Would your fetish make for a good video game mechanic?

Would your fetish make for a good video game mechanic?

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Yes, look at Monster Girl Quest or Helltaker for Proof

It worked well in Metal Slug

>>508923538It was one in Death Stranding

>>508923538shrink enemy and you can eat step or fart on them? hmm

>>508923538hummmm feet = ̄ω ̄=

>>508923538>bladder meter>wet panty statusYes. There's already plenty of rpgmaker games that do this.

It literally already is.>lewd armor has stats that are too good to pass up.

>>508923538It already does, it's called Kirby.Vore, absorption and power gain.

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>>508923538Shit thread

>Submission/Humiliation/Slavery>Spend the entire game powerless and failing every challenge presented to youNo, I really don't think it would.

>>508923538Obviously anyone who has the same fetish is going to love this hypothetical game, so yes. If you don't like the game it's because you don't have the fetish so your opinion should be discarded.

>>508923785If its what I’m thinking, I think it’d have to be a little deeper than that

>>508923538How would diapers be a game mechanic?

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>>508929493You never play any porn games?

There's like 2 games with diapers in them and both have pretty big issues one of them being that scatfags exist, could be worse though I guess.

>>508923538Cute feet? Perhaps

>>508923538enf stealth mechanic

>>508929985>>508930186absolutely terrible posts

>>508929985>>508930186Based diaperbros

>>508929985Diaper Quest is mildly entertainingPerpetual Change isn't that bad and it's the only real game with it I can think of, but it still has a ton of issues.There's also the repurposing centerIt's a bummer that no site has a filter for diaper they just have age regression at absolute best and that's usually just "they turn into an early teenager to get dicked">>508930416Did I ever pretend my fetish wasn't awful

>>508929985Play Yakuza.

>>508930075Certainly not for the gameplay mechanics.

>>508923785Exploding girls.I was a little degenerate in my younger days, jesus christ.

>>508923538mind control definitely would

>>508930960family guy ps2

my fetish is monsters and there are a lot of games with monsters in them that are decent

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>>508930186i feel you. never are they just cute poofy panties with uselessly short skirts. they gotta actually be used for their intended purpose

>>508923538Girls in suits

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which one

Love would not make for an interesting game mechanic, no.

>>508930702while this is the best representation it is not a "mechanic"

>>508926605Imagine a game where you grow your monstergirl waifu into being supremely powerful by defeating enemies and then feeding them to her. And you have to keep her fed regularly or else she'll eat you, complete with extended game over sequence.

My fetish is death

There aren't enough games with bondage.

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>genderbendingI want to imagine something like majoras mask, except instead of having three morphs you can just change genders. But maybe itd be better as a character customization simulator instead.

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>>508931864ranma 1/2

>>508931103>>508930186if youre not into them being used, i feel its a bit weirdI personally dont like seeing the scat outside of a diaper its a weird cut off

I have no idea but I just want to say that my fetish is lactation

My fetish is castration of vicious monster and beasts Not even Monster Hunter or fucking God of War ever did it.

>>508932028i'll tolerate piss but i can't stand scat, at least people generally have the decency to not actually show it unless they do x ray shit for some god forsaken reason

>>508932028so the most beautiful woman you've ever seen or your crush complies with your request to wear a diaper you get her to shit herself and then force her to keep it on because you think it's icky outside the diaper?

>>508931089Reminder that Glados is a robot woman in bondage

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>>508923538>AbsorbtionYes, aside from being able to take attributes from people and animals, you can also do it for objects.>absorb a spider, get spider legs, can crawl on walls>absorb water, gain a water body, can now go through small spaces>absorb a person, become that person entirely, able to pass through check pointsShame that only a few games have had absorbing or even possession.

>>508932364I don't think he intends to make her shit herself, user.

>>508923538my fetish is little boys getting tribal circumcisions. i guess it could function as a prestige mechanic of sorts, like transcending in ragnarok online.

>>508932364>3DPDanyway i assume the guy would be fine with them taking it off just not near him

I mean, it's used in several games, but I wouldn't say it's ever been a good mechanic.crossdressing

>>508923538Not really

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Well since it was brought up by others in the thread after I left my post intentionally vague...>tfw all scat games are desperation and diarrheai just want a cute girl protag who gains sexual pleasure from defecation

Scat fag here, what's the appeal behind diapers? Is it the same as soiling? Do you not even think about scat for diaper stuff? Honestly the baby motif creeps me out too much to get into it

>>508923538>futa monstergirls fighting each other with the winner fucking the loser until they're a mind broken slut for the cockAbsolutely.

