What's the best death animation in a video game?

What's the best death animation in a video game?

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what am I looking at?

>>508906994what glorious game am I looking at? praise the japs

>>508906994That fucking *teleports behind you* at 1:02, my sides


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If your gonna shill at least name the game

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>>508906994Oh how much I love you Japan.

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>>508906994I am the Boner of my JiggleBoobie is my Body and Milk is my Blood.I have created over a Thousand Jiggles,Unknown to Death,Nor known to Life.Have withstood Pain to create many JigglesYet those Bras will never hold Anything.So, as I Pray--Unlimited Jiggle Works

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Since OP is a fag and doesn't deliversGame is Girl Beats Hero, and yes it's also in English

>>508910567Thanks, friend.


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>>508910567>Girl Beats Hero ver 0.2.9>ver 0.2.9O-oh. What a shame. Guess I'll need to keep a lookout for this game though, assuming it is still being developed. The models aren't amazing, but the animations are genuinely enticing with some real creativity to them.


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For good porn, you need some context and subtlety. Japs have none of the two factors.

>>508911859So is westernor anywhere else in this world

>>508911859porn by definition precludes subtlety

>>508906994I wish there was more denki anma. There's already a decent amount in Ultimate Fighting Girl but I'd love to see one from Selunelia or Selene.

>>508911763So far ahead of its time.


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>>508906994What is Boko even doing? Pick a game and work on it.

>>508906994Boobs are supposed to be sacs of fat. The amount of bounce here went into uncanny valley territory.

>>508911859jav porn is in this regards miles away from the west

>japan: holy fuck we need our me to have sex, birthing crisis!>also japan: >>508906994

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>>508912413If I wanted realism I wouldn't need video games nigger.

>>508912563dont worry, they're working on it

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>>508908075Girl beats hero

>>508912592You may be some kind of chad, but most people who play lewd vidya are doing it because we can't get the real thing.

>>508911379I've never seen WotS shit on Holla Forums. Good shit

>>508913094Aren't they also supposed to stay at home in addition to no schools? How are they getting pregnant if they're home with their family?

>>508911763>are ya winnin, son?

>>508911460From what I understand, more versions of the game are already out, but the download links are locked behind the dev's Patreon.

>>508913697Gee, I wonder.

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>>508913697>How are they getting pregnant if they're home with their familyI have an answer but you will not like it

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>>508913697At first I thought young Japanese girls were sluts, but now you have me thinking it's just sibling bonding and that's ok.

>>508906994Sucks that most of his shit is hard ballbusting type stuff

>>508913697mothers taking their sons virginities is a common thing in non city japan btw

>>508911460>>508913920The full game is at 3.0 on his patreon. For free you can get 2.7, as well as the first Girl Beats Hero, plus the first 2 versions of Ultimate Fighting Girl. There are also a lot of free videos: boko.main.jp/boko-game.html>>508906994>best death animation>long compilation of regular attacks>not a single death animation

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>>508914957Anon, porn does not reflect reality.

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Selunelia best girl

This is some retarded shit, OP.>>508910428But at least it's not as retarded as this post.

>>508914957how would that cause teen pregnancies

>>508915513>that game over scene where she mentions making an orgasm control potion or somethingI desperately hope this becomes an actual scene.


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>>508906994damn nigga this is some tasteless shit

>>508906994This looks great and all but is there nudity?

Imagine getting defeated in battle by a bitch with big tits. And he calls himself a hero.

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>>508916769In that game's setting women are getting stronger since their bodies can store more mana.

>>508916860What game?

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>>508916769it happens all the time

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>>508917018watch your back around autists

Fallout 1 and 2 had a lot of good ones.

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>>508917098When is this getting the new bbw chick?

>>508906994>male mc shitGay shit.>What's the best death animation in a video game?Either Dead Space or RE4.

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>>508916769It's almost like that's my fetish.

>>508906994>FF7R Knights of the Round has been leaked

One day I hope Japanese porn devs learn not to have clipping in everything.

>>508916769Haha yeah, what kind of weak hero would do that

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>>508917695I chuckled. Respectable post.

>>508906994God I wish that was me

>>508906994Metatron from SMT3 has a pretty majestic one

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>>508906994yo uuuh that nigga got sneedchucked

>>508918113I could never beat mgq because of her. Literally impossible fight.


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>>508911763When do we get a PS4/5 remaster?

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>>508911763It's amazing that Quiet caused so much butthurt but then stuff like this goes completely under the radar.

