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Yes women tend to be around that height. Only some countries have taller women but even then they cap out around 6’3

>>508888000The weight of her juggs would make her topple over if she was any taller.

my dick is literally 1/4 of her body

>>508889863jesus CHRIST

>>508888000Why are her eyes red?

>>508888000NOICE DIGITS.Here, I gave you 9/10 Tifa cosplay according to me.

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>>508888000One inch taller than my ex gf. Perfect.

>>508888000tfw im 5"4fucking end me already


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>>508888000Don't trust the Japanese with stats, they also claim that Jill Valentine is less than 100lbs instead of being about 170lbs minimum like she would be.

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>>508888000Built for anal

is tifa a short stack?

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>>508889863>16" dickSure

>>508894691Too skinny

>>508890121Shes albino


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>>508888000Built for lifting

>>508888000Good things come in small packages

>>508897775like dicks?

>>508888000Smaller the size, bigger the prize.

>Fixes TifaCan't wait when PC mods come out to increase her tits to hentai size.

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>>508888000Fuck the FF7R devs making these threads, this is now an FF14 thread.

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how would you feel if tifa "dies" for shock value only to be brought back to life?

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>>508888000That's a standard height for women.And in Japan that's more on the tall side with many women being as short as 4'8, which would be considered here short enough for you to qualify for disability benefits

>>508894691you need to go outside more if you think 5'4 is short for women

>>508900618>manlet bux hahahahahahaah

>>508900618>with many women being as short as 4'8dont think soa shade under 5" maybe even that is too short for nip women

>>508888000Too tall.

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>>508900230It'd be a dumpster fire and I'd boycott.

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>>508902702man...what is this website doing to me i would love to see that trashfire in real time and the consequences. i feel like squeenix wouldnt say shit.

>>508888000"Easy to dominate," size. Mmm, yes...

>>508894523Jill was really slim in the first game

>>508903072And then she turned into a manfaced brick outhouse.

>5'10when will womanlets learn, I wonder?

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>>508903340>decently hard bossfight>qte slap fightwould be cool.

>>508903519I agree, and I'm not saying that for coomer reasons. Tifa v Scarlet is going to kick-ass.

>>508903652people were saying they would think it was cool if she was also martial arts trained to fight but i think her being a tech gadget boss would be cooler. those red suit robots are bad ass in remake.

>>508888000The perfect height. I am 6'1 an my wife is 5'4 and I can comfortably rest my chin on top of her head.

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>>508903340>fake boobsdropped

>>508902574>>508900618The average female height in Japan is 159cm, so around 5'2''.

>>508903340based MILFfu chad

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>>508904783That would imply your face is 9 inches. You have a really long face.

>>508905330Perfect height to push down and dominate like a helpless little sexpet.

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>>508905713Why is she flaunting her armpits?

>>508893353>see this roastie on twitterGross. Why the fuck Nips have such shit taste.


>>508906179>Why is she flaunting her everything?Fix'd.

>>508888000Cringe. My waifu has to be 6'7 so she can do this

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>>508906179Built for sniffing

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>>508906412Lmfao he was clearly pissed off

>>508906145I don't think being experimented on while in a coma for 4 years is very healthy. Still it's the average japan height, so maybe it's because of that.


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Meh not censored enough should be in a burqa.


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>>508906920>Someone has all the blender models.>Meanwhile I'm a Blender retard.I hate life.

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How big is Rude?

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>>508907084Get autorig pro.Also blender models are free. What the hell are you doing

>>508907423>What the hell are you doingDunno, I only downloaded Blender two days ago.

>>508907053Is Tifa Asian or White?

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>>508907423WTF? $40 for an ADD-ON?! JFC

>>508906412My waifu has to be 145cm. THE best height.

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>>508906286>nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/2005/19/news080.html>Mika Kanai makes fans crazy with Aerith & Tifa Cosplay lol

>>508907595Argentifa is white



>>508895363The OP used the wrong symbol to indicate feet. Should have said 5'4".

