This is a VERY SERIOUS thread.

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Attached: aaaaah.jpg (600x800, 45.14K) MINUTES REMAINING

>> in 5 minutes

>>508924147why'd you post that shit image?


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>>508924147No lo wang?.Gay.

>>508924254what is even the FUCK-SKI!?

I'm ready

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>>508924352No clue, just saw it while looking for something else.>>508924393Wang is rated 18+

> mfw

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>>508924254нюк юp эc, виpджин

>>508924503and duke isn't?he literally kills mutliated women that are begging for death


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>>508924147No postal dude???

>>508924761>>508924393Hey fuck off, make your own fan art for me to steal and make threads with if you want it so much. This is what I have to work with, okay?

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Sixty seconds remaining.

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It's time.

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*unfitting music playing*

>>508925351Just hold it in baby, hold it, discipline, don't ejaculate prematurely!


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lame blondie jokes incoming


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trailer is on steamaug 2020 release




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I made it.

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Seriously, that's it?


fucking nothing


>>508925653Are they serious?


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>that was itARE YOU SERIOUS?

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...That was it?

I feel stupid for being hyped

>>508925685Why yes, as a matter of fact, they are

>stadiabois, we did it

>It's fucking nothing

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See I told you. I told you all dumb fucks. This is what you get for trusting Croatians. Yea I am a dumb Serb fuck you I hope you al learned your lessons.

>>508925472>the trailer was so short this guy didn't have time to blow up

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It's fucking nothing.


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What the hell was that?

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literally nothing


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ITT. Hardest case of blue balls in recent Holla Forums history.

Fucking nothing


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great show. loved the ending

Why are we still here?

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>Fucked up the sync with his guns shooting at the end>Cheap and lazy footage with very little happening or showing off new thingsI was casually optimistic but this doesn't sit well with me so far.

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>>508925902>Sam Joseph Watson

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holy shit LOL


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This reveal was a let down, but at least we got a release date: This August.Now to make use of the thread, post old timer

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Was that it? A one minute video? Fucking hell.

>>508925915Just to suffer.

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>>508925764What to expect of people who can’t stop turning cats into bread

>announced years ago>coming out in 3 months>still haven't shown a single second of gameplay

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>>508926063> release date in august> literally 2 months> literally nothing to showworry

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>>508924261This is one of the hypest fucking tracks

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>>508925915That doesn't even look like Sam.

>>508926145>last good game came out in 2002yeah... hail...

>>508926143there's more videos scroll down


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>>508926224thank god there is more

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>>508926224this is more like itjust gotta scroll past all the talking

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>>508925915Looks like Frank West

I'm worred that none of these run at 60fps

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>>508926362>that Legion SystemHoly fuck.

>>508926224Why do all the developers last names end in "ic"?

>>508926224>Hollywood scoreThis doesn't bode well at fucking all

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>>508926708slavic thing

Nu-Doom zoomers btfo'd this will be the GOTY

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>>508926708-ic-ov-skiare slavic variants for "son of X" or "from X family"like son of magnus = magnusson in norse, it would be magnusic, or magnuski, or magnusov in slavic

>>508926785kill yourself>>508926831cool!not preordering, got burned on ss3 and that golden sam skin really hurts to this day


>>508926224Now we're talking.

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This better be a "Shoot it until it dies" type of ennemy or boss.

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>Smash through the action-packed campaign with friends in 4-player online co-op mode!>4-player>F O U R>P L A Y E R

>>508924147>nudoom garbageTake this cringe reddit character out and this image is based

>>508926923Thats retarded

>>508926831>digital artbooka folder of jpgs>digital soundtracka folder of mp3sso for the deluxe edition you get a weapon skinwow it's fucking nothing

*clop* *clop* *clop* *clop*

>>508927108t. Kraut von Germania

>>508924147Croteam, please just stick to remaking TFE and TSE every couple of years.

>>508927135The weapon skin is the preorder bonus

>>508926240Seething nudoomfag, better to be dead than Bethesda and denuvo's cow

>>508926272reused scum assets.

>>508924147doesnt this person draw fps protags getting fucked by tentacles or whatever


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Why does it look like the "CROTEAM HIRE THIS MAN" version of Serious Sam.

i highly recommend serious sam bogus encounter. it's a fun little game

>>508926224Did a Kleer drop minigun ammo?

>>508927217>everyone i don't like is i think you quoted the wrong post buddy

>>508927047>nudoom>cringe>reddit>basedThis site has warped your mind for the worse.

