>DOOM, AAA game that sells millions and prides itself on being about mowing down tons of enemies>"We can only have like 10 enemies on screen at one time">Serious Sam, a game made by a small team of croatians>"hold my beer"

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nice youtube comment-tier thread

>falling for teaser trailer hypethe absolute state of this board

>>508928752>teaser trailer>there's at least 6 gameplay videos proving himr wrongdumb faggot.

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>>508928495Hopefully it will have the same level of graphic customization 3 had. Never seen anything like it.

>>508928495which ps2 musou game is this?

>no one>absolute no one>not even John Wick>OP: where is my cock?

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>>508928495>hold S, the game

>>508928495>prides itself on being about mowing down tons of enemiesnot really, the gameplay vids they released went into detail about how they made individual demons very dangerous with tons of moves and details. they didn't make it about hordes

i hope it runs well

are you serious?

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>>508929424Play through any SS game with just S I dare you.

Wait did they show SS4 today somwhere?

>>508933669store.steampowered.com/publisher/serioussam/sale/SeriousSamhere are some clips, they had a trailer on YouTube earlier which by itself was just silly, I don't know why they didn't include these interviewsI can't wait to pop five thousand enemies with a single bouncing cannon ball

>>508928495yeah but is it fun?

>>508928495Do these enemies have animations besides simple running and shooting? Do they have in-depth damage models?

>>508935542who cares, they're coming for you and you have big guns

Well it's cheap for me (6$) thanks to Steam conversion so I'll get it, but from the looks of it, it's still got the issue of the latest Serious Sam games "Lol just backpedal bro"

>>508936661>running back is complicated!Who are these people who can't move in a game? You want a stationary shooter?


>>508937287Is this bait? no it's not complicated, it's the opposite, it's way too easy and gets repetitive, It's fun for a few hours but then you realize how dull it is

>>508928495>The Doom Virgin>The Serious Chad

>>508928495It's a shame that the Serious Sam games suck.

>>508928495>DOOM is a quality game>Serious Sam is a shit gameThe important difference.

>>508938459Then don't do it. The only part where you need to backrun is the last wave of Corridor of Death. Maybe you are a shitter?

>wanted to discuss SS>apparently accidentally clicked on youtubeSee you in a better thread.

>>508940420Okay circle straffing then. user you may be missunderstanding me, I don't hate the Serious Sam games I love them! but they are not the pinnacle of FPS gameplay, they were fun time wasters I got for super cheap, that's all. And SS4 looks to be shaping up to be the same

>>508928495>"hold my beer"Only normies say that shit

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>>508941196>>508941328>>508941479What exactly are you trying to prove here? besides that you are a shitter that gotta play with cheats on

>>508940735considering how much doom is praised and how good this is compared to it it wouldnt be far fetched to say its one of the best FPS franchises

>>508940735Original DOOM didn't have much more options, so if you think Doom 2 slaughtermaps are bad as well, then be my guest.

>>508929424>Hold S>Kleers and were bulls just wreck your shit

>>508941196From this screenshot it looks like asset flip shovelware.

>>508928495wow this looks beyond amazing. Makes me feel like an excited kid. Based croatians

>>508929424Mate, you hold A and turn the mouse slowly.Serious Sam is legit fantastic

>>508940957>"hold my Kleer"better?


Did you know that the cannon can destroy demon projectiles?


It looks good but it also looks like it should've come out in 2014.

Looking forward to the secrets.

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Shit this chart will need to be redone.

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Which games do I play? I never played any of them. Name is actually Sam btw, but not serious.

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>>508943471it can give that impression

>>508948246it literally doesn't matter. You could start from one or pick one arbitrarily. they're all fun

>>508941196>>508941328>generic desert land Damn you sure showed him

>>508948246>The First Encounter (HD if you want, but some of the secrets don't work)>The Second Encounter (Same as above)>Serious Sam 2 if you really want to>BFEOutside of BFE, TFE and TSE (And Serious Sam 2), there's not really a strict canon, so feel free to play any of the spin offs too. They're fun.Except for Serious Sam Advance. Don't play that.

>>508948246First Encounter is the only one that doesn't overstay it's welcome.

>>508948574>>508948850So none of them really suck? Maybe I'll just start with 3.