You have to ad 5cm to the length to make it western equivalent. I was genuinly suprised how big Cloud was in compoarison to the people in the game.Then I realized they are pretty small in japan.

>>508906920No wonder Aerith prefers Zack

>>508908056how tall is nomura?

funny someone the height and weight of Tifa would barely be able to lift 200lbs off the floor but is somehow doing 50 pullups in one set and bicycle kicking mechs through a wall

>>508905616>>508903340Based an mommypilled

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>>508905690>look up average head size>8-9 inchesIdk, maybe your head is small?

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>>508908367Realismniggers don't deserve to live.

>>508908367>World of magic.>DUDE WHY ARE PEOPLE DOING MAGICAL THINGS!?I mean, of all the shit to complain about...

I am going to post Tifas, and you will distribute them among the Sector Holla Forums slums.

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>>508907595Depends on the cutscene

>>508909037Can I have BDSM sex with my Tifas against her will?

>>508908367Nigger its called fantasy for a reason

>>508907595"Look, Mom, I asked them again!"

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>>508908380more like MILFpilled

>>508909314Only if you want to risk pic related

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>>508909578What a weird facial expression

>>508909578I mean... that's not bad either.>pls step on me

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>>508907595She'll be white when I'm done with her.

Rate my Husbando1.Reeve because he is rich2.Rude because he is a gentleman3.Reno because he looks good4.Rufus because he is rich5.Biggs because he does the housekeeping

>>508893095Know the feel

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>>508900230Tifa dies instead of Aerith

>>508893095Find a tall wife to smother you.

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>>508908071>No wonder Aerith prefers ZackShe would rather fuck Red XIII than Cloud.uploadir.com/u/4cttmsmo

>>508910440Tifa and Aerith have a duel over who gets to be impregnated by Cloud.Loser commits sudoku with the Masamune.

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>>508906294Imagine going to the voting booth with her to vote for Trump, and hating niggers together.

Uh, brehs... Lolee Tifa or Lolee Aerith on your lap?

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Tifa is strong and can carry you with no effort whatsoever!

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>>508902597Source pls user

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>>508913906What render engine do you use?

>>508914397I just saved that from ff7 threads days ago, not mine

>>508900602Cloud is too much of a manlet for that.



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>>508898308How did this post work for you?

>>508906145>he's as small as meOH NO CLOUDBROS

>>508888000>an inch taller than me

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>>5088880001,63m in a rational metric system

Sorry, Tifabros. But I'm going to stop posting in 50 minutes to continue to practice Blender and learn how to make por--erm--poses.

>>508906145Thats the perfect height difference

>>508906145>Tifa likes Cloud for Cloud, and not for something superficial.BEST freaking GIRL

>>508919189She's actually 167cm.

>>508919265Based Blenderchad

>>508903887I've always thought that scene was hilarious because Scarlet just slaps Tifa in her stupid face. It's fucking TIFA and Scarlet is just like "bitch, please."

>5 inches 4retard

>>508898149I actually think the black undershirt looks better, it gives some high contrast color to her chest area. The thigh highs are hot, but look silly, that said seeing her without them looks weirdly plain given how much detail the rest of her outfit has. I feel a set of tacticool kneepads that match her gloves and boots would have suited her better and would satisfy both prudes and coomers about as best you can.

>>508888000too tall

Is this the Tifa thread?

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>>508894523the lighting in the second pic makes her looked ripped

>Look up blender tutorial on, "How to model a woman.">They keep using shortcut keys I don't know.>Look up a cheat sheet.Holy fucking hell... Well, see you guys in 10 hours.

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>>508905616>head of "advanced Shinra weapon development"You can bet your ass she is. Look at those guns.

>>508906145>Aerith can bury her face in Zack's chest when they hugBest height difference.

