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>>508905693>GET>MOTHERFUCKIN>HYPEFuck off, this games going to be hated even worse when it's finally out

>>508905847do americans....

>>508906147Yes, we eat meat and wildlife. Not our own shit like you 3rd world peasants do.

God, these people are so fucking unlikeable.

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>>508906374>these peopleModern Naughty Dog staff for ya. They're all shitty people that love to shit up their own franchise.

>>508906257it goes for too longshould end like 10 seconds after they show the barrel

>>508905693A dedicated jump button. Imagine the possibilities.

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>>508906654This seems fine to me.

Game unironically looks pretty fun

>>508906759damn... ps4 graphics looks like THAT!?

>gameplay>Sony brags about TLoU 2's new gameplay mechanic, aka "Jumping"the absolute state of Snoy

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>>508905693>tranny shitNo thanks.

>game looks good>LOLOLOL MEMES, LOLOLE JEWS/v/ doesn't like video games

>>508905847burgerland makes me sick

where's abby?

>you can jump>you can crawl and also crawl in tight spaces >enemies can search you in tight spaces, such as under a carwow, this is innovation. I remember MGS doing this 20 years ago lmao

>>508907037>>game looks goodIn what universe? We've seen this shit gameplay since 2018 and it's unimpressive ad fuck. Obviously they've lost their talent and that 70% turnover rate is sounding legit.

>>508906759the last of us has officially caught up with super mario

>>508906817Most American post I've read all day.

>>508907105ssshh it's supposed to be a subversion for your expectation! the magic doesn't work if you know whats about to happen goy!

>>508905693I wanted improved gameplay from the sequel and it looks like I'm getting that. Hopefully AI is better too

>>508905693>the entire comment section is "OH FUG THEY LEFT THE COMMENTS ON"do redditors really?

Is he actually a fucking troll?"What the gameplay needs to do is put you in Ellies shoes as the more we do that the more the emtional beats of the story work"That's why half the game you play as a different character...

>>508906654Did he just mixed egg shell with it? wtf

where were you when neil druckmann invented the new mechanic called "jumping"

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>>508905693Can we kind of forget about this game?


>>508907351>That's why half the game you play as a different character...user...


Why are youtube memes so fucking trash? Literally every comment is the same fucking shit.

Looks worse than Rdr2 at 4k 30fps Max on pc and whatever settings consoles run at on xbox one x and pro a game that's 2 years old now mind youGameplay is the same shit as it was 8 years agoThe story and game as a whole look remarkably worse and don't even have a point this time around and looks like a absolute mess

>>508906904> Moving the pan onto a stack of papers and eating right out of it. I can't mock a guy who's clearly trying to cope with the death of his wife.

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>>508905693Who gives a fuck.The first game sucked ass and this seems to be cut from the same cloth.

>>508907519Bro, this shit has been fucking with my head for a while now. It seems like every fucking video has THOUSANDS of comments with the same ~5-10 meme formats. Are actual people posting these?

>most of the "gameplay" footage is that insanely scripted fake reveal trailer with graphics that are now downgradedHow the fuck does Sony get away with it?

>>508907625RDR2 has some of the worst gameplay of any TPS, and I say that as someone who likes the game

>>508907519Its just internet as a whole now is trash. Look at this fucking place.

>>508905693>3minutes into video>we added a jump buttonthe absolute state of "AAA" gaming

>>508905693>how do we make you feel like you aren't the strongest person in the roomuhm.... thats kinda yikes problematic naughty dog.... women are just as strong as men!

>>508906257holy shit I’ve never smelt as much insecurity as the one coming from this post lol

>there is a dodge mechanicSOULS FAGS BTFO

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>>508906654>using the wafflerOh hey, this looks really interesting and not stupid for onc->cheese even if it's real cheddarWhat the fuck, why ruin something new and good and why is it always the worst time to use cheese when it could be saved for ingredients that actually compliment it?

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>>508907934>insecurityProjection much 3rd world peasant?

>>508907519>literally no one:>you: "Why are youtube memes so fucking trash? Literally every comment is the same fucking shit"

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>>508905847only americans would do something as disgusting as cooking with cheetos fucking hell.. not even going to mention the rest that its also messed upi've seen them cook with coca-cola as well.. put coca cola on your food and cook it, americans do that.. i couldnt believe it until i saw it

>>508906059>somebody thought this webm was funny


All the fog, vegetation, trees. Looks great. Would love a game like that but non linear.

