How will they ever top her?

How will they ever top her?

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>>508911445I don't car how so long as I get a turn to top her.

>>508911445By letting me top her.

>>508911445lol i will top her loopoool

>>508911445give her a dick

>>508911445hehe I want her to top me

>>508911445I prefer the Gremling.

>>508911445>species deemed inferior in OctoPass Splatfest>lost Final Splatfest as wellI'm sorry, did you say something about being on top?

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>>508912862>Despite all that and Marina is STILL best girl.How does she do it?

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>>508911445By going back to white squids.

>>508911445I mean people wondered the same after Callie and Marie.They will find a way.>>508912862Nobody likes a gremlin


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Splatoon 3 will just have a new pair of idols and off the hook will be old news.It's a reference to Japan's idol business. 2-3 years of relevancy and then you're old news.

>>508911445Supporting Nazis.

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By making another dark skin octo girl, but very slightly overweight.

hear me out guys:big titty pearl

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>>508915392Sounds awful. How about bigger titty Marina?

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>>508915709that works too

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>>508915392Pearls appeal should be her cunny ass.

>>508915392I mean I'm not against it. Won't fix her face but it could help her overall.>>508915709>>508915829This is better though. But what about Marina with bigger ass?

Reminder that the beak is the best part!

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>>508914928As hot as she is, didn't she lose the Splatfests like 80% of the time?

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>>508915392Tell me more

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>>508916201>bigger ass

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>>508914928holy shit ive never wanted to kill this faggot so much


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>>508916562This was due to nintendos retarded mirror matching during the time.

>>508916562Especially mayo vs ketchup

>>508916729Don't have to be black to appreciate the thickness>>508916654This is a drastic improvement

>>508916817>Second tallest girl is only 151 cmI _ _ _ _ _ _

>>508916897Imagine fighting for jam that has an identity crisis.

>>508916817>almost a foot taller than MarinaI just want a tall octoling gf, why is life so unfair

>>508917325because we're not allowed nice things like tall octo gfs

>>508914928I had to do a double take on that nose, it looks like an aircraft is trying to escape her face.

>>508917325>6ft 9'>Want gf just as tallanon...

>>508915709sounds great

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>>508918710>no erect_nipples_under_clothesHow am I supposed to ink to this?

>>508916958Liking ass is gay.

>>508911445I need to breed with a brown gf...

>>508911445By getting on top of her.

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>>508911445>Started writing a Marina x human fic>Keep getting distracted and wanna look up artThis is my own fault

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>>508914928The plot twist is that B^Uckley wasn't being ironic

>>508919694How far are you in?post link

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>>508911445>How will they ever top her?with several black squids, hopefully

>>508920337Oh lawdScrew it, give me all the big tiddy Marina or other squids/octos you got. I've been missing out on this somehow

>>508920131I'm only like 4 pages in right now. I've also been trying to finish off a different story before I really work on the Splatoon one more. I don't have a direct link to the story right now, but I can give you my ao3 account. I'll be posting it there when I finish. I'll likely post it in the Splatoon general as well when it's over

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>>508920131Fuck I'm retarded and didn't actually post the info, my badusername on archiveofourown is ottofromire

>>508911445Not even the sexiest nintendo black girl anymore

>>508921505I think I'll require some evidence to back up that claim.

>>508911445Tanned Latina squid idol.

I thought I had more Marinas. Can anyone help out?

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>>508922398Disgusting that someone would post this without providing me a little more>>508921505Who is it then? Twintelle?

>>508911445lower pants cutoff and higher shirt cutoff

>>508920460Nah, no contrast there, boring. She's gotta get BLEACHED.

By anything that isn't an Octonigger


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>hate niggers>Marina is one of my favorite vidya gaem girl designs

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>>508923274Fun Fact: "White features" aren't exclusively white. Also she's an octopus

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>>508923274>defending a octopusRace traitor

>>508923274Same but if I found a she-nig who looked and acted like Marina in real life I would not hesitate to H.P. Lovecraft her

>>508921378>metal owl

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>>508911445by adding her hot mom

>>508923693>H.P. Lovecraft herYou would call her a Niggerman?

