Wonderful 101

How is everyone enjoying your playthroughs of the best Wii U title

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Looks like the bar was really low.

I love the game, but I had forgotten how much bullshit it can throw at you sometimes. Particularly during those rail shooter sections

Pretty good so far, 50 hours in.

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>>508927714>platinum paragonpost final results

secret mission 005 can fuck off

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>>508927873I play with controller, just didn't bother to get it for this.I'll retry hard mode 2-C at some point.

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>Operation 003-C>not even halfway through the gamethis is LONG

Played it on WiiU and have a toaster so I'm just content waiting for my physical copy and enjoying how many new people can enjoy the game. I'm excited to unlock more characters than I did the first time. I am legit so happy that this game has made a comeback.

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>>508927142It's nice that I can actually see what the fuck I'm doing this time.

>>508927142I thought this was retard nintentoddlers spamming but this has been pretty good

Having trouble getting used to the controls Also enemy attacks are hard to read is there a way to get a better view or camera angle? I've played the shit out of bayonetta dmc and mgr but this is hard to figure outAlso are there different attacks if I press the attack button with delays like bayo or dmcHow do I stay in the training mode during the loading screens

>>508930816Also does whatever leader you have selected do anything or is it just cosmetic

>>508930816>Also enemy attacks are hard to read is there a way to get a better view or camera angle? You can zoom out the camera by holding L for about a second.>Also are there different attacks if I press the attack button with delays like bayo or dmcNo, but you can unlock extra moves for each weapon type (stinger, rising and cyclone).>How do I stay in the training mode during the loading screensYou can't.>Also does whatever leader you have selected do anything or is it just cosmeticMostly cosmetic. Larger leaders can move enemy weapons faster. Some postgame unlocks give you new characters who actually give you extra skills if they're the leaders.

I think what i like most about these threads are players who have no idea what they're doing and people are actually helping them gitgud. wonderful job

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>>508930816The move list is pretty simple, no delay attacks like Bayonetta. You can zoom in and out by holding L/R. The "training room" is just the old loading descend, pretty much pointless more with how fast the game loads. Changing leaders lets you level up individual ones more quicker, which will give you more moves for those weapons, and more overall health, but is otherwise cosmetic.

>>508930816>Having trouble getting used to the controlsYou and everybody else. The first playthrough is a tutorial with a story, don't stress mastering the game until you go back for better ranks/tackle harder difficulties/go for unlockables>Also enemy attacks are hard to read is there a way to get a better view or camera angle?Hold L/L1/left bumper.>I've played the shit out of bayonetta dmc and mgr but this is hard to figure outIt's a game with dozens of little gameplay quirks that are simple by themselves but you're supposed to slowly incorporate into your natural gameplan simultaneously.>Also are there different attacks if I press the attack button with delays like bayo or dmcNo. Every Unite Morph is pretty simple. You'll eventually get a Rising, Cyclone, and Stinger for all the main ones except Bomb just by using them and leveling up the Wonderful Ones.>How do I stay in the training mode during the loading screensYou can't, which is a shame, although they don't dump any real enemies in them like Bayo's.>>508930950>Also does whatever leader you have selected do anything or is it just cosmeticThe leader gains XP at a faster rate, which will get you the extra moves for each morph a little faster. Also once you find all 100 Wonderful Ones and max them out you get a special technique. Also if your leader at the moment is muscular or fat then your movement speed doesn't slow when carrying enemy weapons.

>>508930816>Also enemy attacks are hard to read is there a way to get a better view or camera angle?You can zoom out the camera with L / L1.>How do I stay in the training mode during the loading screensYou can't. That wasn't a problem on Wii U since load times were long.>Also does whatever leader you have selected do anything or is it just cosmeticIt helps raise their level faster, which unlocks new moves. Also big leaders can walk at normal speed while carrying enemy weapons.

>>508930816big leaders carry weps fasterswap out your leaders for every wep frequentlyranking them all unlocks more slots for custom blockscustom blocks let you add bayonetta, viewtiful joe, and mgr:r mechanics to your gameplay, respectively. (Witch(Hero) time, Ukemi, and Hero Counter(MGR Parry system)really good shit

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I have all the custom blocks in the shop, but the bottle cap is still locked for me on PC version.Bros?

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>>508927142Got 8 bottle caps left. Probably gonna grind out the veggies before finishing Hard mode.

>>508932406You need the one from Operation 101, which unlocks after beating all the Kahkoo-Regah on Normal, Hard, and 101% Hard.

