Civ 6 thread. Maya & Gran Colombo literally possibly DAYS away from releasing what the fuck I thought Civ 6 was dead

Civ 6 thread. Maya & Gran Colombo literally possibly DAYS away from releasing what the fuck I thought Civ 6 was dead

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>>507961107Civ has its first real competitor basically ever coming out this year, they need to keep the fire warm while they figure out a way to dumb down Civ VII even further

>>507961107Civ6 is only fun if you like zooming in and examining cartoony architectural details and particle effects but other than that it's the most boring of the Civ titles. If Firaxis/2K wasn't retarded they'd just ad a third xpac to CiV and make a proper Beyond Earth game that was a true spiritual successor to SMAC. Unfortunately modern Firaxis is fully retarded.

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>>507961313CIv has seen countless competitors come and go. In the end, there's only Civ.

>>507961551tick tock, Firaxfag

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>>507961551Civ sucks now until 2 expansions in, on purpose.

>>507961665Civ VI is now two expansions in and still sucks

>>507961635Why not Mankind?

Play Call To Power

Just give me Habsburg Austrians, Papal States or some noteworthy Civ instead of some random shit country that existed for 10 years.Maya are cool tho

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>>507961775that would be racist

>>507961735Though a significant improvement from vanilla

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>>507961665Same with Civ5, was a trash game until the big expansions and now people praise it as one of the best games ever made

>>507962010when you start at the bottom, there's nowhere to go but up

>>507961775Trademarked already I think

Civ is for pussies play Gladius

>>507962028It was still trash until Vox Populi made it 10/10, whenever it doesn't break itself.

>>507961107>Maya>and a country that existed for literally 10 yearsthey're really scraping the bottom of the barrel, huh

>>507962082>6 unit barbarian raid on capital on turn 7EVERYTHING TO GAIN WHEN YOU'VE NOTHING LEEEEEFT

>>507961107>At this time we don’t have plans to release the DLL source code.This guarantees it will never surpass 4 or 5.

>>507961538Only half of Firaxis is retarded. The Civ:BE and Chimera Squad half. The XCOM 2/GS team is based.

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>>507962239But it gives you this comfy feeling with your neighbouring NPC to conquer the barbarians together.Maybe it's just me, but it just warms my heart when I develop a relationship with NPC's. They stay weak and tiny, while you conquer the world, but they were still there since the beginning and you would never harm them

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>>507962105Gladius unfortunately is barebones af and it shows after several playthroughs. It's basically DoW: Turn-based Edition. Great for having early expansion feel but fades without any diplomacy or wonders or even cities that improve and grow as you progress. At most they expand outward but they don't get taller or more advanced-looking. I liked it but I didn't love it.

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>>507961107civ6??when the fuck did that happen??

>>507962623four years ago

>>507962524I always play on Deity so I don't trust 'em. The only good AI is a dead AI. Plus their ambient music still plays from time to time so you know their culture is still around, living under your benevolent rule.

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>>507962524Based Settler difficulty.

>Spawn next to one of the big 4 warmongers>RestartAnyone else do this? Feels like cheating but constant wars are so fucking annoying.

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>>507962028>Same with Civ5, was a trash game until the big expansions and now people praise it as one of the best games ever made5 is still trash, worse than 6. 4 was the last good CivCivilization Ranking: 2=4>6>3>5>1

>>507962524I installed a bunch of barbarian mods once but a neighboring Jadwiga took the brunt of Barbarian forces allowing me to encircle her capital with cities. I helped her defeat the barbarians, but she was my pet for the rest of the game. She couldn't expand since I refused to open borders with her. She still kept spawning settlers anyway.

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>>507963147>The game where every civ was exactly the same>GoodA heart as cold as ice.


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>>507961635>woman in the forefront of every promotional material

>>507963023War is probably the most exciting part of the game followed by city planning. It's just lame that AI gets +5 due to difficulty. They don't even try to dress up the AI's cheats. It's lame that my UUs can't go toe to toe with an AI's outdated units because of the sheer amount of bonuses they get.

>>507963434These things usually don't bother me but even I noticed this. And a filthy fucking American is next to her. Where's the love? Where's the passion? Pathetic.

>>507961107Civ 6 imploded itself from all its half-baked features. All you have to do is look at the fucking governors system. Because obviously they were too lazy to create a roster of govs for every civ to keep things ethnically cohesive (or just simplify the system so they don't look so distinct) so we get this bullshit.

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>>507961775Why not Peoplekind?


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>>507963628What's wrong with it? It's like a 3rd tech tree to help diversify each game. At least once they had nerfed Magnus.

What are some major Non-European-Civs that are still missing?I can't believe they included all the major ones yet, but what else would be the reason they included a country that existed for 10 years.Help me out history anons

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>>507963434>>507963569man wait until you see the Steam banner

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>>507963776so powerful...

