the vietnamese/iraq wars where the former was due to civilians partaking in guerrilla warfare and the latter due to indiscriminate bombing?

>>508960828>How many of your terrorist faggot troops died afterwards, though? I think at least around 20 by now, and that's just what your government confirmed.0 actually lol. The Iranians literally gave warning and bombed a bunch of empty tents lol nice military power

Attached: 1578090832782.png (618x753, 269.4K)

the amount of paid advertising on this thread is ridiculous. i guess the fact that the chinese legislature is known to strategically incorporate businessmen and that people aren't allowed to have a problem with that is aparently "anti-chinese"

>>508936281It's been a long time since I've played SS. I wonder, which is definitely a possibility, how different it's theme would be now that we live in a world where companies and corporation influence their products to in turn influence the population.>>508936706Stocks, share, etc. They now where to invest in and the time to do so.

>>508950979what the FUUUUUUCKhow'd it get so bad bros? this is 1984 shit

>>508961716You will NOT talk shit about the British empire right now m8

Attached: 1589411825979.webm (406x720, 991.37K)

>>508961217youtube.com/watch?v=RM0uvgHKZe8This isn't even talking about shit like the Balkan wars, or the shit that's happening in Ukraine and elsewhere. Or your sponsorship of terrorists, for that matter.>>508961264>The Iranians literally gave warning and bombed a bunch of empty tents lol nice military poweryoutube.com/watch?v=VZb-pbHtHgQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYiinX1zYoA

Attached: 1558979704676.png (998x787, 892.5K)

>>508942549Diablo 4 is also 10% owned by tencent.

>>508961843>according to Iranian propaganda ministryHoly shit are you actually this retarded?

Attached: 1587758109244.jpg (398x376, 40.45K)

>>508950979Fucking KEK, did they actually take that "We Wuz Keeeings'N Shieeet" meme as historic fact?

>>508961843>according to Iran

Attached: Do+you+seriously+ing+think+that+anybody+on+this+web+_1660d41441b53dbb3c2aa63acc2563d4.png (312x326, 218.59K)

>>508938750actual japs are weak as fuck, they can't do shit

>>508961843>youtube.com/watch?v=RM0uvgHKZe8>This isn't even talking about shit like the Balkan wars, or the shit that's happening in Ukraine and elsewhere. Or your sponsorship of terrorists, for that matter.Sorry, but it seems like the iraqians were responsible for the majority of their own deaths far away from any American military forces.

Attached: uhoh.png (1592x368, 98.57K)

>some /sg/fag slithered out of his dying generalCall for you bro

Attached: 1589816617255.png (386x586, 120.66K)

>>508938075The world, specially the USA needs to wake up and take responsiblity as the leader of the free world and defender of the western liberal democracy. We need to get togethet and fight China, which is the largest threat to our way of living we have face in over a century.There is no room in the world for a unbinded China and a free, democratic, liberal western world.

>>508950576combination of chink shills plus dumb redditors' muh capitalism

>>508944794please dont remind methank god i wised up and refused to donate to its kickstarter campaign

Attached: 1573828760110.jpg (374x418, 53.52K)

>>508939716Which they burn and destroy during the Cultural Revolution

>>508962180>>508962426Bit by bit, US confirmed casualties. I agree that Iranians made more of a posture, at first than anything, but the US was also full of shityoutube.com/watch?v=XunkmIi3jAghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GcRP2pd3P4>>508962490>we dindu nuffin>here's our studies(You)

>>508962561>owning a smartphone>using the word "cringe"Normalfag

I love china! I can't wait to have the thought police being able to break into my house for saying words!

>people unironically shilling for China and IranFor what purpose? Is it just ultimate contrariansm or legit brainwashing?

Attached: 1588900439264.png (300x300, 88.34K)

>>508962561Oh hey, r/ptg/t_d

Attached: 1510486740160.png (300x400, 161.38K)

>>508962445>actual japs are weak as fuckexcept for their women

>>508963081So now we've gone from 80, to 20, to 2 not even from the strike you're discussing? Damn, being a shill for Iran is really fucking pathetic. Have you considered having sex?

>>508963494Brit/pol/ actuallyDid you not know literally everyone hates your shitty sandnigger fanclub?

>>508948307Don't forget the fact that Bill Clinton signed the United States–China Relations Act of 2000 which allowed China to become a permanent member of WTO.

