>party comp>PLD>GNB>two WHMs>two RDM>BLM>MCHwhole party was shielded at one point, where did they come from? i thought WHM only had one shield ability

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>>508935172PLD: Divine VeilGNB: the shield from their main combo

>>508935172How can you be that stupid?

>>508935296oh it was Divine Veil probably>>508935435i haven't leveled PLD yet, chill out

>trust leveling>fate leveling

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>>508937846Unless you like really want to level fast just do roulettes dude. It's infinitely less painful

>>508937846i did them all, unless you mean just keep doing them without the daily bonus. How much slower is that?


>>508938464Spamming the fastest dungeon you can will be infinitely less painful than the other two options unless you consistently get amoeba's with internet access as party members.

>>508939037*spamming the highest level dungeon you can

Back when the devs actually put effort into armor designs

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>>508935172>>508936323the iq of the average ffxiv player bros

>>508939573I think you meant to post this.

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>>508939681incredibly based

>>508939681chainmail looks like shit

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>>508935172Two question:What's the fastest way to level from 50 to 60?ANDCan I do Stormblood as soon as I hit 60? Or is it like the WALL after ARR?Bonus question: does anyone knows a good FC on Balmung that is more casual oriented? No RP/ERP shit please

>>508940052>Can I do Stormblood as soon as I hit 60? Or is it like the WALL after ARR?There's a post-MSQ segment for Heavensward like ARR, but it's much more concise. Almost zero filler or fetch quests, just pure story.

>>508940052>"The wall"Nigger there's content patches between each x.0

How do I play Tank? Which one is best for beginners?


>>508940301yea but in some MMOs you don't have to necessarily get through that content and can directly jump in the expansion. Thanks for the enswer guys

>>508940316>tank stance>pull mob>pull next mob>pull another>aoe>mitigation>aoe aoe aoe aoe aoe aoe aoe mitigation aoe aoe aoe aoe aoe aoe aoe aoerepeat

>>508940441>Story based MMO>Guys can you skip the story I've been playing (excluding jump pots)

>>508939037I had a NIN in Bardam's Mettle last night that was doing less damage to the boss than the WHM that was struggling to keep the tank aliveI would've stuck it out if the tank wasn't so terrible too, didn't check his gear but he couldn't even stay alive on single trash pulls consistently.

>>508940441To actually answer your question yes there's quests between each expansion but there's less of them than the 2.X quests and there's much much less pointless filler.

>>508940553Can you stop being such a sperg? yes in MMOs even if there is story progression you can just go to the new content sometimes. Sometimes the new content is it's own story also.

>>508940316PLD is the best intro to tanking and WHM is the best intro to healing

>>508935172I want to resub but I have no friends

>>508940553FFXI was also story based and you could jump straight to new expansion content even if you hadn't finished the previous. Chains of Promathia begins right where Rise of the Zilart leaves off, but you can just do CoP without touching RotZ.

>>508939573I recall being mad that they were cosplay outfits instead of just the armour the boss wears, fucking fake green abs.

>>508940052MSQ has to be done in ALL cases, this is not wow, you don't get to just "jump into" an expansion without context for whats going on.FFXIV is a linear story from start to the end of the current expansion.

I just killed Leviathan in the post-ARR patches, how long do I have until I can start Heavensward?

>>508941612Leviathan was patch 2.2, ARR ends at 2.5. You have two more primal story arcs and then the final kino chapter that sets up Heavensward.

>>508941612Just keep fucking going faggot

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>>508941612You gotta go chase some dragon cultists around and fight some big fucking dragons first

>>508941612You've only just scratched the surface of post ARR.

>>508941612your in 2.2, your less than halfway, it goes all the way up to 2.55 or some shit,


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what do you enjoy doing in this game outside of the msq?

>>508942024I like raiding in theory, but in practice it's just a nightmare because everyone that plays this game is a fucking retard. How many times do you need to see a mechanic before you finally fucking understand it?

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Name a more kino patch trailer.youtube.com/watch?v=UWFu5LTEgNM

i hate her zoomer lips

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You are the only constant

Are XIV players cunnypilled???

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>>508942313go suck dick somewhere else

>>508942813Yoshida has a monopoly on Ryne lewds.

