What were they thinking?

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>human noseI know right?

>>508934678>"okay let's make something that poeple can draw a lot of porn of"

>Thinly veiled art thread

what big ears you have

>>508934678i want to unbuckle her pants and squish her tummy

>>508935456i want to inflate her tummy

>>508934678ebony queens are for white shotas

>>508934678Literally built and designed for breast expansion

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>>508934678>We need to extract more coom for weebs

You already impregnated her with your seed right user?

>>508937232Haven't gotten a blood moon yet

when did you realize journey mode was the best for the sole reason that you can turn off corruption & crimson spread

>>508937618since i found out you can turn off corruption and crimson spreadalso 10x blood moon

What size of map do you prefer? I like small because I'm mostly playing by myself and searching for stuff like the jungle temple is kind of a pain in the ass doing it alone, though, I'm trying a medium world so I can give proper space to my npcs

>>508937618>no hardcoreIt's shit>>508938150Large. Cave diving is great fun

>>508938376>wasting time on hardcore

Hows my fishing hamlet?

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>>508938150looking for chest loot?largewant to build?mediumjust want to play?small

>>508938450Softcore is fucking boring>die>only drop money (fucking nothing)I never fear death on softcore

>>508938557Looks comfy.


>>508934678We all know what they were thinking. They had some good "Sewayaki kitsune no senko san" marathon.

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>>508938678pretty hard to die when you're playing on classic

Is there also a debuff if I go with no torches at all?

>>508937038Needs areola peeking out on l4please

>>508938781I really hate the way anime looks now, it's so god damned flat looking.

terrarian best yoyo

>>508938376Isn’t hardcore character specific while journey is world specific? What’s stopping someone from having a hardcore character on a journey world?

>>508934678so uh.. what's her name? for scientific reasons of course

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>>508939117Kinda agree, I don't like how shiny everything is, makes every thing look like plastic.

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I want to fuck that fox

>>508939038>tfw no werewolf amazon gf in heat to amazon press the living fuck out of me until she's satisfiedWHY MUST YOU REMIND ME OF WHAT I CAN NEVER HAVE?

>>508939563>tfw no broken pelvis

>Can't find a cloud in a bottle anywhere>Have basically every other chest drop>Go fishing in the snow for a biome crate so I can hopefully get a blizzard in a bottle>Only get wooden chests>Somehow get a tsunami in a bottle, I'm so happy>Turns out the Tsunami in a bottle is the ONLY double jump bottle that dosen't combine with a balloonOff to go get a pufferfish balloon.

>>508938828Been doing mastermode. It's alright >>508939236That's the issue, it's both character and world difficulty. You need a journey character to play journeymode and journey is forced softcore

The guide wants to fuck her

>>508939237Are you retarded?

>>508934678>sells buttplugsYes, indeed.


>>508939958yeah ive never played terraria and i dont plan to but i do plan on masturbating to that

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>>508939941he can get in line


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How do I inspire myself to build comfy and not something out of a Stalin's wet dream?

>>508934678>playing budget minecraft for furriescringe

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>>508938906>>508939038Plague isn't this blatant, Sundown isn't this detailed, and Boogie doesn't draw ladies this tall.Who drew these?

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>>508940013>byrgenwerthFuck those assholes. ALL HAIL KOS!

>>508934678She looks like she only fucks human men



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>>508939878>both character and worldThat’s dumb, I thought the whole reason behind journey mode was being able to adjust difficulty on the fly rather than only at character/world creation. Seems pointless if they didn’t take player difficulty into consideration.

>>508940120The answer is right there. I assume you're phone posting.


>>508940167farm a special material like gel, hive blocks, etc and base your building aesthetic around that. if you grind for a material you have a larger attachment to it and are more likely to do something cool with it

>>508940120I'd tell you but only if you promise that you jack off to the correct versions which are the ones that have her as a kemonomimi and not full furry.

it's kosm you fucking secondarydon't even @ me

>meteorite shows on the background before it fallsVery cool.

>>508938557there's a clear lack of ropes around, to dry laundryn to hang fishes and so on

>>508934678ayo das racist

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>>508936019I want to fill her tummy

>>508940564Good idea i'll have to remember to do that..