>>508923538>futa and trapsSeeing as a lot of people get so fucking easily triggered by it because of retards forcing it everywhere, I don't think so.

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>>508923538>femdomI guess as a losing screen

>>508932926its a form of control. i actually liken them to chastity belts

>>508932926Similar take here. Diaper use without the literal baby roleplay - just using it because she likes how it feels - would be best, but everything has to be ABDL garbage.

I mean, bondage can probably be a fairly interesting game mechanic, although I feel like it's hard to simulate the feeling of being tied up in a video game.

>>508932364I mean I dont mind it but its something you gotta deal with rather than enjoy changing. also forced wearings hot to mealso my gf hardly likes wetting them so i doubt she'd shit them

>>508933085Are there any games where removing a character's chastity belt is the object? Like, puzzle locks, riddles, etc?

vore, weight gain, feederism, bbw, absorption, size difference maybe could work as an RPG where you befriend a lonely monstergirl, and you level her up by feeding her enemies you defeat, as well as allow her to gain new attributes and abilities depending on what enemies she eats. and of course she gets bigger, chubbier, and taller as she grows stronger, and gains relationship points through cuddles and belly rubs

>>508923538I can only think of one instance where it was used as a game mechanic, and it sucked.

>>508933085>i actually liken them to chastity belts That makes sense. I prefer desperation that comes with soiling so diapers might just be on the opposite side of that coin.

It makes for a memorable quest, at least.

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>>508932926I'd prefer the concept not exist in diaper stuff, it's akin to soft bondage and yea the baby stuff is usually what I like.

There are a decent amount of games with a possession mechanic

>>508933346isnt there a psp game called fat princess or something with alot of this

Damn a lot of people here sure want to be humiliated and sissified.

>>508923538I don't understand fetishes.


>>508932926There's a reason almost all diaper stuff has a toggle for scat/no scat

>>508932926Diapers are very soft and comfortable to wear, I like how they expand as they get wetter. Plus there is the embarassment of wearing them and when it is messy you can feel it press against your skin as you move.

Does loli count?

>>508933902yeah, you feed your princess to make her harder for the enemy team to steal. game's art is shit though and it's just an online battle game. i'd like the idea of having said monstergirl as an ally you build a relationship with, and the vore part is what's missing

How would brapping be a game mechanic

>>508923538>girls beating the shit out of you while raping youNot really

Emotional, mostly hands-off ryona? Yeah, if it were done right.The closest thing I've seen to it being done the way I imagine is that DQ11 webm where "not" Android 17 tries a girls cooking and tells her not to try again and she just shuts up and cries silently.It's not a "sexual" fetish per se to me, but I get this weird addictive feeling in my gut when I see it. And it's not like I'll ever act that kind of shit out in real life because being genuinely mean makes me feel like shit.

>>508923538Yes I'd blow my futa mistresses for hp and massage their feet to get my DEX up

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>>508934363Forgot to mention they have to be anime girls.

>>508934405>It's not a "sexual" fetish per se to me, but I get this weird addictive feeling in my gut when I see it.Same. I think its just me being edgy though

>>508923538>>508932960Oh and>loser being completely humiliated with shit like chastity cages, butt plugs and vibrators>loser getting ryona'd and raped>futa monstergirls pillaging, conquering and raping other futa monstergirlsHaha yes


>>508930186>diaper fetish without scat????????????????????????? isnt diaper shit literally just a variation of scat? no way someone would get hard from just oversized panties and nothing else that's just pants on head retarded

>>508935256>no way someone would get hard from just oversized panties and nothing else that's just pants on head retardedthey do lol

>>508935256>isnt diaper shit literally just a variation of scat? no way someone would get hard from just oversized panties and nothing else that's just pants on head retardedclearly its not

>>508932401Yeah, I think they kind of moved away from the idea a bit in portal 2 though.

