Marvel VS Capcom 4 announcement this summer boyos>Capcom has big unannounced titles for this year>Vergeben leaked MvC4...

Marvel VS Capcom 4 announcement this summer boyos>Capcom has big unannounced titles for this year>Vergeben leaked MvC4 way back in late 2018 but said it was in early development and won't get revealed until its genuinely polished and done to avoid another Infinite>The voice actor for V in DMC5 basically drunk-leaked the game on Twitter and then damage controlled afterwards>MvC2 getting a legacy tournament at EVOCorona might have killed their plans for an EVO announcement, but the game should be about ready to show off.

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>>508898589>It will have shitty characters like reboot Spencer and Captain MarvelNo thanks

Why do you even want one after Infinite? May as well just play UMvC3 and MvC2.

>>508898752>Not liking BIONIC AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARMYikes

>>508898589It's dead, Jim.

>>508898879>Why do you even want one after Infinite?Infinite would have been amazing if it had just gotten a bigger roster and an artstyle that wasn't nightmare fuel. MvCI had a much more solid foundation that Street Fighter V ever had.

>>508898887>"He does le funny sound">RedditspacingWife arm man is shit and there are other better charactrers that deserve to be in over him

>>508899226>>RedditspacingWhat are you going to do about ittough guy?

>>508898589ill buy it only if /myguy/ is and Cyclops

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>>508899086Infinity stones were fucking stupid and I can't see it having a bigger roster when they ripped half the animations straight out of MvC3 and still barely had any characters. They did nothing right with MvCI.

>>508898752this. no one wants nu marvel faggotry, but thats exactly what theyll put in it.

No,we have many IP like Red earth, Final Fight,megaman, darkstalkers, Captain commando,Breath of Fire,Ghost and goblin,Dino crisis,Dragon dogma,rival school,... that should come back instead a MvsC that they will force us Captain Marvel ad Inhumans

>>508898589Is it finally his time?

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>>508898589>Ben Vergaswhy dont you go fuck youself!>Corona ruined every single announcement and schedule every company had, im still mad about the new sonic game. it probably got cancelled.>Again, Ben Vergas, HE IS ALWAYS WRONG!>He made a mistake, it was just wishful thinking, kinda like what happened with Dante's VA in will be a miracle if we ever get a rerelease of MvC2 for PC and modern consoles.

Why Marvel again? Why can't we have Capcom All-Stars at long last?

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>>508899086mvci gameplay is shit toostop this meme

Please make it a fucking UMvC3 clone-ish and not the shit that Infinite became. Dbfz has shown that 3v3 fighters can be really popular.

>>508899524I'll only allow Captain Marvel in if we also get Captain Commando in, and they're rivals.

>>508898589They better put in my boy Jin Saotome

>>508898589>entire marvel roster is full of literally who female characters

>>508904698>entire marvel roster is full of literally who female charactersAnd that's a good thing!

Attached: 132132132131.gif (190x207, 50.33K)>all that teasing>Lythero moving the mic 4 timesAm I reading too much into it?

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>>508905021around 1:55:08

>>508905021>>508905116Nah, you're not reading into it. People have very clear mannerism when they know they're talking about stuff they shouldn'tWatch this clip where V's voice actor basically confirms Dante in Smash and MvC4 at the same voice literally cracks because he knows he fucked up royally. He tries to play it off as a joke, but you can hear him get angry at himself.

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>>508904936Psylocke isn’t a literal who you retard, they would add something like Squirrel Girl or Hel first.

>>508900717Let it go man. There are fates worse than death.

>>508905021He literally winks straight into the camera at 1:55:25 lmao

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>>508901381>Frank and Chuck

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>they add iron heart>but they actually make her a likable character with a sexy design

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>>508907630For me, it's Spider-Girl.

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>>508898589No Gwenpool, no buy.

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>>508898589>Vergebenno one believes him

>>508905021yes you are yipes was talking about the 4th marvel tournament he is running where he gets as many top players he can to play marvel in his house

>>508899637This. I'd take X-Factor over Mime box every day.

>>508901381>No Jedah or reps from Battle Network/Star ForceAdd in my boy Geo and your 8/10 becomes a 10/10 even if you don't add Jedah or MegaMan.EXE

>>508898589The leak that's actually correctly predicted everything said that NRS has the Marvel licence now and is making a Marvel fighter

>>508909479> yipes was talking about the 4th marvel tournament he is runningNigger you can't be serious, watch the clip again.>They should make a new one of these!"I'm not saying anything-"*winks into the camera*"Keep your eyes open."If you can't read between the lines you might have genuine autism.

the real question is will it use comic accurate costumes or will it pull a spider-man ps4 where they "reimagine" costumes and ruin them by trying to have them be realistic

>>508901381the only thing you should remove is hunter that will never happen again, Ryozo who was the head of monster hunter who turned down every attempt to include the hunter in cross overs is now head of the fighting game division >but mvci had a huntermvci did not ask for permission to use certain characters from capcom they just used them. Leading to stuff like Itsuno being disappointed in how he came out and Reuben langdon calling out the devs at capcom usa.

>>508898589comboing feels like dogshit in these games

No Xmen no buy

>>508911769That's a given when it's you who's playing.

Vergeben said no Raphael in Soul Calibur

>>508908613Isn't Deadpool reddit and memey as it is?

>>508914281he also said radditz would be in fighterz and minecraft will have a rep in smash

Why was UMvC3 so perfect bros? Haven't gotten hype moments similar to it from any fighting game since.

>>508914939It would have been perfect if they buffed some weaker characters (Hsien Ko/Iron Fist) and nerfed some stronger ones (Virgil, Zero)

>>508899787Instead of Having cool spiderman characters like Doc Ock or Green Goblin or Sandman being added we will get Miles Morales and Gwen. 3 spidermen hope you like it fags

>>508899086>MvCI had a much more solid foundation that Street Fighter V ever hadSome of the stuff I shit daily has more solid foundations than SFV. How bout some gameplay that could at least be as good as MvC3?

>>508898589>Skullgirls with dicksnothx

>>508898589Put my boy in MvC

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>>508900717They've already mentioend several times that if anyone from Power Stone makes it it'd be Rouge thanks to boner power.

>>508914939It was the last fighting game that they let be jank and didn't micromanage for eports.

>>508914939>>508915115I think UMVC3 being so broken balance wise makes it so much fun to lab and make comebacks

>>508914939>Why was UMvC3 so perfect bros?It wasn't.It launched less than a year after MvC3 vanilla and didn't have any kind of story mode to speak of. People were pissed.

>>508905021>saying but 4 times

>>508915675This. I'm gonna assume people who blindly praise UMVC3 weren't even around during it's official release/announcement.

>>508898589Can they for once get a co production team or something when it comes to writing? MvC3 was especially horrible with how the writing made it so obvious they have no clue who the Capcom characters were and the insults towards them from everyone was too much.

