>same engine>same assets>same charactersno news since 2019 e3

>same engine>same assets>same charactersno news since 2019 e3

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>>508921298Working on a new gimmick that will take priority of gameplay and content. Imagine a massive open world game with 6 bosses. Five of those bosses look almost the same.

what the hell news do you need? you already know it's more of the same and if you're zeldafag then you are going to buy it anyway no matter what "news" you get

>>508921298Perfection takes time.

>another asset flipsigh...

>>508921298Can't exactly show off gameplay if it's the same stuff I suppose

Maybe they're working on inventory system, good combat, enemy ai and actual shrines? Nah, have fun with shadow Link you fucks!

>>508922042hey, Majora's Mask was fucking awesome, but then again, that one had Koizumi heavily involved

>>508921732Imagine a massive open world game with no bosses.

this wind waker remaster looking good

>>508922042Seeing as BOTW had no content relative to it's massive open world, maybe we will get a complete game?We need dungeons, optional dungeons, and 20 real boss fights at the very least, with lots of optional ones.

>>508921741People wanted BOTW2 for less of a fucking dev time retard, like MM>MM 7 months>BOTW2 5 yearsjust make a new fucking game at that point, Nintendo is lazy as fuck

>>508922536>Majora's Mask was fucking awesomeno it wasn't

>>508921298botw was pretty much a beta, this one will be great.


>>508921298All they have to do is give me a master sword with upgrade-able RPG elements, fix the combat, and implement actual dungeons with soulful bosses and backstories and bada bing we have winner.

>>508922658I was being generous but I get your point.

>>508922694Name one single Zelda game with 20 boss fights

>>508921298>announced a year ago>started production so they just started working on it when they announced it>game production is normally 2 to 4 years.>no we this year because of covid china.>ITS DEAD AHAHAHAfuck I hate console war faggots

>>508921732Unfortunately there's a high chance this is true, but I really hope it isn't.

>>508921732It's called a motif, user. Just like when you hear a vaguely similar melody among a bunch of music in a given production. It's not being "uncreative" or "unoriginal" -- its something tying everything together.

>>508923140Blame Nintendo for announcing their game too early.

>>508921732imagine making the combat harder but also making it so you can slow motion dodge everything and insta heal by going in the menu

>>508922694Oh, and I forgot to add unique bosses.No re-skins please. A better weapon system would be nice too. More games need to try a sharpness system. Breakable weapons is super fucking gay.At least let us repair/improve them. Maybe a NPC blacksmith that is upgradable/has a questline. Eventually weapons can be improved to be unbreakable, and mastersword can be repaired. What is more classic Zelda than a blacksmith?

>>508923308You're retarded, that's not what he's talking about. He's talking about how Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild prioritized their own top-down design gimmicks (motion controls and open world specifically) over the Zelda staples.

I can't, but that isn't the point. You have to put something in that massive open world other than cool armor and korok seeds.This also isn't the 90's. Nintendo needs to step its game up and give us a game we can enjoy for years and not get bored

>>508921298They actually have a fairly difficult task. The biggest draw to BotW was the exploration and by reusing the overworld they remove that. Everyone is assuming there is going to be a cave system because of the trailer but if that's true imagine how old that would getI'm actually surprised they didn't pull a majora's mask and send link off to another land close to hyrule

>>508923308Gimmick has a negative connotation to it but it's not inherently bad, all zelda games have them. Whether it was being the first 3d zelda and using time travel, the mask transformation and real time, changing seasons, shrinking, turning into a wolf, sailing, etc. every zelda has a significant gameplay mechanic or "gimmick" to it.

>>508922991>>508923846That was for you. Forgot to quote.

>>508921298A new engine isn't needed for a direct sequel. This is the same mentality as needing a new phone every generational cycle. Stop this fucking shit.No doubt new assets will be made since there will be new environments, characters, and enemies. This isn't some solo indie dev working out of his mother's basement.A direct sequel just needs to be the same game but tweaked to be better.

>>508923846>. Nintendo needs to step its game up and give us a game we can enjoy for years and not get boredwhy only nintendo?

>>508923846>Nintendo needs to step its game up and give us a game we can enjoy for years and not get boredSingle player games that focus on story and a campaign never have good replayability

>>508923193I don't mind the gimmicks if it is backed by a solid complete game. I want a Zelda on scale with at least Dark Souls 1.

>>508923507You can upgrade to unbreakable weapons, but you're only able to carry 3-4 weapons (maybe even fewer) forcing you to constantly pick the type you like most (regular/greatsword/elemental/spear/boomerang)

>>508923914>Everyone is assuming there is going to be a cave system because of the trailer but if that's true imagine how old that would gethow would that get old? I feel like exploring a large set of caves filled with ruins and who knows what would be more interesting than just running around on the overworld for 40+ hours

>>508921298Let's hope they're working on a lot of new assets for enemies, bosses, dungeons, etc.

We could learn more about the civilization that made the ruins you see near Thyphlo and in the Faron rainforests.

I'd like to think they were going to show more of it at E3 this year before it was cancelled.

Hoping it'll be like another Mario Galaxy 2 - a decent, but quite flawed game gets a sequel that refines the original concept so well that it renders the original pretty much obsolete.BotW is conceptually great but has a shitload of problems. Part of it is purely due to hindsight, others can be chalked up to meeting the Switch release. I just hope they learned the right lessons.

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Since they're bringing back Ganondorf I hope they include Koume and Kotake somewhere

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>>508925936this^No more sheikah shrines

>>508926178They may as well reuse good old content and ideas since they didn't make much new content for BOTW.

I hope it's the same map, BUT there's a whole underground section beneath it that's almost as big as the surface map

>>508921732I assume it's really the same map with new undeground shit going on because it's nintendo, they always find a way to do the least possible and have fanboys eat it up

>Ganondorf kept in a state of perpetually near-death underneath Hyrule, not quite dead but very much not alive, decaying and mummifying alone in the dark. Concious to some degree, incapable of reincarnating due to being "alive," so salty his salt manifests into red goo and projects a giant Phantom Ganon that creates it's own Phantom Ganons, while possibly being used as a battery for Sheikah tech.Where were you were when Ganondorf was the good guy?

>>508926930This. Caves, sprawling seemingly endless old dungeons (preferably full of stuff like ReDeads) you find the entrance to tucked away hard to find behind flora, etc.

>>508927162Based Ganonchad

>>508927185My idea for a Zelda was always a massive overworld with a nearly 1:1 sprawling labyrinthine underground, sort of how the animated series portrayed it.