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>>508935256>isnt diaper shit literally just a variation of scat?are you retarded?scat's one of the most hated fetishes, ESPECIALLY in diaperfag circles because no one wants to jack off to it let alone think about it> no way someone would get hard from just oversized panties well people get hard from panties so yea, but people come to fetishes for lots of different reasons like >>508933658pretty much every diaper fetish makes 3 versions of their work, clean, piss, and scat because they know that it's a very divisive thing

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>>508923538ghengis khan-ing by dominating the gene pool

>>508923538Sadism is my thing i guess, the only game that ever came close is perfect dark with cheats on, if you use the crossbow NPCs will scream after being shot even if they are incapacitated

>>508935786Play Soldier of Fortune?

>>508923538Well AWSW exists, so yes.

>>508935256For me, its mostly piss (also like omorashi too)Some amount of shit is also fine if it stays in diaper

>>508932401Coincidence; from the front she's Botticelli's Venus.

Mind control is pretty common but depending on the game it usually works like possession (lose control of self, play as the targeted character until you get them killed) or charm (target is now a friendly). It would have to be an RPG to really get the concept across I think. Really need to play that vampire:masquerade game some time. Sure I saw an image once using vampiric glamour or something to good effect.

>Metal Gear Solid>except you're a very sensitive futa prone to massive erections and leaking precum>female soldiers can follow your leak trail or scent>soiled panties can be used as a distraction>sweaty, brown tomboy best friend, ara ara big titty medic, tall hairy firearms expert>mecha are humanoid, engage in combat with their dicks, pilots feel all stimulation>can replenish stamina by drinking your own cum or mixing others'>antagonist is flat>at the start of the game you're naked, but you obtain better tactical equipment as you advance until the end where you're loaded with so much stuff, you're bulkier and sweatierMaybe.

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>>508936862the early parts of The Order of Light have ok mind control things but it's a porn game

>>508923538i dont think eating people would be fun in a videogame ngl

>>508923538night cam interracial midget group sex?!don't know if that could sell a lot....

>transformationThere are already several games that use this as a theme or mechanic.

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Klonoa did have a very popular fetish as its core gameplay

I spent last 2 days playing Perverted Education and fapping until dick hurts>tfw no more games like this

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I want more futa in games

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>>508938142It fucking sucks and has barely any content. I was appalled at how much they drag the tf sequence out and it barely has any writing in it. Christ what the fuck are they even doing.

>>508923538Time stop? Definitely, and it is

TLOU2 will probably get good reviews so yes, swole chicks beating up the player character is good

my only fetish is women wearing a hat so just make the protagonist a chick with a hat and I'm happy though the game could still be anything as that isn't really a mechanic

Yes, actually. I'm 100% serious when I say that this game is fun even if you don't have the fetish, and it incorporates it really well.>Arcadey dungeon crawler where you click and drag your party either to the enemies to attack or to other party members to give them support>All the enemies are food-themed>If a girl gets too full, her cooldown before her next action is extended>The more weight is put on, the lower their speed stat, but their power stat goes up to compensate>After every level, you can magically remove all the extra weight from one party member, which is converted into the resource you use to buff your party's statsIt's really fun when you try to get good. Almost wish it wasn't a fetish game so I could recommend it to people. Make all the enemies less food-themed and replace the stomach capacity and weight gain stuff with darkness and corruption by evil or whatever.

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I like the idea of fucking an entire spaceship.Like the whole thing, a fleshlight is set up connected to the AI. When you fuck it, the on board AI can feel it and starts to go haywire, flickering the lights and opening and closing the doors.I don't think this has been in a game yet, no.

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>>508938318It would be hotter if you never played as her though. Just kept trying to fight her and getting merked

>>508938473Oh no. Cute anime girls gaining weight just made my dick tingle. Stop awakening things in me.

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Most of my fetishes don't have video game adaptions as far as I know.>massage creampie>pantyhoseI gotta say, knifing women in GTA 4 always made my pp hard.

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>>508937027You kinda lost me in the second half but I think you're onto something.

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I like catgirls so it's already been popular, became a trend, and died out.Petplay on the other hand....I dunno maybe like nintendogs but with huge fucking titties

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>>508938142>>tfw no more games like thisThere are hundreds of html grinders, though PE is one of the slightly better ones.Secretary seems to be the "main" one nowadays since whoever was making PE died or something.>>508938306>drag out the tf sequencethat's what made it good though, and the semi-realistic nature of it early on is nice too

>>508923538Worked in corta's Splatformer

>>508923538You are telling me i can be a Fucking SKYNET Bootleg and fucking make girls into overly pregnant immobile and near exploding baby bombs that basically are used to make new units?Deal.

