>His inspiration publicly humiliated him for being a beginner in programming>4chan humiliated him over some cringy...

>His inspiration publicly humiliated him for being a beginner in programming>4chan humiliated him over some cringy things he did as a teenager>People harass him on every venue they can>Sensationalist Youtubers make slanderous videos about him on a monthly basis>Have so much disinformation flying around he needs a debunk page to dispel the mythsIn the history of mankind, was there any person more mistreated than YandereDev?

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Sounds like he spend more time on social medias than making his game. He deserve it.

>>508907104>mistreatedFuck off yandere dev, noboy will believe you lmao

lego city

>>508907104How long has he worked on that meme game now? How much does he make each month?

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>>508907104>his inspirationWho?

>>508907104Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

>>508908259MikeZ, you know, the Skullgirls guy.>>5089081896 years. Just under $2000 a month. Literally below minimum wage.

>>508908259Main/Lead Dev on Skullgirls IIRC. He basically just said his game was ok in the IRC but it could be better and pointed out where and what could be changed, Yanderedev flips out and acts like he deserves high admiration for simply showing up

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>>508908474>literally below minimum wageYou fucking wish mate. You wish. You've never been on that terrible grind.

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>>508907104>im too sad to work, pray for mojo :(

>>508907104Yandere Dev should realize that its easy to start products, its much harder to complete them. Finishing a project is a skill unto itself.

>>508908474Either you dont know what minimum wage is or how do basic math. Either way that's not even comparable since you have to work to get paid he sure as hell doesnt spend 40 hours a week working on his game

>crying on a Taiwanese basket weaving fourm instead of working on your gameThis is why no one likes you m8. I have seen more people from shittier situations make more of themselfs than yanderedev.

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>>508907104>>His inspiration publicly humiliated him for being a beginner in programmingquick rundown?


Attached: 1437930231125.gif (308x308, 2.99M)

>>508909226His income has been rapidly dropping each month. Atleast the minimum wage workers has a floor.

>>508908735Depression aren't real. Just be happy!>>508908510>>508908461Walking away from the screen stops people from slandering. Closing your eyes stops people from spamming my email with nonsense when I desperately need volunteers. Nigga if this shit works cyber bullying wouldn't be a term in the first place.

If he worked on his game people wouldn't harrass him.He uses people harrassing him as an excuse not to work on his game.Interesting cycle we've got going on here.

>>508907104>Using social media outside of your direct family and friendsHow fucking hard is this to understand? Stop letting random fuckers on the internet know everything about you. Stop trying to interact with people you don't know as your real identity. Anonymous communication is the best option for communication with people you don't know. 4chan is unironically the best forum on the internet because of its anonymous posting and rejection of people who try to subvert it.

>>508909556Depression isn't real you pussy, now go hire a competent coder who can get the game done by the end of this year

>>508909487Well unless hes making under 1k hes better off than minimum wage

>>508907104I made a game myself. Started mid 2017 and released later 2019.If I can do it, why can't Yanderedev? If Final Fantasy 7 remake came out, Kingdom Hearts 3, even fucking BANNERLORD came out before his game, why wouldn't he be bullied to the max? He's lazy.

>>508907104>Sorry I'm really sad that people have been criticizing me so I'll take even longer to make this. Thanks for the constant patreon money btwI can't believe anyone pays this guy jack shit

fuck off eva you are a horrible person and didnt change since then.You badmouthed and mistreated community members for even talking to a girl in your chatroom lmao and creeped the same one out with your behavior.You have anger issues and never got them treated.

Livong proof that you shouldn't make games outside of gamemaker if you dont know the basics of proper code structuring

>>508909556Middle school is long over that's really the only time cyberbullying is a thing. And that's because kids are too stupid from just walking away the screen

>>508908474The highest state minimum is 14, and assuming you don't lose any to taxes (which you always do) you're still only getting about 1100. 2k is well above minimum wage

>>508909326>Had a boner for Mike Z.>Put together a rough sketch for a fighting game engine in a few weeks to months.>Showed it to him on the skullgirls forum.>Having programming experience outside of intro to CS and GUI college classes, Mike gave him constructive criticism. >Eva, being the thin skinned always clamoring for an echo chamber idiot he is, took the criticism at face value and thought Mike was shitting on him as a person as opposed to his lousy code.>Claimed to use this as fuel to outshine Mike with his next big game, Yandere Sim.In the time in which this transpired, which was nearly a decade ago at this rate, Mike finished work on the Skullgirls DLC, created a kickstarter/indiegogo for Indivisible and saw it to release. Alex, however, released a barebones mess of an alpha, garnered youtube influencer hype, let it all go to his head, and hasn't released anything of worth since.

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>>508909556see>>508909681Depression is real but fuck theres tons of coders on twitter wishing they had some project to work on.


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>>508907104It's out when it's out, we like that

>>508908474hello australian

>>508909556>when I desperately need volunteersWhat the actual fuck

>gets offered help several times >refuses it because of his superiority complexHe can suck a dick for all I care.

>>508907104If i was him, I would use all the harassment i get to get money.

>hey great game you have, here is something you can improve on though, seeing you are a beginner and all>yo why he hate my gameFuck off until you have something substantial show, instead of being sad on social media.

>>508910642>instead of being sad on social media.The problem is that he's getting money for it on patreon. So he has every reason to just whine and cry, and people will negatively reinforce those behaviors. It's a shit situation.

Why do retards keep throwing money at patreon shit?

>>508907104Is yanderedev the one who makes 3-4 yanderedev threads every day ? what the fuck ?whats with the tripcode ?

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>>508907104Your average person will wage slave 10 hours a day 5 times a week for minimum pay then die, his body broken.All this fat fuck cuck had to do was code his shitty game, he can stay at home, he has freedom to work on his own hours, he responds to no one, he is as free as a human being can be.Yet he still cries about depression and muh suicide and muh harrassment and blah blah. No one is buying it.

>>508909873Because his game is "almost as complex as Hitman and Persona combined"Straight from the horse's mouth: youtube.com/watch?v=5psGWTE5PwY

>>508910928Literally the sunk cost fallacy. For some people it gets harder for them to justify stopping after a while. After all it's not like you've been paying yanderedev for years for NO REASON, right?

>>508910843Well I can say it's also great for content creators living off ads, to have Yandev whine on the internet.So money gets around

>>508910998His trip got leaked a while back. Just type YandereDev#EvaXephon in the name box for authentic YanderePosting effect.

>>508909556Thank God you're here. I desperately hate you and really didn't want to have to make a twitter account to tell you. I hope you have a fucking stroke and lie helpless on the floor for hours. I hope by the time someone finds you the damage is irreversible. I hope that you are never happy again for the rest of your life.

>>508910998His tripcode was breached.

>>508909556You're a fucking retard. The only way for you to actually make something of your game and your life at this point is to straighten the fuck up and start being rational. Stop working on the game, you'll never see it to completion, your dev skills aren't there, anything you release will be a barely playable mess.Go learn to program decently, and I don't mean reading programming books and SICP like some /g/ retard that thinks you need perfect code, I mean programming at a decent level where you can actually create somewhat workable systems instead of the if statement and string comparison mess you usually make. Take 6 months to a year doing this. After that, start from the ground up WITH THE BASICS, just the absolute basics of the game, no rivals, no nothing until you got the barebone gameplay loop down solid. You COULD do this, but of course you won't because if you were the kind of person that would, you'd have done this ages ago, instead you'll keep whining in your Discord echochamber, then go work at Walmart when the patreon money dries up.