>>508942024Casual ass raiding with friends, autisiming out crafting

>story based>mmoDoesn't compute

>>508942853>OMG YOU CAN'T BE LE TOXIC THIS IS AN INCLUSIVE SPACE!!!!I want to raid, I really do. But you should only have to experience a mechanic twice at most to understand it. Spending a literal month on Living Liquid and still fucking up dolls is inexcusable. It's even more inexcusable on easier content.



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>>508939573Scylla's is so fucking good.

>>508943048It's hardly the first timeA game being multiplayer focused doesn't preclude it having a story

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>>508939573Can you buy these with Moogle tokens or someshit? I swear I haven't gotten the full Amon set despite playing for 5 years and doing this shitty raid more times than I can count.

>>508939573Current XIV feels so soulless, so much reused models from previous expansions colored differently and changed around which class can equip the armor models they couldn't before.

>>508943608>devs refuse to make a dungeon set dyeable so that they can release a dyeable version later

>gubal library>WHM>regen on tank, cure 2 for the first hits>otherwise just tag everything with aero and spam holy>solace, tetragrammaton and benediction whenever I need to cast somethingWHM got max comfy after 50

>>508939573>>508939681The mythril tank set is still the most kino armor in the game

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>>508942584Hard to beat From the Heavens

>>508943709wait till you hit level 76

5 more levels

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>>508943709>gubal library>SCH>party wipes multiple times because I stop to screenshot every page of every book

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>>508940316>Tank stance>AoE/self heal to pick up mobs>Use defensive cooldowns for large trash pulls, don't be afraid to run ahead and pick up more packs>Use Arm's Length on big pulls, it slows the attack speed of everything that hits you and mitigates tons of damage>Face boss away from the party, try to avoid moving it around as much as the mechanics allow you to

>>508940648Bardam's Mettle notoriously hits like a fucking freight train

>crafting in the Firmament>the bagpipes hitIt's like I'm back home in San d'Oria

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So I got my WHM chocobo barding by leveling it only as a healer, how do I get the tank or DPS bardings?

>tank asks me to chip in DPS as healer>tell him to suck my fucking dick>says he's going to report me>never ended up in GM jail after 2 weeksKWAB

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>>508944882The Firmament is really niceMy FC is just gonna snag a bigger house in another district while all the home decoration spergs all try to scramble for Ishgard housing once it's done

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>>508945368>he thinks there's going to be Firmament housing

>>508943093>learn all mechanics in 30min-1hr>literally never make any mistakes at this point>wait for everyone else to learn, be patient with them, calmly explain things>spent the time learning it so now i feel obligated to beat it no matter how long it takes>days later now surfing through pugs when it should've been over with the first day>beat it and then give up on raiding foreverI know, I'll get replies saying "join a static", but if it's between static clears and raiding, I'll just give up raiding.


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>>508945310start feeding that boco thavnarian onions and max out the other trees, I suggest you start with dps next, tank is pretty dogshit.

>>508945495Statics aren't any better. My group STILL fucks up on Ramuh, even three months after clearing Shiva.

opinions on this Roegadyn I made?

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>>508945330How often does this get people livid? Often enough to do it when fucking around for entertainment?

>>508938023You still have to do the grind for every class sub 15

>>508945393>The Fortemps manor STILL doesn't have an inn roomWhat the fuck Yoshi


>>508945737there's a homo XIV thread up right now, try posting in there instead

>>508944123you mean 32. gotta get that BLU to 60 too, son!

>>508945930I don't know why retards insist on trying the triangle strat in pugs when circle is literally braindead

How do I get my sprout back?

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>>508945993any strat for chain lightning is braindead, it's such a simple fucking mechanic

>>508946053unsub for a couple of months and you'll get one with a flower

>>508945990But you don’t need to level of blu for the green bird mount.

>>508946053if you want people to know you're a retard you can just say so every time you load into an instance

>>508942701>zoomer lipsYou might be gay, and you're also retarded, because you can't add -oomer to everything you dislike and expect it to make sense to people living in reality. Didn't work with meme, won't work with this shit.>>508935172I'm a Dark Knight, and not being biased or anything, but PLDs are bitches and TBN is the best skill in the game.

