I still don't get it

How the hell did it not end up a complete dumpster fire. How does Hollywood of all things seem to know how to handle Sonic better than Sonic Team?

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gotta go fast xD

Literally everyone knows how to handle Sonic better than Sonic Team. Sonic is generally good, except when Sonic Team is involved.

>>508911598They simply followed the formula for a buddy buddy roadtrip comedy.

they just played it ultra safe. it's basically just straight to dvd family movie from mid or early 00s

>>508911762Knowing Tails is in the picture now. I think they're planning more than that in the possible sequel.


>>508911598sonic team are retarded and have never known what to do with it. that's why shit like this and sonic mania have done far better than any sonic team

What did they even handle about sonic? It's hardly a movie that actually respects Sonic as a character rather than just some animated cartoon like any other.Also it has Jim Carrey so it's virtually impossible for it to get ratings lower than 50.

cast them

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>>508911598Sonic is one of those things that the west simply does better.

>>508912324Grounder's VA was actually in the movie believe it or not.

>>508912296His origin, which honestly makes more sense whatever shit archie and sega spewted in the past.

>>508912662that's really cool, I didn't know that

thread theme: youtube.com/watch?v=jWxkqcwqnp8

So what do you think they will do in 2? Think Metal Sonic will be teased at the end?

>>508913472Sega's origins for him is that he was born and grew up on Christmas Island. What's so shitty about that?

>>508911598Sonic Team's always been the weakest link in the Sonic franchise.

I really liked that the Echidnas who were after Sonic were Pachamacac and his tribe.

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It was more fun than I expected. From the trailer, I was sure Jim Carrey as Robotnik would have been insufferable, unfunny, and annoying but he played the part well. I mean, as a film, it's a 5/10 at best, but as a video game film, it's practically Citizen Kane

>>508913472>Being from a completely different planet makes more sense than Sonic simply living in a world that had anthros and humans

>>508915098Weren't they from way in the past? Though I suppose it could still be the same tribe.

Why do people keep saying Jim Carrey was the perfect Robotnik? He acts the exact same way in this as he does in all his other movies, as Jim Carrey except in different clothes. Take his performance out of this and put it into Batman Forever, Ace Ventura, The Truman Show, Liar Lair, The Grinch, or any of his other films and you wouldn't know the difference.

>>508914407If I had to take a shot in the dark, Robotnik meets Knuckles while dimension hopping and gets him and his people to hunt Sonic and Tails down, or go straight to Robotnik's new badnik army with Metal Sonic as a secondary antagonist

>>508911598aImagien beign such a basic normalfag bitch that yet another tired old alien buddy movie is good to you. You normalfags don't even realize how bad your taste in everything is.

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>>508915445Different universe, different set of events. This Pacha hasn't brought down the wrath of Chaos, if Chaos exists in this universe.

>>508915294>Giving a fuck about whether the origins of a blue fucking hedgehog that moves at ridiculous speeds making any kind of “sense” at allYou might be watching the movie for the wrong reasons.

>>508915610>>508914407Metal Sonic will likely be the stinger at the end of the second movie with a post credits Knuckles scene. Then we fittingly get Sonic and Knuckles for the third movie.

>>508915630>stop liking what triggers me, nyarg!

>>508915651>Chaos shows up in one of the movies>Open Your Heart starts playing

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>>508915828Bitch you are defending sonic and generic buddy movie #0815. Is this really the hill you want to die on?

Sonic team it’s a bunch of unpaid interns. And I wouldn’t say the movie handled sonic particularly well, it just wasn’t complete trash so by sonic standards it was a relative masterpiece

>>508915630>user recovers from a stroke before baiting

>>508915884It's cute how you think anything good would happen.

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>>508916119Let me dream

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>>508911598because it was going to be, and then they listened to the fans and made it less retarded. The result was a mediocre movie elevated by the brand that sonic team always manages to fuck up.

>>508912324Phil Hayes and Gary Chalk are both still alive, aren't they?

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Everybody expected it to be bad, therefore nobody was surprised when it was bad and was able to notice the good

>>508911598It was played incredibly safe and ended up being a pretty generic movie with a Sonic skin, that's why it wasn't a dumpster fire.

>>508911598It WAS a dumpster fire. It had Sonic flossing, disgusting toilet humor that completely ruined the blue blur, and terrible mumble rap.

>>508915778>third movie trailers just show Sonic, Tails, and Robotnik>shortly before release, the trailers get "& Knuckles" slammed onto the Sonic 3 title at the end.

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should get an oscar for the audacity of making sanic official canon

>>508915925Says the one throwing a shitfit about people liking things.

>>508917858I did enjoy all the sonic stuff they managed to cram into the movie.

>>508914802Does Sega even still remember Christmas Island?

>>508914802So Sonic grew up in an offshore processing facility?

that movie was made good by jim carrey alone

Stop pretending like this movie was actually good ;_; it was watchable, mainly because of Jim Carrey but apart from that it was "friendship is magic" part 2359083456

>>508917461I ain't seeing a movie with Knuckles in it if he doesn't rap, no methodman no buy.

>>508918481Bro it was a family movie I don't exactly know what you were expecting.

>>508918856I mean I still had a good time but the way Holla Forums hyped this thing when it was just out was unreal

>>508911945Knuckles better be in it aswell he is way cooler and doesnt eat used diapers like tails

>>508918481It's all relative. The expectation was so low, everyone was pleased that it didn't swallow it's own tongue and shit itself to death. It's a solid 6/10, but the rating system is so skewed that anything under 8.5 is considered intolerable.

>>508918981He might be voiced by Dwayne Johnson which isn't exactly a bad casting at all.

>>508914407Depends how long they think they can drag it out. Assuming a trilogy then it's Tails and Knuckles + Emeralds for 2 and Shadow for 3.

It actually made me cry, sonic is basically me, the film was very relatable and made me sad but I enjoyed it, overall it was good film

>>508918481It was fun

>>508919204>ShadowI don't see it happening unless this turns into a whole "Sonic Cinematic Universe" thing. But it would be neat to see him interact with Movie Sonic.

>>508911751Sonic chronicles and boom would like a word with you

>>508918481I expected a mediocre children's licensed movie and that's what I got.

It's a mediocre film, an alright-executed video game adaptation, but still fun to watch even with all the cringe flossing and zoomer shit; it's not made so much for fans as much as it was really for kids. I see YouTube comments of youngins saying they loved it, and I think it's great that Sonic inspires kids imaginations like it did for me.Now we've got an origins story to base from and we're gonna see Tails, maybe Knuckles and chaos emeralds with another Jim Carrey, true-form Robotnik in the next one, plus others. It's probably gonna run like Transformers shit, but it'll be fun.

