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Have you ever donated to a twitchthot?

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>>507961375I bet she thinks> oof yikes look at this ugly shithead lol his breath stinks eeew

>>507961375i'm not interested in charity especially to the middle class

What is his endgame?

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>>507961375>Me on the right

nice lunchlady armsif you are going to simp, simp for an attractive woman

>>507961375No, I have some dignity

>>507961375I once donated my semen to a twitch thot. she was at a convention I was at and we fooled around.

>>507961583to talk to a girl

>>507961375I have no idea who any of these people are

>>507961583india superpooperpower 2020

>>507961375No, but I have chucked some cash at a Vtuber.

No I’ve never even used twitch because I’m not a faggot

>>507961375I gave a dollar to trihex once

>>507961375I don't even donate to charity

No but I found one of my coworker's onlyfans after stalking her online and subbed to that

>>507961375>PokimaneGod, she looks ugly as hell. Why do people obsess over her again?

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>>507961375whoever gives his money to a stranger on the internet has brain damage

There's no point. So no.

>>507961375How did he get a gf that hot?

>>507961375I only donate to based streamers.

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>>507961582>>507961674>>507961767>>507961793>>507961937>>507962013>>507962029>>507962048>>507962068Based Department, you called?

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>>507962013Unironically the best looking tranny. I just hope that bald guy that fucks every tranny didn't get to him/her.

>>507962097>Destiny the cuck.

>>507961375I donated to a swedish drugaddicted hobo living in uganda once to help him. Felt kinda bad after realizing that he was retarded

>>507961375Never have, never will.

>>507961671Agreedo. She has youth and makeup, but does she even lift?

>>507961583bobs an vagene

No.I have given a camwhore $3 to show me her asshole before though.

>>507961375donate regularly to amouranth, alinity and pokimane, nothing beats seeing your name on the "top donator" section, must've spent at least high 5 figures on donos over the past few years, but I'm a software engineer in silicon valley so I have more money than i know what to do with

I funded Sseth's Godhand porn mass commission

>twitch thots meeting fansnothing is a better recipe for cringe material in the world


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>>507961375Imagine if she gets raped by him haha

>>507962013I unironically hope Sue gets raped and removes themself from the internet forever.

Which is sadder? Donating to a twitch thot or a vtuber? They're both sad as shit, but which is SADDER?

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>>507962992Twitch thot.The VTuber is actually cute

post the video/webm of the girl briefly and awkwardly hugging a fan while trying to escape with her bf

>>507961375why do people say thot?

>>507961375i donated to this sexy little thingshe thanked me

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>>507962992The vtuber interacts with the nip crowd at least, and doesn't give EOPs and ESLs the time of day since they can't understand them most of the time

>>507963052>The VTuber is actually cutewe got one boys


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>>507963117>she types faster than 90% of Holla Forums

>>507962013Man, her/his youtube vidoes fucking blow. Everyone is like "this happens, then that happens, then this is the ending". Most basic overview you can get but people act like they are some insightful shit. Found shims videos looking for survival horror vidoes, didn't even know it was a tranny till way later then I found out it was the tranny that Anthony from Opie and Anthony was fucking.

>>507963304>This is your brain on twitch

>>507963206>vtubers are better because 'm-muh japanese'???japanese betas are just as pathetic as american ones

why are twitch girls so boring?they wear cute clothes and play league of legends all day like its the only game they can play

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Fags who do are pathetic

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>>507962013Real Gamer Girlyoutu.be/of2VOZU5hys?t=1783

>>507963425I have never watched a twitch stream in my life.

youtube.com/watch?v=AqnuqY8vOOgReminder Britanny Venti is /ourgirl/ and calls out the thots like Poki, Jewonhead and Idubbbz Girlfriend

>>507961375Why would I give money to streamers when I can spend it on myself?

>>507963457this one is fake, I think most of them are done for the meme's nowadays, the original one is probably real though

For real, why do people say thot? Why dont you say twitch hoe? twitchoe even. Why thot? twitch that hoe over there doesnt make sense. I'd even bet money people say That thot over there unironically in real life. I think it's a psyop to make people retarded. Like when "shit" became the go to word for stuff or things. Where even "this shit is good" gets dumbed down to "shit is good." Whenever someone says that I imagine a rich fat man laughing about the time he tricked the world into talking about loving shit.

I really, really don't understand Simps and their obsession of her? She makes thousands of dollars in donations daily from her Simp factory, this girl has a giant fucking nose, no ass, no tits and looks like a generic sand nigger girl next door. Is that what they find so appealing about her, they think they have a chance? Didn't she come out as a Muslim lesbian?We live in clown world.

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>>507962181he didshe sucked his dick

>>507963431I agree they're both pathetic but vtubers are better because there isn't any DONATION GOAL 0/$100000, or TOP DONATOR: X or whatever plastered all over the screen to entice their simps to donate

>>507963620you sound fucking psychotic

>>507963721but why say thot?