>>508934678thought for a second this was some nice fox chick but it's more kemonomimi cringe

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>>508940569"I've been stuck like this for three hours"


>>508940732she transforms into a furry during a blood moon

>>508940825pic? anything like Belladonna?

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>>508940501good idea, thanks mate

would you?

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>>508941168>Shitskin>Not a loliAbsolutely not

>>508940583Is there a problem, user?

>>508941168Babbies first anime drawing

>>508941558We all have to start somewhere.

is it me or a lot of 1.4s new items just shitty meme items?

>>508941558NGMI incel

>>508941558ey brobetter than i can draw

>>508941712What the fuck does commenting on a shit drawing have to do with being a virgin angry at women?

played terraria for hundreds of hours but only now actually bothered to find and explore the jungle temple and go for the moon lord. Felt pretty underwhelming desu, it was just a straight line with lizarhds that pose no threat and the golem was piss easy.

>>508934678my hmoaf sensibilities

>>508942074>and the golem was piss easy.youtu.be/RnVOilNAidQ

>>508941002>thigh gap>practically naked>hourglass figure>part feline, so flexible as hellMein Gott it's like she was MADE for mating presses.

>>508941702I find a lot of them very useful actually. >Ocean and Heck conch give easy teleport to ocean and bottom of the world>Mining chisel, statue of bast, etc, are just straight good items>Snake allows you to go high and find islands without destroying your skyline with rope>Void bag/vault is more storage and can be good for mining, as it auto picks up items when your inventory is full.

>>508941890seething NGMI incel

>>508941002>anything like fotm furry bait???cringe

>>508942389when you do it right, you do it right

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>>508941168Cute desu

>>508940569Its either this, or they just tried to think of the most "diverse" character they could add for shits and giggles.


>>508941168the other art is better, tbqh.

>>508934678about my penisthats what they were thinking

>>508941002w-w-weeb bros.. not like this.... have.. have the furries won?

>>508934678Holy shit she's hot in this pic

>>508940404>Excluding the bottom partPleb

>>508940201SignirSol. yw, bro

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>>508934678Now I want to buy Terraria!

>>508943321>when you realize most anime "humans" are just other animal "kemono" people in disguise

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>>508942527It's 1995, i'm 13 years old. My parents started breeding cats. Birmans. Seal point Birmans, to be precise. I would wake and be surrounded by cats and all the cat life entailed. Kitten cats, male cats, female cats. Cat cage, cat shows, cat breeding. Always the breeding, the eternal lifecycle of the cat burned into my retines. The yowling, the prowling, the fucking.It's 2010, i'm 28 years old. I hung out with some Furries in Hamilton. Charming folk. I really liked them. Loved Disney movies. Loved My Little Pony. They got turned on by putting on dog suits, cat suits, fox suits. Adults - All yowling, prowling and fucking.I'm 37 now, I've just seen Cats the movie. I've never seen the stage show, but i know the songs. I get the gist. Big songs, big numbers. This film is something else. I am 13 again, I am 25 again. I'm at parent's house, hearing cats fuck. I'm watching a Furry put on a catsuit. I'm watching Idris Elba, nude, as a cat, his ass is sticking out. I am watching all the cats, legs constantly spread, gyrating, grinding, growling. Yowling, prowling, fucking.

>>508943624that is if you like shit tier kemonomimi stuff

>>508941558Post your art

>>508941558Next time you try to do something I hope you get humbled by people doing the same thing to you.

>>508943809Please be gentle

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>>508943934>schizo tier artyawn

>>508943650>Cats the movieChrist, what the fuck was thatA decade after Avatar and this is what Hollywood poops out?

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>>508934678They went though my porn search history and designed a character around it.

>>508934678>chocolate>well endowed>slightly chubby>midriff>wide hips>camel toeMY FUCKING DIIICCKKKK

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>>508943934>that artare you trying to make the same stuff as that polish dude that make surreal art ? keep improving user that's a great start

>>508934678Top tier muffin

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>>508943832I took a shit just now, and my wife said it was stinky. Does that count?

Where the fuck are the martian probes after the first one? 5 hours in space and I can't fucking find one

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>>508934678being that THICC should be ILLEGAL

>>508941702oh then it was just my bad luck i guess

>how this entire update felt

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So you're the bad guy? Good. But I should be able to kill the Angler if I'm the bad guy.

