New Paper Mario

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>>507969979>Generic designs yet again>Gameplay looks almost exactly like Color Splash>"DUDE PAPER LMAO"Damn, i hate it

Arlo's going to have a field day with this.

>>507969979wtf it looks gorgeous.

>>507969979Is a regular PM rpg too much to ask for?

>>507970256w-what the fuck?

I really didn't need this disappointment right now.


Nintendo has never made a video game


How is it possible for them to consistently be making the same mistakes and be entirely deaf to all fan feedback for nearly a decade now?

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>>507970427Careful, you're poking the hornet's nest. You're gonna get downvoted into oblivion!

>>507969979Looks like garbage. Origami is a retarded gimmick

>they STILL aren't listeningGive up all hope, ye who enter here.Paper Mario is now a corpse.

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>>5079705241) You are not their target customer2) You'll buy it anyway

>thought OP was having a troll>No indication of any announcements>"Yeah, new game in a month btw"Very cool

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>>507969979I am tentatively hopeful but my experience tells me that they will absolutely fuck it up like the last two times.It's a shame that paper mario is now a slave to it's aesthetic, but thems the breaks in our creatively bankrupt world.

>that metroid tease at the endPLEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSE

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It looks decent, would have to see more.

>sticker star 3why

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>>507969979>another arts and craft gimmick game

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I skipped the last dozen paper games, might as well give this one a try.It's not nintendo inhouse though, right? Who's developing it?

nopleaseno more stickers

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>>507970665Why are you trying to stir shit with you imaginary rivalry? Both series have been shit all over for years.


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>waaaah I want the old paper mario!!!!!!!Bug Fables was exactly that and it flopped because nobody bought it.Face it, you're just whining, you don't actually want games like old paper mario.

>>507970665based punished alphadreamer

>>507970256I don't like the stupid white outlines from Color Splash

>>507969979I hope that was a metroid prime 4 tease at the end


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>>507970805>>507970901Ah, shit. I didn't notice that and had hope.Fuck this

>>507970920What's bug fables?If it's an indie game that is trying to catch the Paper Mario feeling, I'm sure they did an awful job at that and marketing it

>>507970629>2) You'll buy it anyway>mfw I tapped out at Super Paper Mario, haven't bought any of the new games since, and never will

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>>507970920Stop shilling your shitty indie game

Looks gorgeous, probably gonna play pretty much like sticker star and whatever the last one was (something about toads?), might pirate

>>507969979It's Mario only. Looks like Sticker Star. Do not want. I'll stick with XCR for my Switch game of the year.

>>507970897Because paperfags do that every chance they get?

im surprised they didnt port colour splash

I think it looks good

>>507970524All the feedback is null when they DON'T want to make what people are asking for.It's like complaining Smash isn't a racing game.

Did someone call the origami killer?

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>>507970665Fucking based

what the fuck I thought leaker trannies said it was gonna have 64/TYD combat

>>507971070It's actually really good but people are too stupid to notice.


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this peach was actually creepy as fuck

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>>507971131I'm loving this irony.

>>507970920>Indie game nobody has ever heard of outside of this website didn't sell wellYeah no shit

>>507969979>an origami storyI really need to buy a switch soon, how does Nintendo keep doing it?

never played paper mario, someone explain why this is bad

>>507971162No you don't you think it looks like shit.


>it's fucking color splash AGAINWhy does nintendo hate the paper mario fanbase so much

>>507971380It's different from the gamecube one

>it's Sticker Star 3What a waste.

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>Game will do something the SLIGHTEST bit unique like have a bomb-omb be sad about exploding for 1 scene so everyone will scream about how PAPER MARIO IS TOTALLY BACK THIS TIME YOU GUYSWho's ready for this shitshow? I'm not.

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>>507971227The fact that Peach has been Origaminized at the beginning is scary.

>>507970897boswer's story was not shit

>>507969979>all of intelligent systems staff are currently working on one game and it's paper marioFucking hell.

