For the first time since 2012 Smash bros will not be at Evo

We fucking did it bros, Smash is no more

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It's not actually Evo

>>507960463Wait, what happened to MvC2? Axed out of the main stage?

>>507960864Unfortunately Yes it was cut, I don''t know the full reason since it did have pretty good netcode.

>>507960926because you can't buy it. There's no direct way to buy a new copy so that limits the potential competitor pool so cut it

>>507960463Aren't these just exhibitions and the actual tournaments are MK, KI, Not!Horses and SG?

>>507960463Needs more KI.

now if we can make tatsunoko vs capcom mainstream again we can call it a day

>>507962258KI is one of the four games that there will be an actual tournament for as it’s in the minority to have good enough netcode to pull it off. The ones in OPs image are basically exhibitions.

>>507960463STINK FREE 2020!


>>507960463EVO is not at EVO this year either

>>507960463>tfw it's nintendo's own fault because they can't write netcode for shit

is it true that Samurai Shodown has a bad netcode? if so, why was it included? is there a decent community of Samurai Shodown online? I want to play it but what is the point if no one else does.which games have good and bad netcodes?

Hopefully they schedule their tournament for some time before or after Evo 2021 because holy shit do they stink up the convention center.

>>507960463Literally all the games in the picture (outside of MAHVEL) got downgraded to exhibition or special content.Your actual EVO is MK, KI, SG and Horse Show: Tournament Fighters.

>>507966521what is the difference between exhibition and "real" tournament? in the end it's about winning right?

>>507964179>fighting game players practice hygiene

>Smash avoids having its netcode put on blast>every other fighting game in the main lineup is gonna take the heat for it instead

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>>507960463>Thought people on Twatter would be fuming over Smash being dropped>They're actually happyImagine being a competitive Smashfag in the year of our lord 2019+1

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>>507966649Basically it means watch the hand selected schmucks who agreed to this shit play online games against each other to compensate for terrible netcode that literally who randoms would have, while they show off new hot reveal trailers, which makes it all the weirder they didn't bother to include Smash since most of the top players in that game play each other online all the time but I guess they couldn't get character DLC reveal trailers from nintendo

since when "netcode" is a thing? yesterday it was the first time ever I heard about it

>>507960463good time to learn some online only tech.cannot wait for all that salt blaming online lag for losing.

>>507960463Haha fucking based.

>>507967125Imagine being a competitive onlinefag for any of the games in that lineup. The games that actually have rollback aren't even the ones people like to play the most.

>>507962415The online is dead though.

>>507960463Based, Ultishit didn't belong there.

>>507967429why isn't it ok to play online these games?

>>507960864it's ded>mfw corona-chan killed all tournaments just when soulcalibur got its first world tour

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>>507961242Yeah, those ones are invitationals while the 4 you mentioned are open, pretty sure those are the 4 with the best net code.

Is jerking off about rollback netcode the new things secondaries in the FGC do?

WE KI AGAIN BOYS! GET HYPEpost best girl

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>>507967742It's not a new thing, but it is a thing they do, yes.

It’ll be back

>>507960463I wanted to see the shitshow that is ultimate online. I'd imagine it'd make a few slideshow moments and something retarded like Ness or Samus would win

>Have to downgrade all the big titles to 'exhibitions' because of their gutter trash netcode

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Come on EVO, bring me more filia porn

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>>507960463so what's the one at the top middle now mvc2 isn't on there

>>507966353These are exhibition games.The open tournaments (the real ones) are >>507961242

>>507968348>the only big title left is MKBoon was playing 5d chess the entire time

>>507967571None of those games are good for a competitive online environment because they're wrought with additional input delay due to their netcode, some worse than others. You can find games that run somewhat smoothly and even Smash will work decently well provided both players have a stable connection but you're always going to have a minimum amount of frame delay and that's terrible for an online environment, you have less opportunity to react to shit, inputs will be swallowed and combos will be dropped. That's why they're doing this exhibition shit for the main line up, they want to minimize bad connections.Once EVO goes back to offline you can bet Smash is coming back with a vengeance. That community is fucking dying for the COVID shit to be over with, if only to get away from Sonic players.

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>>507968474That is MvC2, they're running it on 360.Too bad that means Yipes won't be there.

>online EVOWhat's the point? It's US only event.

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>>507966353oh yes

>no Sonic vs Sonic Grand FinalsKinda sad desu.

>>507968652so basically what you are saying is that fighting games are not to be played online right? because there will always be a delay, even if it's just a little bit, it can affect a lot

>>507961139It was gonna be an exhibition anyway. The reason it's not there is because it's highly unlikely the people they invited have netplay versions of the game (PS3/360 only IIRC).