>>508916860Reminds me of this

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>>508907538Something made by retards who don't know how breasts physic works.


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>>508919280Quiet was pretty heavily-marketed so seeing her was more "accessible." You had to actually play the game to know about the B&B Corps, so that shut down 90% of the virtue-signalers. In my own opinion, I think it boils down to presentation. Getting raped by the B&Bs in 4 was sexual, but from Snake's discomfort to how fucked in the head the girls are to begin with, it's meant to be more disturbing than sexy.


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>>508906994None of those are the death animations though.

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>>508920221>monster lord is created from the hero's memories>therefore she uses moves from his previous battlesneat

>>508920221>non vore giantessAbsolute diamonds


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>>508920418Yeah, I liked the idea. Might seem like just a bunch of reused animations but I really liked how the fight panned out. Just added a new game over scene too. Hopefully UFG will be as good. I don't like the new mechanics.

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>>508915356it is actual reality however, porn is based on it, stereotypes always have truth to themThere are books on it as well but ididn't fuckign save a pasta for this as it never comes up and i didn't carebut there are some archived traces still archive.spectator.co.uk/article/18th-january-1997/20/where-some-sons-do-have-themit's a taboo that japs like to hide but it does happen quite a lot

>>508920221>>508920660>best girl is locked behind a paywallIt hurts...

>>508920660Is there any download for the new version? Boko never gets updated on fag party

>>508911763is this mgs 5 ? i might actually try that game if it is




>>508906994Wait, i tought RPG MAKER couldn't support 3DIs this just a movie playing?

>>508921616It's a barebones rpg

>>508921696Yeah i know, what i mean isIs it just a pre rendered playing in engine.

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>>508921772It's pre rendered from an MMD I think

>that teleports behind you

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>>508921772Dunno. I know he makes the animations and shit separate and I see a lot of MMD or Blender use where they'll render the movie and it'll play during certain attacks and whatnot.

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>>508922076I only had to see the thumbnail to know what game that is

>>508906994are there any other games like this and under the witch?

>>508922032Her boss is even better at it.

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>>508917018>>508919235>>508922543>>508922816I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this

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>>508920926Not outside of Patreon. Boko's been very good at covering his tracks and unless there's a download link leaked somewhere in some forgotten virus-riddled forum in the pits of the internet, there's really no other way to get the latest version aside from just paying for it. The game is still in obscurity territory so I doubt it'll be leaked anytime soon.

>>508923116Damn that’s a shame

>>508916860I have a new fetish now

>>508916860What is happening

Anime was a mistake.

>>508906994Do people actually like those bouncing boobies? Are they arousing?

>>508920004>it's meant to be more disturbing than sexythat's where you're wrong son

>>508927152>he doesn't like tiddies

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>>508927472silo9 is a treasure

>>508913697It quite literally says in the article that they sneak out since parents have to periodically have to go out to work or run errands.

>>508927152The point of anime was always to exaggerate features to better convey emotions and/or complex motions through simple linesGainaxing is just an extension of that

>>508914398>At first I thought young Japanese girls were slutsThey are but one of the worst things is that they pretend they are dumb about it at the same time.

>>508927389anon, you should NEVER stick your dick in crazy

>>508928679oops, I accidentally kept the tripcode after shitposting in the yanderedev thread

>>508927389Godspeed, you crazy horndog.

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>>508927389The male:rape tag is good shit. the male:netorare tag is even better

Oh noooo how could this have happened!?

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>>508906994I don't have an issue with boob jiggle it looks greatUNTIL some retards decided that making the characters do moves in slow motion to stationary all the while their boobs continue jiggling in REAL TIME looks fucking stupid. they should be drawn and quartered

>>508929689isnt that just cuckqueaning?

>>508930086god i love this game, suck that the next two characters are a land whale and an overdesigned chick. Hopefully they have quality animations and scenarios like this to make up for it.

>character transitions from alive to dead in one frameBest kind of animation.

>>508930089bro chill it's funny you on edge or something?

>>508930463I take masturbation VERY seriously user

>>508906994>nailed the weightiness of impacts>retain those ridiculous jigglesWhat in the hell? If you're autistic enough to get the impacts down perfect why would you ruin it with so much jiggle? Somewhere around a quarter of it would have sufficed.