>specifically chose to show as little actual gameplay as possible because it looks like shit and they know people will hate it

>>507970920>it flopped because nobody bought it.any source on that? they're releasing on consoles now after it's been on PC for months so I figured it had done pretty well

If you want regular combat go play M&L. Oh wait you got tired of that series didn't you?

>>507971163That's cool. Then you get a complete flop like Colour Splash. Must feel great

>>507971380Nintendo turned it into an action RPG, back on the Wii with Super Paper Mario. Fans are still butthurt about it to this day.

>>507970901>stickersHurts>Bowser as your Tag alongHas so much potential to be funny. Give him the dialog from TTYD/Super and it'll be golden>Origami ThemeActually could be pretty neat. The music is going to be great either way so I might get the game.

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>>507971024Yet even more unnecessary, skippable battles.

>>507971163It would be more like if Smash was turned into a racing game then fans complained it wasn't a fighting game anymore.

>>507971380On the 3ds they released sticker star which gutted everything people liked about the series and replaced it with arts and crafts and incredibly weak gameplay.Then they didn't change it back for the next game, and now it looks like more of the same with this one.If you liked the rpg gameplay of the first two paper marios you better find something else to play because this series isn't for you anymore.

>>5079706382 months

>>507971392I liked the cutscene with Peach in the beginning and I like the visual style. I think the music sounds good too. But maybe it's because I'm in the same boat in this guy >>507971380

>>507971380Obvious continued removal of everything that made the first two great. From the trailer we can see:>no partners>forced mainline mario characters like Bowser Jr>fucking STICKERS again "Shiny Boots", FP nowhere to be found>arts and crafts gimmick again>exact same assets and style as color splashIt's shit.

>>507970524because people still buy them.Just like pokemon which gets weaker releases every year. Still, the fanbase eats them and they keep making shitty games.Vote with your wallet and don't buy these games.

>>507971380It's different from the first 2 games therefore it bad.

>sticker star 3This is why nobody with a brain likes Nintendo.

>>507971567mismanaged companies with shitty marketing=/=disinterest in the series

>>507971392The most Holla Forums post.


>>507969979>>507970256Thus proving, once again, that lighting animation and sharpness of textures, trump polygons motion capture and detail of textures.

>>507971704Yet exactly the same as the last two games. We're reaching CoD levels of similarity.

>>507971567M&L also is shit now because it's stuck in soulless remake hell.

>>507970665alphabased and dreampilled

>>507971763Fucking garbage. Who is making this abortion?

So, what about Colour Splash port?

>stickers again>no partners>forced shitty gimmickSo color splash 2 basically? I hope people learn from the last 2 Paper mario games and don't just throw money at it just cause its a nintendo product.

lmao wtf is this?

>>507969979>Gameplay is still stickers>Characters all still have those dumb white outlinesLooks pretty, but I'll Pass.

>>507969979>>507971763I gave up on this series and I'm still disappointed.

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>>507971661Stickers are gone and partners are back though

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Paper. Mario. Was. Never. About. Fucking. Paper.Stop with this stupid shit and stickers/cards/origami

>>507971804no lol

a small look at how the combat


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>>507969979Finally a REAL fucking video game in 2020. This board has been nothing but cinematic moviefaggotry for the past 2 months.

>>507971665But Color Splash flop HARD, even for a Wii U game. It may be one of the worst selling games with Mario in the tittle.

>>507971763Looks fucking garbage lmao.Is this really what they're showcasing to make people want the game?

>>507970665Based. FUCK paperfags.

>>507970665Based. M&L is peak Soul

>>507971965>He says forgetting about TTYD

>>507971947See>>507971763Stickers. Probably under a different name but Stickers.

>>507970920why are indie devs so bad at marketing?

