Gentlemenhow do we make it not shit?

gentlemenhow do we make it not shit?

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>>508902182first and foremost the name of the game is 'Halo 3: 2020'.

>>508902182i have faithirrational at this point, but it is what it is

>halo>not shit you will need to be born after 2005 for that

>Fire O'Connor and whoever is the CEO over at 343>cancel all production regarding infinite indefinitely>make all 343 staff focus exclusively on MCC>make EU media and games made after Reach no longer canon>make a second reach spin off from the view of Buck and his squad

>>508902182by making a fresh and new IP with a fanbase that doesnt have an emotional attachment and division lasting at least all the halo games.

That's the thing, it was always shit. It just happened that it was remembered fondly because we didn't knew better.

No custom loadouts.Start with assault rifle and pistol.Sprint is ok but any armor ability is a map pickup.Classic maps for multiplayer return with some new ones.No forerunner faggotry.Bring back spartan 2s for multiplayer model.

>>508903105ok that's a fucking lie

>>508903323This is H5:G in everything except of the last item.

>>508902932Thisi hope they revamp the entire gameplay aspect of the game and do something fresh with the new engine.

>>508904125I think it'd be nice if they allowed for a framework where H3's Spartan IIs (and their gameplay), H:R's Spartan IIIs (and their gameplay) and H5:G's Spartan IVs as well as a new take on it all, could play together, well balanced, for example Spartan IIs having more powerful shields but obviously slower.

>>508902182wont know till its out

>>508903323>Sprint is okayFuck off

>>508905618Imagine being so autistic you cant appreciate a sprint button.

>>508905757Imagine not realising they slowed the movement speed down in reach to justify having sprint and let it carry over to every game since.

>>508905908Sprint in Reach is different from Sprint in 4 and 5. Reach was still designed for non sprint gameplay, since it was just one option.

>>508902182remove 343i and let another studio take over

>>508906117>Reach was still designed for non sprint gameplay, since it was just one option.And yet literally everyone in multiplayer takes sprint because being able to move erratically and reposition quickly is better than whatever gimmick they could offer you.Sprint in Halo is stupid, it serves to slow down the game in the long run because you have to make yourself vulnerable to advance relatively quickly.

>>508902182Add this guy

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>>508902182Don't buy it so 343 comes out and says halo 3 was the canon ending of halo

>FoV slider>higher base movement speed>no sprint >no req shit>get rid off pistol meta>make husky raid permanent>warzone firefight 2.0 on a huge map, 64 players minimum>more forge love

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make the plasma pistol's overcharge bolt faster and remove the lock on functionthe thing is so good in campaign but it's such a bore to use

>>508906326Not true. Sprint in Reach has downsides, it gives away your position, this can be easily countered by the other armor abilities. I nearly never pick sprint. You're not supposed to always pick sprint. Although I do admit that I don't think sprint has a place in Halo, the implementation of it in Reach is entirely different from it in later games, since 343i never looked into why it was there in Reach and how they worked it in the game's sandbox. All 343i did was see sprint in both Halo and other games and they implemented it without much thought other than "faster is popular."

>>508906719Sprint is necessary in Reach because the base movement is so fucking slow, and it gives you a free out to any fight due to its very high TTK.

>>508902182By voting with your wallet and letting it die.You have a decade of evidence pointing at 343 being lazy and incompetent hacks who don't give a fuck about videogames or Halo and just want to cash in on a successful franchise and literally EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of their releases showcases just how blatantly they're willing to lie to your face to make a sale and then put absolutely 0 effort into delivering on their promises but willing to waste thousands of dollars to hire shills to run damage control and shift the blame to the community, the people retarded enough to keep these parasites afloat.Or you can believe it's somehow going to be any different because they brought back an old armor design and played an old track during a trailer. Definitely signifies a sudden change of heart and talent despite the current mess MCC and its releases are and is absolutely not a lazy attempt to bait your nostalgia. No sir.

>>508906719The justification I've seen is literally just that it's the industry standard and people "like" it. I wish more devs acted like the doom eternal devs and hashed out their thinking on every design decision

More shotgun variations.

>>508902182So basically remember the second level of the original halo game? Make a whole game like that

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>>508902182Make is a quasi RTS like reach was supposed to beBut for that they would have to re-implement all the Nerf's they made to AI

>>508906593Halo 5 had the last one of those

>>508906924A shotgun that's actually dangerous, doesn't sound like a pop gun and can kill in close quarters instead of needing to shove the barrel right in their face.

>>508906593>>get rid off pistol metaAnd replace it with what? People spraying ARs at center mass all game?

>>508906937Halo was a boring level, Silent Cartographer and Assault on the Control Room were better.

>>508906818From all those hours that I played Reach, none seem to be true. Movement is as fast if not just a little slower than 3's and that was fine. If it's still too slow, you're part of the sprint problem. People rarely sprint away from a fight, unless they were aiming for a different position on the map, and weren't planning to go for killing you anyway, because getting someone down to the point where they would want to escape is the time you can kill them with one or two more shots, you don't have time enough even with sprint to turn around and sprint away from such a situation.

>>508902182We restart production and hand it off to a different dev team

>>508907201The biggest problem with Halo's shotguns has always been the long switch time. They always require way too much commitment, so the best course of action when using one is to just crouch in a corner looking at your radar.

>>508906841even bungie were incompetent hacks with the IP looking at how rushed halo 2 was, how different halo 3 was, and the fact we got two spin-offs as mainline games. halo's just an awful franchise to work with, clearly, for everyone involved.

>>508906854Eternal has teleporting and boosting.Youre also in midair 80% of the time in that game so sprint would be worthless

>>508907171Bigger maps, more players

>>508907424>Movement is as fast if not just a little slower than 3'sWhile having a slower acceleration curve so strafing and reaching top speed was absolutely fucked.>and that was fine.Halo 3 is slow too.>because getting someone down to the point where they would want to escape is the time you can kill them with one or two more shotsAll you have to do is get around a single corner closer to your teammates.

>>508907335Two betrayals was kino

>>508907171>>508907829NVM. Even more forge love!

>>508902848>EU media and games after Reach no longer canonAlready done. Anything released after Glasslands (Oct. 2011) can't be canon because Dr. Halsey is dead. She was punched in the face by an armoured Spartan-III and instantly killed on impact.

delete 343 and start over

>>508907853t. i always picked sprint and ran way when i got shot

>>508902182>Weyou don't make anything. You are just an "idea guy" and "idea guys" don't make video games.

>>508902182dont release

>>508903529>Spartan abilitiesNope, KYS 343 shill.

>>508907958Walking through segments designed for vehicles was not kino in any way, shape or form.

>>508908045I mean, yeah. Why not pick a winning strategy?

>>508908019wasnt the SIII wearing SPI, not mjolnir, and the only power she gets is the stealth module

>>5089079705's Forge was extremely good

>>508902182As a player, the only way you can prevent a game from being shit is to never play it. That way, in your frame of reference the game will permanently be in a state of quantum uncertainty where it will be both shit and good at the same time.

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>>508908262But it was still archaic and worse than just having a real map maker.

>>508908217Seems to me like you hate yourself, user.

>>508908382Doesn't everyone that tries to play Reach?

>>508908249SPI still increases your strength and agility, but not to the same level as MJOLNIR, and she's still a Spartan-III. They have similar parity to a Spartan-II, and better augmentations due to their more varied age range (4 - 6 at recruitment) letting their augmentations set in better; as well as the time between ASTER and CHRYSANTHEMUM. IIIs are a lot better than people give them credit for.Halsey is fucking dead.

>>508908318That's not how that works, user, other people are still observing it to be shit.

>>508908249anon a SIII in SPI physically overpowered and protected themselves against a SII in MKV MJOLNIR without issue in the book that inspired glasslandsscience bitch's skull is dust

>>508908140I'm doing a legendary playthrough right now and I'm pretty sure I spent 95% of that level in a vehicle

>>508908525arent the augments notably cheaper than the stuff in SII's. afaik they're running the equivalence of rumbledrugs than the stuff SII's and later SIV's get

>>508907474Except Bungie managed to make 5 great games despite that>and the fact we got two spin-offs as mainline games???I have no idea what the point of this statement is, you're saying that ODST and Reach were bad because they were... good? You wanted them to be LESSER in quality to more accurately represent their status as spinoff games?>halo's just an awful franchise to work with, clearly, for everyone involveBungie and Ensemble handled it fine, though I agree that its fanbase has always had some absolutely horrid elements but that happens to anything popular enough.It's clear you're a seething 343shill trying to run damage control by making excuses, but you've hit a pretty obvious logical fallacy. 343's failings are the fault of no one but 343 themselves.

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>>508902182I wish this series could have died with dignity. Anything post Halo 3 ODST has been shit. Starting with Halo 2 they keep trying to tack on new mechanics to the core formula and it just isn't working. I'd like to go back to vanilla as possible and make the weapon sandbox more diverse.

>>508908917That's not the case, no. Scientific advancement and biomechanical and biochemical augmentation progression allowed them to improve upon ASTER's augmentations by lowering the casualty rate from 56% to next-to-0%, and inducing most of their augmentations chemically through CHRYSANTHEMUM.They received much of the same augmentations, but better because surgical augmentation was minimized to lead to less rejection and much more ease of adaptation, meaning fewer Spartan-IIIs would have augmentation troubles nor die from their augmentations and would, over time, adapt to them much better than the Spartan-IIs would, let alone the younger recruitment ages giving some IIIs more time to adapt to their augmentations than the IIs got.Gamma Company received similar treatment to what you described on top of the typical CHRYSANTHEMUM augmentations, giving them unparalleled aggression and strength as well as the ability to continue functioning even in levels of fatal shock due to adrenaline production, with the added drawback of exacerbating the poor mental state of Spartans in general by making them nearly psychopathic by dissolving the higher reason centers of their brains and requiring regular doses of two medications (which can be delivered subcutaneously for months on end before that implant has to be replaced) to prevent them from going outright insane/feral.

Have been waiting for a Halo thread for this.*ahem*What the FUCK DID THEY MEAN BY THIS?

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>>508908824The only parts you use a vehicle is the banshee outside the control room, (potentially) a ghost in the canyon, a warthog a little later, which is beyond useless, a banshee a little after that, and a ghost and banshee in the final canyon, and you can only take the ghost right to the banshee if you jank yourself past a barrier that they more or less designed to stop a warthog.

>>508909525As the Cyborg has been jumping in and out of timelines and realities, Durandal encountered Cortana, merged with her and now Durandal is a hot psychotic AI girl dictator with a God complex.

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>>508909525Look at the feet on that thing.

>>508909525literal throwaway line trying to further steal from and ride off Bungie's success by stealing one of their referencesand the big brains at 343 used it as a lazy throwaway in a fucking comic book, that should tell you how much they care

>>508902182You can't. It's too late

There's a few steps>Disband 343 immediately>Get a team of hired goons to kidnap all ex bungie employees that worked on Halo 3.>Make them an offer they can't refuse>Cancel Halo Infinite project>Start them on making a successor to Halo 3. >give them 3-4 years. You're welcome.

>>508903105Absolute bullshit. You can be a faggot all you want but it is plain fact that Halo2/3 defined the online FPS genre. Fuck your quake. Fuck your Doom. Tribes was good tho but too overlooked.

