EGS will be bigger than Steam in 5 years. Screencap this

EGS will be bigger than Steam in 5 years. Screencap this.

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Don't really care who is bigger, I just want Steam to feel the heat of competition. I want innovation in services and experiences and free games.

But will I be able to move a game install without having to fully download the game over again?

>>507962892Wouldn't surprise me if EGS ends up taking more file space than Steam, it already loves to thrash my nvme more than steam doesPlus it has also copied the "will take just more than 50% horizontal windowed space minimum at 1080" bullshit that steam also does

>>507962892i didnt grow up that much since release. at this rate it will reach steam right after sun turns into a black hole

>>507962892I hope they both go under soon.

SO hows that shopping cart coming Tim?

>>507962892I hope Valve goes bankrupt.


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Reminder that Valve is a garbage company full of evil SJWs.

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>>507962892Didn't that what they say YEARS ago.

>>507964794EGS only launched last year

*blocks ur path*

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>>507962892I hope you know that this won't be very good because if there is no competition the devs won't carry anymore and it will turn into shit.

>>507964820huh okayAlso, Epic Store is shit. Never going back ever.

>>507962892they have a REAL long road ahead of them and are pretty much screwed if Fortnite stumbles

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We're going to see more games on their store for sure but how good will they be?

>>507965006engine royalties rake it in too. they're fine

it has fortnitewhy wouldn’t it?

how will they do that?kidnap games by forcing people using UE into the EGS?

>>507965006>revenuesteam makes twice of that as profit

>>507965189Nigga please. 250mil spent on 3rd party games is absolutely pathetic. Especially when Epic's cut is only 12%. They only get to take home about 30mil.

>>507965189I doubt anyone at Epic will be thrilled that Tim is wasting millions on a failed store over some petty one-sided grudge with Valve

>>507965307how will they do that?kidnap games by forcing people using Source into Steam?

>>50796542430 million before that 23 million on coupons and discounts, and before however much spent on exclusivity contracts

>>507965447are you implying Valve does that?

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>>507965006>if Fortnite stumblesWhen. It's just a matter of time. Be patient.>>507965189>engine royalties rake it in too. they're fineYeah, but inevitable death of Fortnite will significantly affect their pockets and Epic wouldn't be able to buy out limited time exclusives and giveaways. Maybe then they'll learn that platform needs, you know... features and functionality? A man can dream.

>>507965447my memory is shit but i dont remember most of the gaming industry using source

>>507965424>>507965425it's only 1.5 years old. it's super knee jerk-y to say it's failing, it hasn't had a chance to fail yet. check back in another few yearsand there's no way a business can break into a market by being nice or by not taking an initial loss.

>Retards not wanting competition in the PC marketBet all of you live in commie countries. More competition means better deals and sales for us the consumers. You really think Valve would get better with time if they had a monopoly? Why would they waste time and effort to make things better if there was no competition?

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>>507965590they used to before steam had the monopoly and source games going elsewhere didn't matter anymore.

>>507965717Epic hasn't really made significant changes to address their first-year failure. If anything, they're in an even worse position because they can only hold on to exclusives for a month now.

>>507965784>exclusives>competitionif it was up to me i would play games without any shit store installed on my pc

>>507965647the tactic is the same though. just on a wider scale (if they even start doing it that degree)

If only all those free games would translate into actual sales. Let's face it, the prices on both stores are shit.

>>507964706is that why there's a bunch of porn games on steam?

>>507962892Epic games store is promoted by the Chinese government, and a vast majority of Chinese gamers use EGS over steam. Plus it’s maoware/spyware shit that I can guarentee the CCP installed to keep track of people in or outside of China. So when you say EGS will be bigger then steam you aren’t wrong but you aren’t right either.

>>507965879amen brother

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>>507965830no they didn't

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>>507965852i just see as them not panicking yet.>they can only hold on to exclusives for a month now.that could also mean paying for 1 month of exclusivity has the same effect on sales as 1 year does so they're just saving money. we're all talking out our asses here, we don't know.

>>507965940>Still believing in this conspiracy shitAnd you don't think Valve does the same thing for money?