>>508906145>cmThe fuck is this retarded shit?

youtube.com/watch?v=iUbJK8Ia03AIt's here bros

>>508923191what the fuck is that unholy image that you inflicted upon us simple folk

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>>508924014Some (I stress SOME) of the shortcuts I have to learn to be any good at Blender. You know, this gives me a pretty deep appreciation of those 10 second loops of porn now. ROFL

>>508923737How is Tifa so perfect, bros?

>>508924173bro I'm just a simple shitposter and all, but isn't blender a CG art tool? You get good at it by being a good artist. That's all there is to it.

>>508924945She's had twenty years to perfect being your big-chested childhood friend tomboy waifu.

>>508925030I wish that's all it was... There's so much technical stuff that has to go into, too.Like... all these were made with zero modelling. Just manipulating the nodes, which is like half-assed programming.>youtube.com/watch?v=7EeIsUErzLE

>>508924945She was designed this way

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Tifa is smol lol

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>Another Tifa threadTifa threads best threads

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all Kuraudos

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>>508927740They're the fucking best

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>>508925780>thank you for releasing my soul, stranger...

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>>508906145>tfw I'm the same height as ZackNow I just need to become a chad for my waifu


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>>508930672>Cute>/fit/>Sexy>Fun to play and arguably the best character gameplay wise>Cero'd to oblivion yet still crazy hot>Kind and adorable>Will never betray the protagonist>>508930934167cm 5'6"

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>>508932275Can I sue this place if I burn my tongue?

>>508932275I see what you did there.You want to eat her out.

>>508888000Just looked up heights. Wtf, anglos and germans are tiny.


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>>508932563motorboat her

Only the best for the size queen

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>>508910302how do you cope?

>>508933456Could one man be any more patrician?

For me, it's Madam M

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>>508905616I'm in love.

>>508906145be honest broswhat is unironically the perfect height difference between couples?genuine question

>>508906294Her eyes make me uncomfortable.

>>508933861The one where you're not alone.


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>>508923737THANK YOU BASED TIME JANNIESWhats your opinion on Aerith btw? Dont think I've ever heard you say

>>508934058what a great cosplaygloves3dpd disgust me.


>>508934827Don't forget she's acting opposite to how Tifa would act.

>>508888000Milk Truk just arrive

>>508933704smol bob

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>>508933532Not Tifa

Would anyone have the webm in picture? Please post it if you do.

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>>508933861personally i'm into a 5-8cm height gap but women generally want a bigger one

>>508933861It's all personal preference really. I prefer taller girls.

Did you guys know that men are getting shorter and females are getting taller? Dont know what the fuck theyre putting in our water supply but giantess gfs coming in the year 3000

>>508893353>disgusting nails>shopped waiststop posting this shit anytime.

it's insane how much of a brutal mogger height is. cloud can be a muscular, well built blue eyed blonde with a good physique but will still look pathetic, absolutely PATHETIC next to a man 6 feet or taller

>>508935626I don't get it. What does it say?

recommend me some good tifa cosplay JAV bros

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>>508935279Which dress you want?

>>508935674People are getting taller numbnuts

>>508934432>THANK YOU BASED TIME JANNIESJust doing my part as a Tifag>Whats your opinion on Aerith btw? Dont think I've ever heard you sayI like her, she's good, especially since she actually has a personality in the remake now. However, she doesn't hold a candle to Tifa in any way, from gameplay to looks, it's a no match, Tifa wins if you ask me

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>>508936381The one where she doesn't have a flat ass.

>not tifa

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>>508888000Nice trips

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>>508937323>dat hip popGODdAYUM


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>>508937623My heart... it palpitates with each step. I won't even beat on its own rhythm anymore.

self inserting as cloud isn't healthy for you kid

>>508937623>Chapter is named, "Light the Way."Yes. Yes she did.


>>508903072Still I doubt that a soldier woman with muscles can weight 100lbs. She isn't fat in any way but muscles have weight too

>>508938525Every second of every day.