>>508910363Better be 6 years, and take their phones so they can't shitpost on the john.

Literally make Halo a Sandbox, I'm not talking GTA styled I'm talking Arma style.So yeah have Spartans 2's and 3's and 4's, have advanced mobility, have classic, have Elites, Have wide open maps. Have a Sandbox map but don't do the whole "find missions" thing GTA does. Just design a traditional campaign and have what you want to do in the campaign reflect the world design.Then you have Forge and free-mode and people can create missions, RP, play competitively, etc, would be cool af if Halo adopted an Arma-like design.

>>508908019A little sad that Halsey died, but that's fucking based as shit. non-Bungie Halo is absolute dogshit. It still amazes me that the flagship xbox franchise went from 6 oclock news-worthy levels of hype, to mediocre forgettable drop in the bucket game that gets ignored all in the space of 1 game releasing. Halo 4 made me realise that they could fuck halo up and it's never recovered and at this point, I don't believe it can recover.

>>508910818They literally are doing this.

>>508910884And it's all because Karen Traviss was brought on to ruin Halo. In the same passage that she's struck, Halsey gets back up. Can't happen. Canon's broken. We're free from the curse of 343i raping Halo's dismembered corpse.

Bungie Forerunners:>Always vague on who they really were>"Forerunner" wasn't a species name like saying "Human" but a title>Physical forms never shown>Civilization was so advanced they were like Gods>Loved life so much, their most powerful weapons they have ever created are inhabitable and hold unique life>Selfless, knew what they were doing when activating Halo in order to save all life in the Galaxy>Implied to actually be Ancient Humans343 ""Forerunners:>Shitty Voldemort looking fucks>Generic as fuck species>Too human-like to the point that they seem fucking stupid according to lore >Irritating, always seething at humans>Star Wars-like Jedi bullshit>Completely unlikeable>Forced to being an enemy, Prometheans are absolutely garbage>Weaponry consists of just yellow laser gunsnu-Halo is not canon

>>508910693I thought the leaks were kinda fun. I remembered when there were screenshots of Halo Reach leaked and people didn't know what the fuck the needle rifle was and people calling it fake, because it's clearly a composite of a battle rifle, needler and carbine shittily photoshopped together. Fun times. I miss when Halo was simpler and fun instead of overly complex mishmash of different popular fpses thrown together, painted with a halo skin and thrown out the door to die on shelves.

>>508911000>Karen TravissThanks for reminding me she exists.

>>508906326Isn't evade generally better than sprint?

>>508911141>>"Forerunner" wasn't a species name like saying "Human" but a titleThis is a lie because Humans were always supposed to be related to them. For instance, the Sanghelli weren't able to really use forerunner technology because they weren't related to forerunners. Maybe i'm just remembering it wrong, please correct me if so.

>>508911198She does alright if you put her in her own little corner where she's not allowed to touch established canon beyond small little grains. Mandalorian lore under her was kind of alright, if a bit masturbatory. She just ignores the lore of literally everything she writes and harasses and attacks other authors she's expected to work adjacently with.

>>508909880>only parts>lists the whole level

>>508902810>>508903105>>508907474343 shills will try to convince you that halo was always shit so that you accept 343's shittiness as normal.

>>508911314I think "Forerunner" is just a title like how Humans are called "Reclaimers".

>>508911141Based. One thing I did like that they did was the story of how humans originally were killing a bunch of forerunner planets, but only because of the flood and when the forerunners got insight to the human fleet, it was orders of magnitude smaller than they thought it would be, because it was the last remnants of humanity, desperately trying to stamp out the flood. Sure, it's riddled with plotholes, like why didn't the humans just say "Hey forerunners, there's these parasites that are seriously fucking our shit up, mind helping us fight this shit?" But I did like the idea that they thought humanity was just warmongering and aggressive, whereas they were actually just desperate. It totally doesn't fit with Bungie's Forerunners, but it was a nice idea. 343's forerunners always rubbed me the wrong way and now because of how you've compared them, I understand why.

>>508911332You're forgetting the copypasted halls and arenas connected by elevators and bridging, which is actually about half the level, and the underground chasm must be travelled on foot because of a broken door.

>>508910962How do you know?

>>508907474>bungie>incompetent hacks>spin-offs as mainline gamesThat was enforced by Microsoft, who outright told them that they were not allowed to develop spinoffs and ODST and Reach had to be official main-stay entries in the series.

>>508911314Sangheili can use forerunner technology. Literally everything the covenant uses stems from forerunner tech. Sangheili aren't reclaimers. Only reclaimers can activate Halo.

>>508911327>She does alrightI don't think so. I can't recollect any information from the Halo books I've read by her and I think that's for a reason.

>>508902182>how do we make it not shit?Dissolve 343. Do not allow any of them to ever work on another video game. How these fucking faggots still have a job eludes me.

>>508902848>>Fire O'Connor and whoever is the CEO over at 343Also Bonnie Ross and Kiki Wolfkill, these two are the main responsible as to why 343 has struggled to find a direction.

>>508911836It's not like she's the absolute worst, though she is a heavily flawed cunt. Whoever the fuck made the Spartan-IVs is the worst.>first augmentee to survive is a psychopathic bitch capable of killing armoured spartan-IIs bare-handed while ass-naked>she escapes, joins the insurrection>somehow the IV program is still allowed to go on despite contributing a supersoldier to the innies, scientists and musa-096 aren't executed for this fucking failure>the production IVs are all equal to Spartan-IIs and even capable of standing their ground against John-117, all of them outrank Spartan-IIs (all commissioned and ranking at O-2, with authority up to O-10) and IIIs and outnumber IIs and IIIs

>>508911779>open world>tons of missions>post launch campaign missions>most advanced forge ever>new engine, new possibilities, used to "make content faster and easier than ever">game will please both classic as nu fans, only way to do this is allow for both in the sandbox

>>508912085Why is Frankie such an incompetent hack nowadays? Or was he always like that?

>>508911825Covenant tech is largely reverse engineered from forerunner tech, the lore tells us that they have trouble with sentinels and other defensive systems all the time because it doesn't recognise them. They have rites or somesuch to shut it down where they can, otherwise they have to shoot.

>>508909036Equipment was a good addition. Subtle but added to good game scenarios

>>508911825>>508911825>Sangheili can use forerunner technology. Literally everything the covenant uses stems from forerunner techBecause the Prophets reverse engineer them, or allow it. We never see any species within the covenant use forerunner technology directly.>Sangheili aren't reclaimers. Only reclaimers can activate Halo.Right, this is what I meant. My mistake.

>>508912617>we never saw the covenant use forerunner tech>key ship in high charity>energy sword>sentinel beams>plasma riflesanon, please.

>>508912918The energy sword isn't Forerunner technology, it's Sangheili technology developed from an earlier design known as the Burnblade, which was literally a Fallout Shishkebab.

>>508912918>>plasma rifles>>energy swordReverse engineered covenant weapons>key ship in high charityAren't the prophets somehow linked to the Forerunners? >>sentinel beamsYou got me there. I forgot about this.

>>508912918Plasma rifles were reverse engineered, swords were never forerunner tech I don't think, presumably the prophets had decades to fuck around with the keyship and a somewhat compliant shard of mendicant bias to help them and the sentinel beams aren't biocoded to only recognise reclaimers, it has a trigger that can be pulled. Stuff like the halo array and anything managed by forerunner AI will only tend to recognise reclaimers.

>>508912918Don't they also literally have Mendicant Bias in the core of High Charity?

>zero newsIts gonna be bad

>>508913431A shard of him, that was mindfucked by a gravemind.

>>508913243Prophets are not linked to forerunners in any way.

>>508913646That could still explain how they can use the ship.

>>508913816They still use forerunner tech then, reverse engineered or not.

>>508913816That's literally the only way they can use the ship.

>>508913989If it's reverse engineered tech then they aren't actually using the original technology. They make their own tech based off of the tech that they copied. A Sanghelli using a plasma rifle doesn't mean that the plasma rifle is forerunner technology.

>>508913989The entire point of this was to point out that they can't really use most forerunner technology because they aren't actually related to the forerunners. There are loopholes, like how the plasma beam doesn't actually require being a reclaimer to use, but most of their core tech does.

>>508902182Halo was always shit

Alien races CAN use Forerunner tech, but only Humans can activate Halo's. This is because Humans ARE Forerunners.

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>>508903323Sprint in Halo is fucking dumb.

>>508914974Why was 343i too fucking stupid to ever get this? Guilty Spark literally shouts it in CE too>"YOU ARE HUMAN, YOU ARE FORERUNNER"

>>508914974>>508915138>This is because Humans ARE Forerunners.No They aren't. Even Bungie got rid of this.

>>508915138>YOU ARE FORERUNNERWell 343GS clearly didn't read the terminals.

>>508915525From where?

>>508915791Even the Halo 3 terminals shit on this theory of Humans being Forerunner, and Bungie confirmed it on Twitter.

>>508902182by not playing it

>>508915138When Guilty Spark calls chief a "Forerunner", he isn't actually saying he is an original forerunner. He's a descendant of one, which explains why Humans are Reclaimers and how said Reclaimers can use forerunner tech.Reclaimers are not actually Forerunners, they're their descendants (at least one of them). humans are basically the new Forerunners now. This is specifically detailed in the Terminals with the Didact and the Librarian in Halo 3.

>>508916096That was a retcon, they never set out with any firm idea of who the forerunners actually were, but they were clearly leaning towards it being humans because of Guilty Spark's lines in CE.>Why would you hesitate to do what you've already done?>Last time you asked me, 'if it were my choice, would I do it?'>You can't imagine how exciting this is, to have a record of all of our lost time! Human history, is it? Fascinating.Even in Halo 3, the gravemind specifically refers to humans as the 'child of his enemy' and 'the sins of the father passed on to the son'. That shit in the terminals was a last second retcon.

I always thought that the Forerunners found early humanity and deigned to protect and safeguard them because the Forerunners just loved life that much. There's a comic that was released around the time of Halo 3 that shows an early, primitive human watching the Forerunner machines construct the Ark in Africa, which makes it confusing to hear that Forerunners and Humans are the same thing. If Forerunners really are just ancient, space-faring humans then that really removes the beauty of the Forerunners and their sacrifice. I always liked the idea that the Forerunners just wanted to protect early man. If humans are Forerunners, how did they end up forgetting this?

Everyone says dismantle 343. I disagree. They aren't a bad team, lots of talented people there, but none of them understand Halo. Microsoft should instead have them make another game entirely (Perfect Dark might be a good fit) and see how it goes.Halo needs to go into cryosleep for a few years.

>>508912264He was the community manager when he was with bungie, he never had anything going for.

>>508902182You don't make it. If you have to dont let 343 get any closer, you hire old Bungie ONLY and end nuBungie existence

>>508918021They were literally fucking hired because they outright hate Halo. That's the entire fucking reason everyone in that shithole company was hired. You're a fucking retard, what the fuck?

>>508918835Congratulations, that's what I said. Try reading next time, faggot.

>>508917108This, it also implies that John already knew GS and activated the Halos himself.

>>508919758Which doesn't make any sense at all.

>>508919758That's dumb, all it meant is that Guilty Spark can't tell one human from another due to his extreme age.