>*juking, dribbling and sneaker sounds*>*SWOOSH*>HYPER COMBO FINISH>KO

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>>508898589That's wishful thinking kid. The series is dead, just face it. Disney and Capcom are both to blame for its death. No new MvC will ever compare to MvC2 anyhow.

>>508899361nothing. life sorted it out already.

>>508909934Jeddah is there you idiot

>>508898589>Virginbenlmao who gives a fuck

>>508898589Fico MvC, Marvel is fucking dead and boring.Give us all stars

>>508917070this is it really that hard to have someone check the capcom characters writing

>>508910106I was gonna say that that sounds fucking absurd but thinking about it it really doesn't.

>>508904698Exactly as planned

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>>508920286>I was gonna say that that sounds fucking absurdIt is fucking absurd, WarnerBrothers literally own NRS and the idea that they would let their main competitor Disney make a game using THEIR studio is fucking nonsense.Pure lies.

>>508921487They already make the Lego Marvel games though

>>508902795it really wasnt. What about it is a meme exactly? Be specific and use examples.

>>508898887You can take your shitty functions back to MVCI. We're talking about characters.

>>508898752The Captain Commando reboot was a good game though, have you played it?

>>508921487That was my original thought but then I remembered that the Lego Star Wars and Marvel games are still getting made and that situation is exactly the same as this would be. Like them or not NRS games are some of if not the most financially successful fighting games out there right now and any Disney or Marvel higher up would likely choose them over anyone else because of that and their past success with superhero fighters with the Injustice series. Disney clearly doesn't value the MvC brand or their relationship with Capcom these days so the only reason I can think of for them not to go with NRS would be not wanting their more family friendly brand to be associated with the devs of a series as horribly violent as MK.

>>508923779they actually do those games because of hwo well they did before disney bought those games, there is a president they even said that was the reason. If there was a nrs marvel game before disney bought marvel then there would be a reason

>>508908061>childhood super hero with tits >diamondsI don't like this

>Mahvelfaggots still think their shitty series will come back after MvCIYou made the shallow grave faggots, now get back into your place fuckers.

>>508924039I would think the failure of MvCI would be all the reason they would need to want to shift gears to a new fighting game dev. Hell they already did it once before with EA and the Rise of the Imperfects. And I can't imagine Capcom would be all that enthusiastic about another MvC either after the all the shit they had to put up with from Marvel when making MvCI only for it to be a huge embarrassing failure. Not saying I believe the supposed leak or that I think this is actually happening but honestly I don't see any reason to not consider as a possibility.

>>508898589Why don't they just port MvC2 to modern systems already, I hate playing it on Fightcade

Who cares about pozzvel? Unless they are using the models from Ultimate Alliance 3 it will all be tranny looking MCU shit. Just make Capcom vs Capcom for fucks sake

>>508922423Boy can't wait for shit like Snowflake and Safespcae to shit it up as you Mahvelfags will clap your soiboi hands when you see your shitty X-MAHMEN in it as Wolverine claps Cyclops' cheeks.

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>>508924807>pozzveljesus christ shut up

>Disney clearly doesn't value the MvC brand or their relationship with Capcom these daysIf that were true, we wouldn't have gotten the MSH Arcade1up cab or the new leaked MvC one.Infinite was a rushed fuck up but now that they got their feet wet, I can see MvC4 doing better if they stick with Unreal Engine.

>>508924575I am not saying that marvel won't go to another dev to make a fighter thats very likely. But I doubt it would be NRS thats all, Peter Rosa is now one of the big wigs at marvel games he knows what the fans want, and will hopefully steeer marvel to a dev that would make a marvel game and not injustice 3I still find it funny how EA promissed to have marvel rise of the imperfects sell more then marvel 3, look which one had a lasting impression

>>508905021could this just be about bringing MvC2 to evo?

>>508924936>b-b-b-b-but muh Arcade 1UP!Gee then where's the new Street FIghter Furfag Otherkin Edition- I mean Darkstalkers 4?

>>508898589Nice try faggot, we already know what's coming.

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>>508924807>Just make Capcom vs Capcom for fucks sakeThat's a boring as shit idea and you know it. They could put 50 diverse Capcom characters in a fighting game and still make another 50 from a crossover series. You can have your cake and eat it too.

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I'm genuinely tired of you fucking cock sucking capeshit faggots that want capcom to actively bankrupt itself by making another crossover with any property owned by the mouse (or at&t.) Are you that fucking retarded that the licensing cost for these western characters and brands (marvel & dc respectively) is fucking astronomical? That's on top of the royalties, additional fees, and micromanaging capcom would be under if they made another MvC game (or DCvC game for that matter). I have an idea for you faggots, why not encourage the mouse to develop their own in house game development team so you bitch niggers can play these games without bothering capcom? If you care so much about the brand, don't bankrupt another company just to fulfill your shitty nerdy desires of seeing wolveriene claw someone's head in. Capcom doesn't need the headache of dealing with marvel, leave them alone for fucks sake>BBBUT YOU ARE A CORPORATE COCK SUCKERForcing a GAME company to deal with a western MEDIA company like Disney in the year 2020 is not, in any way, a smart idea. The problem isn't just diminishing returns, but actively putting yourself in danger because the mouse breathing down your neck doesn't like the way captain America gets uppercut by ryu. I genuinely hope Ed Boon's next project is the D.C. Vs Marvel like it was rumored, just so you fucking faggots can fuck off eternally and leave capcom alone. You don't care about having a good crossover game, you just want a marvel game.

>>508925298>peaky blinders game

>>508924575You don't get it, NRS is not available. It's like asking Naughty Dog if they could make the next Mario game. They're kinda busy with the shit they make for who owns them. Why the fuck would WB have them make a licensed game that they don't get all the profits from? Because that's the caveat when it comes to licenses, you don't get all the money, you have to share it with who owns the license. Meanwhile, they don't have to share shit when it comes to Injustice or Mortal Kumbutt.

>>508924935Dont make me post the Sony Avengers screenshots nigga.

>>508925298there is no evidence he is correct at all

>>508925554please dont shit the thread up anymore tourist

Give:>Rightclops>Juggernaut>Psylocke>Frank>Mr. Fantastic/The Maker (You can do some cool shit with his stretchy powers)>Gobbo>Doc Ock>Nero>Miles Edgeworth>Lady>Captain Commando>Amingo>Alex>Killer7 (With Travis Touchdown as a surprise crossover character).

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If it happens Disney will bully Capcom over everything again and cause it to be shit just like Infinite.

>>508925298>Marvel game by NetherRealm>A company owned by DC's parent company working on Marvel

>>508925504The most redpilled post in this thread./thread

>>508924807Ultimate Alliance 3 was made despite "pozzvel" though

>>508925968Ed boon literally had a interview where he was quoted to have talked with Marvel's head to do a game for them. Not sure if you're retarded but they're both bleeding money right now and they need to stay afloat

>>508926037because it's made by team ninja

>>508925968>The faggot doesn't know that WB still allows LEGO games under Jizzney licenses to be made.How many times do you Capkucks need to be fucking corrected?