>>508938370Hat and as little else as possible?

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> Shemales making straight men take their dickNot sure

>>508939082Based. There's a vn that makes the mc suck off shemales.

>breast inflation>cum inflation Maybe.

>>508923538Yes, sure.Also, those two are great>>508938312>>508930317

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>>508923538It could make for interesting debilitations/status ailments. The resident evil remake with the spiders was certainly welcome.

>>508939221>>508939082what vni mean i'm sure there's multiple but what were you thinking of

Diapers? Probably not, but I suppose you could have them as disposable armor with baby powder serving as a temporary stat boost every time you get changed. Also have debuffs that get applied if you spend too long in a used one, requiring you to go back to town whenever you need a change.

>>508923538a roughly equal struggle that ends in male- or femdom?sure that's basically every fantasy game and every fighter ever, they just usually stop before the lewd parts

>>508923538>hanging/beheading/executionI don't know, it'd be more or less just a fancier game over screen, or a more sadistic way of disposing of enemies, doesn't do much objectively speaking other than make the setting more grimdark. It's more of a scenario rather than mechanic, though I guess you could have something like having a time limit to cut the rope to save someone, but that's hardly unique.

>>508939474dlsite.com/maniax-touch/work/=/product_id/RJ265304.htmlIt's pretty good, it's about a guy getting dommed by a shemale.

>>508938696It took you this long for it to awaken in you? You have much to learn. Seriously though, Eat The Dungeon is a fun game.

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>>508923538>TransformationIt's probably a mechanic in some games already

>>508923538A developer could probably make an idle game out of it.

>>508939971sonic unleashed; sonic the werehog

>>508923538Yes but my fetish is quite niche. Also one of the few commercial games that have been released with my fetish is garbage.youtube.com/watch?v=XGvQVbwRJS4I have lots of ideas for good games based on macrophilia like a Rampage or Parodius clone but with giantesses or a Zelda Minish Cap clone but with the protagonist interacting with women only.

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>>508939932I just don't like fat chicks, but in anime form almost anything goes.

>>508923538>size growth>breast/ass expansionDon't think so but the former worked well enough for Mario


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>>508923538>futaUnless it's a rape simulator, no.

>>508923538I guess titfucking is only good for VR games.

>>508940593Play VR futa momiji user

>voreAlready have kirby and shit just make it anime girls and more focused on guts.

YesMilfy City

>Hypnosis yes, yes it would

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>>508923538>turning the overpowering female antagonist into your loving wifeFor the love of god, someone fund it please!

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>>508931139>>508941852There's some overlap here.

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>>508923538Where everyone turns into their fursona and has a giant orgy?

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>>508923538being filled with cum, either orally or anally, should fill the hunger meter.


>that feel when only one gamedev has bothered making anatomically correct equine genitals on actual horses that have full physics and it's just a gimmicky tech demo

>>508933071Do the futas fuck the traps? Or vice versa?

>>508923538I don't really see how round glasses could be a gameplay mechanic that isn't covered by regular ones.

i like women being turned into animals

>>508934849Godly taste my friend

>>508943384Right the first time. It's all about a trap being dicked by every futa in the land.

>>508943697How would you make that into a game?

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>>508923538tentaclesIt can work

>>508923538I have no fetishes because I'm not a degenerate.

>>508943697I like animals turning into sapient lifeforms

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>impregnation and breedingSure, have it be a generational game where you get to pick between your children. Certain mothers give better stats and abilities so you can really do some eugenics.>tfw capturing a fierce beast woman and breeding her for dat sick +7 strength

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>>508944376Every time someone posts shit like this they're always a h*nd h*lding freak

>>508944149you're a wizard and you can turn people into animals

>>508938820>whoever was making PE died or somethingLast Update 05/14/2020

>>508923538>The one thing video-games do that no other medium does is give the player control>have a fetish for mind control, which is all about losing controlHonestly hypnosis/mind control might be the most videogame fetish. You could probably do an entire mechanic about questioning whether or not you're currently being mind controlled and having to figure out loopholes to break free, or finding "the right place" to submit in order to get the most benefit.