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>>508919570>Eggman fucks up Sonic just enough to get a blood sample in two.>Ending tease is Eggman in a lab looking into a tube with the back of Shadow's head in view.It's easy.

>>508911598>Holla Forums is pretending a dumb kids movie is good because it has sonic in

>>508920280It's not bad. But it's not a masterpiece either. It's just acceptable.

>>508912296>>508911814Following a formula isn't a bad thing, in fact people reinventing the wheel is a mistake, that said this movie was made by both sonic and Jim Carrey, it was also well written

>>508911598I haven't seen it yet, but I'd imagine Jim Carrey single handedly carried that movie.

>>508911598Jim Carrey. You let him ham up a scene and do his goofy voices and the movie will "just work."


>>508919787Boom was fucked because of Sega, not because of the team on the game. They shrank their timeline, forced them to port the game onto a new engine mid-development, so they could pawn it off as their Nintendo exclusive that Sega previously agreed to.

>>508911598Because they listened for once. And in return got a far better product, instead of hardening the heart. Seriously, the Sonic community is really fucking scary yet intriguing group.Look at what it did to Birds of Prey's Box Office after that fandom attacked them.

>>508914407Based on the fact the Sega Studios logo showed their other games, I'm going to go out on the limb and bet they're going to try to establish a Sega Cinematic Universe. Make a few movies with different characters from different games then try to cash in with a cross-over. Studios these days saw how profitable it was for Marvel and they want to copy it.

>>508911598Jim Carrey carried, and it played it safe. It's a fun little comedy for the kids, which is Sonic's main audience.

>>508920817I feel bad for Stephen Frost.

>>508920903Maybe they'll make another Yakuza movie and make it exist in the same universe as Sonic. Have a sub plot about some gang called the GG's blasting graphitti all over the place.

>>508920552>>508920637Believe it or not he's usually not up to sequels but he stated recently he would not mind at all being Robotnik again if a sequel were to be announced. He said he sees great potential in his role.

The entertainment side of Hollywood is one of the only things that plays it safer than anything in Vidya. Once you consider that marketers basically considered Sonic the same as the likes of Alvin or other mascots, it was easy to make a " decent " movie

>>508919570>>508920052we'll get metal sonic first. Depends on how they want to handle gerald robotnik if they even do.

>>508920903Knuckles and Tails can’t carry whole movies by themselves.

>>508921761>Believe it or not he's usually not up to sequels but he stated recently he would not mind at all being Robotnik again if a sequel were to be announced. He said he sees great potential in his role.I like how they are handling robotnik, and giving him actual reason to hate sonic while being this megalomniacal dickhead, they gave him much better characterization than he deserved.

>>508921829>Once you consider that marketers basically considered Sonic the same as the likes of Alvin or other mascots, it was easy to make a " decent " movieAll of those movies sucked, Sonic was actually decent.I don't know how that Mario movie will turn out.

>>508922052Why would they shove Gerald in there when they can just have Eggman make Shadow himself? You think a movie would bother explaining the whole Sonic was a prophesied savior and Gerald worked with alien's to create said life form himself when they can just write Shadow off as a clone with a few edits?

>>508922052>It's just Jim Carrey's Eggman with wrinkles, a bald head, and a gray mustache.I wouldn't even be mad. That'd be fucking hilarious.

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>>508912324Gilbert Gotfreid as Scratch and John Goodman for Grounder

>>508922454>You think a movie would bother explaining the whole Sonic was a prophesied savior and Gerald worked with alien's to create said life form himself when they can just write Shadow off as a clone with a few edits?ignoring the shitshow of shadow the hedgehog, they already explained that eggman is an orphan, finding out his grandfather was some supergenius who made an "ultimate life form" isn't much of a stretch, especially if it turns out he found sonic planet first. It's just easier to do Metal Sonic and boomers don't care about Shadow. If we do get him, it'll be after metal sonic.

>>508922407>I don't know how that Mario movie will turn out.Considering the Minions guys are involved it's dead on arrival.

>>508923881>Considering the Minions guys are involved it's dead on arrival.so a commercial success that is terrible?

>>508912324James Franco as Scratch and Seth Rogan as Grounder.

>>508923979Video game IPs don't garner box office success. Detective Pikachu was hyped up to be an MCU killer and only made 400M. Sonic was lucky enough to almost reach that mile.

>>508911598Took my little sisters to it. They loved it. Good movie.We missed one part of the fight because one needed to go the bathroom and I had to take them both with me. Nobody baited an eye when we three went together strangely.

>>508924294they were both pretty successful from what I remember, pretty low budget for bigger return. Detective Pikachu was a solid movie and had it come out as is even 10 years ago it would've seen a much larger audience. Pokemon isn't as insane as it once was.

>>508911598Videogames are not equal to movies, are you part of the Sonic team user? You sound pretty retarded trying to compare them

>>508918981considering the little guys that killed the owl at the start were echidna

I'm patiently waiting to Shadow to be addedyoutube.com/watch?v=3gPBmDptqlQ

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>>508923147>boomers don't care about Shadow. If we do get him, it'll be after metal sonic.Good thing the movie isn't aimed at them and Shadow is the second most popular character in the series. Granted following the chain of comments, I gotta emphasize I said Shadow would be movie 3. Maybe 2 will be Trio vs Metal and Metal fucking up Sonic gets Eggman the blood sample needed for Sonic.

>>508915272>He doesn't remember Count Olaf from ASoUEJim Carrey does the best quirky villains.

FunCute and ORIGINAL jokes Excellent special effectsSonic is cute as fuck and you actually care about himThe humans are charisma machines and the main girl is hot afAmazing movie

>>508925138They'd never make it as kino as the actual SA2.

>>508925207*Blood sample needed for Shadow.Also how do they explain why Eggman doesn't just mass produce Metal's and Shadow's? For Metal they can just say his dive requires some uber rare material or something.

nah the fans know sonic welltyson hesse fixed the sonic movie. not hollywood

>>508925516>Also how do they explain why Eggman doesn't just mass produce Metal's and Shadow's? For Metal they can just say his dive requires some uber rare material or something.considering the best shit he can make that can beat sonic uses his super sonic powers via his hair, that'll be it.

>>508925138I don't care that much about the Sonic movie(s) but I WILL watch all of them if Live & Learn actually plays in one at some point.I don't know think they'll ever make a SA2 adaptation though, that's a bit too anime

>>508926054So we got Metal covered. For Shadow, maybe he says mind control tech isn't there yet and making more then one clone is just asking it to have some existential crisis and rebel. Doesn't tonally fit but it's the best I got.