>>508926949I am setting my expectations as low as possible so that if the game is decent I will be surprised, but in the more likely scenario that it is the same type of shallow game BOTW was, I won't be surprised.Massive open world game, great variety of armor, no reason to collect it.

what i'd liketakes place in caves (benefits of added stability to the framerate)GRAPPLING HOOKHooking around in a huge ass cave system would be sick, systems with the verticality

>>508927162>Sorcerer with a dead body trapped in a vegetative state powering cool shitSo Ganondorf is the God-Emperor?

>>508927696this is a good idea. get some classic zelda equipment.I pretty much want most of the old staples and reworked stuff from botw.

>>508927696Only if the caves change in every area of the map, some with underground water, plants, etc. and others big twisting chasms or whatever, and others just old ruins. I also wish for Iron Boots to go underwater but probably not because of the ocean.

>>508928016Obviously the subterrean areas would be themed after the surface>generic caves>vast underground rivers and watewys>magma of a volcanic interior>mines>steamworks/factory>roots of the Deku Tree>Zertinan Caverns>Hellscape

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>>508927696Grappling hook could be fun, combined with the climbing mechanics BOTW 2 could have some really neat puzzles

>>508927696>grappling hook>underwater boots>pegasus boots>fully playable ocarinapls

I fucking swear, they'll find some way to cock it up.Like, the tutorial will be three hours long and take place 105 years ago when Link was at a generic anime high school for knights.The sad thing is that wouldn't even be unprecedented. Thanks Skyward Sword.

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>>508921298Every time Nintendo does an iterative sequel that reuses the engine and assets of the previous game, it turns out to be one of their greatest games of all time. Except for Spirit Tracks, ignore that one.

>>508923308Motif it out your asshole.

>>508930420>implying having the tutorial 105 years into the past would be a bad thing

>>508922991If you count the minibosses in dungeons, that's 16. There are probably some Zeldas that hit 20.Regardless, if you want to include a fuck huge open world, you need enough engaging, meaningful and unique content to fill it. The number of bosses in previous Zeldas is irrelevant to this goal.

>>508930420I'd be alright with that for a tutorial.

>>508922739>filtered by a timer

>abloo bloo bloo

>>508921298thats nintendo for ya

>Same engineYes, how dare they use their own engine that worked well the first time around>Same assetsYes, we know this from all thirty-six seconds we've seen of the game>Same charactersYes, we know this from all 15 seconds of dialogue we've seen. Yep, there will be a LINK and a PRINCESS ZELDA. Fucking Nintendo!Who cares if we have no news. This is Nintendo. They like to just shadow drop shit. Look at the new paper mario. Nobody really knew about it until it was announced, and they were like "Oh by the way it's out in 2 months, k bai"This is just how nintendo operates.

BOTW was based. Everyone that diudnt like it was just pleb filtered.

>>508921298Link and Zelda should be nudists in the new game

What if the red haired creature we see in that trailer is the Red Haired Hero from the songs and tapestry? After all, BotW2 was created because they realized that they had way too many ideas for DLC and should just create a new game. So what do you think makes more sense for a DLC story line? That Ganon comes back? Or that they introduce the Red Haired Hero from ancient times.The latter makes far more sense as a DLC story. The former would be far too large in scope and meaning for just a DLC.

>>508935153then who is the green glowing hand keeping him sealed


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>>508936051Mipha > Zelda


>>508923507How does anyone have issues with breakable weapons when you're going to find another one five feet away?

>>508921298>since 2019 e3not that long when you think about it.

>>508928016They can add in an iron boots mechanic by making it so you can't go deeper than a certain depth due to pressure or maybe the water breathing item won't let you breathe in salt water.


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>>508938251Salt water ruins the boots so you can't wear them.

Here's what they need to do:>Make the game harder, and generally more in the spirit of the Great PlateauThis means making shit like instant heals, Mipha's Grace and all that shit a thing of the past, there have to be consequences for getting hit. Of course, better combat mechanics and enemy design would go a long way tooThe other side of it is navigation. You don't have the Paraglider on the Plateau. Unlocking it results in navigation being trivialised, and removes the need to use more fun and interesting methods>Fix the themingEverything is Sheikah tech. It removes all sense of mystery. What is that thing in the distance? A Shrine. What do I get for solving this puzzle? A Shrine. What will the goddess grant me for offering a dragon scale? A fucking Shrine. There's no magic in that, and it adds an element of predictability to exploration which is frankly the last thing you want.Even if there are Shrine-equivalents in the next game, they need to have a variety of themes, and hopefully a variety of rewards too. >Actual dungeonsWould provide much-needed variety. The dungeons and open world complement each other.Not everything needs to be so open-ended. There was no need to make the Divine Beasts non-linear too.>ProgressionI really like the open world. That said, if you had to unlock some regions, it would allow for actual difficulty scaling. That, or having "hard" regions accessible from the start, but clearly communicating that they are dangerous places that you'd might not want to visit quite yet.>Unlocking itemsThe reason you got all the tools at the start in BotW was because it sucks to come across something that needs bombs, not having bombs, and then having to come back later, possibly forgetting about it. They should have items you unlock properly, but they need to expand your options instead of being a requirement for some things.BotW actually somewhat did this with stuff like the Zora Suit, there's no reason it couldn't be done with hookshots.

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>>508922042Every sequal ever is an asset flip in some way or another.

>>508938417>>Make the game harderNo Zelda game is hard, they are made for children>Fix the themingIt had great theming and pacing>ProgressionIt was very satisfying>unlocking items?

>>508938690are you retarded

>>508938251I have a fear of the deep ocean so a part of me hopes that's the case.

>>508938417honestly that sounds horrible and I wouldn't play it

>>508938417these plus adding more enemies and bringing back magic

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>>508921298It's most likely releasing this year though. Or that would have probably been the case if it wasn't for the corona crap though. But I still think it's feasible that it'll release this holiday.

>>508938146some people don't want to keep menu shuffling in combat and would rather use one weapon they're fond of

>>508939820This^Exactly this.

>>508923140>>started production so they just started working on it when they announced itActually. The reveal simply said >The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in developmentnot that the development started, but that it was in development. The truth is that they started the development right as they finished developing the DLC for BotW1 which was at the tail end of 2017 still. So the game has been in development for quite some time now. Hopefully the game will be amazing.

>>508938417These are brutal and just shows that you were filtered and exposed.Especially this one: >Unlocking the paraglider results in navigation being trivializedWhat an AWFUL take on things. Firstly, the world is designed so fucking well that you actually don't get very far when paragliding. Secondly, you can't paraglide upwards (inb4 Rivali's gale, that's not what you're talking about and you don't get that for a while and it doesn't send you "that" far upwards). Because you can't paraglide upwards, you still have to climb to someplace high in order to use the paraglider. So in that same time that you climbed that hill to paraglide for a short while afterwords, you could have just ran there...Also, paragliding from the top of towers barely gets you any distance since they were designed well. Lastly, you're just preventing yourself from exploring and seeing what's beneath you if you just paraglide. Removing content for yourself. Once again, looks like you just got filtered and exposed.