>>507963736Go read up on Simon Bolivar.We're missing Mughals and Ethiopia.

it seems like over the course of the year we'll get enough mechanics to consider the New Frontier pass essentially a third xpac, just spread over a year. I'm convinced 6 is better than 5 and I'll there's no doubt in my mind it'll be after this pass. I also don't mind the more obscure leaders at all. The only pants on head ones in 6 are France and Swedenbut otherwise they made some good picks.

>>507963865Ethiopa is already confirmed

>>507963865Ethiopia drops in June.

>>507963873Sweden kind of makes sense since they wanted it to be a cultural civ which basically excludes all the warmongers in Sweden's history. Same with spies and France, though I guess Elizabeth would've worked for a spy civ too.

>>507963736Babylon and Assyria

>>507963954>>507963962We'll probably get the Mughals too then, unless the rest are Europeans like Byzantium and Venice.>tfw a Soldier vs Demoman thing with the Venice and Byzantium update

I'm excited about the mechanic modules. From what I understand each pack will come with new "modes" which was poor wording ont Firaxis' part since everyone assumed scenario like things. But they have since clarified that they will essentially be little mechanics you'll be able to activate in your normal games in a modular sense. The secret societies one coming with Ethiopia sounds like it'll be interesting. I'm imagining a faith+spies kind of system.

>>507964178Venice was my favourite Civ to play in Civ 5, I hope they add something like that again.Still hoping for Papal States, I think they could very well since religion is more fleshed out in Civ 6. But something tells me they won't add it. feelsbadman

I unironically want a Jerusalem civ led by King David

>>507965108all memes aside, if you think about it, it's strange that they haven't added a major jewish civ yet

>>507963628Why would they need to be ethnically cohesive to the civ? Its Civ, its not like the great people or wonders are cohesive to your civ so I dont see why this should matter. Theres close to 50 civilizations, it'd be pretty intense to have unique gov art for each one. Suppose they could do it for each general type like the dow ith city architecture tho

>>507965276Not having a nation was kind of their whole deal. I'm sure there have been jewish great people.

>>507963776>get a woman to play a vikang in a single TV show>now everyone has to copy that shit, down to the same fucking hairstyle every single timeJesus Christ

>>507965415Just curious, but aren't there native americans in the game? They also didn't have a nation. But correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not americanski

>>507965669I think the Mapuche migrated a lot, but they're a weird pick for several reasons.

>>507965620Though if I had to be pillaged and raped by a viking, I'd prefer it be by a woman.


What's your grand purpose in civ 6, Holla Forums? Mine is to maintain a large fleet of subs, missile cruisers, bombers and silos, backed up by an massive amount of industry and uranium, which can consistently irradiate every tile of every other civilization.This way I guarantee the military, scientific and cultural dominance of my civilization forever.

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>>507966302Get to the Medieval era and not get boredUsually I fail unless the games rolls good musicMUSIC SKIPPERFUCKING WHEN

>>507966302Having money and solving all my problems with money

>>507963736The Byzantines

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>>507961735the game has a lot of wasted potential

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>>507967874It got 100 problems but the music ain't

>>507961107how does this look worse than aoe 2 nigga

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>>507968252You want to see some cool shit? Change the Time Of Day slider.

>>507967952Fuck why is Cleopatra so weirdly hot in this?

>>507969109Because she wants your dong

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Are there any gimmick civs in 6 like Venice in 5?

>>507969202Most of them, honestly.

>>507963736Babylon is in every game so it would be weird not to have it here. Then again Elizabeth was in every game too, but not this time.

>>507969202Maori gimmick: start in the ocean instead of landMali gimmick: shit production but lots of moneyEleanor: you can take over neighbouring cities by building art museums


>>507969109She was mythically hot apparently IRL. She offered that anyone in the kingdom can have sex with her for 1 night but he will be put to death the next day. And people took her up on it lol.I bet a lot of r9k guys would've done it.

>>507962010Vanilla civ VI is better than Civ VI with expansions


>>507969872She bewitched Rome's two most powerful men at the height of their influence. It literally took the greatest leader in human history to stop her from getting away with it.

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>>507970801Based Augustus scoring #1 in every iteration of Civ

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>>507969872I would take her up on it even if she was just kind of good looking.

>>507970603The mechanics added in the expansions don't add any depth. They're just bloat. Vanilla has a very clean gameplay about it. Each civ feels interesting and distinct despite not outwardly looking that different. They all have niches to fill. The extra civs that got added later just muddied the water and didn't really accomplish anything, gameplay-wise.

>>507972016>Vanilla has a very clean gameplay about it. Each civ feels interesting and distinctabsolutely not. inca and cree are some of my favs. The loyalty mechanic is nice thought I don't really care about governors or world congress or any of that, agree that it was poorly executed ideas that should have been much better. so you are right about the mechanics mostly being bloat.