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>>508927343I think it did. probably because when you fight 100k enemies you'll need ammo.

10k enemies on screen wasn't enough for these guys. they are serious

>>508927329>serious sam bogus encounter>8 bit steam gameSeriously KYS

>>508927396>his inner monologue isn't corrupted by 4chan memes, completely taking over his life and thought newfag.

>>508926063I wonder if we'll see the day Blood gets a new game with a decent budget.

>>508927369>>508927396Enjoy that spyware cock while Cutsceneing the entire game? lol

>>508927434The second video implies there are alrernate fires too. The rocket launcher was loading up multiple shots like in UT.

>>508926224>The Legion System.>You might actually have to fight solo a literal legion of THOUSANDS of monsters AT THE SAME TIME.Dear god, if they dare to fudge this up im gonna rape them in the mouth!

THEY ACTUALLY MIGHT BE ABLE TO DELIVER>mfw this thread is full of fucking pretentious newfags that never saw the supermercial

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>>508927016Please tell me you're joking. Seriously, where did they say about 4 players?

>>508927504email tencent about it

>>508926224Game looks really nice graphically.

>legion systemGod damn Shadows of Mordor is ruining this fucking game too?

>>508927016>no 64 player Holla Forums run through the gamedead

>>508927267I like Croteam but they've always had an art direction issue. It worked in Talos Principle since the whole thing is already kind of a surreal.

>>508927514enjoy your last good game coming out almost 20 years ago?lmao

>>508927584On the Steam page. Right underneath the Tommy Gun preorder image.Looks like Serious Saturdays is going to continue just cycling through the Serious Engine 3 games.

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>>508926362>ONE>HUNDRED>THOUSAND>ENEMIES >ON SCREENPulling my fucking EDF leg, aren't they? Gonna be god damn sprites in the back innit?

>>508927606Does Tencent really own the Blood IPsay it ain't so


>>508927606Say what now? Don't tell me they nabbed Blood.

>>508927783>>508927847either tencent or warner bros, depending on how they divided the spoils

>>508927767Real doomfans already are :)

>>508927783>>508927847Nah, Atari still owns it.

>>508926362>Legion SystemOh my.

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>>508924147>No CorvusWhy? Because he's an elf?

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>>508927847Why would you want a 2020 Blood game have you seen what they did to Shadow Warrior? 2020 Blood would probably star a tranny who references Marvel movies throughout the game.

>>508928018Atari owns the publishing rights, Tencent owns the source code, Warner Bros owns the intellectual property.

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>>508926224>hundreds of thousands of enemieswat

>>508928224what the fuck? just give it up now before you release a game and crush your spirit for good.

>>508926224>those outdoor interviewsDon't they know we are in the middle of a pandemic?

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>vaginadentatoid, minor

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>>508928150The first nu-SW was good. Only nu-SW 2 was bad, because it hopped genre to looter shooter.

>>508928224Jesus, what a clusterfuck.

>>5089283083rd world countries give no shits, gotta make rent

>noooooooooooo you can't just fill my face with lead

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>>508928308They were recorded back in the winter.

>also starring: your mom

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>>508926224>reloadingthey can't be serious


>>508928695It's being handled similarly to Sam 3. Only some weapons have it. The shotgun doesn't anymore, though.

>>508928695Which weapon had reloading? Post timestamp.


>>508928923>>508928695>full auto shotgunwhat is balance?

>>508929092with explosive rounds.

>>508929092>singleplayer arena shooter>balanceLiterally the lowest priority. I'd put it bellow graphics. Even bellow main menu music.

>>508929382You're the same faggot who complained about ammo in Eternal, aren't you?

>>508929382>bellowfuck off ESL brainlet

Animations still looking crusty as ever

>>508929092The balance is 5 major biomechs in your face.

Why does gore look below SS3 tier?Blowing up the biomech major, their bodies just mostly disappear with little to no gore.

Looks pretty shitty and uninspired but it's only 30 bucks so you'll probably be able to buy it for like 10 bucks off a shady keysite.


>>508929939Likely not running no max settings, but also the fact that they've got thousands of fucking enemies coming at you.

who wants to play some serious sam

so which serious sam games are worth playing?

>>508929939Can the average Croatian even afford a good PC?

>>508924147>Game was announced long time ago once and no marketing, hype or fanfare since>Random announcement made today that game comes out in less then three monthsI'm somewhat worried we'll be getting another Serious Sam 3.