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>>508927696A grappling hook probably cool be cool, but I am not that crazy for it. In the 2D games the hooks are cool since you don't need to waste time aiming with it, just point in the one of the four directions you want to shoot it towards. And in the 3D games it has still been really cool but I honestly think that has a lot to do with how they're slower games in general. Now them being slower isn't bad in itself and they're great games. I am just not sure the hookshot would be as satisfying to use in something like BotW nor do I think BotW would benefit much from having its movement slowed down significantly with the freedom of your movement is one of the game's strengths. I'd much rather have more interesting/fantastical mounts or different transformations or something that provide interesting and new movement options. Like mounts more akin to those in the Oracle games. Or transformations like in Majora's Mask or even the fairy thing from Zelda 2.


>>508923308*LeitmotivMotif ,in french, means something else.

There is nothing wrong with this practice, in fact I believe it should be the industry focus going forward, too many games with great potential never fulfilled it because the dev time was spent finding its feet instead of working with the concept, and following up with a sequel that could've focused all its attention on fleshing out the potential would've saved them. The problem in this case however, is that Nintendo NEVER learns, and it's intentional, by design. Consider all their games from the N64 era until today, they're not progressively accumulating game design ideas and refining them from game to game attempting to make the ultimate game, no, they're all gimmick variations of each respective series' defining game. Nothing in the latest games was informed by their predecessors, Mario Odyssey could've easily been made for the Gamecube instead of Sunshine, because there was nothing Sunshine needed to do first in order for Odyssey to be possible. This means that instead of the perfect Zelda game BotW 2 could be by addressing the first game's only major flow i.e. lack of a fleshed out world and meaningful content, it'll just be BotW again but with some dumb gimmick that is also not worked out fully and that doesn't make up for the other flaws. Nintendo will NEVER learn.

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>>508940810I beat the game twice, the second time around was with a bunch of self-imposed challenges to make things interesting> Firstly, the world is designed so fucking well that you actually don't get very far when paraglidingExcept that's bullshit and you know it. Aside from the flattest places, gliding is always the fastest and easiest solution. Gliding's range is comparable to shield surfing, except unlike gliding, shield surfing is actually situational and requires you to pay attention to the terrain>Secondly, you can't paraglide upwardsThere are updrafts fucking everywhere, not to mention setting fires and Revali's Gale. The Gale does render your points null and void by the way, moving the goalposts won't change that. When you get it is entirely contingent on where you happen to choose to go. If the first place you go to is in the NW, congrats, you'll have it nigh-instantly.In addition, fast vertical movement isn't even that big an issue. The big problem is that you don't have to worry about large drops at all, and the fact that you can fly over just about everything. A short (often totally negligible) time spent moving vertically gives you a huge amount of horizontal travel, in which you don't need to worry about any obstacles below. No thought, no challenge, no real exploration. >Lastly, you're just preventing yourself from exploring and seeing what's beneath you if you just paraglide. Removing content for yourself.Thanks for making my point you dumb faggot. Removing the paraglider would make the game objectively better because it would remove a design-crutch from the developers and create a necessity to use the more fun mechanics instead of making those who automatically choose the path of least resistance miss out on a bunch. In other words, easy-mode loving faggots like you.You're just a bitch who's afraid of being filtered and exposed by an actual challenge. Now go back to /r/Zelda or whatever shithole you came from

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nintendo should ditch their engine and use ue5

>>508943484wrong answer

I would like it if the master mode platforms were in the normal mode.Master mode was "fine" but it didn't really change anything with the monsters just made them spongy.I thought the platforms at least were an interesting addition

>>508921298Confirmed going to be better than BotW.

>>508944061We only got 15 seconds of a cinematic trailer. CAN YOU JUST WAIT & SEE?

>>508939820You're not supposed to be treat a weapon like it's you're child. This isn't a JPRG where you save and never use those 99 revive potion until the end of the game "in case you really need them".

>>508944732Confirmed by What?

>>508945102They've only did it literally every single time before, but this time it will be different for sure, right user

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>>508944586Master Mode is barely any harder. The tankier enemies are offset by the infinite supply of powerful weapons in the platforms, the only "challenge" is the enemy health regen.Master Mode should've been about getting rid of all the cheap and easy tools. No more infinite inventory space, no more pause menu eating, heavily nerfed/removed gliding, no revives, etc.BotW has a lot of possible solutions for almost every problem. Shame there's always one that's so powerful that your enjoyment will be negatively affected if you don't make a concious effort not to use them.

>>508922739How can you be this blind to quality

>>508938417>Actual dungeonsNone of older Zelda dungeons were even interesting or difficult in the slightest. And no, them having themes doesn't change that. BOTW was the only time a puzzle required thought above a 1st grade level. Only like 2 other dungeons in the whole series were even slightly interesting were the Stone Temple in MM and Snow Peak.I am 100% convinced the want for "traditional Dungeons" are nostalgia-driven and "because that's what Zelda is supposed to be" and not because they were actually good.

>>508921935A perfect 7.

>>508945681>heh that weapon you hit me with knocked me away and you didn't deal damage to me for .01 seconds looks like I get all my health back now buddy

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>>508921298This is their holiday 2020 game, I have no doubt. This is their later 2020 major release.HOWEVERCoronachan might have changed that. They might push it to 2021 for additional polish and also 35th anniversary of Zelda. But I bet a Zelda collection (and the Wii U WW&TP remasters plus maybe SS) was planned for that instead. So instead we’ll probably get the Wii U Zelda remasters this year if this slips to 2021.Also, is it confirmed that the corpse is Ganondorf? I personally think this plot was supposed to be post-game DLC to explain the red headed hero from the tapestry, then they made it it’s own game.

I want a BOTW game with a Link to the Past dark world aspect.

>>508944061Gimmicks are a major failing of Zelda. I like trying new innovative thing, but it seems like they dedicate a lot of time to some core mechanic or idea, and a lot falls by the wayside.

>>508945681The trail of the sword was fucking stupid in master mode.The starting trials became the hardest ones because of those three lizards on the bridge just sitting in the water and regaining hpYou have to chain sneak strikes on them to even kill them effectively

>>508924494because thats who we're talking about right now sperg

>>508927853his corpse kinda looks like the god emperors as well, huh...