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>>508944489It's not actually my art

>>508934678Not anthro enough.

>>508944658Edges of the world, my dude.

>>508945025Still mad we got fucking torch luck and golf instead of an actual corrupt jungle update.Still aren't even jungle mimics even though the sprites have been in the game a long time.

Bro I gotta update Terraria now

>>508945038Wasn't there some way to stab NPC's beside the clothier and the guide in one of the spoilers?Also when are they adding the community contest winners?

>>508936019I want to enter her tummy

>>508934678she looks like she only fucks humans

>>508945038who wants that autistic lore?

>>508943437based kamenChad

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>>508936019>>508940645SHE'S MADE FOR MORE AND I NEED IT

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>>508944136bottom right image would be an actual improvement.

>>508936019I want to tickle her tummy

>>508934678I want to fuck her.

>>508943934I like it

>>508936019I want to be her tummy.

>>508946227Imminent snu snu.

>>508946227domestic violence, probably.

>>508946227>last guy who posted this got banneddelete it while you still can! there is still time!

>>508946227>blood moon + wooden doorHe wanted this to happen, I would too.

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>>508946227I'm not a furryI'm not a furryIm not a furry

>>508946227Post the one that comes before it, with her crouched over the table still in human form and it says "The Blood Moon is Rising"

>Started hardmode as summoner>Got Spider Armour>Got both Spider summons>Got the Cool WhipAside from getting the Summoner Emblem from the Wall of Flesh are there any other useful items I can get before starting on the mechanical bosses?

>>508946227too much muscle


>>508946838Don't have it unfortunafely.

>>508946962its because mods hate fun

>>508944136To be fair I'd fuck this cat

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>>508946838I have it, but I really don't want to end up like the absolute god of a man >>508946227Anon... I'm not strong enough..

>>508946962Nah user it's cool I got rid if it before the tranny jannies saw it!

>>508946994>>508946838Here you go niggas

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>>508946962>flip airplane mode on and off Crisis averted.

>>508938557How did you get your hp/mp bars to look like that?

>>508942471>fotm Nah I think this one is here to stay. Shes got enough fetish fuel for it like Android 21 not as much as 21 though

>>508946905Agreed, not my kind of thing I like the chub the OP image has

>>508947196I am>>508947213

>>508947213GOD i want an alt of this where she's taking a cock PLEASE lord I must COOM

>>508947406Doing my job for me, thanks.I'll be sure to piss on the jannies graves after this

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>>508947528Ew, awful artstyle

video games

>>508943934You have excellent shading skills and an attention to detail, but derailed by the dank maymays you chose to draw.

what the hell am i supposed to do to actually start the gamei feel so fucking lost right now holy shit

blood moon zoologistexhentai.org/g/1093316/12b9969a9f/

>>508948129Why do I get a blank page? Not even the usual panda.

>>508947859Last time I checked Terraria is a videogame

>>508947993dig a pit straight downmine orecraft better gearmine better orekill bosses

>>508948298are you sure?

>>508938557A bit lacking in detail, but not bad, keep building and keep improving user! Remember that it isnt bad to look up reference builds in google

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>>508934678party girl

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>>508940120based fapper

>>508947993try to make it to both oceans, looting any chests on the surface you find along the way, go a little ways down any cave you find on the surface as well, as long as it isnt red/purplethis should give you a bunch of nice accessories to get you started

>>508947993Go spelunking until you find some metal, double jump boots and have some other neat stuff to give to the guide. He'll show you what stuff you can build out of the items you hand him (as well as their recipes). You can take the items back from him once you're done.

>draw a girl>Add ears and tail and call it kemonomimipeepeeLame, you either go full anthro or leave her normal - no in between.

question,do campfires count towards torch luck? because if not, then it might be a substitute for them and UB Torches.

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>>508937038Kys, user.

>>508949285Look at her second form on her Wiki page and tell me that's not furry.

post comfy houses

>>508948267Are you Russian? The owners made it appear so to Russian ips 3 years ago-t. Russian

>>508950334No, I live in Washington.

>>508948267>>508950334it's that way for everyone now

>>508940645With what?

>>508947263There are options for the hp/mana bars and the map border. In the interface menu.


>>508950235Not mine but I'm totally stealing it for my playthrough.

