Nvidia GPU conference starting soon: CEO to unveil next-gen architecture

Nvidia GTC keynote featuring CEO Jensen Huang will livestream ~40 min from this post at the official YT channel>youtube.com/user/nvidia/videosNvidia will unveil their new Ampere architecture, which will replace Volta (Titan V / Tesla V100) and Turing (RTX 2000 series). This keynote is focused on data-center computing and professional graphics but Nvidia has stated that the next-gen consumer GPU's will use the same architecture with different configurations. Information about ray-tracing improvements and next-gen gaming GPU's may be teased by Jensen. RTX 3000 cards themselves will not be unveiled here, only the flagship GA100 7nm GPU and potentially new RTX Quadro and/or a new RTX Titan cards.

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what will be the new meme "tech" this time?youtube.com/watch?v=XDpDesU_0zo

Camera one stop

unlikely to show gaming gpus in gtc

>>507966640 gay tracing

>For one, the A100 contains more than 54 billion transistors across a surface area of 826 millimeters, making what it said is the largest 7nm processor. >The A100 can perform single-precision floating point math (FP32) for training workloads and eight-bit integer math (INT8) for inference 20 times faster than the V100 GPU that came out in 2017. The company said the A100 is 2.5 times faster for double-precision floating point math (FP64) for high-performance computing workloads.>Nvidia said it has made five technological breakthroughs to achieve what it said is the largest generational leap in performance across all eight generations of its GPU.By comparison the 2080 Ti has 18.6 billion transistors.

>>507966502>TX 3000 cards themselves will not be unveiled herethe fuck are you posting it here for then?go to /g/ you fucking retard

>>507966502i dont see any live stream feeds

>>507967084Brainlet. RTX 3000 will use the same architecture, they are streamlining the entire product line. Also RTX Quadro's and Titan's are capable of gaming.

>>507966502that link doesn't work

>>507966502Are you sure? There's no stream links

>>507966502So, in other words this will be a bunch of technical jargon with no example gameplay. Passed.

>>507966502How soon is soon?

>>50796767920 min

>pc>novidiayawn who cares, AMD is better and consoles have superior SSD technology that PC will NEVER be able to compete withPC gaming is officially dead

>>507966502archive.is/fiMX1We can discuss this leaked article in the meantime.>>507967790> superior SSD technology that PC will NEVER be able to compete withWhat is nvme?

>>507967790>people think PCs are going to start needing unnecessarily fast SSDs that are 5-6 years away from being affordable>Wanting (relatively compared to RAM) slow as shit SSDs integrated with GPUs and not just more VRAM No.There's a reason no non gaming programmers / software engineers give a single shit about Sony's work around and the reason is because it's a dumb cost cutting measure / method to decrease space in the console itself. It's nothing revolutionary, and when it comes to actual software development advancements in GPUs and CPUs are still far more important than trying to use a SSD to offload some work from the GPU / RAM. It's not that PCs will get better SSDs to compensate for Sony's SSD, which due to the nature of multiplats won't even be utilized by anything but exclusives in the first place just like 'da powah of da cell', it's that GPUs will just get more VRAM, GDDR6 will become the standard on GPUs, 32 GB of RAM will be the standard, and DDR5 when it comes out will become the standard RAM.Boom. All the memes about da powah of da SSD gone, just like the cell in a single year of PC development

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>>507967790>superior SSD technologyYou only need "superior SSD technology" because Sony didn't want to spend more money on RAM you complete retard

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I kind of want to watch but I also kind of want to go to bed, it's not about vidya so there won't be much to discuss on Holla Forums so I might just watch it tomorrowThis won't cut into the same time as the state of play will it?

>2020>still only two companies in the GPU gamewhen will it end

>>507968683Never, especially thanks to coronachan

>for this mid range card, it would be 700$ and a tip

>all these people not just buying a ps5 to rip the SSD out and plug it into your PC when an adapter becomes availableWhat's wrong with you?

Where's the stream Nvidia you useless chinks

>>507967790>superior SSD technologyGood to know you retards think that NVMe and CFexpress is game breaking technology that totally doesn't exist on PC.

>>507968683Intel is entering this market, and there's a bunch of Chinese companies too.

>>507967790AMD, even with all their "Advancement" is still losing the CPU and GPU raceSmart people know AMD is DOA

>DDR5 comes out this year (maybe next year because Corona)Mark my words. The second DDR5 is out the PS5's little meme SSD will be left in the dust, just like when Intel beefed up their processors in the late 00s early 10s


>>507968683you know why

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>>507968841>Intelaviv>chink shitNo thanks.They won't even put a dent in price range except for maybe the lowest tier GPU's.

This is supposed to start in 5 minutes right?

>>507968889I thought DDR5 launched last year?