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>>508907763Nah, you just gotta know how to play. It's fun after that. Rockstar does what they want and doesn't abide by anybody else's gameplay rules

>>508905693> really makes you feel like Elliereviews

Serious question. If humanity is still super fucked after 20 years, how is a tranny supposed to transition? Like, is it just some dude who never worked out, stayed super skinny, and grew his hair long?

>>508905693jesus christ fuck off OP

>>508907763If your not playing Rdr2 like Max payne 3 your doing it wrongGit gudTlou1 was one of the worst tps games I played ever despite it being saved by the story and characters and visual style it hasn't aged wellUnlike Rdr2

>>508908650oy vey that's a racist, transphobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, and anti-semitic question.

>>508908650Its not fucked, they have cities, labs, production lines, its just the worlds is fucked, but locally they rebuild some of that shit.

>>508905693rent free

>>508906759Why do the graphics look so bad?

>>508909119Its not?

>>508907742>gameplay looks so unbelievably amazing he's still in denialel oh el

>>508905847oh my fucking god

this series has always felt so self congratulatory, these guys are already patting themselves on the back before the thing is even outget out of here

>>508905693Timemark 2.53 - they don't care about this game that left footage with glitch for this video? Or it is not a glitch, but game as it will be?

>>508905693>GET>MOTHERFUCKIN>HYPEholy shit you are either a dumb redditor or a marketing shillin either case please kys and stop making these

>>508908257>hold 1 button down. >watch character do animation as you just walk back.Gee, that's soo innovative and totally not just a "immune to all damage" button.

>>508908650There is no fucking trannys in the game, how can you still not now this

>you'll be playing as someone who isn't as strong and big as joel, so we added a jump button>proceed to not showcase abby gameplay i hope you get to jump as abby

>>508905693You are making a thread posing as if its hyped, and about the game. But you post the image that is associated with one exact video, and one exact type of Holla Forums thread. This is very superficial and we can tell that you just want to bash on the upcoming PlayStation 4 super hit. Its not working. We are still preordering. It will still be great. Never ever, Mustards.

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>>508909415What glitch? As she landed snow went in air, creating explosion, and as it landed further back it damped snow below it.


>>508905693>gameplayIt's an interactive movie


>>508907625you can only run RDR2 at 4k 30fps on a graphics card that costs more than a ps4 pro

>>508906904Isn't this the incredibly based Featureman?

so will there uhhhhh... be uhhhhh... zombies in your uhhhhh... zombie game... hello? *tap tap tap*

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>>508907074who are you quoting?

>>508908650lol this right here is proof of Holla Forums's disinfo being dangerous. it's literally a non-factual meme

>>508910313Hopefully gamers will rise up or the world will be destroyed by this disinformation campaign.


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>>508907519Friend, you are complaining about Youtube comments. We were making jokes about how shit they were ten fucking years ago, and they certainly haven't improved in that time.

>>508909119Developing for a 7 year old console with assets that are probably that old (game was stuck in dev hell) that has a 10 years old gpu will do that >>508910193And? It has features that other raytraced games still don't have like raymarched clouds and some lighting trickery that makes it look like it's from 2021Oh and the kicker is no way tlou2 is running at 4k native in that video it's around 1440p max


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>>508910217did you watch the video? there were plenty of zombies

>>508905847>stuffing is just two small potatoes and a massive brick of cheese>dusted with cheetosA perfectly good bird died to become this garbage. Such of waste quality turkey.

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>>508907381No, he edited it

>>508910217There are zombies in this video >>508905693 at 0:12 1:34 2:09 7:08 8:15

>>508911523>game about zombies>game has "plenty" of zombies

>>508908492It was funny up until the part after the decanting.

>>508911523I just skimmed through it and all i saw were human encounters.

Looks fantastic

>>508912541no it isn't. all these "lel so randum" cooking videos are beyond cringe. it's the kind of shit normalfags think is hysterical.

>>508905693looks pretty good I'm impartial to the Holla Forums tortanic seethe


I wouldn't be surprised if this time the gameplay is better than the story

>>508906059People are just fucking with other people at this point.

>>508905693>Inside the gameplay videoIt's hollow

>>508905847>>508906059White people....

>>508905847imagine having a block of cheese shoved up your ass

>how can we take things to the next next level>shows ellie throwing distraction rock then shooting enemy like every ubishit game from the last 10 years lol

>>508907037it's hard to think of any big game that doesn't just get shat on on Holla Forumsthis looks pretty good based on this video but I guess Holla Forumstards are expecting something that's ten steps further than on your average stealth survival in terms of gameplay, though I wonder what that'd actually be

this looks a million miles ahead of something like those crappy walking dead games everyone played for some reason

>>508908519have to say even though the graphics don't look as complex as state of the art necessary, the detail and art direction is really good on the environments

>>508907673>Will never have a thin big eater gf

any chance this may get Factions 2 update in the future?