>>508930631First Encounter, Second Encounter, 2 and 3.

>>508930328I certainly do.

>>508930631The first two encounters.

>>508928224>Tencent owns the source codeGot a source for that?

>>508930631Second encounter and 2.

>>508930764>>508930852>>508930904HD/Fusion versions or original?

>>508930631First/Second Encounter are the most enjoyed.2 is also great but is brought down by humor and writing that makes Borderlands look subtle by comparison.

>>508930852The only patrician answer. 2 is a travesty and 3 is middling.

>>508930986HD is exactly the same as the originals but prettier. >>5089310463 is even worse then 2 though.

>>508926272johnny knoxville

>>508930881Monolith said so when they released on GOG. Either Tencent or some other big chinese mass investor that just spreads their money all over the industry. Not sure if its Tencent in particular or another one, and I can't find the Q&A.No One Lives Forever also had the same division, I think.

>>508930986fusion. it unifies all ss games together

>>508929382>yes, its okay to have one weapon just be objectively better than all the others in most situations who cares about how boring and stale that makes combat

I'll play this on my literal laptop.

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>>508931985Nu-Shadow Warrior is like that with the sword. Its a singleplayer, non-competitive game, you can switch out of optimal weapons for, you know, FUN.

>>508924147reddit: the imagefitting for serious sam fanboys

I hear my PC crying in fear after watching the legion video.


>>508924393Is it gay to watch wang wash wang?

>>508930986The only difference between HD/Fusion and the originals are a couple of gimmick rooms are missing in the HD releases.

>>508926362>dancing with enemies and projectilesThat's a pretty good description.

>it's nothingwe got a release window you fucking niggers. be happy for once

>>508933516hopefully it releases on the 22nd


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>>508932243Afraid it'll get GOTY instead of Denuvo: Eternal zoomie?

>>508933781take your pills schizo holy shitthis is literally tumblr art

i'm a bit worried they didn't again lean into the massive number of enemies for this trailer. i'm prepared for disappointment in that respect.

>>508934176They didn't lean into anything for the trailer. It's the set of videos they released afterward that showed the game properly.

>>508924147ALRIGHT Holla ForumsI’m personally making my own version of this, request FPS protags

>>508934993My nigga Parias

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Attached: what do you mean that is a boy in girls clothes.jpg (1280x974, 303.83K)


>>508934486thanks i didn't see them, looks fun. tons of mobs on the legion vid

>>508934993Dusk dude maybe?The Rise of the triad protagonist though definitely!

>>508935441Hey, if you've got a Linux build you might as well.

>>508933768looks like meme boomer, i'm not sure about that, it's ok i guess

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>>508934993Jack Carver

>>508934993Daniel from Painkiller

>>508935307>>508935487Anyone in the original is automatically in>>508935635 Dusk Dude is in, good req

why do the grafxs look so bad?

>>508934993The Shogo protagand Pointman from FEAR

name of the song in the trailer?

>>508934993kain sager

>>508936052>Thousands of enemies on screen at one>Why grafxs bad??If it had good grafxs with that many enemies you'd complain that it runs like shit.

>>508934993If you don't include Sgt. Cortez from Timesplitters you're a faggot.

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>>5089362492020 rendition of ss3's hero, not released yet

>>508936279serious sam 3 blew me with the grafxs despite having too many monsters on screen at once

>>508936052>m-muh graphicsfuck off, this isnt a triple A studioits about gameplay

>>508934993John Chaser

>>508936494Serious Sam 3 is dustier than my Wii U.

>>508936419>>508936215>>508935179All in, keep em coming

>>508934993Gordon Freeman?

>>508936770What are you doing again?

>>508936510>s+m1riveting stuff

>>508936820>hardmode: don't meme about him being silent

all SS games are on saleyou know what to doi pirated ss3 when it came out, so dont at me

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>>508936918Drawing FPS protags in a consistent, simplistic style along with humorous captions describing them based on their games and perception

>>508937429Don't what at you?


Attached: skellie.gif (284x284, 869.79K)

>>508936770Stalker from STALKER.

>all of the people losing their shit over the 4 player co-op limit and falling into depression over it>sp chads are pumped

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This Croteam guy saying the enemy balance is the best since First Encounter gives me hope.


im hosting a game on fusion

>>508937870dunno man, while ss1 was in fucking credible, ss3s last 2 leves game me boners the size of skyscrapers

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>>508938145>playing video games

>>508926224>dual wielding autoshotties >classic grenade launcher>laser gun can big laser>legionswewwwww

>>508924147Who are the last two?