>>507965897actually just did a fast search>source doesn't even have 40 games>unreal engine list its long really long

>>507966110they can't hold on to exclusives because of a policy change at Valve, not because of their own economics

>>507966052steam had the monopoly in 2010, user. go back further

>>507962892if EGS is bigger than steam in 5 years its because steam deserved to fail in 5 years

>>507966197And Vindictus didn't launch on Steam until 2012, you ape

>>507965618Naive. Epic does not fund exclusives and free games out of their pocket, the CCP funds em through Tencent so they can access your data in a political move to gain monopolic control over the entertainment industries.

>>507965879It actually is up to you

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>>507966151i know. the thought process is still the same though (use our engine, use our store). epic haven't been doing that bar a handful games so far

>>507966139Valve is an American owned company that is based on the rights of consumers & freedom of expression.

>>507966176the infancy of customers getting the benefit of this "competition".

>>507965784I haven't gotten better deals or sells since this "competition" rolled in. If anything, I got a worse store making games only sold through them and charging me more for it thanks to their shitty regional pricing.

>>507966512so it is to the customers' benefit to not use Epic?

>>507962892Tienanmen square

>>507966274Exactly, Valve already had a monopoly so it didn't matter to them where it released. Keep up.

These threads died down for a bit. Did Tim funnel some mode money to the Chans?

>>507966615there's not going to be any winning this argument, is there

>>507962892give them 2 years

>>507965784Epic Store isn't interested in 'healthy competition', or any company for that matter.Besides, by your logic we should already be seeing these amazing discounts. Steam and Epic are hardly the only companies on the market.

>>507966693China was on lockdown

>>507966693Chinkoid insects are back in their offices after corona wiped out more than 23million of their fellow bugmen

steam will die pretty fast, valve hates competition and loses always, its a bankrup sjw companny, epic on the other side the next disney

>>507966598It's the customers benefit to use whatever is giving you personally a better deal for a product. That could mean getting it earlier with Epic, or getting it cheaper on Steam etc etc or whatever tactics they use in the future.

>>507966898>the next disneyEpic is on the verge of bankruptcy because they expanded way too fast right before a global economic shutdown?

>>507966715What argument? Steam used to keep Source games on Steam but stopped once they became #1. That's it. Epic could do something similar with their new store and new engine to try and get more market share.

>>507962892That's Tim's plan, user. Make egs THE dominant PC platform to the point of steam barely existing, trickle out PC releases of games to a crawl, and then proceed to can it so Epic can go back to being console devs. This is why they're avoiding putting a lot of user features that'd make their store more valuable in the eyes of the consumer, they want you to buy games on their platform only because you can't get them anywhere else. Ultimately because in five years time they want you to think back on PC gaming as a terrible experience, and that the user features on the new consoles like store shopping carts, user reviews, and miiverse style message boards accessed from the console seem pretty great and a perfectly fine reason to buy a new 500+ dollar console. This is why they're picking up on the predatory exclusive nabbing right now, they're scared of console studios releasing their exclusives on PC and drumming up interest for the platform that THEY are trying to kill.

>>507966985>Epic is on the verge of bankruptcynot being jewish doesnt mean you go bankrupt dump gaben

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Daily reminder.

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>>507967140>video game maker and owner

>>507962892Ehhh, it's still lacking a lot of features and a lot of people already have most their games on Steam so it's an uphill struggle for them to make that a reality. If they keep adding features, keep giving away free games and get some good exclusives then maybe though.

>>507967123>trickle out PC releases of games to a crawl, and then proceed to can it so Epic can go back to being console devs.ah yes, start making a shitload of money just to go back to making less money. business 101. teach me your ways, user.

i like steam and i'll never switch off it of it unless they change for the worse. library history first and foremost, good sales, clean tracking of time played/achievements, workshop, forums that aren't run by reddit tier moderators, etc. I'm honestly amazed we still have such and amazing centralized platform in 2020. i've been using steam for 15 years and it's one of the few things i feel brand loyalty towards.

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>>507962892Is there a website that shows usage data like steamcharts?