>>507962013Daily simp check itt pokiW elaW

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>>507963620Dude, don't come being all intelligent on Holla Forums. You know us niggers have like -15 INT, right?


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>>507963528Fake Gamer Guy

>>507963690qrd on bald trannyfucker guy please

>>507961375Of course not, I have too much self-respect.


>>507963591Is that a tranny?

>>507963709But they still donate?If you ask me thats even sadderAt least the american simps think they're helping a goal, as pathetic as it isThe japs are just handing their money over like true beta males

>>507962097BETAH MALE

>>507963878Adam Sessler's coke addiction took him to two placesA gym, and TS websites

>>507962181christian xxx raped her in natalie mars' apartment that's why she quit port

>>507961979This. Charities are greasy as fuck too. Why does a charity need a CEO making 6figures?

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>>507962992The difference being people donate to vtubers because they like that character vs people who donate to thots thinking they have a chance with her, donating to vtubers is less sad imo

>>507963620You think people who watch other people play video games are anything but low 80s in IQ? even people who play games are retarded

>>507964109>Why does a charity need a CEO making 6figures?Uh, er, um, l-logistics and planning goy

>>507962097imagine getting dabbed on by Brittany Venti of all people

>>507961375No.My Patreon is all music and the only one besides those I've ever felt inclined to help is TFC from Hermitcraft.Admittedly he's the cause of some of his problems though so I'd prefer if I were to ever do so, I'd have to do so in person and make sure it was used correctly. I don't like travel though so likely never going to happen as bad as I do feel for him. Especially now.

>>507963970they donate because that's their way of showing support, otherwise there would be no point? it's literally just anime characters doing shit, but instead of it being in an anime they're streaming/making youtube vids, majority of popular vtubers literally have comiket merch

>>507961375I play game, not watch streamers because I actually have a computer to play them on.

I donated a couple of time to speedrunners, precisely Werster and Gunnermaniac, like 3-5 € eachyoutube.com/watch?v=FfbQDP2X4QE

>>507964123>donating to vtubers is less sad imoWRONG

>>507964060I refuse to believe it was rape. Sue just regretted it I bet like some bitch.Christian does strike me as the rapey type but not with that golem-looking thing.

Who /pokisquad/ here?

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>>507964060god fucking dammit. how does he do it?

>>507964123>donating to vtubers is less sad imoHow to spot an incel in 1 easy step

>>507964109Because they'd be making eight figures not working for a charity

>>507964123>donating to a cartoon fabrication is less sad than donating to a crusty camwhorei dunno man, two different kinds of severe sadness if you ask me>>507964313>otherwise there would be no pointWhat? No point to what? and how's that any different from donating to a twitch thot?

>>507964123>donating to vtubers is less sad imoimagine having such a shit opinion.

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wtfs a vtube, dumb kids

>>507964469>incel opinion discarded lmao

>>507962857Weak LARP.

>>507964372I mean just look at >>507962857and >>507963457

>>507964590a creepy japanese man using algorithms to look like a little anime princess and play games and say fuck

>>507964123>donating to vtubers is less sad imoImagine going back 50 years in time and telling some other dude "I gave my money to a female cartoon character for a bit of attention"I'm so glad the white race is dying

>>507961375>>507961375Nope. Haven't unlocked that perk on the complete fucking loser skill tree.

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>>507964612It's not an opinionYou're a sad fucking loser

>>507964756Ah, you must not be on the level of faggots who are loosing their houses to donate regularly.

>>507961583i want fuck you sex sex sex

>>507961375Yes, over $2000

>>507964832where do you think you are, if you think people who browse this shithole isn't in some way sad than you're fucking retarded

>watching 3dpdew

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I've been subbed to this ho for almost 2 years

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>>507961375Does semen count?Do I have to shit it to her to make it count? fuck that I aint paying shipping for a thot.

>>507961375that guy looks just like me lmao

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>>507964532no point in continuing it if there's no money on it, I thought that was clear, you think vtubers do this shit because they really like it? passion alone isn't going to cut it

>>507961583>open cloth

>>507964969Bro, quick question - do you play DnD as a DM?

>>507964914that's a 3dpd actress behind that avatar you're simping out on stupid weeb fuck

>>507961375Never donated to anyone on twitch.Never payed a patreon.Never paid for a kickstarter.

>>507965141based miser

>>507964738good, I hope the white race dies since i'm not even white

>>507964914>Thinking of doing this but not changing my voice so it's just some barritone dude talking out of a cute anime girl

>>507964428is poki the only hot moroccan out there?

>>507961375Look at her face. I love that contrast of a minimum effort attempt at a fake smile and the empty dead eyes. You can really see how the simps are just business to her, she's just taking that photo to secure the next paycheck and she knows it. Just the same old grind of the day job. And look at his goofy face the whole time. He clearly has very little experience with women and is just drifting in bliss because he met his waifu. I'm sure he thinks homelessness will be worth it if Poki just says his name on stream and remembers that they took a photo together once. she won't

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I have never donated to anyone and never watched any female streamer. I barely watch streamers at all but it's mostly due to schedule conflicts.

