What is CHIM?

I don't get it.

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>>507961713CHIM is when you can quicksave and reload if you fuck up.

>>507961713It's like lucid dreaming while awake

>>507961713I is a wheel.

>>507961713The ending of the words

>>507962034>I is a wheel.What the fuck does this even mean

>>507962034>I is a wheelThat'd be O, I is a straight line.

>>507962778When you look at the Wheel from a different angle, it is an I

>>507962778>>507962924Non-CHIM posts

>>507962924I is the wheel as viewed from its side

>>507961713Breaking the 4th wall.

I feel like a retard for just noticing ALMISIVI is ALMexia sotha SIl VIvec

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>>507962778>What the fuck does this even meanYou achieve CHIM by recognizing control over the universe.CHIM is achieved by asking the question "what do god and myself have in common?"God has authority over the world, reshaping it how he pleases.But at the same time, the world exists only because you perceive it to exist. You are the main character in the story that is your life, if you died how can you prove that things continue to exist without you?What you have in common with god is that you reality exists because you wish it to.This is essentially the same thing as treating existence itself as a dream, with god being the dreamer.CHIM begins with the realization that "the world is just a dream."There are two outcomes of making this realization:>Oh shit if this is all a dream, I had better wake up! -- DwemerThis is what it means to spontaneously vanish from existence, since from the perspective of anyone living in the dream, someone who "wakes up" and exits the dream deletes themselves from existence.>Oh shit if this is all a dream then I get to do whatever the fuck I want lol -- VivecThis is CHIM. Akin to realizing that you're in a dream and continuing on in a lucid state. You have effectively become a new god in the world (mantling the godhead) because a lucid dreamer can control the world however they wish.This is what Lorkhan meant when he said that the wheel of existence becomes I when viewed on its side.

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>>507963270Pretty sure the game spells it out for you at some point while asking about general information related to the dunmer faith.

>>507963063>I is the wheel as viewed from its sideI don't get it

>>507963619If Chim is so powerful how come Vivec is dead?I'm not even being facetious I dun geddit

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>>507961713>I don't get it.because you don't have CHIM

>>507964250He's not a god.

>>507964250A lucid dreamer can still be hurt in the dream and be forced to wake up if they're not careful.

>>507964250Vivec's chiminess is a subject of debate. So is his ultimate fate

>>507964571Who are the characters that are confirmed to have reached chim?

>>507964250Because Vivec is a lying faggot who didn't actually attain CHIM

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Chim is simply a cheap plot point for the convenience of the writers to not have to include/explain shit in later titles if they don't feel like including them... take dwemer as an example. They saved themselves a whole lot of time and effort of ever having to model/program/write anything about them because "lol, they couldn't achieve Chim and just fucked off from existence entirely, I don't have to explain shit."Same thing with dragon breaks. We mentioned something previously but now included something that completely contradicts it? Must've been a dragon break, funny how reality just be like that sometimes.

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How do the White-Gold tower, Green-Sap Tower, Crystal-Like-Law, etc. hold up reality? They were built by elves after reality was already codified.

>>507964765>They saved themselves a whole lot of time and effort of ever having to model/program/write anything about them because "lol, they couldn't achieve Chim and just fucked off from existence entirely, I don't have to explain shit.">they saved themselves a whole lot of time and effort of ever having to write anything about themBut the Dwemer disappearance was greatly explained. They literally tell you all the events leading up to Kagrenac smacking the heart and them poofing out of existence.

>>507964704Aside from Vivec, Talos. And even that's up for debate.The issue with CHIM is that absolutely nothing is supported in the lore. Everything was written in-universe by extremely unreliable sources and we don't really know who else had it, or if anyone ever had it.So unfortunately the Pankratosword technique, which allows you to cause a nuclear explosion by just swinging a sword, is probably not real

>>507961713CHIM is lucid dreaming.

>>507965308How the fuck can dreamed up people lucid dream? That's reserved for the one that's dreaming.

>>507965398how do you know the people in your dreams aren’t real

>>507961713CHIM stands for "I do whatever the fuck I want"

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>>507964717Dagoth Ur

>>507965398They are the one dreaming. There's only the godhead and it's dream, the restrictions on CHIM are that you have to be careful not to comletely upset the dream.

