>the main good guy is equally as strong as the main bad guyone of the best tropes in vidya ever imo

>the main good guy is equally as strong as the main bad guyone of the best tropes in vidya ever imo

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I tried playing this for a few months but after I joined a guild and saw my guildmates spending thousands of dollars to unlock new characters I quit.

Holla Forums what does the scouter say about his power level?

>mary sue and edge lord stronger than luke and vaderok


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>>507964740Lmao they keep digging deeper don't they

>>507964858The Last Jedi literally killed Star Wars (And That's a Good Thing)

>>507964449> spending thousands of dollars to unlock new charactersI will never understand this. I still remeber the controversy from people paying 30$ to buy the type 59 in World of Tanks all those years ago. How did things get so bad.

>>507964339Didnt they make like three movies about Vader being some fucking force messiah or did they forget

>>507965305It doesn't matter because Rey is all the jedi and she was the one to kill the emperor.

>>507965516>all the jediNever fails to crack me up

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>>507964339All shit characters. Obi-wan was /ourjedi/

>>507965041It's absolutely bizarre. Has there been any research done on why this happens? If they just took and shot the old republic stuff they would've been rich, yet instead they fucked it up like they did.

>>507964740Nothing in the sequels made sense period. The prequels for all their faults conveyed the scale of the Clone Wars pretty well while in the sequels this supposedly tiny First Order comprised off Empire's remnants takes over the entire galaxy in a minute (of course that's not accounting for the fact that Palpy has been hiding tens of thousands of Star Destroyers each with the power of a Death Star all that time).

>>507964339Where is this from?

>>507964449At least you're not like that one Redditor who went $16k into debt just because of some FF gacha, that was some good shit


>>507966068It's not the entire post since it's like 4 times as long as this snippet and probably won't matter for anyone who hasn't played it but here's the most important part

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>rey>stronger than lukedoesn't luke become a kickass jedi master after RotJ?

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>>507966364Sounds like VIIR was right up his alley

>>507965834I would say it's the people on the top living in another reality. Not wanting to create what people enjoy but what people buy. Money stifles creativity. You see it all the time in gaming. Every single game dev that wants their title to become mainstream dumbs it down and changes it beyond recognition to appeal to a larger audience. Leaving those who originally supported them in the dust. They're always too stupid to just create a new IP. They want to play it safe so that they have at least their core playerbase buy the game. Which pretty much never works.It's just greed.

>>507965840This is the part I will never understand. A ragtag small time bad guy group just takes over because they do. Meanwhile the Republic is back but does nothing because they don’t.

>>507966548What's wrong with you? Are you a woman-hater, user? Are you a misogynist incel? Sigh.

>>507966364wow. i feel bad for buying a 60 hour game on sale for 5 bucks

>>507966826They just wanted the sequels to be like the OT without any sense in context. Like they had the "Resistance" there because 'member Rebels? to the point that it even confused casual fans and they had to insert explanations in supplementary material.Now here's a thing I really don't understand: there are almost no familiar alien species shown throughout the entire sequel trilogy (except returning characters obviously) and they insisted on having new aliens everywhere (whose designs suck). They tried so hard to be almost exactly like the OT, but decided to be randomly innovative in just that one area?

>>507966364Can't he sell his account to at least get a bit more money back?

imagine Obi-Wan power level with High Ground bust

Vader is gimped in the suit. Palpatine foresaw his duel and arrived late and gave him a cumbersome suit and cybernetics to make sure he couldn't stage a coup like all Sith do eventually.

>>507966364>literally, unironically, and ACKCHUALLY playing a game genre called "Gotcha!"

>>507964339>Kylo Ren's powerLMAO. I don't even argue with Rey's because she's an effing Mary Sue and her power should - if anything - be higher.But Kylo's nothing but a gimp (Like Gohan in DBS) and his power conceivably lower than Vader's.


>>507964339And that's just Disney canon power levels, Legends Luke and Vader would wreck the other two

When do we ever see an example of Kylo Ren being exceptionally powerful?He loses to Rey when it was her first day using the Force and a lightsaber, and then the next time they fight they're on nearly even footing even then. The only time we see him using his "power" is scaling to Rey, who he loses to, and then seems to keep up with. Outside of that we get nothing other than Luke telling us he's powerful with nothing to show for it. He just looks like a sneevling bitch for the entire series. You can't have your main antagonist lose in the first battle and still treat them like a threat. The entire series he seems like he's chasing Rey's power level instead of vice verse.

>>507967590You think this shit has any real value?

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>>507964339>Vader at the bottomWhat a bullshit list.

>>507967875What was even the point of saving him then

>>507965305That was before Disney raped Star Wars.