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>>508901381Remove:Ken, Dan, Sakura, Alex. Replace Menat with NecalliTrish and LadyRollSakiAnakaris, LilithNavirouEither Chris or LeonCoomer list

>>508926197None of these games are literally made by Marvel or Disney themselves though

>>508925659How the hell could he have predicted the Peaky Blinders game of all things correctly?


>>508926510same way virginben new about soul caliber six being revealed at the game awards he had one leak and added other shit so he seems cool

>>508898589>MvC2 getting a legacy tournament at EVOlol not anymore

>>508925504Fucking exactly. The only incentive Capcom has for making a new MvC would be purely to please their fanbase but there are hundreds of ways they can do that with different games without having to involve Disney.

>>508926734virginben repeated that SC6 was being revealed within the year for several years in a row before it happened and so were others, also he said a bunch of incorrect stuff about iton top of no one else mentioning the Peaky Blinder game there's other stuff in that list that's been revealed too

>>508926986what other stuff is revealed if other stuff was announced I will shut the fuck up, I was just saying if its one game he got right it does not prove anything anymore

>>508898589Here's a question, could Sora from Kingdom Hearts be a guest in one of these Marvel Vs Capcom all things considering who OWNS Marvel? And don't give me "No that doesn't make sense" neither did seeing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in that DC game, and that still happened despite DC not owning the TMNT.

>>508927501New Ass Creed being titled Ragnarok.

>>508925551What incentive does TT have to make Lego games based on non-WB properties? Building a good relationship with a brand that is by and large much stronger than yours currently is just good business. They get NRS to spend a couple years crapping out a Marvel fighter reusing tons of assets like they usually do and they get their foot in the door for something bigger later.

>>508927825The Turtles actually did have a crossover with Batman.

>>508927825no Dissidia was pitched as a kingdom hearts fighter but disney said no because of the concept focusing on fighting and it was changed to a FF fighter, Dissidia had a story you think disney would approve of him being in a game with very little story

>>508926918Ehh still continue evo and the MvC2 tournament.Only smelly smash are out for not liking water

>>508928421There is no MvC2 tournament at EVO dummy. The only games that have tournaments at EVO are KI, SG, MK11, and TFH.

>>508927825Disney pretty much never lets Sora out of the KH series. That's why people consider him unlikely to make it in to Smash despite being the most requested character in Japan. The only time he got to be in a different game to my knowledge was for World of Final Fantasy where he was a free DLC summon that was only available to download for an extremely limited period of time before getting taken down for good.

>>508928421the tournament of champions removed MVC2 from the title its now just past evo winners in a a tournament

>>508899524>>508903832I can fucking see it.>heroes discuss who's going on a mission to do something important>Iron Man says "We cannot do this without you, captain">both Captain Marvel and Captain America react>Captain Marvel asks Iron Man "which captain?">sounds of steps with close-up to the CapComs boots>"I believe he was referring to me">shot of red glasses in dark>Marvel vs Capcom 4 logo comes inwejwkrhwjekhrw I need this now

>>508924775you can't play it on fightcade

>>508928421>The Capkuck doesn't know

So after careful analysis of this thread, I conclude that those asking for MvC4 are based as fuck and those asking for CvC are cringe.

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Gonna be nice when MvC4 finally gets revealed and naysayers get blown the fuck out.

>>508929462This is completely accurate.>>508930696Yes it will>>508928575I'm genuinely curious as to what this meant, because they did indeed remove the "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" logo from the 20urnament of Champions square, but at the same time didn't remove the "20"urnament of Champions? Imma do some digging on this

>>508930696I'd be happy to see a good MvC4 but I think it's absurd to expect it to happen any time soon.

>>508928531>Tournament is only when hundreds of furries plays in a closed room smashCope more faggot, MvC2 still going with champions of previous evo´s.

>>508932683cope streamboar, maybe you will actually play a fighting game.

I really hope NRS isn't actually making a Marvel fighter. Not because I hate them or don't think it'll be good, but because I don't want to have to see you faggots have a collective meltdown over it. NRS putting out a Marvel game on the same level as their past games would almost guarantee it's widespread success and that success would likely lead to MvC as a series being definitively dead so long as the business relationship with NRS continued.

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>>508932878So smash dont get in because is not a figthing game? KEKCope more and dial8

>>508933713No one is talking about smash you retard.

>>508907630I think they already changed her design so it was more mecha armor esque with some hints of magical girl influence in order to differentiate her from Ironman. Oh and they also retconned her backstory so it wasnt the "why dont you opress me?!" shit that got laughed at so hard. Still not a fan of the name though.

Attached: 6550121-rco005.jpg (642x1655, 322.93K)

>>508930696Implying you Capkucks will find a flaw in it and then kill it like you faggots did with the last three games.Don't worry, you'll be having a massive meltdown over some shitty fapbait character not being in or have another meltdown over no X-WAHMEN or "muh gwaphics!!!" then kill it as you will lick the boots of us Arc in no time.

>>508933958what is the new origin?

I consider myself a huge fan of MVC2 and UMVC3, but I just don't care anymore. I am not making the mistake of getting my hopes up. After SFxTK, SFV, and MVCI, why should I ever trust Capcom to make a fighting game ever again?

>>508898589>marvelif they drop that part I will be interested

>>508915165>Miles>Not cool

>>508933476Nah, you faggots deserve this since 2011. I don't need to explain why back then, you Capkucks should fucking know what you did back then.

two thingsGENEASURA

>>508899226>he doesnt even know what the other user was talking aboutthe mvci audience...

Ok. You are in charge of the MvC4The base roster is 50, so you have to choose 25 Capcom characters and 25 Marvel charactersAnd then 10 DLC characters were the ratio is up to you. Go!

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>>508933851Ok Mr. Cope :^)

>>508934081She reverse engineered some Ironman tech in order to try and invent a new astronaut suit, I think they kept that from the old origin but just removed the cringey parts.

>>508934450I didn't knew there was still Disney bootlickers STILL thinking shit's gonna happen after MvCI. Guess Capkucks are 100% grade A westcuck sois that will allow their rat overlord to ruin anything precious of theirs.


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>>508934219Because you clowns sure seem to give shitty games such as BabyTag and Goku FUNCTIONS the free pass.

>>508898589>VirginbenStopped reading here. Your leak is fake. Try again next time fucko.

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>>508934829Then stop playing Smash as well then.