>>508923875H.P. Lovecraft openly hated jews only to marry one

>>508911445By bending her over.

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splatoon came and went and the amount of quality squid kid rule34 SFM can be counted on one hand

>>508924061SFM is shit

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>>508914420>you really are hopelessthere's nothing in hentai that infuriates me more than that fucking line. who the fuck started it and why the fuck is it in every porn piece ever.FUCK YOU

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>>508924047m o r e

>>508924061>nobody can be bothered to edit the game models to lewd them using BlenderLame

>>508922398I'm pretty sure cephalopods don't have fat deposits that they use as energy storage.


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>>508916634squid dicks have probably evolved a blowjob groove at the base to avoid this

>>508914928Is there a Loss edit with this?

>>508914928Leave Pearl alone. She isn’t as good as Marina but she doesn’t deserve this.

>>508916634if you knew how to suck a dick you wouldn't be worried about teeth scraping

>>508923274So you don't hate black people.

>>508923274She's an octopus


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>>508925083I don't get it, he brought up niggers, why are you bringing up blacks?

>>508924061Good. If the game caught on with that degenerate scene 90% of the content would be Cali and Marie getting Shitted

Is this the Marina appreciation thread?

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>>508924290It's just a Japanese idiom that sounds awkward when translated. Same as "it can't be helped"

>>508914928> "I guess Hitler wasn't all bad" - Tim Buckley

>>508925116No, he has a point. It's annoying as shit, as are the vast majority of tropes in hentai.

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>>508925332>boob overflow>clothing indentationyes more of this

>>508925453>Trying to pretend you're a different personJust sad, user.

>>508924389Well there's Redmoa at least.

>>508914928That's literally how faggots vote though.

>>508916493I wonder if their tongue is full of teeth and feels like sandpaper, like in real cephalopods

>>508925709Don't they exclusively use custom "sexy" models? It's disappointing.

>>508925613Nigger, you can choose to believe what you want if it validates your narrative. I can give you a screencap showing you I'm not, then you'll accuse me of doing photoshop/paint. I'll skip that song and dance because you'll say 2+2=5 until the end of time, so let me just ask you thisAre you really convinced that only one person in the world is aggravated at how thoroughly Sturgeon's law applies to hentai?

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>>508925912Radulas are no joke

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>>508925332No. Shitskins aren't people.

>>508926013>Nigger, you can choose to believe what you want Ok samefag. Didn't read anything else

>>508925559The rest of that set is NSFW.Same reason I cropped this one.

>>508913274This pic always bugged me. It looks like she's wearing a second set of pants.

>>508926221Of course you didn't

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Why is it that everytime we have an actual decent Splatoon thread 5 shitty pornbait threads must follow?

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>>508925912Jesus Christ how horrifying.

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>>508926365/v/ being mostly pubescent underages with no attention span might explain it.

>>508926353and what does your little argument have to do with consuming products?

>>508926365>why do people enjoy sex and things that are sexual?

>>508911445By making her the bottom.

>>508925973Yes, but it's slightly less disappointing than SFM, so I'll take it.

>>508926553That no matter how shitty hentai gets, you'll just eat it up and tell people to suck it up when they dare show a modicum of taste.Eat your slop, piggy. Don't question anything.

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>>508925332>>508926291My desire to racemix is rapidly increasing

>>508926353I'm going to punch you in the face.

>>508926848It's fucking porn bro. If the art looks nice, I could care less about what the one dimensional characters say

>>508911445Next idols wear friendship bracelets.

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>>508926935>ywn get to suck on marina's thick muscly tentacles

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>>508927495Why are you saying sorry in that dumbass uwu voice?

>>508926848Like how you question your sexuality?


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>>508915636that just doesnt look right

>>508927790Forgot my pic, sorry for the confusionMaybe I should have spelled it like Suuuuee-wee

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>>508927495>I have small white penisFixed.