>>508932956rofl WHAT

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>>508933819Yeah, you get a custom block that is gives infinite energy I think.

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>>508927142I've arrived to operation 009 and decided to rest, next thing I know my controller isn't recognized. What the hell happened ?

>>508937959Probably restart Steam if you're relying on the Steam drivers. I have to do that every time I turn on SteamVR.

Does platinum Paragon count the results across every difficulty or do you have to get all platinums on the same difficulty?

Can you use a switch pro controller on steam wired? I've been playing with bluetooth but all I have is a cheap bluetooth adapter and if any object gets between my controller and the adapter it becomes unresponsive. I tried for a while to just connect with the usb-c cable when I started and had no luck.

>>508938621All on the same difficulty.

>>508938806Yeah, that's what I've been using.To enable it you have to plug it in, go into big picture, settings, then enable pro controller support.

>>508938930In that case I'm doing it on my 101 run. I want the clout from getting all pure platinum and beating 101 at the same time immortalized on my steam account.

>>508939109No luck, it says no controllers detected and my PC in general doesn't recognize that I've plugged anything in.

>That part in 006-B where Blue apologizes to the team for being a dick and wants everyone to hit him to make it up to them>The bottom right objective is "Sock it to Blue!">If you make a unite hand that's too small he has special dialogue for it and makes you do it again>The bottom right objective changes to "Sock it to Blue harder!"

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how's the switch version?

>>508939875Worse than the other versions but a little better than the Wii U version.

>doing the shmup on very easy>falling asleep because it's very easy>get to the part with the rotating platform you have to bomb (which is like the last part before the boss)>stop paying attention and get crushed>have to redo the whole thingthis shmup should have either moved like 300% faster or been 1/4 the length.

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>>508939504Now I have to go through all that again just to punch him, thanks, Wonder user.

Does anybody have good tips on how to deal with Vorkken.I don't like how he is seemingly able to use unite guts on your sword and whip but you can't do the same to him, honestly just the whole when and where to dodge or use unite guts is super confusing and when and how to attack too.I know it is probably super easy when you figure it all out but i couldn't help to feel really frustrated after the second fight.

>>508927142Bought it last night, I'm having a blast. I'm pretty bad, but I've watched saur's videos about the techniques so I at least have an idea of what to aim for to improve. About the only thing that I don't understand so far is how to use the glider, I can form the shape just fine but I can't control it for shit.

>>508932126TW101 counter system is just the Bayonetta one, it's even the same input

>>508941371You can only guts his hand and hammer attacks.When vorkken's just running around you should be attacking his team instead of him to knock them out to limit what he can do. I'm pretty sure he can only do his geathjerk monster morph with all 100 of his team active.Vorkken's only truly vulnerable after he attacks. Either after you guts his fist/sword or successfully dodge one of his other morphs. You can launch him too to try to get a couple extra hits on him before me moves, but he dodges out of launchers quickly.If you try attacking him while he's just running around, that's when he'll suddenly do shit like gutsing your attacks or whipping out instead whip and claw attacks, so again just focus on knocking out team members until he does something.

>>508941485If you dip too much you fall too fast, and bobbing up does nothing if you're going slow. So what you do is briefly dip down to get extra speed, then you can bob up to regain height. If you do it with the right rythm you go fast without losing very much height. It's not too hard.

>>508942265Huh, that's what I've been trying to do but I just keep losing altitude. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

>>508942475I wouldn't worry about it too much, honestly. I don't think you need to do precise movements for the glider in those sections where you can lose altitude.

>>508942778Ah, alright. It hasn't really been important yet to be able to control the glider well, but I was afraid there'd be a more demanding glider section later on.

>>508932956Do you need to Plat them all too?

>>508942083Thank you man.I have one last question, is team attack useful against him?

>>508943064No, just beat.

>>508942898There's like one part in 003-B where you have to do the glider and avoid some aggressive projectiles but it's not impossible. Most of the time when the game makes you use the glider and avoid something challenging it just changes the controls so you can move around on the screen at will.

>>508943072team attack can disable his members yeah, but it costs you your members as well so I couldn't say how worth it that trade off is.

How well does kb+m work? I always prefer it but can use a controller if it's leaps and bounds better.

>>508930816Here's a couple of guides that used to be shared in the old wii u threadsyoutube.com/playlist?list=PLrwWQGfD4d7H_r3hkL6xsJRbQK_R5Du0yFound a lot of it very useful

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>>508943527Drawing with the mouse is kind of finnicky and doesn't seem to be working right. It might be a good control option if they improve it but for now using a controller is way better.