>>508945737It doesn't matter if you are straight or gay, you will get invited to Bara Roe linkshells, fellowships, FCs, etc.

Weeaboo here. How long does it take to farm for the crystals to upgrade the myochin armor to anemos?Im a big fan of the ronin look but theres barely any nice looking sets for my taste from what I see.

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>>508946157is that why I'm seeing so many competent sprouts as of late?

>>508947003Do you have friends? If not and Anemos is dead when you play you're out of luck, despite the nerfs you can't accomplish anything in Eureka alone

>>508947003>wanted to dye my AF gear>go to eureka farm>realize it takes a fuckton of daysHell no

>>508947003There's the Genji set from Omega if you haven't taken a look at that yet

>>508946628Or you can sign up for the mentor status, just as effective

>>508947260af3 is by far the worst to get the dyables for, luckily most of af3 is fucking shit.and they KNOW this because af4 just requires you to farm an ex fight.

Oh my god progression in this game is probably the worst thing ever made. I like the story, I love the soundtrack, the bosses are cool but fuck the actual MMO and (lack of) RPG elements

Is there a way to speed up the leveling up my alt character? I am lvl 54 with my primary summoner but I wonder if I can help my alt

>>508947345Striking genji is dog shit.The scouting and maiming are the best ones.

>>508947605Why the fuck would you make another character? Just change classes.

>>508947605>alt characterYou can play every job on one character, and you get an exp bonus for any job with a lower level than your highest.

>>508947605Assuming your doing both classes on the same character, which you should, you'll be getting the armoury bonus.

>>508947254Yes, now the problem is getting those friends to help me.>>508947345Thanks but im just not a big fan of the genji armor for the samurai class. It definitely looks right but I want that loose cloth, traveling ronin movie feel.>>508947260I'll suffer through it if I have to since im waiting for my lower level friends to watch up with me.

>>508948053i like the haoris for SAM too but dying the AF gear was too much farm. I just bought the pirates haoiri and farmed the conclave one and run with that.

>>508947791My character looks ugly. I just made her due to free trial

>>508948551Use the free Fantasia potion you got for beating Ultima Weapon.

>>508948350What is the name of the pirate haoiri? I might look into that.>>508948551You can remake your character after beating the game with a potion unless youre a genuine autist.

>>508948765Fuga haori

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i fucking hate the east/asian aesthetic so fucking much bros. about to start Stormblood and i'm considering buying a skip potion because i don't want to spend the next 20 hours in knockoff japan. why can't they stick to european/high fantasy locales like in Ishgrand?

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>>508943297XIV isn't multiplayer focused

>>508948848Thank you user. That reminds me of the elder oldschool mob boss I always see in dramas.

>>508949194Hey you get to spend half of that in a copypaste desert!

>>508935435Shut the fuck up faggot

>>508949194You spend half of it in three shitty wasteland zones don't worry.

>>508935172What's the Holla Forums server?

>>508949194It's a Japanese game, user.

i made it 3 quests into the Hildibreddit quests before giving up. i mean what the fuck is this shit

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I fucking hate DPS queues so fucking much It's even worse when you get into a roulette>Single pull tanks>Shitty Healers>fellow DPS is afk on the keyboardEver since I moved to Crystal, I don't think any DPS beat me on the aggro list and I play a fucking BARD.

>>508950897Yellow Moon is the most beautiful woman in Ul'dah though

>>508950897There's a couple of trials locked behind Hildibrand quests, Yojimbo was pretty fun.And no, if you didn't like the initial quests you won't like the later ones as well.

>>508951903>moved to crystalfor what purpose?

Had some autist whining about my FC name and saying I'm gonna go to prison the other day. Called me a troomer. Was that one of you retards?

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>>508950897its garrys mod memes basically

>>508950897"Japan discovers GMOD"

>>508952424the fuck is a troomer?

>>508951903>Ever since I moved to CrystalLiterally asking for it.

>>508952664Tranny zoomer or somethingJust another spinoff of coomer and shit

>>508952210>>508952734Is Aether and Primal any better? I wanted to see if the meme was true.Primal was really fucking trash DF wise as well.I think Aether had the most consistent party members desu.