>>508928167Why would you post a pic of yourself? And now you're spelling it even more wrong? Looks like we have a class act retard here


>>508911445Did you guys ever got that feel, when you see a game and you know you'll instanly like it just by the way it looks? Well fuck, emulated the first game two days ago and it was fucking good, too much emphasis on multy, sure, but it was still great shit, literal SOUL overload. 2 emulable when, i don't want to buy a tablet

post more in-game inklings


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>>508928497So you played Splatoon JUST for single player?That's cray, user.I mean I could kinda understand it for 2, since it's got some more weapons and the DLC, but man, you're missing out.

why are octolings so cute

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I just want a big tiddy gf (who isn't fat) so bad Holla Forumsis that to much to ask?

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>>508911445the can't

there's only 1 reason I like hercan you point it out?

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>>508927049Marina was made to awaken that desire.

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>>508928913My man i play fighting games JUST for the single player, Splatoon was a walk in the park.They only need to fix the black textures on everything but the actual game is playable and running at 60 so yeah.

This thread makes me realize how bummed I am about missing out on Splatoon 2. I bought the first on launch, but I held out on the second because I was busy at the time and didn't have enough time to play games. By the time I was able, splatfests were done. Shit sucks.>>508928783Is there a 3rd part?

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>>508926935>they don't get splatted from wrong-colored inkI'm so disappointed

>>508929173>instead of blacked, jews start pushing the image of busty black women seeking white menShit, I don't think my defenses are ready for that.

>>508929173I want to plant my white seed in her brown soil


>>508929112Making beautiful half and half babies with sunkissed caramel skin?

>>508930413Bless you user. BE is that good shit that keeps me alive

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>>508930674Realized he's flipping the bird, not giving a thumbs upHow the hell did I screw that one up

>>508912862>>508913274Marina is trash. You only like her because Hime is flat-chested, you cowtits faggot.

I-Is this the Splatoon th-thread...?

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>>508911445>Marina has a hot as fuck body ingame>EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKING FANART OR DOUJIN MAKES HER A SLAMPIGwhy, literally FUCKING WHY?!

>>508931187>stormfag pseudoscienceno thanks, bro

>>508931401Flat and gobliny? Yes, absolutely.

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>>508931584>UNF, THICKER!

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>>508931401MARINA PROS>brown>fat tits>cute and doesn't look like a goblin>fat brown tits>better personality>not a womanlet>doesn't look like a goblin>human fetishistMARINA CONS>no Biggie cosplayMarina is better in almost every way.

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>>508931584Beats me. Then again I like her on-model or thicc af, whatever works

>>508931674>stormfag did you get that from his haircut?

>>508931584Nothing wrong with a little artistic exaggeration.IMO it's supposed to contrast with the Inklings having slimmer bodies, user.

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>>508931584>MAKES HER A SLAMPIGas it should be

>>508924290I guess you anger issues just can't be helped

>>508932039>brownShe should've been white.

>>508916562It was the way the counted wins.her teams were so large, they spent 905 of the time fighting others on the same side.

>>508911445Gyaru squids

>>508914420>Multiple squids fucking her>No analWhy? It is proven that black girls love anal

>>508932607No, if anything she should have been latina

suction cup nipples

>no sporty Marie in the whole threadshit thread

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>>508933706At the court of the Crimson KiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiing.AAAAAHHHH aah AAAAHHH

>>508921424>That Rouge x human storyOk, you have my attention

inkling cunny is better

>>508911445With me, a human male, being on top of her and mating pressing her hard until she is fertile with our children

>still no best girl MarieShit taste ITT

>>508933586gotcha covered user

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>>508935252I need visual evidence of this

>>508919694>>Started writing a Marina x human ficFuck yeah

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>>508933586wait, shit i'm retarded and misread the you go

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>>508935617Marie and Marina are both the best girls. You can't go wrong either way



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>Like Marina for being a mint chocolate sexbomb>Like Pearl for being a little bored rich girl who's DTF>Like them apart or together for the contrastFeels good

>>508936880good taste anonall the idols are perfect in their own way and i love them

>>508936880I think they're much better characters than the Squid Sisters.