>>508942083>guts his fist/swordfist/hammer, I mean.

>sometimes you start with 4 batteries in 101% difficultyI dont like this

>>508944068Once you start realizing what's going on in 101%, the battery changes is a bigger challenge than not having time stop.

Maybe it's because I've played the game half a dozen times, but I really don't get the complaints about the genre shifts the game pulls.I'll agree Pure Platinum will be hell because of those mission types, but then again it's not required.

>>508944328We've had some people complaining about the fucking wall climbing traversals the other day. It's just people being stupid.Sure some of them get pretty obnoxious when replaying or doing score runs, like that 002-B cough-foon hijacking, shmups or the space harrier, but complaining about absolutely everything is ridiculous, a little variety isn't going to kill a person.I think the people that just want action games to be nothing but an enemy gauntlet need to stick to bloody palace.

>>508944328personally, a few of the bossfights are quite bad cause the constant change of formats and cutscenes and QTEs really break the flow of the entire fight

Wait so all the kakooh regahs are spread across the multiples difficulties or can you find them all on normal? There's one in every non boss mission right?

>>508944217Honestly going through hard now I kind of wish I could turn slow down off so I'm looking forward to that

>>508945880You can find them all on normal, they just have different challenges on hard and 101%.And yeah there's one on every non-boss mission except for 009-A

>>508945880The locations are the same in Normal, Hard and 101% Hard, but the contents are different between difficulties.Also yes, almost every non-boss stage has 1. The exceptions are 9-A, which doesn't have any, and 9-B which has two.

>>508946079>>508946103Is there a place where I can see which ones I've completed or do I have to replay the mission to see the little flag?

Keep improving bros, we're all gonna get 101% Completion.I believe in you

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>>508946286There's bottle caps for finding all the KRs in an operation, so that's a start. Check which operations you didn't find them in. You could also check the total results screen to see if there's any gaps in your level scores, that might be a KR or a secret mission.

>Still no Steam page up for us eurofags>Backers already played it 2 weeks ago'You had the chance of a lifetime to have a cult classic actually get some decent sales and exposure and you fucked it up Platinum.

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>>508946286In the final results screen you can see your score in each stage, including the individual score for any mission inside it.Go through them and check where you have "empty" spots, those are either kahkoo regahs or secret missions.The second KR of 9-B is the final mission, so you probably won't notice you missed it at first.


>>508945881Yeah, I wish there were some way of turning it off early with like a custom block or something like the accesory in bayo that replaced witch time with some useless shit.It's definitely really useful as training wheels, but the flow of combat improves tenfold without the time stop.


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how do you reply to people im a hardcore gamer, too many capcha

So to someone who has it on the Wii U, what's the difference between it and say the title on PC? How do the mechanics works now that you had to "draw" it?


>>508947347load times are instant as opposed to 30 seconds, PC is rocksolid 60fps even on toasters with the 60fps patch and the PiP options are way better for dual screen sections.

>>508940927Also make it so getting crushed by autoscroller doesn't instakill you (just void out and take a bit of damage like literally every other hazard in the game).

>>508947347using the right stick, since you dont control the camera, you draw all your inputs with the right stick, it takes some getting used to, but once it clicks its far superior to drawing on the tablet

wait, the team attack is a lockon?

>>508947587>>508947643any new content or qol changes?

>>508947751No other new content aside from the orchestral remixes but there's plans for DLC from the kickstarter. And yeah there's new PiP options as QOL changes.

>>508946286Look up which figures you get from each kahkoo-regah and see if you have them. Checking final results works, but only if you didn't save over your run where you did it with one where you didn't, it also won't tell you if the kahkoo-regah is the last mission in the operation, which happens multiple times. The bottlecaps are only for finding them, and only one one difficulty, and it doesn't tell you on which difficulty it was that you found them all.

>>508947643Wii U has the option to draw with the right stick. That's how I played it years ago and prefer it much more over the tablet.

>>508947751Unite Spring and Unite Guts had their prices changed so they're so cheap you have no excuse not to get them first thing. The Wii U bottom screen segments are placed as a picture-in-picture on the top now, so you can pull that up when you want.The Kickstarter had some new content though so that'll be added down the line, first thing is Time Attack I believe.

alright wonderful bros. time to show off a bit

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>>508947706yes, and it can also stun enemies

>>508947751Guts and spring are cheaper. You have to buy multi-unites now.Recruitment cutscenes (Pink, White, etc) on repeated playthroughs.The Won-Stoppable Wonderful 101 and Tables Turned have been replaced witch orchestral arrangements.