>>508952664>>508952794funny meme template :)

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>>508952664lol dumb anonoomer doesn't have a mental rolodex of all possible -oomer suffixes, what a retardoomer

>>508952664the one who trooms

>>508952424Is it called cunny or cute and funny?

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how do we fix EU PF?

>>508953583l2p malaka

>>508953583i would rather play with hues from the deepest jungles of brazil than play with anyone from europe

>>508951903>queuing as DPS when there's no adventurer in needWhat is even the point, you don't get any rewards.


>>508950897Hildibrand quests are cringekino though

>>508952853>CrystalIf you want to raid pick Aether

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Post lala

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>>508954896>>508953951I want to level up my niggasI swear I feel like you anons think you just magically get your DPS jobs from 0-80 just like that. I guess fucking retards don't like using critical thinking

>>508948686>>508948765Ok, thanks guys


>>508955103>I want to level up my niggasIt literally doesn't give you an XP bonus if you're not the needed role.

Is there any kind of a unified costume encyclopedia?Sick of my character looking dopey and un-color coordinated yet everyone else looks good

>>508955537I think user is retarded. How long have you been playing you fucking dumbass?

Anons, how long did it take you to figure out that enemies aggro based on cone of vision and not proximity? Be honest now.

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this game is so boring i got level 80 and the endgame isnt fun at all, there is nothing to do but to type with a bunch of random normies. DONT PLAY THIS GAME READ A BOOK INSTEAD

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>>508955776like when ARR launched, also figured out some enemies detect via sound.

>>508955537The in need bonus is only good for grinding faction certificates, the gil and XP additions are negligible

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Am I good at this game yet?

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>>508955776That was assumed from the start since many MMOs and RPGs behave that way

>>508955537you're stupid as all fuck

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Should I stick with my Zodiac Relic weapon quest or is there some sicko mode ultra weapon in later expansions

>>508956318the latter

>>508955918>he didn't play FFXI where enemies detected via smell, blood, and magic usage

>>508953193please respond

>>508955621XIV style works until 5.0.Gamerescape works too and is always updated but is kinda ass to navigate.

>>508955103Do PotD nigger, maybe if you hadn't picked the most atrocious DC you wouldn't be whining

>>508956318Every expansion has its own relicOnly the latest one will be even remotely relevant statwise so just pick the one you think looks prettiest to grind for

all races are made to look painfully average to make you buy fantasia potionsI wish they add more playable races from the previous games

>Zenos yae Galvus: This day we shall write a new legend, my friend!>Zenos yae Galvus: Come to me, hero! I will show you the extent of my power!

>>508956534Got my Zodiac Tome and it looks good. I'm guessing I don't need to replace it for ilevels, right?It's pretty powerful and I don't want to grind too much for the rest of Zodiac quests (I'll wait until I hit Shadowbring)

>>508944397I still need to read all those books. Maybe I'll just run it unsynced by myself

>>508956748I'll never buy a fantasia potion because I love my cute aura!

>>508956990dial 8

>>508944397>Shisui of the Violet Tides>Sprout healer>Tank pulls to the first wall>We die>"Alright maybe he'll slow down this time">Does the same exact thing>We die in the same exact way>Leave Duty

Attached: [diamonds internally].gif (354x656, 2.9M)

>>508956990>au ra>cutePick one.

Here's your gf tonight

Attached: FFXIV_Gaia.png (1203x1920, 1.6M)

>>508956748>use CMtool>don't have to buy fantasia anymore

>>508950897>not loving the hildy queststhey're the most stupidly hilarious things i've seen in a long time, take your head out of your ass

>>508957551Cute au ra

>>508957474there's nothing particularly difficult about that pull. i'd say get good, but i think push some fucking buttons is a more accurate suggestion

>>508957705Junction a new one.

Attached: 1574065952098.png (493x448, 97.43K)

>>508957474Sounds like that sprout should have actually learned to heal sometime in those first 63 levels.

>>508958156I wasn't the tank or the healer in this situation retard, just trying to level my BLMNot much I can do when the tank is dropping like a brick before I can even get one Flare out

>>508957953Let me guess, face 4?