>>508926504Maybe Shadow won't fall this time since they backtracked on Shadow being inferior to Sonic in game canon outside of the Generations fight. (Think Lizuka declared Generations non-canon anyway)

>>508926701Meant for>>508926480

>>508926480They did do the truck cameo shot from City Escape during the climax

Defend this shit.youtube.com/watch?v=K-A8qlblh0M&t=2m8s

>>508926504I still think they'll bring Gerald in, just because Eggman has no family, and the movie has a theme about family/friends. It ties in and they cna reshape gerald into anything they want really, betrayed by x, forsook his family, made a black hedgehog who echos the theme. I feel like this thread is aggregating for future sonic movie scripts.

>>508926480youtube.com/watch?v=r8sB8N44eBEthat and this and I will buy several tickets.

>>508915526All true, but Jim Carrey being his crazy fuck self is pretty much like Eggman by coincidence. That's why it was good casting, he didn't have to act

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>>508927110defend what shit

>>508911598Real question is why are Sonic games so bad? First 3 were good but that is all. Mania is remake so it doesn't realy count. If Sega would hire other studies to make Sonic games, it would be better.

>>508927462I never liked how eggman hated sonic and did a lot of his shit for no reason, but movie jim eggman makes those actions and thoughts make sense for him in context.

>>508927564The part at 2:08.

>>508927739In the games it's the other way around; Sonic hates Eggman for capturing his cute animal friends, and then after Sonic blows up enough of Eggman's prize robots they enter an endless cycle of mutual acrimony

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>>508911598It was one of those 'X gets transported to our world' movies but the supporting cast of humans weren't terrible.

>>508927245Maybe that will be how 2 handles the tease for 3.>Eggman learns about grand dad.>Reads diary in old lab>Sees sketch of Sonic's homeworld.>Does yadda yadda summary for audience, mumbles about prophecy from old ruins, uncoloured sketch of super sonic calling it the ultimate life form and how it's his destiny to make it himself for the world's benefit.>Eggman disables all the traps guarding the vault with his drones>There's the back of Shadow's head, quills clearly in view mimicking Super Sonic.

>>508924294>Detective Pikachu was hyped up to be an MCU killerBy who? Holla Forums?

>>508928152Tom accomplished in 1 film what Chris couldn't in 82 episodes of Sonic X. Being likable.

Movie sonic is his own modern Western Hollywood character. He isn't the real spunky and cool Sonic we know and love.

>>508927462Eggman doesn't act like that, though, in the games or the cartoons.

>>508924390The fuck

>>508928408Are you saying he's his own original character?

>>508911598sonic is cutei want to fuck sonic

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>>508928654Movie Sonic is a literal child you sick fucker.


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>>508928617Nice meme. Yes. He's an extension of modern modern sonic.

>>508920817>spent X amount of time developing a game for an engine supported by consoles A and B>yeah guys you'll have to forget consoles A and B and develop it for console C instead>Console C does not support that engine>Bob Rafei's face be like

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>>508928654>>508928918Movie Sonic is also disgusting.

>>508929246fuck sonic

>>508928654Those are not Sonic's proportions at all. I guess jacking off to a noodlemouse was too difficult for you. Fucking casual.

>>508929331Are you talking about the movie version?

>>508928297Would be neat if eggman finds out his parnts didn't abandon him, they just wanted him not to get killed for being related to his grandfather. Would parallel what they're trying to do with Sonic in the series.>>508928067That makes sense and is closer to the movie minus the animals. I guess it's just sort of jarring since he's always so jolly in the genesis games, and then in the 3-d games he's turbo pissed and HATES SONIC, who himself seems not to care about Eggman being mad at him, nor does he hate him.

>>508928918Do you wanna get raped by a nigger in prison? Because saying shit like that will get you raped by a nigger in prison.

>>508929565mutt law

>>508911598If the movie had been revealed with the fixed sonic design and hadn't gone through the whole "We're fixing the design for the fans" phase, this movie would be mocked and ridiculed. People saw the genuine effort to appease fans and gave it more of a chance.No I'm not saying it was a marketing stunt from the beginning. But they did gain some goodwill by fixing the design, you can't deny that. The movie was average, but a good popcorn flick.

>>508929720don't drop the soap

>>508911598The sob story about some backwaters studio going down because of the cgi edits made people feel pity and watch the movie to "help" said studio.

>>508911598Movie is meh, still doesn't beat something like the first TMNT live action film.

>>508929958Remember that scene in SpongeBob where SpongeBob tells Gary not to drop the soap?How the fuck did they get away with that?

>>508930160Good cartoons always have humor for the kids and humor for the parents that flies over the kids heads

>>508929774>If the movie had been revealed with the fixed sonic design and hadn't gone through the whole "We're fixing the design for the fans" phase, this movie would be mocked and ridiculed. People saw the genuine effort to appease fans and gave it more of a chance.less that and more the publicity the original cgi gave it.Unintentionally, making a nightmare sonic as a schadenfreude worked well enough to draw a growd for them to fix it cheaply and make a mint.

>>508911598>How the hell did it not end up a complete dumpster fire.the movie is utter shit you brain damaged retard

>>508929565Imagine being this obsessed with black rod. How many times a day do you think about it? Be honest.

>>508911598It's because, get this, the director and actors are ACTUALLY SONIC FANS

>>508932354sauce? even Jim Carrey?

>>508911751This desu.Give Sonic to anyone that isn't Sonic Team, and you'll get something decent.

>>508932119Oh I'm the one obsessed? Every fucking user here says shit like "built for BBC" or making constant cuck/soiboi memes day in and day out. I make a small prison rape joke and I'm the obsessed one?

>>508932527What attracted Jim Carrey to this project more than anything else was that his daughter was a big fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog games growing up.

Sheer dumb luck.

>>508932527>Jeff Fowler explains the Sonic references as being put in generally throughout filming: "It's not like you're going out of your way in terms of the story to put these things in. They are what they are, which is just a way of rewarding fans for their years of enthusiasm and getting to see some things that they would recognize but some that the rest of the audience might not.">When Sonic starts rolling along the ground, two sounds from the games play simultaneously: the iconic "Spin Attack" sound, and the "Dash Pad" sound.>Sonic is shown sliding underneath a vehicle at one point to escape weapon fire from Robotnik. His pose while sliding is identical to both the sliding part of his somersault animation in the Sonic Advance games and his sliding animation in the modern games, particularly Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations.>"It is an insane honor, an incredible honor," Ben Schwartz says of being hired to voice Sonic. "I was playing these games as a kid, so the idea that maybe my voice will be the one that brings in a new generation to the Sonic franchise it's incredible. I feel very, very lucky."