>>508947587> 60fps patchWhat? This isn't a thing, right? I thought it had native 60fps


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>>508941485>>508942265I found the best way to control it well is to hold forward/down constantly and occasionally hold the jump button to gain height.Importantly, you need to be holding the glider in the down direction when you press the button to rise, or it won't gain much height. The direction to hold down is the direction the glider is facing.

Has documentation for this game improved at all? Previous searches for secret characters only gave me the codes to get them, not the bottle caps.

>>508927714How's the PC port?

>>508948248There's a bug, so it's stuck on 59fps

>>508948248There's a bug that makes it run at 59fps, the patch just fixes that. It also lets you uncap the framerate, but game logic is tied to framerate so it breaks above 60.

>>508948248It has frame pacing issues so it mostly stays at 59 fps.cookieplmonster.github.io/2020/05/16/silentpatch-wonderful-101/This fixes it and locks it to 60 fps.

>>508948248It tries to have native 60FPS but there's a bug in the frame limiter like the rest of Plat's PC ports so it's actual 59fps and can fluctuate

>>508947706yes and you will launch to that enemy when you attack. think team unite morphs does the same but don't quite remember. long time since I played this

>>508948289It will in like a month when I finish my collectible, bottle-cap, and secret character guide videos, if someone else doesn't do it sooner. There's a written collectible guide that goes by operation now that, rather than the old gamefaqs guide that had every collectible type listed separately.

>>508948618Multi unites do lock on as well.

Someone help me out here, is it most optimal to always have a unite up? Should I basically never be a guy without a giant weapon? Also should the formation be as big as possible everytime? And lastly, should I just always be mashing team attack when I'm fighting something?

>>508948091>>508948249how in the fuckhow useful is unite big

any point to using one a non-main cast character as leader? Do some have special bonuses or something?

>>508948289The game literally tells you the bottle caps you need. There's a bunch of guides out there that number them and tell what the secret ones are.

>>508949231You unlock more moves if you level them up, and gain more vitality

>>508949367woah shit like new unite shapes?

>>508949308>description: ??? all the ??? in ??? using ???

>>508949010>Someone help me out here, is it most optimal to always have a unite up?No, that would make you slow as hell. Learning how to draw fast is key>Also should the formation be as big as possible everytime?No, it uses too much battery. Find a good middleground and mainly use big ones when the enemy is stunned>And lastly, should I just always be mashing team attack when I'm fighting something?Pretty much, unless they have spikes ofc. The stunn and lock on is extremely good

>>508949439There's two new shapes you can get that way, but it's mainly how you get more HP, more custom slots, and more special attacks (stinger/rising/cyclone)

>>508949010There's no reason to have a unite morph out unless you're using it for something, like attacking or blocking something or parrying some special move. Every unite morph above the minimum size has a timer attached to it, so if you draw a big morph and then just sit around with it, you're wasting time until it shrinks and you'll have wasted batteries. You also move slower with a unite morph out using most leaders.Larger weapons deal more damage but have downsides. They swing slower, they don't last as long before shrinking back to the smallest size, it's easier to hit something you don't want to hit, like enemy armour, and because you deal more damage, enemies will die quicker and you'll get fewer combo points. You have to balance big damage and big combo for good scores, if you care about that.If the enemy is already stunned, mashing team attack has negligible benefits, but you should be using it periodically even during long juggles because it'll make it easier to target the enemy.

>>508949231Post game unlockable characters have special properties to their morphs. Like Ice Whip or Fire Claws.

>>508939504Doesn't he say something different if you sock him with a 100 man morph on the first punch, too?

>>508949439Only for Unite Gun I believe. But you will learn stinger, spin and uppercut with all weapons too

>>508949578thanks amigo

>>508949439there's secret heroes with unique unites you can unlock after your first playthroughif you level all your heroes you get more slots for custom blocks

>>508949614ah, I see. Man the game is awesome so far but it really doesnt explain much of this, or if it did I must have missed it.

>about to play this on 101% difficultyI cant do this bros. Not againAnd I only have 83 members so no Wonderful Forever cheese either

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>>508945280The thing that burns my ass is that W101's combat system has enough wiggle room for plenty of variety without needing to resort to minigames, as demonstrated by the Kahkoo-Regahs, the seesaw fights, the 002-B hijacking, and so on.