When will this shilling shit move to generals? Fuck off, buy an ad Jew


>>508907104Why is everyone so OBSESSED with these weirdos anyway. It feels like the internet needs to cycle through targets for its own lynch mob, this guys project has sucked for years who still cares? Why are people still talking about DSP and all those other e-celebs from a decade ago?YandereDev got played a good hand and fucked it up. Feel bad that everyone is so obsessed but also... if you can't program why would you start this kickstarter? Either take the money and run or use the money to get training and/or freelance workers. Flailing around while missing every deadline is just going to lead to constant shitposting between developer and the dumbfucks who still give him a monthly sub.

>>508907104>abloobloobloo people were mean to me on the internet which means I'm unable to do literally any work at allYou must be really killing it in life, huh fagboy.

>>508908481I think the funniest part about that is that Mike clearly liked Alex more than anyone else because he's part of the tribe. I think that says it all about how badly he fucked up. He couldn't even maintain connections that would have enabled him to coast by easily.

I... put off making my game for a while and I feel awkward about returning to it.How do I get over this inertia?

>>508910075YS is going to suffer the worst fate of all game, simply being forgotten.

>>508911291Just make a twitter account. YandereDev stands a real chance at breaking Kamiya's twitter-blocking record. Contribute to this. We might even get a twitter blocked speedrun thing going.

>>508911748>Why is everyone so OBSESSED with these weirdos anywayBoredom most likely. Most Lolcows remain lolcows because they never fail to react to shit flung at them

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>A new Half life was released before he finished his game

>>508910025>and assuming you don't lose any to taxes (which you always do) you're still only getting about 1100.Assuming you work 20 hours a week, if you're getting $14, chances are you'll be doing more than 20so either 1100 1600 or 2000 is possible but depends on your jew of a manager

hey guys can you please stop picking on me

>>508911263testing the tripcode with absolutely no expectations because I don't know how to use these

>>508911335But user, the decompiled code isn't remotely close to his code. Just you wait, he'll turn out to be as skilled as Alan Turing, Jon Skeet and John Carmack combined. His game will run on the Intel HD 2000 at 1000FPS, with real-time ray tracing, and he'll make you all look stupid for bashing his 10000 lines update function.

>>508907104fuck off, no one cares

Consume the cum chalice.

>>508913286>that tripcodeIf you are the real dev, you should take a break from online shit to fix your stress for a pair of weeks/months and then go back to work in your game. By the time you are done, computer hardware will be able to run your mess of code at a decent framerate anyways.

>>508913286I didn't notice that triupcode was leaked already while doing a serious reply, well pretty sure he is egosearching the whole time.

Hi, I am the REAL YanDev and I kindly ask to stop using my tripcode. Also. don't forget to donate to my Patreon if you can. Thanks.

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>>508907104Is this child molester still getting money from stupid weeb sheeps? It's kinda said. I bet most of these people are idiots, who scream "DON'T FUND EARLY ACCESS GAMES"

>>508909873Fucking Kemo Coliseum is going to be released before Yandere Simulator does at this rate.

>>508914540Another user who listened to the slanders of sensationalists. He's already addressed this, twice, in his debunk page.yanderesimulator.com/debunk/

>>508911263The game will never be done. You won Mike

>>508907104Hope yandere dev dies in pain

>>508915151Another Simp who believes this lying shit on his debunk page

You guys wouldnt hate him at all if he was handsome. There would be threads on how based he is and what a chad he is because he is taking money for doing nothing. Vanity

>>508911263>He used his username as the password for his tripahahahahahaha

>>508915151yes but weird since the girl said you knew she was underage and you kept asking for pics and video normally ignoring her if she was with another girl while video chatting.Good try eva but no one bellieves your lies specially seeing your child molester behaviour on conventions.

>>508907104>People harass him on every venue they canThey criticize because it's been years without significant updates; like imagine if Stardew Valley was a half-broken mess of updates while the developer kept making excuses for literal years while he aged from a teenager to an age where he looks like he should have a wife and young child.

>>508911335Do you really believe you're talking to the real Yandere Dev or are you venting your autism in a vague direction? His tripcode was leaked out some time ago, this is most likely someone RP'ing as them.


Attached: Ike_SSB4.png (496x496, 242.79K)

>>508907104Sounds more like comeuppance.

People still care about this shit?

Hi guys, yanderedev here. Dont ask me anything

>>508916476No but I believe that autistic faggot often lurks these threads because he's the kind of person that can't keep his schnoz out of it.

>>508912280jews do not have some instant hivemind connection to one another you fucking schizo.


>More code for easter eggs than the actual game

>>508907104Get off your high horse when talking to people you condescending, narcissistic, incompetent fraud. You don’t deserve a cent you’re getting from this sorry sham you call a game, have fun with your gullible children you refer to as your fans.

>>508907104Reminder that I finish my books in less than a year, and still find plenty of time to shitpost on Holla Forums. Rabbit Hole coming August 31st, 2020.

I'm going to kill myself.

>>508907659first, the game was taking so long due to checking endless emails. now it's I'm being constantly harassed. this faggot exists solely to collect Patreonbux from idiots.

>gets paid more than me to do nothing but cry like a turdPoor guy has it so hardBoo hoo hoo

>>508917025Is it about fucking the rabbit from zootopia?

>>508907659>spend more time chit chatting than developing>get rekt for being a lazy deviant shitheadsounds about right

The people who are legitimately mad at him because they really just want a mean girl dating simulator are fucking degenerate. Just laugh at him for being a bad coder like the rest of us do you brainless husks.

>>508917326No it's about a guy who beats the shit out of billionaire pedophiles who control the police and the media.

>>508917447Fucking the bunny would've been more interesting.

>>508917525This desu

>>508908474Maybe you should stop posting here and finish your game, degenerate.

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Is there an example of an indie game being this poorly developed? The closest I can think of is the dev for Lillith's Throne, but even they eventually release the shit they promise after delaying it for months due to their spaghetti code.

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>>508908474nigger, id love to make 2k each monthsuck a hepatitis infected cock you piece of shit

>>508917375>>508907104Howe the fuck do you even get out of this mess?It seems like most people these days would rather be on social media or places like this than do something they likelike play vidya or read a book for example

>>508908474Move to Brazil. Dólar would convert into a lot of reais.

>>508917525What about a bunny who kills billionaire pedophiles by raping them to death?

>>508907104Niggas who obsess and harass these lolcows are actually worse than the object of their obsession itself. Prove me wrong.

>>508907104Why would a huge pussy like this even try to do anything?

>>508917648eva never checks twitter or mail and just plays stream on twitch around 14 hours each day.

>>508917447Someone made a novelized version of Anonymous Agony?

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>>508917273please dont

>>508917648>Howe the fuck do you even get out of this mess?The real answer is, "he should fucking hire a dev who knows what they're doing" but he's never gonna do that because A) he'd have to pay them, and B) he couldn't keep milking people while not having to work


>>508908474twitch earnings plus youtube earning plus straiht donation earning plus patreon earnigns around 12k each month he made more money but people realized the truth so stopped giving money to his patreon.Social welfare checks are a thousand dollars same as minimum wage this cunt need to get out and see real life.