>>508936770Postal dude

>>508934993Drawfag here, the current roster isBJDoomguyLo WangDuke CalebCortezDusk DudePoint manPostal DudeRangerDanielGordonWilliam ShatnerMoon ManSam SeriousChex DudeJack CarverI still have about half of my paper left, it’s a really big piece of paper

>>508926224>Serious sam 3 had a slow start, the first 3 levels>but 4 will be right in your face from the beginningfuck yesthis is literally all I wanted to hear

>>508938837Whoever you play as in Dark Forces

>>508938837Nick Havoc parker

>>508938837One of the protagonists from Rise of the triad is a good one>>508938968I think it's Kyle Katarn

>>508938854ss3 has a "slow start" for only reason of not scrapping assets of a ss3 game that wasnt made (thank god) , was ment to mimic cod style gameplay, hence the red dot sight machine gunimagine it as if doom4 wasnt remade entirely

>>508939051Rott is in, probably the white dude in the middle of the character select, haven’t played in forever

>>508934993tal'set from turok 1or joshua fireseed from turok 2?

>>508938837nigga really, add kain sagerhe's from a game that had a shitload of potential but was ultimately ruined by a retard developer who knew better than to listen to feedback

>>508938837High Noon

>>508939359Sure, Tal’Set is in

>>508938837>Parias isn't in there

Attached: 1588627846461.png (1000x1000, 313.68K)

>>508927108you're fucking retarded stupid nigger

>>508938837MOTHER FUCKING TAL SET from Turok or Joshua Fireseed from Turok

is SS the game with the best FPS soundtrack ever check this vs the doom eternal gladiator trackgod i hope Mravunac goes trought after all of these years

>>508938993CaC isn’t an FPS, right?

>>508939754Now he is, sorry unique designs are better anyways, I’ve had to draw seven cleft chins already

>>508939858aside from hero and boss fight strings i didn't find the generic heavy rock very memorable, still better than the generic urban arab music

>>508938837Havoc form C&C

>>508939858compare that to fuck what was mick gordon thinking when he made this

>>508937429>Can only afford 1 SS game from the discountsI'll just buy SS2 because It's unironically my favorite.

The music is so fucking generic. That's the only thing that didn't had to be serious.

>>508940032>unique designsSomething like Leonard here on the left?

Attached: 189126-redneck-rampage-dos-front-cover.jpg (800x936, 150.65K)

>>508938837project warlock dude

Attached: file.png (800x450, 974.03K)

>>508938837Drawfag again, six slots left available

>>508939858The only ones that has better music is Unreal 1 and Unreal Tournament 99.


Attached: oylzrkua8s811.png (800x456, 382.31K)

>>508940596Corvus from Heretic

>watch trailers>it looks exactly like 3why do people even care about this series?

>>508924147>>508924147I can't wait to hold S and left mouse nonstop, still, they better make up for 3.

>>508940541He’s in, five spots left

>>508940545I think that's just "Warlock".>>508938837Shelly

>>508940731Peak Soul

>>508934993sir kicksalot deathboot.

Serious Sam is so fucking comfy>nature settings>colourful and varied enemy designs>no depresso grayscale

Attached: 1589892119357.gif (520x748, 281.19K)

>>508940720Sure thing, four slots left

>>508940893is it though? its just more backpedaling and shooting the same handful of enemies.

>>508940731it looks nothing like 3, they redesigned nearly all of the enemies and made the level design more realistic instead of rubble corridors.

>>508940273doom eternal soundtrack is pretty good, but way to complicated when it comes to delivery, and becomes a confused mess of sounds that dont sound like instruments at all, but just some good, but yet generic computer generated music>>508940497yeah i hope what he said in the short clip in teh video wasnt him being serioushis way of setting up the level was fucking incredible

>>508940960Coffee made her horny.

>>508940813>t. fag that only played in easy or tourist

>>508938837>no John Chaser

>>508941043>walk through level>shoot the same enemies with the same gunsMost games could be explained like this

>>508933881not him but seeing an image and instantly going WAAAH REDDIT WAAAH TUMBLR is pretty fucking stupid too. You're both idiots.