>inflation/growth/explosionDepends on how you used it, really. I've thought before about a game that's like a mix between a Rampage, Katamari Damacy and the crash mode from Burnout.>play as a cute monster/alien/robot (female) filled with expanding, volatile chemicals or something>she starts normal sized and slowly grows until she's a 100ft tall giantess, then she swells outwards until she explodes>goal is to cause as much damage as possible in ten minutes or so>starts out as a brawler/beat em up, beating up cops, picking up things in the environment and smashing windows and cars (getting points the more damage she causes, points for combos and style and so on)>as she grows the items she can grab get larger, picking up and throwing people, phone boxes, cars, trucks, and so on>the opposition grows in force, going from police to SWAT to the national guard; until you're maximum height, kicking over buildings and swatting attack helicopters/jets out of the sky>last minute or so is spent finding the best place to explode for max damage; squeezing between skyscrapers getting difficult as she swells upYou could have different cities as levels, stuff like Tokyo, New York, London, so forth. Customisable main character. Maybe a multiplayer brawl mode?

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>>508944743oh shit really? I'm out of the looop then

I seriously hope a lot of you are trolling

>>508944820kill all sizefags

>>508944768You being controlled, or mind controlling others? If it's other people that would be fairly easy, games like Syndicate did it with the Persuadertron.

>>508923538>loli futas>corruptionMaybe have a loli protagonist become more physically powerful if she's exposed to a futa virus but it adds a "lust" meter where you need to cum often or else your inputs sometime won't register

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>>508944392This I like.

>>508944990Try futa ring

>>508944929I can take or leave macro,. so you could get rid of the giant element, as long as she swells up and explodes. I just thought it might be a fun mechanic, and there hasn't been a good Rampage/Destroy All Monsters game in a long while.

>>508923538>soul voreIt's already an implied mechanic in lots of videogames. I often like to pretend that's what EXP is.

>>508944990lily knight saga is kind of thati also think futaring is something

>>508944768I would be tempted to make a gag game like "hidden my game by mom" and have a dozen little scenarios to solve. You are given an order and have to obey it without actually doing what the hypnotizer wants from you.>ride me all night long baby>explore house, find trunk of old novelty party costumes>put on cowboy hat, jump on his back and gallop off into the sunset together

>>508944979I like the idea of using it as a method to fuck with the notion of video-games being something you control. So player being controlled primarily.Like the end of AC Brotherhood, where you get the QTE sequence except every button causes the scene to progress. Is the solution to find the button that hasn't been "re-bound", or is the solution to not do anything and wait it out?Or the fact that because our only way to get information from vidya is to "look at the screen", what if at certain points we called into question the validity of what was shown? Can you REALLY trust those "bad guys" you're defeating aren't good guys and your senses have been fooled?

snuggling and gentle lovingi guess it would work as a sort of affinity rasing mechaninc?

>>508923538>bbw/ssbbw, weight gain, inflation, masks, monstergirls, guro and hard voreits a possibility

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>>508923538sizechad here>shrink to fit through small spacesdone already>grow to push heavy obstaclesdone already>enlarge or shrink items to progressdone alreadyI can't think of any good mechanic that hasn't been done already

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>>508945469This is unironically one of the worst games I’ve ever played

>>508945309>>508945469I've been waiting on Futana Ring to finish updating before I play it, though I may just give up on that and start it. I love MofuringuHaven't heard of Lily Knight Saga though, I'll check that out.

well in my Skyrim game I have a bimbo futa orc who goes around breeding other big titted women so yes I think its working as a game mechanic.

>>508946145Which one?

>>508945868Leave the spoiler kinks, and I will now buy your game.

>>508923538Which one?Either way, I don't think that any of following:>bodypaint>contortion/flexible>zentai>pantyhosewould make actual mechanics.Transformations and such already are.

>>508923538Maybe some alteration spell that increases a woman’s breast size

>>508946395>bodypaintPaint yourself as x to gain its properties. Getting the paint pattern requires you to destroy/defeat one of x first. Have to avoid water hazards, stuff that makes you sweat. Enemies equipped with water pistols, ballons and the ability to paint you as something harmless.

How do we make clowns a fun game mechanic?

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>>508938473Its a neat concept, i just wish I was better at making the actions so I could get the better ranks

I can come up with too many ways incest can be a game mechanic and I'm getting a little too excited to think clearly.

>>508941852>OCA COC mod redemption ending

>>50894185250% is the best25% would probably be better

>>508942392Sounds like heaven to me.