>>507971947No, they aren't, Partner is referring to the little navi-thing flying around you, like the paint bucket in Color Splash

>>507971763Music sounds incredible



>>507971163>They DON'T want to make what people are asking forWe almost got exactly what we were asking for with SS. But based waggle gimmick man saved the series with his innovation.

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>>507969979Why do they hate sales and money?All they need to do is make it like 64 or TTYD, and it'll be an instant classic before it even reaches the shelves.Their research department must be so out of touch.

Looks like shit honestly

>>507971763That combat looks slick as hell.

>>507972063Apparently not according to this dude: >>507971846

>>507972108you're trying so hard to hate this game

>>507971763I dun get it.

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why are people bothered by everything being paper? it’s cute


>>507972191You're trying too hard to like it shill

>>507970805I hope that's just an attack.

Should I play TTYD? I've only played the n64 paper mario.

>>507970524they listen to feedback that makes money (zoomers, coomers, whales), not Holla Forums's

Is paper luigi finally gonna be apart of an adventure again? his first and last playable appearance was that piece of shit wii game

>>507971178haha based

>>507972087there is no number near the thing. it's probabily just skills/equipment

>>507972135Sticker Star: Miyamoto needs to back offColor Splash: Miyamoto's senile ass needs to retireOrigami King: Miyamoto needs to get cancer and fucking die

>>507970286This is regular Paper Mario now. The old games are the weird ones.

>>507971665Color Splash flopped though, sold like shit even for a WiiU game. Not sure this applies.

Sticker Star 3.0

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>>507971804>trump polygonsTrump's involved in this one? woah

>>507972210I guess you can only attack some enemies at a time if they don't align on the rings correctly.This is fun because..... it forces you to spend more of your stickers and takes a whole extra turn?

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>>507972249Yes. Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Thousand-Year Door, and Superstar Saga are all quality RPGs.

>>507972249It's a fine game but it's not even the best Mario RPG.

>>507969979>another Wii U sequelAnd yet Wii U bad Switch good

>>507971602But wouldn't you rather an actual fucking paper Mario game?

>>507971802I will give them this, Captain Toad, Bowser and Jr. as may characters in the plot is the best you can do with a "rule" of no new characters, just veterans. If they add more characters from the stablished lore into the main plot, that would already be an improvement over the 1000 Toads.I am still nervous for the combat system, but this at least seems more interesting than Sticker Stars and Color Splash so far... but that's hardly an accomplishment. But I will do if it at least reach Super Paper Mario.

>>507969979HOLY FUCKING SHITThis came way out of nowhere. What's up with that? That said. I didn't see any classic RPG combat in it though. Though then again I didn't see any kind of classic combat. For as long as the game isn't riddled with garbage combat that detracts from the experience I'd honestly more than welcome a fleshed out Paper Mario adventure game. Is that what this is? I want to see more gameplay.

>>507970920I bought it though

>>507972215Everyone is bothered by the RPG system being consumables again.The visuals in color splash and this one look amazing.

Cool just put in wooly yoshi and also the ghost dog from luigis mansion, then I'll buy it.

>>507972357The original Paper Mario has aged terribly in pretty much every way. Just listen to the music and skip it.

So we got video of an actual battle

>>507972331>The audience is all toadsNOT AGAIN. I CAN'T DO THIS AGAIN

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>>507971208Notice? We've never even heard of it

>>507971763Those attacks don't have an amount associated with them so I'm hopeful it's not stickers.

>>507972224Again with the hate. Cool off a little

>>507969979Looks amazing, thanks nintendo for not cathering to rpg cucks.

>>507972224I bought, played and enjoyed Colour Splash.and I'm getting more while you're getting nothing.

>>507972259Well if we Dont buy games they won't make games. So now what?

>>507972384If it's half a bad as Color Splash, is more of a third entry of the Stiker Start trilogy. Wii U has nothing to do with this.Still, I hope it at least can be as good as Super Paper Mario... that already would be an improvement.

the important shit hereare OCs allowed again?