>>508949852>not even getting the full team and a few secret characters before tackling 101% hardits your own fault


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>>508949615damn, despite its simple controls this game actually has a few layers of balancing stuff if you want to get a high score. And none of this gets into optimizing when to be in sword and when to be in hand

>>508949835When you unlock a new skill, it pauses the game with a huge pop up showing it, and it tells you the weapon rank up that was the reason. You can also see the ranks in the radar screen as well as the thresholds to the next unlocks.

the cross bow is bullshit to draw

>>508949852Have fun

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>>508949852Best advice I can give you is to spam naginata and only naginata to block the bullets, and keep options alive as long as possibleYou at least have naginata right

>>508945280agreed. The combat would run out of steam if there were absolutely nothing to break it up. Personally, I prefer minigames and varied challenges to metroidvania platforming and key finding, but thats me

>>508950168>not just drawing whip whenever you want crossbow and relying on the fact that you'll fuck up and get crossbow anyway

>>508949835nah, the game just doesn't explain a lot of things at all, it really puts a lot of trust into the player to figure out things for themselves.

>>508950168>doing a combo>"hey now would be a good time for a bowgun shot to blow these suckers up">spend so long trying to draw a heart that my combo dropsAt least you literally never have to use it, but god damn is doing the shape hard.

>>508949852Spam goggles. Next best thing.If you dont have him, get practicing on the epilogue Kakhoo

>>508950249I don't

>>508949917The best minigame imo was that drilling section, since you can use your morph on it and it gives you plenty of ways to use your morphs in familiar ways while also getting new gameplay. It's like the equivalent of the shmup in Viewtiful Joe.

>>508949231Fat/muscular leaders move at normal speed while holding enemy weapons.

>>508950386you should use multi-unites to extend your combo activity if you want to draw something you're not confident you can get in a split second.

>>508950398please refer to >>508950197 if you haven't already

jesus christ when you complete epilogue there's not one but TWO unskippable credits sequencesi just wanted to unlock goggles fuck OFF

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>>508950583Is there any downside to being a fatty?

>>508950168Draw a hand, then abort it halfway through and start drawing another hand. That's what I do. Maybe it's only consistent for me because I draw my Unite Hand's like a fucking mutant.

>>508927142fuckin switch version needs new system firmware. god damnit

>>508950658You can skip the remastered staff credits.

>>508950658The base game credits can't be skipped, but the credits about the remaster can.

Do I get anything if I run the timer and draw a bigger shape on the scripted unite morphs on fights other than a few extra money?

>>508950387>>508950658How do I unlock Goggles? Get a platinum in Kahkoo Regaa in the epilogue? Where is it located?

>>508950525I think everyone agrees that's the best one and 006-B is irredeemable dogshit due to being an autoscroller.

>>508950887No, it's just for bonus cash.

I can't stop laughing when playing this game because of how absurd it gets. >UNITE, ULTRA PLATINUM

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>>508939504>Reason with blue.....using your fists!!

>>508950168Instead of thinking "heart", just pretend you're outlining Immorta's ass.

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>>508931665How do I level my wonderfuls without making them a leader? It gets pretty tedious switching them around

>>508950893There's a hatch you can hammer on top of one of the bus compartments and drop down into to find the kahkoo-regah. There's one in the prologue in the same spot. Wonder-Goggles has several unlock requirements, like all secret characters, but the only two you aren't likely to have done just by finishing the game is locating the epilogue kahkoo-regah, and completing a punch-out boss without taking damage. The epilogue kahkoo-regah asks you to do the 005-C punch-out boss without taking damage, but it doesn't actually count for the latter requirement, you have to actually go to 005-C (or god forbid 008-C) and do the fight damageless there.

>>508950658>They say in the KS that the game won't have a backer credits roll due to time constraints>They still added in a new credits roll for the remaster team that's clearly just an MP3 file some intern slapped together in an afternoon

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>>508950893Meet the Wonderful 100! - Complete the prologueKa-boing! - Repel 10 attacks using Unite GutsFinders Keepers (Epilogue) - Find all the Kahkoo-regah in the EpilogueTranscendent Teamwork - Use the Wonder-Liner to activate Unite Morph 100 timesAspiring Morpher - Obtain three special Unite MorphsPunch-Out! - Complete a giant robot boxing match without taking damage

>>508927142I just started but I suck so bad and don't know what the hell I am doing. Just when I thought I was getting the hang of things I had to face that asshole Prince guy and I cannot tell what the fuck is going on with all the shit happening on screen.

>>508951178Some of those objectives are pretty amusing, maybe on my easy playthrough I'll try to pay attention to them and write down the ones that are funny.