>Tifa bringing out all the ab, hip and waist brosShe was already queen of tits, and wins over Aerith even in asa. How do we stop her from gaining power?

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>>508938810It's already over

>>508938810She's just continuing to win for the thrill of it. She's unstoppable. Just bow and accept her reign.

>>508935935It say>Cheeng Chong Wee Fong, Eat Dog

I keep getting raped by Bahamut on the last challenge, fuck this stupid unblockable homing double orb attack.I don´t even come close to him even summon Ifrit.

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>>508939672lol Just use Tifa, dummy.>youtube.com/watch?v=k1XJeBkTbmk

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>>508940037Not that one, I meant the last challenge where you have to refight all summons

>>508940140oh my god

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>>508940238The "Top Secrets" one?lol Just use Tifa, dummy.>youtube.com/watch?v=uUoTavzHeE4

>>508894523She's probably about 130 at most A 170lb woman would look like a bodybuilder or a fatass

I want to sniff and lick Tifa's smelly, sweaty feet.

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>>508904783Your kids will be manlets

>>508940448Jesus Christ what a monster.I need to level up some materias first it seems.

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>>508940910that's not how genes work my mother is short and my dad was only 6'1 yet I ended up being 6'4 due to our family history with big men



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>>508941278>genesthats such a meme. its all about the environment one grows up in

>>508939672just dodge faggot

>>508941957pick the slut

>>508923639shut up amerifag. Imagine using two different units to measure length instead of one master length used by engineers and scientist worldwide. Even your own STEM people prefers the supreme SI system. Fuck off.


>>508888000The heights are so inconsistent. Cloud is supposed to be a manlet no bigger than 5'7" yet towers over Tifa in certain moments as if he's 6'0".

>>508941251Yeah, she broke.

>>508898149This is OG size, how it should have been. Another reason why Remake is shit.

>>508906145Zack and Aerith really have the perfect height difference. Zack being over 6 ft. is such a rarity in Japanese media.

>>508940140>All these "artists" making porn of Tifa give her a ton of fat on her thighs and chest.If she lacks a bikini bridge, then she's not Tifa.

>>508910229Top tier taste. Literally all best boys.


>>508942254Don't call her a slut user

>>508943347Having a healthy sex drive is bad

>>508944098>He's not turned on by a bikini bridge.What are you? Gay?

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>>508944098"Healthy" sex drive means you are having a sexual relationship with other humans at least once a week. NOT fapping to unrealistic porn of fictional characters all day.


>>508944520Ha ha. Yeah. Totally. Everyone has that. Me included. Ha.

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>>508944520are you sure about this?

>>508944534170 lbs for a physically active girl with a lot of muscle seems about right. Muscle weighs more than fat.

>>508891787>>508893353Thread is instantly ruined by simps.

>>508944520I should cut my dick off like you I guess

>>508944417Based, I love Tifa!

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>>508935674Human height has always changed throughout time. Sometimes it was taller, sometime shorter.

>>508944520>It's another, "Bone Chilling /r9k/ Stories," episode.

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>>508888000Disgusting womanlet

>>508945019OP posted a fake height

>>508944695tifa is clearly not that muscular. she just has anime strength

>>508914397I made it in bledner

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>>508945663I kind of hate you right now...

Attached: disgust.png (698x632, 291.53K)

>>508944520>unrealistic porn>a woman being thin and fit>unrealisticFound the fatty.

Attached: 269667.jpg (600x480, 55.67K)

>>508935569damn why would cloud do that to K?


Attached: 1559169330970.webm (888x500, 2.91M)

>>508947139Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri

>>508947535What's Nomura's autism with cutting buildings in half?

>>508949089I wouldn't have a problem with it if it was consistent

>>508949089>>508949792I would be ok with it if it was a videogame or fantasy, but this is real life. I dont think ive seen a sword cutting a building before.

>>508949938>but this is real lifewut

>>508944695170 is insane for 5"4 you fatass

>>508888159Did your mother fall down a flight of stairs while carrying you user. Her breasts has been neutered than any previous rendition. > Pic relatedthis woman does cosplay and martial arts. But a woman with naturally big breasts don't exist according to western media.

