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UE4 engine demo was impressive too.No game actually ended up looking like that, though.

>Killzone 2 tier fake as fuck short that's pretending to be live gameplayThey really expect me to believe a typical person who makes video games (whom are often shit at them) was behind the "inputs" of those seamless leaps and smooth gliding? Zero jerky or awkward movements of any kind? Fuck off.

>>507963940it's in dynamic resolution running at 24 fps. nothing impressive.

>>507963940You're a faggot shill, OP.

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>>507963940>pre-rendered video puts..pffffhaha

Gonna trade in my PC for a Sonybox come the Holidays


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>>507964094Go watch it again and you'll see that many games look better than the UE4 demo.

>>507964094Maybe it seemed impressive at the time, and that's how you remember it, but watching it today it looks like shit

>>507964106It’s obviously all running with preset commands and no inputs, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not prerendered.


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>>507964438>>507964486The textures aren't as impressive, but the particle effects still look great. Show me a console game that looks better without dipping below 20fps.

>>507963940that's a paid article

>> do you mean? Lots of games look like that today

>>507963940daily reminder that Tom's guide and hardware are sites geared toward Pc gaming and even them recognize the potential of the PS5. Meanwhile on Holla Forums everyone's seething and twisting facts to hate on anything Sony. Nigga's are even citing prototypes and leaks from the PS3 days as Son y lying.>bu bu 9eerguiowe reeeeeee Sony said PS3 would have dual HDMI's!

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>>507963940>30 fpsThe only thing it puts to shame is the next generation consoles

>look at all the consolebabbies pretending to be on par with PCIt's adorable watching the consoles fight among themselves while I'm over here modding my games, but articles like the OP is no different than 10yr old Timmy trying to sit at the grown-ups table on Thanksgiving

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>>507964850oh for sure

>>507964218I already know that they pushed this stuff years ago, I just asked for your thoughts and opinions about this, retard


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Every fucking gen Sony has a shitton of articles which praise some tech demo and promise some insane tech leap. And normies fall for it. I play on console, but this shit makes me cringe. And il all honesty, graphics dont need more fidelity and complexity. Devs need to prioritise optimisation, performance and draw distance.

>>507964736Nah ur a retard. It looks like hot garbage.

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>>507963940every fucking generation they say the same shit and then it is big dissapoinment

>>507964486Kek. The hallway looks like dark souls 2 with a load of make up.

>>507963940Sweeney said it ran off a PC. This is the guy who 7 years ago said that because DVD video quality was acceptable by most for watching movies that consoles should be rendering 480p30 in order to increase fidelity to something closer to Hollywood CG. Just keep that in mind with this 1440p30 demo because if you multiply 854x480 by the FLOPS increase over XB1 you get almost 1300p which with efficient gains and other improvements isn’t far off from 1440p meaning this is what he was talking about 7 years ago at a more acceptable resolution 7 years later.

>literally no games>have to shill tech demo and fucking SSDsHoly summer

>>507965095>I just asked for your thoughts and opinions about thisBut I gave them, didn't I? Are you being retarded on purpose? I'll spell it out for you again just in case:I think OP is a faggot shill and that snoy and microshit are pulling everything out of their ass like they do every gen.

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>>507963940Considering that the 2070S supposedly ran it better, why bother? Next gen will be 2070S tier in general and the fabled Sony SSD is a cheaper cope for the lack of DRAM. You can get a 1TB 5000MB NVME SSD for 120$ already while also getting 180GB more.>inb4 b-but it's up to 9000MB/SYeah, and SeX is 4K UP to 120 FPS too. Asscreed Valhalla ran at 4K30FPS and graphics didn't improve that much from 8th gen, so it fits.

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>>507965531>Sweeney said it ran off a PCHe specifically said it ran on the PS5 devkit.

>>507965604>i think op is a faggotand why may i ask? Because I asked for your opinion about sony's shitshow?Buy tampons and piss off, dumb fucking cretin

>>507965371Garbage, yet you can't name a console game that looks better? Embarrassing.

>>507963940I average ~100fps at 1440p on Monster Hunter World, so I kinda doubt it.

>>507965884OP is always a the fuck out kiddo.

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>>507963940I don't think about marketing, come back when it's confirmed

>>507963940AMDipshits jumping on the conslow wars bandwagon, no way that bites them in the ass when all these checkerboard-4k sodomites realize once again their cinematic experiences STILL cannot even fucking run at a stable 30fps minimum.All that good faith built from Ryzen, thrown out the window.Quote me on this.

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Why are sonyfags even excited about that? All of the multiplatform games will run as well as on weaker platform anyways.

>>507965967I've used 4chan like twice in my 24 years of existence, you got me

>>507966223Stop posting and lurk moar.