There needs to be some fucking legendary dungeons in this for it to make up for the same world.

>>508944061Nintendo doesn't do depth, and they never will. Gotta appeal to those normies somehow.

>>508946412>Also, is it confirmed that the corpse is Ganondorf?>Gerudo ornaments all over the body>long faded red hair>murals depicting a similar looking figure holding a trident>malice flowing out of himNo.

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>>508930421Only crazy retards think MM is better than OoT

>>508938417How in the fuck does this post have 4 retarded negative responses, this tackles literally every problem I had with BoTW

>>508946412Ganondorf is just a (game) theory, but it seems too fit. The malice is seeping out of the mummy, and if Malice was the source of the Calamity, than it makes sense to be Ganondorf. People have speculated (in this thread no less) that they figured out a way to essentially kill him without killing him, thus preventing his reincarnation since he isn't dead (like Dogma).

>>508947339What if it’s a non-Ganondorf Gerudo king? They’re supposed to be born every 100 years

>>508947984a non-Ganondorf Gerudo king that has malice and created Calamity Ganon?

>>508947473Because 4 of the things listed literally aren't "problems". Something not having something you want isn't a "flaw".BOTW not having themed Dungeons and "traditional" Dungeons aren't problems. It has no baring on the quality of the game.

>>508947473I think most of it is unlikely. Honestly I would be fine if they at least only fix the healing system. That ruined the game more than anything else in the list IMO.

>>508948313One thing they should have reused from SS was the inventory not pausing the game. Having to pick an item from your pouch and use it in real time would have been perfect for BOTW. They also need to fix overheal food.>cook a complex meal consisting of meats, spices, and veggies to heal 18 heaarts>skewer one truffle to full heal and get +2 bonus hearts

add open ended dungeons, like hyrule castle.have clear story based area and also side quest and exploration areas

>>508948237You didn't read his post if thats what you got from it, BoTW had objectively shit dungeons barring the Castle and making them more varied and overall having more of them in the map would do wonders for the games pacing and exploration. And he said nothing about traditional dungeons, learn how to read and stop being a fucking faggot.>>508948313just because it's unlikely doesn't mean they aren't things that need to be done

We're going to get big underground areas and flying structures, that's how they're going to differentiate it from the first gameIt won't matter that the map is more or less the same since you won't actually be ON that map most of the time

>>508923308there truly is no limit to what bingtendrones will excuse away.

>>508948237>It has no baring on the quality of the game.It is if the Dungeons that replaced them are shit.Which they were

>>508924494i must have missed all the zelda games that sony and microsoft were making.

>>508946349>None of older Zelda dungeons were even interesting or difficult in the slightest. Doesn't mean it has to stay that way>And no, them having themes doesn't change that.Themes can be interesting, provided they're not generic. What the fuck are you talking about? >BOTW was the only time a puzzle required thought above a 1st grade level.With the exception of master quest, I guess. Either way, wanting dungeons doesn't mean wanting an easier game.>I am 100% convinced the want for "traditional Dungeons" are nostalgia-driven and "because that's what Zelda is supposed to be" and not because they were actually good.Dungeons would be specifically good for BotW-type Zeldas, simply because they're a sort of counterpoint to the overworld. While the overworld is big and open, a dungeon will generally be restrictive and somewhat linear. This allows for very different gameplay to the overworld. A totally different set of challenges, but with essentially the same tools. Linearity means they can make things progressively more difficult/complex, and assume prior knowledge about mechanics/gimmicks, which they can't do to nearly the same effect with the overworld or shrines, or a totally open dungeon like the Divine Beasts.I think Nintendo has understood the need for this, and the result was the Trial of the Sword, as that's exactly what it is - a linear set of progressively more difficult challenges. Of course the theme and way of progression should be far more different and varied (and not just a ripoff of the monster gauntlets of previous games), but even that half-hearted attempt was better than the divine beasts.

>>508948879The shiekah shrines got as boring as forerunner architecture in Halo.

Is this achievable Natty?

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>>508943813Thanks, user.

>>508948672SS has many great idea gameplay wise. - Great durability and healing system mixing together, having to pick what you bring from your homebase with limited space.- Not pausing- Bonfi... I mean, sitting down at a bench to he... I mean ... you get it. Just ... use them again. In a better game. Thanks.

>>508948672This would certainly help with weapons breaking too.

>>508921732>Working on a new gimmick that will take priority of gameplayThat's contradictory.

>>508948879You actually had to use at least 2% of your brain with the puzzles in BOTW so it's automatically better than the older ones.>>50894877699% of the time when someone says "actual dungeons", they are talking about the go in room, do 20 IQ puzzle, door opens, then go to the next room dungeons of the older games. And it's theme water or something. So "traditional dungeons".

>>508949450People also like the dungeons for their unique aesthetic and some tell a little story with the scenery. All the shrines look the same and the Divine Beasts all do as well, but at least they gave those different music.The Ancient Cistern may boil down to "use whip to pull a lever" but it has a fantastic environment and progression.

>>508949450Don't be intentionally disingenuous you know there were plenty of dungeons that took a little work or you haven't played many Zeldas.

>>508949450>99% of the time when someone says "actual dungeons"Starts off with fake statistic>do 20 IQ puzzle, door opens, then go to the next room dungeons of the older gamesgoes into a hasty generalization>So "traditional dungeons"ends it off with a witty quipYou are such an enormous faggot that it boggles my mind that you can't see it. How about "actual dungeons" represent the good theming, intricate layout, unique boss and sense of discovery of a new item. No? Why not? Because you're a disingenuous faggot? Of course that's the reason.

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>>508949442Not necessarily. There are lots of different elements to gameplay. Games without open worlds have gameplay. Open world taking a priority over traditional Zelda gameplay is gimmick over gameplay. Motion controls were a gimmick in SS that probably cost lots of time resources to get it working correctly and probably hurt the rest of the game.

I’m okay with shrine-like mine dungeons. But it would be nice if they had actual enemies and more traps in them, had different music, and all looked different. It would also be nice if they had maps and worthwhile rewards. And real multiple floors (some kinda had these). I would take less of them for more of these things. There were a few shrines that I liked. The one with the torches was good and long. I didn’t like the gyro ones. There is actually only 58 shrines in the game including the initial 3 with the runes. Because 42 are shrine quests with nothing in them except a spirit orb. 20 are tests of strength

>>508921298Literally dead on arrival. Genshin Impact will blow this nintenvomit out of the water.

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>>508948792I'm betting we'll get a Loftwing mount. Possibly later in the game to add more areas with harder enemies and new materials to collect.