>>507968160pretty sure the 5.5GB/s SSD is more expensive than say 16GB of more RAM



>>507967256>they are streamlining the entire product lineBabbies first reveal? They will not, the gaming line-up will have its own reveal later. Probably somewhere in July/August.

>>507969256He's referring to VRAM which is the main thing the SSD attempts to offload work from. VRAM is very expensive because it's so fast per pin and GDDR6 is insanely quick.

What the fuck are they doing? It's supposed to be live now

>>507968889>DDR5 comes out this yearRetard detected. The first consumer boards to support DDR5 are scheduled for mid 2022.

Jensen is one smug mofo. He won't let AMD steal all the thunder. I'm just worried how much he will gouge us this gen.

nice live stream OP

>>507969560Check playlists

>>507969537it's not like the SSD is cheap either


>>507969732Oh. What a fucking shitty way to announce things. Someone watch it and tell us if there's anything interesting in it

>>507968160RetardI hate Snoy too but cmon.

>>507969694youtube.com/watch?v=bOf2S7OzFEg&list=PLZHnYvH1qtOZ2BSwG4CHmKSVHxC2lyIPL>>507969732wtf, those are just shity videos, not a live presentation.

>>507966640what a fucking legend

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youtube.com/watch?v=bOf2S7OzFEg youtube.com/watch?v=BeScfkCm3b4 youtube.com/watch?v=tpeGZ7nm0J0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWe02O2po1U youtube.com/watch?v=3ey76WVYkCI youtube.com/watch?v=onbnb_D1wC8 youtube.com/watch?v=phP_c3zi82g

>>507969753Before the supply chain ground to a halt, the price of flash was declining. That's the only reason they're using them now.

>>507966502It will be datacentre Ampere and nothing of use for Holla Forums.

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It's probably a nothing burger. They will show the consumer cards at Computex.

No rtx 3080? no one cares about this

>>507969914>>507970094Well if it's not live I will watch it later

They're up, here's the RTX part:youtube.com/watch?v=BeScfkCm3b4&list=PLZHnYvH1qtOZ2BSwG4CHmKSVHxC2lyIPL&index=2Full Ampere architecture unveil at:devblogs.nvidia.com/nvidia-ampere-architecture-in-depth/Looks like this is going to be a massive leap in performance.

>>507970293Good, hopefully this makes raytracing a lot more viable earlier.

>>507970293I'm pretty fucking excited for DLSS, I hope it enables me to never update again. And I hope it works for everything ant not just DLSS games because that would be gay.

>>507969256its 5.5Gbps, a huge difference

>>507969881Go look at the things they're saying the magic SSD will do in terms of loading shit in etcIt's literally just a description of 'having a decent amount of RAM + VRAM'

>>507968073>>507968160Fun fact: AMD once bolted an SSD to a gpu to reduce the penalty from swapping out to system ram when you blow past vram capacity. It was (and remains) a highly specialised piece of kit but if you are the target for it it is very, very good.

>>507970709no it's 5.5GB/s, no idea what made you feel like making that claim when it's incorrect

The marbles demo is cool

DLSS and VRS is going to be a revolution nearly as big as raytracing

hurry up and announce this shit. ive been putting off building a new pc until the next line of cards

>507966502actual gameplay shownwhen will we stop winning PC bros


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DLSS looks better than native. How the fuck does that work?

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>>507971035>VRSWhat's that? And yeah DLSS is awesome.

The chat bot demo is fucking terrible, damn.

>>507970293>IS THAT MIRRORS?They put this into their corporate talk video lol.

It's fucking nothing

>>507971059They will not announce consumer cards today

>>507971159Variable Rate Shading, look it up, it's like resolution scaling but for shading specifically

So what exactly is dlss?

>>507971159VRS is years old and irrelevant. essentially VRS is used for supersampling and only matters when you have horsepower to spare.

>>507966502I thought that was tomorrow.

>>507971153Neural networks are black fucking magic.

>>507970836>AMD once bolted an SSD to a gpuYea, and it's useless for anything that's not content creation.

>>507970741That's not at all what they've said. There's dedicated transfer acceleration chips in the PS5 and texture asset decompression in the SeXyoutube.com/watch?v=Ups8FrRFNR0

>tfw you bought turingI just couldn't handle the 3.5 meme anymore bros...

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>>507971153AI is magic

>>507971349Wait I fucked up and was thinking of something else. Please forgive me user.

>>507971312AI upscaling because hardware is not powerful enough to do raytracing at >540p resolutions.

>>507971349You're thinking of AMD's virtual supersampling.VRS in the modern context is variable rate shading.

>>507966502>gpuslol who cares? the future is SSDs and Sony has the best one for years to come.

>>507970214>COMPUTEXthat's at the end of September, and release them when faggot? next year?

>>507971153I dunno but I like it. Something something AI is better than atists.