>>508957474Sounds like dps didn't burn down the trash fast enough.

>>508940052>50 to 60Do your MSQAll your daily roulettes>If Tank or Healerspam the highest level dungeon you can do for good exp.>If DPSSpam floor 50-60 of Palace of the Dead. Spaming highest level dungeons is faster, but unless you have a tank/healer friend willing to grind with you, you're better off spamming palace of the dead to avoid queue times

>>508958505Face 4 is the good face

>>508940648>>508944512Because it's the last SB story dungeon that allows you to queue for it in Shire gear. Which is what most people levelling new characters/alts/jump potions have at that point. Meaning people are most of the time severely undergeared.

>>508958970lol no

Finally got my Amaro. Now I feel empty.

>>508941080So? Just make some in-game.

>>508959087Yes, actually


>>508959154I dunno, do ultimates or something

>>508959328Sorry about your bad taste

>>508959440>likes an alien face with a neckbeard>thinks he has good tastelollll

Newbie hereWhat are Daily Roulettes and what should I generally try to grind for later on?

>>508959515Daily roulettes are random dungeons/trials/raids that give you a bonus.Also don't play Archer/Bard or in Crystal data center

>>508959515Random dungeon/raid/trial depending on which roulette you choose daily, bonuses are given once.If you want to grind your brains out, try Palace of the Dead.

>>508956990Good taste, lizard girls are best and tranny posters can off themselves.

>>508959515You shouldn't even have to think about grinding until the very last expansion if you're starting out. The main story alone gives you so much EXP that you'll be massively overlevelled for every expansion. Even more so if you do a few daily roulette every now and then.

>>508940316Here's something no one will bother to tell you: You shouldn't be pulling lots of mob groups in leveling dungeons (15 - 49, 51 - 59, ect.). Big pulls are not designed for the undergeared people going though those. Just do one or MAYBE two packs at a time.

>Castrum Meridianum pops>Someone leavesThank you for your sacrifice, fuck this place.

>>508959986Not entirely true. If you're JUST blitzing the story you'll need at least a level or two for the last dungeon of each expansion besides maybe Shadowbringers.There's a 2-3 level gap between the last 2.0 quest and the Praetorium

>>508960225Once you get to a level where people actually have AOE (depends on what classes your DPS are) double pulls are generally fine if your healer isn't asleep at the wheel. Just don't try to go balls to the wall when your only defensive CD is Reprisal.

>>508960582Reprisal, Rampart, and Arm's Length are all incredibly strong defensive CDs you will always have no matter what

>>508960973>Arm's Lengthlet's not get carried away shitposting

>>508935172tanks now have shield abilities as well, gunbreaker and drk both get magic shields to give the entire party.

>>508960225Shut the fuck up, idiot. You absolutely should be pulling large groups in leveling dungeons.

>>508961351Isn't that the one that inflicts slow on enemies that hit you?

Attached: doa.png (1671x940, 2.14M)

>>508961351arms length is great on big pulls you autist

>>508961796Whats the point when nobody has an AoE worth using at that point outside of Ninjas?

>>508962395They do, retard. Do you even play this game?

Why is there so many retards on the thread today?

>>508962484Not until around the 40s which leaves out half of the leveling dungeons

>>508959218>just stop being a social retard bro

Attached: 1586129528154.jpg (437x435, 18.64K)

>>508961994Yeah most people never read that

>>508963105If I remember right, wasn't it a DPS cooldown that did something else? Could be why people (myself included) didn't realize it at first.

>>508963691Shut it sprouty. Go die in WoW

>>508963691Tanks didn't have knockback immunity untill this expansion i believe.

>>508963691its because you gravitate to the anti-knockback portion and the skill seems pretty poorly worded in my opinion.

>>508963892>excusing sproutsno seriously why are you guys so retarded today?

>>508963842WAR did.

>>508962310>>508961351>>508960973Arms length slows enemies you fucking idiot why would you slow their movement when pulling them? God Holla Forums is so fucking stupid

>>508959154I got it last week.>has unique flying music which just sounds like it should be the music for new, non trial/raid mounts in ShB>nope let's keep using the HW one for fucking everything

>>508964146Heavy slows movementSlow slows attack speed

>>508964146too obviouswe've already seen this episode with diversion


>>508963017>I'm a spaz behind a keyboardYou do know what an MMO is, right? You realize literal autists make friends for life via these games, right? You know the social aspect is a HUGE appeal, right?I'm sorry, I just don't see how you not having anyone to play with stops you from making friends in-game. Most people are chill.