>>508917293Are you poor user?

>>508918059he could literally milk the game paradox style for nearly a decade while outsourcing nearly everything to India and letting some autistic retard do the community management, while you enjoy your semen goblet

>>508907104Whenever people try to help you or give you advice, you always push them away.

>>508907104This guy should just give up on his project. Go work a salary job and step away from the public internet spotlight

>>508908474Are you fucking kidding me I work dev soft and am am barely making under 10k a year. and this is after going into debt for my degree.Fuck life

Attached: 1570111916670.webm (754x600, 739.41K)

>>508918059He had a dev who knew what he was doing. He got asshurt that the dev was rewriting his shit and that he couldn't understand.

>>508910075Well Alex still made more money with his patreon then Mike did with his flop game so I don't know if he can really have the last laugh here.

>>508917606ZUN's Touhou Danmaku Amanojaku Gold Rush is still not released. It was revealed in November 2014, almost as old as Yandere Simulator. But, you know, ZUN also made 4-5 other games in that time.

>>508918448Should have added cute furs.

>OMG YANDERE DEV IS SUCH A BAD PROGRAMMERMeanwhile, Valve, the corporation Holla Forums orally pleasures almost as hard as Nintendo:

Attached: file.png (941x489, 202.38K)

>>508918770Meanwhile, Half Life 2 runs at a stable framerate despite that.

>>508911263>Using the old username everybody knows as his tripcodeAnother genius move

>Ego so huge, neuroticism so deep, that he literally cannot stop himself from looking at social media comments and what people say about him.It's like saying you are sick of your hand being burnt, yet you keep putting it in the fire.Stop responding to posts, stop responding to emails that aren't from people who work on the project, stop looking for volunteers. Dude needs to just do it himself.

>>508918929Yes 14 years later that might be true only because the hardware delays the inevitable but you must be underage if you don't remember how notorious source was for crashing randomly.

>>508917606What about Shout?

>>508908474I barely make $1800 a month from 14.50 an hour bro, double minimum wage.

>>508918929>Using if statements in the place of a switch statement or using strings instead of enum is worse than literal bugs you don't bother to fix

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>>508908474I work full time at $14 dollars an hour and don't get $2000 a month after taxes. Sounds like he's a little bitch if he's complaining about that.

>>508909556Holy fucking shit you dude, you just enjoy this misery. There's literally no reason to keep walking circles through all these shards of glass for YEARS and still pretend you're going somewhere? You are the source of your own suffering, you choose to whine about your fucking emails, and you know it keeps painting a bigger and bigger target on your back because you're such a fucking drama queen.There is literally no reason nor anything to gain from coming on fucking 4chan, posting in threads about you that'll disappear in a few hours and try to keep justifying yourself. No reason, unless you get off on it.

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>>508919192And it was still far beyond anything Eva could hope to release with YandereSim.

>>508919385This.>>508909556You have the power to change things here. You just don't.

>>508919360Ah yes, because Yandere Simulator is bugless despite running like absolute ass and having a stagnated development for the past half decade.

>>508909556>Depression aren't real. Just be happy!Depression is a sickness. If you are really depressed you should see a psych.

Attached: 38.jpg (1024x729, 134.93K)

>>508916827Yes they do.

>>508917648He's only harnessed on social medias so it's pretty obvious he spend all his time there

>>508919103his wordpress username is Yanderedev so is matter of time when somtone hacks his site.

>>508907104>7 different sentences saying he lost his drive to be productive>also people are going to keep dumping on me so don't expect content any time soon

>>508907104No. Because he’s getting exactly what he fucking deserves.Reminder that despite all his bullshit, he still makes thousands of dollars monthly. He fucking deserves all the hate he gets as long as he’s making more money than most people for not putting in any effort.

>>508919138I secretly like the attention i get and enjoy being a professional victim so I can use that as an excuse to not work on my game at anytime because I am really just lazy.

>>508908474Eat my shit you ungrateful faggot, you aren't even doing anything except complain on twitter and 4chan for $24000 a year.


Attached: philfishshake.gif (290x290, 1.05M)

>>508920290Phil Fish actually had some amount of success to his name, even if he claimed it by ripping off a flash game. Yanderedev doesn't even have that.

>>508917648>Howe the fuck do you even get out of this mess?take the sean murray routeand just go absolutely silent on social media and just fix ur mess of a gamedoes the fuckhead think he can actually quell everything by doing some stupid gotcha retardo moments on his critics just to correct them about "hurr durr calling it cum is childish" shit

Attached: z7ng4gftwqt31.jpg (614x575, 72.31K)

>>508909556You need help. I'll shadow-program your game for you and never tell a soul in exchange for a very modest revenue %. Check your Twitter DMs.

>>508911263Really? What a fucking moron.

>>508920692And yet Sean Murray and No Man's Sky is still the butt of many tired jokes to this day. Why fix things in post when people don't appreciate it anyway?

>>508921241Just give up your project. Surely you do have coding skills. Just give up the internet and go work an entry level tech job. The sooner you put this game behind your the better your life will be. You just clowned on everywhere, but I am sure there is hope for you

>>508907104Lol what a cry baby bitch. I think watching anime legit drops your t levels

>>508907104He created an internet hate machine entirely through his own actions and it's his responsibility to deal with it. I don't know what he expects.

>>508921241>Why fix things in post when people don't appreciate it anyway?lolreddit spent money on billboards to show their appreciation

If Rebecca Black can come back from the whole world hating her, YD can get past a bunch of video game addicts bullying him. Depression is real, but people have to learn to develop thick skin in the modern world.

>>508921241because releasing an unfinished game with empty promises full price will always deserve ridicule. i'll acknowledge that they didn't have to fix that empty game, but it shouldn't have come out of that sorry state either.

>>508921974But she really didn't come back, she released a 'see I can actually sing' song then fucked off. In fact the black guy in her music video had a better come back

>>508909556Consume the cum chalice.

>>508917025Your books are low effort garbage that no one knows about you irrelevant fucktard.

>>508919762He looks average. A better hairstyle is all he needs.

>>508918448You only have yourself to blame for not cashing in on the anime and/or furry train.

>>508924316That was back in 2008 dude, 12 years ago. He's now 32, gotten way fatter, started balding and has lost all spark of life in his eyes.

Attached: I hurt myself.png (303x379, 187.72K)


>>508908474>6 years. Just under $2000 a month. Literally below minimum wage.My Patreon has been going for two and a half years, and I'm barely scraping $1000 per month.

Attached: 1522757640858.png (727x720, 518.81K)

His behavior is so stupid that I no longer know if he is making fun of his fans or if these messages are montages made by anons.

>>508919762>>508924316fix'd, he just needed a nosejob

Attached: 1580885299089.png (255x383, 109.39K)

>>508914458Disregard that, i suck cocks

>>508909556Kill yourself faggot

>>508907104Don't forget>Cripplechan also bullied him off their site

Attached: 6b906e27551ba4cdd2912a7032ca7e94c36e40629e603fcb5b6a3a576f0e38c8.jpg (667x375, 30.35K)

Why not finish a more simple game with less features but still enjoyable. Sell it at low price. And then take your time pushing updates or just work on a sequel from what you have learned.For only one person, if youre not some kind of god at coding, a game with this scope(seemingly endless features) is impossible to finish.