>>508924967It scrapes my inner lips instead

>>508914420>You really are hopeless.What is it with nips and that phrase


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>>508917325nobody cares faggot

>>508937717It's another phrase like "it can't be helped" that sounds janky when directly translated but is just a regular idiom in the original language. Always a sign of a lazy translation when this phrase pops up rather than one that sounds better in English and isn't as overused


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>>508941397Racemix with octolings

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OTH II when?

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holy shit those pants are low cut, oh my god is this the model in the game?

Doesn't Marina do anal? That's pretty hot.


Attached: うずむし - タコゾネスまとめ (76776305) 2ページ.png (1000x1070, 917.85K)

>>508924290Resignation.>oh well>there's nothin doin>can't help that>just how it is, I sposeMentally translate it on-the-fly to your favorite idiom if it helps.

>>508941662whoever at nintendo let this happen, thank you

So what's your favorite weapon

>>508942920She would for a human.

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>>508945778Ok so what's hotter? Brown or greenish nipples/pussy

>>508946020Green is more exotic.

>>508911445this is where the boner is made

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>>508911445She didn’t top Callie for me so that answers that

>>508946020Green all the way. Just imagine your dick slowly entering a green, slightly glowing pussy surrounded by dark skin.

>>508942668Yeah, they sag down on one side to five you aa better look at her vagina bones

>>508923274I honestly can't see how you could put race over a hot chick. I'd date a beautiful woman who shares my interests in a heartbeat even if it's racemixing.

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>>508941397Imagine getting ambushed by multiple amazon octolings haha imagine if they pushed you down and had their way with you wouldn’t that be funny haha

>>508946020Brown. The flesh inside her pussy is fluorescent green, though.

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where the fuck is splatoon 3 it would sell gangbusters

>>508946020Mint green nipples

Fuck. I somehow missed this thread. I've only been typing splatoon in the search bar

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>>508911445Pro tip:they can’t.also daily reminder that she’s ganguro not black.

>>508916562splat1 mid way COMPLETELY fucking how splatfests were judged along with how points are earned in turf war (FUCKING DEVS IF I SPLAT FUCKING 1200 POINTS OF GROUND GIVE ME MY FUCKING POINTS YOU WHORES)and they just doubled down on it in splat2. It's fucking bullshit.

>>508946559Animal Crossing is finished and released and all there's left for it is the skeleton team doing dlc or events. It was implied working on Animal Crossing was taking all attention from making Splatoon 3. Stack that on top of what Corona has done to society and I'd assume we have three years minimum before hearing a peep.

Marina would be god tier if it wasn't for the eyes, to me it looks like someone shoved peanuts in them

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>>508947520Her eyes look like the heart pupils anime girls get when they have orgasms.

Don't forget who won nerdsNow where do I sign up for Marina paizuri

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>>508947520>>508947712That's how octopus eyes look.

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Do people still play Splatoon 2?

>>508947904I can't wait for the narrative of Splatoon 3. Shit's gonna be cash. The guy writing it probably didn't realize that he more or less made it mandatory that they reinvent Splatoon to fit Pearl winning in Chaos vs Order.

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>>508923274This is her voice actress, by the way. Dark-ish but no african features.

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>>508947960consistent cephalopod details are why inklings and octolings are kino character design

>>508947904I'd personally like to stick my dick between pearls asscheeks and thighs

>>508949331I just want a threesome with both. Having Pearl cheer you on while you fuck Marina would be cool

>>508923274Video Games are forever, you'll only be a edgy teen for a few years.

>>508945778What about letting a human knock her up?

>>508948968Oh, I would.

>>508945778I wish I was human so marina would let me have some sweet and passionate anal sex with her

>> paizuri

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>>508947520Why is that pupper so scared?

>>508948968>Yo marina, can I get a fillet o'fish?