>>508950342I don't even hate the Gift ones, although they should have honestly just given you the reward outright. But from a story perspective I actually appreciate that the Sheikah had such foresight that they built a Shrine they knew would have an obstacle around it thousands of years later to test the Hero. But yeah saying the game has "120 shrines" is bullshit.

>>508948672>Weapon wheel>A healing animation that can be interrupted a la Dark Souls, better foods have longer animations>All potions have the same quick animation encouraging their useI'm sure there's more but that would fix a lot

I just don't want breakable unfixable weapons and i want more places like hyrule castle, that's pretty luch it

>>508949869>this post

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Nintendo's gotten into a habit of only hyping shit up like 6 months before it's released

>>508950460Cannot wait for this. Heard it bricked a console tho.Release date?

wah we went a year without a new zelda, the outrageI dont want pokemon's annual shitshow for Zelda

>>508950342>Because 42 are shrine quests with nothing in them except a spirit orb.TBQH famalamadingdong I think that overworld puzzles like that are actually a positive aspect.If I remember correctly, some were just "find the bombable wall" to get a blessing shrine, while others had a proper preceding quest/puzzle but then had an actual shrine anyway. That shit was wack.

>>508950929"Soon", should be out by the end of the year.

>>508950954>op says specifically that there has been no news since 2019>retard brings up yearly releasesyikes

>>508950954Make that 3 years, if you're not counting the LA remake.

>>508950594Only potion in combat.Food to heal in-between fights, during exploration.Relatively generous inventory for food to promote cooking. Cooking gives better, more meaningful buffs in addition to healing.Potion slots are limited 1 at the beginning, up to 5-6. Meant for combat. Can be used for healing potion, durability fix, fairy, or a quick and strong buff. Can only be replenished at a fixed hub-like location. That's how I would do it.

>>508949869>good themingliterally does nothing for the level design or how good it would be>intricate layoutPlay them again and not just when you were 6. That describes like 1 Dungeon total in the whole series.>unique boss and sense of discovery of a new itemUnique boss is the only one I will agree on though the Ganon bosses of BOTW aren't really the same in gameplay except being forms of Ganon. But lol, really? sense of discovery of a new item?It was painfully fucking obvious what item you got in a dungeon was going to be used for and it was a fucking miracle that item actually mattered and would be used more than once outside of it.

>>508950547>>508950958I do like a lot of the quests. I guess the shrine is just to give you a spirit orb as a reward. Like overworld dungeon-sequel gameplay from SS

>>508950547>But from a story perspective I actually appreciate that the Sheikah had such foresight that they built a Shrine they knew would have an obstacle around it thousands of years later to test the Hero.That's actually one of the main problems I have with Shrines. The moment you realise that Shrines are the universal reward of sorts (i.e. almost instantly), it eliminates all mystery from the world. Why is that thing there, and what does it mean? The answer's always "some old fuck put his exam room there". It also means there are no surprises.The absolute worst was Naydra>This magnificent dragon avatar goddess' spirit avatar thing has been afflicted by Malice!>Well done saving the dragon, hero. Now, offer one of its scales to the goddess for your reward!>here's yet another generic shrine faggot

>>508949234Prince Gannondorf would like to thank you for your hospitality. And for your eyes, and your tongue. But I am afraid more is needed.

Attached: The Mummy (1080p, x265, DTS 5.1).mkv_snapshot_01.33.16_[2020.05.20_13.29.29].jpg (1920x816, 96.92K)

>>508951654>>good theming>literally does nothing for the level design or how good it would beRight, so now that we've established themes don't matter, that means that all environments should just be grid textured blocks. Purely functional. Gameplay only. The aesthetics don't matter.

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>>508952172I genuinely hope this is a part of the story.

>>508952476Do you think they're going to make Ganon some tragic prince hero that got seduced by dark powers or some shit?

>>508952635I hope not. Meming about how he was imprisoned in a decaying body and is being used to power Sheikah tech aside, I hope Nintendo never humanizes Ganondorf too much. One thing I initially liked about Calamity Ganon was the it was primal raw evil, a force of nature. I never really want Ganondorf to be sympathetic, a fallen hero, or anything gay like that.

>>508949271you're welcome, now fuck off with the pretentiousness and learn to take criticism

>>508952457>The aesthetics don't matter.Not what I said or implied. I like aesthetics and music of the dungeons in OOT. Doesn't mean the level design isn't boring braindead shit for 9 year olds. Those 2 things aren't related.

>>508951654>It was painfully fucking obvious what item you got in a dungeon was going to be used for and it was a fucking miracle that item actually mattered and would be used more than once outside of it.I am sure you guessed hover boots, iron boots, hookshot, whip, hammer, gust jar, spinner, the wife. They were all painfully obvious the first playthrough.

>>508951654>literally does nothing for the level design or how good it would bewhat >>508952457 says>Play them again and not just when you were 6. That describes like 1 Dungeon total in the whole series.I've played these games multiple times and there are a decent amount of dungeons that have way more intricacy than BoTW>It was painfully fucking obvious what item you got in a dungeon was going to be used for and it was a fucking miracle that item actually mattered and would be used more than once outside of it.Not the point retard, before we start let me state that there are a shit ton of zelda games that have new items used in and out of dungeon, and in most of these games, getting an item felt good not only because of the dungeon itself but because you knew it would allow you to go places and find things you couldn't before because of the lack of them. It quite literally opened up whole new paths when you get stuff like the hookshot, bombs for the first time, boomerang etc.

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>>508953672>good theming>literally does nothing for the level design or how good it would beYeah it is. Are you trolling? Is this bait user?

>>508921732>Imagine a massive open worldThat sounds awful, why does anyone still think this is a good fucking idea?

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>>508954046If it is, it's pretty good bait. I was hooked on this retard from the second he started typing.

>>508950158>Not necessarilyYeah no, a gimmick in a video game always has to relate to the gameplay in some way.

>>508927162Reminds me of all those autistic theories of BOTW.One of which is that it would’ve been the alternate timeline created in Skyward

lmao at people thinking we'll get large underground connected caves

>>508954386I've always found it astounding that people have so many fan theories about a franchise where nearly every storyline is a crudely scribbled justification for the gameplay.Only few Zelda games have any interesting story elements. There's not really any "big, epic arc" or overarching theme, the "timeline" is just an excuse to keep the same characters around.

>>508954386To defense of autistic theories, SS felt like a soft reboot.

>>508954325Like the cell shading in WW?Gimmicky gameplay mechanics took priority over tradition Zelda gameplay in TP, SS and BOTW. Motion controls (wii), more intricate motion controls and open world/climb anything. They were so focused on their open world climbing gimmick that the rest of the game suffered.

