Holla Forums won't admit it but the PS5 controller looks pretty cool

Holla Forums won't admit it but the PS5 controller looks pretty cool.

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>finger slips>controller pinches your hand and draws blood

>>507964183>battery life 30minB-But at least it looks cool?

Why does the entire webm look like cheap 2000's CG?

>controllee opens up>literally impossible to hold

Looks cool, but probably is easier to break than a standard controller and likely costs more too. Substance over style boys.

>>507964183Going to be expensive as fuck but I plan on buying the controller and controller only. Mostly because I expect a hardware revision in 3 years. But if the ps5 isnt backwards compatible with all my ps4 games by then it'll be a hard skip for me whether the controllers amazing or not

looks like your typical ricer shit

Why the fuck is ori there

>>507964528Because it is

>>507964183show me the ps5s home UI user. btw why do you have a supercar in your living room?

>>507964335>penis slips>controller pinches your penis and draws bloodYeah no thanks I'll stick to rubbing my dick across my smooth as silk Nintendo Switch screen instead.

>>507964183What on earth is this

>>507966324>Not rubbing your dick across a 90° open Nintendo DSThe thrill of it snapping shut is unlike anything else in this world

>>5079641831 you know its fake because the screen turns on before the controller.2. its fake because anthem and ori are assumed to be on ps5 despite anthem totally flopping and hard at that.3. Its fake because Doesnt show the actual ps5.4 what actual manbaby has lifesize tmnt dolls.Last. his stereos are old as shit, get a soundbar boomer and also who fucking puts a damn car in their room... unless its a bed you damn man child. Also he entered fortnite and was in the middle of a match idk how it works but im sure br matches are faster than that or he should have been disconnected.

>>507964183Is this how tacky snoys are?

>>507964349Came here to joke about battery life too>>507964335>to extend battery life the controller will now frequently draw blood

>>507964183I wish we could live in a world with this kind of stupid bullshit

>>507966493>1. its fake because its a fun CG mockup and the controller obviously doesn't do that as we live in realityidiot

>>507966552Just move to Dubai, they have so much oil money they spend it on creating the most lavish unnecessary shit.

>>507966695oh that sounds fun except for moving to dubai


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>>507966490If you haven't stuck a DS stylus down your urethra at least once can you even call yourself a male?

This is clearly by the same guy who did the color changing lambo faggotry

>>507964183holy shit is that real?

>>507964183what kind of fuckin room is this

Whats sad is at the end of it all even if you have a good console all you will have are snoy games made for onions fags.

>>507966773Is this fake? It looks fake.

>>507967170>>507967354Yes its a mockup its more than fake.

>>507964183This looks terrible and I hate it

>>507964183Looks like a third-party Ouya controller.

>Turn on PS5>Battery drained before I select my game

>>507964183It looks massively overxomplicated so they can sell them at a higher price and theres more shit to break meaning you have to buy new one. Sick of this. Like the touch pad thing in the current controller. Utterly useless.

>Nitntendo mockupYIKES CRINGE MANCHILDREN DELUSIONAL LMAO ENJOY CARDBOARD>Sony mockupwow based, how fun and wholesome

>>507964183will the controller be compat with PC?thats all I really care about

That looks extremely uncomfortable to hold if the shit opens up while you're holding it

>>507969575>thingI guess just go look at the ps5 patent

>>507966661OP implies its real

>>507964183There's no way this is real, all this opening and shit, it looks like transformer.

>>507964183Too many moving parts even for a meme.

>>507964183I always wonder what the fuck is up with screens on controllers, does anyone actually look at them while playing? Do people really hold them right in front of their faces like some sort of steering wheel?


>>507964183why do you need a small screen?

>>507964183>LEDs for every button>yet another unnecessary gimmick in the middlewhat's the battery life, 20 minites?

>>507970634It's wired

>>507970669I still see no reason to have a motorized screen in the middle.This shit will cost a lot and break even more.

>>507970793Even better, buy another one.

how can the xbonx even compete

Clearly fake but its funny to see something as retarded as a screen on the pad after the DC. Good ol goofy Sega

>>507964183This would be a fucking nightmare if it were real.It would cost a small fortune, would break easily and the novelty would wear off extremely fast.

>>507971125>screen on the pad after the DC. Good ol goofy Segathe mini detachable screen was super cool and useful

Holla Forums won't admit it but the japanese streets look pretty cool.

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>>507971125Something like an e-ink touch pad could be neat for displaying static information and shouldn't drain too much battery life but I can't see a reason why you'd want to do anything more than that.

>>507964183>press right>cycles leftAlso the controller patent had NONE of those features, not to mention the terrible coloration on the controller itself.

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>>507971494More distractions while driving, that's what everyone asked fore.

>ori on playstationyou can tell whoever made this doesn't even play videogames beyond the popular shit shown on there

oh cool controllers now cost $200

>>507971494> look pretty cool.if you're a teenager and overdosed on anime maybe

>>507971494how can the west even compete

>>507964183YES, Cheeto dust dispensery slots.Ketchupinshifter.webm

>>507964183It's the only thing that interests me about that dumb console. Getting one as soon as it's available.

>>507964183>2006: the systtem cost 599 US dollars>2020: the controller costs 599 US dollarsand before you fags say anything yes I know it's a fan-made video

>>507971494>ugly high-tech katakana>no elegant hiragana to go along with the nice looking kanjijust fuck my shit up

>>507971494Astral Chain

>>507964183great more bloat to just jack up the price

>>507964183It looks like CUNNY