>>508949912Probably at the vet if I had to guess

>>508949858My poor dickwhy must paizuri be so strong

Consider the following.Male Rule_63


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why do ppl wanna screw this squid so bad

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>>508950153god, I would be the meat in that sandwich.

>>508950153I don't hate this but I prefer tits by a vast amount.

>>508950242She's black, but the good-looking type of black

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>>508949331Thighjobs are god tier


>>508950452the light kind u mean?

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>>508949752She could probably be talked into it in the heat of the moment. Lean on the human angle and she'd melt in no time.

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>>508950650Yes, in between the scale of mocha to caramel

>>508950412I support this think.

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>>508911445On the hook was a huge step down from the squid sisters. One's hideous, the other is over designed.

>>508950828I wouldn't lean on it, more like loudly and proudly tell her that I'm gonna make her pump out halfbreeds

Attached: marina11.jpg (1329x799, 147.32K)

pearl is made 4 mating press

>>508950153seeing shit like this is how I figured out I was bi

>>508911445Like you do any needy slutTight grip around the neck. If she smiles she thinks she's in control.Squeeze tighter until her face turns red then smile back.

>>508951058Congratulations on self-diagnosing your mental illness. Now go look for psychiatric help.

>>508950868So why did OTH (one member of it, at least) manage to overcome SS in popularity in half the time? They're superior in every way. SS are so similar they're interchangeable.>>508951026That's what we in the business call "leaning on it", user. Say the magic words and she agrees.

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>>508929112Wait a minute, that's no leg!

>>508951353It is a leg.The 3rd leg.

>>508919694Will there be impregnation in this story?

>>508950854too bad this is a blue board, ppl could post better pics otherwise

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>>508951269You're asking me to explain mass opinion?I agree On the Hook girls are more diverse but that doesn't really matter if they're both shit.

Reminder to give your seed as offering to your living fertility goddess.

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>>508951732Just make a trash thread or whatever if you're that concerned about it.

>>508951269Not enough for her to agree though. Gotta find the best racemixing position to fuck her in

>>508951759It's Off the Hook. More to the point, leave this thread you brainless nigger

>>508951891hey im not saying these slutoon threads arent great tho

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>>508951214the only help i need is a fat cock and juicy pussy

>>508952013>you brainless nigger>literally the nigress thread

>>508951585Probably not, only because I think that a half octoling half human would probably wish for death all the time

>>508924290it can't be helped

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>>508947960>>508949104I always thought they were Tentatek contact lenses that Marina was wearing, am I retarded?

>>508911445does she actually have pants this low?holy fucking shit what pegi is this game?

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>>508951864i had a gf like this for a few months, shit was cash. then i found out she was shittalking me behind my back and trying to see other people and generally disliked me for not being like her abusive ex boyfriends so i ended it.i will never get a fertility goddess gf again bros and it hurts so much

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>>508950242Are you blind or gay, or both?

>>508919694I tried doing this once, with Marina and Agent 8 for extra octo, but not only do I run into the same problem as you but I'm also really bad with scenarios beyond standard porn bullshit.What are you going with?

>>508924290>>508925453>>508926013>>508937717>>508926353>>508926848>>508927495>>508928167maybe try not being a fucking hopeless loser lol

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>>508953114>Human participates in cryogenic freezing experiment, long story short gets sent thousands of years in the future>Gets discovered by Inkling scientists>He's allowed to go free eventually but they suggest he appears on Off The Hook to show people he's not weird>Hits it off with Marina, the two become friends>Eventually they start fooling aroundIs kinda the idea I'm going with at the moment.

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>>508923920So he was like any other person who speaks at great length about how much they hate something?

>>508953858sorry but it's not porn it's just shougeki no soumai could count as ecchi tho

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>>508921424good shit

>>508953623naw i'm not a Holla Forumstard, i've met and interacted with plenty of average black people. it was just this one girl who had the perfect fertility goddess body type and i followed my dick rather than seeing that she was fucking crazy. she spoke in uwu and animeshit through texting and constantly made fake "i'm sad :(" texts but i ignored it because the sex was fucking amazing. now i'm single and alone again but at least i know not to date anyone who unironically uses OwO on tinder

>>508949557There is that one SFM animation. It's not great, but it's pretty much all we have for Off the Hook + Human threesome.