>>508954386>>508954908SS and BOTW might as well be in their own universe with all the Hylia and Demise shit

>>508954046And how is the theme or aesthetics of something related to the the level-design exactly?BOTW doesn't have themes and I wouldn't mind if it and 2 eventually did. But ultimately, I don't care because the puzzles are actually interesting. Probably because I care about gameplay in my video games. Weird I know.

>>508952086Imagine not understanding the reward and challenge was everything before the spirit orb.

>>508955047Hylia and Demise('s curse) were peak retarded. Well honestly, almost all of SS was. But those two things pretty much eliminated any hope for good lore.

>>508955254That doesn't excuse anything and you know it

>>508955056I don't know if it is worth explaining the importance of themes or aesthetics in a Zelda game to you.You seem the be acting obtuse on purpose.

i just want anything, man. BOTW is my fav game and i'm hungry for the sequel. my backlog is running out

>>508954172He is trying to play both sides of the argument or something. 10/10 complex bait.

>>508954063I actually would prefer a Zelda world akin to DS1.Interconnected world with branching paths opened by beating dungeons

>>508955819Replay it with mods

>>508955819Genshin Impact like >>508950460 said.

>>508955995Do you guys call anything that doesn't reinforce your opinion "baiting"?

>>508950460Oh boy I can't wait for Horizon 2.0.

Where would the sequel take place, exclusively the underground? Some new area?

>>508956273just get From to do a Zelda game at this point, they have a proven track record

>>508922042Sequels like these are almost always great.>b-butI don't care what counter argument you could make. The majority of the games I've played that were built of of the previous games have been incredible.

>>508956315contemplating it

>>508956273I wish they would make a Zelda 2 remake, without the overly cartoony artstyle they keep shoving into every game they can pump out.

>>508950460If it has that tranny-ass artstyle I ain't touching it

>>508954972>Like the cell shading in WW?Are you an idiot? The gimmick in wind Waker was sailing and you'd be insane to say it didn't affect the gameplay.

Asset flip sequels usually end up incredible so who caresThey don't need to make things completely from scratch all the time, this gives them more resources for new shit around what they got

>>508921298Genshin Impact is better anyway

>>508956747You are half right. Sailing was a gimmick and boring as fuck. They also had to cut content to make it work, whole islands apparently. The art style was a gimmick too though.Look up the definition.

>>508923308Taking the main music theme and integrating it into significant tracks in a subtle way: Creative and memorableTaking the main music theme and just changing the key, speed and instrument for each world: Lazy uninspired dogshitThis was especially bad in basically most of the new yoshi games

>>508955758I think you guys are misunderstanding something. I'm not saying themes or aesthetics are bad nor do I dislike them. What I am saying, is that those being good or not has factually no barring on how good the level design/gameplay is.Which is why I think people saying BOTW dungeons are bad or boring just because they're not themed whatever thing don't actually care about the gameplay. They wouldn't be unironically saying the older dungeons were better if they did.

>>508956553That's an idea I would be down with but the backlash would be enormous. That would make it worth it alone.>>508956603Nintendo doesn't do good remakes so it would be trash.

>>508956396No, I call a flip-floppity retard who doesn't understand game design, 'baiting'.

>>508922739git gud @ time management you voodoo practicing nigger

>>508957392Gameplay themes and aesthetics are all equally important in a Zelda game. If the gameplay is strong enough it can sometimes make people overlook boring or repeated aesthetics but that is much harder to do in a Zelda. So much of BOTW was just repeat textures. The shrines and beasts reminded me constantly of Halo and the forerunner structures and how boring LED lights and stainless steel is on repeat.

>>508921298I dont care. Just give me a full fishing mechanic that integrates to the open world.I will wait 1 more year if it means a better fishing game.

>>508957398>Nintendo doesn't do good remakesThey're the only ones with a good track record for them user.

>>508948954>>508946898so why is it ok for non-Nintendo open world games to be done and forgotten after 50 hours tops?

>>508958296I may just be bitter over the MM remake.

>>508956747I replayed WW(GC version) in lockdown, and really enjoyed sailing, it's just comfyThe Triforce Quest was surprisingly fun too, I enjoyed it more than the dungeons (which are arguably the worst in the series aside from the Divine Beasts).Comfy sea exploration and treasure hunting has a lot of potential that WW barely even scraped. I think that if the scale was upped, the potential discoveries were more significant, and navigation were actually a bit challenging, it'd be great

>>508958426You are right. If they had more treasure to find it would be better. Parts to a new weapon or equipment. Nintendo makes great world but they usually forget to fill them in and make them feel alive.

>>508958426Dragon Roost is the best first dungeon in 3D Zelda tho.

>>508958931>best first dungeon in 3D Zeldaunironically Skyview Temple

>>508958318We are in a zelda thread, so we are talking about zelda. Go take your meds you old fuck.

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>>508958417Thing is, even with the changes its still a decent game. That and Grezzo made it.

>>508959724So why is it I never see threads or posts saying open world games should have hundreds of hours of single player content

>>508959724He's not entirely wrong though. For some reason here standards for Nintendo are absurdly high with people expecting them to do things no one has ever done.

>>508959570I remember nothing other than the Stalfos fights and the fact that it took me more time than I want to admit to get out of the item's room. That's how forgettable it is to me, and I love SS.

>>508959946>So why is it I never see threads or posts saying open worldI don't fucking know you dementia ridden fuck, how about you go make one. We are in a Breath of the wild thread, if you want to talk about open world games in general fuck off somewhere else.>>508960037>absurdly high standards>not copypasting bullshit across the world because making content is hard is high standardthe issue is that we hold every other developer to an extremely low standard, so when we expect something everyone SHOULD expect, retarded low standard having niggers crawl out the woodwork clamoring about how much they love doing the same shit over the course of 40 - 80hrs.

Attached: 1543284040056.png (796x712, 368.98K)

>>508960380okwhat other games do what you want the next Zelda game to do?

>>508960487read the thread, theres a reason posting has died down in the past hour, almost every major point was covered

>>508960052>I love SS.

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>>508960609answer my questionyou want zelda to step its game up and give us a game we can enjoy for years and not get bored because "it's not the 90s anymore"so what other games do this?

>>508923325Wasn't smash in a similar position?

>>508960380>>not copypasting bullshit across the world because making content is hard is high standardYes? user think for a moment what that would mean for a Zelda game.

>>508922736>5 years>2017+5 = 2022

>>508960743Only played it once, in hero mode, on PC, with a controller, and legit one of the most fun I had in any Zelda.

>>508960380>not copypasting bullshit across the world because making content is hard is high standardYou're not proving your point considering every open world game just copy and pastes assets.