>>508963343Legit brainwashing most likely

>>508963593I initially said it was around 20 confirmed by this point in time. I'm too lazy to go dig up all of them up to check the specific number, but there's been multiple attacks on US bases in Iraq. So much so, that US had to flee multiple Iraq bases in recent months.>>508963774>Brit/pol/ actuallySo r/t_d brit edition?

>>508960828>Yeah, it wasn't a coalition effort and an against a crumbling regime at the time.Uh huh, we had what like two regiments from the U.K. and France?You know, the only people who pull any fucking weight in terms of defense in the EU?>Lol, that's why your country accounts for the most civilian kills in every war partaken in modern history.Because we're the only regular military that actually fights any more probably.

>>508959623>niggers cuck whitesOnly in porn my friend.

Attached: OkCupid-Chart4-blogSpan.jpg (480x510, 107.94K)

>>508964079>dude trust meLmao the absolute state of sandnigger general. Still coping months later

Attached: 1578067033078.jpg (400x600, 74.21K)

>>508964079>everyone who doesn't worship my specific semites is redditDo you lack the self awareness to see how cringey you come across as? Serious question

>>508960828>The U.S.-led coalition sent 177,194 troops into Iraq during the initial invasion phase, which lasted from 19 March to 1 May 2003. About 130,000 arrived from the U.S. alone, with about 45,000 British soldiers, 2,000 Australian soldiers, and 194 Polish soldiers. 36 other countries were involved in its aftermath.Other countries contributed far less than half of the fighting force in iraq, and they stayed for FAR less time.>In the days leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the following Iraq War, the army consisted of 375,000 troops, organized into five corps. In all, there were 11 infantry divisions, 3 mechanized divisions, and 3 armored divisions.And that's against more than twice their number.

>>508963081>> we dindu nuffin>> here's our studiesso showing your own studies is also supposed to prove something? im surprised that iraq's own population growth showed no decline despite having having 500,000 children die. wow considering that actual veteran causalities are only less than a quarter of that, then it would mean that the US would have been actively bombing orphanages.


Attached: 1577705371299.png (820x791, 349.03K)

>>508964156>Uh huh, we had what like two regiments from the U.K. and France?Seems a tad bit more than that.>You know, the only people who pull any fucking weight in terms of defense in the EU?Defending against what? Made up meme threats?>Because we're the only regular military that actually fights any more probably.Kek. You create the problem and then escalate it.>>508964373Based retard.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Withdrawal_of_U.S._troops_from_Iraq_(2020)

Attached: file.png (400x670, 43.15K)

>>508963323>>508963343Honest answer: between a (corrupted) authoritarian government that ultimately focus on tradition or moral degeneracy, most people would willingly pick the former.Those countries are bad, sure but at least you can say "fuck trannies" with your face and real name exposed, no one will give a fuck.Trying the same shit in the Land of Freedom™ is literal social suicide.

>>508964928 do you even read your own sources? First line is that Iraq asked then to leave, first line of main body is control of those bases was transferred back to iraqi forcesThat's not exactly getting chased off by le based Iranians. I give you props on the attempted twist tho, are you part Jewish or something?

Attached: 1589413335097.gif (320x376, 616.12K)

>>508964597Nobody gives a shit about Holla Forums's circlejerks in general. You're the one who gets triggered and makes mentions of random generals, thinking that you're somehow any better. Fucking retarded nigger.>>508964636>Other countries contributed far less than half of the fighting force in iraq, and they stayed for FAR less time.Beating a dead horse is now somehow showing of something?>>508964827>so showing your own studies is also supposed to prove something? Studies are pretty simple of even your faggot government admitting to it.>im surprised that iraq's own population growth showed no decline despite having having 500,000 children die. Depends according to what statistic.>then it would mean that the US would have been actively bombing orphanagesFinally your dumbass is starting to understand a thing or two.

>>508964928I like how even with these numbers, the U.S. commits the VAST majority of the fighting force in the war.

>>508965232>being this brainwashed unironicallyWew ladWhy haven't you moved to Iran if it's so great again?

Attached: 1589594057385.jpg (640x623, 67.7K)

>>508965415>do you even read your own sources? First line is that Iraq asked then to leave, first line of main body is control of those bases was transferred back to iraqi forcesAre you too dumb to understand basic context of what's happening at the time?youtube.com/watch?v=U4PbJxVNNtQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u7uefFvj68>>508965650Majority of troops there were just for fuck all reason.