>>508932527During his speeding antics inside the motel, Sonic can be seen doing his balancing pose from Sonic the Hedgehog (1991). This particular reference was requested by Tyson Hesse.Artist Tyson Hesse, who worked on previous Sonic the Hedgehog media, was brought on to lead the redesign.During the highway chase scene, a figurine of Chao, a virtual pet from Sonic Adventure (1998), can be spotted on the dashboard of the family van.When Robotnik shoots missiles at Sonic on the roof of the Transamerica Pyramid, Sonic puts his hands on his hips and taps his foot impatiently, copying his idle animation pose from the games.

because when it comes to sonic there are two fanbasesActual fans:Played the genesis sonic gameswatched the 90's cartoon seriesLoved the original musicFurry Faggots:spends their time on deviantartdream about having sex with animalsonly played the 3d gamesprefers their sonic games music with cringe lyricsnever even seen a genesis consoleOnly one of these fanbases is the correct one to listen to, the other one needs extermination.There is a reason why Mania was a smash hit and forces was faggotry.

>>508930160Sam & Max did that joke in the cartoon as well. The thing about cartoons is you can throw most jokes out there that is going to go over kids' heads.

>>508932527Filmed under the working title "Casino Night," a reference to the level "Casino Night Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992).The film will be released the year of the 60th anniversary of Sonic developer Sega.Robotnik's penchant for attacking Sonic while flying in some kind of mechanical vehicle is retained for the main action set piece of the film.Original Sonic game music composer Masato Nakamura has a credit on the movie for writing the classic "Green Hill Zone," which is incorporated into the score.

>>508911598It was a complete dumpster fire.

How to make good Sonic Media:remove all his retarded friends except Tails and Knuckles, or add them but keep all the autism to an extremely low level, i.e. friendship bullshit and stupid interactions.Notice how the most praised modern Sonic media are the ones that fit that? Mania, Generations and the Movie? None of them have stupid shit like in adventure or heroes, Just sonic being fast.

>>508932527Sonic using rings as portals to go to different areas has been a mechanic since the very first game, where Warp Rings would take Sonic to the Special Stages. When activating the portals, the iconic "Ring Loss" sound plays, and when entering/exiting them, the even-more-iconic "Ring Pickup" sound is heard.Jeff Fowler explained that he wanted to feature Tails as a nod to the fans and the wider Sonic world. "There's so many great characters in the Sonic world and we really wanted the focus of this film to be Sonic or Robotnik, just because that's how we were all introduced to these characters back in the first game," he said. "[Tails] was just a way of saying to the fans, 'Look guys, we love these characters, too. We might not have been able to include them in this story, but we would love to include them in future stories'. "There are other characters like Tails that we would have so much fun working with, and hopefully we'll get the opportunity to do some stories with him."When Sonic blinks, his upper eyelids are the same color as his fur, while his lower eyelids are the same color as his muzzle. This references how Sonic originally had flesh-colored eyelids that were later changed to fur-colored. On a similar note, when Sonic closes his eyes, one can see a line of small-but-present black eyelashes. He also had these in Sonic Adventure and Sonic X.

>>508933030What about the fans that enjoy both the 2d and 3d game's user or are they both faggot's as well

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>>508933734You can enjoy gameplay, but if you invest on the faggotry, well, you are one.

>>508932527When Sonic is looking at Longclaw's map of possible planets to go to, one of them looks similar to the logo of the Sega Saturn, the successor console to the Sega Genesis. The planet is crossed out, a possible reference to the Saturn console never having a Sonic game released, which was a contributing factor to the Saturn's lack of success.Sonic is given his iconic red shoes by Tom and Maddie's niece. This is a call-back to "Sonic the Comic", where Robotnik (as Kintobor) gives Sonic (who had been wearing trainers) red sneakers.Director Jeff Fowler was recently asked why the Super Sonic and Chaos Emeralds elements of the game were left out of the movie, to which he said: "It didn't make sense to obviously bring in the Super Sonic thing just yet. I mean, there were very early versions of the script and the outlines where... because we knew that's something that's very important in the fan mythology, or the mythology that fans love. And Chaos Emeralds are definitely a huge part, even going back to the first game in '91, and it was definitely something that we were kind of trying to see. Like, 'Does it make sense to include one of these?'"Sonic's current video game voice actor Roger Craig Smith approved of Ben Schwartz, who voices Sonic in this movie. The two of them even met in June 2019.

>>508929098you forgot>we also need this done for holiday season

>>508932527Dr. Robotnik's playlist of songs mentions Crush 40, a band who composed music for various Sonic games.At one point Sonic has a run-in with an explosion and makes the infamous :O face seen in the final cutscene of his story in Sonic '06.The opening song in the movie is composed by a band called Hyper Potions. Sonic fans will probably remember them for providing the music for 2017's Sonic Mania. Otherwise known as "the good modern Sonic game."Sonic sneaks around the bar in a cowboy hat and baggy shirt. In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993) Sonic was infamous for donning a variety of disguises.According to Van Robichaux, the original script had Robotnik owning a coffee machine which he refers to as the "Mean Bean Machine" (after Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (1993)) and subsequently using it to make coffee. In the final film, it was rewritten to Stone giving Robotnik some latte, to which he remarks "I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE THEM!!!"

>>508911598Sonic is retarded

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>>508932527Sonic speeding along the Great Wall of China in the second trailer brings to mind the Chun-Nan/Dragon Road Day stage of Sonic Unleashed. Robotnik pursuing him through here even echoes the sequence where one of Eggman's larger robots chases Sonic along the wall. During this chase, Sonic runs horizontally along the walls at one point. Running sideways along walls at high speed was a mechanic introduced in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), which carried over to future games (most notably Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations, where it was prominent in some levels, but also in Sonic Lost World, where doing it at any time is part of the Parkour mechanic).In video-game/animated media, Sonic is depicted as having conjoined eyes (as if he's wearing a visor/glasses). The film's design has him with two normal eyes, but homages his conjoined eye design with a strip of white hair on his nose between his eyes.The City of San Francisco plays a major part in the film. Sega had a branch headquartered in San Francisco, until they closed in 2010. The logo is still easily visible from Highway 101.The first level of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) was named Green Hill Zone and was situated in South Island. In the film, it's the name of the town where Tom lives in. However, the Island itself and its iconic landmarks (trees, bridges, loops) appear in the film as a young Sonic's first home.The female owl Longclaw's maternal relationship with Sonic in the film may be a reference to "Stay Sonic" (a guidebook to the world of Sonic the Hedgehog published in the United Kingdom in 1993 by Fantail), in which Sonic was stated to be found by an owl named Sophocles.

>>508924294>Detective Pikachu was hyped up to be a MCU killerNo it wasn't. Maybe HERE it was but certainly not by the mainstream media.

>>508935396Also a there's a little reference to one of Sonic's poses in Smash.