>>507961713it's non-canon that's what.

>>507965157>They literally tell you all the events leading up to Kagrenac smacking the heart and them poofing out of existence.But the Battle of Red Mountain has like 5 different, mutually contradictory versions of what happened.

>>507965550That's not even close to an acronym

>>507964250What the hell are you talking about? Vivec isn't dead. He disappeared, just like the Nerevarine.

>>507965791So they put in 5 times the work writing 5 different versions of events.

>>507965791FOUL MURDER - Vivec spells out to the reader of his sermons which version is the "correct" one.

>>507965806it is what Vivec says it is

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>>507965398Hindu cosmology is basically predicated on that idea.

>>507964704Talos is the only one, though I guess faggot high elves will try to deny it.

>>507961713Non-canon fanfiction. TES is a generic fantasy setting nowadays.

>>507965908And then he publicly confesses while raping Azura to show how untouchable he is and fucks off.

>>507966040Isn't Talos in reality just an immortal man who just takes up a different identity every several decades?


>>507965791>mutually contradictory versions of what happened.This isn't really important in TES lore. Dragonbreaks happen and when they do multiple versions of an event all take place, Vivec is what he is because Vehk both did and did not murder Nerevar.

>>507966305Yeah that happened in Kirkbride fanfiction.

>>507965791The reason they're mutually contradictory is Numidium awakening and causing a dragon break. All the versions of events are true and they all actually happened, but the outcome was the same. Dwemers gone, Tribunal ascended, Nerevar ded, war won.

multiplayer is peak CHIM

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>>507965129Reality was really fucky before the Towers were built.

>>507966305>>507966408Maybe. Vivec is unreliable, the story is more likely a metaphor for his goodhood. Vivec putting his "spear" in Azura's mouth conjures the image the half-blue poet facefucking the daedra but it's just as likely that the point of the story is that as a god he isn't subject to the whims of fate.I'm a god and I do what I want, fate can suck my divine multicolored cock.

>>507966453i had so much fun with tes3mp

>>507966367As far as I understand it - he actually murdered Nerevar, became a god, and, thanks to dragon break, which makes you not care of continuity since universe will patch it up nicely in the end, changed his past to actually be born a perfect godly being and to have nerevar killed by dagoth ur or whatever. But, thanks to dragon break, this new past, while being true, also exists alongside with "original" version of past.

>>507964765>>507965791You're misunderstanding "clever use of problem solving" for "cheap plot points."The whole Dawrven disappearance thing originated as a JOKE on the response to Arena ("where's muh ale-swilling midgets?").Dragon breaks originated as a solution to writing a sequel to Dagferfall, a game with multiple endings.From these humble beginnings, the writers chose to turn their swords into plowshares and come up with all the wild shit that derives from these two problems.The real "cheap plot points" are the gand-wacing of Cyrodil's jungles. THAT's exactly the kind of problem that would've led to a creative and interesting solution, had many of the talented designers not left the studio at that time. Instead they just tried to gloss over it, which is far more lazy.

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>>507961713Probably some Nirvana shit, but my headcannon is that the ES series is Todd Howards cringy dreams and VIvec became aware of that

>>507967018*Daggerfall and hand-waving, it's too early in the morning for this shit.

>>507967018Those writers left the studio BECAUSE they suits wanted more generic fantasy shit, because that shit sells. There was a massive LOTR hype and everyone wanted some of that sweet Tolkien money.

It's when you become so much like a God the universe confuses you and the entity, and mixes both in a single person.That's pretty much it, in the most simplified way.

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>>507966575So what would it be like to travel to a place that doesn't have a Tower built? A formless void like in the intro to Dark Souls? But then how would they have built the Tower at all?

>>507967824You're thinking of mantling.

Why does Numidium cause the time steam to shit itself whenever you activate it?

>>507968119It makes Akatosh, the god of time, doubt its own existence.


>>507968119It's just that much of a contrarian asshole. You show Numidium something that exists, it just shouts "NO" until it stops existing. It denied itself out of existence.