Why even go on 4chan?


Attached: teal'c.jpg (289x320, 10.79K)

>>508921241Stop adding bullshit to your game, it's not darksouls that needs intrincate "lore" it's a game where you are an anime girl that can kill other anime girls, why the fuck do we need an anime show plotline, 1980 or whatever mode, a deep story and bullshit like that, literally just make>Yandere girl kills girls>maybe add some tittyfuck it, make it a musou

>>508909556This isn't the real YandereDev right? What was his original trip again?

>>508918448>the 10ish percent of alonechads, unwavering throughout the decadesfucking based

The project got too big for him long time ago, created too much hype and earned so much patreonbux that now he cant backpedal becaue people are expecting a game that just cant be done by 1 person. His patreons are delusional and need to realize this cant be done. If i was Yanderedev i would just cut like 80% of the badly implemented meme features and focus on the main idea and make it as simple as possible.

>>508924316not even, just stop being a disgusting weeb and he could've found a decent chick before >>508924827 this happened to him.

Even though his code is bad I still think his game looks neat and I'll probably buy it if it comes out.

Attached: DWzyCgBUQAIaBvN.jpg (756x914, 107.79K)

>>508911263Imagine being dumb enough to use your most popular username as your trip.

>>508916827I never said that, you shitposting tay sachs case. But Mike and Alex know each other.

>>508927945You never know when your game will hit it big, keep a backlog of DEEP LORE just in case.Just look at Lord ZUN of /jp/. He's pumping out volumes upon volumes of manga about a series that started out as "Anime Breakout clone, pew pew".

>>508927945Just make a Hitman clone where each day, you must kill a different target(other girls) without being caught. And eventually there only you and senpai.Without retarded anime plotline and endless bullshit features.

>>508911263Thanks user

>tfw procrastinatorH-heh, yeah, Eva's pretty lazy, guys...

>>508920580>>508920290Fuck off and die!

>>508926882FUCK OFF YOU TOOL!

>>508929547>tfw guilty of procrastinating devving my own game on a near daily basisH-haha lazy jew, just make the game lol...

>>508910075>skullgirls 2nd encore>z-engine licensing for tfh and sg:m>consultancy for Killer Instinct>indivisible >ggpo now open source >sg tournament scene still alive and well>Mike dropping netcode improvements into SG 8 years later even if hes not getting paidAlex ain't got shit.

>>508929734>blaming the Jews for your small penis

>>508929836>NOOOOO don't make fun of my tiny penis>i mean IT'S NOT SMALL AAAHHHHHHHH

Attached: 1530572396964.jpg (1080x1020, 71.68K)

Yandere Sim looks and feels like a porn game but I don't see any porn. What am I missing? What is the game loop supposed to be?

>>508930071Play Koikatsu if you want an anime-shaded 3D nukige. Some people recommend Custom Order Maid 3D 2, but machine translation is a turnoff for me.As far as gameplay loop goes, it's supposed to go "spend the first few days in school slaving away, grinding stats, staking out the target. Kill her on Friday. Start again next Monday". But YandereDev being YandereDev, he hasn't actually implemented any of those. Right now it's just running around the school stabbing people pointlessly.

How do I get laid

>>508907104Why is this guy suddenly being spammed so much?

>>508924827He legitimately looks like he's in his 40s

Attached: 20181206_103752.png (1229x871, 456.33K)

>>508929954no one cares you worthless brain damaged retard

>>508930964What the fuck? I was actually impressed 30 seconds into the game because it seemed decent for a mostly one man effort but if there is really nothing to do but randomly kill people and do chores I ask myself what yanderedev did the last 6 years. I thought people were just expecting the world of the game but there is literally no content.

>>508931424ay, fuck you man

Attached: 1589347833383.png (185x100, 18.82K)

>>508907104>4chan humiliated him over some cringy things he did as a teenagertrying to stalk kids on gaia online is a felony, not cringe.Evaxephon should be glad he was never arrested over it.

>>508931682Hea done nothing but bitch and add easter eggs for 6 yearsHe has no idea how Hitman is designed and he certainly doesnt understand Persona.The game is a walking disaster because it's being orchestrated by an ideas guy with access to the unity asset store, idiots who'll provide work for free, and is too stupid to even copy code from stack exchange.

>>508931215Pretty sure it's because some code from his game got leaked or something like that.

>>508909556>DepressionIt's nature's way of telling you that you should /exit. :^)

>>5089084742K a month isn't mininum wage, also you were making 4K before you publicly outed yourself as an unstable retard

>>508917273Do a flip

>>508911142>>508909885>>508910928I drop $5 a month on YandereDev's patreon. Partly out of irony, partly because I genuinely want to see his vision fully realized. It's just such a neat game concept that not many has truly invested in. Some day, someone will make a proper Yandere game, but for now, I'll have to settle with Yandere Simulator.

>>508928557Of course you will, retarded weeb trash. You'd buy a bag of shit with asuka taped to it.

>>508933310>He pays $60 a year for literally nothing>That is potentially $420 for absolutely nothing

When did you realize yandev was not a failed programmer but a successful interpretive art entertainer?

Attached: poggerws.png (500x375, 82.45K)

>>508908474>$2000 a monththat's like $12 an hour

You guys just don't understand how hard he's had it. His dad wanted him to study! STUDY FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Attached: ifTIS2z.png.41462eff822eaadc25cb2bfe8268b1ea.png (1899x582, 131.17K)

>>508908631Here in Washington State minimum wage is $13.50.

I an a huge faggot and anyone who gives me money is retarded.

>>508908474>Below minimum wageMotherfucker I got $500-$600 a month at my job working retail and dealing with shitty customers who have no concept of being one person at a understaffed convenience store dealing with 20 people by myself at the register while also having to cook them food, shit like this is why you're a massive faggot in people's eyes. Spoiled piece of shit. I wish I could get $2,000 a month to make youtube videos crying about emails and twitch streams getting mad at video games like cuphead.

Attached: 1439460437128.png (505x380, 313.58K)

>>508908474What do you think about the indivisible flop?

>>508919360IT user here, using if else statements are fine when they’re being used in conservatively. Switch statements are generally used to organize much larger list of statements to avoid spaghetti code like pic related. Using else if statements in this manner is very disorganized and shows a level of amateurness. Also his code has almost no comments

Attached: B0EB407A-5560-4C44-9705-EFB367C62B43.png (828x801, 149.38K)

>>508907104He sounds on the verge of suicide, I give him five years.


Attached: logo.png (692x221, 33.84K)

>>508934995important to note that a switch would not do much if anything for performance here. it's just for readability

>>508911263I gobble up yummy cocks

>>508908474I would say he only works like 2 hours a day considering how little work he actually puts into the game, in that sense 2000 per month is getting money for literally doing nothing

>>508935474It's not about the difference between switch and ifelse, but the fact that hes structured his code in such a way that he has to bruteforce logic checks like this instead of using inheritance: one of the hallmark tools of object-oriented programming.A hacky fix for a small thing is one thing, but the entire game is a hack job. Itd be easier to maintain and faster to scrap all of his bullshit and build it the right way.Its beyond readability, its moldability.