>>507967123yeah the plan is killing a platform and losing money, very smart, less unreal games more steamie buthurt based tim

>>507962892Even if Steam stayed at an evolutionary standstill for the next 5 years, that still wouldn't be true. It's too good, while EGS does not want to be good at all. It's always going to be a anti consumer, pro developer Chinese hellhole.

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>>507967195>cant put sku's in an array and send to cartwelcome to the world of female programmers. literally first year coding.

>>507963862Why? They saved PC gaming.

>>507967061But they didn't. Early non-Valve Source games were only on Steam because there was no other option. You say "before the monopoly" when talking about a period when it literally was a monopoly by default, while dismissing multiple instances of Steam NOT forcing a monopoly on its eventual competitors.

>>507966985Disney on the verge of bankruptcy?

>>507967317well the losing money part is certainly working out for them on all those exclusives

>>507967319>steam is too goodepic already has better upcoming features with trophy achievements, better crossplay integration, instant refund system

>>507967358Bad as I am at math and new as I am to c++, I think even I could figure out addition before the day is over.

Who would win in?>Epic, a company pushing the boundaries of the industry with Unreal Engine 5VS>Valve, a company pushing the boundaries of how stupid people are for paying for the next Kinect/Eyetoy gimmick

>>507965006IF. So far Fortnite is too big to fail for the moment. Something big would have to happen for it to loose people

>>507962892It gets used beyond Fortnite and free games you forgot existed?

>>507962892EGS is tarnished. What they will do is make a new platform under some subsidiary which has implementary features and and a subscription only model in which DLC will have to be bought on top of the subscription for the games you play.

>>507967524still no shopping cart, though

>>507967542And yet valve is winningnice chinese grammar btw

>>507967542pick your fighter

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>>507967524>trophy achievements? is this something special because steam already has achievements too.

serious question, I don't really pay attention to the business model side of things a lot of the time; does epic gain anything substantial when i download their free games? I've downloaded a few of them including kingdom come and I want gta 5 also, but I don't like the idea of supporting them at all. I'm not going to buy their shit but does taking free shit help them somehow?

>>507962892I doubt they'll even have a shopping cart in 5 years.

>>507967524>""upcoming"" features>all things that are already on Steam with publicly viewable metrics behind them all

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>>507967573yes, that's why I said if

>>507967524>upcoming featuresyeah like a shopping cart? lmao

>>507967618Your information to sell to chinks.

>>507962892did everyone forget Epic was fucking struggling until they struck gold with Fortnite's BR mode after the Main mode failed?

>>507967702That's a bogus claim made by an amateur redditor of all things

>>507967685And it seems it won't happen in a very, very long time.

Can CEO Epic game bigger than Lord GabeN ?5 years plans of a lot hell eating's ?

>>507967542>Steam, a company selling overpriced hardware to hobbyists with too much moneyor>Epic, licensing an engine for illiterate artists to make shitty trans rights games with little effort.I think steam still wins.

>>507962892>just two more weeks bro

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>>507967454They got hit pretty hard.All studio productions shut down.All their major movies pushed out of good release dates.All their theme parks closed. They're not bringing in any big money.

>>507965936The porn games are censored unless free from the publisher. The last porn game I bought was censored as shit and before that. There is better porn out there, and not even crappy game-play to get to it.

>>507967752I'm sure Fortnite will chug along for the next decade, but it'll sort of fade into the background radiation of gaming like WoW and LoL have as soon as the next hot meme comes along.

>>507967702what information though? chances are my info is getting sold to retards from a million other places. so they have my name and email address? I don't feel like it's that big of a deal. they'll maybe have my play habits, even though I'll play gta 5 for 4 hours and never touch it again?

>>507965784whats your definition of competition? mines is the game releasing on many outlets and then the seller tries to get us to purchase from their store. lets say the tony hawk game was to release on both EGS and Steam, if EGS included a tony hawk skin for fortnite, i see more folks buying that version.

>>507967868>as soon as the next hot meme comes alongI wonder what kind of trend will this be.

>>507967454they make the bulk of their money from the parks, and the parks are all shut down. They hoped Disney+ would be able to carry them, but, similar to EGS, they launched it too soon without really worrying about how to keep people interested long-term, banking instead on exclusive content.