>>508950893either unlock Kamiya or Luka through bottle cap achieves or spend a couple mil o-parts platinumgames.com/official-blog/article/6933the code changed for PC, xbox controller its down up down left right y a x b (d-pad, holding RT), you'll hear the platinum jingle and a popup will show you bought itgo to your bottle cap collection and go to the secrets tab to see the achieves for all 15 secret wonderful ones

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>>508951324Yeah that's normal, just keep it up and you'll get it soon.

>>508950893>>508951218As a tip, if you're struggling mightily with the Punch-Out bottle cap, you can do 5C on Very Easy and it becomes much easier.

Are the pc/keyboard controls any good? Trying with a 360 and it works but keeps pausing for about 5 seconds between attacks

>>508951432Oh I should also add:Kamiya has the strongest goggles but instant Game Over/Continue? if you take one hit

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>>508951801Kamiya is the absolute slowest character with a morph out too iirc. Slower than the fucking babies lol

>>508951758keyboard controls are kind of alright but your mileage may vary with how well drawing using the mouse works.

Is that fucking DRILL chest hair?

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>>508951801>dude fuck my sister lmaoWhy is he so based?

People are just impatient, they want to get everything on their first try. Unpredictable set pieces work very much against this type of players.

>>508951432You can use the cards too right?So can I choose which one to buy when I enter the stage and the code? Or is it random/in order?

>>508952570Nope, it has to be O-parts. You get the price deducted from your total imediately if you can afford it. The characters go by pack, and there's 4 packs of characters Newcomers, Centinels, Invaders and Bayonetta

>>508952413No, that's the Zerg symbol

>>508952773There's 51 -Nelson, Alice, Shirogane2 -Vorkken, Immorta, Chewgi3 -Arthur, Kid Red, Nelson(Wonder-Red)4 -Luka, Kamiya, Viewtiful Joe5 -Bayonetta, Jeanne, Rodinalso >>508952413it fucking IS this game is ridiculous

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>>508927142I'm loving it but goddam there's something about the controls I just can't wrap my head around.

>>508953213Oh right yeah the flashback pack


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>>508953224Anything you can put into a question? It is a lot to consider and learn.

I just remembered to make a high quality webm out of my all time favourite scene in videogame history

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I probably should make a combat guide on Steam because most of the complaints a I've read about using the right stick are so fucking ridiculous, but I'm too busy to working on a big project at the moment.

>>508951432Cant get the code to work. I have 5 mil parts

>>508954254Imagine not knowing that Wonder Red is the greatest protagonist of all time. It must be a sad life.

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>>508951801>>508952015It isn't even that much stronger, it just stays out for longer.

>>508951242The port was done last year. The KS was for self-publishing the game, and the legalese around the credits probably couldn't get hammered out in time.

>>508954594i know ppl hate this repsonse but make sure you're putting it in correctly, i tried to figure it out for like 4 days cause theres no info online about remaster code, (d-pad, while holding RT)down up down left right y a x b i used it 4 times already and im about to get bayo

>>508948091>>508948249Jesus fucking Christ.

>>508947751>>508947940>>508948054>>508948205Restarting Kahkoo-Regahs don't count against you in your Operation Rank, and the load times are absurdly faster, on PC, they are moderately faster on the other versions.

Was watching a stream of the Switch version last night and that version seems a lot smoother than Digital Foundry made it out to be. What gives?

>took way too long to figure out that I have to turn the 3 pillars to cool down that lump of lava>WHERE ARE THE REAL HEROES?

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>meet Vorkken for the first time>he checks his weird guide book>Wonder Red: Hand over that book immediately I have no idea why that made me laugh

>>508955104Ive tried like 10 times. Maybe I dont have enough cash? Im at the start of the epilogue and trying it out. Want to unlock goggles

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>>508948205I just noticed how using healing items won't count as item used. Does leaving out the no items bonus ruin your grade anyway?

>energy charge at 200 percentGod I love Alice.

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>>508955696Dude, forget the book.

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>>508954585>looking at the steam reviews>basically every negative review is from people who played for less than 2 hours and complain about the learning curve>except for the one review from a guy who seems to have left his game open for 5 hours while writing a giant shitpost review that looks like a copy/paste from Holla ForumsThe reviews complaining about the KBM controls are pretty fair though. Even if the game is better with a gamepad, there are KBM controls that seem at least a little well thought out, yet drawing really doesn't feel like it's working right.

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>>508956196The KBM criticism is fair, but I also ascribe to the "right stick" is best for this and a controller is best for most non-first person/non-shooty action games.