>>508932040I’ve always told people a anime simulator where you only play yandere(not even the option of dealing with one) sounds boring as fuck

>>508907104yandere dev is a big poopoo

>>508934927Was there any public data on sales and such? I'm not backing SteamSpy on patreon so I don't have access to any of those. It supposedly got $2M off the kickstarter campaign alone and generally good reviews, so that's IMO not a flop until I have more hard info.

>>508907104Chris chan is undoubtedly the biggest tragedy of trolling in the world

>>508936121The core concept of being a manipulative bitch can work but he wants it to be a sandbox and then railroad you into the ~intended route~Someone with basic skill would've put something fun together instead of a bunch of conflicting nothing.

>>508935406Fucker shouldn't have dropped development and the patreon then. I was paying him too, then Yandere Simulator became the only competitor in this niche market.


My father warned me that there were people in this world who have no respect for other people, who would kill another person to obtain that person's possessions. He told me that these people are called Raiders. He told me that Raiders have only one use for a living person: slavery. He told me that slavery is when you are not allowed to act or speak, and have to follow orders at all times. He told me that if Raiders capture a woman, they will force her to have sex with them. He said this is called rape. He said that rape is the worst thing you can do to a person. I asked him why rape is a bad thing if sex is supposed to feel good. He said that sex doesn't feel good if you don't want to do it with the person you're having sex with.That explains why I've never felt good during sex. My owner has had sex with me hundreds of times, and each time somehow managed to be more painful than the last. I thought that I would eventually become numb to the pain, but that day never came....I want to spit his food back in his face. I want to relieve myself when he's raping me, to disgust him. I want to hit him when he unchains one of my hands to put me in a different position. But I don't spit at him, I don't try to disgust him, and I don't try to hurt him. I know that if I did any of these things, he would just beat me. And I am also afraid that if I displeased him, he would kill me.Actual fanfic he wrote by the way

>>508907104You faggets are brainlets. It's all a masterfully crafted scheme to milk patreon shekels. Crying about harassment is like the bare minimum in the business these days.

fuck niggers

>>508907104I would feel bad for him if he didn't bring this onto himself. He is unwilling to learn, unwilling to ask for help, and wastes more time on making videos than working on the game. It is really disrespectful how he wastes his fans' money from patreon, as his goal is not to finish the game but to indefinitely keep it in development so he can live on patreon alone till the end of his life. Instead of listening to advice he makes up shitty excuses and continues being shit. If he is not going to finish the game then stop asking for money

>>508911263>it's literally his usernameWhat the hell

>>508936161did you fix the toothbrush model y/n

>>508936040I don't think inheritance has much to do with the proper solution to this situation. it looks to me like he's trying to combine too many different things that have very little to do with one another into one big script, plain and simple. I struggle to even comprehend what he's trying to do. are these all the different ways in which you can get a game-over? is "Teacher" a bool in the script that is set to true when the gameobject the script is attached to is a teacher? so every single teacher in the game contains all the reasons you can get a game-over state? what else is this script attached to? every character in the game? is this one script attached to all gameobjects?you really don't need inheritance or any other high-brow concepts to clean this up, you just need to not be mentally ill.

>>508937449it's not the real one.

>>508936656Damn, didn't hear about that, I don't really keep up on all this bullshit. Real shame, though.

>>508934765and in the Seattle area its closer to 20

Have you actually read the IRC logs of him talking with Mike Z?If anything, YandereDev embarrassed himself

I love rape.


>>508938072>tfw I was idle when the conversation happenedStill in contact with everyone there and seriously no one has changed in the years since. Mike is still matter-of-fact and doesnt sugarcoat anything, Alex is still an entitled neurotic man baby, everyone else is still chill as hell and I've gotten drunk with almost all of them at conventions, etc.

This is why you never make anything, or draw attention to yourself in any way. Best to hum along under the radar just consuming, then you can be as big of a fuck as you want.

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>>508933374It's not about being a weeb user, its just being a retard in general.

>>508934995Hundreds lines of if else statements wont be solved by a switch case. The lack of applying any design patters and clean code causes unmanageable code like this. Comments are unneeded if your code is readable with meaningful names.

>>508919192What do you mean crashing reg-reg-reg-reg-reg-reg-reg-reg-reg-reg-

Dear eva:>close twitter>close discord>close 4chan >close reddit>change your email and ignore your old one>crack open a monster>stop giving a shit about what people say about you>make the game


>>508939812Node graph out of date. Rebuilding...

>>508918770Shit on valve all you want but all their games always ran great on low-end computers.

>>508907104He approached his 'inspiration' in a public place and had an autistic fit when he didn't want to hear the advice he was given.4chan will be 4chan.People would stop harassing him if he'd stop over-reacting to the harassment.The 'sensationalist' youtubers reveal more about his ineptitude with each video.His 'debunk' page is full of revisionist 'it works on my machine' tier garbage that does nothing but deflect from criticisms.Fuck you.

Attached: OP is a.gif (366x190, 30.37K)

>>508939656oh.. i see

I came ITT to laugh at you Alex, you useless parasite.

>>508929040yeah, after making a functional anime breakout clone to iterate on you smoothbrainfinish the GAME before you fill it with deeplore

>>508907104Yeah, no. He deserves it. The Osana he's talking about in the pic was planned years ago, it's the main fucking rival, but he'd rather shit around with garbage minigames instead. His motivation wasn't killed by harassment, it died years ago, and it would help everyone if he just accepted that, admitted it, and moved on.

>>508929265>And eventually there only you and senpaiOr make it so there's only one remaining character left besides you and senpai, and have the last mission be planting evidence to frame them.

>>508928084It can't be the real one, the real one is too busy watching saltybet to come and cry here

>>508907104if you don't want to get bullied for not implementing basic fucking coding practices, or not being able to maintain a production schedule/decisive vision of your game, or for refusing to work with an actual coder from a publisher because you don't know any actual shit about coding and couldn't understand his code, or for doing dumb anime bullshit with the only justification for it being "well that's how the animes do it", or for having such a fat fucking ego that criticizing any of the above gets you banned more quickly than fucking death threats on twitter, maybe try not fucking doing all the above.

YandereDev stands to make a good million or so just from releasing the game even if it's bad. Why can't he do it?


>>508908474bro just finish the game and profit off of it like a NEET, then slowly add more content that others pay you to make.Easy Peasy, cause apparently coomer-weebs pay big (if they don't pirate)

>>508911263First time using a tripcode. Here goes nothing

>>508908474At least he's spending 100% of his attention on the game and not constantly whining about emails and making videos, right?

Attached: yandere lies.png (560x268, 17.44K)


Attached: hqdefault (1).jpg (480x360, 8.14K)

>>508908474>6 years. Just under $2000 a month. Literally below minimum wage.Holy Shit the absolute state of Yandere Dev apologists

Attached: Fuck_off.jpg (845x683, 144.67K)

Doesn't he earn a lot of dosh with his youtube account? He has millions of subscribers and gets over a million views per video.

>>508940205Go watch The Hunt (the 2012 movies, with Mads Mikkelsen). That's what would happen if he didn't have a debunk page. Some of it is obviously bullshit (my CPU still cries playing YanSim), but having that page is definitely doing more good than harm.