I honestly almost feel sorry for J.J.. Dude at least made a mediocre and safe movie to jumpstart the new trilogy only for Rian to fuck him over by killing the main villain and putting him in a position where RoS had to try and not make a new villain to end the trilogy with, and then try and please people by retconning the bullshit Rian did in TLJ.RoS was destined to be mediocre at best but TLJ pretty much forced it to be even worse. TLJ was shit on purpose and as a result singlehandedly killed the franchise for a time.

>>507966826I don't think it's explained in the force awakens but the first order is just a proxy funded by the actual empire remnant who can't move against the republic directly. They just outperformed expectations and destroyed the republic capitol and most of it's navy making the resistance an actual resistance. Of course they completely shit on all of this by then having the undead emperor and a gigantic fleet secretly in hiding the whole time.

So anakin was the most powerful force user at the time. Luke ends up being more powerful. Unknown about Leia's power level. Kylo is Anakin's grandson, trained by Luke for a while. Rey is Palpatine's granddaughter and she's more powerful than Palpatine itself due to being a woman, but how come that didn't apply to Leia? I'm glad I didn't watch sw9

>>507969965It's hard to fell sorry for J.J. when he shamelessly copied "A New Hope" and called it "The Force Awakens". The "sequel trilogy" was doomed from the start.

>>507964339Is Rey the worst protagonist of this decade? I don't think I've ever seen such blatant fanfic tier writing happen in any movie let alone fucking 3 of them. I cannot for the life of me imagine dedicating your life to this actual childish garbage.

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>>507964339>Gaylo more powerful than Vader

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>>507965516>Rey is all the jediOnce again Star Wars blatantly rips off Dune and does it far worse as usual

>>507964339For all their faults at least the Sequel trilogy did a lot of good work salvaging Star wars from shitty and terrible the prequels were after Lucas almost killed off the franchise with his garbage.

>>507966364>>507964449>tfw have tried every form of gambling and most kinds of illicit substances, as well as copious amounts of alcohol and a few packs of cigarettes>have never felt a need to retry any of it after dropping whatever it wasIs it genetic? Am I just too dumb to get addicted?

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>>507967875But that's retarded, because Palpatine openly states that Vader will become more powerful than him, and that's a big reason why he wants him as an apprentice. Why would he purposely depower him if he had accepted that fact in the first place

>>507970824CAPTAIN Marvel is more intolerable, but you only have to suffer through one movie of her.

>>507964339>self taught literally whos stronger than Vader>Luke stronger than Vader by quite a lotThey created this shit just to rustle some jimmies, didn't they

>>507971367Dude, the sequels made me unironically apologize to the prequels.

>>507965834pushing an agenda to kids takes priority over profits.Corona-chan is killing Disney, so at least there's hope left.

>>507967654She is actually stronger than obi-wan even while she was in trainingAlso stronger than the emperor even before training

>>507965041The Force Awakens killed Star Wars by being a direct rehash of A New Hope with all of the quality and spirit surgically removed. It immediately made clear that whatever was special about Star Wars originally was totally and utterly gone, and would never return again. The Last Jedi on the other hand was at least interestingly bad rather than utterly bland and soulless.

>>507971721you can bet on it

>>507965834They could have had Jedi Academy aka Harry Potter in space and brought in their precious female audience. Instead they went with Twilight in space.

>>507966364at least he's self aware.

>>507969965TFA was arguably the most (and I dont use this meme lightly like on Holla Forums) soulless commercial movie ever made in hollywood history. There was no new story to tell, there was no vision, there was nothing interesting about it. It was also the most damaging movie out of the sequels because JJ had a blank slate to start fresh all over again for Star wars in any era and he picked 20 years later, somehow every achievements of the heroes in OT were useless and they all fell back into doing what they were doing before the OT like Han solo going back to being a smuggler and how leia lost everything and how Luke was exiling himself for no reason. Status quo has been reset and it's back to the resistance against the first order. At least Rian Johnson tried to do something new and interesting with star wars and at least you can feel some sort of emotion through his treatment of the movie (hatred and spite because star wars cucked him out of a girl). But truly you cannot feel anything out of what JJ has made.

>>507971413You just haven't faced any real strife so you haven't needed to make a real bid on escapism. Its not a bad thing, and i hope things continue to go well for you.

>>507971751prequels were just meh, not exactly bad.the sequels holy shit... I couldn't even watch ep 8 all the way, had to stop at the first scene. I was literally painful to watch. You know, empathic shame? Like when your bro does something retarded in front of a lot of people and you're literally ashamed of them. Well the ship battle at the start of 8 gave me that same feeling and I had to stop.

>>507971764nice bait

>>507971367The sequels brought absolutely nothing to the Star Wars universe. In fact, it shit even more on the OT than the prequels ever did, because the sequels actually lessen the importance of the events in the OT, and the character therein. TLJ also completely fucked Luke over

>>507971756>Firing a million employees>Getting more d+ accounts>MerchandiseHow?