>>508932527The second trailer shows Sonic running laps inside of a washing machine the same way a hamster would run inside of a hamster wheel. This doubles as a nod to an issue of Sonic the Comic, where Sonic runs on a generator wheel to test his speed and an accident with it ultimately gave him his famous blue fur.According to press interviews with IGN, Ben Schwartz's favorite Sonic video game is Sonic & Knuckles (1994). Schwartz owned a Sega Game Gear as a child, and played the handheld port. Just prior to the film's release, Schwartz invested in a Sega Genesis Mini, and talked about beating the original Sonic 2.The ring sound effect from the games is heard when Sonic catches a ring with his quill in midair.When Sonic is dodging Robotnik's laser fire during the chase scene throughout San Francisco, he at one point strikes a pose very similar to the one on the Sonic Adventure (1998) box art.Sonic refers to himself by his famous nickname "The Blue Blur" when talking about teaming up with Tom "Donut Lord" Wachowski for the barfight scene.Garry Chalk makes a cameo appearance as the Navy Chief Of Staff when government and military officials discuss the power outage Sonic caused. Chalk had previously starred as Dr. Robotnik in Sonic Underground (1999), and as Grounder in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993) and Sonic Christmas Blast (1996)

>>508932527Some of the posters and renders of Sonic are shout-outs to the games: *One pose from the first trailer's concept artwork has Sonic in his pose from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. This was later recreated in the November 2019 motion poster. *Another pose from the aforementioned concept artwork is him in a pose that looks similar to Sonic's pose from Sonic Mania's box art. *Another pose from the concept art has the original design of Sonic in his pose from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). This pose was later recreated with the redesigned Sonic and released as a standalone render when the second trailer was released. *A poster that was released alongside the first trailer shows Sonic running along a large building in a city that looks very similar to Speed Highway. *The poster released alongside the second trailer has Sonic in his pose from Sonic Unleashed's box art. *Some TV spots and a scene from the music video for "Speed Me Up" have Sonic in his pose from his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate render.When Dr Robotnik first appears, he's seen wearing rectangular sunglasses, which are a homage to Warden Zobotnik, an alternate counterpart from from the Archie Comics "Sonic the Hedgehog" series. It's not till the final battle that he dons his iconic goggles.The rowdy roadhouse known as The Piston Pit isn't a direct reference to any of the worlds in Sonic The Hedgehog, it's a pretty cheeky nod towards one of Dr. Robotnik's favorite machine parts. Particularly in the first Sonic game's big finale, aptly taking place in the Final Zone, there's quite a few pistons that the bad doctor uses to try and crush Sonic with.

Don't forget about Sonic's penchant for nicknames

>>508932527Sonic is nicknamed "Blue Devil" in the movie by Crazy Carl, which is a reference to the car driven by his robotic nemesis Metal Sonic in the kart racing game Sonic Drift Racing (1995).There are two references 9 Super Smash Bros, According to Ben Schwartz, the voice of Sonic there's two tiny references to the equally nostalgic platform fighter. One is a pose that Sonic does during the movie that is super "Smashy," and the other is a reference to the animation of when the character is teetering on the edge of a platform in the game. According to the actor, these were put into the movie on purpose, as just two of the many Easter Eggs hidden within the film.Sonic Unleashed reinvented Modern Sonic and made his speedy platforming palatable to a whole new generation of gamers. And the film pays tribute to that important title by plopping one of its most famous levels directly onto the big screen. Dragon Road Act 1, the level where Sonic runs along a fictionalized version of the Great Wall of China, is in the movie except here, it's the actual Great Wall of ChinaDuring the baseball sequence, the opposing team can be seen wearing uniforms with the initials SV. This could be a reference to either Sun Valley or Sunshine Valley, locations from the Archie Comics "Sonic the Hedgehog" series.Sonic seems be a fan of karate, as well, Sonic video game players can partake in karate events as Sonic in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020.

>>508932527During the slow-motion scene at the Transamerica Tower, Sonic uses a pair of missiles as xylophones to play a the "level complete" music featured in so many of the Sonic games.When the slow-motion scene at the Transamerica Tower begins, Sonic does the foot tap idle animation from the games.A young Sonic gives Longclaw a sunflower. They can be seen in the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991).During his slow-motion moment in the bar fight, Sonic eats chili dogs and utterly enjoys them. Sonic is said to love chili dogs in the video games/cartoons.When Sonic's rings scatter on the ground, they make the same sound they do in the games that happens when Sonic loses rings from taking a hit from an enemy.During the freeze frame shot in the opening of the movie, eagle-eyed viewers may notice a road sign reading "Mega Dr." This is a reference to Sega's Mega Drive console, known in America as the Sega Genesis.When Sonic is practicing his nunchuck skills, the logo from Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) can be seen printed on his bandana.Robotnik has a button on the circuit breaker in his party bus labeled "badniks." Badniks were the name sometimes used for the robotic enemies Sonic has faced throughout the franchise. In the film, the Badniks are the drones Robotnik deploys after Sonic.

It literally started out so fucking bad that it underflowed into being good.

Based autist, please continue with your info dump.

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>>508932527The creatures who attack Sonic and Longclaw in the beginning are wearing masks and headdresses, but if you look closely, you can clearly see that they're echidnas (the red fur, hanging hair, and spiked knuckles are a dead giveaway). This is a homage to the warmongering Knuckles Clan of Sonic Adventure (1998), a tribe of echidnas who tried to steal power for their own ends.Tails is voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey, who has voiced the character since 2014.Just like he did in the games, Miles "Tails" Prower shows up in time for the sequel, in a post-credits sequence.When Sonic wakes up after Maddie administers the smelling salts, his first words are the character's longtime catchphrase, "Gotta go fast!"According to director Jeff Fowler, Knuckles the echidna was meant to appear in the film in a major role, but he was left out of the story to keep it simple. The goal was to "nail" Sonic and Robotnik, establishing their classic rivalry: "There's a lot of great characters in Sonic universe, but it's the most important thing is just to get Sonic set up and just tell a little bit of an origin story with him, and just do it in a way that really makes everyone fall in love with him as a character and just be rooting for more. And then, if all that goes well, then we can kind of open it up and bring in some of these other characters that fans know and love. And yeah, I mean, no one's more excited than me to have that opportunity."

>>508932527When Sonic moves into Tom and Maddie's attic, he gets a racecar bed, which he had in the Archie Comics "Sonic the Hedgehog" series.A "slow version" of the iconic Green Hill Zone music can be heard while Tom and Maddie are painting their house in Green Hills at the end of the movie.Tails was introduced as the Player 2 character in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992). Tails looks set to play a major role in this film's sequel.When Dr. Robotnik is stranded on the Mushroom Planet, we last see him robot walking across the landscape, in a manner that's similar to that of the Death Egg Robot he pilots as the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992).

