How do you fuck up this bad?

How do you fuck up this bad?

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Do they keep adding this as free content to MC Collection or is it paid? I have GamePass but games don't look like they have DLC (feel free to correct me).

>>507967372>pclol who cares

>>507967628wtf are you on? Halo 2 just got launched on PC, is a fucking trainwreck on performance

This game should be completely free if you have it on console already. Lmao, fuck this company.

>>507967372literally every single release so far has been completely fucked i don't even think they fixed the bugs with Reach yet toojesus fucking christ

>>507967372It's still tickling me that they can't get halo of all fucking things right. Nothing they do is correct, they couldn't launch the MCC the right way the first time and now they're just falling down stairs all over again.

>>507967628>Do they keep adding this as free content to MC Collection or is it paid? Huh what do you mean?when you buy MCC on steam you are paying for all games they are just being released over timeyou can also just buy what ever games you want

Can they even do ANYTHING right? What the FUCK is their problem?

>>507967816and it's taken them like 6 years to get to this point, on top of that

didn't the xbox one have mp issues too lmao

>>507967372>343>MicrosoftThere is your answer

there are zoomer cucks who think 343 halo is better than bungie halothey post among us

What is wrong with it this time?

>>507967372I was playing CE with my mate and we ran into tons of bugs, couldn't even finish it. Reach we didn't notice as much shit wrong with the campaign but every time we played CE we'd find some fucking bug. Kept automatically aiming down sight the first time we played and had to re-install to fix the problem.

>>507967628Halo 2 is part of the MCC. You can either buy just Halo 2, or buy MCC as a whole, which includes all games, the ones that aren't released yet will be added when they come out. How come people still don't get this?

>>507968258>kill an enemy in H2 multiplayer>BETRAYALsomething like that I think

What gets me is that Microsoft just keeps letting them do what they're doing with no oversight. It's really mind boggling.


>>507968258Performance is fucking shit, turning Vsync fucks up the framerate. If you have it on framerate will dip to 48-50 even with nothing happening on the screen, but if you turned it off it won't go below 70. Also subs are not working during gameplay, only on cutscenes

>>507967814it is free

>>507968269What bugs? I played CE with my friend last weekend and there were only minor issues.

>>507968470Haven't played in almost a month now, played when CE launched. Perhaps they fixed shit but we had enough.

>>507968365>>507968451>>507968468Yesterday people said that it was a perfect port and much better than CE or Reach.

>>507968365That doesn't explain how. The game is bugged in a sense where If you look down you become vulnerable for the bug. The bug itself is if a grenade or a rocket gets shot downwards (while looking down) it will spawn on top of other people who are looking down at that moment.

>>507968468subs have always been like this, bungie never made subs for gameplay, only 343 games have them. Actually 343 added subs to HaloCEA but didn't add them in Halo2A for some reason. Halo 3 won't have subs in gameplay too, only Halo 4

>>507968596you mean shills

>>507968470Sound issues, graphical glitches, controls sperging out.

>>507967372Every time they add a new game to MCC on PC it's bugged. Nothing new. Pretty sure the audio for Reach and Combat Evolved Anniversay on PC is FUBAR, then 343i applied the same update to the Xbox version so the audio on the console MCC is shit too.

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>>507968641Well thats a problem cause CE has dubs but somehow 2 doesn't

>>507967931This was the same problem when they released it in on XboneIt was the game everyone wanted to play and could've been a system seller, but the multiplayer was fucked

>>507968705Swap wars and 2.

>>507968705Stop posting this fucking awful tier list.

>>507967372343 is the SINGLE dumbest fucking studio in the modern era, it's absolutely absurd


>>507968705This chart is bad and you should feel bad

>>507968705ODST and Reach were by far my favourite two.

Hay guise! I just wanted to let you know that this is how we treat the flagshit title. Oops. I meant so say flagship.

I'll just leave this here...

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>>507968705Respect the Halo Wars top tier, truly the only good halo campaign

>>507968258>Have rocket lawnchair>Jump on top of enemy>Shoot down>Rocket goes through a portal to another dimension>Appears to some random player, friend or foe>Kill them

>>507967372B-B-But they've been working super hard on this game for years to port it to pc bro, THINK OF THE POOR AAA STUDIO DEVS BRO

Nothing to see here...