>>508905693LIterally everyone knows the gameplay who saw the leak.I bet this trailer has no Abby and I bet that Joel wasn't enriched with the Golf experience.

>>508905847>brown sugarWorst part imo

>>508908519oh man imagine an open world game in an urban environment where nature has taken over and traveling involves a lot of climbing etc.

>>508905847thank god there's no sound, I bet that shit is full or baby toy sounds, 8bit videogame beeps and maybe a fe OOOO and WAAAAA from the :O beanboys making that shit.

>>508905693Is this progression now? a trans girl goes full stereotypical masculine rage mode, kills the male lead, nearly kills the lesbians? is this now what progress is.

>>508906654pork plasma tubes are barely food and even less ingredients for any other food. No wonder the Average murilard has less life expectancy than fucking bangladesh

>>508907156mario bros at best. super mario can also spit fire and save the princess


>>508905847SOILED IT

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>>508910217The braindead people who play this shit are the zombies.

>Game comes out>Ellie actually has lesbian prophetic powers that let her see the future>Realises if she goes the "vengeance" path, she will lose Joel and the others>Abby parts are actually looking for Ellie to "finish what his father's will of finding a cure" >Still is mad to both her and Joel but Ellies magical scissoring soothers her aching musclesWould you buy it then?

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>>508905693FIRST DAY BUY. GOTY.


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>>508906059There is 0% chance that dinky blender could puree an entire porterhouse, also that steak wasn't a porterhouse.

>>508911862Quality turkey is an oxymoron.

>>508906654Ruined it at the end. Fucking burgers thinking cheese makes everything better.

>>508908485This is literally the same clickbait as that "lifehack" pajeet insanity that takes some white arms and throws some random shit together for views.No one has actually eaten this, obsessed Yuropoor. This most likely isnt even edible.

>>508919372Cheese is really good. Sorry your pre-agrian 3rd-world stomach can't digeat it.

>>508907074Sony never enabled ratings or comments on TLOU content

>>508905847>cheddar 2 lbs

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>>508905693To be fair to them. Despite the plot being some Jewish political subversion where you have to kill off the previous game's characters while controlling an ugly tranny, this does actually sound like they're doing a good job of making the game they want to make. It's not the kind of game I would want to play, but I still respect the effort.

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>>508919372Chefclub started in France and beer cheese sauce is german. Why are europoors so fucking uneducated and obsessed?

>>508905693>TLOU>>>Holla Forums

>>508905847>just pulls out an entire block of cheese and shove sit in >my sides please i cant get air

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>>508905693>Mafia III trailer has comments and ratings turned on>this doesn't

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>>508920919Nigger open the vid->mfw they just disabled themLMAO

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>>508918008what the actual fuck am I looking at? This is parody right? This is supposed to be laughed at right? That is the most childish/weird/pandering/eggshellstepping shit I have ever seen.

>>5089075194chan is the same shit too

>>508905693>That flailing ineffectual zombie in the beginningI laughed

>>508908650The person who mocapped Abby is a woman. She just used allot of steroids

>>508905693Oh god there are so many framedrops. This is the power of the PS4?

>>508905693Status on the ratings and comments of the video ... GONE!

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Abby is not even trans. The woman just had allot of steroids. Like Anadrol and Deca,Durabolin. Man I wish I had those steroids but theyre expensive as hell plus you have to eat like allot

>>508922750Steroids are trash and not indicative of a natural body, when you see a male body builder who is giant from steroids that is not natural, when that chick is in her 60's she's gonna be a flabby mess of skin

>>508907078>>508908485>>508913858you folks don't travel do you? or can't, whatever. trust me, its far more fucked up in just about every place other than the US.

>>508920172lol, this. just point and laugh.

>>508905693Back to resetera with you, subhuman

>>508905693GOTY 2020

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>>508905847i can't even imagine what goes through someone's mind when they concoct something like this

Gameplay looks acceptable, will get it when it's on PS+ for free.

>>508905693>3:33ummmm neil?????? thats misogynistic...

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>>508905847This is borderline experimental

>>508905693HOLY SHITthey added a JUMP BUTTON!?GOTY!!!!!