>>507966353Netcode itself is just as bad as the rest of the other fighting games netcode, what makes SamSho miserable is everything else related to online play

>>507969014When things have a small window to react to, or if things have a small window to execute, delay can really ruin the experience. It also pretty much changes how the game is played.

>>507969028But it's right there in the picture. I don't know how they're gonna do that, but it seems they are going to do something with it.

>>507969014As far as it comes to delay based netcodes then yes, playing them online is not the way it's meant to be experienced. Fighting games with rollback netcode are the closest you'll get to an offline experience but very few games so far use them. The games they've included in the open tournaments are rollback based (MK, KI, Skullgirls, TFH). SFV actually has rollback as well but it's implemented in a notoriously dogshit way.

>>507960463I left Smash for GBVS. Honestly one of the best trade offs I've ever done in my life.

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>>507969263Is that what the top middle one is? I forgot they gave it that title. Well at the very least that'll be an enjoyable set of exhibitions.

>>507960463>all these whack ass games insteadRofl enjoy your shitty event gaylords

>>507969452At least some actual fighting games are still there

>>507966649Exhibitions are invitation-only, among the best players. Open tournaments are available to anyone.

>>507968348If this doesn't make nip devs realise how trash the mobile game tier netcode they've been peddling to us for over a decade is then nothing will.

>>507969263>>507969443It's not in the picture.. Originally, the MvC2 logo was on there with "tournament of champions" underneath it. Now the "tournament of champions" involves all of those games listed in the image, and MvC2 is not one of them.

>>507960463>online EVO>important

>>507969452the only reason to watch is to enjoy some janky ass online, especially if good players lose matches because of it

>>507969014Kinda, no one will ever take an online tournament as seriously as a local one, all else being equalBut with good netcode quality connections can get extremely close to offline. Under 80 ping ggpo can handle 0 delay almost perfectly and up to around 150 ping/3f as long as its consistent that's still better than a lot of older arcade cabs and even console games have just built in.Where the real problems start are all the stuttering and consistency issues. Making overheads a little harder to react to is annoying but honestly not that significant most of the time, human reaction speed is already so variable that it usually wont make a difference outside of garbage connections. It's when somewhere in the route between your game and your opponent's a packet gets dropped or one of the routers gets additional load or just your neighbor starts watching 4k netflix and the connection changes even a tiny bit, delay netcode will hiccup and change the delay and fuck with your inputs, whereas rollback will just skip a couple animation frames and statistically they won't even be meaningful

>>507970347I'd say the only reason to watch is the announcements.

>>507970469that too

>>507969896>EVO>Smash>relevant to anything except the fat smelly unfuckable scene

>making excusesGood player will beat anyone online and offline.If you blame online you're bad.Fact.Everyone experience delay.>l-lag did this!

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>>507969889But it's still called "2ournament of champions".

>>507970864cope kiddo

>>507960864It's literally still on the card. It was called 2ournament of Champions remember?

>>507960463Where the fuck is power rangers?

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>>507967125No one cares if you won online EVO.Do you care who's ranked number 1 in the fighting game you play online?No of course you don't give a fuck.

>>507971978>Do you care who's ranked number 1 in the fighting game you play online?I don'y care who's ranked number 1 in offline too. I just watch show.

>>507971978nobody cares about rank 1 offline too, or do you think people love LowHigh or Problem X when they've won EVO?

>he still thinks evo 2021 will be offline

>>507971591lmao, you really think they will add that gacha shitty mobile game to the EVO line up?

>>507972093>>507972183>offline rankingbig cope from the online warriors

>>507972306Are you offline warrior or something? If so why are you here in Holla Forums? Seeking for validation in online on anonymous chinese forum for cute lolis

>>507960463was it the smell?

>>507967161since fighting games could be played online

Ultimate fags realize they play such a shitty game and Melee is brought back in 2021.

>>507972506he's probably a stream monster

>>507972647>having to fumigate after all those CRT roaches

>>507971335>>507971171It had the Marvel logo on it when Marvel was involved. The 20urnament of Champions is now referring to the exhibitions for those 7 other games that were part of the original lineup for Evo 2020. The main tournament is for the 4 games they announced this week.

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>>507960463The first real EVO in 8 years.

>>507960926>>507961139>>507969028It wasn't cut you fucking retards lmao

>>507972267I mean Granblue Fantasy Versus is based off a gacha

>>507973942If that's the case, why did they remove the logo from the image?