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>>507969943343 HIRE THIS MAN

>>507970479Is this SPV3? Disgusting.

>>507970479343 HIRE THIS MAN!!!!!!

>>507970574That looks like a 343 human assault rifle asset to you?

>>507969943>>507970479HALO, HIRE THIS MAN

>>507969943>>507970479Is this supposed to be infinite or some HIRE THIS MAN tier tech demo?

>Plasma pistol audio bug in CE STILL isn't fixed.Jesus fucking Christ. Why are more people not making a fuss over this. All of the other bugs I can tolerate but this one actually makes the weapon maddening to use.

>>507970695It looks like some shit someone quickly made in a game engine, yes.

>>507967816I haven't experienced a single bug with Reach or Halo 1 so you're a lying little shit.

>>507967372Are people surprised? Both Reach and CEA had shitty launches.

>>507970839No, you were wrong. Eat a dick and die.

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>343 fucked up reach, CE, 2, and will definitely fuck up 3>will still buy 3 in the slim hope that they don’t fuck it upWhy do I have Stockholm Syndrome for this shitty dev?

>>507971087So you're that retarded to think that'd be a Halo Infinite screenshot then?


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>>507971302Nope, you dumb motherfucker, no one said that but you. Just stfu.

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>>507971316HIRE THIS MAN

>start campaign>some Halo 4 or 5 cutscene starts playing

>>507971668>“I-It’s CONNECTED to our game!“Fucking 343 shoving their fan fiction campaigns into the OT.If they do this shit in halo 3 I’ll be fucking furious

>>507971454I'd have taken it at least somewhat serious if there was an actual HALO ring in the skybox. Fucking retard. Neither the UI nor the graphics are the same style as footage already showed. And if this actually were to be Halo Infinite, which it's not, no one would even want it due to it looking like shit.

>>507971847They won't, it was like that when MCC originally came out, to fill the gap between H4, Nightfall and H5G. They won't add anything that wasn't already in the MCC unless it's fixes, eventually.

>>507971087Lmao that elite looks like a bad cosplay

>>507971668>can't even skip it without skipping the real cutsceneOOF

Last one...

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>>507971668The best part of this cutscene is that it doesn’t fit in to 5’s actual campaign at all. I really don’t know why they haven’t just removed it.

>>507972303You can, the actual cutscene starts after you skip the fake one.

>>507972037So I have to spell it out for you?ITISNOTINFINITEYou dense son of a bitch.

>>507972272Yeah it did look terrible. It's from 14, I think.

>>507967787>trainwreck on performance.The classic mp and the anniversary campaign run smooth as hell, retard.

>>507967372who cares? gaylo's been dead for over a decade now.

343 cannot do a single thing correctly. Can't wait to see how much of a dumpsterfire Infinite will be when it has their insane incompetence coupled with covid.


>>507971454>>507971316>add crappy procedurally generated grass on some generic terrain and stock trees/rocks>normies coom over itEvery single fucking time.

And people think Infinite will be good.

>>507972834Not the 2 campaign

>>507972513How do you fuck up basic proportions this bad? All the feathers are there, but all the limbs are fucked up.>Short skinny thighs paired with huge calved and feet>Joining between thigh and groin is fucked>Groin armor is huge yet the hips are strangely narrow>Abdomen is something like a quarter of the length it should be>Narrow shoulder width and torso paired with huge bicepsIdk about the game but no-one is going to be hiring this modeller anytime soon, this goes without mentioning the shit texture work in the other screens ITT

>>507972638Of course it's not Infinite, I've never stated it was.

I can't believe how mismanaged Microsoft is. Halo's their "Mario" but they treat it like shovelware. Same shit with Minecraft. Someone needs to remind them that they're in the games business.

>>507970840>werkz 4 mecongrats retard you just discovered anecdotal evidence

>>507973463It's because they have a Pajeet running it now.

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>>507967372Do they just have 5 people working on this?They've been working on this by now for 2 years, it's a goddamn port and yet everything they release is broken.

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