>>508905693that whole video is simply pathetic>so we uuhhhhh SURVIVAL?>and uhhhh ellie is small so uhhhh jump? kinda climb? yeah>uhhhhhhhhhhhh crawling under stuff? yeah uhhhhh you can craft while crawling? yeah uhhh anc you can uhhhh use the items....uhh>we added uhhhh a dodge? yeah that was never done before uhhhh >when you are seen others can kinda see you and uhhhh they will call you out uhhh>we want to uhhhh make a real world and not spaces? yeah uhh so more open levels compared to uhhh last of us 1 where we at the time thought was pretty open (here they admit a linear fucking corridor is open according to them ROFL)>uhhh you can put a silencer on your pistol uhhhh gameplay....>uhhhh yeah we put upgrades because...well everyone does it now so....uhhhh and there will be wild choices because uhhhhhh you cannot max out everything on your first run (god forbid) uhhhhhhYou know, now I actually respect david cage, because he doesn't fucking PRETEND he makes videogames, he makes interactive movies like Dragon's Lair and doesn't beat around the bush, but these fucking clowns?jesusFUCKINGchristI hate their pretentious mug and the people who buy this shit in millions, how can people be so fucking stupid

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>>508907673>>508915761imagine the poops

>>508905693>crawling through knee high grass in Pennsylvania>no tick removal mechanicImmersion blown.

>>508925201good post

>bottles and stealth grassfuckin masterpiece

>>508925201I played the become human game. It was decent, I enjoyed the crimesolving parts the most.

>>508905847Looks goood

>>508906904this guy's channel is comfy as fuck

This video just makes me miss Metal Gear Solid. MGS6 when?

>>508907074>600+ basedjacksPathetic. Unironically consider suicide, or consider bettering yourself.

>>508907673I haven't eaten a burger in so long and I can't eat any good ones now

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>>508905693>HOOOOOOIPfuck off shill cunt

>>508905693looks like metal gear for retards

>>508909503go back

>>508925260Don't have to. She's Japanese so there's a real good chance she does scat porn as well.

>>508913168Some of them are supposed to be real though, and they trick people with fake recipesIf you know what you're doing, you're not going to fall for it, but there are plenty of "Tasty" or whatever the site is "baking" videos out there which are complete bullshit and show a different finished product than what you'd get with the ingredients used.

>>508918008he should be viciously beaten, mercilessly

>>508928635Make it yourself if you have cast iron and a stovetopThat's all I use to make borgers at home.

>>508905847Discusting. Fuck

Did they just disable the likes? Lmfao I remember the vid having the like bar like an hour or two ago.Jesus christ they are damage controlling so hard

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>>508905847What happened to just deep frying it?

>>508905693>hype>TLoUlol, not even for the original.

>>508907673that guy never marriedand neither will you weeb

>>508925201>how can people be so fucking stupidYou'd be surprised just how retarded and oblivious the average normalfag can be

>>508929875My broHome borgers best borgers

>>508929959They are unironically being bombarded by the Internet hate machine aka 4chan aka people who don't even play games. Of course theyre going to disable likes and comments, dumb froggu.

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>>508930595>the Internet hate machineTwitter?

>>508929875I'll try and hopefully it doesn't taste terrible, thanks for the idea user

>>508930484>Implying I'm not married already.>>508930571*tips le fedora*

>>508913957I can only

>>508930707Yes, also.

>>508905693Why are game devs so... y'know Holla Forums... the only game dev's who seem chill and smart are the oldies liek Carmack, Gabe, Miyamoto. The only nu-dev i like is whoever's running CD Projekt

>>508925201I liked how they tried to make looting sound like it's not the same exact shit as the first gameI don't know why normies find that shit so appealing

>>508906059wasting food even if it is for a joke is still lame

>>508907673That looks all delicious

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>>508905693I love how they first thought that it was save and turned comments and likes back on online to disable them after 2 hours again

>>508925201>>508931180Cuckmann is the Brian Griffin of the video game industry. A self centered pseudo-intellectual piece of shit who thinks he's above everyone, shoves his liberal opinions down everyone's throats and tries to woo women through art and literature and speaks out of his ass about philosophy when he actually has no idea what he's talking about.

>Kike>Woman>FagLol Naughty Cuck

>>508906616J... Jack?

>>508906374they literally just talked about the game

Holla Forums has no rebuttal

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>>508931769If half the games are, doesn't that mean half the games aren't?

>>508931769most of the games I play are about girls who are alchemists

>let's make a game from the perspective of a group less than 5% of the global populationBrilliant business move.