>>508934816DBFZ is a good game and got strictly better with Season 3. It doesn't fill the same space as Marvel because it feels more like an anime game with tag mechanics added, especially before the selectable assists. A new good Vs game could exist alongside it, but I only trust Eighting, the company that actually developed TvC & UMvC3, to make it, not Capcom internally, unless they had Itsuno do it, and he's going to be working on Dragon's Dogma II while looking over at whatever the next DMC project is for the next few years.If you want a game that has that Mahvel feel to it, play Power Rangers.

Attached: 1553291689430.png (861x1217, 717.24K)

>>508934712And you wonder why is there still retards thinking there's going to be a new game.

>>508934703Keep it user! you can cope more! c´mon! you can do it! cope! cope! cope!

>>508935392>DBFZ is a good game and got strictly better with Season 3. It doesn't fill the same space as Marvel because it feels more like an anime game with tag mechanics added, especially before the selectable assists.Says too the same Mahelfags that CLAMMORED saying that Goku FUNCTIONS was going to be the new Mahvel. Now look where we are now, back to crying for another fucking game with a stupid capeshit and 90's literal who weeb shit beating the crap out of each other.

>>508935586Don't worry, I sure know how much of a success that New Warriors will do along side of Spider-Simp will do for you Capkucks.


Attached: Banjofag is into CBT.png (462x362, 20.33K)

>>508935969Let the cope flow into your veins user KEK

>>508935851You're putting words in my mouth. When DBFZ was announced I was excited because I thought it would be like the Vs series but that quickly dissipated once I got my hands on it, and that's okay. It did its own thing for better or worse (thankfully better as of late).I really don't need or care about having Marvel, I just want a tag-team hyper fighter with good gameplay and aesthetic. TvC is fantastic, Power Rangers is fantastic, UMvC3 is fantastic. Maybe you'd know that if you played any of them.

Attached: 1553291775538.png (859x1217, 790.3K)

>v-vergeben leaked so its true its happening guys!!!!!Also in the small chance there is a new marvel game, with disney in control of marvel now it'll be the same thing as Infinite. >Marvel characters are just promotions for the new movies>no x-men >capcom characters are just from the reboots>probably gonna add another shitty gimmick similar to infinity stones

>>508936561Suuuuuure keep up with the "I-I Am not a Krappa Chimp! I swear!!" Maybe more bootlicking towards Namco and Arc will make you Capkucks will feel better.

>>508936620>>Marvel characters are just promotions for the new movies>>no x-menThese are no longer compatible statements. The Fox buyout (which happened comically quickly after Infinite came out) has the movie rights to X-Men & F4 back at Marvel Studios. They don't want to de-push those IPs anymore, and you can see that in a game like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which is loaded with X-Men and got a separate F4/Doom expansion.You bet your ass that on the off-chance there's a new MvC (I'm not expecting it), the first character they show will be Logan.

>>508936620Xmen? Why would you want someone like Hitler aka: Cyclops?when we can have INHUMANS!!!!!THE BEST HEROES IN ALL OF MEDIA!

>>508933958I don't read comics or know anything about this character, but if she's just supposed to be a girl counterpart to Iron Man, then I think Iron Heart is a much better name than Iron Woman or Iron Girl or something like that.

>>508901381>Tessa>Fou Lu>Samanosuke>PTX>MasamuneFrightfully based.

I don't care how many shitters they put in. As long as Juri is playable, I'm happy.

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>>508937019Perlmutter get out!

>>508937150>I don't care how many shitters they put in. As long as a shitter is playable, I'm happy.

Attached: 1560273286189.png (418x310, 230.05K)

>>508937017>Capkucks have zero fucking common sense after their massive shitposting campaign and suck ing off Scamco in the long run in Spite of MvCIWay can't you Capkucks admit you freaks fucked up big without not even knowing it.

>>508937283I'll have you know that she was an important character in SSF4. She's basically the most iconic Capcom character out there.

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>>508898589>The voice actor for V in DMC5 basically drunk-leaked the game on Twitter and then damage controlled afterwardsExcuse me?

>>508928543Supposedly Disney representatives have said they'd be ok with it when asked, and he did at least make it into World of Final Fantasy which makes the possibility open. I wouldn't expect or ask for it, but I'd absolutely main him if it happened.

>>508915276Gameplay as good as xfactor vergil or dark pheonix? Fuck off.

>>508900717>make a MvC about Thanos and the stones>don't put a Power STONE character in the rosterThe team being Infinite was so fucking retarded, it's unbelievable.

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>>508933958>>508934540>Iron Heart traveling space>Ruby Heart traveling the seaMakes sense to me.

>>508898752Fuck you, I like spencer and Clockworks spencer is hype. One of the most hype matches i remember watching was clockwork vs marn

>>508938795Better character balance =/= better systems, and Marvel 3 was so freeform in its team building that you saw creative synergistic teams winning or going deep into majors, and still do in its side tourneys. I'd rather watch Sacktap's Ghost Rider/Arthur/Haggar team struggle but keep up with Zero/Vergil/Doom like at the EVO 2019 side tourney than watch Infinite's "blocked a super? Eat 5 mixups lmao" meta.

>>508938127>Excuse me?The voice actor made this half-gibberish tweet where seems to imply there's some kind of new Capcom VS game and that V might get to be a playable character.

Attached: tweet.jpg (625x312, 30.42K)

>fighting game>crapcum>fighting game by crapcumSo only literal 20 IQ ghetto spicnigs care.

>>508939883Then a day later he made this tweet where he sounds a bit more sober.

Attached: tweet 2.jpg (620x456, 52.72K)

How many people in this thread actually play UMVC3 or mvc2? I can do extremely basic shit in umvc3 but it's better than absolutely nothing I guess

>>508898589>VergebenThe guy who leaked Zarbon and Raditz in the SP1 of DBFz?

>>508898589>Look, I know MvC3 bowed to the interests of Disney with the roster>And I know we re-released it 6 months later, forcing you to buy it twice if you wanted to play as fan favorites that we told you didn't fit the engine>And I know MvC:I was soulless garbage that looked like an episode of veggie talesHOWEVER>Pls buy productIn Capcom's defense they've made genuinely good games lately, but when it comes to this franchise they can suck my cock

Attached: 1569825499618.jpg (540x564, 98.15K)

>>508929462>marvel entries get worse every game since 2>infinite is full of remodeled dogshit>infinite is the worst game in the entire seriesyeah no, lets have two more dumpster fires that die on the vine so 7 people can keep doctor doom on their teamcvc or cvsnk3 is the only way to break free

>>508940229Yes, yes, well done user, well done user..HOWEVER

Attached: maxresdefault[1].jpg (1280x720, 95.36K)

>>508898589Infinite was shit. Modern Crapcum is shit.

You just can't let it go, can you? MvC is dead.

>>508940229>In Capcom's defense they've made genuinely good games lately>re3 umbrella corpse

>>508909217I actually haven’t heard anything from vergeben in a while thank god. I was getting sick of hearing a leak every other week from his bullshit mouth. Did he finally stop pretending he knows shit or did people finally stop listening to him

>>508941107/v/ says every fighting game is dead so i'm not gonna take this seriously. As long as there are two people left in this world, someone is gonna want someone bodied.