>>508961159I couldn't fucking bare the Wii controls and the gameplay felt insulting to me. Fuck Fi, fuck the high school intro and fuck the railroading

>>508960743Koloktos and the Ancient Cistern were unironically kino, along with the sandship temple up until Tentalus which looked like Mike and Celia Wazowski's child. Silent Realms were also fun and interesting parts and there are definitely things to love in that game.At the same time there are also things to hate.

>>508960881I already answered your faggot ass question, I'm not going to repeat things i've already put in this thread for you. Read. The. Thread.>so what other games do thisWhy are you changing the question, what exactly are you trying to do here?>>508961043No, it's not a high standards. Game devs have gotten increasingly lazy over the past decade, it's fine to copy paste some shit but making the bulk of your game built off of it's foundations is objectively terrible. Enemy camps are samey and boring, shrines are samey and boring, the 4 divine beasts are samey and boring, the only thing that was fun for me personally was exploring, until I was met with another fucking shrine. If you don't want to hold developers up to a decent standard that's fine by me but don't expect me to eat shit with you.>>508961297>You're not proving your point considering every open world game just copy and pastes assets.>Every open world game is lazy as shit so it's ok for us to be too!Fuck off

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>>508961419Never played it with a wiimote.My control scheme on PC worked like this : Trigger would ready the sword, and the right stick would swing it. Not using the "ready" sword and using the stick would make smaller movement for drawing puzzle and shit like that.Worked great and it was really fun to play.

>>508961457I'm not changing the question. you however keep dodging it. I wonder why. Maybe because you want Zelda games to do something no other open world game has ever done.

youtube.com/watch?v=glX4vQwlTPY this vid oml lol

>>508961457>it's not a high standardsHow is it not a high standard? You want them to fill the game to the brim with unique, non-copy and pasted assets. Do you have any idea how much time, money and manpower would be required to do that as well as balancing the difficulty of each area. And that's not even getting into the enemies in regards to their designs, interactions and stats. >Game devs have gotten increasingly lazy over the past decadeYou think that because you never noticed the many, many shortcuts they took when you were a kid by recoloring sprites to represent a new ability, power up or class. Let's not get started at the endless recolors in rpgs. Needless to say they haven't changed, its your standards and views that have.

>>508921298shin megami tensei V would like to have a word

>>508936051This but with best wife

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>>508961457>Game devs have gotten increasingly lazy over the past decadeYou only think that because you've never actually tried to create something.

>>508961912>admits to changing goalposts and wonders why I don't want to answer youTo answer you very passive aggressive retard tier questions, if you're asking if I want BotW2 to be good then yes. I want every game to be good, everything from Elder Scrolls to Fallout to Far Cry etc. I don't only hold Zelda to a specific standard, I hold every game to the same standard and when they come out with boring copypaste bullshit then I'm disappointed. I want Zelda to something different with the open world genre, not the same shit every developer has unfortunately done. I want those developers to do the same, innovate with the genre. Don't feel a type of way because I'm attacking your precious Zelda, it's just another video game series that isn't immune to criticism.>>508962483>You want them to fill the game to the brim with unique, non-copy and pasted assets.No, I said>it's fine to copy paste some shit but making the bulk of your game built off of it's foundations is objectively terribleAnd since you didn't read all of what I said I won't read the rest of what you said.>>508962658I only think that because games have become more and more of the same and less unique as time goes on. They'd understandably rather play it safe than take a risk to make something new, but that safety homogenizes everything.

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>>508921298Post your face when the game asks you to pick between Link or Zelda after the intro

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>>508962628Why do people like Mipha?She's the lamest one-note character, devoid of personality, and her voice makes her sound mentally deficient in every language I heard

>>508962939Even if Zelda is playable, it will either be only for some parts OR a partner system where they are always together, not a choice.

>>508962878Ok so you have brain problems.your post is this "it's not the 90s so zelda should offer 500 hours of gameplay, 20 bosses and 40 dungeons, all hand crafted"but no other game has this much contentso why only zelda? it's not the 90s so why do other games not offer all this stuff?my question NEVER changed since my first post in this threadmaybe you should take your meds.

>>508963207>"it's not the 90s so zelda should offer 500 hours of gameplay, 20 bosses and 40 dungeons, all hand crafted"Never said that and I'm no longer replying to you. Learn how to read.

>>508962878>but making the bulk of your game built off of it's foundations is objectively terribleThink about the words you're using user specifically the word "bulk" and how it's used here.You're saying that the majority of the game is copy and pasted right? And you dislike that. Now, you were insinuating that the "bulk" of this content should be unique which is where this post comes in >>508962483Unless you're willing to contradict yourself that is.

>>508922739Stfu faggot

>>508963293>step its game up and give us a game we can enjoy for years and not get boredwhat other game does this? :)

>>508921298Itd be a waste if they didnt. Development time would be much longer. They did this with oot and it came out great so whatever fag

>>508962878>because games have become more and more of the same and less unique as time goes on.That's quite literally how they've always been you retard.>They'd understandably rather play it safe than take a risk to make something newHe says in a thread about a game that didn't follow the 3d Zelda formula. What is a risk or making something new to you exactly? Just making a new IP?

>>508962878>I only think that because games have become more and more of the same and less unique as time goes on.Compared to when?Every single era had a couple of video games everybody in the same genre wanted to emulate or top, lazy sequels and borderline bootlegs.The indie scene is huge today, it's not hard to find shit like Abzu, What Remains of Edith Finch, the Talos Principle and whatnot.You're either wearing rose tinted glasses or you're talking about an era you didn't actually experience

>>508963036She has a pussy where the fish smell is only natural.

>Same enginewtf I'll buy your game now

>>508963036Her earnest crush on Link is touching and pathetic.Unlike all the girls lusting over Link in every game, she had been diligently working toward proposing to him when shit hit the fan and she died.

Attached: 6ee.png (1020x1431, 1.3M)

>>508923140Please refer to the novel coronavirus as COVID-19 for accuracy and to avoid spreading misinformation.

>>508962878>I only think that because games have become more and more of the same and less unique as time goes on.The fuck are you talking about? Game sequels have always just been more of the same with a new gimmick. The original smb 2 was just Smb1 with new items. Western smb 2 was literally a resin of another game Sonic 2 was just sonic 1 with the spin dash and tailsMega Man 1 to 11 is just jump, shoot and power ups that are just clones of what already existed.TLoU 2 is just 1 with jumping and golfI could go on and do this with every game series.