>>508932215they're cornering the market baby100 years from now Naughty Dog will be revered as heroes who finally brought down the transphobic gaming industry and changed the world's view of transsexuals forever!TRANS RIGHTS!!

Attached: beight.png (1200x1200, 94.24K)

>>508907037>game looks good

Attached: kkgs.gif (245x200, 497.16K)

>>508930727He is right

>>508908519get Stalker with a mod

>they disabled comments and ratingsHAHAHA THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF SONY


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>>508912310Not enough, apparently the plot isn't even about the cure or the zombies, its just about revenge, very stupid decision by cuckmann

>>508928389This guy is a regular. He has over 3,000. Best just to ignore him.

>>508932215>>508933032the character isn't trans, you're just an autist upset there's a woman you don't want to fuck

>>508931505>family guy reference>not only that, but a terrible comparison into the trash you go

Attached: 1535758970513.jpg (500x500, 69.99K)

>>508930595>the Internet hate machine aka 4chanThat's twitter, and surprisingly those guys are the ones trying to boycott this shit game, not 4chan.

>>508931769im not an angry lesbian

>>508918008Look at their faces. They're in pain.

>>508934267back to discord, ma'am.

>>508933032Im 41% sure that won´t be how things turn out

>>508931769well yeahand?

>>508918008The guy's face gets me every time.

>>508934547Again, the character is not trans you are just obsessed with trans people, likely due to your own sexual insecurities

>>508905693>comments disabled.i would dislike it, but they disabled that too.

>>508934742Ma'am, please.

>>508931769I like girls and I like lesbians, I just don't like whatever the fuck SNOY is doing.



>>508934789abby isn't even a lesbian she tongue fucked some guy right after Joel got beat to death

>>508905847What's with americans and fucking cheese? One of these days I wanna see an american die being slathered in cheese, fucking pigs.

>>508934267Remember that asian kid that was in the trailers and dev talks? They're also a transgender, so please stop with the shilling bullshit that they haven't added trans people to this game

Attached: d25e7133b0d550253d5f530657696f22.png (914x599, 407.83K)

>>508913858Americans aren't white but nice try

Attached: pajj.jpg (800x600, 231.99K)

>>508925201>argumentum ad reductio60 iq post my man

>>508905847fucking lost it with the cheese lmao

>>508905847>ywn have multiple pounds of cheddar cheese rammed up into the gaping chasm of your disemboweled bodyfucks sake

>hyping up your character being able to jump like it’s some sort of groundbreaking feature>ratings and comments disabledOH NONONONONO

Attached: 4B8E627B-B554-4636-AA09-CFF1A169F7A0.jpg (324x291, 15.42K)

>>508918008The dad looks like he's doing Agni's face,


What exactly does jumping add?

>>508905693lmao why does Dina dive onto the ground beside her to shoot that zombie? and why does her gun sound like a laser gun and go *pew* *pew*?


Attached: The horror.jpg (393x296, 55.39K)

>>508935967The cutscenes are the gameplay!

Attached: Retarded debate time.jpg (249x179, 12.5K)

I actually forgot there were zombies in this game until that one popped up towards the beginning of this video.

>>508905693>Comments are turned offlol


Attached: 1587556815120.jpg (670x676, 80.75K)

>>508918008>Smiling but badly hurt inside.any short description for this?

>>508936463that's some hard cope broi think you sucked israel cocks a bit too much, you have semen in your grey matter

Cheese goes on crackers, macaroni, sandwiches, burgers, and naked women

>>508906904This one makes me sad for some reason



Attached: 3455775754.jpg (400x400, 16.28K)

>>508933032Cope harder fag, you sure can make me laugh harder

what interesting is how they're really saying how they centered the gameplay around being small and weak despite the fact you play 70% of the game as she hulk who's way bigger than most people


Attached: B3477EE0-5919-46C7-A0C6-BDD52381877F.jpg (600x594, 109.43K)

>>508935220>OH NO NO NOt.cuckmann


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>>508934956Homosexuals ruined earrings, just like they did ruin the rainbow flag.

what does the last of us 2 have to do with video games?

>>508905847>MUH EPIC MELTED CHEESE MMMMMMMM BEAUTIFUL AMIRITE FELLOWS FOODIES?fucking retards. Same shit with nutella and sweets.

>>508905693>They turned off commentspathetic kikes

Attached: 1588852011623.jpg (888x894, 67.9K)

>>508939852the ratio and comments were on at first and they turned them off later lmaoo


>>508905693Soooo we added a jump button.