>>508898589Fuck Marvel vs Capcom. I want more anime. If you didn't like this series, suck my big hairy nutsack! Faggots.

Attached: SI_Wii_TatsunokoVsCapcom_image1600w.jpg (1600x800, 237.65K)

>>508925160You again?

>>508941438TvC:UAS is better than every Marvel fighter & Vs fighter except UMvC3, and even then TvC beats it out in some respects. If Mega Crash got ironed out a little more and a decent balance patch got added alongside a few new characters, it'd probably be the best.The real question is which is better as a side mode:>Ultimate All-Shooters>Heroes & Heralds

Attached: gene-umvc3card.png (256x320, 89.44K)

>>508934540>>508933958>>508907630>unironically shilling for Bendis crap>unironically shilling for iron heartfucks sake, get some better taste like this user's>>508908061

>>508941874I didn't play TvC but Heroes & Heralds was heavily heavily underrated with the amount of dumb fun shit you could do. It's just a shame the implementation was so shoddy and the more boring strats were so much more powerful compared to giving everyone airdashing, dash canceling and special cancelling. Also that parry was fucked up because it was great to use as intended.

>>508898589>VergebenOh, so you're retarded


>>508941706Still coping like usual furfaggots?

>>508926189Marvel is fine because it's just a social influencer shell corp run by a greedy old jew and papa disney. Even if Disney is right fucked, they're too big to fail and are already looking at Apple as their buyer if they sell.WB is proper fucked, but again, giant corps don't fail, too many powerful elites involved.

post your top 3 most wanted capcom and marvel characters

Attached: Al g.jpg (400x397, 78.78K)

>>508942736Venom, Monster Hunter amd Akuma

>>508942736Agent Venom, Carnage, NERO

>>508911679Can you give me source on Reuben talking shit. I bet it was based.

>>508941148Shouldn't you be busy bitching over Nintendo not pandering too you Gamecube fags?

Attached: 1589939423607.png (1449x619, 237.17K)

>>508898589They should drop the Marvel and just go full Capcom vs Capcom

>>508942736Mega Man (shouldnt have to fucking say this), Leon, Captain Commando, Rouge, Wolverine, Magneto

>>508942367I never said it was good, just that they removed most of the cringy shit because they got called out, also fuck modern Bendis, he ruined Superman

>>508925298>Marvel fighting game by NetherRealms The only thing I ever wanted, fuck MvC

>>508899524The only reason why I want a Capcom Vs Smash is so that The captains can decide which one of them sucks more ass.

>>508942736Gene GodHandAzel DevilHandDMC5 Nero

>>508942679>He doesn't know about how much money Disney is losing on a daily basis due too their parks being closed and alienating everyone left and right as of late with their retarded movie ideas.I could tell you the horrible truth, but I can tell how much you cuckolds don;t want to face reality because you still want a shitty fighting game to come out.

>>508943393Sir, your

>>508925298>NRS makes Marvel fighting game>NRS eventually makes Marvel vs DC fighting gameWould you guys play it?

Attached: 1578821602163.png (182x174, 36.95K)

>>508942736>Gene, CapCom, Sissel>Spiral, Gambit, Squirrel Girl

>>508943130>threeSo fucking retarded.Also, your picks are shit.Kys

Is there anything more hilarious than pretentious gamers acting as if they're above enjoying capeshit?

Attached: 1489405512304.png (720x438, 323.83K)

>>508929129I'd honestly coomAlthough I would also love a smash reveal with falcon and commando beating the shit out of Bayonetta

>>508943926its 3 from each side.


>>508942736>VeteransNemesis, Sigma, Captain CommandoVenom, She-Hulk or MODOK, Colossus or Juggernaut>NewcomersNero, Rajang, Gene or Asura or The ArisenAnt-Man, a NEXTWAVE character, another Spidey villain

Attached: 1586797321067.jpg (731x1057, 123.59K)

>>508943940I dunno being a Capkuck is pretty much being lower then a Disney bootlicker. Pretty much you're a walking punchline.

>>508944513does nemesis have a stand now?

Attached: AHEM_FUCKNIGGERS.webm (720x480, 2.88M)

>>508942736>Asura, Gene and Nero>Venom, Gambit and Dormammu

>>508926197If Team Ninja can do that why can't Capcom?

>>508942736Juri Han, GBA Zero/Model ZX, Leon S. Kennedy.Songbird, Ultimate Spider-Woman, Nico Minoru

Attached: Nico-Minoru-Sister-Grimm-Marvel-Comics-Runaways.jpg (500x717, 62.27K)

>>508901362Dante's VA literally plays a character in smash bro, Ken and Dante have the same VA lol

It's amazes me that there's still people doubting MvC4's existence. Several major FGC people have not so subtly hinted at its existence including Yipes, Fchamp and Justin Wong.Also, Maximillian Dood is the biggest Capcom shill and definitely has connections, he wouldn't be making speculation and wishes videos if it didn't know it was happening.

Attached: 1132345345433.jpg (252x252, 6.46K)

>>508942736For characters that weren't in the 3D games>Capcom newcomersNeroGeneRashidoooooo>Capcom veteransCAPTAIN COMMANDOJin SaotomeRuby Heart>Marvel newcomersMs. MarvelBEST GIRL (spoilered)Agent Venom>Marvel veteransCyclopsCablePsylocke

Attached: 1481080815599.png (500x424, 159.18K)

Who do you niggas want to be playable in MvC4?

Attached: file.png (921x744, 1.59M)

>>508944780>REsistance has playable Nemesis nowRE3make seemed alright to me but this might be the tipping point to make me try it out. I've never touched a Resident Evil game but Nemesis is my favorite character to play as in fighting games.

Attached: 1587757923778.jpg (959x1000, 160.22K)

>>508942736Capcom>Asura>Akira (Rival Schools)>Donovan (Darkstalkers)Marvel>Angel >Lady Deathstrike>SpeedballI want Angel to be able to transform into Archangel and for Speedball to have special dialogue with Nova. Asura's the fucking easiest character ever to make a moveset for so I hope Capcom don't exclude him again.

>>508942736I'm gonna stick to new characters only->MarvelDaredevilMoon knightDr. Octopus>CapcomGeneNeroAsura

>>508942736>CapcomAshikaga Yoshiteru from Sengoku BasaraAgrippa from Shadow of Rome, with his crowd hype/support mechanic carried overGene from GodHand>MarvelProfessor X, wheelchair and everythingGreen Goblin, put this crazy nigger in the game alreadyMan-Spider, I've always thought he was cool

Attached: SB4_Ashikaga_Yoshiteru_Close-Up.png (1436x780, 995.34K)

>>508943652>playing NRS trash

Attached: 53678535_351924692085641_3671263866064151755_n.jpg (640x640, 89.68K)

>>508898589Sick fanfic

>>508945759Can't wait for you all to have another meltdown later then.