>>508932527Sonic's constant distaste for mushrooms and the mushroom planet refers to the Mushroom Hill Zone in Sonic & Knuckles (1994), where Sonic met Knuckles the Echidna. Since in this film echidnas were targeting Sonic and probably killed his mother-figure Longclaw, it stands to reason that he would despise going there and encountering more echidnas. It is also a clear slap at Sonic's rival Mario the Plumber, who was owned by Sega's rival Nintendo. The setting for most of the Super Mario games is the Mushroom Kingdom.Sonic alludes to "going Super Sonic" during his final showdown with Dr. Robotnik. This alludes to Sonic undergoing a Super Sonic transformation in the games, though it's different there from what the film shows.The power Sonic wields is based on Chaos energy, which first appeared in Sonic Adventure (1998). This is power that enables its user to carry out amazing reality-bending feats if used properly. This is first seen in the film when Sonic in an argument with Tom starts to charge up with electricity, then in his final battle he is revived after Robotnik guns him down and transforms into a "Super Sonic" mode.Dr Robotnik keeps Sonic's quill in a cylindrical container, whose design resembles the Chaos Drive from Sonic Adventure (1998).A major plot element of the film involves Sonic getting to San Francisco to recover his rings, and being followed and attacked by Robotnik. The choice of San Francisco as a destination/battlefield could be based on the "City Escape" stage from Sonic Adventure 2 (2001); this stage was inspired by San Francisco itself.There I did the research just as the film team did. Enjoy reading and having your mind blown at what happens when someone who is actually a fan of the games makes a movieMario filming team on notice.

>>508936473did you see the scene where he does the floss?

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>>508936984That's not a sonic game or media reference so I didn't include it.

>>508930064I can't believe we never got a third live action TMNT movie. That rendition of the turtles was so damn good and I enjoyed the first two movies so damn much. What happened?

>that listIt's like Holla Forums made a movie. Is Fowler /OUR GUY/?

>>508937053okay :(

>>508936868Wew lad, you forgot about nicknames. Sonic gives a couple of people nicknames throughout the film, something he does in the game series as well, most notably Tails and (at least in the english series) Eggman.

>>508936868>>508936685>>508936473>>508936319>>508936185>>508935990>>508935874>>508935651>>508935396>>508935195>>508933546>>508933116>>508932962>>508932798This is a lot of autism for shit that 90% of the audience won't even notice or care about.

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>>508937424Oh shit did I skip that one? Gimme a sec>Sonic has some food-related nicknames for people he knows: Tom is Donut Lord for how he "interrogates" his donuts Maddie is "Pretzel Lady" for how she does yoga on her back porch. and he starts calling Dr. Robotnik "Eggman" (a classic name for the character) for how all his drones are egg-shaped.Even I didn't make the connection that that was game related. Holy fuck.

>>508937470>90% of the audience

>>508937470I caught over half of the things on those lists during my first viewing of it

>>508937253It's called soul.

>>508911598Should I watch it lads? I love Jim Carrey.

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>>508938529If you're a fan of sonic, then yes.

>>508920817they didn't change engine, they changed the target consoleBoom was pitched as a ps3/360/ps4/xbone/pc game running on cry engineBut Sega sold it's exclusivity to nintendoSo now big red button had to figure out how the fuck to make cry engine run on the fucking wiiu

>>508937591I mean the 2014 version

>>508936868Has there ever been any other video game movie with as much attention to detail as this?

>>508938745I'm not but I don't mind it I barely know anything about the lore

>>508938529If you find yourself not in the mood for vidya or anything else, yeah. Make a nice comfy dinner and a beer and kill 2 hours.

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>>508938916Detective Pikachu has like 5 pages of references

>>508918787you'll get Common instead.

What's your favorite jim carrey movie boys

Is this better than Pikachu? Pikachu plot was absolutly retarded even by child movie standards. Hell Pokemon anime movies are much better

>>508939538Liar Liar

>>508939538The Truman Kino

>>508939682Story-wise, nah. It's formulaic teen-angst Sonic whining about being alone and a buddy-cop travel movie. If you want to be entertained with some laughs, maybe catch a few references here, and don't mind the generational humor (ie. flossing), you'll enjoy it.

>>508939876Truman showed just how good serious Jim Carrey can be

>>508911598It was pretty bad folks. It wsn't even so bad it turned around to being good again, it was through and through a subpar movie with subpar writing.

>>508939162What kind of measurement is "pages?" What font size are you using, bro? What about paper? We talking 8.5 x 11? 11 x 17?


>>508936473>Tails is voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey, who has voiced the character since 2014.>Just like he did in the games, Miles "Tails" Prower shows up in time for the sequel, in a post-credits sequence.Amazing it really was her.

>>508911598Jim Carrey, more like Jim Carried the Entire Movie

I really dug what sounded like it was supposed to be a Mike Pollock impression right at the end there when Carrey is walking around that mushroom place.

>>508911598Sequel should introduce Tails + Emeralds and Metal Sonic. 3&K post credit scene.3&K introduces master emeralds, hyper/super forms, hypermechasonicThen follow up with movie adaptations of adventure 1 and 2 and there's your sonic cinematic universe. I think they could pull it off.

Robotnik hard carried like he always does in any sonic medium.

>>508911598They knew the lore in-depht and were smart enought to not overload the viewer with it. Instead, they focused on establishing Sonic and the setting while using the lore to make characters and tease the story of the ark for those who are more into Sonic

>>508935386>>508929098You both forgot>You guys can make up whatever story you wantLook at all this lore and backstory we made! We even built an entire world around it!>Now scrap most of it and do this instead

Didn't watch it because of that cuck Carrey.

>>508915884Can't wait for I am the E.G.G.M.A.N.

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>Jim DRUMPF BAD Carrey>Good

>>508918948>Sonic fanbase finally gets a good product, meaning something that isn't shit>Go way overboard with itmakes sense, really.


>>508911598the sonic movie was garbage, sonic is played by an unfunny jew, there is the usual jewish hollywood racemixing propaganda shoved in and the entire script was unfunny garbagewestcucks on Holla Forums truly have shit taste

>>508941885The amount of nods, homages, and material from the games and cartoons in the movie was amazing.


>>508942305>there is the usual jewish hollywood racemixing propaganda shoved inGod damn, you people are obsessed with screeching about everything that personally upsets you being some sort of propaganda attack on your very existence.

>>508919787The Boom cartoon has some of the best comedy and writing sonic has ever had

>>508941976I don't give a fuck for stupid political bullshit, user. It's off-topic. The main point is that he basically nailed robotnik.

>>508941885basedhere's the zone reference

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>>508937625To be fair he rarely does it in the games. As far as I know it's only Tails. And Eggman in the English canon.


>>508938849I didn't even know that got a sequel in the first place

>>508942305>there is the usual jewish hollywood racemixing propaganda shoved inIt's the reverse though, the male is a white cop who is fully supported by his black wife>>508942901>The main point is that he basically nailed robotnik.Arguably the movie serves as Eggmans origin story. He starts out as a military genius and slowly goes insane on his hunt, completing his transformation in the Mid-Creditsyoutube.com/watch?v=iQthkPcTlcYHe even sounds like game Eggman at the end there

>>508936473Why'd they use the game voice for Tails but get someone new for Sonic?