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>>508930727But I'm not saying it like that though, just that the corporations can exploit the fuck out of the average costumer and that it's getting worse every year

>>508905693>deactivated comment section and likes/dislikesKek

>>508905847>that amount of fucking cheesefucking americans and their cheese i'm guilty of CHEESING my food

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>>508907738>take your meds schizo!they're called bots, either literal or metaphorical. They're cheap, easy, and effective. Over a fifth of what you read on the internet was not written by a human being.

>>508940839Yes, YIIK is a video game. What of it?

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>>508936463Cringe cope.


Attached: 1530230405325.jpg (322x347, 24.86K)

>mediocre gameplay>washed up graphics>terrible story>Multiplayer scrappedthank you cuckman.

Attached: 1587471076654.png (939x496, 454.74K)


>>508931769No surprise this chicks page is 90% tlou2 lesbian fan girling and 10% annoying lesbian pride stuff

>>508941418except they, like men in most societies since the beginning of time, are dressing like women precisely because it's funny. the modern tranny is by contrast a living, breathing joke. retard fuckface

Attached: your_life_is_a_punchline.jpg (448x252, 24.16K)

Holla Forums is incapable of enjoying it anything

>>508942867I just wanna talk about video games, and this thread is unrelated to that.

>>508942867Why would you wanna enjoy this shit? Looks like it's aiming to shit all over the first game and why people even gave a fuck about nthis IP to begin with.

>>508942061I'm affraid to ask whats going to happen in that pic

>>508933032G8 b8 m8

>>508905847who in their right fucking mind uses cheetos as an ingredient!?

>>508943680maybe this is more appealing to you

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Man this game is such an amazing waste. Everything looks great, the gameplay looks fun and the 100's of small mechanics make it all seem so alive.All this to be completely wasted by all the mystery meat american politics and the abhorrent writing. It's like taking a shit on a master chef's weeding cake. A shame.


>>508944001>the gameplay looks fun and the 100's of small mechanics make it all seem so alive>mystery meat americanonly an inbred retard like you would hold both these opinions. nothing wrong with race mixing so long as no subsaharan genes are being bred. abos and low-caste indians can get fucked too.

>>508905847>>508906654someone should keep cheese away from americans, for their own good

>>508906257>Yes, we eat meat and burger, you eat corn, sóy and fake meat

>>508944569Whatever you say mutt boy

Attached: muttlife.png (900x506, 463.54K)

>>508942814>haha, hans wouldnt it be weird and funny if i dressed up as a woman and you took photos of me? haha, such a funny joke

>>508931328which is why I feel guilty for even bothering to watch whatever the fuck HowToBasic is up to.Seriously, in this current situation, is he even continuing with his food wasting bullshit?

>>508905847The cheese seems a little much but looks alright so fa-->Flamin' Hot Cheetos

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>>508943947i doubt theres any doubt about the nationality of the chef

>>508920172>europeans invented just pouring shit on a bunch of crap that's already done

>>508934672which one?

>>508905847Why is it that no gore is capable of effecting me, but this made me feel genuinely revolted.

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>>508907673Do these people actually exist? Can they really eat all that cheap stuff without puking in-between camera cuts? Is their metabolism really that high?C'mon, I'm genuinely curious. Maybe it's a stomach worm that causes this, or some faulty digestive programming?


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>>508945413I would still doubt, if it's a foreign chef trolling American viewers.

>>508908475>A female uploads a video after any unit of time. "The Queen is back!!! :D"

>>508946536It's real dude. Also check out this cat holy fuck

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>>508930595>They are unironically being bombarded by the Internet hate machine aka 4chanNice delusion, unless you have anything to substantiate your claims then fuck off. Retard

>>508905693>gameplay>"press x to awesome"

>>508908650abby is a biological woman, but your question still stands because there is no way she would have access to enough steroids to reach that muscle mass.

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>>508909859when you play as abby, the jump button is replaced by a dilate button.

>>508921686You know the muscle woman standard used to look like this, minus steroids? Like actual women? Tifa is the common standard around here, at least.

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>>508923627>n-no ulmao stay fat

>>508944971>Admitting to be a 3rd worlderPlz stop

>>508918008>That look on the fathers faceYou could literally taste the pain and shame

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>>508945413Italian obviously.

>>508930595>Internet hate machinego back to retardera

>>508923256>steroids aren't naturalseething natty dyel

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>>508905693> Spends the first 6 fucking minutes talking about how you can jump, go prone, crawl under objects and how enemies are now smart enough to look under stuff. I remember when all of these were mildly exciting new features in MGS2. Welcome to 2001. Jesus.