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>>508949596>do campfires count towards torch luck?Doesn't seem like it, although I don't think wasting 5 torches to dodge torch luck is exactly practical.

Is there a list of spoilers that have teased, but have yet to be added?>Mannequin Armor>Attacking NPCS without the need of a doll>The community vanity setsWhat else is there?

>>508950140Nevernind. They're based.

So to get max luck i need to build my arena in a non-forest biome?

Do monster spawned from statues still not drop shit?

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>>508950814Mechanical Brain

>>508951298they do. however look up what torch placement does in 1.4 in relation to luck and drops. you basically fuck up all of your drop luck if you place torches wrongly.

>mfw I can't find the post-WoF evil strip

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>trying to collect one of each unique food item>find Coffee>neat>accidentally consume it when I hit the buffs keyI don't even know what enemies drop it and neither does the wiki

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Is the Bestiary shared between players?

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>>508952271It's tied to the world

>>508952271Can confirm yes. It's per world because of the Zoologist

I don't understand why the bestiary requires so many kills to fill out an enemy's drop info. Everyone is already using the wiki anyways. It would have been nice to have that in-game instead. I was farming a spider nest for money early on and was frustrated to see that some of the spider info was still being hidden.

>>508951443>fuck up>fraction of a percent differenceAutists over exaggerate how abd it isIt's fucking nothing 90% of the time

>>508952825I just wish it would show how many kills until the next unlock.

>>508952825It's especially bad because as far as I can tell, it seems to count different variations of the same enemy completely separately, like the various types of zombie, so filling out drop tables for them becomes a huge ordeal.

Does using lamps and chandeliers doesnt decrease luck?

>>508934678>bimbo werefoxThey were trying to appeal to some of my fetishes.

>>508952990>fraction of a percent differenceit stacks and there is no limit. the fraction of a percent is per torch and the maximum is per 20 tiles within the torch radius.

>>508953124I don't think it does negative? A bit into the night I finally decided to hunt for bait and ended up getting 15 fucking nightcrawlers + 11 firefly.

Really fucking blind person hereHow the fuck you open the bestiary?

>>508952825The dev is autistic sperg that wants everyone to play the game as he wants. Just look up the torch shit.

>>508948865Pinkie Pie?

>>508953462open your inventorybottom right corner of your inventory, not the screen


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>>508953462It's a little book icon, next to where you throw away trash out of your inventory.

>>508943934you have good art but you don't have to be a cunt about it


Anyone have the white NPC texture pack?

What's the best way to farm Exquisitely Satisfied foods in pre-hardmode? Are Pigronatas the best option? They're pretty pricey.

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What are you thinking?

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>>508953528>>508953568Thanks, I really was thinking that shit was only appeared when you talked to the zoologist

>>508948865Party Girl is a tranny

I'm not a furry but I'm interested in the game now. Is it on sale?

>>508953537>-30% isn't bad guysFuck off. I already modded it out.

>>508934678furfag containment zone

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>>508953883Wrong again. It's 30% chance for it to be 50% Aka 15% overallAnd that's the absolute worst case scenario

>>508953859Its 10 dollars. You could also just pirate it for free.

>>508953780Hey, no chewing on plastic

>>508953780I think she wants to have sexual intercourse with human men

>>508953780I want to feed her grapes

>>508954083Literally says nothing about chance of being 50%What the fuck are you on about?


>>508944553fucking, this.

>>508954734>If the player's luck is greater than 0, then there is a (100 * luck)% chance that the chance is doubled.>If the player's luck is less than 0, then there is a (-100 * luck)% chance that the chance is halved.>If the player's luck is 0, the chance will be the base value.are you dumb

>>508954072>hates furries>builds her a nice home anyways

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>>508952990It cucks players on Ice Biomes really bad

>>508955527i can't help it user, i watched a few youtube videos and went on a building binge

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>>508953780>delicious brown oppai loli foxgirlOHFUCK

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>>508954072*breeding zone

Has anybody else made a haunted house yet? I'm waiting for tmod loader to update to 1.4 before I start playing again, but I am so gonna make my main base a big ass haunted mansion inside of a graveyard.

>>508954072I get it its like spongebob

>>508955942not my intention, i just wanted an ocean base

>>508954072>pylon>1 npchmmmm

Whatever, it's not like I wanted an ice biome anyway. I'm sure I'll do fine with a huge sheet of corruption instead.