>>508942736Capcom newcomers>Lord Raptor>Saki>GeneMarvel newcomers>Punisher>Daredevil>Howard the DuckCapcom returning>Nash>M. Bison>V. JoeMarvel returning>Ghost Rider>Blackheart>Cyclops

Attached: RCO012_1582718254.jpg (1041x1600, 472.72K)

>>508945389and Byleth should have proven how obvious it is that Dante will NEVER be in smash.

>>508947470>Agrippa from Shadow of Rome, with his crowd hype/support mechanic carried overBeowulf in SG is fun as fuck so I'd take this. I want Vs games to add more obscure shit; TvC had it right with picks like PTX-40A and Saki. I want Gene/Nero/Asura/Arisen as much as anybody, but I want some fucking weird pulls too. Give me Agrippa, the dude from Dark Void, Linn Kurosawa, the entire Killer7, and a character from one of the Beat-em-Up Bundle games that isn't Final Fight or Captain Commando. Also bring back Hayato and/or Jin, their series are super obscure in spite of being Mahvel veterans.

>>508898589As much as we wish it wont happen and it wont have peak cammy design so what's the point

Attached: cammy-alpha3-sidefixed.jpg (900x1200, 117.3K)

>>508941148I get your point, but I hope you get mine. DMC5, MHW, REmake2, even SF5 has been hobbled together into something I would consider playing at an arcade

>>508898589A new fighting game is coming, but it's not Marvel

>>508949124>Playing Cracpom shit to begin with

>>508949575None of their other fighting game brands are popular enough aside from Street Fighter. Are they gonna do Street Fighter 6 already?

>>508949971>None of their other fighting game brands are popular Except their own brands with their own characters

>>508944780No that's orignal re2 birkin behind him

>>508942736Jin Saotome, Iron Fist, She-Hulk

>>508934219Pretty much this. For all the muh Capcom God comeback talk, they sure started doing questionable shit again quickly. I'd need confidence in two things. That there has been a significant change in the dev team for the better, Ono kinda losing status and the MonHun guy with 0 involvement in any fighting game isn't enough. They needed wiped clean with the old talent brought back. On top of that I need confidence in Disney. Through MvC's life they have been a pain, causing games to be rushed, forcing characters, disallowing characters and just MvCi in general. I need to know they will play ball for once. If this is just reusing MvC3 assets again, with another esports video leak and characters pushed out cause MCU. Kinda hard for me to care.

Attached: 1589078046422.png (494x422, 185.2K)

I just want to watch the old Marvel heads play a game together. DBFZ pro scene is all autistic Japs.

Jyst give us Capcom all-stars already

>>508943940>Pozzvel cucks in charge of taste

Attached: 887.gif (800x600, 144.3K)


>>508950225The people in charge of Infinite's gameplay were old-school devs that worked on CotA through MvC1. The systems were still half-baked, although it's possible that with more budget/time that could be fixed (I want something new though, Active Tag needs a LOT of work and Stones are basically beyond saving). CoA and other outsourced studios did the visuals and story mode, and Marvel's internal music team did the OST.

>>508943050Who makes this retarded shit?

>>508943652>NRS fighter post MK9hard. pass.

>>508940229>And I know MvC:I was soulless garbage that looked like an episode of veggie talesHow DARE you. Veggie Tales is SOUL

>>508950245Would you settle for a game they made together?>Gameplay lead is Clockw0rk>Shady K is on the team>Yipes, JWong, and others were brought in as consultants/testers

Attached: nLliGlPd_400x400.jpg (400x400, 51K)

>>508950691>NRS fighter>Mortal Kombat in generalHard pass.

Attached: 1560138918406.jpg (1920x1080, 286.25K)

>>508950786Sure, as long as every one commits to play it at majors. Instead of doing whatever the fuck they do now.


>People really think we'll get a new MAHVEL any time in the next 10 years.>If anything it will just be an update to Infinite like Ultimate was for MAHVEL 3>The only thing I hate about MvCI is the retarded dlc practice and they fucked Chris into the ground to make Winter Soldier look better. Keep hope alive I guess.

Attached: 8927314958623.png (310x525, 247.87K)

>>508943050Hey, it's Nitrorad.

>>508949971>alreadyCapcom said they're done with SFV and we're getting into a new gen of home consoles so it wouldn't be hard to believe that it's at least in the works.

>>508951662Considering MvC2 at EVO, Capcom being due for a new fighter, Capcom saying they have big sales plans (can't remember the exact figure) and how everyone who would likely know hinting. Something is happening. Is it MvC4? Maybe not. But something is coming

>>508951662Implying you cucks will have any hopes after this fucking year. Especially when getting btfo'd three years in a row.

>>508951918>that it's at least in the works.Capcom Cup champion of this year doesn't qualify for next year, that's literally saying "we got another game to announce this year" along with the report of the fiscal yer

i think next game is not mvc, but it will be capcom all stars game. 1v1 flagship title to replace sfv

>>508952042>cucksDo you think we'll get more MCU bullshit if it did happen?

Attached: 09743503717.png (181x361, 82.77K)

>>508898589Who cares. also>vergebenShit thread.

>>508952394Oh believe me, you fucking clowns will find something in it and then have another meltdown.

>>508898589>Large variety of characters with decades of history vs capeniggersCvSNK chads rise up

Attached: 1551943911990.jpg (897x745, 43.21K)

>>508950265Isnt the PS4 more of the cuck system? since games get censored specifically for it due to commiefornian feminist guidelines?

>>508952626You do realize SNK is not going to work for Crapcom anymore after CvSNK 2 fucked them over, dumbfuck.

>>508942736Nilin from Remember MeArisen from Dragon's DogmaVanessa from PN03DaredevilAnt-ManGreen Goblin

>>508951753So pretty much Smashfags in general?

>>508952626Marvel and Capcom crossing over has it's own history entirely separate from what you're referring to you know

>508952394Dude everything is MCU bullshit now. Pretty much every major character they have has either already shown up in a movie/show or they have one in the works currently. Unless they pack the roster with shit like Shuma Gorrath the Marvel side will likely be almost entirely made up of characters who are in the MCU just because at this point it's harder to find ones that more than a dozen people would want that aren't already a part of it. But hey at least we can have the X-Men and F4 characters again so there's that.

>>508898589>VergebenWhy mention him as if he's relevant at all, especially to MvC "leaks", of which there's at least one every year anyway

>>508953620Ultimate Alliance 3 turned out fine/v/'s go to response is that this was just because Team Ninja made it which is completely farcical, what is Team Ninja able to do in this regard that Capcom can't?

>>508953917Having shit being made after the Fox buyout. Oh wait you FGCucks won't acknowledge that at all.