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>>508945245wouldn't it be even more funnier if some libtard subhuman took photos from 100 years ago and took them out of context like typical snakes they are


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>>508905693>opening segment of gameplay>the mindless runner zombie/plant thing appears>instead of simply jumping on top of her and gnawing right away it gingerly helps her to her feet>THEN tries to gnaw awayIt's little things like this that Naughty Dog's usually great at creating, not falling prey to. What the fuck.

>dedicated jump>dedicated dodgewatch out, modern devs are bringing out their big guns

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>>508934560we're at 50% now bro

>>508919372>ruined at the end What so you were actually on board with eating hotdogs fucking pancakes up until the cheese was poured on? How fucking obese are you


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>>508907318reminds me of all those gay "stability" jokes every time Nintendo comes out with an insignificant Switch system update.They're like robots. The shit ain't even funny.

>>508910217Holy shit

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Does Abby have porn yet

>>508949517Immediately thought of basic Metal Gear when hearing those descriptions. Even MG2 on MSX had crawling.

>how can we take things to the next level>clip of distracting a zombie with a bottlefucking lel

>>508947686yup, or food. She'd have to be hoarding so much food.

>>508910217I really hate that man.


>>508918008>if only you knew how bad things really are

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>>508947394lol. look at him go!

>>508907037naughty dog hasn't made an acceptable game since Jak XTheir games don't even run properly on their native consoles since the PS3, not to mention some of the shallowest "gameplay" ever devised with generic plots ripped straight off of movies and tv shows (indiana jones, the walking dead)It's so below any sort of standard I'm convinced these games are only "popular" because they're targeted specifically at non-gamers, and because of the aggressive marketing Uncharted is legitimately one of the worst things I've ever played

>>508930718Salt, pepper and worchestshire sauce. Now your burger will be Bueno. If you can look up a recipe online its really simple just need chopped meat bread crumbs some eggs and seasonings usually

>>508925201Seven years for clambering, silencer, dodging and crawling.

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Looks good, why does Holla Forums hate it again?

>>508949517mgs2 had almost autistic level of details, finished it countless times and still didn't know about some stuff you can do. modern games just don't care about fun, they even get dumber and dumber with each new sequel (like physics in gta, mafia, far cry...).

Does anyone have the video with a bunch of leaks in it, set to Caramelldansen?



>>508950379...hello? *HAAHH* ...yes?

>>508950793How do you figure MGS2 compares with Death Stranding, considering the creative standards of their time, and the amount of creativity in both?

>we made the enemies smart. they now look under things and if they spot you they'll yank you out and try to kill youwhy dont they immediately shoot you?

>>508931769Actually TLOU 2 is an angry straight woman game

>>508942454Can't wait until she sees Abby Savage's beatdown

>>508950684/v/ loves it. It's created so many

>>508907156now all we need is transitioned Luigi killing Peach with a throwing hammer

>>508950080this one is always painful because the son just looks like some homo with a fetish, standing their mouth agape while his dad tries to cope with how hard he failed his son

>>508949729Saying nazis were trannies really doesn't help the lefts pro-tranny agenda

>>508905693>comments and ratings turned offLOL

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>>508941418Adolf Hitler says trans rights!

>>508930484>that guy never married>and neither will you weebDodged a bullet then

>>508905847A turkey died for this.

>>508929875>>508928635>>508930590>>508930718The fuck? People don't normally make burgers at home? Dont tell me everyone wastes money at burgerking and mcdonalds.

>>508951304don't know what they were smoking when they decided to turn it into a walking/hiking delivery simulator. some find this type of gameplay fun but not me. story had some good moments but also many flaws. I think kojima could have made a much much bolder and creative game with all the sony support he got but he wasted it on hanging out with his hollywood buddies.


>>508908519>All the fog, vegetation, trees. Looks great. Would love a game like that but non linear.Literally HZD


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>>508950080my worst fucking nightmare

You nazis are never gonna play it anyway, why act like you fucking care you bigots

>>508909690That's the FFXV dodge mechanic. THEY LITERALLY RIPPED OFF DODGING FROM FFXV!!!!


>>508945245Hey, at least they had the balls to play it off as a joke and laugh with the crowd. Nowadays, it's not a joke, it's stunning and brave.


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>>508905693>comments disabled>like/dislike disabledKek

>>508950021>>dedicated doge

>>508905693>comments locked>like/dislike hiddenWhat a bunch of fucking cowards.