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>>508953780"Where are the hot terraria lihzahrd girls at?"

Attached: terraria lihzahrdwoman_crop.png (542x432, 129.04K)

>>508956004It's literally Sandy in her ocean bubble don't fuck with me

>>508956084that's chlorphyte armor's set bonus you donut

>>5089555430.85* drop chance at most in the ice biomeIt's so minor you wouldn't notice

>>508956304the set bonus lets you use pylons with only 1 npc?


>>508953537If you're considered "unlucky" you get 50% less chance for drops. If you're considered "lucky" you get 100% more chance for drops.There is absolutely no inbetween.

>>508954072She'll probably think it's cute, because it's like a big terrarium just for her.

>1.4 is supposed to be the biggest update of all>it's even less than Plantera update>adds needless mechanics on top of itThank god for mods

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So, you can have game on background only with multiplayer on?

>>508956084its the chlorophyte crystal, the pylon is in the other screenshot i posted

>>508954072don't worry bro, I've got her

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>>508953780How they could create perfection


Attached: EYdHefjWsAAbL2Z_1.png (602x816, 291.46K)

1.2 > 1.3 > 1.1 > 1.4Glad we can all agree


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>>508957558now make it a chalicebonus points for a pixel art red sipping it


Attached: ashita-no-joe-manga.jpg (500x487, 263.7K)

>>508956681can you stop

>>508957884i'd really prefer if you'd be quiet


>>508956202Witch Doctor is definitely a sexy Lihzard lady and you can't convince me otherwise


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>>508957864Maybe i'm just autistic or something, but i seriously despise how shiny everything is now, it's annoying as hell.

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>>508938557>not using appropriate torchgod i hate casuals

>>508958428This really makes me think.

>mfw mythical crystal storm christ it's so good

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>>508934678Between The torch luck an the furry bait, I would call the update a net positive.

>>508943624Anon, I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not.But humans are animals

>>508958428>luminekofucking NICE

>Zenith requires a Copper Shortsword, your first and one of the weakest weapons in the gameIs this crafting kino?

>>508958691>Legendary Zenith>Only 3 tries on the reforge

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why do people think she's a furry? are fox ears + tail furry now? are monster girls in general furry now?

>>508959028I know this is you, lumi, don't get too full of yourself now ok

>>508959102Because she literally gets all furry during her were-fox form


>>508939117Me too.

>>508952135I got it twice so far from Mantrappers and the hardmode version


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>>508959102She grows fur during the bloodmoon.


>>508958245You can't really compare a movie with a million dollar budget with a random episode from an anime with hundred of episodes.

>>508958245No you're right. In fact, and this also counts with western art from today, colors are so afraid to go dark. Your pic is a great example of that.

>>508953780bout spess kets

I'm at hardmode and I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing.I destroyed those altars and all I got was cobalt, then 3-4 days later skeletron showed up and 2 shot me and now several days later nothing is happening.What do I do

>>508959961I'm not criticizing the animation, i just don't like how shiny it is. Even normal anime back then weren't this shiny, everything is so much brighter nowadays.

>>508958898I'm the last person you need to say that too

>>508960153>I destroyed those altars and all I got was cobaltif you smashed more than one, look deeperif you smashed only one, smash at least two more and now several days later nothing is happening.>then 3-4 days later skeletron showed up and 2 shot meit happensexplore the underground hallow/evil biomes, talk to the guide a bit to see what you can do with your new ores and items

>>508960153Have you constructed an an arena to fight bosses in yet?

>>508960153Mine ores, make armor, kill bosses, repeat.

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>>508960408>appealing this hard to my exact fetishesI might return to this game after all. It’s been so long, I think I’ve missed three large updates at least.

>>508956202God those images are fucking godly.

It seems that all large map are concerned by this shit.Corruption in jungle.

Attached: map.png (8400x2400, 2.79M)

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Who needs wings when you have this?

Attached: Lava_Shark_Mount.gif (106x42, 5.7K)

>Trying to find cyan beetles for the dye>One spawns according to my radar>Walk around a little trying to find the thing>it despawns immediately

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>>508934678I actually like her, I just don't like her bloodmoon form. Logically speaking? We already had "furries" in the form of werewolves and Lezards are technically scalies. I guess mermen are too but that's besides the point. Furfaggotry and all, I can live with it. What I can't live with is fucking ponyfags. I'm keeping the Party Girl in a small commie cage in the far corner of hell so I never have to see her.