>>508927781EDF wish it was Serious Sam

>>508938837I don't see no Gordon Freeman on there.

for me its painkiller (2004)

>>508941184He’s ugly as sin but he’s totally in. Three slots left

>>508941061Yeah so you have literally no idea what the fuck you're talking about lmfao

>>508941061thats honestly the only part of the doome soundtrack i have an issue with explicitly, everything else was either fine or i forgot it but goddamn that part stuck out in my mind a lot

>>508941304For me, it's Thana's Insanity(2014)



>>508941262Between Shatner and Daniel, friend.

>>508941504Ah my mistake, it's getting late so I cant see as good

>>508941061>becomes a confused mess of sounds that dont sound like instruments at all, but just some goodword. i actually turned off the music halfway into d44m 2, only to find out that a lot of the enemies don't even make footstep noises.

>>508941502I know that. My question isn't if it is or isn't, my question is why you fucking care. Do you think suddenly knowing this came from tumblr makes you shitting your pants over a fucking image any less ridiculous, you manchild?

>>508928308We already opened here a week ago.

>>508927531>a literal legion of THOUSANDSRewatch the videolegion of ten thousands minimum

>>508941009Cate Archer from No One Lives Forever

>>508941374i in fact do, but considering english is not my 1st language, and my brother being in a death metal bands for over 17 years as a lead guitar i kinda dono idea how to explain it to you tho>>508940731>>508940813SS3 had no right to be as good as it was, you have no idea what the original game was suposed to be, a literal cod clone

>>508941938>i in fact dono you definitely don't

>>508941502Why does it matter, exactly? It's just some art someone did for fun. It's not pushing any agenda or shit.

>>508941938I'm aware of the cod clone and I deeply resent being made to go through cod clone levels as sam, it was boring, it was so fucking boring, it looks exactly like all the graybrown shooters of the 2000's and it's fucking aweful, they took a game that was previously wacky and colourful and made us trudge through bombed out cairo.

>>508941856>>508941448ANNNNND the list is complete! 28 stunning protagonists, and not a single mention of Master Chief! Bloody amazing! I’ll get right to work, any suggestions on how I should post it? It might not be done within this thread’s lifetime but I’m unsure about how people would feel about it taking up its own thread

>>508938335Guardian of Time is fucking kino and is a scrub filter.

>>508942340If the thread is dead make your own thread. Put something about the image in the subject header. and PLEASE fucking avoid any Holla Forums memes. Don't date the image and make it instantly shitty.

>>508942340Post your blog, or closest thing to one here.

>>508942340Putting it in the doom general on vr will get it picked up for reposting.

>>508928308But the plandemic is bullshit user.Also flu season is ending its about to be summer wtf are you cowards still inside. There are kleers out there to kill!

>>508941502So was most good porn.

>>508927396people have been blaming reddit since 2006 user, because that's when reddit started stealing every single piece of original content from 4chan and claiming that they made it instead.

>>508942669>post anonymous memes on an imageboard>complain about "stolen credit"protip moron: memes are meant to be shared

>>508940596nameless hero from gothic pls

>>508942383damn dude, you literally read my mindpost your favorite track RIGHT FUCKING

>>508942452Don’t worry, I can’t think of any recent ones that fit an FPS anyways. Soul? The word “simp”? Nah.

>>508942340Like the other user said, post it in /vr/'s Doom general.You're very based for doing this, drawfag.

>>508927108i agree just name your child muhammed instead and nobody gets hurt

>>508942935Thank fuck, thank you.

>>508942856Undercode is a fucking great band. I hope SS4 gets at least one of their tracks.

>>508924147I don't even know who Kane Bloodmax is. This a fucking Gears reference?

>>508943129Probably from Quake 4. That game fucking sucked.

>>508939908in my time it was

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stop shitposting and post some

Where are my Catacombs bro?

>>508939908>CaC isn’t an FPS, right?user...

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>>508924261>tfw favorite track will never get remade or modernized because its from the black sheep of the seriesits not fucking

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>>508937429But I own them all already.

>>508943380go suck dick somewhere else

>>508942856I have the boss music burned on a cd that I still listen to in my car along with most of TFE and TSE soundtrack.

>>508932243>>508933881based reddit tumblr spydilate btw

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>>508942340Fuck missed my chance to shill for Security officer from Marathon

>>508944183>there isnt enough shooters!>anons come up with 20 good shooter protags in 20 minutes

>>508924147Does it have split screen co-op? I played serious sam 3 bfe like 3 years ago with my nephew and he loved it. He is now ten and has been hyped for this ever since the announcement.