Slavs are always based when it comes to games, this is just a fact. excluding Atomic Heart which is no doubt a scam. Looking forward to both Scorn and SS4, what other slavkino is coming out soon? No Stalker 2

>>508949207Witchfire which MAY turn out to be good but some of the latest reveals point in the opposite direction.

>>508948282Why are you posting Marathon in an SS thread?

>>508949432It was an oopsie. Wrong thread.

>>508928495EDF have more enemy count and destructible environment to boot amd their budget is several cup noodles, what's your point?

>>508941196>>508941328>>508941479Why does SS4 look, unironically, worse than SS3?

>>508928495Is it still called Planet Badass? I kinda hope it is

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>>508949630Are you serious?

>>508928495>superior movement with actual verticality and proper resource management Sam is good but DOOM Eternal really is on a different level.

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>>5089489892 has some fun gameplay, but the style and lolrandom humour is just a bit...much. Personally I'd say TFE and TSE are the best in the series, but I am nostalgia blind. 3 is some good fun too, although the first half is more COD and less Sam. Push yourself through until the Sphinx, then suddenly the Seriousness will appear.

>>508950090>superior movement with actual REAL verticality and proper resource managementDoom is good but Descent really is on a different level.

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>>508928823Lost a gameplay video that reflects what is in ops webmI just watched all the developer diaries and did not see the scene from the OP


>>508928945I learned more about graphical technicalities from googling the settings than ever in my entire life

it looks like something cooked up in g mod

>>508950802Plays about the same, except weapons feel worse.

>>508948989Don't start with BFE. BFE is the worst of the main ones.

>>508950802yeah it's just like spawning 250 combine vs 250 ant lion. that is the entirety of Serious Sam.

>>508949975OP is bragging enemy count in a game with small budget and I present a game with bigger enemy count in a game that have even smaller budget

>>508951561First present the number, then second I couldn't give a fuck. Good for you, your game is winner, ever thought you might like more than one game?


an open world slaughtermap. yawn

>>508947996I already redid it once, and I'll do it again when 4 comes out

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>zoomers hate serious samWhy am I not surprised?

Serious Sam has a much better concept than NuDoom, in my opinion of those who play FPS since Catacomb 3D. But Croteam has a serious problem with maintaining a quality standard, so it is common for games in the series to waste a lot of potential because of poor map design and balance decisions.


>>508940186>>DOOM is a quality gameImao

>>508938459Serious Sam has a lot of problems, but holding S and shooting is just a meme, not a real problem in the series.

>>508950090>>superior movement with actual verticality and proper resource management>dashes and doublejump>superior movement

>>508955060You forgot the monkey bars.

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>>508955060You forgot the chain hooks

>>508951774so you admit that OP comparison doesn't mean anything

>>508950645That's the thing, tho. So far, we never saw The player that legion of tens of thousands ennemies. We just saw what appear to giant waves ov NPC clashing together, but the player isn't involve. It could be anything, from a real time cutscene to a helicopter/vehicule section where you bomb shit from above. As fart as I know, they never show a gameplay part where you see the players shooting at this many enemies, so I'll stay cautious.

>>508955947what the fuck

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>>508928495Well the enemies in Serious Sam are pretty fucking brainless to compensate.

>>508956345You see that pile of corpses on the horizon? Good job Sam!

>>508955947Shit ... this looks terrible. And I'm not talking as the retarded casuals on this thread who think NuDoom is the pinnacle of FPSs, but as a fan of Serious Sam series.

>>508956238No, that does mean something. Doom has a flaw where old school swarms of enemies are not possible. I don't even know why you had to bring your shit up.

>le hold my beer le le le haha le greentextyoutu.be/pe1Hgtjm7Rg

>>508956345There's a normal level in the middle but the surroundings are made semi-procedrually, eliminating the need for normal level boundaries like invisible walls or GET BACK TO THE BATTLEFIELD, DIPSHIT! messages.

>>508955060You forgot glory kill clipping


>>508956345Yes.I'm trying to find the .webm of the hills flyover.


>>508956345Here it isyoutu.be/tFPIhYAN5t8?t=48

>>508956345>Yay can't wait to explore the vast empty fields of nothingesAnd I thought the days of big ubishit tier empty worlds were over.

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>>508950090>proper resource managementyou mean spamming abilities with cooldowns and chainsawing everything because ammo is fuck-scarce?