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>>508951505Ew, she's hideous

>>508906145Cute and small would groom into a trap

>>508907595cute hapa

>>508944520>"Healthy" sex drive means you are having a sexual relationship with other humans at least once a week. I can say that I expected this from a tifa thread

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>>508888000Another daily shilling thread. > Picture of Tifa or Areith check> Silly stupid question or caption check > repeat posts and nonsensical comments? >>508888159>>508891787>>508893353>>508921151>>508927740>>508928089>>508931431 < same fag that made the fit thread>>508933704>>508934058 < used yesterday to make a thread>>508944417check!Dear me, oh my. Money must be slowing up. Let's continue aggressive marketing by making sure 2 or 4 of these threads are up on Holla Forums at all times! My poor brain.

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>>508952735yeah i'm sure square hired people to tifapost on Holla Forums

>>508952735> Well to be totally fair its good that alot of them has gotten cleaned up. Moot said that waifu threads are off topic for Holla Forums and /vg/ so thank god. But yeah nearly every ff7 thread is playground talk. "Look at tifa and how big her breasts are!" **SPAM NuTIFA** "What kind of tampons does Areith use?? **Spam Dress pictures of areith** No one cares this much about ff7R let alone ff7 on Holla Forums.

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>>508952942Oh they totally do. As well as other gaming companies. You don't think that they dont visit forums and 4chan for feed back and ideas? Remake has been getting pushed absurdly for the past weeks now. Old news.


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>>508952735Get help

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>>508941278Enjoy your midget kids.

>>508918978>being a manlet

>Finally found a downloadable file (not Tifa) I can use as an example to figure out what I'm doing.>It's 25 times more complex than the YouTube tutorials.Holy shit guys...

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>>508954728Your amorphous hideous blob progress is impressive, at least.


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Reminder that if you think shills actually exist, you're actually a fucking retard.

Attached: 1589574311163.png (1920x1080, 1.08M)

>>508954967they do exist but on sites like reseata or whatever its called

>>508953848Nice edit. Nice using different devices>>508954967Anon if you're a shill your a shill. It's your at home job. Be proud. Grow sales! > cunt.

>>508954967This, 4chan'd traffic is a joke

>>508941278>fhx with big men

>>508952735based user dabbing on incels

I post Tifas for freeI live in Aerithfag heads for freeI make Holla Forums REEEEEE for free

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>>508956048>Holla Forumsit is just one personafag that it is angry that nobody cares about his game but see ff7r threads all around Holla Forums

>>508956048I wish I could be a full time Tifa poster and be paid to do so


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>>508958731Tifa Tifa! She better be as good in part 2 as she was in part 1

>>508944520why are you advocating rape user


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Her Qipao should've looked like this.What we got was an abomination.

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>>508906145I want Cloud to glare at me while I tease him for being a manlet, I bet he would be super cute

>>508957325it's the same loser who keeps bumping his own threads, kinda sad desu


>>508906920Seems they went with Zach’s 6’1” height. Is there a comparison with Sephiroth and Barret? Sephiroth looked huge in the game.

>>508906145>Tifa wears heels>already becomes taller than CloudThis is why they will never be a couple

>>508952735I just like big ol' tiddies, my guy.

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>>508961383Prove it

>>508961704Just put Cloud in heels too. Easy fix

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What would Cloud and Tifa's kid look like?

Thought on miss multiverse?

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>>508888000Fuck your trips. Having just finished the original game and seeing the tits in the ending cut scene its undoubted her tits where nerfed. youtube.com/watch?v=-ujqhIfvqnw

>>508925780Pretty hapa princess

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>>508963252Butt should be bigger

>>508963491Doesn't look hapa to me

>>508933861I would like a girl where my line of sight just barely skirts past the top of her head.