>>508942795>anonymousyou mean posted by artists with tripcodes, sometimes watermarked? it's okay if you weren't around back then, it's not okay to pretend you were though.

>>508942340>not a single mention of Master Chief!legit forgot he existed until you mentioned him

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>>508942795>he thinks "memes" means "picture on the internet">not realizing that all the artists left 4chan after reddit, 9gag, and ebaums started stealing everything, which even continues today as all the TLOU2 choke edits were posted on knowyourmeme and credited to reddit

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>>508944618would you rather have 4chan be the main content factory of the internet like reddit is seen as and have everything destroyed by endless newfags?

>>508944334And they didnt even mention Blake Stone or James Anderson

>only 34 eurodollarsWhat the hell? Why so cheap? Not even 3 or talos principle were this cheap on launch.

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>>508942795Even if we ignore individual credit, these were taken from 4chan, and credited to ebaums or reddit. People with accounts and names saying I MADE THIS :DAs someone who used to make OC back then, I found it very demoralizing the one time I made something good enough to be stolen.

>>508944883>would you rather have 4chan be the main content factory of the internetyes, that's how it used to be before habbo hotel>and have everything destroyed by endless newfagsthis wouldn't happen if the staff would just permaban said newfags/rangeban countries or entire continents that don't have a single human being in them like south america and africa

>FE has colourful cartoonish graphics>everybody likes it>SE has colourful cartoonish graphics>everybody likes it>SS2 has acid trip graphics>everybody dislikes it>croteam makes 180 turn >SS3 has bland realistic graphics>majority dislikes it>hmmm based on feedback we wonder what art style should we stick to in the next game>SS4 has bland realistic graphics

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>>508924147Are you serious?

>>508945095AA gaming baby

>>508945292SS4 just has dated graphics, they honestly look hideous.

>>508941246>>508927781id like a crossover myself

>why doesn't this 30 bucks title made in buttfuck nowhere by a bunch of Slavs look like a AAA title made by hundreds of people?!

>>508938837Would anyone from TF2 qualify?

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>>508945095Glorious Commie block countries.

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>>508945872why would they willingly go for a 'realistic' look if they would have to make it visually unappealing due to the sheer number of enemies that will be on screen? they may as well have just made it stylized like two.

>>508945972Try the original QTF and not the crappy valve copy.

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>>508945502Yeah, sure. But this is supposed to be their "big game". i wouldn't mind paying what it's worth, but if they're pricing it according to content/length, that's somewhat worryingStill gonna play it though

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>>508944597He was my first though but no one else had brought him up and I didn't want to be that guy.

>>508946075so that's just ranger with a different hat

>>508946075But theyre just copy pasted quake guy.Valve gave them a personality

>>508946075I have, I still prefer 2.

>>508944336pls answer

>>508942340>not a single mention of Master Chief!Console shooters need not apply.

>>508946390We don't know yet. But they seem to have reduced the multiplayer cap, so thats a bad sign.

>>508942340I'm very late to this, but if you still have any space, do you think you could add JC Denton?

>>508946474Thanks my man, shame the reduced the gap but I really hope there is split screen co-op. It is one of the only things I can bond with my nephew over.


>>508946178SS3 was also like "only" 40 bucks on release so it's probably just as long and if certain maps are going to be as large as proclaimed then you can bet your ass that people will spend quite some time just dicking around in them.

Ha ha ha, nofrag hate it.Holla Forums told once again.

>>508946989This is croteam. There are going to be a billion easter eggs hidden in those maps.There is going to be an area where occurs, guaranteed. I want to find it.


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The enemies introduced in TSE are never coming back, are they?

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>>508945872All Serious Sam games were technical marvels when they launched with relatively good visuals to support it.SS4 looks like it's stuck in 2011. Which makes sense considering they just keep recycling shit from previous games at this point to cut costs. This game is a quick cash grab.

>>508947267I need to replay Talos Principle with the Serious Sam voice pack.

>>508928496It is always winter in Croatia.

>>508947836who caresthey were redundant and lazily designedslapped on solely to have something new

>>508926224>MASSIVE enemy armyaww yis

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my boy will get in right?

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>>508947836The Scrapjack is basically the same thing as the other Mancubus clone.

>>508948173something feel wrong with those trees. Like, they are actually floating above the ground.