>>508925152I think so

>>508953620MUA3 got a pretty good mix of popular and less popular characters, so the days of MCU synergy is probably over due to Marvel Games being a self sustained division that doesnt have to report directly the Marvel Studios.

>>508942736Frank WestAlexBarry BurtonDoctor StrangeKaineSentinel

>>508953161CvS didn't even sell very well to begin with.

>>508954085MUA3 started development before Fox sold their assets

>>508954085>after the Fox buyoutGood job user, now try really hard and use all three of your brain cells to piece together what's being talked about hereWhy would MCU bullshit be an issue in a new VS game if Ultimate Alliance 3 turned out fine in that regard?

>>508954439Now it sounds more and more that Disney were the ones that focused on the game in general.>>508954758Because MCU shit lacks SOUL. But we all know you Capkucks don't know what that means at all.

>>508898589I hope they drop the shitty 3D models and go for HD sprites

>>508954897But you're agreeing you stupid fuck.

>>508954897>Because MCU shit lacks SOUL. What language do I have to speak for you to be able to read my post properly? MCU shit isn't relevant at this point unless Capcom intentionally opts for it you moron


>>508942736Regina (plays like MvC2 Jill but with Dinos)Neo G Red (Gotcha Force)Gene (God Hand)Beast (X-men)Bishop( X-men)Squirrel Girl( X-men)

Attached: Everytime marvel drops a movie.webm (853x474, 1.43M)

>>508954758MVC3 was before Avengers was a huge success. After that came out they wanted much bigger brand synergy. EHM got cancelled so they could make a cartoon that synergized with Avengers better.

>>508953161CVS isn't even on Capcom's sales website. It sold less than 1mill, it was a flop. I repeat.CAPCOM VS SNK SOLD LIKE CRAPNeither company benefited from the collab.

>>508942736Vergil, Wesker and Punisher

>>508898589Can we have Phoenix back ?

Attached: AA dance.gif (220x274, 302.01K)

How would you feel if MvC4 had a F2P model like if all the characters were free but the costumes are paid

Attached: med_1523479580_image.jpg (640x362, 33.56K)


>>508955865That sales website is for home games only. CvS was still on the tail end of the era where Capcom fighters were being made primarily for arcades.

>>508898589>>Capcom has big unannounced titles for this yearthat's RE8

>>508955997Only way a fighter would go F2P is how KI did it with a rotating character(s) that are free for a while. The LoL fighter will almost certainly do that.

>>508955997I guess I'd give it a shot. A F2P model might even lead to the game having a longer lifespan.

>>508898589Please make it have MvC2's meta with UMvC3's roster variety.

>>508957807>Please make only 12 characters good out of 40

>>508943652no, NRS games are fucking garbage

>>508959048>with UMvC3's roster varietyShould've added viability too I guess, faggot.

>>508955997>How would you feel if MvC4 had a F2P model like if all the characters were free but the costumes are paidRotating characters Free2Play model like Killer Instinct is unironically the future for fighting games, japs just haven't figured it out yet.

>>508904698Please bring back Shulk and Deadpool, she promised she'd beat him in MVC4!

>>508950372>>508907548>>508901381my fellow dead rising niggas

>>508914307Yeah but Gwen is cute.Plus I wanna see her interacting with the cuter characters in the Capcom roster.

>>508901381Because then you get this garbage

Attached: capcfightevo.jpg (640x480, 110.92K)

>>508955997To be honest, it's a step up from a lot of modern fg's dlc models. Only thing it also needs is to have all the characters unlocked in training mode or something, some way to practice against characters you don't own

>>508898589>member the UNCANNY MvC GAIS!!!Let it Go, Let it Go............The Mouse just fucked Us then the Chinks with Wu-Flu!I'd rather see another game like tatsunoko vs capcom.

Attached: 1558562293869.png (2200x1302, 2.59M)

Who do you want to shake hands in the Promo image?

Attached: EX0YKeGWsAA3BX5.jpg (3840x2160, 616.45K)

>>508915387Yeah, and the bitch got c.uc.kblocked by Nitsuma of all people twice, even back with TvC US version.................and now we had the woke-a-virus!It's no FAIR

>>508941438This would be up your alley >>508961103

>>508901381One thing i don't understand about people wanting hunter, hunter is the most "functions" character ever, it is just a blank slate with a generic armor, why not add one of the actual monsters, you know the things that are iconic to the series, put in Rajang or Rathalos or whatever, if you can shrink Sentinel to make it fit on the screen you can shrink one of the monsters to fit on the screen

>>508934415everyone is here

>>508961192>the classicCyclops and Ryu>the symbolsCaptain Marvel and Captain Commando>the vampiresBlade and Demitri>the gunsBB hood and Punisher pointing pistols or shaking hands while holding them behind their backs

Attached: medium-pl-the-punisher-frank-castle-punisher-wall-poster-13-19-original-imaek7kkpdzvcgzv.jpg (832x571, 63.3K)

>>508942736DMC5 nero, eddie brock venom, chuck greene

>>508963083>BB hood and Punisherbased>Blade in MvCice skating up hillpilled

Attached: drifter oooo.jpg (878x626, 34.4K)

>>508898589Can i have ONE game where she isnt complete garbage?

Attached: DwnPSs_UUAA_tF2[1].jpg (800x450, 74.47K)

>>508963083all very good user let's have the shake hands screen alternate between all of those fuck it

Now that the dust has settled. Was MvC:I's story mode really that bad?

Attached: Capt and Bukcy enjoy a nice day of Nazi killing.gif (633x347, 1008.83K)

>>508963489yeah, MvC3.

>>508963661however bad it might be is made up by thanos talking about the satsui no hado

>>508963661>Now that the dust has settled. Was MvC:I's story mode really that bad?It was surprisingly coherent and you could actually understand what was happening. Dante VS Jedah was cool. Don't get me wrong, it's not good; but in terms of the Fighting Game story modes it's far from the bottom of the barrel.

>>508961103>Gash bell>Onizuka >InuyashaBASED>Fairy tale mc>violent jack>shaman kingCRINGE>No Kuwabara>No sailor mars>No Ranma DOUBLE CRINGE

>>508964225What's cringe about Violence Jack?

>>508964225>>508964560Better question, what the hell is based about Inuyasha? It was fucking garbage.

>>508942736Just give me hayato (from mvc2), Nero, and Nova and I'll be good to go

>>508963848Maybe as an assist shes good

>>508940049You sure he wasnt just talking about Teppen?