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Why are people mad? It’s turn based combat again. there was a short scene in there of Mario doing the multi bounce from the first two.

>>507972312Fuck off paperfag. It’s tanabe ruining the series jot miyamoto.

>>507972512Wasn't it basically like that in TTYD?Also I think we might actually have partners. There's the Bob-omb following you, plus Bowser, Kamek, and a toad in different screens.

>>507972535Kind of looks more like Tearaway than Paper Mario aesthetically

>>507972535>Generic fucking mario enemies yet againTone deaf devs

>>507972664Super Paper Mario is the same trash as the new games

I just don't understandHow can you be so tone-deaf, so irresponsive to criticism that your reaction to the last two games being released being blasted to hell and back is to RELEASE A THIRD ONE?What the fuck, Nintendo? What the fuck are you DOING?

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>>507972501How so? It plays, looks, and sounds good, its design is as good now as it ever was.

>>507970629actually, I won't

>>507972094It costs money to do it well, if your game isn't extraordinary as an indie its very hard for it to sell on its own like that.

>>507972639How hateful & spiteful. This is why Nintendo fans are so disliked. They're terrible people.

So anyone got those leaks?

>>507969979>LOL WE'RE ALL MADE OF PAPER XDCan they stop doing this shit?

>>507972598Go look it up you fucking normie.

>>507972680Because it looks like Wii U one which was shit

I liked Sticker Star and you're all bandwagoning faggots for thinking otherwise

>>507971763so you use orgami powers to move enemies into positions for your sticker attacks now

>>507972690Eat shit nintendie Miyamoto started the series' downfall by telling them to make Sticker Star "speshul"

>>507972678No.Enjoy all your party members being generic Mario enemies except for Bowser Jr.

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>>507972680Its the Shiny Boots sticker.


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Never mind, I was trying to be optimistic, but what the hell is this?

Have PMfags just gotten complacent? I remember the CS reveal trailer was in negative territory.

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>>507972723you're right but tearaway is a beautiful game so I can't blame them for aping it aesthetically

>that Metroid tease at the endREAL SHIT

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>>507972830your skin is paper thin

>>507972418I would. But I still hope this is good. Not him by the way.

>>507972807I win, you lose.

Paperfags will claim Miyamoto is the scourge of all their problems and shit on anyone who tells them the truth: Tanabe is to blame, not miyamoto. Enjoy your sticker star 3 faggots.

>>507972780It's super basic, plot is generic, and the visuals look like shit. There's really no reason to play it when TTYD is right there.

>>507972249You're going to get mixed responses since the pm fans on Holla Forums argue only about which one is better, just check it out. If you liked the n64 one ttyd is up your alley

>>507972771They don't care. People grew up with sticker star and think it's the norm. They'll buy the new ones and like it because they're too young to have known how much better it could be. A bunch of grown ass men complaining on imageboards don't matter compared to zoomie and his dads credit card so nothing will ever change.

>>507972771Color Splash flopped HARD. Not even money is speaking to these people. It's like they're doing it out of spite

>>507972850>a bunch of generic enemies and the absolute worst Mario characterHow disgusting.


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>>507972680soulless gimmick trash only a neonintendo shitchlet would possibly try to defend get the FUCK off Holla Forums NOW

>>507969979>Shitmus Aran aka Nintendo’s LightningDownvoted

>>507972883Ah my memory was failing me, it's been years since I played it.

>>507972757Battles aren't a shore, and the story and characters at least try, so that already put it leagues above the trash that was SS and CS.

>>507972919Finally a JRPG for literal toddlers

>>507972921Nintendo has been very good at making their base suck their ass

>>507969979>Still what if world was made out of crafts lol XD>Still has the stupid white outlines>Game is still missing the point that the world/characters isn't literally made of paper (It's a popup book)At least there's two OC characters this time, baby steps but we're getting there.

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>>507972418Its never going to happen Arlo.

>>507972850So... like the first two Paper Mario games?