>>508919831Yeah that's the point.>>508920168Then why should we take the words of an aging and rampant AI as a fact?

Daily reminder that Bungie never knew what to do with the

>>508908019>Glasslands canonEven the EU brushed that garbage under the rug.

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>>508920670you were kinda based until you tried speaking out against the only legitimate outcome, elitefucker

>>508902182Needs to be in a different genre. FPS games are inherently bad. And the genre's especially shit for a game where the main draw is the main character's cool as fuck aesthetics.

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>>508920869Evolutions Vol I should've been the last. >>508920642Yeah pretty much.

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Oh boy, here we go, another Halo thread doomed to be shat on by some homosexual and his original character donut steel.

>> gunplay sandbox with interesting enemy AI behaviour.Less overblown character drama, more atmosphere from the environments and grand scheme of things.Playable sangheili in some game modesIn-depth customization where you can fine-tune your playable character's gear, give him or her personality traits, give them different casual clothes, maybe take them off and do some kind of Nintendo-style interactivity fluff and pose them in photo mode. That would be cool, haha. Seriously, though, you might want to look into the propaganda poster thing XCOM2 had. Think it could with certain implementations work wonders.

>>508920323Because Guilty Spark is manic and unfocused, not senile, he's not going around saying gibberish or mistaking things for other things. He wasn't that far gone. His statements make complete sense when you factor in that the writers hadn't decided exactly who the forerunners were during CE's development, as I said, but they kept dropping offhanded hints that it was humans. It was even hinted at with the utilitarian architecture, similar to current human architecture, just more advanced.

>>508915689The terminals were written by Frank O'Connor

Have it have a well designed multiplayer, classic Have either the same forge or better allowing to map AI also just a good story it really isn't that at hard

>>508917287Humans were meant to be de-evolved Forerunners placed on Earth to safeguard the species after the firing of the Halo array

>>508921069>a third person halo shooter/slasher hybridWhy not.It would be better than that sorry excuse of an RTS.

>>508915138Why the fuck would Forerunners call themselves Forerunners?

>>508919758no, the "you" is plural. He's referring to John as all of humanity.

>>508922030That's really dumb. How can they safeguard the species if they're blasted into the stone age and have no idea that they are Forerunner?

>>508921874Yes, along with other Bungie writers and Staten.

>>508922117I always thought it was a translation thing, that guilty spark just thought 'forerunner' was english for whatever the forerunners actually called themselves.

>>508922153>"Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done?">"Last time, you asked me, if it were my choice, would I do it?"Nah, the lightbulb was senile.

>>508906486>ruin legchad

>>508902182>game comes out in 6 months>Literally 0 info on it>No gameplay>No in-engine bullshots>No mention about MP>No idea about what is happening on the campaigningOnly two possibilities for this gameHalo Rebirth Halo Death

>>508922579Halo Infinite: Episode 1

>>508922579It’s supposedly being shown off in July, but I can’t imagine it being anything other than a disaster at this point

>>508920642>Notably, it is Truth who infers that humanity are Forerunners that were ‘left behind’, as that’s the only conclusion the presentation of the context really allows him to come to. The extent to which we can take these interpretations as fact has always been open to debate.Faggot article. He's just trying to distort Bungie's lore to justify 343's lore.It's no secret that Bungie narrative development was a mess. But that's why the nature of Forerunners remained vague. 343 had no right to step in and canonize one of the two possibilities right in our faces.

>>508922579>out in 6 monthsYeah, not gonna happen.

>>508912594I don't hate equipment, but I don't like the bubble shield. It stalls too hard in a lot of encounters. A lot of items were also really niche or just bad like the grav lift or radar jammer. The worst part about equipment is that it was the clear inspiration for armor abilities in Reach. On a side note, the grenade launcher from Reach not being in future titles is an actual fucking crime. The best weapon bar none and it was left to rot in a shit game.

>>508922952It's launching with the new xbox. Either the game comes out later this year or the xbox release gets delayed.

>>508922938Humans and Forerunners being two different things is Bungie's lore and decision though (Halo 3), 343i simply went full retard with it.

>>508922579We've seen early in-engine screenshots in the past. They're adding a grappling hook and other mobashit.

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>>508923164It’s also coming out on Xbox1 apparently

>>508922352No, Staten and 3's story group had nothing to do with the terminals or IRIS

>>508923259>grappling hook is mobashitFucking zoomer, kill yourself.

>>508922346They were giving themselves another shot. Starting from scratch.>>508922558>Las time you (humans/forerunners) asked meMakes sense to me.

>>508923259Looks like the Spiker grenade to me

>>508923516>unnecessary movement mechanic just like armor abilities and halo 5's bullshitbegone, zoom zoom>>508923626the text is blurred but very clearly says 'grapple hook'

>>508923626Oh nvm, I saw the text below

>>508923509I know this is hard to accept but that was all Bungie's work, 343i didn't exist back then and no amount of revisionism attempts will change that.

Attached: H3 terminals writers.jpg (609x314, 51.28K)

>>508923235>is Bungie's lore and decision though (No it isn't. Bungie as a whole didn't have a definitive answer because they weren't interested in finding one. Some people like Staten thought of humans as descendants of forerunners, others like Frank as a separate species

>>508923621>Makes sense to me.Nope, he's talking to Chief, he's a thousands-year old forerunner that somehow survived this long.

>>508923691>because grappling hook hasn't been a thing in quake, unreal and various other good old school shootersJust shut the fuck up, retard. You have no idea what you are talking about.

>>508923778>that was all Bungie's work,bungie isn't just 4 people.

>>508923691I don't get it. Are modern FPS just trying to emulate old FPS classic fast paced gameplay by giving garbage abilities that completely shit the game's aesthetic?

>>508923259grappling hook is originally from quake 1, zoomer.

>>508923941It kinda was until Halo 3

>>508923897>>508923984cry more, niggers, it's a shit mechanic that shouldn't be anywhere in halograppling hooks can't even support several tons of spartan for good reason

>>508923984>After years of playing Quake 1 I just realized there was a grappling hookI'm retarded

Attached: DYkPgvwVMAAooFU.jpg (800x600, 69.7K)

>>508923984I wonder what the quakefags will do if it turns out that Halo's gameplay becomes more like quake. What's that shitposting gonna look like?

>>508924101>zoomer gets exposed>c-cry more!>muh lore!

>>508907335>Assault on the Control Room>Less boring than anything

>>508924248They'll still say that Quake has rocket jumping and bhops while Halo doesn't

>>508924343who gives a shit, faggot? i'm still old enough to post here, nothing you can do about itgonna piss yourself? shit, maybe? cum?wonder how you'll react when i point out that i wasn't even old enough to be forming consistent memories when 9/11 happened lmao

>>508903323>sprint is okNigger

>>508923259>grappling hooks are exclusive to ASSFAGGOTS

>>508924413>Go to lifeboat>Defend against a few waves of covenant>Repeat this three more times>Level ends

>>508924239It was in the mods for multiplayer, but given how ubiquitous those mods were, its safe to say it was an essential part of the game if you were into anything beyond standard deathmatch

>>508902182The only way is to remove the new players. They aren't Halo fans and they're the ones giving feedback on Waypoint. If everybody was united in removing sprint and abilities it wouldn't matter how much 343 wants to change shit, they simply couldn't. It's these faggot cod players and zoomers ruining the series. They're also the reason why you can't see players' ranks before the match because all nu fans are shitters. If I had political power I'd personally send armed thugs to all of their homes and intimidate them to stop playing my series. If they're spotted anywhere on the internet advocating sprint and abilities after the initial warning I'll have them dumped in a landfill.

>>508905757Not an argument retard. Sprint ruins the gameplay

>>508923941Still bungie though.

I think that Sprint would be fine if they returned the movement speeds to how they were back in CE and 2 and kept Sprint as it is now.

>>508924248If they actually turned Halo into a modern Quake with not stupid fucking abilities on spawn, I'd be all aboard that train.

>>508906486>Go to campaign>First mission>It's actually the ending because the Security Officer already took care of everything and reset time

>>508902182Bring back the armour style/customization from reach it looked the best, 343s Spartans look like mega bloks figurinesKeep focus on chief, bring back arbiter to coop Make the UNSC weaponry seem POWERFUL, these weapons are meant to punch through heavy armour and energy shields, but they sound like super soakers in H4,H5, the sniper, shotgun, dmr and AR are my biggest gripe, they should sound loud as fuck and be bigger since the Spartans can carry heavier weaponry Make the covenant look more how they did in reach or H3, Flood needs to come back, should be scarier and incorporate some horror elements, maybe chiefs armour is underpowered and he needs better gear so engaging the flood is a more of a risk of infection

>>508925134Retard.The sniper, shotgun, DMR, and AR all have to be usable by standard infantry and Spartans alike.They're bringing back armour customization, supposedly on par with Reach, and getting rid of the GEN2 Power Rangers in favour of old-school GEN3 that is actually treated like barely a full ton ton of powered armour.

>>508903323Back to cod

>>508925134Your first two wishes have been confirmed granted. We'll have to see about the others.

>game changes shit >players leave >game changes more shit >more players leave>let's keep the mechanics that made players leave 343fags are the most retarded fanboys out of any game hands down.

>>508921352the dude gets paid to sit around and shitpost.


>>508925932Paid by who? I thought 343 wanted nothing to do with him when they discovered all the porn he has commissioned of his character?

Cortana Feet.

>>508926798I'm a uni student who has been shitposting elites for 10+ year. People give me money to shitpost them around and commission more. Quite literally pays for bills.

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>>508902182They ask us to trust them about infinite>Halo MCC PC is in the same lamentable condition as in 2014 on xbox>Martin O'Donnell is not even casted for the game music>Halo 4 design,musics and story was really bad, not even at the level of a random fan fiction>Halo 5 was, in a totally incredible way even worse>the game is probably being rushed to come out at the same time as the xboxImpossible to believe in 343i, they drag in the mud a great franchise for almost 8 years without accomplishing anything good, I would have preferred to have no more Halo after the 3 than to see 343i dirty the franchise to this point

>>508902182Bring back the original writers, composers, cut scene directors, and revert the game play back to Halo 3. So it is impossible

>>508928601don't forget that they totally broke vehicles on halo 3 xboneyou psychically enter vehicles and retain control of your spartan who no longer has a working hitbox so now they gotta hunt down your phylacterymobile just to score points

>>508928601>>the game is probably being rushed to come out at the same time as the xboxIt’s been in development for 5 years

>>508902182It's too late. There's nothing left.I'll even admit that Halo 5's multiplayer was pretty good. Doesn't even matter though, the damage has long since been done. Infinite could literally be the greatest Halo of all time and not enough people would play it for anyone to know. Should've let it end at 3 with some dignity instead of shitting all over the lore and story.

>>508928429Can you explain a little more? What do you mean they pay you? Do you have a Patreon or something and people forward you money so you can get more commissions of your character? Do they pay you per post? Do you have to post proof of your work to them?Personally I prefer female sangheili but, an alien is an alien.

>>508928934>I'll even admit that Halo 5's multiplayer was pretty good.

>>508928429Is it true that 343/Microsoft was going to include your character in the lore until they found all the gay porn he's in?

>>508929051Anon has Stockholm Syndrome. Reach and 4 were so bad that anything better seems good.