>>508956196>want to get claws>get whip instead

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>>508950752that sounds like a good idea, I'll give it a shot

>>508955732you should try start of prologueepilogue you do the code after the cutscene where the car disconnects

Anyone else waiting for their physical copies?

>>508956402Make sharper changes to the stick.

guys i think im retarded, im trying to pure plat all my prologues real quick but the enemies keep dying way too fast, even when i limit my team to 20 members i can't get a big enough combo for PP

>>508956386There was one review saying being forced to use the right stick is shit and the game controlled better on a touch padfucking lol

>>508956468Thanks user!

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>>508957047Use gun to increase the combo multiplier.

>>508957047let them hit you so you can get the bonus from using guts then attack stunned enemies.


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>>508957165gun also instantly kills, no double power badge equipped>>508957212trying this

>>508957047Guts, gun and claw are your friends.

this is a really dumb question but can you change the difficulty?

>>508957521Yes, open the second screen in the stage select screen and you can choose from there.

>>508957521Go to the operation select and pull up the subscreen with Select or whatever, where you can adjust it.

>>508957380all of those literally kill them instantly for silver combo>>508957212this worked first try

>>508957521Yes. On the Operation select screen press select to bring up the second screen. Then use the right stick to change difficulty.

>>508957521Difficulty select is on the subscreen during the operation select screens, bring it up with select. You control it with the right stick. You can pick how many members you start missions with too.

>>508957349>>508957635What difficulty was this on?

>>508957613>>508957630thanks anons, i was in mission and thats why it wasnt there

>>508927142I liked W101 on WiiU, but it wasnt even the best Platinum game on the system.

>>508957908very easy, im going for pure plat all 5 difficulties and was getting my unskippable cutscenes out of the way

I've been wanting to pick it up on the Switch but I'm waiting for the physical release in June. How's the port? Heard it was kinda iffy on both Switch and Steam. Don't give a shit about PS4 desu.

114 tonne waifu!

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>>508958341steam was flawless for me, as long as youve got a gamepad, switch is supposedly about the same as wiiu, still drops frames in big fights

>>508958341I've had one random crash with the steam port but other than that it seems fine

>>508958341Steam needs a small patch to get proper 60fps but performance wise it's pretty perfect. KBM controls aren't very good though and some parts seem to crash sometimes, though the only bad part is 007-B (which is really annoying because there's like 3 points where it can crash randomly)I'm really hoping they get an update for this out soon.

>>508958341No problems for most people, but there was an user having issues on 007B yesterday. I've heard some people crash in the credits. The game has the same bug that causes it to run at 59fps instead of 60, but there's a patch out there for it.

>>508958341I'm on switch, had the game crash earlier during wonder pink's intro.

>unite gun>clip through floorWas this an issue in the Wii U version?

>>508948289Gamefaqs has a collectibles/unnockables guide including secret characters.

I absolutely love what i have played of the game.But i absolutely hate how expensive shit is in the store, at this point, the only people playing the game are kamiya fans lol, why can't the game trust us with the tools since the beginning.I feel like nobody who would legit be overwhelmed and ignore stuff is playing this game now

>>508931630from the leaders, to the other CENTINELs, to the civilianswe're a team

>>508960203make credit cards bruh

Can you set the "gamepad" screen on a second montor?I hate PIP mode


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>>508960742I've heard they're going to add support for this in a patch.

>>508960742I would love to know as well. That would be dope.

>>508960742there's no multi monitor support yet

>>508951218Man I fucking hate the punch out minigame. I'm so bad at it. Wish you could just retry the fight for the bottlecap without going through the preceding five minutes of other stuff.

>>508960203>make unite guts and spring free>make multi unite insanely expensiveT-Thanks Kamiya

>>508960965I think the epilogue had the Kahkoo-regah where you have to do punch-out without getting hit. You could practice there.

>>508960965Seriously, all you gotta do is put it on Very Easy, hold block until he throws his first punch because that happens sometimes, then mash his face in relentlessly. Literally, just button mashing even while he's guarding until he goes down. He won't retaliate and he will take damage if you change jabs to hooks every now and then.