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>still no 3080 infosoh lawd

>>507971521>YearsDon't get too cocky snoylet, you have a year, top. During which most games will be multiplatform so they won't push the PS5's ssd that much until everyone else catch up.

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>>507971485Does it only upscale the lighting?

>>507971521At this point I can't even tell if this is deep sarcasm or garden variety stupid.

>>507971153Cherrypicked image. Don't expect that in real life scenarios

That marble demo gave me uncanny valley vibes, it's really weird.

>>507971637It was never going to be a consumer focused announcement.

>>507971284Ah, neat. Some devs do this manually or just downgrade their shaders but it'd be cool for it to happen at the GPU level.

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>>507971403After using 780Ti for almost 5 years, feels pretty fucking good.

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>>50797174380% is tech illiterate. I really can't tell which it is.

Damn the autonomous car video is really dumb. It's all in virtual reality so it means nothing as it doesn't have any real life weirdness

>>507969881>>507970741The SSD marketing is literally POWER OF THE CELL COUD garbage.


What a shitty way to announce thingsWill any of this be coming to my 2070 super?

Finally, a thread about graphics that isn't entirely filled with retards

This guy sure owns a lot of spatulas

Fuck nvidia.

>>507971724Deep Learning Super Sampling. It's Rendering everything at a higher resolution.Think real time Waifu2x.

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>>507972339This is UE5 user. Unreal Engine, a PC gaming engine. The demo was poorly rendered on an "early" PS5. There are PC demos on UE4 that look and run better already.

>>507972662It's way better than waifu2x, waifu2x is baby-tier compared to the upscaling neural networks that have come out in the past two or so years.

>>507972742That better be not jensen.

So did they announce 3080 yet?

>>507971724Nope it scaled up everything it seemed. In the talk he says they taught the AI to upscale 720p images to 16k and compare it to the original 16k image. They did this until it was able to create a similar result. They show some examples in the video.

>>507972918No. But we now know more about the architecture it will run on.

>>507972784It's a multiplatform engine and this is running on PS5, a system using a very fast SSD as the default, unlike most PCs.

Show us the vidya benchmarks you chink fuck

>all that AI magic just to shill stuffs instead of AI-waifu

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This is what next gen actually looks like

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>>507972784>PC demos on UE4 that look and run betterNo, not with that amount of asset data and sheer polycount.You're coping and that's pathetic for a PCchad.A sata SSD wouldn't even be fast enough to load this many assets in realtime on PC. You'd need an NVME SSD and even you don't have one yet.

>>507973245You're stupid. Stop overestimate the means of storage.

>>507973230Color correction? We already have that, and it's fucking gay.

>>507973219We're still quite far away from that user

>>507973245>You'd need an NVME SSD and even you don't have one yet.? retard

>>507973245NVMe probably wouldn't make any difference either because of all the bottlenecks.

There goes AMD from my next build.


>>507973230That's not so bad. You were still able to see that it is not real but I can't point out why.

>>507971956Not him but people who underestimate the ssd's advantage and didn't learn about Kraken already would be part of that 80%

>>507973348The only bottleneck is games not taking advantage of it

>>507971521Funny how the one exact thing where PS5 is better than Xbox is now suddenly the most important thing in the world

>>507973554Power of marketing and fanboyism. Remember how 8GB GDDR5 would mean that 99% of all PS4 games would not play on PC?


>>507973101So get a new SSD if you don't want to load games slow. Keep in mind video games are not tech demos meant to market unreleased consoles. You're a dumb consumer.>>507973245>billions of triangles isn't diminishing returns reeeee!!!>ALL PS5 GAMES WILL LOOK LIKE THIS JUST TRUST ME ALL TECH DEMOS RELEAESD FOR CONSOLES ARE REALThis is your post.

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>>507973314You're stupid. Stop thinking a 500mb/s SSD can load Zbrush assets in realtime just fine while in an open world full tousands of such high quality assets. That's the entire point of the UE5 demo you dumbass, it would never ever run on an HDD.>>507973343Retard.>>507973348What bottlenecks? Low speed drive were the biggest bottleneck yet.

>>507967790Samsung 980 pro is coming out this month and is already faster than what the consoles are launching with.

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>>507973721He's embracing the memes already.

>>507973554People said this for a month now that the ps5 will nuke the xboxsx from orbit. People are just in denial. If it is cheaper than the xboxsx like the ps4 was then microsoft can pack it up for another generation.

>>507973739Do games take advantage of sequential reads?

>>507973402AMD CPUs are legit now so save your money that way. Nvidia GPUs will likely NEVER not be on top, that company is actually good.>>507973739>it would never ever run on an HDD.And this is why most games will never use that nonsensical garbage. There's no purpose and it would limit the amount of buyers.

>>507973723It's not about loadings, see >>507971395and the PS5's SSD as much faster than a dirt cheap Sata SSD.>billions of triangles isn't diminishing returnIt isn't.