>>507971870yeah but people ate up TFA because muh gurl power muh PoC ragtag group of rebels and whatnot. TLJ literally raped the canon and left everyone jaded, even the woke crowd.

>>507972221nobody is buying their comicsnobody is watching their moviesnobody is visiting their theme parksnobody subscribes to not-Netflix where they censor stuff from the pastDisney takes millions daily to operate.

>>507965305But he doesn't have a vagina you fucking bigot!

>>507965834I believe how Disney destroyed the most popular IP in the world in a handful of years will be studied for decades to come

>>507964740Canonically she's strongerBut fuck canon and fuck nu-wars. I may as well watch dbz

>>507965639It wasn't meant as a literal. When she says she's all the Jedi, she is right because she's the ONLY Jedi. But still TLJ was a joke and no matter what Rise of Skywalker did it could never redeem the sequels.

>>507972074>At least Rian Johnson tried to do something new and interesting with star wars ESB with a literal rehash of the throne room scene from ROTJ and a lazy Jedi bad theme which the prequels had already done? I guess the animal abuse and hyperspace ramming was new.

>>507972408No, I get the feeling everyone will be too scared to properly admit they fucked up. And the masses gobble down everything


>>507972201At least the sequels were fun movies to watch and competently shot and directed. Whereas the prequels are incredibly bad, truly the worst movies ever made. youtube.com/watch?v=FxKtZmQgxrI&list=PL5919C8DE6F720A2D&index=1The movies have been analysed and deemed to be total irredeemable shit. Nobody who is sane would defend utter garbage like what Lucas has shat out.

>>507972221I dont think the d+ thing will last. Everyone just got a year for free because of cable/internet providers, and once the novelty of nostalgia runs out in under a year no one will re-sub

>>507966548in the original canon yes, not the same story of disney's sodomy canon.

>>507965834>they would've been richthey're rich anyway user. a shitton of people went to watch the movies

>>507972425Nah, there isn't actually a "canon" powerlevel for her. In fact, the only real powerlevel we know is Anakin's before Obi-Wan gave him a shave. She kills Palpatine but she did it while being "all the Jedi ; ^ )"

>>507964740>Reytard is stronger than the chosen one and his sonFtfy

>>507972383also store shelves are packed full of Disney merch.Nobody is buying MaRey Sue toys.

>>507972574Clone wars was fucking boring.

>>507972153Oh how I wish it was bait my friend.

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>>507972240TLJ also replaced their black protagonist with a white male and had to make their Latino man a raging sexist who was in disbelief that a woman was an admiral. Very progressive stuff.

>>507966548No es canon

>>507972448The way the line is delivered is just so fucking funny to me

>>507972383What did they censor?

>>507972518Time will provide perspective. There will be many books written about this, there will be multiple theories of how it happened - like there is now with those of us who realized right away they are fucking up. Greed, incompetence, maliciousness? Some of each?

>>507972483Look the new and interesting thing he's done with Star wars was trying to purposely destroy the movie with no survivors and to kill the franchise because he deeply hates star wars and does not care one bit for it. At least that's interesting in how he truly crafted a movie that's bad in every single way and you can feel the wrath and anger in how he wants Star wars to die. If you watch his other films it truly lacks any the same flaws you find in Star wars TLJ which shows he's doing it out of malice rather than incompetence. At least that's something new and interesting and you can feel something about that.

>>507972652So they just ripped off of avatar the last airbender openly then since they named it the last jedi?>>507972652

>>507972574>At least the sequels were fun movies to watch and competently shot and directed. Except none of the action scenes in any of the three sequels are memorable compared to pod racing or Darth Maul.

>>507972652Again, all the Jedi means she's the only Jedi. Prequels>Original>Sequels btw.

>>507972579Got mine from a family member, watched Mandalorian, some pixar movies and S1-15 of the simpsons. No idea what else they have in there

>>507972579It's not. Disney is losing 1 billion every 3 months and there's only 20 million subscribers out of 50 million who use it. Numbers are abysmal and nobody's actually paying money to use it the only users are the ones who are getting it for free.

>>507972853they constantly mess with their ancient cartoons in order to not be racist.Also they edit classic comics ti remove inane shit like Wolverine's cigars.

>>507972062Nah, he's whoring his retardation for internet kudos and backpats. He'll be gambling up his money (whatever is left if his wife doesn't leave with half of it + child money) in a few months to a year.

What game is this

>>507972574Clearly you got filtered, the Prequels had some great things like Podracing or that conspiracy Obi-Wan was following in Attack of the Clones. Plus, stop getting your opinions from Youtube videos. Are you 12?

>>507965834the force awakens was garbage and people were in denial. once people realized they weren't getting their empire strikes back with the last jedi some of them realized tfa wasn't very good either. i imagine a lot of anger directed at tlj was repressed tfa anger. you couldn't realistically make something out of the piece of shit tfa anyway

>>507972579The one person I see talk about it is a massive disneyfag who unironically likes the sequels.