>>508907335Assault on the control room was let down by the series of near identical octogonal rooms and the bridge sections.Making the outside sections longer with less repetitive bridge and inside sections it would be the best mission in H:CE

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>>508929009>Can you explain a little more?They're pretty good friends. >What do you mean they pay you? I'm a poor uni student and I get covered for a lot of things.>Do you have a PatreonI'm not a sellout>Do they pay you per post? No, I don't even count how much. >Do you have to post proof of your work to them?I'm everywhere dude. People seethe over pixels all the time. It gets a laugh out of me and others, therefore people just help me fuel the fire.>Is it true that 343/Microsoft was going to include your character in the loreI was going to have a mention in a canon fodder post. He googled my name and found lewds that were irrelevant to what I obtain, but still present. I've gotten a lot of name mentions ever since, and had gay art signed by like 5-10 different employees featured on their site. I wouldn't care either way if they did make the name canon.

Attached: .png (540x1239, 1.08M)

>>508929276Reach was fine, stop trying to lump that in with your garbage 343 shill it won't make your trash any more legitimate

played halo and reach on pc. it was legit a mediocre forgettable experience and i realise now the only reason anyone hyped it up was because it was a one eyed man in the kingdom of the blind.halo is dead

>>508929642Seething reachzoomer.

>H2A remake of coagulation removed all the heavy vehicles like the Scorpion and Wraith >There is now literally no way to counter sniperfags unless you have a sniper of your own >Assuming one of your faget teammates doesnt betray you first just cause they want the epic sniper

>>508928934343 had such an easy job. All they had to do was expand on what was already present and take the ODST approach where they visit battles within the Halo lore. Ensemble Studios had the right idea by making and RTS based around the UNSC. It would have presented the perfect opportunity to really drive home just how fucked the UNSC were in most of their fights.>Deserts of Kharak/Homeworld inspired game where you play as a UNSC ship that has to traverse Covenant territory in order to complete a mission.>XCOM style tactical game where you control ODSTs in deadly scenarios.>Republic Commando rip off based around Spartan operations from the books or new stories set during the war in the same vain as Reach.There. I saved the franchise by branching out into other game types. You want more games that reflect the gameplay of the trilogy + Reach? Fuck off, the trilogy + Reach were solid and there's no way of topping them. 343 had to learn that the hard way.

>>508928835they probably had too much to do with the game engine change, rumors that they changed the script at the last minute are probably true, if they haven't shown anything yet it's because they have nothing to showobviously all of this comes out of my butt, but by dint of being fucked by 343i I am rather certain of what comes out of my ass

>>508923259A Grapple Hook would actually be pretty based if done well. Don't fucking tell me you wouldn't play a "Spiderman" themed custom game where you were constantly swinging and grappling in mid air.

>>508907201How about a shotgun with the stats of Halo CE with the sounds of 2A with the looks of 3?

>>508902746its not irrational. halo 5 had pretty great multiplayer and the custom games were amazing. its sad it took so long after release to make it good but they got there.they just need a good story now.and if i remember correctly arbiter and chief re united at end of 5 so thats really all i care about, those 2 fighting together. not trying to introduce a bunch of new shit characters.also im pretty sure theyre gonna make you kill cortana at the end of this one, thats just a guess but theyre really leading up to that

>>508929642Reach was absolutely not fine. It destroyed the core tenets of Halo even more than 2 did.

>508929612>brags about literally sucking off 343 employees to get mentioned in muh lore!>exploits government assistance and uses it to pay for furry art and social media addiction>openly admits to getting paid to do viral marketing shitposts>>I'm not a selloutI got some bad news for you buddy, no one cares about gay porn everyone on Holla Forums is faggots anyways.I sincerely doubt you've ever made anyone seethe either but you do embody everything wrong with the 343 community: an obnoxious narcissistic attention whore completely disinterested in Halo but who has latched onto something popular to use as a platform to smell your own farts. Much like 343 doesn't care about the games it shits out as long as it makes money, you don't care what dumb shit you say as long as you get paid. And as a viral marketer I get that, I do, but you're associating the dumb shit you say with your personal life and face because you want attention. That's not a great idea my dude, I sincerely advise you to unplug from social media for a while, focus on your studies, and reevaluate your life.

>>508930406It's a fine cawadoodie-era shooter. Kinda messed as a Halo game, but then again, lot of the Halo games have something messed up compared to the previous, while improving otherwise.

>>508931376>comparing Reach to call of dutywant to know how I know you're a 343 marketer and have never actually played the game?

>>508931690It's unfair to compare Reach to CoD, CoD was popular.

>>508926798That's just for PR user, 343 explicitly sought him out because of all the porn. Sex sells, furries have big wallets and small brains, congregate into large ghettos on social media, and insert their shit everywhere.It's free advertising for 343.

>>508931690>sprint>muh headshots>cover-heavy>tacticool as fuck>loadoutsIt's certainly influnced by cawadoodie and you are fucking retarded if you can't admit it.

>>508906841>By voting with your wallet and letting it die.You’re talking about people who stuck out the near death of Halo in Reach, then gobbled up Halo 4 and stuck out the near death of Halo again, bitched and whined about MCC but kept supporting 343i, opened their anus’ for H5 and handed over bags of cash for REQ packs and stuck out yet another exodus of the playerbase.These people are literally incapable of voting with their wallet.

>>508932079why do you make a point to announce yourself in every thread when you can just shitpost anonymously like this all the time

>>508932158I enjoyed all those games, no regrets here.

>>508915050>>508903323>>508924576>no sprint>game dies and franchise dies

>>508930397>pretty great multiplayer and the custom games were amazingHow can you type this with a straight face when Halo 5 is the only game without split screen?

>>508932348>Enjoying Halo 4How?

>>508932428name one major FPS with sprinting besides Cod or battlefield

>>508932550Not nearly as good as the other Halos but it still was a solid game on its own and better than the average shooter.

>>508932564Crysis, Medal of Honor, Wolfenstein, Planetside 2, Titanfall, Killzone...

>>508932693Not really. The campaign is bad and the multiplayer even worse

Absolutely disgusting. End your life.

>>508932564>>508932848PUBG and Apex Legends for even more recent examples.

>>508932104>furries have small brainsYet they have lots of money and high concentration in STEM fields. Success breeds jealousy, I guess.>>508932723Cute and hot.

>>508932428A dead franchise is better than a butchered one.Anyway, normies don’t give a shit about Halo as an IP anymore. Appealing to them will only be detrimental. 343i should focus on listening to their original player base that have been around since the first trilogy. That will bring more impactful goodwill and word of mouth back to Halo, and they’re more likely to stick around multiplayer for months after release.Halo 5 multiplayer population went down too quickly compared to the other games.

>>508932884Welp, everyone can have an opinion.

>>508933021I guess they would rather see my lizardman. I have like 300 pics of him,

Attached: 20200327_133519.png (1095x1098, 1.38M)

>>508933021>high concentration in STEM fieldsNo they don't, they leech off government assistance as >>508929612 just admittedIf you're going to make a bullshit claim like that I expect you to back it up.

>>508933074Normies tend to shit on scifi because to them it's just space fantasy with bright neon light bullshit designs that go "bing bing wahoo". They should probably also calm down with the stories and focus more on giving a more credible hard-ish scifi vibe. That said, Fortnite and shit are popular as well, so I don't know where the kids of these days really stand. Feels like they are mostly just insecure little twats that react in hostile manner to almost everything just in case the hivemind (led by media influencers) decides to deem it uncool to like it. But if the hivemind goes FOR it, then it can be any kind of garbage, it's okay because the group likes it as well.

Did you just unironically try to shill your own fursona in a Halo thread?Dare I say based?

>>508933465I'm getting my second degree. Mechanical engineering in nanotechnology. It's not leeching from the government if they're not helping lmao.

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>>508933914have you been tested for autism

>>508933914couldn't get a mcjob with the good enough degree, eh?

>>508934037Back in like 5th grade because I was really good at math. I don't have it.

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>>508934286I did IT for a while and wanted more to do.

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>>508922564Legchad?>>508925118I think he should just turn up and save Cheif's life >Chief is dying because he can't swim and got thrown into an extremely large body of water>Security Officer comes along and drags him out.

>>508934291get tested again because everything you post is fucking retarded but you do it with obsessive levels of investmentt. master's in neuroscience

>>508902182hire bungie

>>508934752There's literally nothing wrong with making something out of what you like. It's like a hobby to me aside from building guns and hiking.

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>>508902182Cancel it

>>508935069I don't think you recognize how damaging your actions are to what you claim to love

>>508933465>If you're going to make a bullshit claim like that I expect you to back it up.>Literally just made up a bullshit claim without any proofImpressive. Truly impressive.

>>508935250What in the fuck are you rambling about?

>>508935250I'm literally engaged and my friends know I shitpost and drew elite porn in the past. Parents don't care either because it's actually getting me places.

Attached: a6339ca2-b5a5-43d2-bfc5-8e6f81591a75-4.png (1794x1161, 1.68M)

>>508934739The man runs marathons, of course he's a legchad

>>508934838Have you played Destiny 2 recently?

>>508902182A lot of their choices sounds decent so far, assuming that the info leaks are trueI'm concerned but curious about their semi open world campaign. I heard there's four open world areas for you to explore and basically do sidequests. The main storyline missions are reached within those areas and are linear and traditionally designed. I don't think Halo needs open world. Their decision to do this is probably to 1. capture that sense of exploration when you first landed on Halo in Halo: CE and you just drove wherever you want and rescue marines, which would be great. 2. Bullshit marketing and game designif they pull it off, I think it could be really fun; landing on Halo for the first time and having to explore was really memorable. I hope they can make it work but its 343 so who knows. Honestly, even if the open world component is mediocre, I don't think it'll have much of an impact on the whole game, unless 343 royally fuck it up, and they totally can. Even with open world, the quality of the campaign will depend heavily on the quality of the story and the main storyline missions, and given 343's track record, we can't say if it will or wont work.I think they're making of good moves for multiplayer.>not keeping spartan charge, ground pound, or sprint (I PRAY this is true)>back to the basics>slightly faster movement speed than other Halo games>bringing back invasion and playable elites>wargames and possibly a spartan ops thing>forge, theater, custom games, etcI hope they keep all those crazy weapon attachments, special vehicles, req packs, etc. ONLY in warzone and spartan ops (I'd prefer if it stays out of campaign, as well). Spartan ops had a lot of potential in H4, so I hope they make it workIf they respect the original art style and designs, support the community with custom games and forge, draw a line between traditional multiplayer and arcade bullshit, and don't make the campaign as bad as H5, it might turn out good.but its 343

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>>508935289>furry degenerate IN THIS THREAD admits to leeching off government assistance to commission furry porn>>508929612>>508929612>>508929612>>hurrr furries pay $16,000 for a deviantart drawing because they're overrepresented in STEM fields>provides absolutely no evidence that furries are overrepresented in STEM fields or higher education of any kindImpressive. Truly impressive. I bet if you looked at the education statistics for the average furry you'd be right alongside them.

>>508936127>Impressive. Truly impressive.Dude, did you just parrot my post because you couldn't think of anything else to respond with? That's pretty sad lol

>>508936127>Seething user can't make money off of doing the same thing on 4chan.Pathetic. Truly pathetic.Make friends.