>>508965463>> Studies are pretty simple of even your faggot government admitting to it.>> we dindu nuffinpick one you schizo>>then it would mean that the US would have been actively bombing orphanages>Finally your dumbass is starting to understand a thing or two.you're not even trying anymore

Attached: thisisbait.jpg (625x626, 23.97K)

>>508936706they don't, they only have 10 cents

>>508936706Literally owned and operated by the CCP

>>508965889>Majority of troops there were just for fuck all reason.Thank you for conceding the point by moving the goalpost.

>>508945736>>508956582>>508963053I have beaten it, at it was quite an experience. It's definetly in "so bad it's good" territory, with emphasis on good. Sometimes it plays well, sometimes you just admire the jank. It's better than half of modern console AAA trash, in my book.

Attached: 692840_20200323023055_1.png (1920x1080, 1.9M)

>>508965889Neither of the things you posted contradicts what I just said?Are you even trying? Also posting rt is fucking hilarious by itself

>>508965731I'm not in the US/China/Iran so I'm good.Just don't come crying when you son/grandson suddenly cut off his dick and kill himself a few years later.

Attached: chad grandpa.jpg (640x736, 51.94K)

when will 4channel be sold to Tencent

>>508936706Tencent is literally a front for the CCP

>>508966217probably when all wojakposters move on from shitposting on 4channel and stop fueling dodgy adware botnets that fund hiro

>>508966373yeah Pony Ma, the founder of Tencent is part of the chinese legislature, i'm surprised people keep denying the connection between both.

>>508966203Hmm I very much doubt thatYou have all the mannerisms of a mutt

>>508965901>pick one you schizoHow are you so dumb that you can't even understand that the ones who admitted to the fault at the time, aren't the ones who are rewriting shit years after?>you're not even trying anymoreBecause I'm fucking half asleep here, arguing with retards instead of sleeping.>>508966061I didn't know that having a bunch of bodies with you who just occupy the lands actually equals to doing anything. If you want to be all precise, majority of what your troops did was just shoot some tomahawks and that's really that.>>508966098>Neither of the things you posted contradicts what I just saidExcept both explained that US troops withdrew because of Iranian attacks.>Are you even trying? Also posting rt is fucking hilarious by itselfWhy, because of your personal asshurt?

>>508939716And all of it destroyed by communism.

>>508939716The China that exists now is less than 100 years old, Mao butchered the legacy of the old to build the CCP.

>>508963343>>508965731Why should anyone outside of muttland shill for mutts exactly?

>>508966797>I didn't know that having a bunch of bodies with you who just occupy the lands actually equals to doing anythingThe point was about the toppling of the Iraqi government which we did in weeks, and you said it was a coalition effort, which is really only true technically.In practice the U.S. did basically all of the fighting, against a force that during the initial invasion outnumbered the """""coalition""""" by a factor of two.That's what military SUPERIORITY looks like.Like it or not, claims that the U.S. doesn't have the most powerful military in the world are laughable.Bring up manpower all you like, this is a clear example that it really isn't all that important.

>>508966797> How are you so dumb that you can't even understand that the ones who admitted to the fault at the timeso Madeleine Albright stating that she heard the statistic given by the Iraqians themselves and believing that the sacrifice is necessary is equivalent to the US conceding that 500,000 children actually did die

>>508966624It's fine if you don't believe me, I'm just sharing an opinion.Let me just remind you that most of the world is actually against the LGTB agenda and don't want any of that shit near them but western media want you to believe otherwise.


>>508965232>I'm all about traditional and moral decency bro>he says while posting caskets and teenage edgelord shit on 4chans video games board

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>>508939716The China with 1000s of years of history =/= The Current China

>>508966931>if you're not with X you gotta be with Y Stupid logicWhy would anyone outside or iran or China shill for those countries?

>>508967573They're being paid/held hostage by cpp or terorrists

>>508965232If I have to choose between being able to say fuck trannies openly and living in a first world country, I will choose to live in a first world country.But fortunately I don't have to make that choice because I live in the U.S.

>>508967573Simple. US is a faggot shithole who starts wars based on false claims, see above Iraq discussion. Also, Israel's lapdog.

>>508943814>Why would anybody else care which totalitarian power tries to control the world with military force and anti-free speech policies?The joke's on you, most europoors would sooner accept mutts' or even Russians' supremacy if only because they're much closer to us culturally than chinksects.

>>508967573So where do you see either Iran or China shilling? I'm seeing mutts getting called out on their bullshit lies, but that's about it.

>>508967764>Israel's lapdogso in other words you're an iraqian who wants to bring their religious problems onto a 4chan thread that was originally about tencent. try going outside instead of being an extremist

>>508967894The Iran shill going absolutely apeshit in this thread