>>508964680i just like inuyasha :( funny dogman fight demons with schoolgirl


>>508955997>>508956906Here's my format, tried to be realistic but not jewish, rate it:>Game is 3v3 & F2P>When you download the game, you have access to every single game mode, and you will always, 100% of the time, have four characters:>Ryu, X, Wolverine, Iron Man>Four more characters will be free every 2-week period, two for each company>At launch, the game has 30 characters, same as Infinite, HOWEVER they're all brand new, high-quality assets, with a significant amount of newcomers>Two brand new characters drop every month, and they don't enter the free rotation for 3 months>Characters can be permanently bought for $3-5 apiece, or at launch you can buy the full game for $40, OR you could spend $60 and get the first 6 post-launch characters as well>Balance patches scheduled every 4 months, so three a year; there's no quota on how much is changed, but they adjust things with that level of frequency (this doesn't include hotfixes for things like piss-easy infinites or game-ruining bugs)>Every character has an alt costume that costs $3 apiece when they release, and every other month they drop a group of like 10 more costumes>Fight Money-esque system, designed so that a regular player can earn enough for 2 characters a month, while an occasional player will still earn enough for a character somewhat often (or they could spend it on costumes)>Heroes & Heralds is back and gets its own online suite with a whole bunch of cards/effects (including cards for playable characters so nobody is ruled out by being a card); you earn them by playing the mode but you can use your FM to just get a specific card you want (no spending real money on it)>They keep this system going for at least two years, maybe three or four, before slowing content

Attached: 1589370216848.jpg (1266x688, 263.41K)

>>508898589Here's who I want:BullseyeAnt-man (or The Wasp)Silver Surfer (somehow)Jamie Madrox (aka the Multiple Man)Nightcrawler

Toei vs CapcomLet me be Metal Heroes On Capcom side add in more mecha like E.X. Troopers

>>508963661It tries way too hard to be like an Avengers movie where the characters get to have cool moments and quip and shit. Some of it is super forced, like Dante throwing Ebony & Ivory to Rocket, or doing X vs corrupted Zero while a shitty remix of X vs Zero from MMX5 plays, or shipping Gamora with Strider really hard.The way they handled Ryu is the most retarded shit too. He has no reason to be doing anything at any time, he stands around in Wakanda and talks about how he was on a scientific research mission, he's a plot device for Thanos to steal the Satsui no Hadou from him so they can do that post-credits scene where he shoots a Hadouken at Jedah for cucking him.

>>508898589Heres what I want:>No Marvel>Guest characters along a strong Capcom lineup

>>508965108Teppen dropped in July of last year, and the set that dropped the month after he posted that had zero connection to DMC outside of a few new cards (it was a set about bad memories with the posterboys being Zero, Sigma, Leon, & Cammy).

>>508963661I wouldn't say it's completely bad. The boss fights are decent enough and there are a few fun characters interactions here and there but on the whole it just feels really fucking bland. They have all these iconic characters and locations coming together and the end result is just kind of dull and lifeless.

>>508963489Heard she's decent in Vanilla Mvc3, don't know specifics on it however.Her projectile assist in Mvc2 is bugged and does a lot more damage then initially intended and is easily one of the best combo extender assists in the gamealso One of the best chippers in Mvc2 with doom rocks assist and has throw loops in corner.

Attached: tumblr_lzev7kAaeZ1rntnrzo1_400.png (400x300, 47.82K)

>>508961192Dante isn't even a FG character. This pic misses the whole point of the hand shake.

>>508898589I'll believe it when I see it

>>508907548formerly sneed's

>>508965749>Morrigan tries to rape Ghost Rider>after he beats her ass, she goes "It was just a prank bro"

Attached: 96790182_235556694377813_3856300798687408433_n.webm (480x600, 2.53M)

With the state of Marvel right now I'd happily never play another Marvel property ever again.End this shit and give us Capcom Vs SNK 3 instead or try a different comic company. Fuck kike marvel. They are creatively bankrupt and totally under the thumb of nu-males and delusional schizo extreme far left writers.

>>508942736Garcian SmithBOF3 Ryu shota versionGene

>>508966301SNK will never collab with Capcom, they have bad blood and SNK's been pairing up with everything BUT Capcom.Get a clue faggot.

>>508965217>Inyasha based! Funny dogman fight demons with schoolgirl!>Violence Jack Cringe!

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>>508966236Morrigan's characterization in the crossovers has always been awful. I miss her original Darkstalkers 1-era characterization.

>>508965293>At launch, the game has 30 characters, same as Infinite, HOWEVER they're all brand new, high-quality assets, with a significant amount of newcomersShould bump it up to at least 40>Balance patches scheduled every 4 months, so three a year; there's no quota on how much is changed, but they adjust things with that level of frequency (this doesn't include hotfixes for things like piss-easy infinites or game-ruining bugs)Seems fair. Marvel players know how to adapt unlike NRS players.8/10

>>508965293I stopped reading at "F2P"

>>508898752>TFW you're the only person who was legitimately excited for Spencer when he was first revealed for MvC3>Everyone fucking hates him now because they associate him with Combofiend's PR disasterI loved BC09

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>>508925786Wtf, man?

>>508966051>This pic misses the whole point of the hand shake.Which is what exactly? Marvel characters aren't technically from fighting games either.


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>>508966657>liking edgy middler schooler manga

>>508966667Morrigan used to be sexy + cool. Bitch did the OP main character thing way before Dante and she's stronger than that dork (MVCI shilled the fuck out of Dante).Now it's just sexy. Fucking lame, i guess she'll never be back to her true self until a new DS happens

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>>508942736>MarvelMagikXornMachine Man>CapcomMegaman.EXENeroThe Thief from the DnD game

>>508967201>Which is what exactlyCapcom and Marvel coming together in a FIGHTING GAME. Ryu is the mascot of the Fighting Game brand so naturally it's Ryu inviting the Marvel cast to a brawl.Any Capcom Fighting Game character would make sense over Dante who has no roots to the Fighting Game genre. He was made by RE heads.

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>>508966539More like SNK was mad as fuck that Capcom was the only one to make a success out of the cross over deal while SNK blew their load on handheld games and a rushed Neo Geo shit no one liked.It's not Capcom's fault SNK went full retard.

>>508966667>>508967287Morrigan used to be more "cute" in the original concept, but they shifted that over to Felicia. Now Felicia, when she shows up, is borderline retarded in order to be moe, despite apparently being a pop star and a nun at the same time. I recently learned that Felficia's English Marvel 3 voice actress does Laura in SFV and I'm not how to feel about that.

>>508966539>they have bad bloodWRONGIt hasn't happened because it hasn't happened. No particular reason. CvS2 was on PS3's store

>>508967226>Thinking everything that's even vaguely dark is edgy

Would Holla Forums be down for another Street Fighter vs X-Men game specifically?

In CVS1, you could choose between Capcom and SNK grooves. Could a MVC4 do a UMVC3 Groove (Assist/No Instant Tag) and a MVCI Groove (Infinity Gems and Instant Tag)?

>>508967705That was SNK before they got bought by the Chinese with the old FF staff returning. They literally said they don't want to do CVS3.

>>508967865/v/ would, but Disney wouldn't.

>>508967865Mickey Mouse gonna bash your fucking head in if you make more post like this.