>>507962892Depends on if they will get all exclusives or Steam since Sony definitely won't have any after the latest sales report.

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>>507967384There's a monopoly by default due to a small untapped market, and there's a monopoly that makes stupid amounts of money by being the #1 place in a rapidly growing industry. Big difference.>while dismissing multiple instances of Steam NOT forcing a monopoly on its eventual competitors.I'm dismissing them because the examples you used occurred after that latter monopoly I mentioned. Licensing Source with Steam exclusivity wasn't the money maker anymore, the Steam store being the #1 by far place to buy PC games was so Valve were happy to let Source games go elsewhere since they'd likely be on Steam anyway.

>>507966615Holy shit the cope is real

>>507967902nameagelocationip addressemail addressphone numbergenres of interestengagement timestotal playtimepossible user connections

>>507968018what cope?

>>507967542Well I guess in your chink mind Epic would win. In reality, Valve is winning. Almost like releasing a store that was meant to be competition to Steam while having less basic features than any other digital store in 2019 while also making a name of being a company that just bribes for exclusivity wasn't a great way to launch your own digital store.

>>507967618There are a few things. One, they have their foot in the door with you now. There's no barrier to sign up for an account or install a new program, so if a game comes out that's exclusive to them and you REALLY want it, then it's much easier for you to capitulate and buy it. Two, you become part of favourable statistics that Epic can post: "we had X signups this month", "we have Y total users", etc. Three, it provides an avenue for advertisement, either through the launcher or through e-mail if you were dumb enough to sign up for any newsletters or the like.There are concerns about data collection of course but you can go read their privacy policy if you care.

>>507968005Being the market leader is not a monopoly. A monopoly means that they are the ONLY place to get goods or services, which Steam objectively is not.

>>507962892Doubtful. Timmy touts all the fortnite zoomer accounts he has (which counts towards the number of customers EGS has), but no one buys anything. Their intention was never to buy exclusives forever, but to make it active enough where publishers feel comfortable enough to withhold from selling on Steam without a buyout involved. All the new accounts they've gotten so far only buys exclusives, which is why they extended the free games for another year

>>507966898how is valve an sjw company? all of their shit is pretty neutral in my opinion and i'm kind of a sperg about sjw trying to run shit. i think you need to fuck off chang.

>>507967542Epic won the development game ages ago. That's not what this is about though. At all. Valve and Epic are two completely different companies with two completely different goals at this point. Valve set out to save PC gaming and did. They continue to make sure PC is an attractive platform for gamers and literally anyone looking to make their small fortunes on selling their games. Even if their games uses the Unreal Engine.Epic was a sort of Mecca for both new and experienced game developers. This is till true but, for some reason, they are now seeking the upheaval and destruction of the PC gaming ecosystem and ONLY the PC gaming ecosystem. That last bit is them mysterious part. What Tencent and Tim have against PC gamers is known only to them but they are hellbent on screwing everyone on the consumer level of things over, selling their data and so forth.

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>>507967123>>507967240You realize they literally gave up on making more money with PC games in the 00s, right? Console fortnite's microtransaction sales absolutely dwarf the PC's and it costs money to maintain the PC version in parity to the console version. Tim doesn't like the PC as a gaming platform, he views it as a thing strictly for pirates, and he wishes his investors (Chinese) would stop bugging him to pull an Amazon style hostile takeover of the consumer PC games market. So he's killing two birds with one stone, doing as his investors ask but going about it in such an unsustainable, consumer un-friendly way that eventually his investors will see the errors of their ways and go back to letting him work only on consoles.

>>507968217ironically, EGS only has 100 million accounts even after stapling Fortnite to it.

>>507968174cool thanks for giving me an idea. i already have an account and i'm not going to buy shit there no matter what so i'll still download it, but i do like to know what to look out for. there have already been several exclusive games i wanted (borderlands, shenmue, satisfactory) from epic that I not only chose not to buy on epic, but avoided the games completely. i'm pretty serious about not giving them money.also when a free game comes out, what's the business aspect on that? does epic pay rockstar for every copy downloaded? is there a mutually beneficial agreement that doesn't involvement paying each other at all?