>>508957542Dude there's gonna be 1 secret every m2

>>508950327If all the directions are the same it's not really verticality IMO.Verticality is fun because it's not traversed in the same way the horizontal axes are.

>>508957595And after mastering simple mechanics, you have infinite ammo for the entire game ... At least in games where you are required to collect ammunition from the ground, you need to deal with the environment/arena and wepaon choice more strategically.

>>508956340>as fart as I know

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>>508957109lmao is this supposed to be impressive? you can do the same in google maps lol


>exclusive to stadia and steam

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>>508928495What kind of CPU do you think you'll need for this?

>>508958559Apparently it works pretty well on mid-range systems.

>ahha teehee it's going to be so fun to kill hundreds of completely braindead enemies in a row like that!there's a reason musou games aren't very popular, user

>bethesdrones still on full damage controlkek

>>508941196wow, you showed him?

Why do I keep seeing this >first, second encounter shitWtf is that? I played serious Sam on the original Xbox. I remember you go from Egypt, to fighting the giant bull on the pyramid, to castles and shit and finally fighting mental at his castle church. Is that the same?

>>508950090>>superior movement with actual verticality and proper resource managementnot on the level of doom,quake,duke,blood but hey, at least compared to serious sam and modern AAA-gaming it doesn't suck ass.

>>508957109They should tone down the bloom and replace those shitty jpg clouds

>>508959757The Encounter games were the original PC versions and twl separate games.The Xbox release was both slapped together with added silly cutscenes, levels chopped up because the console couldn't handle such large levels and some parts removed.

So, according to their Discord the graphics are still not finished so this is going to be the same as with SS3 and Talos where it'll get some (probably) massive changes and polish until release during the final moments.

>>508955947>Rodriguez, Jones, HellfireOk but what about the disco afro dude stuck inside the window

>timed stadia exclusivelmfao

>>508928495>Stadia™ exclusiveSimply Epic™.

>>508941328>barrel points into the ground>there's a crosshair literally showing where the gun should be pointing because that's where the bullets will go regardless

>>508928495>prerendered bullshitMeanwhile the actual gameplay has no more than 20 enemies at once.

>>508950645Why you link the 2 year old trailer footage?They keep talking about >10 000 enemies at onceYet they still have to show more than 15. Where is that big gameplay exactly?

>>508928495Serious Sam is a terrible game though. The game is ENTIRELY just >strafe backwards in a circle inside of a large, open area while shooting at bad guysThat is the entire game. Oh, sure, sometimes you have to walk to the next arena and there is a little trap or power up but the game is 99% that. It isn't fun and it doesn't even have cool weapons. It is generic shit. The coolest thing it has is the cannon and thats it.

>>508962347>Why you link the 2 year old trailer footage?huh?

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>>508958559There are games that look better with bigger maps that work fine on a mid range cpu.

>>508957109>clouds are just an jpg photokekSeems pretty primitive desu, there are countless games doing entire planets or star systems, and even games like assassin creed odyssey have like 200 square miles of hand made content

>release it on Steam because that's where 99.9% of your fanbase is>Epic isn't an option and your toe-dip with Talos Principle on it gave you zero sales plus you get tons of brownie points from your fanbase by ignoring them>current consoles are on their way out and it'll take a while until next gen, not to mention that your games are mostly popular on PC and console versions are mostly just afterthoughts>implant your own CTO into a company known to consist of morons that toss money at everything and secure exclusivity deals for easy extra dosh without really pissing anyone worth your time offholy fucking keikaku

>>508962538>huh?The video is new, but that battle footage is the short teaser we got when the game was announced Stop acting the retard, all new footage shows 10-20 enemies max

>>508963195Smart like a fox eh? Get google to effectively fund the studio for a bit.

The denuvo rootkit in Doom Eternal is getting removed, so Serious Sam 4 is already obsolete.

>>508964980Not if Sam 4 launches with mod tools.

>>508935298It will be with 16 other autists with hitscan weapons against Mental's horde.

>>508966852>16 other autistsanon...

>Nobody>Absolutely nobody>I must accentuate that absolutely nobody>Not even Keanu Reeves >Not even Big Chungus>Not even OP's mom sucking my dick>Not even OP's dad watching >OP:

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>>508928495I don't think my toaster will be able to handle this. I hope they make a second Talos Principle after this.