>>508947836All of the new enemies from SE were objectively bad. Zorgs were just Behaded with less interesting gameplay, Pumpkinhead was ridiculously redundant, the cannons were stupid, I can go on.

>>508948724The chainsaw guys gave the grenade launcher purpose.

>>508948573Their new engine turns far away objects into 2d objects based on their 3d models and lighting, hence why you can actually have those gigantic armies and those dense forests in the background on the right.

>>508948894> grenade launcher is still in the gameAbsolutely useless weapon

>>508946630I love Dude Sex, but yeah, I’m outta space, and it’s technically an FPS, but fits in more with the immersive sim genre


Damn.France look like THAT?

>>508948894>grenade launchertrash

Wait so there's going to be remakes or something? Should I play the others or just wait?

>>508949000>>508949146t. never beaten first or second encounters on serious or mental cause you are fucking casuals

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>>508949162It's evident at this point they are not remaking any more games.

>>508943582SS2 has some real bangers.

>>508949226fellow grenade launcher chad

>>508949226The grenade launcher is literally only useful for the chainsaw guys. It doesn't deal enough damage over the rocket launcher.

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>>508924147Who is Sarge and KaneBloodmax

>>508949226whatever happened to this manga?i know it ended but did the dude do anything else with it/or something else

>>508948894Anon, the grenade launcher is a beast, even in TFE. TSE just redpills you on how good it can be with the pumpkins.

I wish Croteam never wasted time and money on all that VR garbage. We would've already had this game and I bet it would've looked better.

>>508949226DESU I never could beat TSE on Serious without cheesing every level.

>>508949226Mental is a meme>>508949398The fuck are you on about, it always has more damage, and it's faster at short range.Never mind that it's a separate ammo pool.

>>508949591The VR games are likely why they can afford to make Sam 4.

>>508949591considering how overpriced it is and how the VR community has no problem with dishing out dosh, they probably saw some good profits from all that

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>>508949691Didn't Talos do well though?

>>508938837the security guard from Marathon

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>>508949681The extra damage compared to rockets is so miniscule that it's not even worth considering. The only enemy that takes less grenades to kill than rockets are the pumpkinheads.

>>508949691Get the fuck out. Both 3 and Talos Principle sold like hot cakes. Literal millions, that shit can supply a smaller studio for almost 10 years.

>>508938837MAX PAYNE

>>508949567Gears of War protag.

>>508949691lmao>>508949591they're recycling a shit load of assets from those spin offs into this game. Stuff like enemies and guns is already apparent. The OST is being pulled from the Last Stand.

>>508949926not fps buddy

>>508949591The VR games were literally made by a separate team of only 4-5 persons, in Last Hope's case with some Unity store assets and a few things that were already done for BFE, Talos and 4.>>508949761It lost them money to the point where they didn't even consider porting the DLC for 3 unless a certain amount of people bought it (I think it was like 1000). And no, they didn't reach that goal.

>>508949567Sarge = Quake. Kane = Gears of War.

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>>508949860It has a much bigger aoe, useful for collateral kleer kills, and, again, a higher firerate..

>>508949778It was their most successful and best game to date. SS3 only sold well mostly as a $4 dollar game through the Humble Bundle. Its peak player count is 2k and it has sold over a million copies.

>>508948724>not liking the pumpkin heads

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>>508950526we already have kleers and werebulls

>>508943582>Mental InstitutionYou're cool user.

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TSE > 2 > TFE >>> BFE

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I was considering buying a new PC for this game but I'm having second thoughts now. I mean, it looks about the same as Talos Principle.

>>508951387Serious Sam games (at least the mainline ones) have always had excellent final levels with equally great music for them.

>>508951532cool opinionwhy 2 over tfe?

>>508951796BFE's last level was boring to look at and a drag in my eyes. The rest were fine

>>5089518382 had some improvements I quite liked and was clearly ambitious and visually interesting even though it really could've used some refinement. And since the first encounter is more of a pain and a drag than the second encounter sometimes, I prefer 2.

>>508949146>>508949000you need to give the games another try, the grenade launchers were one of the best weapons in the game.


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>>508953020What does Sam eat? He goes on these gigantic walks between levels sometimes and we don't see him eat in-game.

>>508953020>have been skipping cutscenes in serious sam games for years>still hear this cutscene perfectly in my head

>>508949000what did he mean by this?