Attached: 20200116_160127.png (1056x799, 779.02K)

>>508936127Furries were also asked to indicate, if they had completed post-secondary education, what area/field the education was in. When the data was coded by research assistants, it was found that 24.2% of furries had chosen degrees in a field that could be considered an "art" (e.g. design, graphics, writing). In addition, 27.9% of furries had chosen fields that directly involved computers (e.g. computer graphics, computing science, information technology, computer engineering). 11.9% of furries selected a degree that could be considered specifically a "science" degree (e.g. biology, chemistry, physics) and 11.9% had taken a degree in some form of engineering.

>>508935502I'm not talking about your personal life you fucking narcissist I'm talking about how your obnoxious attitude and rampant shitposting and attention whoring are damaging to the Halo and furry communities.Overcome your cognitive dissonance, even you recognize this subconsciously on some level when you rationalize with things like "haha I make people seethe over pixels". You understand that you are received in a negative manner but you put the responsibility on the reader and play it off like you were only pretending to be retarded. You reassign both the motivation and target of the reactions you receive to cope and shelter your fragile ego, which retards your growth and maturity.

>>508902182A battle royale mode which is a mix of Warzone/Apex. Map size/vehicles like warzone. And a "legend" select which lets you choose who you want to play as - ie a grunt, ODST, hunter, or Brute for example. These guys don't get any boosts and multiple people can choose the same character but the only thing that's different is the hitbox sizes for obvious reasons. Weapons like in fortnite where weapons are simplified by color tier only with no attachments. I really want a gamemode where you can play as different covenant spieces.

>>508935970>I'm concerned but curious about their semi open world campaignIt sounds a lot like Gears 5 campaign to me. Could be okay if there's actual gameplay and they really get the loops/structure interesting throughout the game.

>>508937072Anon the Halo community is already fucked. I'm more positive here about the series than most shit flinging canons. Quit pretending to be a psychologist by reading posts.

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>>508902182>crouch down and zoom in on a female marine's ass with the sniper rifle in halo 2>she says, "trust me, you couldn't handle it."even tho the game wen through serious dev hell, they managed to put that in.

>>508936853As expected, you'd be right beside them on the bell curve of IQ too.Nothing in here examines their representation, in fact this data actually proves that the MINORITY of furries have post-secondary education in the degrees of science and engineering, among those that have any post-secondary education at all.The majority have high school or some college education (likely dropouts since the average sample age is 24) with a second peak appearing at ongoing college education (to explain the younger than average weight of sample), while just 10% of furries have completed a bachelor's degree. An extremely small minority of > 3% of furries has a master's degree or higher. 20% of 10% of 2,000 people is 40. 40 furries that completed at least a bachelor's degree in a STEM field.They are not overrepresented in STEM.What this data does show is that, unsurprisingly, whites are overrepresented in furries. Because furries are racist.

>>508902182>halo 2 walk speed>keep sprint, make it faster and make it so you can shoot while sprinting with lower accuracy>keep movement options from 5, just make it so you can SHOOT during actions like clamber>make ground pound faster, even if you have to make it weaker>PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE THE PROMETHEANS MORE FUN TO FIGHT, WHETHER THAT MEANS NEW ONES OR NEW AIthere fixed the game, an overall faster pace where you always have the ability to shoot, which is key in an FPS.

>>508936728>>508937571I have a master's degree in neuroscience and a six figure salary. I'm here as a hobby because unlike you I enjoy Halo and care about it.

>>508937571stop posting anytime retard

>>508902182Just do a fucking reboot from scratch like Doom 2016 and be done with it. No one gives a shit about Halo post H3 anymore. There's no more surprises and the gameplay has aged.

>>508937440Ah yes, I forgot about Gears but you hit the nail on the head, user!From what I've seen (admittedly it isn't much) of the Gears open world parts, they're pointless. They're just a passage between level 1 and level 2, so depending on the player, they might get annoyed by it, they might enjoy it, but at the end of the day, it adds nothing. I think at worst, Infinite might end up like that, but I think since it'll have a bigger presence than it did in Gears, it will hopefully involve more mechanics around it and flesh it out? What was the Gears one like? is it fair to claim it was pointless? because honestly the only exposure I got of it was watching parts of a walkthrough because I wanted to see how the game turned out.It would be cool if they had a Breath of the Wild/ODST styled campaign where you had to roam and find clues to figure out what happened on Zeta Halo. It seems like that might be the case considering the dialogue in the E3 trailer, but you never know. I do genuinely hope they make exploring feel rewarding and enjoyable. As a kid I loved the idea of roaming the mountains, cliffs, and forests of halo. but as always, its 343. I don't know how they'll do, and we can't tell until the game comes. i hope they finally hit their stride this game but I know most people aren't as hopeful, and rightfully so.

>>508932848>Crysis, dead>Medal of Honordeader than dead>Wolfensteindead>Planetside 2dying>Titanfalldead>Killzonedead>>508932965these two are the only other relevant ones.

>>508929587I'd argue that all the gondola and elevator sections of halo 2 are worse

>>508938341You need a new hobby if you're visiting here and getting nothing out of it.

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>>508937571You are by far the worst shit flinging canon and explicitly attempt to be so because you want to attach your name to it for attention. You give a bad name to furries and Halo fans everywhere, at this point I wouldn't be surprised to hear Sony is the sugar daddy paying you to shitpost.

>>508938716I've published research using 4chan communities as sample groups, so the whole world is getting something out of it really.

>>508937812Shit that was a thing? Based fem marine.

>>508938645i can still get matches any day of the week on both titanfall 1 and 2.

>>508939001Can your next published research be how many times "nigger" is mentioned all across 4chan over a two month period?

>>508939001Show us that thesis.

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get rid of 343

>>508939173Doubtful since that would be pointless and more fall under sociology anyways, I have no reason to care about this and no means to track it without making a script or some shit to scrape every thread and that's a lot of effort for a pointless laugh.>>508939243I'm content to remain anonymous and be judged by the content of my posts, if a piece of paper with my name on it is going to make the difference in whether you believe me or not you should reevaluate your standards.

>>508939909Sounds like you're a nigger.

>>508940001I am.

>>508940043I can't believe I was right, holy shit.

>>508940267This is Holla Forums retard we're all niggers and faggots here

>>508940350Oh, shut up, niggerfaggot.

I thought that H5 was decent from what I heard.The single player sucked and they fucked up with the playlists or something.

>>508940350LOLur a nigger and a faggot

>>508902182Why do you think that you have the least bit of say in the matter?

>>508940882the questions is hypothetical, like your penis

>>508903323>sprintfags = cod refugeesREMOVE SPRINT

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>>508902182Multiplayer >AR + Pistol. Both weapons are best at mid-range, AR is accurate enough to reward aim and pistol is weak enough to stop it from getting sniper kills >Drop sprinting>Drop enhanced mobility crap like ground pounds. MAYBE the dash can stay if it's balanced properly, could be a neat way to mix up firefights. >2 grenades, 2 of each, but make frags Reach-tier >Keep dual-wielding out of the game >Buff plasma weapons to make them worth actually picking up from time to time>Nerf marksman weapons so they're not go-to swiss army guns that work at every range >Either include a visible vehicle health bar or go back to Halo 3 style vehicle health. Also make vehicles less vulnerable to small arms fire >Apex Legends-style ping system (just a good feature overall) >Good maps >Good forge with crazy custom games and a "programming" system that allows players to make usable gates and stuff. As for the rest of the game, I have no idea how they're going to salvage the story at this point. Ideally we'd do a full retcon of 4-5 but we all know that isn't going to happen. I honestly don't know what I want, my only requests would be: >Don't drop iconic enemies/vehicles like grunts and ghosts >Keep forerunners mysterious (ideally don't show them, but that cat is already out of the bag) >Maintain a sense of mystery and grandeur, backed by the feeling of being a ragtag bunch of army dudes >Drop the tacticool shit that Reach pioneered and go back to older designs (they already seem to be doing this) >Be consistent with the power level of a Spartan. Cutscene Chief shouldn't do anything that Gameplay Chief can't and vice versa >Please, no QTE bosses ever again. That shit was insulting. >A good villain. I found the prophets from Halo 2 fascinating, but we never had villains like that again. They didn't need an intro cutscene where they rose from a sphere in a vat of lava to make them interesting, they did that through their interactions with the Arbiter.

Take the concept of an "open battlefield" to the next level with more dynamic interactions and larger movement routes.

>>508938109Cope harder.>>508938626The Gears 5 "open world" stuff was kinda okay, for most parts. At least for me. I liked that it gave some larger scale for the world. Some random discovery places were cool and I've always liked that type of empty calm moments in space flight games, rpgs and such. Even liked the empty planets in Mass Effect. That said, they don't usually keep their value for future playthroughs.

>>508902182It won't be, multiplayer will be Halo 5 but with all features, local multiplayer, armor customization on the level of Reach, no lootboxes, no real money, dev made btb maps, bigger Forge than Halo 5, huge maps, Warzone 2.0, and a campaign that where you only play Chief rebuilt from the ground up with some open world and some RPG elements with no squad gameplay, Blue Team, or Osiris and a return of Cortana being Chief's partner on a Halo ring.

>>508942270>a campaign that where you only play ChiefI want to play as Arbiter again.

>>508902182It's veeeery simple>cool physics or "feel" and weapons>great scenery >amazing musicThat's all you need for a passing game. If you want to make it a classic you'll need iconic designs that look distinct, and a story that's able to build a fire in the player.

>>508942850Nobody else does, furfag, he's the cause of casuals starting to hate Halo campaigns.

>>508943020That's not going to work for Halo today.


>>508943058>casualsWho cares?

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>>508942141>>Cope harderyou made a bullshit claim and the only data you eventually and reluctantly provided only proved you were wrongno u

>>508933074That wasn't the reason Halo 5's mp went down, that happened because no split screen and no content at launch with a terrible campaign that sideline Chief and added fucking squads.

>>508944017Microsoft and 343 do and Bungie did too before they left.

Remove 343

>>508902182Chief and Arby romance plot.

Gay fags know they're gay fags, and you know they're gay fags, so why try to get a gay fag to admit he's a gay faggot? He'll just deny until proven guilty, then he'll go teehee I was a gay fag all along. In the end, it is you who ends up being the gay fag

>>508946312cope harder

>>508902182Just have it so chief just wakes up and all the events of 4-5 just didn’t occur since they were ass. Or if 4 has to have occurred, keep cortana dead. If 5 has to occur, well shit just have the created just offed in EU content and it’s banished you fight instead since you could do that and no one would actually care and those who did care would see it as an improvement.p beyond the cortanafaggots.

>>508902182>Bring back Martin O'Donnell>Make Arbiter playable again>Retcon Halo 4 and 5, using time travel bullshit if necessary>Make games feel like Halo again

>>508946490343 ain't going to do that.>>508946650>Bring back Martin O'DonnellHe'll butt heads with 343 and Microsoft and get fired.>Make Arbiter playable againHe sucked and you're a furfag.>Retcon Halo 4 and 5, using time travel bullshit if necessaryFuck off, Reachfag, retconning CE-3. Wanting to kill Halo for good.>Make games feel like Halo againNobody wants that, normies want a change as big as God of War PS4 and Doom 2016, they like 5's multiplayer, 343 goes back to a group who only plays the game for a week and Halo dies for good.