>nintendies already in defence mode over thisWhat the actual fuck is wrong with you people? You know the people who love the old paper Mario games are the ones complaining and not Sony fans or whatever? Why get defensive over a game that doesn’t look like it’s going to fix the issues that made the last few games garbage?

>>507972921Paper Mario has been bad longer than it's been good, Switch drones are so starved for games they'll buy anything with a Nintendo logo on it.

>>507971208We do notice your shilling, bugfag. I tell you every fucking thread that Holla Forums is a terrible place to shill your game


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>>507972947How hateful & spiteful. This is why Nintendo fans are so disliked. They're terrible people.

>>507972680Consumable items for attacks. It's shit.

>>507972921They didn't showcase the combat. Its also not wii u so people are more receptive to games


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>>507973081nincels are a fucking diseasethey need to be purged

>>507973081The game isn't even out yet. Shut the fuck up tortanicfaggot.

>>507972921We are desperate. In true, this one LOOKS better than CS, but that means very little. Besides, we barely got to see anything about the battle system in the trailer... now that I got to see it, I am less optimistic about this. I just hope the story is less generic than before.

>>507971763FUCK MY SHIT UP

>>507972334bait or literal retard?


How much do used switches sell secondhand?

>>507970920No one bought it because the publisher fucked the developer over. No one wanted to buy it afterwards.

>>507973078Not really, those characters were based on Mario races but not generic designs.


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>>507973078The difference being they had qualities and a uniqueness to them. These are literally copypasted bad guys with not distinguishing features.

>>507972121Except TTYD and 64 never made it a point to constantly hammer down the " LOL WE LIVE IN A PAPER WORLD" and creating more pointless gimmick about it

>>507973190Why do you even want it? MP3 was shit and this one isn't even made by the same studio as MP1-2 why would it be good? Do you want a repeat of Wii U starfox?

Hey Smashfags, the arms fighter is Paper Mario

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>>507973078There is a difference between having CHARACTERS that belong to a race, and just having a generic nameless enemy as a party member.

>>507973081I need to see some extended combat gameplay before I call this shit.

>>507972932>>507970680It's not a tease. Tease would suggest that there is more to be seen. More to be had. But it's very likely that Metroid has nothing worth showing at this point. We just got news that they hired vfx artists the other day. So they're not as far along as you hope. We probably won't get a real tease until late this year, or early next year.

>>507972181>That combat looks slick as hell.

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Embrace my reality, user, and you can have the perfect Paper Mario game just like the first two

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I can't take this shit no more, man. Disappointment after fucking disappointment for months now. The fuck are those pieces of shit at Nintendo thinking?!

>>507973217''why are you dropping shit on my plate?''''how can you tell it's shit? it's not even out yet''

>>507973078I'm not entirely sure you understand what generic means.

>>507970629They fooled me with sticker star, and I absolutely did not buy color splash.And based on the small bits of combat I've seen, I will not be buying this either.Not that it matters a single lost sale means absolutely nothing.

>>507973315never played paper mario but the party members in the old ones are literally sonic tier OC cringe

>>507973315>>507973292>A goomba... But it has a hat!>A Koopa Troopa, but it's got a bandana!Wow, so impressive.

Dude things in this game are made out of paper just look at our trailer. What do you mean show more of the combat or gameplay? That's not important, look at the paper. PAPER!

>consumable attackscan someone elaborate? never played a paper mario game, but I love consumables in games, it gives me an outlaw star vibe when I have to pick what to attack with because I have limited resources

>>507973281just throw it off your fucking roofNew-Shitendo is an evil that must be destroyed

>>507969979>literally the first thing they show is a yes/no question where your choice doesn't matterIt's like they're mocking us at this point.

The Nintedomination is unreal. The game doesn't even have to be good to sell 10 million copies. If it is good, we're talking 100 million copies.