>>507963008>innovation in servicesyou absolutely do not want that in current year. you're right about the free games part though

>>507967616yes, steam has shovelware 0.001 cent text achievements tho>>507967757lord gaben is 10 years older than him, no coding skills, diabetes 2

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>>507968552Yeah, Epic pays for however many copies get downloaded. The benefit for them is essentially advertising.

>>507968598>In order to improve the quality of download speeds and the selection of games available to you, the consumer, we have decided to make all of our games' prices scale with their file size to accommodate the load they place on our servers.

>>507968845oh yeah then i'll definitely download. that's hilarious.

>>507967573>IFno user not if. when

>>507968986It may very well be a decade or two.

>>507968830>the CEO who hoards the most wealth is superiorbased Gabe not taking more than he is worth despite being the sole owner of one of the most successful companies in gaming

>> much this

>>507962892I can't do this again today...

>>507968552>i'm pretty serious about not giving them money.Honestly man if you don't want to support Epic but you want free games, why not pirate?>does epic pay rockstar for every copy downloaded?I'm not sure if that's the exact arrangement but Rockstar isn't letting this happen without some kind of benefit to them. I tried to google for the details of how the business side works but I couldn't find anything.

It never ceases to amaze me how whenever I complain about the myriad of issues I have with EGS (their attempts to fight a presumed monopoly by creating a literal monopoly on certain games, their constant efforts to kill linux gaming, and you know the chinese spyware shit for a few examples) some bootlicking retard will just spin it as me being butthurt about having to download another launcher.

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>>507968442They have zero plan for EGS once fortnite dies. Right now, it's fortnite providing the "window shopping" traffic, and exclusivity for driving their actual sales. They don't have dedicated customers like Steam has, and probably never will until they do something extremely unique for the customer

>>507969230it's because they're paid to be bootlicking retards

>>507967843Where are the porn games on EGS? Sweeney is even more anti-porn than Gaben.

>>507969230It's about deflection, of course. Though I wouldn't assume they're butthurt, they could easily be pretending to be retarded for replies.

>>507969276Exclusivity isn't really driving sales either >>507965006. And you have multiple instances of games making way more money on Steam when they launch there.

>>507968830>shovelware achievment gameSoon epic will have these too

>>507969221i do torrent games sometimes, i guess it'd just be nice to have an official copy of this game since i could play online with friends if i really want to. i already have an account with them so i don't really feel like they're benefiting from me taking another free game. i literally only use epic to download a free game every once in a while (kingdome come, darksiders).

>>507969519Epic isn't really the same wild west as Steam where anyone can launch a game with little oversight beyond whether it functions.And ironically, they argue this makes them better for indie games.

>>507963990based>>507965784epic isn't competition. steam already has competition. gog, origin, windows store, etc..

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>>507966615read up on what a monopoly is, moron.

>>507969623Don't worry about trying to justify it to me my man, I'm gonna call you a fag for signing up regardless. You do whatever you feel is reasonable.

>>507966413>Pirates>Still relevant>in 2020Anon, i...


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>>507969950You what? Because there's literally only a handful of games that can't be pirated and only like 2 of them are worth getting anyway.

>>507970046>only a handful of games that can't be piratedAnon, i......

>>507970154You're retarded? Yeah, I can see as much.

Post a game you're finished on Epic.

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>>507970258I literally only got EGS for Diabotical.

>>507970190Trying to cope after no single Denuvo game cracked in 7+ months ?

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>felt like playing Rebel Galaxy>check the Discussions page out of curiosity>level 0 accounts shilling the sequel on the Epic Store>these people don't even own the original game

>>507963753too soon

>>507962892>please please Epic Game Store needs a place to stay, can it live in your head? It can't pay any rent.

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>>507970409If that's what you want to believe, then go ahead. You're free to join the rest of us in reality when you're ready though, we'll be waiting for you.

>>507963753(but Jesus....

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>>507962892Steam is a shitty service but EPIC games is by far 10x worse.