>>508960742>>508960954>Patch will probably come after completing my steam playthrough and moving to my physical switch version or not at all.Diplomacy has failed

>>508961454Why would you switch to the switch version for long term play if your computer can run it

>>508948249Bro I need tips for the escape sequence in 9c it's the only thing I still have trouble with. Pls

>learn Wonderful Card is a thing just now>mfw I've been wasting my peppers on consumables cause I couldn't figure out how to see what the mix results did and I assumed they all just did something in combat

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>>508960832>>508960954Source for this? thats extremely hype news if true

>stand under a giant enemy crab on very easy>literally just all my member's idle attacking it is enough to delete it's health bar in 5 secondsjfc this difficulty is nonsense

>>508962515Park Vorkken's ship in the bottom right corner, only a single laser can touch it there.That way you can focus on using the VV to clear the rubble and avoid lasers.

>>508962684The KS lists ultra wide support is planned for the PC version. You can set the game to ultra wide resolutions already but it kind of messes with things.

>>508962524First time I played the game I didn't even find out about them until I already bought everything.Explore the menus in your games, kiddos. There's stuff in the

>>508962850hold up am i retarded what's ultrawide support got to do with being able to put it on another monitor? i aint got an ultrawide an i aint buyin one

>>508962750when does the laser hit the bottom right corner?

>>508962992How do you actually see the descriptions for the mixer results anyway? For some dumb reason the only thing I can see is what the ingredients do, instead of what the possible results do


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>>508963279Probably on the subscreen.

>>508963368The subscreen only has descriptions for what the ingredients do, moving the d-pad just lets you move betwen ingredients and adjust how many ingredients

how do i beat the boss in 002-b it is destroying me

>>508956174>MORE THAN ENOUGH

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>>508961894PortableEasy multiplayerUn-reversed buttons for confrim and return on pro controller.

>>508963768You don't have to turn on the option that reverses the controls on PC.

artistic anons, I need more apu editsI made this shitty one

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>>508963846If you use the Nintendo layout buttons checkbox on steam then the confirm and return buttons are correct... But can't be set to the correct layout buttons for actual gameplayif you un-check use Nintendo button layout, the pro will function like a Xbox pad but will have A and B for confirm and return reversed.

>>508964297No you don'tWe don't want your frogs

>>508962731Should have been marked as "Game Journalist" or "Story" difficulty.

>>508964723>"Story" difficulty.Isn't that exactly what the description says

is this game good?


>>508963736You mean 002-C? That boss kinda sucks the first time because some of his counters are only available later in the game, but he is doable. Make sure you have over 50 characters when you use guts to counter his hand slams. If it doesn't immediately counter and struggles for a bit, just spring out of the way. You can use the liner to circle the parts of the tower that were damaged in order to repair it a little. When Pink or Green flash on the right of the screen change to their unit morph and move to the center of the arena, but don't swing or shoot, it will activate the event automatically as long as you have the right morph out. Also keep attacking the Giga-Goojin in the face while taking these defensive actions.

I haven't played it on easy or very easy but it always felt like having 2 "easy" difficulties is kinda silly. Revengeance did it right, there is easy, normal and hard all unlocked since the beginning, then you unlock very hard and finally revengeance. I mean it doesn't bother me, but part of me thinks that people play the game, pick normal cuz they aren't babies and then get frustrated and stop playing.

>>508964930You are implying that the common player/journalist actually reads that.>>508964991Yes.>>508963736>>508965196>right of the screenFuck I meant left.Also, when he shoots the drills just avoid them, you won't be able to counter those until you get Yellow or Naginata.

>>508963345>tfw you will never get to become a space pirate with the squad and travel the galaxy eating exotic foods and fighting epic battles and shit

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>>508965495It's the difficulty settings, they read that much. How do you think journalists have finished the games they've finished

>>508958072It absolutely was, especially if you only mean exclusives.

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>>508965767Are you implying that they finish games?

>>508965767Considering how RE2 had some idiots miss an entire half of the game by not reading, I'm not sure.

What changes in hard 101%?Is it just no more slo mo when drawing?

>>508966585You also lose battery just for summoning (or resummoning) morphs, not just the initial drawing.

>>508966585Damage and enemy locations too. And new Kahkoo-Regahs.

As a consolefag I keep hearing bad things about the switch version, should I get it for PS4?

>>508966849If you have both consoles get it on PS4.

>>508964297I needed a break from trying to get through 007-B without crashing yet againDamn they need to fix this soon.

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>>508964701fuck you

Seeing W101 threads every day is making me happy that it's getting the recognition it deserves. Keep on fighting the good fight, team, and enjoy the game.

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>unlock speed liner>now it goes too fast and I keep messing up when trying to draw the shape I wantFuck

>>508966849What do you hear about it? I'm literally on the fence on getting it for the Switch.

>>508967607Runs at ~40fps

>>508967605You can deactivate every single upgrade and move in the menu if you don't like it.