>>508952665I used to but now that I have the tools I don't anymore


>>508951304death stranding is incredibly insulting, it chucks a bunch of ideas into a wall demanding you to stick them to it and liking them, kojima has gone insane


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>>508918008This is the worst thing ive ever seen.

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>>508906759I want to be inside Ellie's shoes

>>508918008Its weird that women know to hide it better


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>Almost all the marketing and pre-release shit has focused on the story>Story leaks and everyone fucking hates it>Now the marketing and shifted to just focusing on how amazing the gameplay is

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>>508929602yeah the dad should be for being a pussy allowing that shit to happen

>>508918008>the awkward, uncomfortable smile on his face>his fist constantly clenched so hard you see the veins on his hand>the dad and his son don't even look at each other. You can clearly see the dad peek and steal glances from the corner of his eye when the son hugs the mom, but he looks away because it's too painful>Even when he high fives the mom, he doesn't look at the son>The son as well hardly even looks at the dadThis is truly sad. This man has had his son stolen from him, and he's not even allowed to say that he's not okay with it for fear that he'll be cut out of his family. So he's just going along with it, pretending that it doesn't kill him to see what his son has become

>>508905693>>508905868Bringing more than hype, bringing games.

>>508925201The really pathetic part was acting like jumping is something that Joel simply couldn't do. They literally say that Ellie is more nimble and slender, so she's better at jumping. Which makes no fucking sense, because a jump across gaps is all about the momentum and power in your legs. >there will be scripted events that you can miss because of how big the levels areI'm more than willing to bet they're hardly interesting at all, like you walk in on someone getting robbed and can save them

>>508931769in tlou 2 you get to play half of it as an angry straight man (with delusions)

>>508952687Yeah, this pretty much.

>>508905693I'm getting so sick of seeing this kike's face.

>>508906616I knew it was coming and my sides still split.


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>>508909503Not even reddit is liking it, go to the tlou2 sub, is full with memes laughing at it and hating on the game

>>508953470Wait, you don't have to time it on FFXV?

>>508959491sauce of this?

I've been following this game in latin america and latinos hated it, they feelt betrayed because you play as the villain instead of keeping ellie and joel adventures.Also, the most i hate about this game is that they don't want to show abby and they keep promising the "you can be in ellies shoes" which is totally false advertising.I hope consumers place a legal false advertising lawsuit.

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>>508907673Quit fucking introducing the food, just fucking eat it. WE ALL KNOW WHAT IT IS JUST EAT THE HELL DAMMIT.

Attached: 1570769816398.png (470x375, 264.44K)

>>508961426It's like the advertisements are still trying to keep the surprise despite the story leaking.And a twist won't count as false advertising. It didn't happen with Raiden in Metal Gear Solid or in Danganronpa V3 with Saihara.

>>508944971Yeah man fake meat from all those fake cows and pigs and chickens on those fake farms. Farming and horticulture in North America is a myth, nothing grows there and animals dont live there in the many vast prairies ideal for such things.


Attached: 1578190984997.png (640x591, 135.72K)

>>508944971Tofu is literally engrained in manlet chink culture. What do you think that shit is made of?

>>508907351It's not even a quarter of the game.

>>508905693>everything they talk about is how they made it prettier and MUH, STORY>gameplay looks the same as og TLoU overallWho would have expected this from 5he guy who made Uncharted

>>508906951>>508909119it's a screenshot from a youtube video, don't go full retard

>>508907742>trying to pull the "scripted" argument again after the first game blew you faggots the fuck outI'm looking forward to a repeat.

>>508908819You're full of shit. I just finished a replay of Grounded mode and god damn it was refreshing. Genuinely tense and challenging stealth tps game with satisfying combat. I fully expect the second game to be an even better gameplay experience, but I'll be waiting until I can get it cheap secondhand to play it. Not supporting such toxic divisiveness within a dev company, not supporting the baffling lack of multiplayer, and not supporting how that faggot druckman did my boy dirty.

>>508910313The only danger are these literal retards and children who cant discern reality from bants and just parrot whatever they read here in a vain attempt to fit in.

>>508950080Its just best for the father to just end his son's life from his misery and rest peacefully.

>>508946536They exist. Years ago a 100lb asian lady came into our restaurant and ate a 9 lb hamburger with an additional 1-2 lbs of bacon cheese and onions within 45 minutes. She got up left a tip and walked out as of she hadn't just consumed 12% of her body weight in meat, cheese, carbs, and water.