>>508919280When you realise that people who create those outcries don't actually play the games it makes more sense.The B&B girls were at least halfway into it, far longer than their attention span and/or skillQuiet was from the get go.The best example of this notion is Resident evil 5.Remember when RE5 was getting trailers as everyone was at Capcoms throat spouting racism for killing black people in Africa? Capcom then rolled over and increased the saturation on the skins.But when the game came out, nothing. Not a peep heard.Bearing in mind that not long into the game you are literally massacring spear chucking tiki warriors going Walalalala.Not. A. Peep.

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>>508911379WotS4 was crazy. I remember you could also romance nearly any character in the game and play a minigame where you have to sneak into their room for sexy time, including the little English loli.

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>>508906994>humiliation porn

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>>508930134Yes but it usually involves a more assertive woman, sometimes with femdom.

>>508931256good taste then


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>>508919235Arthur help

>>508906994Is this from a H game? Things like that don't really make me bat an eye if I know it's supposed to be a porn thing. I don't bat an eye when Dealer does hyper ass combos in Under the Witch but if I'm playing a Xeno or Tails of game, I'm not trying to see this shit.Hard agree with >>508931123

>>508906994Stop it he's already dead!

>>508913697The generation that's cooking in the oven are hella inbred.

>>508931669This is the most discord "uwu no lewd pls" post I've ever fucking seenWho cares pussy

>>508920854>read the entire article>not a single source, citation, or statisticokay

>>508919636>don't know how breasts physic works.reality is often disapointing

Where is the line?

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>>508930086She's killing him, somebody help!

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>>508930231which is the landwhale?

>>508930086Looks neat, what's that?

>>508919280The old days before California's "Gender Studies plan"

>>508906994Boobs aside, Dead Space had some really gruesome shit.

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>>508911763i played this game a bunch but never really got this. they are supposed to die outside their mech things right? are they killing snake with their trauma or something?


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>>508932778this fat fuck

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>>508919280Journalists didn't play that far or did so in the lower difficulty mode where you really have to know these animations exist and seek them out to ever trigger them.I don't blame them, MGS4 is a mess

>>508933479Straight from Kojima himself: it is abstractu kind of feeru desukanedesu

>>508933425Not him but is this version the most recent?

>>508933561oh, yeah not for me. I thought you were talking about pic related.

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>>508922047that's not a death scene, it's the bugs that burst out that kill her, this is just forced impregnation

Wasn't there an entire game that was about making the most gruesome and fucked up death scenes possible?Someone on this board linked a youtube playlist that had all the deaths at 4 am, so I might have been hallucinating, but I'm pretty sure it was real. Something about a lady having to explore a house?

>>508933845according to yiffparty, it is.

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>>508933479Whenever you beat the beauties and they go into the phase where they slowly walk toward you so you're supposed to feel bad about killing them, not only is their grapple attack... this, but they also strike gravure poses for you if you start taking pics.Most people just finish them immediately.

>>508911763Reminder that this is the same person

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>>508933384the other drag tentacle where it snaps his head back looked brutal and the one where he leg gets broken trying to be pulled into the hole.

>>508913094>Many students are staying at hme>For some of them, this presents opportuniteis for sexual activityWhy is incest so common in Japan?

>>508933848Yeah that’s the over designed one, she’s got way too much going on, but she’s better than the ham planet

>>508934212normally I'm against spoonfeeding but I don't know where someone who had no idea could find the demo unless you already knew where it was>>508934352I'm personally into the magical girl aesthetic but the small ribbons and frills on the wings can go.

>>508934290Yeah they really went the extra mile to make each tentacle death different.If think the most brutal one has to be the final boss of the first game


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>>508933561Feels good to be an architect

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>>508918628>T for Teen

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>>508934173>rryona7.webmI thought ryona was specifically harming the girl

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>>508934004House of Velez

>>508934953That's the one, yeah.Some of those deaths made me wince, man. Real fucked up.

>>508907538Girl beats Hero that's the game name

>>508934930the first R stands for reverse

>>508934504exactly, the aesthetic is there but theres too much going on

>>508917098What game/source?

>>508933561>Jujunaut gets to design a waifu in a top-tier femdom gameNow we hope that this game doesn't fail to the classic patreon curseThe cracks are already showing

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>>508935105Pffffft, what are you? a BABY? Pic related is you

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>>508935414scroll up

>>508922076has this circle made any other games or was this their one off thing

>>508935506I'm not a baby. I watched the entirety of The Thing without hiding under a blanket.

>>508934912Which death is that? I want to play some slug.