>>508908474>Literally below minimum wage.

Attached: d7e.jpg (1200x1200, 47.36K)

>>508907104He deserves it he tried to make a game. Too bad he didn't realize Gamers leveled up.


>>508907104>>4chan humiliated him over some cringy things he did as a teenagerIf you start a professional internet career and you use the same username as you did when you were 12, you deserve whatever's coming to you.

FUCK niggers

Attached: 1564435480341.jpg (1080x607, 79.99K)

>>508942904>STILL can't quote if it starts with a numberbravo, gookmoot

Literally everyone who says just to close his eyes has never dealt with serious and constant online harassment. I have never dealt with it either but I already know how awful an argument on Holla Forums feels like and now all this shit without anonymity and everywhere you go is some serious shit.



>>5089084742k at month is a well paided wage for a third world country worker

>>508911263how does this happen?

>>508907104wat a fagit

>>508911263Consume the cum calice

>>508907104>Not being fueled from all the hate He's never going to finish anything, probably doesn't even finish jacking off.

>>508943136Whoops, forgot my trip.

>>508908474fuck off kike

>>508911263Testing...>I am a giant faggot please rape my face

>>508928129alone life is best lifefuck interacting with people

Haha holy fuck

>>508911263fucking based, thanks!


>>508908474do you even need to pay taxes for patreon bux? aren't they donations?Also good job in revealing that you never had a job, retard.

>>508911112Knowing how to properly scale your project based on the time and resources available to you is also an important skill to have when making a game. Possibly the most important one.

>>508934835>Motherfucker I got $500-$600fucking how? where do you live?

>>508934835>thinking 2k a month is a lot of moneylol poor people aren't real right??

>>508943434It's funny how people on Holla Forums pretend to have mental fortitude but can never leave even the most shallow and pettiest arguments alone. There are zero stakes or any reputation on the line and yet people spend hours about trying to prove themselves right.Anyone who says he wouldn't feel constantly like shit when receiving similar harassment is just lying or living in delusion because mother's basement feels so safe.

>>508943136>all this shit without anonymity and everywhere you goI assume no one knows nor cares who he is outside of the internet. He litteraly just has to go outside. Its not like the cashier is going to go wait arnt you that loser who cant even finish making a shity meme videogames?"

>>508943818"Donations" are income.

>>508944054He is a Holla Forums tier basement dwelling weeb faggot. His life is like it is because he doesn't feel comfortable going outside and the place, the internet, which game him comfort has turned into constant harassment. I don't care about yanderedev or his shitty weeb game but do you guys seriously have zero empathy to not being able to imagine even a tiny bit how awful it must be to get insulted and made fun of on every single place on the internet that you enjoyed being on at some point?

>>508944736Or maybe the average Holla Forums is not a basement dwelling weeb faggot?

Attached: 7ef.jpg (600x600, 31.71K)

>>508908474You make double the national minimum wage you chucklefuck

>>508945226Yeah, sure.

>>508907104YanDev in a nutshell>is unable to find something interesting for his game>goes on 4chan>asks what he should do>people tell him that he should create a waifu with yandere tendencies that kills for her senpai>YanDev steals the idea>creates an asset flip game with 99 % of the game assets stolen/bought>no progress at all>sucks at programming>after years of empty promises he gets triggered that people call out his bullshit>in fact his whole dev "existence" was because of a few Anons from 4chan>now that 4chan doesn't spoon feed him with ideas he is now outed as an untalented thiefhe should have just accepted the help of Tinybuild and call it a day. Now he is fucked because the game is not his idea and most assets are not his own. Include the bad programming and you know that he is fucked.

>>508945412Man it must suck to be poor. I make $14k a month. I can't even imagine feeling nothing as you watch California hand money to illegals which in my case is sizable cut from the work that I do to better my family, it's a cathartic, rejuvenating experience much like watching my wife get piled on by niggers.


>>508945719So the homosexuals on Holla Forums are at fault we play the yandere instead of dating her. Fucking day of the rope can't come soon enough for you guys.

>>508910025patreon income is taxable normally so forget taxes for the purpose of comparison

>>508946063I wonder how many people are reporting that income to the IRS.

>>508907104Chris Chan was more mistreated.He was doomed to fail from the start.

>>508907104Not that I approve of YandereDev's bullshit here and I see he's lurking in this thread.You want the harassment to stop? Prove people wrong. You want people to stop saying you have shit code? Learn how to fix it. Seriously, unity tutorials are all over the internet, it's probably the most extensively documented engine online. Want people to stop making fun of your quirky behavior? Grow a thicker skin. I'm autistic and people poke at my quirks all the time, and I agree it's fucking hilarious. I'n quirky and weird and strange. Whatever get over it. Hell, I'd help you develop the game and fix up the code with my knowledge of Unity working on my own indie project. You've got a huge fanbase who want to see the game succeed, and you squander it by wallowing in self pity. I have NOTHING, I have no fans, no encouragement to keep developing my dream project, and no money to fund my development on my shit PC.but I keep pushing because it's a project I love, characters I love, and a world I love and have created. Criticism is GOOD, the fact that you receive criticism from people who want your product to be better instead of going down the self destructive rabbit hole you're currently heading down. Wake the fuck up dude.

>>508945943You have none.

If you believe EVA, a notoriously annoying tripfag would ever backup anything he did, you are an idiot who deserves to be swindled.


>>508908474I fucking wish 2k a month for some spaggethi code, go finish your game or end yourself

>>508907104The moment this solo hack halts development, a dozen far more competent teams will inevitably crop up trying to ride the hype and swing all the yandev supporters their way. A chance of someone doing this concept justice will rise exponentially.

>>508947583Why doesnt someone just steal the idea now? He will jack all the dudes patreon money the moment he gets further than the other guy in making his game

>>508942954>weekly top donators:>$426.77Thats like 2 months or more worth of food in america, what the fuck is wrong with people donating this kind of money to streamers when they could be using it to enrich their own lives. Jesus fuck, I understand being a patron to something like art/science, but streamers literally don't do anything. This shit makes me so angry.

Attached: 1589332886789.gif (325x203, 780.25K)

>>508921241RedditAristocrat's video made normalfags love No Man's Sky again.

>>508946772>learn unity tutorials to learn how to codeAnd what's where you're wrong, kid.

>>508947583The reason no copycat exists now is because the idea is a dead end waste of time.Better off just designing a game from scratch instead of caring about a gimmick from 2014 and hoping it gets traction.

Nobody understands how hard I have it. I've been dealing with online harassment for over a decade as well. If I could get a girlfriend who loves and sports me it might make things a little easier but sadly girls who are obedient and submissive are extinct. Girls these days just don't understand how much better off they'd be with a nice guy like me. So what if I look slightly older than I am? So what if I have a below average appearance? I'm an ambitious game developer and I'm extremely intelligent and I'm a hard worker. Most importantly I'm a nice guy unlike all the jerks out there. Why can't anyone appreciate that?

>>508907104>In the history of mankind, was there any person more mistreated than YandereDev?only Jesus

>>508933374Asuka is liked by normalfags who like her because "she's not like the typical anime girl". True weebchads like Shinji in a maid outfit.