>>507964996So they're just mooching money from desperate horny paypigs?Just like a twitch thot.Please clarify where the difference was supposed to be again.

>>507961375I notice majority of the guys who simp out on twitch thots are lonely white virgins, fucking sad really.

is Pokimane literally a soulless hapa?

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>>507964921this fat fuck is the only streamer ITT worth subbing to

>>507965212Dude.. That's saddening to read..

>>507965246I already told you, ones for the character and the other one's because they're horny underage teens/creepy adults

>>507965315do you care about the hamburgers you're flipping at mcdonald's? No, you're there interacting with them to make that money. She's in the same situation.

>>507963528>youtu.be/of2VOZU5hys?t=1783He ain't fooling NOBODY

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>>507963117who's that cute chink

>>507962013have you seen her competition? the average twitchthot has an iq of about 70 so even remembering some memes and being able to play a video game at a mediocre level as a female makes you seem authentic.

>>507965431I don't get why Holla Forums is obsessed with this golemoid tranny.

>>507963591britanny looks like she smells of dogshit

>>507965315>hapaShe's a North African spawn.From where these 2 young ladies were merked

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>>507965343>worth subbingNo such thingYou get nothing out of subbingHe's not your friend. Stop being so fucking pathetic

>>507965493Because she's a fellow girl gamer

>>507965396>ones for the character and the other one's because they're horny underage teens/creepy adultsOkay, so I've deduced that you're a vtuber paypig who's deluded himself into thinking you're anything more than suchThis has been both educational and saddon't reply to my posts anymore, trash

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>>507961375I'm just too old fashioned when it comes to giving out money online.I don't donate to kickstarters for products I'm genuinely interested in, Hell I still have some reservations about buying games digitally, much less giving money to some chick for what? Merely existing?

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>>507965493there's this small little group of trannies that started out by posting lewds on /gif/ so fags feel connected to them plus i'm 99% sure he advertises himself here

>>507965524>North Africa>PanamaYeah buddy

>>507965534>FellowNo>Girl?????????>Gamer>Literally only harps on about RE all day long trying to become a pillar of the community despite doing nothing for it at all except playing the games and making terrible videos about them

>>507965053>Bro, quick question - do you play DnD as a DM?No but I wish I did.

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>>507965431>shoutout to my fellow girl gamers

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>>507965530imagine thinking i want to be his friendlmao @ ur life pathetic leech, get a job

>>507965524atleast post the right two roasties

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>>507965758You doYou're a sad friendless loser who gives celebrities money so he can say your name

>>507965678Based future DM.I once had a DM, he was a bit fat and older, a lawyer, but he was the best DM ever.

lol why do you fuckers always get so mad at attractive women online always going "noooo they're not even attractive" even tho they pretty much objectively are? they're not as good as anime girls, sure, but you have to adjust your attractiveness standards to 3d.

>>507965732heh, more like "fellow"

>>507965861The jews murdered JFK, bombed the USS Liberty, and bombed the Twin Towers.

>>507965920and? whats your point

>>507965817nice projection. you may wanna get that checked before you kill your parents/shoot up a school

>>507962919Where’s the $2000 sex doll option?

>>507965950Who runs Twitch?

>>507965861Post one attractive female streamer. One

>>507965586one of the most popular vtubers (tuskino mito) literally looks like a hag irl and most people who follow her already knows that yet they still donate to her and support her because her character actually is entertaining while those twitch thots showing their tits and asses to 10k people because that's their only redeeming factor get donations because retards who can't look up porn for a quick fap want to impress her hoping they can score, but you have no idea what you're talking about it seems you retard

>>507965861>"i'm not like these simps, I have standards!"it's classic bottom bitch pecking order horse shit.

>if i donate money and moderate her chat for free she will have sex with me!

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>>507962181>bald guy that fucks every trannyyou talking about big lenny?

I used to go to random small thot's streams and donate the smallest amount of bits I could to effectively make them excited, then disappointed over something like 5c.

>>507966024jews? whats your point retarded Holla Forumsnigger, why do brown skinned objectively attractive women get under your skin? post your face faggot

>>507963103people have been saying thot since 2013

>>507961375He is actually good looking. I always imagine twitchthot simps would look way worse.

>>507961375No.Simps should be hanged.

>>507965979>gets nailed to the fucking wall>"p-p-projection!"pathetic

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>>507966081Here, enjoy

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>>507966053Thanks for posting these guys i feel a lot better about my appearance again

>>507961375I cannot understand why people watch her. She's not attractive and she has no content, what's the fucking appeal?

>>507965861Because there are women who are objectively more attractive than some twitch streamers who don't stoop to e-begging.

>>507965979>no uJust go outside and talk to people dudeTwitch streamers are not your friends

>>507966138post your real fucking face you insecure bitch. why are you so afraid?

>>507966053she looked like she was tweaking out in that vid, dirty little cokehead

>>507966053Amouranth is hot as fuck. I'd simp for her.