>>508911460Yeah it's one of those. There's quite a bit of content though since it's 99% focused on the fights with little in the way of story or complex map exploring. There isn't actually any sense of progression or balance at all since you start with an item to change your level to whatever you want. That's my only gripe with the game.Here's a link if anyone wants it. mega.nz/file/NjpGma7Z#1VJETOZEQBwfB0vA7-LkFx-wb2MhUoRHtUsBKkZvg6o

>>508936097thanks for the dolphin porn

>>508936041A direct hit from the slug cannon or super grenade causes this and in the first game the rocket launcher can do it too


>>508936292I guess I didn't recognize it because it's so clean looking.

>>508910045hey that's not a death animation

Aw come on, no death by kiss?

Going from this to Typhlosion is one of the biggest downgrades out of all starters.

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>>508918628what the fuck causes this to happen?I've never played the metal slug games.

>>508935515>>508933425Is it safe?

>>508936097That's what I love about the game. I'm here for the coom. Recently bought a Jap game and they include a complete save file in an extra folder.

>>508936793Getting hit by a zombie enemy and not healing yourself in time.


>>508936951It's just if you get hit by a zombie while you already are one, there's no time limit for healing.

>>508936718you're the one dyingin 32

>>508936793zombie level, zombies turn you into a zombie, you get imnunity to bullets and bombs, but getting hit by other zombie or magic stuff kills you, you also move slow as fuck.

>>508913697It's in the article you didn't read

>>508937256you also get a super dope vomit move that replaces your grenades.Does anyone have the death animation for the mummy form?

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>>508913094>Coronavirus lockdown finally starts to correct Japan's falling birthrateSasuga Abe

>>508935887From my knowledge a one off.

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>>508936951>>508937256neat, maybe I should give metal slug a try

>>508937916I don't think the mummy one is as cool, you just burn in purple fire like you got flamed

>>508930851mgs4 and RE 5 came out before outrage culture became super in vogue.

>>508938052got sauce fampai?

Good bread.

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>>508933425>Don't know where to save itGames folder or HGames folder?

>>508906994>hypnosis>facesitting>smothering>butt crushing>neck breakThis is my hole, it was made for me

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>>508938237I would argue that RE5 was the birth of it.

>>508934178what i mean is, how do they harm snag by snuggling with him? i know you can hear the traumatic stuff that happened to them if you wait long enough but why is he hurt by hugs? I just never got that and sleep darted them.

>>508906994This one

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>>508933425Blessings upon you for this

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>>508915474This is Web of Shadows, right? That was a sick game.

>>508906994>snaps your neck then smothers you with her titsbros whats the point if you arent alive to enjoy it

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>>508917098Is this new? I don't remember it being in the older versions.

>>508938682Rule of Rose wants to have a word with you

>>508936097Anon...Why does this link keep closing my web browser?

>>508917098What new positions have they added since the fart update?

>>508939783That game that literally noone knew about?Might aswell say Manhunt aswell.RE5 spurned off the social media influence

>>508939783That brings me back. Haven't heard anybody talk about this game. I watched someone play this when I was a kid, and the rape scene which was dubbed but removed (but then datamined) freaked me out.

>>508939879>>508939645this game hasn't received an update in terms of content in months

Tower of TrampleThank me later

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>>508940679PLEASE give source I beg you there's not nearly enough 3D hypno shit

>when the undead comes back

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>>508933425Bless you user

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>>508920221>scrolling through the thread while it's downloading>see thisThis game truly has everything

>>508935468Yup. This game feels worse than most patreon games. Not only is everything 3D and animated, now it looks like there might be a 3D world to explore with platforming. Doesn't make any sense to be adding that shit onto what already seems like a complicated project.

>>508941330All these late responses are cool because I assume it's people downloading it, cooming way crazy and then coming back to the thread and thanking me

>>508930086>that glitch where you can bait the attack after she takes her panties off to get it nude


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>>508920926>>508923116>>508923364His stuff gets leaked immediatelyThere's a link here >>508936097

>>508938052Damn that sucks, those temptations were great

>>508942026>that vacant expressionc-context?

>>508942101Yeah I downloaded it, I guess I’m just looking in the wrong places for when it gets leaked, I’d usually expect fag.party to have it but that hasn’t been updated in months



>>508918917Probably never, it would be a licensing nightmare the game is full of licensed brands some of which are a bitch to work with.

>>508942186she ded

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>>508913094Did the article writer really think it was necessary to take a pot shot at anime in the middle of that blogpost?