>>507969887lol thanks user, you're the best

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>>507970653>If that's what you want to believe, then go ahead.See you in the usual Doomposters Denuvo thread ;)Most piratefags already given up :)

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I find it hilarious how I'm the bad guy for not using Epic when I support and GOG and used to support the Discord Store when Epictrannies never touched them. It's hilarious how they pretend to care about other companies but turn a blind eye to when Epic or publishers throw them under a bus, they just want to either spite Valve, or really want more free games.

>>507965784Valve and Epic Games both live in the same house and both suck Chinas dickif anything they gonna merge sooner or later

>>507967268This. I've been using Steam on and off for 14 years and I can't remember ever getting any issues.

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>>507965784Nigger Epic doesn't give a shit about making PC gaming better, they just want to buy it out completely and create a real monopoly. They literally attack other stores and prevent games from being released on them, and not just Steam, GOG and other stores too.

>>507967381Only thing Valve did is destroy PC gaming with their vile and greedy policies by inventing lootboxes and microtransactions.

>>507971379>inventing lootboxes and microtransactions.

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>>507970258i've claimed every free game and i haven't even downloaded the client

>>507963008>I want innovation in services and experiences and free games.Steam has been giving us this for years. It would be nice to have a little competition so we get even more but don't act like Valve doesn't invest money back into Steam.

>>507967615Alyx is battle-tested, bet the house on Alyx.

>>507962892>absolute no japanese suport once or evernah, japan RUNS this industry

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>>507962892You're a bootlicking faggot if you care about this. I'm building an offensive to derail these threads in the same way Dunkey threads are derailed. Fuck console war threads and fuck launcher threads.

>>507971848What an unbiased image, definitely not made by a cherrypicking weeb incel.

>muh Steam is a monopolyevery thread

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>>507971848Samsho is on Epic, cope more friendo

>>507972103>A fighting game series that hasn't been relevant since ever.Whoa...

>>507972103>samsho is on epic>sells like shit>shemue 3 is on epic>sells like shit>DMCV is on steam>best selling game from that franchise>REMAKE2 is on steam>sells like hotcakes AND wins goty awards

>>507971848I don't think Rage or Far Cry have nazis in them, they aren't even close to WW2.

>>507972246the nazi part its a joke

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>>507972045name one good Western game

>>507972241Even a big hitter like Borderlands 3 sold average/bad-ish before Steam releaseSo that's how Tim saves gaming


>>507972376We can just go ahead and skip this song and dance, and just say they're all shit since that's what you'll say about any examples I post.

>>507962892lmfao like how china is going to dominate this century instead of descending into internal strife and literal/figurative cannibalism?

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>>507972376jackie chan?

>>507967524imagine being paid to shill on 4chan. because no one legitimately believes this.

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>>507972462ok, how about a non-indie

>>507967524does it have CS.go?no?then is shit

>>507972461it sold around 2 million, which is pretty good for a PC game. But it's the only game on EGS to do that well, and the only game to crack a million without being given away.

>>507967832except disney owns so much shit that they'll be fine


>>507962892Ok but will it be better than steam in 10 years?

>>507963008I just want my fucking flash sales back, damn it.

>>507972946they own a ton of shit, but none of it is making money right now

>>507971379Even Sweeney admitted that Steam saved PC gaming lol. Not that they should get a pass for anything wrong they do now tho

>>507973065Flash sales aren't coming back as long as there are refunds, and I'll take refunds over flash sales.

>>507973096They should never moved away from just being cartoons and making princesses.Ariel > all

>>507973113he pretty much had to, epic was really assblasted because they discovered that people could pirate PC games, then when they discovered valve was making money, they decided to burn their fortnite cash to force their way into the pc scene.

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>>507963008You people say this and then ignore the literal innovations Steam brought to the table THIS YEAR.

>>507969950>>507970154guaranteed samefag


>>507973238they moved away from just being that in like 1950

It's great. I'll just pirate any game that releases on Epic instead of Steam. If there's a game I have to play close to release which doesn't get cracked quickly, i'll just buy a stolen russian key from another site so neither Epic or devs get money. Gonna be more inconvenient and not having all my games on Steam will suck but at least i'll save a shit ton of money.


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>>507973765Nah. They were pretty much still just that in the 90s too.