>1440p (at best) 30 fpsman i am so impressed wooow

>>507966170What else is there to be excited about? It's a 2017-spec machine without hardware raytracing and the biggest feature is a PCIe 4.0 SSD from 2019.

>>507966419It's gonna blast process the databytes to triplicate the PSquintuple


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>>507966772That should be Gb and GB respectively, not the same units.

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>>507965904Any game released after 2015.

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>>507965371Wow, isn't that the chick that RayWilliamJohnson used to fuck?

>>507966047They're in for a bad treat with RDNA2 according to their messiah Adored

>>507964094lmao what are you talking about games look better or just as good as that demo.Same engine, same hardware, it took them a few years to catch up but they passed it now.UE4 engine demos have been accurate, so next-gen consoles WILL look like this eventually. Might take them a few years but they'll be using this engine on that hardware.

wait but to develop ps4 games you need a PC? and unreal is made on PCs and you need to test on PC then test it on Console before porting, so of course my PC can run it>pre-rendered cutscene

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I'll upgrade my PC for ~500-700€ about a year or two after the next gen is out and then be comfy for the entire gen. Did this for the last two gens and it worked perfectly.

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>>507963940>falling for marketing hype

>>507966419You literally cannot buy anywhere an SSD with those specs for PC.

>>507968284Literally every Gen4 SSD does 5Gb/S>inb4 m-muh theoretical 9Gb with non given situations

History repeats itself.

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>>507968284So what, only Sony's exclusive movie games are made to take any advantage of it. Multiplatforms will run as well on PS5 as they do on Xbox.

>>507967497Smart man.

>>507968793I was thinking about this very comic the other day.

>>507963940My thoughts is that because consoles come out once every 7 years that Sony can sell the same lie to a new generation of children and get away with it every time.

>>507968284They came out a year ago, consolefag. We already have PCIe 4.0 SSDs at 5G/s read. You fell for Sony's lies AGAIN!

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>>507968284>You literally cannot buy anywhere an SSD with those specs for PC.Why would you need to?The PS5 meme SSD is just there to make up for the fact that the PS5 doesn't have enough RAM. It's trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist on PC in the first place

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>>507963940>puts your pc to shameindeed

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>>507963940And over the course of the PS5's lifespan, you might get one or maybe even TWO whole entire third person cinematic 'experience' games that might look somewhere close to this, but the reality is that you're going to get the same kind of games you always do, running at the same 30 fps MAXIMUM that games on the PS4 did, and they're still going to release a 'pro' version in a year after release no matter how good this initial version currently is. The vast, vast majority of game developers won't even try to push the console to its limit. Yeah, the maximum performance could technically be better than my PC, but so what? In the end it won't make a single bit of difference, and I guarantee you that 99% of the games you'll get would run just as well on a ps4.But no, there's a big number in the article, everyone else BTFO!!!!Adorable.

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>>507969183What game?

>>507963940Have they said how large their tech demo is yet? All those billions of triangles surely take up a lot of storage space.


>demonice post 5/7 made me reply

>>507969145The PS5 doesn't even support hardware-accelerated raytracing like on RTX cards and Sony is having to pretend that the general-purpose shaders you already have in your consoles today means they have raytracing support.>In Mark Cerny’s PS5 tech deep dive, the lead system architect didn’t talk a lot about ray tracing. He confirmed that the PS5 GPU can deliver hardware-accelerated ray tracing, but not through a dedicated block like we see today in Nvidia’s RTX line-up. Just like Xbox Series X, ray tracing support comes from the compute units (CU) of the GPU itself.Pretty big disaster as raytracing is the biggest graphical leap in decades and now they're left out for the next 8 years or so.

>>507968284It's just a cheap RAID0 setup, mate.

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>>507964980Who the fuck is timmy and what is thanksgiving?

>>507965371Games don't have physics like that still.

is it still 30 fps or something

>>507963940it will run on 5700xt/2070S according to Epic

>>507963940Weapons grade shilling happening right now. Not just here, in general, I cannot get the fuck away from this retarded bullshit ass tech demo, sweeny is really pulling out all the stops this time.

Ii thought snoybois didn't care about graphics?

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>>507969987Source: My ass

>>507970096The>le pc gaming is ded!shit always happens when a new console generation is arriving. I saw the same shit when PS4 is about to come out.

>>507970096>sweeny is really pulling out all the stops this time.This pretty much tells you all you need to know. By now, you should stay the fuck away from anything that little rodent attaches to

>>507969145>still can't hit 60When will console developers realize they aren't going to make their games better looking than PC, it's just not fucking happening so why don't they just make their vidya run better?

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We're going to be arguing about SSDs for the rest of the year, aren't we?