>>508963318Let me rephrase then, friend. Having the most important content in your game be copy paste bullshit is objectively bad. This also happens to be the bulk/majority of the game, since there are 120 shrines, 5 dungeons and a bunch of god awful side missions. A decent amount of the puzzle shrines are alright and the final dungeon is good, but most of the game will lead you to a combat/empty shrine, 4 shitty dungeons and really bad sidequests. Also korok seeds. When the vast majority of you games content is like this, the game fucking sucks. Not all of the content has to be unique, but for this much to be reused and recycled is sacrilege. >>508963427Ah, now I see your confusion. That wasn't me fucktard, I'm not that stupid.>>508963624The 3d zelda formula allowed for a lot of innovation within each game, the layout of these games could/would be similar but the content (unless they consciously decide to ride off of the coattails of another game) that you find within each 3d zelda is vastly different from the others, unless you're telling me that SS, WW and OOT are essentially the same>>508963663What you're literally telling me is that there are exceptions to a rule in the gaming industry. I want most if not all games to try and bring something interesting/new to the table, not just indie games. Not to mention half of this indie shit aren't even games, just walking sims and thought provokers. I want what's best for the industry as a whole, not just one facet of it.

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>>508963128That'd be lazy.A simple character selection would make history as far as the mainline titles are concerned, and would please waifufags and feminists alike.Considering the plot wasn't strong in BOTW, removing Zelda from the equation is a small, small price to make this sequel memorable.

Attached: 1484545248935.jpg (2048x1331, 444.38K)

>>508964797>, I'm not that stupid.dunno all your posts in this conversation seem pretty fucking retarded to me.

>>508964347>Game sequels have always just been more of the same with a new gimmick.I'm not talking about game sequels, I'm talking about genres. Specifically the open world Genre.

>>508964870No, having Link and Zelda be a simple Gender select would be lazy.Having them being partner, being able to swap from one to the other at will, with unique gameplay would be the opposite of that.

>>508964916Very nice argument user, I will frame your post on my wall.

Attached: Faggot.jpg (277x280, 72.01K)

>>508965091Sorry I make it a habit not to argue with retards :)

>>508965052This, just having palette swap link would be a really boring gameplay choice instead of a cooperative buddy system>>508965149You have been arguing with me this whole thread, glad we both agree im not retarded

>>508964797>Having the most important content in your game be copy paste bullshit is objectively bad.So like most games released in the last what, 40 years?

>>508965663>So like most games released in the last what, 40 years?Yes, like bad games. We've been over this, I want good games to be made.

>>508965052Having a computer controlled partner would seriously cripple how freely you can explore and interact in the world in BOTW.It'd take some absolutely state of the art programming and pathfinding for Zelda to keep up with the shit you can do.So ideally? Yeah, that would be the least lazy thing, but that wouldn't happen.What would happen is a dungeon-only companion like in Wind Waker, which isn't super exciting or a radically different paradigm where you have to take your companion into account when doing things.Free climbing would be guaranteed to go.That is the more realistic implementation of a companion system, and it is lazy.

Attached: 1552286846307.jpg (1181x1748, 170.16K)

>>508921298it was planned as DLC for botw 1 but they realized they can sell it to you for 60$ so why not do that

>>508966049Or you know, do like most game do and teleport your companion when you get too far.

>>508966352It's OK when Majora's Mask does it

I honestly can't wait for the sequel. I can't wait to see what Nintendo cooks up. I've been starved for more content, I've tried every other open world games under the sun and I'm disappointed. Nothing compares to BotW. Gimme fishing and underwater dungeons, playable Zelda for a couple of quests would be cool. Also sword enemies

Attached: 1532160331904.jpg (419x429, 64.3K)

>>508964797>since there are 120 shrines, 5 dungeons and a bunch of god awful side missions.Not him but you're contradicting yourself here. For one those 120 shrines aren't all the same granted there are a lot of combat ones but definitely not 120. You're pretty much just complaining about the visual style now.5 dungeons, same deal. Each have their unique gimmicks and only share a visual style. Also there are more than just 5 dungeons, haven't played it in a while but I do remember the darkness one and the Yiga hideout.Now the side missions are where your contradiction is they're unique, you get them from different npcs and you do different things like building up Tarrey Town, doing that sand seal race, the snowball, snowboarding and so on and so forth. So here you are complaining about unique content while wanting unique content at the same time.

>>508922739Imagine being filtered by videogames

>>508965798>like bad gamesAnd games you most likely consider good. Go ahead and name a few.

>>508966503Yeah that would work wonderfully when you're riding a floating raft, shield surfing, steering sand seals or using the glider.A constantly teleporting companion spazzing all over the place and getting stuck on terrain

>>508967023Are you stupid? It's not hard to code the IA to teleport at you after you land on solid ground.

>>508966538that's different, it was a challenge miyamoto threw at aonuma since he said "I CAN MAKE NEW GAEM" so he was like "ok, you have 1 year faggot" and he was like "um cringe?" and miyamoto was like "have sex" and aonuma said "ok I believe you"and that was that

Attached: phsss.jpg (1125x2097, 185.17K)

>>508966503What the fuck do you think this is, sonic?

Only cuckolds don't want dungeons to come back.

Attached: 1577644371123.jpg (328x350, 23.42K)

you people have no taste

>>508967108It's not my fault you don't want to follow what I'm saying so that my point stays wrong in your head.Exploration is a big part of BOTW.If you companion is absent and constantly breaks your immersion by teleporting at your heel every other minute, it will really harm the atmosphere of the game and for what? So she can be a glorified set of gear your can only access by switching to her?This kind of companion system has been done over and over.It would only serve to make the game more clunky for minimal benefits.Having Zelda handle shit on her own would be thematically stronger for the IP and wouldn't put a burden on the gameplay.

Really hoping for some quality of life improvements, like choosing exactly how long you want to sleep/wait, instead of arbitrary increments.

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>>508967995Plus you can still differentiate Link and Zelda ability-wise while making them independent playable characters that can each go through the game on their own. Hell, Cadence of Hyrule figured this out and that was a spinoff.

>>508966850I haven't played the game in easily over 2 years so my memory is shoddy, but im almost entirely sure that around 1/3rd of the shrines are combat, 1/8th or so are empty, 1/3rd are puzzles and the remainder are side mission shrines. All combat and empty shrines are copied from the other ones, that's already a decent chunk of the 120. Then you realize that a decent amount of the puzzle shrines use the EXACT SAME PREMISE AS OTHER SHRINES. Like, not even similar, but almost exactly like other shrines. So not even all of the puzzle shrines are unique from each other. For the side quest part, I really didn't enjoy a vast majority of them. The ones I remember the most are Tarrey Town which felt like a bethesda fetch quest to me, seal racing was fun and snow boarding was alright. But too many of them are awful and boring in my opinion.