>>507966184After you

>>507965431>the absolute deadpan scrip readingDoesn't even have anything to do with her being a girl, she needs to learn how to act a bit

>>507962013“her” content is garbage, stop spamming it please

>>507966192Oof yikes kys. She’s a stupid roastie and jumps on bbcs


>>507965343thanks stoner

>>507966137>>507966182stay mad friendless leeches, just get a job and some friends lmao

>>507966162You're as dense as pig shit if you can't see that she fits neatly into a pretty broad, easily digestible definition of 'acquirable/approachable hot girl' .

>>507963650The people donating have nearly zero female interaction. Imagine being so ugly and unappealing that nobody would like you other than other Blob people living isolated in their homes.

>>507966285>jumps on bbcShe's married to an Asian guy.

>>507966247There are thots with quality kahntent?

>>507966243look he's going around online making fun of other people for being ugly, but his ego LITERALLY cannot handle someone making fun of his face. you're the epitome of the internet tough guy mindset retarded beta bitch keyboard warrior. you're literally afraid to post your face because you cant handle what people would say. id even bet you're completely average and unremarkable looks wise, but your mental state is so compromised and busted that any hit to your ego will cause a total collapse, so you protect yourself by shitting on other people instead

>>507966192>fakest stiff tits>fake assNo thanks

>>507966345>no u hahahaRepeat with me: "Twitch streamers are not my friends"


>>507961375I've never donated to anyone or anything.


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>>507965861I don't get mad at them. I get mad at anyone stupid enough to give them money.

Imagine being in a coma for the past 20 years.>oh wow there’s a website to watch people play video games>wait why are the most popular videos just random girls sitting there talking and showing their feet?>huh? Why are people giving them money? Where are the video games?!

>>507966474then the post isn't for you retard, reply to someone else for (you)s this is your last one

>>507966345you got a real funny way of coping with the fact you were blown the fuck out. But that's cool, all you losers are unique in the way you sperg out when fucking exposed :^)

>tfw no mentally unstable slutty hapa gfWhy is she so perfect bros?

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>>507966430>falseI went to college in a Chicago suburb and people definitely said it.

>>507966378Why is every megaslut married/dating an asian guy?Easy to manage?I imagine they're more submissive and accepting of their women whoring out

>>507966549Are you jewish?

>>507961375Donations is cancer of economics

>>507966192What is it like going through life with such unbelievably low standards? I need to know. For science.



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Why would you even talk to gilrs you have no change of fucking?

>>507966486>wait why are the most popular videos just random girls sitting there talking and showing their feet?>gamers are literally the biggest incel simps on the fucking planetgee i fucking wonder. It's not like incels and simps are a new fucking thing. How is this 'weird' to anyone?

>>507966380There’s barely anyone on YouTube or Twitch worth watching to begin with so no

>>507966053She looks like such a lizard/human hybrid.

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>>507966637Are you jewish?

>>507966532Maybe, but people didnt say it online all the time like they do now. Where even random games have people with thot in their name, same as simp and all the other high level retard tier "words"

>>507966549Asians make more money.

>>507964428>Who /pokisquad/ here?

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>>507962181>Unironically the best looking trannyWell that is just sad

I've never donated before. I'm subbed to Lirik and use my prime on Moonmoon though. If that counts?I never see twitchthots since I don't browse just chatting or click on any woman streaming.

>>507966426repeat after meyes mom i'll look for a job now>>507966514y-yes mom the interview went well, they should be calling me a-anytime now

>>507965212Based. Roasties deserve nothing but death.

>>507966530>Wanting a girlfriend who was sexually abused so much as a child that she's addicted to BDSM/sex and is suicidial


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>>507966637That's the fantasy. Simp hard enough and she might fall in love with (You) one day.

>>507966780Sounds fun

>>507961375I donated $100 to a qt that was only starting and had like 3 viewers. Now she's my egf and I manage her channel, gets around 70 viewers on average

>>507966438I’m only donated to DSP and subbed to Hagrid.

No, why would I give money to a whore I can't fuck?

>>507966627haha le funneenow post a real picture retard

>giving money to random people>ever

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>fucks your e-thot crush without paying a sincle centNothing personal, bros

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>>507961375You know the drill...

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>>507961375Never, it's fucking pathetic. Even angry incels are more respectable than losers who donate to streamers.

So are these girls actually playing games?

>>507961375Lol fuck no. Im not retarded.Shes not a thot.

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Well Holla Forums?

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>>507966690Poki's streams are the best. Deal with it.

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>>507966957what if a homeless man wants drugs or alcohol?


>>507966982No, only the vtubers actually play games

>>507966916>donating to DSPbased

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Yes? Is this Jericho? Yes, I called to inquire about the whereabouts of one sultry African American woman and what I may do to tickle her fancies and convince her to engage in the ol' fashioned copulation with yours truly...

only one

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>>507966968>Cuts his hair>Now look like a 50+ year old man

>>507962992No clue what a vtuber is, but I do know people who spend money to donate to twitch thots are morons, so I guess they're sadder.