>>508944392Real talk though? That lion silhouette with gorilla-esque posture looks fucking cool. I'd like to see a full-on creature design like that

>>508931864>postgame you can call a court to decide if laharl will turn into a girl or not>court goes through with overwhelming +99% approval every time>if you want to turn laharl back into a boy, almost nobody votes yes and you have to kick their asses to push it throughI think his male evility was better though

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>>508949209>>if you want to turn laharl back into a boy, almost nobody votes yes and you have to kick their asses to push it throughwhy would you do such a thing?

>>508923538>voreyeahnot in the way i want it, but yeah

>>508934405I think this has to do with sudden negative impulsive thoughts, like the urge you might get to jump off a skyscraper. Likewise you might be really into a grill in a game and imagine never wanting to make them sad, but morbid curiosity wants to see how far you can push and break the poor gals. I like it too, if only because it makes me value the nice guy interactions with them more.

>>508948996as do I ^^

>>508947303ARMS based a female character around clowns, and she's pretty fun

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As a clothedfag most games work for me. Expect japs, they think anything sexy means showing sk*n.

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>>508945868>2d shmup>multiple playable races>vore and weight gain/loss as gameplay mechanics>when you're small you're faster and more mobile>eating food or enemies in melee makes you gradually grow as you digest>the bigger you get the less recoil you have so you can use bigger weapon types, the more health you get, and the higher your damage threshold because weaker projectiles bounce off your fat (gonna be hard to animate that jiggle)>you can turn what you gained into health to survive or spend some of the mass on nanotech abilities

>>508953160>when your're big enough you still have the same jump height for level design reasons but it's slower>you can literally goomba stomp enemies how about butt vore>masks give you resistance to different damage types/gas>you can change their appearance so you can unlock cosmetics and choose whatever looks good

>>508923538This is an entertaining thread to read kek thanks.

I’m not gay but my fetish is porn where the girl can make the guy cum really fast or multiple times in one video.

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>>508923538>Hands>Loli>Fivehead>Financial DominationHm I dunno. Wasn’t there a game where you control giant hands

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>>508937027>can replenish stamina by drinking your own cum Wh

>>508940443is that a girl on the left?

>>508923538Breeding/pregnancy leading to loving happy families?Probably not.

>>508954128you can play as master hand in SSBU's story mode if that's what you're talking about

>>508954128>FindomPlease I'm begging you, have more respect for yourself. You're better than this.

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>>508954968I spent a disgusting amount of money to text and chat with pornstars / cam girls. I am very ashamed. It just turns me on so much when they demand money from me

>>508952065I'd give her coronavirus, if you know what I mean.

>>508940307The brief segment in Madness Returns is fun.

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>>508923538My fetish is a mechanic on death stranding, a really shitty one

Romance could work as some kind of damage debuff attract spell.Musk is a DoT affect if someone gets near.Worship...I have no idea.

>>508923687hell taker as vore?but yuh that could make a great mechanic by fighting within the beasts that eat ya.

>>508931089>alpha metroid>femaleUm. no sweaty. Only the metroid queen is female.

>>508940307Giantess isn't really niche, it's easily one of the biggest fetishes nowadays.

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>>508929770not true. there are a few __CBT__ games and they're all fucking weird.

>>508955203It doesn't have to be like this. You have to escape, they are exploiting your weakness and you can't let them get away with that. Fight against the urges I know you can do it.

>>508934469>DEXfag>closet queerimagine my surprise

>>508941059>masturbating to kirby anythingdeath is the only thing you people deserve.

>>508923538I can see a game where they have a pie as a throwable item that actually stays on the character's model. Or an enemy that uses it to blind the MC, if it's an fps.

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>>508923538My idea of diapers as a game mechanic is kinda like reverse mana, like casting a spell would cause the user to wet themselves a bit and using a physical skill would cause the user to mess themselves a bit and party members who have different sized diapers, absorbency, and capacity

>>508954128>findom faglololol you're life was over before it started you worthless simp.Seek help though you just need more confidence and self respect.

>>508923538What are some feet games?

>>508954128have you tried russian roulette?

>>508954128>Fiveheadisn't that a twitch emote? uhhh Poggers my guy.

>>508923538>BDSMMaybe? Damage you take buffs your next attack?

>>508938820>whoever was making PE died or somethingThe first dev quit, the second dev quit, and the game is now under a team of devs.