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>Learned that custom wavebanks are a thing>Proceeded to spend a couple of hours figuring out how the tracklist looks in 1.4 to make my own>Now have a bunch of Xenoblade music for everythingThis is pretty neat

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>>508960153Don't play classic.

i did the thing

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>>508962612Why not

>>508962569Beat me to it. This thing is fucking insane.

there are three kinds of people in this thread1. Newfags who just started playing2. People who have a decent amount of time and enjoy the game3. autists with thousands of hours screaming incoherently about torches

>>508962980me in the middle

>>508934678she is my wife

>>508958095I mean, since it's a reptile, you can still fuck males in the slit like a woman.

>>508962980>Not listing furfags posting the same images then wondering why the post gets deletedThose fagots are EASILY the biggest cancer in the threads.

>>508962980You forgot the people here to fap to the new anthro girl (me)

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>>508962980Oops, forgot one.

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how am I supposed to progress in pre-hardmode now without being able to rush meteor


>>508962676It was nerfed. So you're playing easy mode. You don't have 3rd phases for bosses and unique loot such as shield that grants you dash.


>Found baby shark pet very early on>Never changed it

>>508963416I never knew people as retarded as you existed until the made it so you cant get meteor before the first boss

Now I realize that huge empty space is to cheese the WoF with the lava shark

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>>508934678They definitely know what they've done there

>>508963347artist name?

>>508963285You're not just gonna post that pic and not sauce us up,are you?

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>>508953315it does make a difference but it does not stack, it uses the torch closest to you

>>508964248Looks like [Mizone] Kitsune no Yomeiri | A Fox Wedding

>>508964248pretty sure its page 4 on the wolf girl tag on nhentai

The only crimson enemies spawning are mimics and i need vitamins from the floaty grosses, what am i doing wrong?

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>Too lazy to dig holes to contain hallow/crimson spread

>>508964431I've been having a similar problem. Only Crimson Mimics and Blood Jellies show up, but Souls Of Night are still dropping from the other enemies. Do torches effect enemy spawn rates as well as drops?

>>508964041Dunno just reverse search the pic lol


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>>508964431Remove all torches in the area you are farming in and replace them with Crimson ones, you should have plenty on you.

>this entire thread

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Friendly reminder to keep feedback constructive

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You can shit on 1.4 all you want, but block swapping is the tightest shit ever. You can even block swap a chest full of stuff with another chest

>>508953883>Fuck off. I already modded it out.Teach us your ways, what's the mod name

>>508965470I tried telling people that the overall change in drop rates was super low but autists just kept going>REEEEE 30%

>>508965470What does it do to those 1% items like the megaphone? 1% is already fucking low enough as is.

>>508965470My Main problem is that every world that was already Made just got fucked

>>508966615At worst the item will have a 0.8% drop rate vs 1% if you are in the ice biome with regular torches and murdered a ladybugEverywhere else its more likely 0.85-0.9% when using normal torches in specific biomes

>>508963285that doujin is so good

>>508966615why would it act any different? a 1% item becomes a 0.95% with one bad torch types or 0.85% with 3 bad torch typese

>>508966871Not so bad but knowing they wasted dev time on this shit annoys me.

>>508966772if you already placed bad torches you can just place good ones without remove bad ones and still get a 105% droprate

>>508967158>wasted dev timeThis is like a single afternoon worth of work at most

>>508934678Imagine the smell. Fucking furries.

>>508967412oh god yes, describe it, keep talking

>>508967465It's fucking musky. Gross.

>>508967412>Imagine the smell fucking furries

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>>508965470I honestly appreciate that they aren't simply giving up and just deleting the feature because of the mob pressure, and are actually reading the good feedback (UI indicator would be excellent). It shows that they are open for suggestions and want to improve the game rather than giving up and going back to whatever they are secretly working on as fast as possible, and it's also important because I need my placebo effect while farming shit.

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>>508967582describe it more

>>508934678Based brown girls.

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>>508966615>1% is already fucking low enough as is.You kill mobs in mass compared to grindfest old mmos like L2. The speed of killing mobs is very high.