>>507967118god made paper bags for a reason

>>507967002looks like a granny with 6 layers of make-up.

Is she the new 'virgin lonely loser' queen?She's been getting insane numbersEasily making $80K a month

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>>507967095What are they streaming then?

>>507966981>Even angry incels are more respectablehah nopeany man who can't get laid is all on the same bottom rung of uselessness undeserving of any respect whatsoever

>>507967021Then he can go work for it like everyone else. No-one is special.

>not wanting a soulless spastic asian waifu

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>>507967095>mfw the doggo vtuber has spent more time playing vidya than the average Holla Forumsirgin

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>>507963620Because I don't want to denigrate actual whores who actually provide a service, as vile as I find it. Ethots are lazy spoiled cunts who get to take advantage of the human wreckage this garbage society has created for doing literally nothing. Ethots and their viewers should all be gassed.

I don’t even know why people are dropping 1k on donations for a twitch thot.Like for half that amount you can get a prostitute that’s better looking than pokimane is.

>>507964123>donating to vtubers is less sad imoImagine obsessing over literal cartoons. At that point, watch hentai, play some hentai games, fucking do something.

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>>507967220I watch her because she's actually pretty good at games but I cant stand her zoomer "humor"

>>507967002no, asmon is where its at!

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>>507966918Real human interaction is scaryIf you give a twitch thot enough money she might read your retarded nickname out loud while painting her nails during the stream

>>507966357you have to be dense to think she's hot. She's Literally a cake-faced hook nosed uggo.

>>507961375Nope, too poor to be giving cam whores free money.

>>507967163One simp donated $1000 to her at the end of her 83 hour stream. She's making serious bank. I do watch her daily too because her streams are very fun.

>>507967227Maybe I should stream games for 0 viewers if it'll force my ass to finish my backlog

>>507967237Electronic that ho over there. See? It doesnt make sense.


>>507961375My gf recently started streaming as a vtuber in English. She's doing very poorly compared to most other English vtubers yet she's already made $250 in under 2 weeks.Shit's crazy.

>donating to anything everno thanks

Attached: 1581730853665.jpg (265x384, 44.89K)

>>507967334>unironically watching streamers>female streamers at thatYou have no right to call anything or anyone zoomer.

>>507967002> that soulless garbage on the wall0 soul


Attached: 1588982392288.png (559x390, 309.69K)

>>507967287But that prostitute isnt into video games and twitch memes like me so I cant relate

>>507967305you should focus on donating to pokimane some more, she'll fuck you one day!

>>507967459>electronic mail? does it light up?

>>507967362Her make up is so thick you can’t even see the emotions on her face.

You should all be rounded up and chemically castrated.Not only you are wasting your valuable time watching these worthless whores,most of you are even spending money on them.If you can't see how pathetic this is I don't know what else to say to you.

I make YouTube videos and don't even want donations, I just want people to think I'm cool and have a nice voice.

Attached: dog5.webm (640x360, 2.89M)

>>507967579This. Been thinking about starting a YouTube channel for this purpose, but I have no content.

>>507967601Lucky pup

>>507967516Why do you need to relate to a prostitute? They’re basically a human onahole once you give them money

>>507967570>says this on 4channel's \V\ subreddit

>>507967601Her pussy be stanky

>>507967334>zoomer "humor"What's zoomer "humor"? As a younger millennial I'm genuinely curious

Attached: 1583159219955.png (960x960, 1000.56K)


>>507967163>>507967443>wow I lose my wallet, it had $1000 >instant $1000 donationIt blows my mind how lonely and desperate for attention some men are

>>507967635My shit is low effort as hell, just a step above those one-take retards with laptop mics.

>>507967601You just know.

>>507961375Twitchthots is like watching food when you're hungry. At least hookers fuck you when you give them money, these E-thots wave it in your face screaming you can't have it. Humans want what they can't have.

>>507967516man if these retards are donating to feel related to a woman, they’ve got another thing comingI’m sorry that the dads of these retards never taught them how to handle a woman

>>507966982No, half their attention is spent on giving shoutouts to anyone who donates lots of cash, which is often every minute. It’s not the best place at all to watch somebody actually play games.

>>507967763Since the dawn of time, attractive women have exploited men. If they're stupid enough to fall for it, let them get exploited.

>>507967601I've heard that dogs only do that if they're trained, she probably smeared peanut butter or some shit on her cooch and let the dog lick it to get off or something at some point

>>507967720close up shots of raccoon faces

>>507967720In her case she tries too hard to do retarded quirky shit like losing on purpose several times in a rowI dont know it kinda annoys me

>>507967780Jim you can stop pretending Amazon didn’t ship your new pc parts now and just admit you’re too lazy to do a new corona-chan stream

>>507967516>wanting to relate to a girlMen can't properly relate to a women, we're too different. Just because they shove on expensive headphones and play overwatch all day playing Mercy doesnt make them a "gamer"

>>507967927Dogs sniff crotches. Just something they do.