>>508942451He's right, pokemon movie did it too, almost every modern movie by hollywood has some form of racemixing and strong empowered female witha bumbling man in it. Sonic movie was still good though.

>>508943504Hint: That's racemixing.

>>508943591Well it's a good fucking thing Maddie's sister was the purposely annoying and hostile stereotype and not her.

>>508943587they probably wanted someone who could sound softer. Sonic was much more child-like in this movie than he normally is. and for the better in my opinion. one of the biggest reasons he's likable in the film is how he's so full of juvenile wide eyed wonder.

>>508943591>>508942451Imagine being mutt from Holla Forums

>>508943504How are those goggles attached to his head?

>>508943810>and for the better in my opinion. one of the biggest reasons he's likable in the film is how he's so full of juvenile wide eyed wonder.I fully agree

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>>508943587A)>>508943810B)Tails was a last minute addition so they just called in the game voice actor. Odds are it will be replaced for the sequel.

>>508944037Good question, since I can't see any wires... Maybe magnets, Idrk

>>508944224>Tails was a last minute additionGoddammit SEGAHe does work as a brilliant sequel hook, though

It really is some sort of miracle that this movie came out as passable as it did. I never thought I'd actually look forward to a sequel.

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whoever made the decision to make Sonic a kid and have the two human leads fill his surrogate parental roles should get a raise.

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>>508944604>I never thought I'd actually look forward to a sequel.I bet SEGA won't order a sequel


>>508911598Jim Carrey

>>508944903This. Sega can't make good decisions, and always get grumpy about Americans outdoing them.

>>508944903SEGA has made some terrible business decisions, but they've never turned down an opportunity to whore out Sonic for a quick buck. The first movie made a profit, a second one is all but guaranteed.

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>>508911598>went from the trailer that everybody pointed to as proof that vidya movies will never work; to the movie which proved it could be doneI don't know who the guy who called in the reshoot + redesigns, but he needs a fucking pay rise. A bit of humility really does go a long way, along with respecting the source and not treating the fans like complete blank morons.Didn't like the amount the main human was in the movie of the Sonic/Eggman dynamic; but otherwise it was fucking solid for what it was.The Sonic Franchise really is one of the most erratic IPs of all time, it can never seem to decide if it wants to be the top or bottom of the industry.

Attached: 2Fast4U [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fh2bq9j.ogg].gif (400x300, 120.75K)

Did any of you actually watch it?It's the most paint-by-numbers movie ever with shameless product placement to boot.


>>508933056To be fair Sam & Max wasn't intended for kids originally, even the cartoon was way too high brow for kids

>>508945839No user, everybody in the thread talking about the movie hasn't watched the movie what the fuck do you think

>>508944903>mfw when this is true

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>>508945839yes but it at least wasn't a total trainwreck like literally every single other video game movie ever made. it's easily the best video game movie and it's only like a 6. A game franchise getting a passable movie is a big deal.Also yes we all watched it you pretentious faggot, it's not exactly difficult to gain access to movies that are out on home video.

>>508944828I kinda like the idea of Sonic having a black mom.

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>>508945839But it has soul like >>508941885 and >>508937470

>>508945371Why didn't they bring the Mania guys back on for a sequel then?

>>508936685>Tails was introduced as the Player 2 character in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992). Tails looks set to play a major role in this film's sequel.fuck I hope this means we get Death Egg and Metal Sonic 1.0 in the next movie.

>>508946119>Pretzel Lady

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>>508925214NPH nailed it better, Olaf is a creepy scheming murderer not comic relief.

>>508946238that really is a good question. Mania made a pretty big profit and is continuing to sell well even now isnt it?

>>508946278>fuck I hope this means we get Death Egg and Metal Sonic 1.0 in the next movie.If we get Metal, we should arguably get Amy too.

>>508942505Yeah but they allowed them complete creative control.

>>508946278er shit. I guess actual Metal Sonic appeared in CD before that buzzsaw backed one appeared in 2, didnt he?

>>508939083Well the point of the movie is to be accessible to new fans. That's why Sonic is the only one in the movie, other than Eggman.

>>508939083you don't need any lore for it, it's entry level as fuck and aimed at children. it's sort of an adaption of Sonic 1 on Genesis, just with dimension hopping shit and a Robotnik origin that's a little different but comes around real strong at the end.


>>508945839You need to understand, peoples' expectations were low for the film. Very, very low. It's a "character comes to the real world" buddy cop film for fuck's sake.

the sonic movie is idiocy

>>508942505Yeah, but Boom only works in it's own thingy.

>>508911598Did you actually watch the movie? Shit was decent as a movie, hell even good for video game movie standards

>>508937470But a lot of people recognized those references and it really shows how much the director actually cares about the source material. What is the problem here?

yeah i expected it to be like the smurfs and he alvin chipmunk movies>fdgfdgd>fdgdffg


YOu have mental disorder

>>508912324Key & Peele

>>508911598Cast Jim Carrey as any vidya character in an adaptation. Who is it?

>>508948631>Who is it?Baldy McNosehair


>>508912324The best way to adapt them for the movie series would be to just have them exhibit personality traits with beeps and funny mechanical noises like HELPeR. from the Venture Bros. Also change their design just enough that they fit a modern robot aesthetic but are still recognizably a rooster and a whatever the fuck grounder is with the drill nose.

>>508948631Agent 47

>>508948631Phoenix Wright

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>>508948631Phoenix Wrightyoutu.be/Y6MeUsemOCI

Attached: zawazawa.jpg (500x601, 109.35K)

>How the hell did it not end up a complete dumpster fireIt was. It was no better than any other shitty kids movie dumped out throughout the year and I'm tired of people pretending this by the numbers, plotless, characterless snorefest was 'good' just because it wasn't the abortion that Sonic products usually are

>>508949628>>508949680HIVE MIND

>>508943725Yes but it's a black getting fucked by a white, not a white getting fucked by a black so it's fine.


>>508911598compared to other shit? its okay. not amazing not great but watchable.

>>508950094And Maddie isn't a fucking cunt so that's a plus.

>>508949473>SA accidents onlyI mean, this could work.

>>508949680>>508949628Holy shit I want this so bad now

>unironically watching hollywood soi full of drumpf bad and racemixingYou all deserve the noose.

Attached: 1589984094460.jpg (992x993, 99.01K)

>>508942127Considering he's done nothing bad, no you can't. Only trannies get upset about him.

>>508950796>you cant watch anything because muh shitty board of mutts said so

Attached: MDR paper.png (1920x1080, 1.01M)

>>508951016>anythingNo, just anything that's pozzed

>>508947982It is though.