>>508946490In terms of new enemy factions, whatever the fuck do you do, even assuming you want that instead of just giving more stuff to flood, forerunner or covenant. Hell even my ideas ended up being extensions of those groups.>Warlord barbarian covenants, which already exist in multiple flavors from jackal space pirates, brute warlords or whatever loopy shit the storm was. >Arbiter elites or red covies could be made more neutral instead of allies, ONI fucked the pooch there in EU but elites are too much of smooth brains to realize that.>Halo ring local civ some bored as fuck monitor raised, which is hit or miss as fuck but if they’re shit you can just glass that ring and never hear from them again>Spartan innies, which would be too CoD-like so no>Extended sentinels, but not Prometheans because promethean lore is lame shit and some of the book authors and halo 3 concept art had all matter of crazy sentinel ideas that might be fun to fight again. Bring back enforcers at the very least!

>>508947540Arbiter was great and also had no fucking fur.

>>508947741No, difference, you like an ugly ass alien, you're a closet furfag.

>>508946650>Halo Infinite starts with a fight against Cortana's Forerunner bullshit>at the end of the sequence Chief eats a massive explosion and is knocked unconscious>hear Cortana telling Chief to wake up with alarms blaring in the background>eyes open, you're in the cryo tube aboard Forward Unto DawnImagine.

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>>508948124Everyone seems to want this.As absurd as it is, it's infinitely better than keeping anything after 3 canon.

>>508947660But like, 343 doing direct forerunners with some tech magic composed people slaves was gay shit. Being Like necrons but shit. Like if you want to have necron type shit in halo prometheans just was like every way to not do that.

>>508948124>hear Cortana telling Chief to wake up with alarms blaring in the background>eyes open>game cold opens with you in the cryo tube aboard Forward Unto Dawn>4 and 5 and 343's EU bullshit are just dropped and never mentioned again>gradually overwritten and replaced with competent loreImagine.

>>508948310>EveryoneYou mean Bungie autist, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to fix the current storyline, just make it not suck, easy.

>>508948484Mind necrons themselves have lots of issues with their lore, especially post-Ward but that’s a whole different subject

>>508948646Maybe some concept like ancient dead super warriors that fought flood could work, but I dunno man, having them be magic human slaves just was an ass way of doing it and the design on them was ass. Comparing them to bionicles is an insult to bionicles.

>>508948627>fix the current storyline>just make it not suckIt has sucked since Reach, you can't fix what's already ruined unless you make it non-canon or retcon it.

just have everything work on launch. Forge, Theater, File Share, Custom Games (and a browser), Matchmaking. All of it day one PLEASE just Once.

>>508948926Microsoft and 343 ignore Reach so that piece of shit doesn't matter.

>>508948646Tomb Kings IN SPACE are much more interesting than 'silent terminators I guess oh and the C'Tan are secretly behind literally fucking everything in the entire setting'.

>>508948627>You mean Bungie autist, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to fix the current storyline, just make it not suck, easy.Halo 4 and 4 have damaged the lore, the characters and the overall tone. You can't go back to make something that feels like halo after the shitshow they were, unless you go the retcon route

>>508902848No, make everything after ODST non-canon. Reach was zoomer dogshit. I don’t know why you kids are so obsessed with it.

>>508949080Yeah nevermind, that is more interesting. I keep forgetting about the C’tan part

>>508949052Yet they managed to shit out 4, 5, SA, SS, HW2 which all blow as much if not more.

>>508947882>sangheili>uglyMaybe the 343 ones

>>508949393HW2 is great you sheep.

>>508950113The banished were... serviceable as a threat, but like just kinda there. Does their thing but rather underdeveloped.

>>508950113It shits on everything you did up to 3Also:>OC donut steel spacenigger ape irrelevant to all the other games

>>508944382You claimed furries were just white, bruh. Also, 10% of whites ain't

>>508950780>It shits on everything you did up to 3How?>spacenigger apeOh i get it now, you're one of those degenerate elitefags.

>>508950780Flood still existing is gay shit. Halo 5 already undermined original trilogy though and decided to make it so you get 4 fucking halo games deal with Cortana rampancy when just not being in Halo 5 would’ve been an improvement.

>haloShit from the start.

>>508950984You mean the Elite smooth brains who licked wrinkly prophet balls for 4 thousand years straight than nearly got cucked out of the great journey anyways.

>>508951346>Prophets cuck the Elites out of the Great Journey>Elites proceed to cuck the Covenant out of existence

>>508950984Covenant suck either way you nigger.

>>508951694>When you get stuck licking wrinkly old prophet balls for like 4 millennia straight only for them to try to put some paste drinkers who nuked themselves multiple times over I’m change last minute

>>508951870I’m amazed they even persisted as long as they did, you’d think some dumbass covies would’ve unleashed the flood by accident millennia sooner. Guess when you’re the only guys with spaceships drinking paste for 4 millennia straight and the only thing for stability you have to do is nuke some grunts from time to time you get complacent.

>>508949185You can and they will.>>508950006The only good Elites are dead ones.>SangheiliKill yourself

>>508952505Stay mad apefag. Go bang some coconuts together or something

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Anyone here read the new books or comics? So did 343i kill Thorne in them or why wasn't he in 5 at all? I know he was originally going to be on fireteam Osiris but he was replaced by Buck. Honestly it would have been great if we would have gotten both Buck and Thorne since it would have been nice to have two people in the team question Locke

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>>508952881At least the brutes were so smart they reached a level of technology to nuke themselves back into stone age, what have the elites accomplished besides being the prophet's go-to footlickers?

>>508952930Buck replaced Thorne because he's a far more known and popular character. Thorne should've been chilling on the Infinity doing nothing during the events of Halo 5.

>>508952881Ape fags just drink paste and nuke themselves, it’s a joke. Elites though, man, imagine acting all warrior and shit when the worst you fought for thousands of years is some uppity grunts. Elites are kabuki theatre aristocrats who larped, the second they go up against Spartans they lose and lose horribly for the most part.

>>508952881I don't like Brutes either.

>>508950006Lets see... Sangheili prettiness:3 > 2 > 2A > 5 > 4 > 1 > Blur > Reach

>>508902182Halo will never be good again

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>>508953296>343 Sangheili above anything

>>508952930>reading books or comics


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>>508952930>Write 1 decent character>Push him aside in favor of the diversity rangers>"Oh, but here's Nathan Fillion :3, you like that?"Fucking 343 is run by mouthbreathers I'm sure.

>>508953279Like imagine spending thousands of years in space and losing to some uppity manlet species the forerunners decided were better than you.

>>5089532962A is Blur's shitty Elites unless you're talking about mp.

>>508906486>MFW Durandal thinks that he's so smart, but he doesn't realize that I've been following him around for the last eleven years

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>>508953296>prettinessfucking gayAnyway1 > Reach > 2 > Blur > 3 > 2A(MP) > 5 > 4

>>508953691>reach that highConfirmed zoomer

>>508953535Locke was like, the kind of character who could’ve worked with more competent writers who had balls. Just let the dude be an ONI spook but nah, they don’t got the balls for that.

>>508953896Imagine being over 25 and still being on 4channel

>>508902182Bring back firefight with the flood, brutes, forerunner shit. Throw the kitchen sink at it and let us customize it.Add a battle royale halo version. there wow I just sold eight gabillion copies for them

>>508953956Imagine thinking you are going to change completely in a few years time. I hope you have a sad day sitting here at the age of 25 realizing how wrong you were.

>>508954154Imagine thinking I'll still be alive by then

>>508953896More like confirmed faggots, both of you.

>>508953535I think 343 mistook the criticism of team majestic as criticism for Thorne so they brought back a fan favourite character in hopes of pleasing fans

>>508953896>muh friendly space dinosfuck offthey're supposed to look like predatory monsters

>>508953535Osiris shouldn't have been a thing, Spartan IVs sucked, I just wanted to play the Chief.

>>508954213Senile Biden starting WW3 with Russia because they hacked Facebook or Trump doing the same with China because of the China virus was not the way I had hoped civilization would end, but it is what it is.>>508954442Nah they’re chicken. The execution of Osiris is like everything wrong with their character design. ONI spook spartan could be fun, but it’s like, they just fucked the pooch hard on that because of the faggotry that is the Spartan IV program

>>508954031shhhh user you can't make sense you gotta use reverse psychology

>>508954563The UNSC not being a glorified vassal/protectorate to arbiter’s elites post war was pretty contrived.

>>508954929Shouldn't that be the other way around

>>508955139>UNSC post-war: Earth (minus sub-Saharan Africa) and the shattered remnants of an already weak spacefleet, most orbital infrastructure is probably also gone>Arbiter's crew post-war: most of the Covenant's fighting elite, a big chunk of the other ranks, a big chunk of an incredibly fearsome spacefleet, an advanced planet that hasn't been blown to shit, and probably all sorts of miscellaneous ex-Covenant infrastructure dotted about the placeHow on Earth would the Arbiter's lads end up a vassal of the UNSC?

>>508953691Reach is objectively the worst iteration. The face looks just so bad, like it tries to be really scary and edgy but ends up falling flat as goofy.

>>508955901Respect to the Chief and the fact that they still have three hundred combat-ready Spartans by the end of the war and really just don't want to keep up the fighting.

>>508955139Nah. Really it’d be more like UNSC ending up having some people getting stuck having to fight banished, kig year pirates, space ISIS or whatever other warlords there are I’m sure there are some with arby elites while ONI or whatever go around looking for forerunner tech to get an edge back.

>>508954929>>508955901Post-Covenant, Arbiter and the Sangheili were 100% going to suffer a civil war. That part 343i got right, the events of Halo 2/3 happened so quickly and there is no way in all hell that the entirety of the Sangheili would accept that the Covenant was a lie. Similarly, even if it weren't to do with religion in an unstable climate like that power-struggle is bound to occur. Post-Covenant UNSC would basically be like post WW2 Europe on steroids, and without a Marshall Plan to help out. It would probably be years, maybe a decade, of rebuilding followed by slow recolonization efforts and re-establishing control of the remaining colonies that undoubtedly would capitalize on independence during the chaos.

>>508956559That’s the thing though, yeah the SoS or whatever would be stuck in some civil war and fighting whatever alien warlords sprout up, but like the UNSC wouldn’t be in any good shape themselves either.

>>508956878Earth was untouched for the most part.

>>508956368>they still have three hundred combat-ready Spartans by the end of the warWhere the fuck were those retards during the events of Halo 2/3? Taking a nap through humanity's uncomfortable close brush with extinction?

>>508955901Because they have literally no idea how to govern themselves or create things since they relied on the prophets for thousands of years. The civil war that 343 has them go through makes sense if nothing else. They should have just collapsed into a dozen clans all fighting over ex covenant territory up until the UNSC comes in a few years later and cleans up since the humans actually know how infrastructure works and can presumably salvage the intact Covenant tech that's lying around after the war and bounce back after a decade or so. Wasn't it said that the Covenant mostly ignored majority of Human colonies because they were too irrelevant in terms of strategic importance or something?Then again it's not like I read the comics or any of the proprietary bullshit that 343 came up with since Halo 4 so maybe Elites had a fully functioning empire all this time and could have totally been a proud and independent faction that don't need no Covenant if it weren't for those meddling ONI or some shit.