>>508964146be more subtle next time

>>508963759I actually started in 2.0 early access. Haven't subbed since the first month of 5.1.

>>508957705If only...

Attached: 39210_20200219193021_1.png (1920x1080, 2.66M)

>>508962214wait wut, how did you die there?

>>508964279>>508964434you dumbasses are giving this kid his shitpost dopamine hit

>>508964749Bruh you have no idea how many tanks I've had to tell use Arm's because they don't know what it actually doesIf one nigga sees that post and learns then it's worth it

>>508959508>thinks it’s a neck beard when it’s scalesblind retard with shit taste kys

inflicting slow on enemies only matters if they're going to be alive for the entire duration of the debuff. if they lose one full attack over the course of 15 seconds or whatever. otherwise it's worthless

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What do you guys think about people using cheat/bot programs? I tried one recently and it sure was great having the bot do my retainers and run a few dungeons while i was asleep.

Attached: 1562969196317.jpg (1200x1087, 230.51K)

>>508964749> finally get that cyborg ninja outfit for my SAM> Play Femqote > Skintight as fuck> tits go from not so big looking in other gear to looking like melons> mfw

Attached: coomer-2[1].png (250x208, 16.6K)

>>508965191Stop spoonfeeding.

Attached: e5044091ced9d03bef5b9bcc81ab8cdb.jpg (501x498, 20.27K)

>>508965191u rite white boi, tru

>Uraeus Coat

Attached: this is where the fun begins.jpg (700x719, 62.88K)

>>508960294I understand this normally. Uncle Cids EXP Castle is worth dumping that place for if you're just trying to level. However with these new Law tokens Castrum is way better.

>>508965338>Damage coming in 20% slower is useless on big pullsNigga you dumb

>>508965272seethe more faggot

Is yoshida really fucking over FFXIV's budget to fund FF16?

Attached: 1498593723257.jpg (116x157, 6.78K)

>>508965857>what is holy stunturn your brian on

Rival Wings is fucking garbage why does Yoship keep shilling it

>>508966018> everyone always has a WHM healerhurrr

>>508965997it probably isn't even his call

>>508965996did I strike a nerve of the tasteless faggot? lmfao

>>508966131sorry, i thought we were talking about min-maxing. if you're autistic enough to be screeching about arm's lengh, I would assume you would be equally autistic about using the best dungeon healer as well (WHM)

>>508965396>defines attempts at bettering the playerbase as 'spoonfeeding'>unironically wants shit players to stay shit

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>>508966290>thinks he has taste for liking a shit facelmfao

>>508964662got hit with poison by a s-rank, I didn't even realized I still had it after I teleported (twice!) and switched to a lower level job

>>508965997No, the budget's going to Nomura's malarkey16 is taking away manpower

>>508937846>,not alt tabbing between trust pullsYou can literally afk level with trusts, at least if you're leveling a DPS

>>508966307>using cooldowns on dungeon pulls is minmaxing

>>508966360t. face 1 tranny

Yikes Twitch keeps repeatedly shooting itself in the foot. Go check the news of whom (( they)) have appointed as member of twitch safety council. I'll no longer watch the live Letter from that garbage tranny platform. Holla Forums got an active thread over there regarding the matter.

>>508966307>Knowing what the fucking spell that every tank has access to does is autistic min maxing

>>508966442>implying I play Au Rainsecure much, ugly?

>>508941080play xi i'll be your fren


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>>508966480make your own thread schizo, dont bring that drivel here beat it

>>508966480can't even begin to describe how fucking little I care

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>>508940316Paladin is really easy mode. It can be a little boring though.


>>508945441>he thinks there wont be Firmament housingYou can literally see where the plots are going to end up being

>there are people who play with max effects on

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>>508966693t. ugly poopoo face diaper tranny





>>508957705God she's fucking hideous in the concept art