>>508923538Closedface helmets provide the best stats and there's no gay "hide helmet" option.

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>>508926605That's ritualistic cannibalism in a nutshell.

>>508959382That's a fetish? I swear, it seems like every single cartoon gag has a fetish associated with it. Children are so weirdly impressionable.

>>508923538scat projectile as an fps.

Cheerleaders and femdom are very easy to implement, in my eyes. Just make an action game where you play as on who beats the shit out of bad guys

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>>508923538>Exposure/Exhibition>Stealth game where getting caught is fun tooIt just works

>>508960859Duke Nukem Forever lets you pick up turds in the bathroom and throw them at enemies

>>508959726could be ok i guess

>>508960107stop berating him. he's willing to pay, don't do it for free

>>508960685that explains my confusion with its dev, thanks

>>50896085136. No matter what it is, it is somebody's fetish. No exceptions.


>>508961729It was almost a thing in Master Blaster Zero 2

How would a game mechanic where your player character's breasts get bigger after every kill make the game more fun to play?The players would always minmax and dump stats as soon as possible instead of holding onto their big tits defeating the point of the game. the ultimate goal of course to get the ultimate breasts.

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>>508923538Now's not a great time to discuss this

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>>508960851It's called WAM. It's not really susprising it exists, since girls fighting in mud is a very common trope

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>>508923538>watching people pee in publicProbably not.

>>508923538I dont even know what my fetish isI like deep kisses, long thick hair and tits and ass equallyare those fetishes at all?

>>508961990I haven't played it but there actually is a game where the goal is to make your breasts biggeryoutube.com/watch?v=KoPENK2s_6U

>>508962308But pies specifically is what gets my goat. Harmless enough though, and I'm in no position to judge since I'm fucking horribly degenerate in comparison

>MechanicNo, I'm noticing most all my fetishes are aesthetic.So I don't see how fit tomboys is a game mechanic, however a roster of them could make for an effortless fighting game.>>508961990Only if you make breast size a part of the game.Like make a game where you start off with big boobs but not ridiculously so, or maybe even ridiculously so but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Then you use your boobs to run around the level either bashing enemies or destroying the envirorment. With each kill it gets bigger, thus increasing your destructive potential but also more unwieldy. As you progress you get massive tits capable of destroying large objects and enemies but you struggle to actually control it.Like Katamari but with boobs.

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>>508962424Technically but so vanilla and widely held that it's easy to overlook.

>>508962419I was going to mention that part from MGS2 but then I realized there's a surprising amount of people pissing in the Metal Gear series.

>>508962424sorry son, you might be a normalfag, in which case you have to go somewhere else. Fetishes go to /d/, the rest of 4chan is for lolicons only

>>508962748I got 3 hours of sleep last night and thought you were trying to say tomboy mechanics were your fetish.

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>>508923538Lactation...? Probably not unless breast milk was a power up or health item, I guess.


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>>508954128I mean the souls games are basically findom if you think about it

>>508931864>Game where you're a magical girl mascot and forcefully turn boys into magical girls to force them to your service under threat of not turning them back

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>Petplay>Furries>BeastialityI'dunno, could probably work as some magical girl mechanic. Slap on a collar and get powers. Have a leash mechanic similar to Io from Dota, sharing power between two people.

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>>508923538>/hmofa/ games

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>>508960592In Rimworld characters with the Masochist trait gain happiness instead of losing it when in pain. Even if it's shit that should in no way be pleasurable like bleeding out.

>>508923538Feet NoGiantess YesTomboy YesMuscle Girls Yes

>>508923785Whoa BIG

>>508963597I was gonna roast you for feet but muscle girls cancels it out, you got lucky.

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>>508923538We already got Chimera Squad.

>>508923538I'm not sure how exhibitionism could make for a good mechanic. Maybe make it a stealth game?

>cumming on womens noses>fully clothed sex>90s bikini beach babesI think they could work. I just need to make sure that goo and cloth physics are top notch

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>>508959352I would never masturbate to kirby but its just an example of a video game with vore. All of /trash/ vore deserves to hang.

>>508929985Would be a godsend mechanic in Digimon World

>>508963080Look up Dr.BUG's Milk Gun series.

>>508947069The Blob

>>508947069>what is De Blob

>>508923538>Big muscular male monster/beastman>voreCould be a fighting game character or a party member with an ability like Quina from FFIX