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>>508918113>Even her scream was sealedLmao

>>508929689Isn't that the same thing as femdom? Not really into that personally

>>508906994Seriously, who the fuck is unironically getting horny by looking at this shit?


>>508944241noFap day 12



>>508939527Yo, what the fuck?Is this supposed to be sexual or just twat trying to be edgy?

>>508919280Nobody played MGS4 that's why.

>>508938420I need more of that girl in my life.

>>508922076Sauce? Asking for a friend called muh dick

>>508921125>5its pronounced VEEE you spaz

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>>508906994you meant healing animations?

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>>508941565Spot on

>>508906994oh my god coomers are so fucking tasteless lmao>bullshit meme knee break>retarded cow tits>retarded "maid" outfitjapan lmao

>>508946985seething wojakbrain

>>508946357>have to remind everyone that it's MGSV, not MGS5>have to remind everyone that it's DMC5, not DMCVAutism is hard

>>508947074Not an argument.>shinobi in a "maid outfit" with huge cow titsBRAVO JAPAN

>>508947380cope and die

>>508946985>>508947380>redditspacingLike pottery

>>508947460Not an argument, sorry coomer.

>>508930873Sneaking in was the easy part... the minigame after it where you have to get them on the bed is so bogus, there is no way to position them and when you do get the throw it doesnt count if you miss the futon by even a little bit. I have never sealed the deal.

>>508947521>muh redditNot an argument, but cope in disguise.

>>508930086Why can’t there be more nice facesitting like this, why does it always involve farts piss or other

>>508946047Don't worry, you will get it once Part 3 releases in 2026.

>>508947690>doesn't deny itthe absolute state of redditards lmao

>>508948978>muh redditdouble cope, shoulda took the L

>>508916860Please sire, may I have some sauce?

>>508906994This looks like absolute dog shit. Why can't people make good looking 3d models.

>>508944784I coomed 3 times today but this thread gave me new energy

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>>508949356shut up WESTKEK HOMOSEXUAL

>>508948839Not to get too greedy but I also hope she has a new scene. I love the fuck out of her original scenes but it would be a tad disappointing if they only ported her original scenes to Paradox like I've seen with some others. I might even be satisfied with an alternate rewrite with the same art. I just want more Mariel.

>>508949616Not even a westkek fag.The models just look fucking awful.

>>508934912Not really as violent but I love how the brain splatters onto the floor

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>>508906994Do you even get anything for actually beating the girls? Reading the help txt, I'm really impressed how much effort he put into the combat encounters.

Bless this thread and... dare I say... big ups to the jannies for not deleting it before we could all coom.


>>508913094>"Can you get pregnant the first time you have sex?">"Nah Japanon, you're just popping the seal of quality the first time, you know, for a taste test.">mfw

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>>508950257All daleks must die. Deserved

>>508949356the models are fine besides the retarded breast physics, the problem is the animations are lazy

>>508951610>models are finefucking tasteless coomer

>>508951702explain what's wrong with them beyond 'it's anime'

>>508951954retarded shinobi maid whose design is "lmao tits"retarded knight trope whose design is "lmao tits"retarded "pink knight" varient whose design "lmao tits"retarded "japanese nazi trope" that's further than i need go

>>508952263'lmao tits' sounds like a good design for a porn game

>>508952578porn games are bad gamesmeet women

>>508906994What a masterpiece

>>508952263>moron can't tell the difference between models and designsOpinion discarded

>>508952992had to find some way to weasel out of it

>>508943268Anime styled shooter hgame? Name?


>>508906994What are they doing to my boy Shinji?

>>508935105>>508934953>>508934004Here you go anonyoutube.com/watch?v=K6nrNXqTWDU>6:30

>>508953217Looks like Bullet Girls Phantasia..

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This thread is a disappointment. I expected more like this:youtube.com/watch?v=sP6hDb3mUQ8

Gave me nightmares for weeks

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>>508906994everything about this game is so fucking generic:>same face>ball kicking>tits in face>whip lashingThis is so boring and braindead....

>>508906994Aren't some of those Cassandra and Sophitia's moves from Soul Calibur?

>>508953401Oh it's not a hgame, even better. Thanks.There really needs to be more anime girl fps/tps though.

>>508953604all things considered, that's the ideal way to die in dead space

>>508953696this game is shit

>>508953696>expecting coombait op thread to have quality postslel

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>>508931138I wanted to post this. Best gore and it's in the name

>>508942026>>508943268>>508943480>>508943768What game and is there a uncensored version?