Attached: gigachad daki.jpg (1080x1331, 357.06K)

>>508907104Wasn't she due out like 2 years ago

>>508949573>this late into the threadWhat's even the point?



>>508917286>this faggot exists solely to collect Patreonbux from idiots.The idiots that donated to the patreon deserve it then

>>508946305Chris chan never tried to begin with.


His youtube videos are actually well presented and make you believe that the game has lots of content and mechanics and is well structured, in short that behind the scenes there is a clear vision and serious development going on. I think it's obvious most people just care about the videos and not the game. Watching the videos over playing the game is the ultimate blue pill.

>>508911263>his tripcode was just his old username wew

First of all it's not a chalice, it's a goblet. Second of all I would never drink an entire goblet of my own cum. It won't quench my thirst because it is very salty, and I would get sick of it after consuming just two or three spoonfuls of it.

>>508911263w3w lad

>>508950649Nah it was obvious when he spent an entire video complaining about how badly he doesnt know how to manage a fucking email inbox or time.

>>508952345There is no "nah". His videos are well made and presented in such a way that the game looks way better than it is. That's just a fact.

>>508950649Yeah his youtube video where he spent 20 minutes misportraying himself as an anime girl for sympathy, and all his haters as goblins was definitely well presented

i dont know what fucking e-celeb drama bullshit you kids are on about but every single subhuman in this thread except for the OP deserves deathliterally nothing you have said makes any sense and Holla Forums would be better off without you, watch replies prove me rightonly decent argument is walk away from the screen which is true to an extent


>>508908474>Just under $2000 a month. Literally below minimum wage.You have clearly never worked a day in your life. Come back to me when you make less than half that after Uncle Sam takes his cut, and you'd still be earning more than minimum in most states.

>>508952560>yawn dairy simulatorThe only quality thing in video is that he has time to write a script and do retakes so his pure seething cant be heard when his voice cracks. There is no masking his tardrage when the subject of the script is how much of a moron he is but he tries framing himself as "the good guy"

>>508943851Many southern european countries don't pay a lot for most jobs. I almost shat myself when I learned that minimum wage for adults in spain is like 800 a month. It's about 2200 a month where I live.

>>508907104People are gonna talk shit about you and make fun of you if you put yourself out there, it sucks but it’s the truth. It doesn’t matter who you are, it happens to everyone. If you put yourself in the public eye, the public is going to pick apart every action you make and judge you for it. It happens to everyone, you aren’t a special case.


>>508916593Ult ike still pisses me off to hell. We shoulda got the vanguard class instead of the gay ass mixed bs. Fucking hackurai.

>>508953552It's funny to me that you basically said that he does indeed create well made videos, but you had to formulate it in a completely negative way and full of spite just because you hate the guy. The almost 3 million subs don't come from nowhere. The videos are entertaining to watch.

>>508953289>Come back to me when you make less than half that after Uncle Sam takes his cut, and you'd still be earning more than minimum in most states.if you make less than $1000/mo I'd argue you probably don't even work full time, and good luck even finding a job trying to pay $7.25/hr without tips


>>508908474I only know about your game from top 10 failed videos.Nobody gives a shit about you seriously, not even your whales. You are but an actual fucking joke to everyone.

Attached: 1529008219576.jpg (800x517, 80.12K)

>>508917648Stop going on Social media, ironically the only reason he's in this "mess" is his addiction to it in the first place, literally every aspect of this could be resolved by not going on social media despite being the very thing that got him here in the first place.And while I agree he should hire some devs, simply taking a week out to learn some skills helps as well, programming shittly after half a year is fine, but for 6 whole years is inexcusable, he could've refactored the entire thing easily. Or even built some stupid shit easter egg while having a separate build he's refactoring since most of his easter eggs are just attaching pre-bought models or filters

>>508934765Here in Alabama the minimum wage is fucking $7.25.To be fair tho the rent on my three bedroom is only 1k a month.

>>508955737Here in georgia and some other state it's $5.15, which I didn't know about until last week, no where I've worked has ever attempted it but it's disgusting that it's possible

>retards itt actually think it's himholy shit you faggots are dumber than a rock

>>508907104why are people even giving a shit?

>>508956224Nearly every entry-level wage slave job was at minimum wage until recently. Five years ago i got offered $8.50 to be an assistant manager at a McD and now that is their starting pay for fryboys.

Hello? Any cocks to suck?

>>508954252Anyone can put a monkey in a suit and make something quasi-professional if its preplanned. The amount of time he spends on video production is time hes not spending on the videogame. He should have very succinct videos with no fanfare other than showing completed game features instead of animations of him getting buried in emails or some other useless visual distraction. If you want to see him make awful videos, watch his behavior when he livestreams and he doesnt get the luxury of time to write and do retakes of a script.

>>508908474>under 2k a month for not doing shit while being absolutely awful at programmingsounds like you hit the lottery friend, I suggest you save some money for when the retards that are giving you charity get fed up and stop

>>508911263Oh no no the absolute state of me.

>>508907104Dude, just like, lmao, just turn off social media and just walk from your monitor.

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>>508949340they are bored, they are usually either rich kids or IT zoomer guys that have too much money

>>508957065>i got offered $8.50 to be an assistant managerI'm going to assume and hope you passed on that, I would maybe take it just so I could slap it on my resume and bounce out in 2-3 weeks

>>508957462>slap assistant manager on your resume>"So yeah I was an assistant manager for about 3 weeks and then quit"That would look worse than not having it on your resume at all

I have nothing but pity for Alex, he looks and spunds like a broken soul and this game is probably his only way to communicate with the outside world. I feel like he won't ever finish the game because he is afraid people would forget him if he does. If he keeps going like this he will kill himself before releasing the game

>>508957462>2-3 weekslmao, people won't even look at your resume, you need to get 6 month of experience for real working places to take you seriously

>>508918448Holy shit, it all makes sense now why everybody here is an entitled little cunt.You are all poor and want free shit. Yandere dev is a piece of shit, but 2k a month is NOTHING. That's 24k a year. I can go right now and make more than that working at McDonalds. I can take a fucking picture of the hiring 17 dollars an hour sign. I can make that part time. No skills are even needed, you can be a fucking high schooler. I made more than 24k when I was lazily free lancing. You faggots could literally make more than that working on the fucking internet. 24k isn't a fucking aspiration you waste of space.

>>508936040>inheritance Disgusting. Much better ways to solve it without your disgusting "hallmark" OOP bullshit.

>>508957462I thought about taking it for awhile to boost my resumé but I would have had to go into management training for 6 months at the worst store in the tri-state so I bounced to go work for a cleaning company that payed way better. Plus not many in this state/town actually care about your resumé, it's all who you know here.

>>508957660oh wow, Mr. Sheklestein? you want me to join your company, everything sounds good but I "just" got promoted at McDonald's....what's that? You'll tack on more sick days for me to leave? No probhonestly if they see you're leaving McD's they won't care, but if you're doing corporate hopping that'll look bad

>>508917606Elysian shadows maybe, I think even the shit posters forgot about that game

>>508958065Bougie retard gets mad that others don't have connections lmao

>>508907104>My inability to make a game has robbed me of my motivation to make the gameftfy

Attached: 1570934850765.jpg (570x558, 184.76K)

>>508958065>24k for doing literally nothing vs 24k doing freelance work.I'd alex was smart, he'd have a real job and do game dev as a side thing. If he had a regimented schedule maybe he'd actually get something done instead of wasting that free time.