>>508925030can't make good art if you can't use your tools properly

>>508907948>5'4"my dick is literally 1/8 of her body

>>508963397They were gigantic in the original because of hardware limitation. Look at her character art, they're nearly as big.The people complaining about tifa's tits are just a bunch of retards that don't know about dissidia, kh and ac.

>>508963201Zack, unironically

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>>508907595In the remake she is classified as "gook".

>>508964051>no watermark>no header>no origin>no signature>no nothing

>>508963986Part 2, it's actually the case, Zack is their son from the future

not gonna lie tifa's honeyselect model gets the job done

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>>508964349>tfw when Cloud won't fuck you so you have to hook up with a cosplayer from craigslist


>>508964349She's even better in Ai shoujo.

>>508964051>sensible_chuckle.jpgobviously fake, but surprisingly accurate representation of typical shill behavior.

>>508963986Zack is too tall to be Cloud's

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>>508964992It's Tifa's egg in Aerith's surrogate womb.

>>508964349>not being a Artificial Academy 2 chad

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>>508965458Tifa just casually solo'ing bosses, like usual.

I really really like Tifa

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>>508964640you got the card?

>>508965737We all do.

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>>508965737>>508888000She super cute. Just a slightly bigger breasts and option to upskirt and would have been perfect. But good like this as well.For me it's Chinese dress.

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>>508888000Literally perfect

>>508965762There's more of them, i don't know if i posted the best one.

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>>508964676>but surprisingly accurate representation of typical shill behavior.>take all the comments that trigger you in the threads and make a description of them in your fake document>"wooow bro so accurate"Why do you reply to yourself?

>>508965954Purple dress=Chun Ti>Ninja

>>508966235I respect your opinion, but that's not being objective.

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>>508965954Terrible color. Should have been blue/purple like her mature dress.Or traditional red.

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>>508964625honestly sucks that male customization sucks in honeyselect, only models available of cloud look like ass

>>508965954For me, it's all of them

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>>508906920>>508907084hello kind friend where do i get these models?

>>508966567>>508966697>>508966235Come on guys, she even took a lot effort to make her hair like that with this dress. For that reason, it should be the best and canon.

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>>508891787Kinda of manly (feminine), still cute.

>>508967191She is so pretty it hurts


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>>508964349>will never experience thisdamn that hurts a little.

>Tifa was every kid's childhood crush>20 years later, everyone falls head over heels for her all over againHow'd they do it?

>>508962012>short hair>big titsthe best combo

>>508964051This is totally true after seeing this week after week. > You get attacked when you say anything negative. > They attempt to pump up Tifa as a sex selling point, even though she's been around for 23 years. > The post comments are obvious by the same people that is basically robot replies. "I really like tifa" > If filled with too much negativity they will make a new one. Have you seen any tifa thread started where they don't like the game or design? Or Areith? Between all this bro shit and the spamming i think square is getting desperate. >>508964676>>508964168this is real i believe. i recall someone else posting it and when searching google it evidently was from a promoter that was scorned and they stopped paying him. This is how alot of deals and promotion looks for twitch streamers and other promoters. > But if its fake why do 99% of the threads follow it to the letter?

>>508966192>Why do you reply to yourself?fuck off kike

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>>508966910They're free online, at least the monstrosity I had.

>>508888000she's 5'6" now

>>508967727How'd she do it?

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>>508967874>i believe>i recall>evidently>this is how alot of>but why o why?!You sound like a paid shill yourself, honestly, trying to undermine the competition.

>>5089679305'5 1/2


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>>508967952The same way a droplet of rain can refract all the colors of light. It's natural.

let's face it. these threads are trash. No one cares about Tifa Lockheart. The whole point of them toning down the outfit was to remove the sexuality. The fan service dresses scenes were over in moments. It's not really worth talking about. > I liked honey bee in when it was a whore housenot a gentlemen club / gay bar.

>>508967952I love this scene so much. Her facial expression is so good. It's really captivating.