>>508902182>how do we make it not shit?Scrap it entirely and start over>No paid DLC>No microtransactions>No "live service AAA player investment" bullshit>No bullshit like ADS, sliding, clambering, etc. dump all that garbage>Just make a fucking complete Halo game, with 4-player splitscreen and co-opBut of course this will never happen, with Halo or any other game, at this point

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>>508957021They didn't belong in the games so Bungie didn't add them.

>>508956878Yeah I'm not that user, I agree. I think 343i's portrayal of the post-3 galaxy is Star Wars sequels tier in terms of just regurgitating the premises of the OG trilogy and undermining the achivements and struggles of the OG lore/war. UNSC should be a fraction of its strength, producing new Spartans should be buried under the floorboards in their list of priorities. To my mind, the UNSC after spending like 7+ years incubating and just repairing would likely reach out into the galaxy again in exploration of new worlds with resources and unglassed lands to settle/harvest. (Could even have some word play with the term "Reclaimers"). The UNSC broadly would not be as millitarized, not at all. ONI on the other hand would probably be spooking it up by making sure whatever civil wars/struggles going on with the Sangheili and former Covenant client races would be prolonged by twisting knives, supplying intel/weapons etc in order to give mankind breathing room to get back on its feet and keep the bad guys weak.

>>508957021The official number that I can find, counting up surviving Gammas, surviving Alphas, surviving Betas, and adding on surviving Spartan-IIs, is ~309 surviving Spartans.Gamma Company was never formally deployed once during the Human-Covenant War despite the fact that they should have been immediately deployed, as a whole, to Reach when the Covenant's presence was noted. Instead, they were shelved by ONI despite the fact that having a company's worth of supersoldiers under your thumb would be a major boon.Other Spartan-II teams were deployed elsewhere, like Gray Team or Black Team, and otherwise predisposed. The more solid Red Team, for instance, was stuck on the Spirit of Fire.

>>508957194Yeah, you have a point. Elites were just a glorified aristocrat class that larped as warriors that have no idea what the fuck they are doing due to being smooth brains who got played by the manlet species post war.

>>508957693They just look smart compared to literal paste drinkers like the brutes whose brains are still radiation poisoned from their last nuclear war.

>>508930397>halo 5 had pretty great multiplayer and the custom games were amazing>ADS>Ground-pounds>Clambering>Thruster packs>Everyone has infinite sprint>NO FUCKING LOCAL MULTIPLAYER OR CO-OP>NO FUCKING SPLITSCREEN, ONLINE OR OFFLINEHalo 5 is the worst game in the series by fucking default for cutting half of Halo's core, staple features for no reason other than to sell more Xbones, copies of the game and XBLG subscriptions, step in front of a moving bus. It was the number one complaint at launch, tons of people who bought the game didn't even know it was missing because why the FUCK is a Halo game missing local multiplayer in the first place?

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>>508958036No split screen in halo 5 was so retarded, what fucking drugs were them smoking making a squad coop campaign than not bothering to implement split screen. Still boggles the mind


Attached: sangheili culture.png (932x144, 77.71K)

>>508957665These Spartans are treated like such huge game changers, like walking nukes. It’s a bit cringe, like 309 Spartans is a tiny ass number for an interstellar society that the lore claims had hundreds of colonies. Covenant surely have like, millions of elites or did before collapsing. If Spartans are just equivalent to elites, they don’t change much so I presume they’re actually way, way superior to elites just by virtue of having the power and strength of an elite without the smooth brains elites have.

>>508958357>They have a societyYour point?

>>508958036I can get some of the other stuff, but ADS was largely optional if not suboptimal in most situations. And I personally liked Clambering and Ground-pounds.

>>508957194The Elites became a spacefaring race before they met the Prophets. They're not retarded unga bunga glue-sniffers like the Brutes that can't function without somebody to provide everything for them.

>>508902182Give it to a studio that isn't shilling Microsoft's farts.

>>508958746You use halopedia like some evangelical quoting bible verses, it’s laughable.

>>508958267They were thinking it would sell more consoles, copies of the game and XBLG subscriptions. And people playing offline/locally or online with guests aren't spending real money on Warzone REQ packs. So fuck both local multiplayer AND big team battle, the game mode most people probably would have played instead of Warzone that didn't come until months and months later, with nothing but shitty forge maps.Halo 5 was just a giant slap in the face and it could not have been more obvious what the higher ups' priorities were with the game. No surprise they haven't reported any sales numbers for years and hide the in-game population.

>>508908796>user a SIII in SPI physically overpowered and protected themselves against a SII in MKV MJOLNIR without issue

Attached: 1535811948217.jpg (600x600, 55.32K)

>>508958871They may have been like, 4 thousand years ago. But they became just some glorified aristocrats who larp as warriors after millennia of having grunts do the shit work. The grift is admirable, I’ll admit, even got the UNSC convinced they’re not just smooth brains slaves to ritual who struggle to break out of their caste.

>>508958763ADS takes up a third of the screen and was 100% unnecessary, it and all those other arbitrary changes that didn't fit with Halo's core gameplay were implemented to make it more similar to competing shooters. They wanted to appeal to a younger audience that ultimately didn't care and just went back to CoD and the other shooters Halo was trying to ape with its ADS, clambering and sliding.

>>508959318I was referring more on that guns were still accurate without ADS. It was still perfectly viable to play the game without using it once.

>>508958616There were only 930 Spartan-IIIs ever produced, 600 of which died, and only about 150 candidates for the Spartan-IIs, of which barely a third survived augmentations. My numbers were incorrect, because there were 330 Gammas total with 15 fatalities and I counted 300 by mistake, on top of another Alpha survivor, so it's more accurately 340 surviving Spartans.The IIIs were said to, in SPI, be capable of moving at speed and reflexes that no Covenant could follow, dodging, snapping necks and limbs and using captured energy swords to cut through the enemy like it was practically nothing. Spartans are all major game changers against enemy ground offensives, and some are insane enough to be major game changers against naval offensives, too.>>508959062Not him, but:>Kelly sidestepped, grabbed the arm, twisted. Her opponent reverse-twisted and countered the lock.>Whatever it was, it wasn't human; otherwise Kelly would have ripped its arm from the socket.>Her opponent twisted her wrist and escaped from Kelly's grip. Kelly was still faster- her other hand lashed out, palm flat, and impacted the solar plexus.Kelly's wearing Mark V in Ghosts of Onyx, and the Gamma S-III she's fighting is in SPI.

>>508958932It was actually just added to Halopedia yesterday. I'm also the reason why the bushido shit was removed.

Attached: .png (1840x2130, 2.49M)

>>508958746>they live in a societyinsert funnyclown.png

>>508957534>ONI on the other hand would probably be spooking it up by making sure whatever civil wars/struggles going on with the Sangheili and former Covenant client races would be prolonged by twisting knives, supplying intel/weapons etc in order to give mankind breathing room to get back on its feet and keep the bad guys weak.This could be a pretty good setup for having glow in the dark ONI niggers as antagonists. You've got to stop them from pulling shit that would restart the human-covenant war if the ayys found out about it.

>>508959606Only 900 Spartans? They better be as game changing as walking nukes if that’s all they got. Like it seems to be the idea, walking human nukes you deploy strategically.

Elites are canonically retarded and the covenant did so badly due to their "honor" obsessed bullshit.

>>508959901Imagine if in 5 you played as Locke actively and zealously participating in such ops instead of the shit they actually did in 5. That’d require not having Brian Reed write a single fucking sentence, but still.

>>508959603Except the scopes ADS replaced were useful, and you wanted to use them, a lot. It was a change made to appeal to players who are used to seeing ADS in shooters, not because it was actually a beneficial change for Halo's gameplay. Their priorities with Halo 5 seemed to be to appeal to a wider audience, not to take the feedback they got from 4 and make a good Halo game again. And we know they're capable of it, during Halo 4's development the developers reportedly showed some higher-ups something that looked and played a lot like Halo 3, and the response was "This is just Halo, change it" and then we got Halo 4.

>>508960089Imagine if in 5, you played as Master Chief the entire game.

>>508959905Alpha Company and Beta Company were used as suicide soldiers to buy humanity time just to ensure they could survive the war by hitting major Covenant strongholds and tearing them apart. Gamma Company never got deployed because they were all 12 - 14 by the time they could have been deployed for the Fall of Reach and Battle of Earth, though they should have been deployed.They wanted many more, but could only score ~300 recruits a company, aside from Gamma Company which had ~330.

>>508960089Also you’d get to have a sniper mission, those are fun. However the fuck in 5 you play as an ONI agent and not have a sniping mission is beyond me.

There's only one book that I consider canon when it comes to how many Spartans survived the war.

Attached: Halo CE manual cover.png (200x313, 88.98K)

>>508960345>ywn shoot splitjaws with hard sound rifles from 915m away

>>508902182>Halo 3: but faster and meatier >"Spartan Abilities" and Reach's "Armor Abilities" are rendered pick-up equipment with limited uses, like weapons in their own right >Forerunners/Cortana's Bad Guys/Superstructures lore is presented in a mystic and vague fashion, take cues from Dark Souls >Campaign feels like a continuous journey, level design takes cues from modern DOOM/Classic shooters: More complex, labrynth style levels with obstacles to solve and tons of secrets/hidden items, broken up with large vehicular sandbox sections that focus on exploration and beautiful landscapes, think something akin to MGSV's Afghanistan >Armor progression is tied not just to rank/XP but also achievements, many of which are esoteric ala the Vidmasters of Halo 3 >Firefight is more in-depth, defending a point with tower-defence game mechanics like constructing fortifications, defence-systems, traps etc >Invasion returned >Multiplayer component similar to Star Wars Battlefront 2's galactic conquest, in which player ran factions must compete on various planetary BTB matches in order to win an overall "War"


>>508960313I don’t get these brain worms about having to be chief, it’s like you never are going to be an ONI agent or ODST as the chief. Chief’s relationship issues with cortana are lame as shit so I just can’t be assed to care to take his perspective. Cortanafaggotry destroyed the setting, the whole setting.

>>508959901A while back I had an autistic write-up/design document for my own version of ODST 2 set in my own version of a post-3 galaxy wherein the UNSC was encountering problems with Brute Warlords on their new frontiers. Part of the story's "twists" would involve ONI having turned out to be funding/supplying them to wedge a spear up the Arbiter's ass, but it's turned around on them and the ODSTs are supposed to just clean up the mess and make sure nobody found out about it.

>>508960673If Halo 5 was just Master chief adventures with blue team, I’d be fine with that though. Just don’t have fucking cortana alive.

>>508960673Chief is the only thing interesting in this series, no one wants that lorefag shit.

>>508961053I don't even want Blue Team, keep that bookshit out of the games.

>>508958036I mean, it had a great multiplayer, but a shit Halo multiplayer. Loads of fun, and tight as hell for a console shooter, but just a piss-poor excuse for a Halo game. Now the customs were customs. There was a lot of customization for custom game settings, and the game's forge mode just added to it, but we shouldn't have to rely on that just for a more "classic" experience. But I agree that the lack of local multi in any capacity is just fucking stupid. It'd be one thing if the Xbox One had native LAN support like the 360 or OG and could do system link, but nope, we can't have nice things now, can we? It sucks how we had to settle for a fucking shitty hackjob WINDOWS 10 APP that didn't work half the time to create a LAN, and that came out like 2 or 3 years after launch when everyone who cared had already given up and moved on.