>>508953154pillslots and LOTS of pills

>>508949000Virgin Rocket Launcher:>Slow projectile speed>Less DPS>Low skill gap unless used against airborne enemiesCHAD Grenade Launcher:>Spammable as fuck>High DPS and splash damage>Ridiculous projectile speed when fully charged>High skillgap to utilize properly

>>508951532TFE>3>2>>>>>TSETSE was my first game and I enjoy playing it online in coop. Playing it again I realize it was probably nostalgia.

>>508953154>>508953527The pills are just those sugar sweets, while the potions are energy drinks. Why else does Sam run so fucking fast.

>>508950147why not marcus fenix or whatever the burly dude with a bandanna was called?never played a GoW game

Serious Sam 4 will have 100,000 enemies on screen at once.

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>first thing they addressed in the trailer was SS3s slow start and how 4 will correct thishopes growing, even if legion system is a lie im excited

>>508954127no way hose-a. Aside from the final stages TSE blows TFE out of the water. And the final stage is still pretty good, just not as good as TFE

>>508949000>enemy that will only die fast from explosion is far away>shoot rocket, by the time it reaches them the rocket misses>shoot grenade, easily snipe enemy, blowing it up, and the enemies around with itGrenade launcher is way more useful due to the range and projectile speed alone. Rocket launcher is for when enemies get closer than they should be.

>>508954805>not Todislav Horvardovic

>>508950147I fucking hate this gif

>>508954982>even if legion system is a lieDoubt it.They simply didn't want to give away their moneyshot.Same with the vehicles that weren't in the videos and were even removed from the Steam page along with the NPC teammates but the devs already confirmed them still being in the game and the NPCs can still be seen in the videos with Quinn's head with a health bar appearing on the left in one of them.

>>508955497i thought it was pretty funny

>>508943582The soundtrack for Sam 2 is way too

>>508941502stop having tumblr or other stupid sites living rent free in your head

>>508957321Refusing to gatekeep is why 4chan became as bad as it is and the vast majority of posters just spam wojaks and pepes. Stop tolerating this bullshit. If you don't like it, then go somewhere else that is all-inclusive.

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>>508956458Me too.

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>>508958276aren't goats herbivores? the fuck is he doing?

>>508958485diet is a meme, just like sexuality

>>508958485Many herbivores will still opportunistically eat meat.

>>508957321yeah, my bud linking it to me is absolutely living free in my head

>>508958485you're retardedsociety tells you that a pig eats this a fawn eats thisbut given the chance, a herbivore will ALWAYS pick on a tinier animal for more essential fats than could be found in a thousand bushels of grass or wheat.

>>508959968of course, it's user that is retarded. Certainly not the goat.

>>508959968Actually animals that need to puke back into their mouths to chew more than once, else they can't digest... these animals will not eat mammals, for example. The meat would rot inside them. Thats why they belch and fart so much methane, even just on grass. A cow will not eat a puppy just because it can. It can eat it, but can't digest it. tl;dr stop calling people retarded when you are retarded

>>508959968a pit eats everything well known shit example

>>508924147>Calarts trashKill yourself.


>>508925548>that artistHe draws lolis getting fucked by muscular men lmao.

>>508960496>being a truth hipsterAh, I see, you only accept the least popular and most out there alternative facts, and reject everything else. Cool, cool. Not cool, cretin.

>>508924147who the fuck are the last 3

>>508961234Blood, Quake and Gears of War, newbie.

>>508956703the entire SS2 game is way too underratedI actually like they "cartoony" artstyle much better, I think it suites Sam more.

Never played SS2 because my shitty FX5200 couldn't even run it when it came out.

Is it just my bad memory or is the enemy pathfinding worse in SS3 than the previous games? I remember in Second Encounter I could hide in a building and enemies spawning a whole valley away could still find a way inside, but in SS3 I hide behind a corner and they all get confused

>>508938837Square from Adventures of Square

>>508925352Get out fuckin zoomer

>>508940960And fucking retard level design

>>508941056Shut up piece of shit


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>>508938837Don't put Moon Man you fucking idiotPut the REKKR viking and Corvus from Heretic

>>508949926Go fuck yourself


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>>508938837Cate Archer

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>>508938837Prisoner 849

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hey drawfag user, thanks for the service, any way i can follow and see the end image?also new thread when


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>>508966406How come nobody ever mentions her when people talk about "muh strong female in vidya"?She was cool and witty but these dumb fucks only seem to remember Lara Croft and her supposed "sexualization" so they need to go and save video games.