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>>507973342Because I don't want to be blueballed for another 5 years waiting for an already announced sequel like SMT

well time to replay 64

>>507972850>Party members are back>Only they don't have actual names and personalities >Only they're all generic enemies and a generic Toad>Also Bowser Jr because Miyamoto likes to shove his son everywhere like Will smith does with Jaden fuck this, not even Luigi?

>>507973078>Watt, Twink, Flurrie, Vivian, Bobbery, Bow, Ms. Mowz>genericI hope you get a paper cut user.

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>>507973386You do realize its very possible for there to be more than one Metroid project in the works, right?Also, bear in mind that Prime 1 was put together in less than a year.

>>507973415They are actually thinking. Someone there realise that they mess up Paper Mario yet again, and decided to leave out of the Mini Direct, and just trow it in the wild without fanfare.

>>507969979Didn't the leak earlier in the year mention how this game would go back to the franchises roots? Since this game is got a announced shouldn't that give people hope?


>>507973373Really? What was so distinct about Kooper?

>>507973190After the abomination that you JUST saw do you really want to see a new Metroid. I mean really think this through. gameplay footage, Looks like the combat is "ringed based" and you have to align enemies to attack

Remember, the real “Paper Mario 3” is coming to consoles soon. Buy it, if you haven’t already on PC.

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>>507972220>>507973412>i don't like it so it's baitThat new combat looks great, it's standout and it looks nice and smooth, time for some slick combos.

>>507973412You are mentally ill.

>>507973423>It comes out as goldSee?

>>507970920No one bought it because the publishers completely ass raped the developer, and I have no way of paying the developer and ONLY the developer.Fuck you, retard.

I wonder if this was legit and then just got almost completely scrapped

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>>507973468I'd fuck a goomba with a hat, as long as she was a college graduate and consenting.

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>>507973587Hope for fucking what? It adds maybe one feature from TTYD in a half assed way?

>>507973568The only one I'm giving them is freaking Kamek looks to be a partner. I'm good for that shit.

>>507973468Disingenuous as fuck. If you put a hat on a goomba it won't have the look, personality, nor context of Goombario.

>partners are back>stock enemy designs and spikedropped, what the fuck is their problem?

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>>507973540>bad game sells a lot>it's a good thingWait till you hear about mobile gaming, you'll love those

>>507973581Twink wasn't a party member, dipstick.They're Mario enemies with hats.

>>507969979metroid prime announcement soon with that tease at the end

>>507973587>Actually paying attention to what that tranny retard attentionwhore saysDumb fuck.

>>507973669>We could've had paper warioWHY NINTENDO

>Metroid referenceI sleep.>DK referenceREAL SHIT

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>>507973289>>507973656>the publisher fucked the developer overI never heard about this, what happened?

>>507973654Gold shit is still shit.

>>507973478/v/ has the autisms so they can't handle resource depletement. Everything must be replenished to the max after every fight.>>507973612Like Chrono Trigger?

>>507973616No one liked your shitty Paper Mario clone.

>>507973621>combosIts Paper Mario retard, If you're gonna bait try not to make yourself look like an idiot please, you're embarrassing yourself

>>507973714>It's a Goomba... But he likes Mario!Such personality.

>>507973796>reddit memesGo back

>>507972135Why isn’t there a single image like this for tanabe?

>>507973716We can't get TOO creative now. it might give people ideas. CREATIVE IDEAS.*raughs*

>>507971024There is an audience again like in TTYD, so maybe there will be some interesting things happening with their inclusion?

>hmmm I wonder why people liked the first Paper Mario games>could it have been the creative use of iconic mooks as party members, simple but fun RPG mechanics and giving a more clear insight to the Mario world?>NAH, IT WAS TOTALLY BECAUSE IT LOOKED LIKE PAPER SO LET'S BET ALL ON THAT FROM NOW ON

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>>507973716If the combat is still Item reliant like in Sticker Star I'll pass on it

>We finally get shy guy parter>he's utterly generickill me