>>508961053Like that’d have been fine, fight some warlords with arby, end up on some forerunner world and deal with some huge ass sentinels like those halo 3 had in the concept art or just aping from Ghosts of Onyx with the shield sentinels you have to use non-hits can weapons to hurt or some gimmick like that, some twists turns whatever, not really going forward or backwards but not upending everything in some retarded way either. Also if they wanted to do fan service with blue team, they should’ve just reunited at the start of 5 instead of in some poorly written and illustrated comic but that’s Brian Reed for you.

>>508961107What the fuck is chief but just some faceless protagonist with one liners. If that’s the only interesting thing in halo, than man, that’s depressing shit.

>>508961637Like you actually like that dumbass relationship drama with cortana or some shit? Like the shit that dragged down 3-4 whole games?

>>508961637What made the series interesting was the mystery around Chief and the unverse along with his funny interactions with Cortana. Lorefags fucked that up because they need to know everything, now Infinite has to fix it, I wish lorefags would die horribly, they're worst than competitivefags.


>>508962002Funny interactions with cortana? You mean dealing with her endless PMS cycles- err rampancy for 4 games straight counting Infinite? Cortana fags ruined the setting way more than lore fags ever did, your delusional if you think lore fags somehow could drag the setting down more than the cancerous essence of the cortana faggots


>>508961107>Chief is the only thing interesting in this seriesHe's notI'm not even a lorefag

>>508962002You have to expand the setting eventually. I know it always riles up faggots that can't accept anything new, but you can pull of the same pattern only so many times. Go ask Alien.

>>508902182put it in a console people actually buy

>>508963324it's coming to PC so problem solved

>>508959606Watching Halo A.I. battles on Youtube always makes me cringe because canonically a single Spartan is enough to delete a squad of Elites of just about any rank.

>>508962002There was never a mystery around Chief. Everyone knew what he was from the start.

>>508963283Postmodern halo that is endless shooting covenant across endless halo rings that just never ends, forever.

any of you guys had issues with halo 2A on pc? apparently there are HUGE issues but i played campaign first for muhstalgia then played a few rounds multiplayer and its same old same old. apparetly there were game breaking bugs i never saw

>>508963619They're a little more on-par with one another, but Spartans are superior for other reasons like seeing things in slow motion and reacting faster than real time.

>"Infinite will save us!" fagsShut the FUCK UP you FUCKING CRANNY FAGGOT. Infinite will be hot buttered dogshit and you fucking know it. It will be the same fucking bullshit as always. 343 haven't even improved with PATCHES FOR EXISTING FUCKING PORTS THAT MODDERS FIXED OVER TEN YEARS AGO despite HIRING THE FUCKING MODDERS THAT DID THAT SHIT.It will be FUCKING DOGSHIT and you FUCKING KNOW IT. stop fucking letting yourself get assraped by these cockmongling fagolards who think that chunkifying every fucking model and adding a thousand tactical gas tube scopes to every rifle and shotgun makes it look better, because you and I both know that you're going to end up getting utterly shitbrained and disappointed when Infinite releases and it's a huge steaming heap of shit with ONE (X1) serviceable armor design while the rest is nothing but Halo Online/Halo 5 style fucking shithouse garbage.The last TRULY GOOD Halo game was ODST. Reach was ultimately forgettable, a senseless addition to the trilogy that compromised what little (but good) lore the series already had just so Bungie could stick their fat faggot finger up at Eric Nylund for making their series better than it had any right to be before they burnt the IP to the fucking ground. In addition to doing this it took a big steamy shit in Halo's legacy by chasing shooter trends rather than setting trends of its own. The master became the tutor and the game was a forgettable grey slog as a result.Go fuck yourself if you like Reach. Go fuck yourself harder if you think Infinite will be any good. And go FUCK yourself if you think 343 have done a SINGLE GOOD THING with the MCC. Faggots, all.

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>>508958267Because the first version of the Xbone is an underpowered machine that already struggles with the game. It should have been made for the Xbox One X.

>>508963893Halo infinite will be another game dragged down by Cortana’s PMS shit.

>>508935970those leaks sound like a load of bullshit. 343 could never deliver that amount of content in a new game.

>>508963893what if i thought reach was okay, what if i (((hope))) infinite will be good, and what if i think 343 did a good thing by making ODST $5 while they're bringing it to PC

>>508964127You're retarded and will continue to eat literal microwaved dogshit whenever it gets handed to you, and also too retarded to understand this. Gas yourself.

>>508909525durandal's a call back to bungies doom clone games. im fucking completely blanking on the name like a retard

Design it for PC first

>>508964205reach wasn't anything special and i don't see it as canon and i've never played 4 or 5what now

>>508964334You're based.

>>508964365good thing i don't care about validation on the internet and just wanted you to waste a few chingchong captchas making google's spyware AI better

>>508964127>>508964205Also, it’ll be a shittier version of Destiny 2. “Open world” talk sounds like micro transaction filled shitfest with bad AI and no story that reuses assets like sonic 06 and keeps all the armor abilities from halo 5

>>508911141>stuff i dont like isn't canonbased. i do this with other series where they completely go dickhead retarded. i dont consider anything after Saints Row 2 canon for example

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>>508909525The Warden Eternal was supposed to be John, because the Librarian altered his genetic code and gave him the ability to become the successor to the Didact, passing on the torch of the Forerunner Ecumene. But the AI that became buddy buddy with Locke and his crew interfered at the last second and prevented Cortana from her prize.As such, the Warden of the Domain is substitute.

>>508902182You let it die like it should have after Halo 3.

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>>508911141343i forerunners were trash and were like a really shitty Chinese knock off of necrons that were castrated and filled with sunny-D. Like what a fucking loser ancient civ, needing people to make robots, what is that sad gay shit.

>>508964518For me, it’s Star Wars

>>508912617ALSO >sangheili are now big brute motherfuckersthey're meant to be sleek warrior/ninja niggas not big towering motherfuckers that look like the halo 3 model took roids and ate nothing but chicken for a decade

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>>508964846It’s impressive how much stuff in mainstream games are like shittier, castrated version of stuff games workshop thought up


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>>508963893I'm buying the special edition on day 1.

>>508962673CE-3, faggot>>508963194He is lorefag>>508963283That's what fucked the series up.>>508963726There was, his Forerunner origin, there was supposed to be more but the books fucked that up.

>itt: people whining about Halo 4 and 5 having never even played 1 minute of them


>>508963893counterpoint, millions of people will hate it regardless of how it turns out.

>>508963619master chief (canonically? i think its from the books) nearly got btfo multiple times by high ranking generic elites and brutes

>>508965701You don't need to play a game when a 10-minute video on youtube (plus comments) do the trick just fine.

>>508965789Is that your go to for when it turns out to be a micro transaction filled destiny clone?

>>508965184look at that what is this shit???

>>508965839key word being 'nearly'it's supposed to be close if they fuck up but for the most part Spartans are supposed to steamroll

>>508965839A few hundred Spartans surely will change the tide, against millions of space Dino’s with ancient alien magic guns

>>508965947>I let other people on the internet tell me how good a game is/v/ everyone!

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>>508965839>booksThis is Holla Forums, go to fucking /lit/ if you want to talk about the fucking books.

Make it a fresh IP

>>508966150>Giving 343 your money after halo 4

>>508965701I'm sure everyone here was tricked into playing Halo 4 on release. Everyone knows its fucking terrible. Nobody bothered with 5.

>>508966201i just like lorefagging halo stuff because im an unironic halo babby

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>>508966339On the other hand it’s like, you really want canon immigration after Halo 5 totally discredited that idea?

>>508965701Halo 4 sold like fucking hotcakes dude what are you talking about.

>>508966527im a pc fag so i'll probably never play 5

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Halo books are the worst to happen to this series, Bungie were right.

>>508966269Not him but even though i didn't like Halo 4 that much i still enjoyed it well enough and also enjoyed Halo 5 even more. Not amazing and flawed games sure but more than worth my money.

>>508966690I get the impression that if at the start of halo infinite a pelican staffed with blue team and the arbiter got blown up by a plasma torpedo, there’d be cheering from some of the people here. Admittedly the salt from that would be entertaining.

>>508966690How much do you wanna bet it will be ported to PC as a standalone game after they're done with MCC?


>>508966760>Bungie (probably just Jason Jones) talks shit about the books>They have Microsoft contractors and the authors help with their in-game loreHuh

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>>508966942It's already partially ported. You can play Halo 5's Forge and Custom Games on PC.


>>508966760Bro, the first book was released before CE.

>>508966932That would automatically make Infinite the best in the series.

>>508966760Halo reach was fine except with the way they shoehorned cortana into it. Fuck that holobitch I want my last stand against covenant, valuable resources got taken away by that holobitch.

>>508918835He said they don't understand Halo retard, he was saying how the team isn't bad, they're just not the right team for Halo

>>508967173You got your last stand among the dead and dying. You just needed to get that particular shard to the Autumn.

>>508966942if the theory that mcc was really only done to hype up infinite (cos it was stated to be also for pc from day 1) then maybe, who knows

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>>508967026>>508967072No one reads the fucking books.

>grew up playing Halo>loved Halo 2, 3, and ODST>loved the shit out of Reach>loved 4 but recognize it's flawed multiplayer>loved 5 because of it's improved multiplayer but disappointed in the direction of the campaign>Cautiously optimistic about Infinite

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>>508967173Reach sucked regardless.

>>508918835343 is just a special breed of retarded. Halo 4 should’ve just been a halo 3.5 that didn’t rock the boat much but allowed them to get the gears rolling for some other shit down the line. Instead we got holobitch drama and castrated necrons with CoD multiplayer,

>>508967462and mass-produced spartans that violate the lore which should've just been the surviving 315+ spartan 3s

>>508967256Yeah that was decent. Hated how they contrived a need to tie reach to CE like that though, like who gives a shit. Just let Reach be Reach

in my head canon the multiplayer gamemodes is UNSC VR training for their soldiers

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>>508967326Again with this kind of post.I understand why you would be more optimistic than with 4 or 5 but we still have no fucking proof this game is going to launch in a good state, if at all.Optimistic is just the wrong word to use.

>>508967285t. Jason Jones.

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>>508967537The spartan IVs violating lore isn’t the issue, it’s that they’re garbage in design and what they do. Like they’re such a pointless, stupid addition from 343i’s weird autistic desire to do canon multiplayer. Like, if you wanted that you could like, due innie Spartans if you really had to do that, having it be a simulation was so fucking dumb.

>>508967925it could've legit just been more IIIs and it'd be fine

>>508967767Halo 4 no

>>508967785Fine, I'm cautiously hopeful. My only real fear for the game is that it should be delayed given the pandemic and based on the fact that they haven't shown anything, but they're still going to try to force it out by Christmas and we're going to have a MCC disaster on our hands.

>>508965701I bought 4 and beat it because I liked the previous Halos. I bought 5 because the marketing it had was fucking amazing. 4 was shit and 5 was like a fucking kick on my balls.