>>508958065It's $17 in YOUR city retard. 24k a year is a lot more if rent in your city isnt LA/NY tier expensive.

>>508957257He's too mentally fucked to do so. All the comments and email feed into his narcissism, since he views negative comments as "my work is so good they hate on it because they're jealous"Without this, he's probably an hero from depression, no joke

>>508958383If they see you took the job just to quit after a few weeks that will make you look unreliable and flakey. Leaving them for another job is different, but just quitting is bad

>>508907104Is this guy the epitome of "The idea guy has no idea"?

>>508959292>s that will make you look unreliable and flakey.To McD's, I didn't know the other job was going to offer me a position far above $8.50!! If McDonald's wants to keep me they should do something about that. This isn't the 80s, and thanks to COVID the entire labor market is going to get a gigantic remodeling because there is no way they are going to hire people the way they used to.

>>508934835> I wish I could get $2,000 a month to make youtube videos crying about emails and twitch streamsdo it retard or stop complaining

>>508917606patreon wegshit and ironic VNs do it on a regular basis.

>>508907104yea, People who cant make a living on making people wait.

>>508929738But indivisible sucked However I respect how the guy finally got vindicated with EVO online.

hey its melook at my amazing code guysa = range(255)n = (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 3, 0, 0, 2, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)d = { x: y for x, y in zip(a,n) }l = ''.join([chr(c) *n for c,n in d.items()])z = [6,5,0,7,11,1,2,3,4,8,9]o = [0] * 13for c in l: i = z.pop(0) o[i] = cprint ''.join(o)

>>508909556lmao fag>>508928084>>508940842tripcode checks out

>>508959996It didn't "suck", it was decent. Nothing to write home about but a decent playthrough. Still, a functional game with a story and gameplay, way more than anything yandere sim has

>>508960134invalid syntax, popping from an empty list, python.yep, looks like grade A cock sucking here

>>508959640You're misunderstanding me. If you put leave the job for another higher paying job, that looks better than if you just take a job to get the title, and then quit later without going to a different job


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This is the direct result of a desire to become popular overwhelming a desire to create. This faggot will never make anything worth a shit in his entire life.

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>>508936040The problem is he doesn't understand OOP so he doesn't know when he should hand off functionality to an object and use proper design patterns instead of creating mega functions that do everything.

>>508960790please don't talk me like that D:

>>508907659That doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to be treated as a human being.

>>508908474How are you making so little when you get so much free advertising?

>>508918770I'll give them a pass because their games still ran on a fucking toaster. To this day, I don't think there has ever been as well optimized a game as l4d2 is.

>>508960886i disagree

I'm getting fucked by two BBCs currently!

>>508960642yes, because when I apply to a job, I explicitly put "ya'll pay better, and I was thinking of using my potential promotion to appeal to you guys because I don't actually want this job" in my cover letter. when I apply. Like dude this happens all the time, the job I'm in now has this problem where people get hired and bail 1 to 2 months later just because the title appeals to outside companies

>>508907104Cant wait for all online activity to be directly connected to one's ID. All the cowars will finally shut up and good people can work again.

>>508956224They can't pay 5.15 because the federal minimum is 7.25

>>508907104fuck off eva

>twitter introduced a hugbox optionGuess who's going to start posting on twitter again :)

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I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face, and a big butt, and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt

Even if he weren't such a lazy piece of ass, I think the fluff (bike, he "wanted" to add would be too ambitious for any starting developer. He should have just worked on the game first and make sure he got the basics of what he promised correct. When that's done and working he could think about adding some of the extra stuff he wanted to add, like a bike for the main character.

>>508909681Retardation is real in this nigga.

>>508961096Yes, and what I was saying is that if you take the job and leave without getting another offer, that makes you look bad. If you leave because you get another offer that's fine. It's entirely different to get the title and then quit to be unemployed for a while

>>508958512Guaranteed grew up poorer than you. I grew up with a Russians income in California.

>>508959565>can't stand critique, no matter how valid >industry pros gave him advice and he refused to listen>could've collaborated with a more skilled programmer but broke it off before anything promising came to fruitionHe is the epitome of a self-sabotaging control freak.

>>508961607>Leave a job before getting a confirmation that you have itthat's for retards, I ain't no retard and I sure hope you aren't a retard as well

>>508960886it kind of does

I don't understand the concept of Yandere simulator. Isn't it just about killing NPCs without being noticed? What other mechanics or systems are in the game for him to be taking so long?

>>508908474Yes but the difference is that Minimum wage is given to people who work and do things. The minimum wage for doing nothing all day is actually $0.00 which is well below $2000/month.

>>508911263why the fuck would he use his fucking username as his trip what a retard

>>508960886He IS being treated like a human being. He's asking to be treated like a child totally free from consequences. Perhaps he should transition? Lots of trans people are treated the way he wants to be treated.

>>508961774I'm definitely not, I just assumed you were. I fucking hate my current job, but I'm staying until I find another boat to step into

>>508907104>His inspiration gave him advice he took as a personal insult>4chan mocked him for old stuff he did after he became a lazy, whiny fuck>Youtubers continue blasting him over not getting anything done nor accepting help >Made a page on his site dedicated to damage control so he can make his fans think he's just a victim of misinformation and not a lazy, incompetent retardFTFY

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>>508907104I feel bad for laughing at the guy now.reminds me of grade school bullying

>>508961536>actually assembling a GDD that only focusses on everything that's relevant to the base game and then sticking to it until there's a workable buildBut, user, that would mean that eva wouldn't be able to just keep adding trivial meme modes to keep his paypigs happy!

>>508907104Didn't the guy who make skullgirls tried to correct him on his code butbhe sperged out?

>>508911263look mom I'm a tripfag now

>>508919360> #ifdef STAGING_ONLY

>>508953030This is the voice in my mind whenever I'm not being productive.

>>508965047Is he speaking to you right now?

Why do non-programmers think conditionals === bad?

>>508934835How do you survive on 500 a month? Public housing and food assistance? Do you pay for water/electricity? 500 a month is homeless tier where I am.

>>508966014YesToday is my day off and my mind keeps saying"Why are you not programming""You still have that TOS to write""You need to call the lawyers""You need to move that backend away from python""Why aren't you advertising more on social media""Why aren't you trying to get more clients"

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>>508907104>In the history of mankind, was there any person more mistreated than YandereDev?Chris Chan

>>508960134How is the projec going on on discord? do you guys at least started something?

>>508907104My favourite thing is 4chan trying to justify harrasement

>>508966320So you spend your "productive" days procastinating and in the weekend your guilt hits you with all the stuff you didn't do during the week?

>>508908474Are ya coding son?

>>508966778>justifylmao he and every other target is just there to amuse me.

>>508966780There is an element of that possiblyOk fine I'll go work

>>508907104Are you coding, son?

>>508907104Where's the Indivisible thread?

If you don't blatantly copy paste source code from github and claim it as your own you're not a real programmer

>>508909556>when I desperately need volunteersYou mean like the ones you got but then shunned so now no one wants to work with you?