>>507967808>Twitchthots is like watching food when you're hungry. At least hookers fuck you when you give them money, these E-thots wave it in your face screaming you can't have it. Humans want what they can't have.ethots aren't about getting sexually satisfied, its about camaraderie same for people that donate to youtubersits all friendship simulation

>>507967927dogs also like smelling stinky things

>>507967689Just jerk off and do something else instead of getting emotionally invested and horny for woman who will never acknowledge you.But you know that yet still you are willingly falling for their tricks

Never donated nor plan to donate.

>>507967910Yeah but once upon a time men got to fuck them in exchange for thatNow it's only an impersonal "thanks"

>>507967601either her pussy reeks or...YOU JUST KNOW

>>507968034>>507968045yeah but not to the point of full on contact

>>507961375i have

>>507967929...>>507967943Oh ok.

Attached: 1571222765972.jpg (700x933, 256.57K)

>>507967927check out shylark if you want to see what a "properly" trained dog looks likeyou'll notice a shocking resemblance to what you saw in that webm

>>507967516>thinking twitch memes are funnykys

>>507961583becoming self-aware

>>507961375Simps deserve to have their money removed and taken by people who will put it to good use. Based roasties redistributing wealth.


Noe-celeb board when?

Attached: twitch cleanse.gif (350x263, 497.97K)

>>507966041You are literally falling in love or enamored by a fucking cartoon and making excuses as to explain why you are not a sad sack of shit. Get a grip.

>>507961375Actually a model fell in love with me and when I said I am already married she was angry and acted like I had been taking advantage of her. The irony.

Attached: 1506267769019.jpg (127x104, 5.83K)

>>507968043>friendship simulation>Interaction consists of a faceless generalized response to the most spammed phrase in the chat at that particular momentIdiots think that because they spammed the same emote as the other 500 people in the chatroom that the streamer decided to react to she somehow interacted with him personally.Pathetic and mentally unhealthy to say the least.

>>507968257she's not white, retard

>>507968257she's a mixed hispanic

>watching women with only 3 holes>donating to women with only 3 holesjesus christ, no wonder god left us

Attached: woman goes beyond 3 holes.jpg (380x434, 31.61K)

>>507966995>Women can be paid to sleep>I sleep to ignore that I'm hungryWhy was I not born as the privileged gender? I'm just a white man!

Attached: aaaa.jpg (710x667, 29.09K)

>>507968597um, sweaty, white males are privileged, women are oppressed

>>507968454you're not wrong but I think a large part of those audiences are literal children or teenagers thinking that interaction with these ecelebs will catapult them further into stardommaybe I'm projecting but when I was 15 or so I desperately wanted to be friends with raywilliamjohnson

Attached: 1588300022579.webm (852x480, 824.2K)

>>507968597Some big Smash streamer, Ludwig (his channel), made like 5k off of a sleeping stream. He's also a white man.

>>507968257>mesizos>whiteel americano...

>>507961375Imagine how pathetic you have to be to see the people as famous and wanting to get a picture with them. I can't comprehend it.

>>507968331>never mentioned anything about falling in love with a cartoon>making excusesIf you stop being an idiot for just one second and read anything I said, you'd realize the point i'm making, talking to retards like you really is something else, please don't respond to me, thanks.

Attached: 1586504551011.jpg (500x281, 23.56K)

>>507968597>I sleep to ignore that I'm hungryI do this too but its because I'm a fat fuck that's trying to better myself

Attached: joj1588685406279.jpg (684x496, 78.26K)

>>507968331but they're cute desu

>>507968694Sure, let's keep pretending that

Attached: screaming begins again.jpg (492x330, 43.08K)

>>507963117youtube.com/watch?v=Wh5udVIlYfMlooks like this one

>>507967142nah the opposite

>>507968794Stay strong brother.Reminder that if you are working out, you are able to eat more calories and actually get in better shape at the same time.Also stop watching streamers.

>>507961375ive spent 400$ on vtubers just this week alonefuck real women

>>507964189wait what?

>>507969128>ive spent 400$ on vtubers just this week aloneShould've spent it on tranny hookers, would've been a better investment.

>>507968373A "before" model?

>>507961671The m stands for mediocre, m8.


Attached: 1587002330562.jpg (410x598, 39.97K)

>E-celeb thread is still upI fucking hate jannies, bunch of fucking faggots

this thread is still up?

Attached: whiteout.png (1388x748, 1.99M)

>>507968759As has been mentioned these emotionally starved or undeveloped people think the streamers as their friends. They feel like they finally get to see a long distance relationship up close.They are being legally exploited.

a lot of poor taste in this thread

Attached: why do canadians drink from mason jars.webm (604x720, 2.84M)

Aqua Thread

Attached: EXAGOBuUMAA_PuV.png (654x899, 480.54K)

>>507969241a young nude model

>>507966148>>507966053i needa fuckin shavei was gonna go a year but shits fucked

>>507969307>vtuber threads deleted in seconds>twitch thot thread reaching halfway through bump limit


>>507963117Never gonna donate to any of these girls, but saw a clip of this one typing at ridiculous speeds. Respect for the typing skills. End of my opinion otherwise.