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>>508953730That's pretty good. Mine was kind of similar, but involved a group of humans instead of just one who survived in some kind of Fallout-like vault.Needed more development, though, so I ran out of patience and kind of dropped the idea.Maybe I should go back, try and make it work.

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Is this the erp thread?

>>508954474Nobody's erotically roleplaying so no


>>508954545Hopefully that changes then

>>508916562Marina won more splatfests than pearl in NA(because she won 2 of the 3 tmnt ones), she just lost the last one. I think in europe and japan pearl won more.

for me it's squid cunny

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>>508954856Same I love those tight little bike shorts

>>508953028At least you had the good sense to break it off. Some poor fuckers don't even have that.

>brown science dork octothey can't top her because the cute/sexy nerd archetype is already the pinnacleall of the idols are carefully crafted to be the perfect combo of attractive traits

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>>508954998>holy dick my sideshope this gets caped and put on breaddit

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>>508913274>"Ayy finally some real squiggas is showin' up! These squids is uppity as shit, ain't even let me talk the way I wanna. So two finna do a match?"The response I'm looking for is 'why boners' and just plain 'whys'

>>508955062I like those and squid bois

>>508955874based and tummy-pilled

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>>508950406Fair enough user

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>>508954998You son of a bitch

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>>508951864I'd be drained through and through each day every dray

>>508914928crop out just the first panel>Hitler was awesome!"-Marinaand I didn't think I could possibly love her more than I already did...

>>508911445She looks like she only fucks white guys

>>508916958>ass == thiccnewfags please begone

>>508911445Her pants ride awfully low.

It is going to be hard to top her.

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>>508961346She would top you, amazon position.

>>508961346she's so fucking hot and perfect I don't ever want her to be topped

>>508961643While telling me she's going to destroy my pure bloodline with halfbreed kids?

>>508914928Leave Pearl alone!

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>>508920131What's the source for this pic? I tried reverse research and saucenao but it didn't work

>>508962795no idea, got it off one of these threads

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>>508962172I don't get the Pearl hate, like I get she's not as overtly sexy as Marina but she's still a cutie and a fun character. Plus I'd still fill her pussy any time

>>508963002It's mostly just faggots who heard the gremlin meme at the beginning and can't let go of that.

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Reminder that if Marina won she would have essentially tried to force Pearl into some kind of yandere rape relationship.

>>508963547No I'm pretty sure she would have just erected a dictatorship and cast Pearl out of the society she builds in Splatoon 3.

>>508963547We'd get an RE5 situation with Wesker and Jill

>>508963002She can be sexy, but I think you gotta put that 5-head under control for that.

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>>508923274Octoling and Inkling can change their skin color (but we all know that both are just substitutes for humans and you only see it in character customization)

>>508964449>The entire set-up for the splatfest is "Would you rather live in a world that always changes, or one that always stays the same?">The conflict is Pearl wants to make new music, and Marina doesn't want to disband Off the Hook>The whole reason Marina chose a world of order is because her autism violently flared up at the idea of Pearl abandoning her>These anxieties reached their peak and at the same time were resigned during the final tally>Pearl just goes, "Lol, I'm gonna make new music... And you're gonna be with me, duh!" while Marina's having a mental breakdown

>>508916817>aging up the squid/octokidscringe

>>508964449But her and Pearlie are besties! She would never cast out Pearl. She'd just keep her with her at all times and never let her out of her sight...

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>>508911445She already got topped by her partner.

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>>508965694For once, I don't think that was meant as in "topped sexually".

>>508932335>still not deletedWell i guess janny knows better.

>>508963002Pearl is the pleb filter of Splatoon 2.

I wanna nut on their spats covered asses bros

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*ahem*I am going to coom.Ahhhh. Myes.Cooming. Mmm. Cooming.