>>507967824Is this webm CHIM?

>>507968267>makes Akatosh, the god of time, doubt its own existence.Why?

>>507961713Simplest explanation: the world is the dream of a sleeping god. When you realize this, you either cease existing or you gain the equivalent of lucid dreaming. This is a gross simplification, but you get the basic gist of it.

>>507968119Because Numidium is a god of logic and reasoning in a dream universe with no real consistent laws.Akatosh keeps time linear because he incorrectly believes it is but every second that Numidium is active it points out all the logical inconsistencies, plot holes ect... and Akaotsh starts to realize that he might not exist and this may all just be a dream and he can't keep the facade up while he's going through an existential crisis.Once it deactivates he can settle back in to his delusions and pretend everything is fine.

>>507968563Because it's powered by the Heart of Lorkhan. He's like Loki except actually competent and doesn't get raped all the time. When he tricked the gods into making Nirn and sealing themselves in it, they got so mad they ripped out his heart and shot it away with an arrow, since destroying it would destroy themselves as well, now that they were tied to Nirn. The two remaining parts of his body formed the moons.

Someone please explain Dagoth Ur. There was a really good screencap going deep into him, but I can’t remember most of it. It was like he dreams he’s dead which actually makes him alive or some weird shit like that.

>>507968634Not poofing usually involves having a massive ego.

>>507968919Normally when you reach understanding of CHIM, you realize that you're part of a dream. Voryn Dagoth was exposed to the Heart for a long time. Somehow, when he died, he assumed that all of reality was HIS dream, instead of understanding that he is part of someone else's dream. He didn't look at the wheel from the side, he saw himself as the axis around which the wheel turns.

>>507968119hearth spills god juice makes robot go brrr so dragon gets upset

>>507968923I’ve managed to have lucid dreams before, it does take massive concentration to not immediately wake up. And even then I’m on the precipice: I can feel my eyelids closed and my weight in the bed, but still have sensory perception in the dream. It’s a really weird feeling to describe.

>>507961713i doubt you could even imagine it

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>>507965398>How the fuck can dreamed up people lucid dream? That's reserved for the one that's dreaming.dreamed up people are part of the dreamer, its basically just a tiny part of the dreamer conciousness, but with the dreamed up memories.Dreamed up people = Dreamer

>>507968873If the Heart of Lorkhan is what makes up Mundus, and the Heart is now absent from existence along with Numidium, why didn't reality immediately collapse?

>>507969813Is it kind of like the Christian concept of man being made in God’s image?

>>507969902think more literal as in reality is a dream and to achieve CHIM is to not only realize that but realize you are the dreamer himself thus an extension of god

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>>507969902It's what it means for the "I" to be the Wheel as viewed from it's side.You are not the Wheel. But your existence (the Tower) spans all the Wheel. It is reciprocal: if the Wheel changes so does the Tower (since the Tower is just the Wheel viewed from the Side) but if the Tower changes so does the Wheel (since by looking at the Tower we see the Wheel in its entirety). The Tower represents the metaphysical "I," constituting your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your everything. By gaining true understanding of this relationship you understand that "I are us all" and at the same time "we are all I." This is confusing as fuck so your brain can draw one of two conclusions from this realization: "I are us all," aka "I am God," which is CHIM. The other one is "we are all I," meaning "I am nothing," which poofs you out of existence (the Dwarves).

>>507964232I guess you can only see the wheel (the world) in that form once you are able to see it from the outside. You widen your view so much it is able to encompass the whole world?

Is it true that the Redguards came from a previous Kalpa?

>>507970507But achieving CHIM requires seeing the wheel on its side from inside the wheel

>>507967018That's what I was trying to get at, apologies if I didn't word it as eloquently, still in brain fog mode. I wanted to mention the whole Cryodill/jungle thing but couldn't remember if they explained it off using dragon break or not. The lore is so fucky at this point it's easy to forget all the ins and outs.

>>507964717>Because Vivec is a lying faggot who didn't actually attain CHIMWhere is this theory supported?

Textures slapped on POLYGONS

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