>>508950940>he's done nothing bad,

Attached: 1587815775581m.jpg (1024x889, 189.1K)

Which girl will appear first if there are sequels? Amy or Rogue?

>>508951368Cool it with the anti-semitism

>>508951016You can, but you shouldn't. It's pozzed trash.

>>508950796Sonic was possibly the most inoffensive movie I've seen in the past 5 years as far as not inserting politics or doing anything preachy goes. Just felt like I was watching a 90s buddy comedy adventure.

>>508951016You don't run this board anymore tranny weeb.

>>508951217But that's everything, genius. Holy Holla Forums is full of retards

>>508951469Obviously Amy. Rouge was always somewhat questionable (especially her design) and will remain that way.

>>508951715>Rouge was always somewhat questionable (especially her design)You just know they're going to make her less sexy. Can forget about her having a cleavage.

Why is Holla Forums just pic related all the time now?

Attached: XJKSGfo.jpg (488x516, 91.37K)

>>508951469Amy could fit in the next movieRouge only once Shadow becomes a reality

>>508951963honestly although I love tiddy, even as a teenager I thought it was weird having a sonic character with giant ass tits.

>>508951963>Can forget about her having a cleavage.Never

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Attached: robot.png (1148x688, 517.59K)

>>508951963I don't know, she's had cleavage for almost 20 years. Either they'll accept it and put it in or they'll get so much backlash from coomers, die-hard sonic fans and feminists that they'll have to change it.

>>508952017People who pretend to be weapon's grade retards eventually find themselves surrounded by literal retards. Has Holla Forums done anything as fun as HWNDU lately?

>>508952017We just don't want you watching pozzed garbage that's filled with agendas.


they literally had 30 years not to fuck it up an jim carrey who should win an academy award.

>>508952427BUT THAT'S EVERYTHING YOU LITERAL POLTARDSo you basically don't want us to watch ANYTHING? Is that it you massive brain damaged board?

>>508952427I'm not retarded enough for a fucking sonic movie to change my beliefs faggot.

>>508952291imagine a blowjob from blaze...

>>508911598sega of america alwys knew how to handle sonic better than the japshollywood is amierkan so ye

>>508952017because, like many reactionary movements, they are the extreme opposite of another extreme taking root in the current sociopolitical environment. when far lefties started getting offended at Stalin being depicted as a murderous tyrant we should have been ready for far righties getting equally offended at Hitler being depicted as a genocidal maniac.

>>508952427>pozzed garbage that's filled with agendas.Name them then

>>508951217>>508951507>>508952427Where the fuck did pozzed even come from? What is this newfag speak?


>>508912324Gilbert Gottfried and Bill Fagerbakke

>>508952427/pol/ thinks anything that has a black character is sjw trash at this point.

>>508953085"pozzed" is old as shit but was contained to places like Holla Forums for years. it's kind of like "simp", which is another internet community term that's been around for a long time but only recently has entered the public vernacular.

>>508952427What isn't these days? The fuck are we supposed to watch then?

>>508953085I think it refers to HIV positive.

>>508952017creatively dead like everything else.

My 5 year old and 7 year old thought it was ok. Why are you all watching kids movies?

>>508953403Have Sex


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>>508953403with the kids? >>>Holla Forums is over there

>>508953403>Why are you all watching kids movies?because we're video game players and a decent movie based on a good property from our childhood came out?

>>508953709What makes it decent?

>>508953403>Having kidsLmao go fuck your wife loser.


>>508953925I'd rather wank myself if that's ok with you...

>>508936868>Sonic's constant distaste for mushrooms and the mushroom planet refers to the Mushroom Hill Zone in Sonic & Knuckles (1994), where Sonic met Knuckles the Echidna. Since in this film echidnas were targeting Sonic and probably killed his mother-figure Longclaw, it stands to reason that he would despise going there and encountering more echidnas. It is also a clear slap at Sonic's rival Mario the Plumber, who was owned by Sega's rival Nintendo. The setting for most of the Super Mario games is the Mushroom Kingdom.>It is also a clear slap at Sonic's rival Mario the Plumber, who was owned by Sega's rival Nintendo. The setting for most of the Super Mario games is the Mushroom Kingdom.BASEDASED

Cast him

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>>508954102He even saves and befriends a turtle in the beginning of the movie. Mario BTFO

>>508950796Imagine caring about racemixing in fucking 2020. Okay boomer.

>>508954438Idris Elba

>>508954438Jason Griffith

>>508911598>movie audiences have no standards>people act surprised when garbage does well Next youll start clapping when the McDonalds quarterly comes back.

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>>508935651>Chun-Nan/Dragon Road DayFuck you made me pull out my bass again.youtube.com/watch?v=a4Uz-KGEtRc0:16-0:27 is like always in my head. Shit has such a groove. Honestly sounds better at 0.75x but I always play it at full speed to match the track (gotta go fast)

>>508954675Based and Elbapilled


>>508919787Chronicles was good if you ignore the shitty music and rushed gameplay, the story and dialogue were great.

>>508954438Matthew McConaughey

>>508915651They probably have been took down, but not hundreds of years ago, but like, 2 or so.It actually solves the mystery of Knuckles, which is pretty genius.

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>>508941624Remember that only Tails and Eggman can be scientists.Sega will not allow any other scientist characters to exist in the Sonic games.

>>508946794Too soon, they're saving it for when they shit the bed or for big occasions. If Mania gets pumped out then they lose their ace. The real question is if they'll get fans to work on their 3D games, I really like the work that Project Hero guy did, probably some of the best movements that 3D sonic game could have .>>508945839I did, i found some parts to be genuinely funny. Its not an amazing film but its better than most video game adaptations

>>508952017I can answer this as I came to 4chan as a whole on Holla Forums first and was here for Pizzagate and the Election. Holla Forums has 3 major problems. Paid shills, which make up half the board most the time and have been especially active of late. Second is they are a board that relys on happenings to truely spark discussion so without things happening they lack creativity or a general focus to stay on, and it doesnt help that the truth is incredibly fucking depressing. Finally the same problem Holla Forums has, the Mods and Jannies are against us.

>>508952427Nice bait faggot. Holla Forums liked the Sonic movie.

>>508911598Jim carrey, also the redesign and the fact that the entire movie is just the quicksilver standalone film we never knew we wanted.

>>508949680I grew up with a mom like that. I couldn't even make it past a few seconds into the video without having a ptsd flashback. It is better to die or run away then be raised by a single mother anons.

>>508960864I was raised by a single mother and turned out just fine.

>>508922182You canIf you base them in the Archie comics

>>508954438doubt he'll even appear

>>508958681They had Sanic, will the madmen do Ugandan echidnas too?

>>508965148I hope to god it does