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>>507963940>AMD anything putting intel/nvidia to shame

>>507970434If Microsoft lets you boot Windows 10 on the xsex we could also argue about Office 365 and TurboTax. What a great time to be a consolefag.

>>507970434There's no need to if you actually know what it is and what it's actually capable of.

>>507968284you can't buy a ps5 as of yet eitherbesides, faster ssds will be released by the end of the year, according to cerny himself

>>507967194BUT MUH ESS ESS DEE

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Do people not realize that the tech demo was created on a PC?Do people not understand that a console made to be affordable will by definition always be weaker than PC parts that don't need to sacrifice performance for affordability?Do people truly, honestly, genuinely believe that this time around will be any different than the previous generations?Are people really this uninformed, ignorant and easy to manipulate?I know the answer to all these is yes and that is very, very sad.

>>507970420Because movies run at 24 fps.

>console comes out>brand new 1080p 60 fps gameplay>brand new ssd technology Welcome to 2010 fucktards

>>507970510AMD Ryzen definitely put Intel to shame and that's just objective facts. Now if only their GPU division could get their shit together and start being competitive too, that would be great.

>>507969070>wanted one of these last year>upgraded my harddrives last christmas>thought about a PCIe SSD>only $150 for 2TB SATA SSDI just couldn't pull the trigger. It was cheaper for a 4TB HDD and 2TB sata SSD than it was for just a 1TB PCIe SSD. I'm still not sure how hard I should be kicking myself, and I won't know until I get around to the upgrade some time in the future.

So the ps5 ssd can store mroe graphics in it????

>>507968284It's an SSD with a fast cache. You know what's even faster? An SSD and using RAM as a cache. Guess what the PS5 is lacking in and needs the reram cache as a substitute for?

>>507970979>console comes out>sets off fatboysevery time

>>507970979>9GB/s SSD read speed>RTX 2080 Super GPU>AMD Ryzen 3700x CPU>2010haha ok. And let's not forget >$499Have fun paying 4x as much for your equivalent PC retard lol

>>507971224I had this discussion with a chimp yesterday, they kept insisting the SSD had 'special memory on it', not understanding that every fucking SSD worth buying has a DRAM cache. They even tried to persist in the argument by saying it's some magic OS storage will handle all of the operating system functions. Snoy fags are delusional beyond all rationalisation.

>>507965604And Kobe is still dead.

>>507971468Can’t wait for your 4k 20fps experience


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>>507971224>he doesn't know PS5 has dedicated decompression hardware that doubles the effective read speed of the SSD

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>>507970891console players dont know how to build pcs sowe can infer that they dont know where games come from either

>>507971468>imblying they're putting a 2080 super in a fucking Playstation

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>>507963940>"puts your PC to shame">no comparison to current hardware anywhere>no comparison to any other engineAs far as you know, UE5 is magic that can turn any toaster into a real time cinema-rendering machine, and the fact it runs on a PS5 is purely negligible.

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>>507971605And your PC specs are?And you paid how much?Cope hard faggot lmao. You probably have a 2060 or lower, kek.

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>>507971468>those specs in a $500 machine>actually being this stupid


>>507971606where is this from?


>>507971624Jesus christ i would hate being you

Why are console plebs so goddamn tech illiterate?


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Report all spam threads

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>>507971108I'm waiting for the Samsung 980 pro/evo to do that upgrade as I'd rather stick with vendors with a long track record of reliability.

>>5079717012080 super is 11 TFlops, PS5 is 10.3 TFlops.


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>>507971606>literally admitting the ps5 isn't capable of generating terrain fast enoughLMAO

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>>507969145>featured no ray tracingSo what? I don't get the obsession over ray tracing. The bounced lighting in the demo looked really good - like obviously better than anything we'll see in a game anytime soon. This is for both the cave sunlight and the magic light. I don't care how lightning is achieved so long as it looks good and is still dynamic.>t. has a 1070 and can't figure out a reason to upgrade to the RTX cards

>>507971624About fucking time for consoles to be able to decompress assets. Maybe game sizes will finally drop.

>>507971108I just upgraded to an M.2 SSD. Not that model, but bruh this shit is definitely fast. M.2 for system and everyday apps, SATA SSD for games, HDD for long-term media storage.

I'm getting a Zen 3 rig next year and games always get PC ports these days. Fuck exclusives.