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>>508907538Shitty non effort rpgmaker hentai game

>>508906994When fighting the blue haired maid bitch, how the fuck do you prevent the instant defeat from triggering?

>>508913094>unlike what happens in your chinese cartoons>social crotch distancingYikes, cringe, oof and all that jazz. And yes, i'm ironically stepping down to the writer's level, no need for (you).

>>508931138>>508954384Wish spoony had done Phantasmagoria 1 as well, I can't watch this shit by itself, gore without context is boring

>>508934193no?metalgear.fandom.com/wiki/Crying_Wolf>Crying Beauty's appearance is based on swimsuit model Mieko Rye. >Motion capture>Mieko RyeShe's only the voice actress>Voiced by (English)>Debra Wilson Skelton (Beauty)

>>508956149The same Debra Wilson from Mad TV? A bunch of them landed VA gigs. Good for them

>>508956364Dude... She's basically the VA and face model/ appearance is based on for pretty much half of black women in western games

>>508956558Bummer she got typecast as "The Black Woman". Luckily, Phil Lamar escaped that

>>508927152Typically yes, but not in this case

>>508929689>spoilerIs that when the guy gets stolen by another girl?

>>508954059Could be worse I guess

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>>508915318The real MVP ITT

>>508909754That was the kind of stuff that traumatized me as a kid

>>508909754She gets hit by sand and dies from acid??Got a tingle cus of her clothes burning off anyway lol. Anyone take the time to re-sprite her where she's nude? Haha asking for a friend

>>508954524Bullet Girls Phantasiathank god this released before sony went full retard, also on pc

>>508941690didn't read lol

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>ctrl+f>no Echidna Warshuh, wasn't expecting that

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>>508959296Can't read it lol

>>508959296>it's a "Holla Forumstard enters the coomer thread, gets angry and shits it up" episode

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>>508960729>muh Holla Forumstarddilate

>you don't get a scene or anything for defeating the girls in GBHGod fucking dammit I'm not THAT masochistic that I want gold for these crazy ass encounters.

What kind of mental issues do you need to have to like being beaten up by women? I think It'd look good if the mc was a woman though

>>508915318I got a laugh out of that, i admit.

>>508938789Nanomachines, son.

>>508906994Getting some serious "I will now buy your game" vibes here.

>>508959296>>508959296I could never find examples to his solution. What was the practices that he recommended for Positive Masculinity? Or was it changing your thinking thus in turn your neurology to see Masculinity and it's actions as positive?


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>>508941620>glitchTime to click and pray. I unironically love faps that i work for

i just want to know why i'm into reverse ryona

>>508962506Just look for maledom/rough porn, where there is a fair share of choking, hair pulling, verbal insults, handcuffs, rape play, etc, and force yourself to masturbate to that type of porn only, nothing else, and start from there. Also always remind yourself that anime watchers don't have girlfriends and never will, and the few that got lucky won't hold her for too long or when they're after college age, as long as you remind yourself of that in every single case, your brain will establish the connection between anime (and the values they bring) with negative sexual outcomes and eventually you will overcome it. Never look at those people in a positive or neutral light, as by validating their behavior you validate your own.

>>508964058you just have to wait for her to take her panties off and pray she does the ass tease on the next turn where you can click Give Inany animations she does on the turn after taking her panties off have her bottomless


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>>508964420This is a good take and I honestly knew some of these, I do have a critical mind in entertainment since they do insert their anti-masculine ideology for the open brain to accept it. I also have been reading about Machismo a supposedly masculine ideology from Spain which is supposed to be good. However I wanted more details as to the nuance of how male friendships would develop and be kept masculine without any external force to infiltrate it, I had one friend that told me the best way to do so was to hang around blue collar men, he detailed that these guys are practically shitposters in real life and are the complete opposite of the fags that work in corporate. Anime isn't the only entertainment that's faggy out there, Hollywood is practically ran by Jews, and I do know that the best movies to watch are the ones of the past. What I want to know is the subtle differences in which they try to fag males up in anime, which honestly I'm getting quiet good at discerning.

>>508964192You're not, you're fapping to the girls not what they're doing.

yeah lads im thinking im cooming

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>>508917098Shit what was the name of this again? I played one of the first versions, any good new stuff?

>>508934085Watch is the patreon's name? I'm searching for the developer's name on yiffparty but I get nothing