>>507972574More competent from a filmmaking standpoint? Absolutely. However, they have none of the creativity or lore expansion that the prequels did. And as I said, the prequels don't directly change the importance of the OT's events. Palpatine's return alone makes Anakin's sacrifice meaningless, and his death by Rey makes her mantle the prophecy in his stead. Luke's character is also fucked. The sequels feel much more like screen tested products, even though Lucas commercialized the shit out of the prequels

>>507971413You are blessed.>>507972126>You just haven't faced any real strife so you haven't needed to make a real bid on escapismIdiot, thats not how it works. More like you are prone to addiction because you are stupid and can't control yourself because you never learned any responsibility in your easy as fuck life.

>>507972935I don't see how you can think the prequels are better movies objectively speaking


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>>507972574>At least the sequels were fun movies to watch and competently shot and directedMy visual frustration while watching garbage isn’t something I’d call fun.

>>507973269I like the prequelsdon't like sand though

>>507972383>>507972983While I'm convinced mega corporations are fine with losing money if they can push agenda, at the same time I'm convinced they have true believers in charge when they're losing that much money.

>>507972862I seriously hope it will happen user, I seriously hope. A man can dream I guess


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What sucks is many of the people who hate the sequels endlessly dicksuck the Mandalorian and Fallen Order. Mando was promising up until the third episode with the badass jetpack group assault and then went straight to shit. Fallen Order was a JJ esque MacGuffin hunt story with some of the most boring characters ever made.If that's as good as it will get and keep most of the sequel haters happy then the franchise really is in purgatory.

>>507964339Did Vader get canonically weaker with the suit or some shit? Dude is literally the fucking chosen one just casually getting passed up by literal whos.

>>507973379they're called jews, user

>>507972574Wanna know how I can tell you’re under 20? It isn’t that you’re defending the sequels but rather the use of the word shat. Get some better taste and do some growing up you child.

>>507972747Obi got shafted

>>507973154the "sequels" were a soft reboot. that's the way you have to look at them

>>507972574Nice video, you got an opinion of your own?

>>507973521Jews are the pushers, not true believers.

Imo TFA and TLJ are better than episodes 1 and 2 but worse than the rest

>>507973251I work manual labor and half my family are dead. My partner is a massive cunt that i cannot stand but i feel obligated to support because she is a good cock sleeve. I have a ton of medical issues i can't cover with my paycheck and I'm 31 going on 60 and probably won't last another 5 years. Just because you have been an overly privileged fuck boy, doesn't mean everyone is.

>>507973439The real soul was in clone wars finale.

>>507965834It's a cinematic masterpiece and only incels hate it.

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>>507972747>Obi-wan lower than Qui Gon JinnI guess these numbers are meaningless for actual combat

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>>507973439Best part of Mandalorian was IG11

>>507965913That's fucking nothing, DSP got in the hole 50k from WWE gacha and successfully got bailed out of it from chapter 7 bankruptcy

>>507973269You would need to be a star wars fan to like the prequels better. That's why when you talk to normies who have never cared for star wars they tend to like the sequels. They do a better job of being fun space movies you dont have to think about. I feel like I was a good age, and also a big star wars fan, when the prequels came out so I love them

>>507973269Better Jedi, more Jedi, better droids, better spaceships, better planets, better music. The sequels literally have nothing interesting in them and the main cast come off as children compared to the sequels and prequels cast acting like adults.Like I try and imagine Finn and Poe in the same scene as Darth Maul and get fucking nauseous. Poe trying to do a yo momma joke to him. They just don't fit.

>>507972574>reddit leddit memedia

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>>507968943Originally Kylo slaughtered most of Luke's school alone, and the end of TFA could feasibly be explained that he's holding back in order to not kill her. Then TLJ comes along in which literally fucking nothing happens until the last 10 minutes, so we don't get to see him do anythong aside from a poorly done fight scene in the throne room, getting KO'd in a force duel agaonst Rey, and throw a couple swings at Holo Luke. Then in TROS he just jobs so Rey can go on her merry way.It's sort of like Grievous. Supposedly terrifying in background info but shafted in the actual movies.

>>507973627there is no true believers, this shit is designed to make you into witless, timid cattle

>>507964339I hate what Disney has done to Star Wars.

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>>507964339>Rey and Kylo are stronger than Luke and VaderWasn't Vader the fucking chosen one, and considered the most powerful jedi/sith ever?!

>>507973467Yes. Lost all limbs and full body burned, most internal organs shut down

>>507973664Well, on top of going trough all that, how does it feel to be a retard?

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>>507973840>Wasn't Vader the fucking chosen one, and considered the most powerful jedi/sith ever?!Sorry sweety, that was actually Rey.