I only sub to small streamers and even that makes me feel bad because it's like I'm giving them false hope that they could turn their dumb shit into a career.

>>507969478>>507968570I dont understand this meme. Are you so pussyfied that these type of image some how hurts you?

>>507968794I lost a decent amount of weight doing this. Doing it now during the meme virus and no work.

>>507969658looks like low t. males find images like that scary

>>507962097I watch him, but I'd say I'm more of a fan of the shitstorms his debates can become than him himself.For that his recent stuff hasn't been as spicy.

>>507966804>those man handsyou can ALWAYS tell

Attached: 1581390787928.jpg (490x490, 48.1K)

>>507961375For me, it's this twink

Attached: EVCFZu3U8AAxtvh.png (587x455, 358.4K)

>>507961375Never have and never will. Get a proper job bitches

>>507969634You never know, big streamers had to start somewhere too

>>507962283yeah his wife sleeps aroundso does hethats more of a swinger than a cuck

>>507967163I want to fuck her brother clips.twitch.tv/KnottyLaconicGoldfishDatSheffy

>>507962097This guy is such a nigger faggot. He was bested by a retard.

>>507969927He has a good act. Like the sly ones he slips in there every now and then.

>>507970027These swinger couples are always just the man sitting at home waiting for his cum drenched wife to come home so that he can maybe get a bit of pity coochie. Especially considering what a pathetic beta manlet Destiny is.

>>507969634Why do you feel the need to sub?What do you get out of it, or what do they offer you that you believe is worth your money?


>>507969528Jesus what a massive fucking cuck

Sasha Grey is the best streamer

What i can't believe is how obsessed people are with streamers. I don't watch them, i occasionally see some clips that go viral but i can't wrap my mind spending hours and money on these people. Seems pretty nutts to me. And what is worse is that people masturbate to them, holy fuck man..

Attached: 1588602800456.jpg (960x720, 29.2K)

is this a generational thing? i see 0 appeal in watching these people play games let alone throwing money at them

none of these whores are worth going homeless for

>>507961519yeah no shit. because any one of us who saw this guy irl would think "damn this dude ugly and his breath stinks"take a fucking shower and shave yourself and don't be fat, fat people are disgusting for a reason.(not trying to shill for a literal whore tho)

Attached: 1588323964680.png (379x345, 28.96K)

>>507961375No. I'm neither a retard, incel, simp and/or cuck.

>>507961998I wish my shortstack co-worker had one

>>507968570Trypophobia is a meme phobia

>>507970515why are you here then?

>>507961583He has a craving.... for some bitch lasagna.

>>507970612Because I like video games and hate women.

>>507966024A gook founded it.

>>507963591britanny venti is a fucking sociopath and a shitty person.too lazy to post those videos of her making her boyfriend cry and living amongst cockroaches because she's an american girl and american girls 100% of the time live in filth for some reason

Attached: chad suicide.png (1000x600, 270.95K)

>>507970729So you're a volcel?

>>507970816Her boyfriend was also a complete psychopath though.

>>507970848I'm a homogay.

>>507961375Haha no!

Attached: hello fellow whites.jpg (1187x1273, 252.23K)

>>507970156I'd agree if not for all the times he'd gotten shit on for going around with women other than his wife. Every time people act like he's cheating on her and they have to be reminded they have an open relationship, and then more people still act like he did something wrong. I don't know why, but lots of women seem to be interested in destiny and despite an open relationship people act like he's doing something wrong for taking advantage of that fact.

>>5079635910:20 what was that baby punch?

YEP but only toxic masculine gamer men

>>507969402>Drinking water from jar.Why do idiots do this? It's so retarded.

Imagine having the personality and enthusiasm of an entertainer and being on the rise as a growing Twitch star and throwing it all away for fucking everybody.

Attached: katerino.png (1600x1600, 1.98M)

>>507966743Fuck that, let roasties live for quick fucks, just fucking kill these retarded incel coomer who fund and enable this kind of shit, it's so tiresome seeing these fags throw their money to a girl and not even getting sex from it. Clown world.

You know twitch is bad for your psych when your brain accurately matches the chatroom's emote spam reaction to every situation.You are being actively brainwashed and having your thoughts limited to poggers and kappas.Stop watching twitch .


>>507961375lol no

>>507971085Is this real?

Attached: fc4.jpg (540x720, 53.02K)

>>507971085This is the Jewish dreamA race of mystery meatLight skinned women and dark skinned men

>>507961375ofc not but I know a guy that did and he's the biggest fucking simp ever, dude's still a virgin at 30 too lmao. Acts like a tough guy online but is the biggest pussy wimp IRL, bitch can't even hold eye contact

>>507971523are you gay?

>>507970319what are celebrities? this thing isnt new.