>30fps>Squeezing through tight space which Cerny specifically said would never happen again>Showing off an engine that isn't exclusive to your consoleThey're literally advertising series x and pc kek

>>507971803>doesn't know the PS5 specs>actually being this stupidyou have internet access, do you not? there's this cool website called google dot com where you can look shit up. you should check it out some time bro :^)

>>507963940>1440p, 30fps, no raytracingfucking kek

>>507972081>So what?so it should run better

>>507971701they're in XSX, no in PS5 thoughthats why they're clinging to this SSD so bad

>>507971468Bait? The gpu is amd. Its basically going to be a 5700 with some custom cores.You aren't getting a fucking 3700x cpu in your console box you drooling retard but keep dreaming lmfao holy shit.They're giving you the 3600 (retail price 175$ roughly) which is actually a good cpu for the money but by the time consoles launch Ryzen four is coming and it's going to be a whole new level of beast so out dated at launch.You fucking wish the ssd was that fast. Yeah I'm sure Sony is going ps3 mode and wasting billions on rnd again after their mistake last time and found a way to put a game changing ssd into their box that does miracles circumventing the massive heat issues that would arise from such a high performance SSD.

>>507971936"The controller supports hardware decompression for the industry-standard ZLIB, but also the new Kraken format from RAD Game Tools, which offers an additional 10 per cent of compression efficiency. The bottom line? 5.5GBs of bandwidth translates into an effective eight or nine gigabytes per second fed into the system." cucks can't read, or what? Imagine talking shit about a system you know nothing about lol

>>507963940I remember the UE4 demo. There are no games that even came close to that on that engine. They should've fixed that heap of garbage first before making a new one.

>>507972405I see. 30 fps even without raytracing, that's what it's saying. Thanks.

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>Sonyfags on

>>507972081>don't get the obsession over ray tracingRaytracing works on dynamic content. You saw a corridor level with static content with a lot precalculated. GI can be faked to look really nice with everything static, but it really fucks up the gameplay to require everything not move.

Why does this discussion keeps happening whenever a new generation is about to launch? It's like you fags never learn.

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>>507963940I'm going to buy a new PC once the 2020 parts are out and it will shit on new consoles day 1? I'll send screen grabs to my idort friend who won't stfu about the xbox laughing at my having better graphics yet again, and all the 'exclusives'

>>507973036Time is a flat circle.

PCs not owned by poor people had better graphics in 2007

Would be more interesting to see what they can do with more exotic scenery like a jungle or weird alien worlds. Deserts and desert temples are boring.

Asked this in another thread, but got only one response.They keep saying that the demo has to be downscaled to run on SEX and PC.But doesn't that mean nothing since it was specifically optimized to use the faster SSD PS5 has to make up for lacking RAM?As in if you were using a PC with more RAM than PS5 (which is what most upper-mid PC's have) it would run better, even on slower SSD, if optimized etc.?I am not tech savvy, just asking.

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>>507972481>You aren't getting a fucking 3700x cpu in your console box you drooling retard but keep dreaming lmfao holy shit.The PS5 CPU is 8 physical CPU cores and 16 threads at 3.5GHz, based on Zen 2 Architecture. A Ryzen 7 3700X (8 cores, 16 threads) is 3.6GHz base clock and runs on ZEN 1 architecture. Cope harder faggot.>Its basically going to be a 57002080 Super is 11 TFflops, PS5 is 10.3 TFlops, deal with it nigger.>You fucking wish the ssd was that fast.The max theoretical speed is actually 22GB/s under perfect conditions. 8-9GB/s is completely realistic. Have fun with your shitty 4GB/s SSD that costs $300 on PC lmao.At the end of the day, the value proposition of PS5 is absolutely massive. Nobody cares if you can build a more powerful PC for fucking 4-5 times the price, loser.

>>507973085A high end PC will ALWAYS shit on consols for two reasons.1. Consoles have to be affordable. Parents aren't gonna buy a 1k+ gamebox for their children . This means the power of the components has to be limited.2. Said gameboxes have to be cooled with (cheap) fans and packed into a relatively small frame. This also prevents more powerful hardware from being used to prevent buildup of excess heat and bricking the gamebox.Anyone who refutes either of these points is sneeding and coping.

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>>507973543>3700x>Zen 1anon you're really falling apart here, can barely keep your shit together for a single sentence

>>507973552>Parents aren't gonna buy a 1k+ gamebox for their childrenThey do, though. $500 console, nearly $500 of "online". Consoles today are a scam.

>>507965095>Posts inflammatory clickbait screenshot>"I just asked for your thoughts"Oh fuck off, what a waste of a thread

>> to the kraut with the italian last name

>>507973526Depending on the size of the assets you might need a fucking LOT of RAM. And GPU RAM at that. RAM isn't something you can keep increasing without compromise. It's why even the biggest most expensive workstation cards still have less RAM than a high end PC when people who do big data shit could make use of 1TB datasets. Putting more on would lead to less overall performance without designing a whole new memory bus, so they compromise.