Why would you give money to someone who doesn't know you nor will give a shit about you, hell why would you use twitch other than maybe watch some dev stream.

>>507968762You made zero points in the post i was replying to. Saying the person person pretending to be that anime avatar you see on screen is ugly has no bearing on the fact that you are clearly enamored with the anime avatar. And that's okay if you are i'm not here to judge but you are a sad sack of shit if you know what i'm saying is true and you still delude yourself into thinking otherwise. God you're so dumb.

>>507971612Too real.>>507971692A true gamer i see.

Attached: tfw hit the wall at 21.jpg (1600x1600, 306.36K)

>>507971183I don't believe for a second that Destiny had actual sex with anything that's not his wife or a prostitute.

>>507965598But bro, you're paying them for the entertainment they provide and it's no different than if you pay a guy.

>>507971523Siri Lehland

>>507971612yes. he did a stream without makeup a few years back

Attached: 324.jpg (1280x720, 129.29K)

>>507963591>OMG this thot is calling out other thots!>let me simp this thot who is totally not like the other thots!

>>507966804i really hate homosexuals and all this tranny shit

>>507966804too obvious, not fooling anybody

>>507969478Are these tattoos?

The only donation I've made in my life was giving an Argentinian guy named David money so he could afford good clothes for business school. The guy lived in a shitty apartment, fucked twinks, pissed in bottles and had a self bult pipe shotgun.

>>507967601damn he really got up in there

>>507971430It's moonshine dummy

>>507972006>without makeupThe pudgy little goblin still wore makeup, lowered the bitrate, and put enough wattage on her studio lamp to heat the house.

Attached: old and busted.jpg (1280x720, 87.03K)

>>507971085>>507971874>>507972006Still cute, would smash.


Every streamer thinks you are a retard/stupid for giving them a donation.

>>507964421Christian gets accused a whole bunch which is weird but the way he acts tells me he's the type that doesn't no for an answer

>>507967601This isn't even memeing anymore, she 110% fucks that dog and/or gets licked by the dog on a regular basis.

>>507969438go home chink

>>507971705No, I'm pan master race

>>507971507poggers in the chat tho

>>507971430>>507972341hip normies replaced glasses with mason jars a decade ago

>>507971923>entertainment they provideI take no issue with paying for entertainment, I don't think any reasonable person does.But what these women that their stream cisnists if reading chat all day looking cute and baiting donations should not be considered entertainment, or at the very least it should not be freely available to underaged children.

>>507969402is that the sister of that right wing thot

>>507970243Twitch has become the ex-pornstars retirement gig. Rae lil blacked, Mia blackcova, Mia blackedkifa, & the coal burning wonder, Sasha

>>507971085This is bad.>>507971874Also bad.>>507972006Not so bad.>>507972348Not so good, not so bad.I'd fuck her. Average looking girls ain't bad. Just need to know if she has a fucking personality outside of streaming.

>>507972453thinking chinks are the ones who obsess over anime characters, not socially awkward obese burgers and eurofats

>>507963591brittany is a crusty, washed up whore who clings to fame as though her dying relevance still means she's important in any way.

>>507962097>donatingwhy is he a little "short" on money?

>>507962013i love shemales so much

>>507971507take your meds schizo

>>507972378White Knighting for a goblin that sells second hand intimacy online to extremely co-dependent, delusional, and desperate losers is fucking pathetic.You both deserve the rope.

>>507967002Pokimane streams sucks and are 10 year old zoomer tier garbage, but her ASMR is the best.>>>/wsg/3455186

>>507961519She probably isn't thinking anything at all. She probably has to stand next to hundreds of guys like that in a day at a con

>>507972835Word. Ladybos/shemales/chickswithdicks are god's gift to us all. We should cherish them more instead of letting psychos mutilate them.

>>507971451She was only on the rise because of her fucking all those twitch streamers and getting shoutouts and being focused on by them. It was never going to last she was dumb as fuck


>>507973029Whom? And story?

Every streamer thinks you are a retard/stupid for giving them a donation.

>>507963225I think Jew girls are sexy.T. Peruano

>>507967601I will now subscribe to this channel


>>507973119look up the whole faze/CallmeCarson debacle


Attached: Bohemian-Rhapsody-karaoké-géant-le-havre-rouen-jpg-854x630.jpg (854x630, 43.89K)

>>507961671I noticed that too. The simping is out of hand, they do it for the ugliest girls it doesn't make sense.

>>507961375i dont think its healthy to reward women who dont know i exist just for being pretty, i use my free twitch prime sub on mega64 every month to help support them making content because it goes into props, sets, etc, just feels weird paying someone for virtually nothing

Attached: 1578431930075.png (419x414, 222.86K)

>>507971451not even fucking good looking chads that know what they are doing she fucked some out of shape faggots who probably got 2 pumps

Postan every twitch celeb thread. Best girl right here.

Attached: aris.jpg (2000x1683, 547.09K)

>>507971451Actually pretty based.

>>507971451female coomer